DOS Created Mission Statement in 2017 and Planned Website in Response to Frank Report but Never Published

On June 5, 2017, Frank Report broke the news of a secret sorority comprised of NXIVM women and secretly led by Keith Raniere called DOS. This story and a series of follow-up stories shut down DOS and soon afterward cratered NXIVM.

This led to a New York Times story that sparked worldwide interest and an FBI investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of six NXIVM leaders.

Before the Times story came out, NXIVM and DOS had only Frank Report to contend with, it being the only outlet writing about NXIVM and DOS from June 5 to the date of the Times story, Oct. 17, 2017. Then, all hell broke loose in the media. Five months later, NXIVM leader Keith Raniere was arrested,

The entire summer of 2017, however, saw only a small group of people feeding a single source, the Frank Report, information about DOS and NXIVM.  The sources for DOS were Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Anthony Ames, all of whom have been featured extensively on HBO’s docuseries, “The Vow,” and numerous other women who quit DOS and who came forward to tell their stories to Frank Report including Nicole, who testified at the trial of Raniere as a victim of sex trafficking.

During those summer months, Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt and others in NXIVM actively worked to silence the opposition.

Lauren Salzman, a leader of DOS and Edmondson’s slavemaster, went around lying to rank and file NXIVM members, denying the truth that DOS existed and claiming that Frank Parlato made up the branding story. There were no brandings, she said to concerned NXIVM members, while wearing a brand herself on her pubic area.

When that failed, the DOS leaders tried another tact. Admit DOS existed, but deny Raniere’s role in it.

It was then said to be Allison Mack’s idea and that Raniere either knew nothing about it, or that he knew vaguely something about it, but because it was a women’s empowerment group, he chose not to weigh in since women should be in charge of their own sorority.

This was said by DOS women who knew full well that Raniere was the one and only leader of DOS, the ultimate master, who devised the entire DOS plan from branding to collateral.

At some point during the summer of 2017, the female leaders of DOS, its eight founding sisters or First Line Masters, wrote, possibly with Raniere’s editorial assistance and almost certainly with his approval, a Mission Statement.

They planned to publish this on a website about DOS. It was never published, the website never developed, quite possibly because Raniere did not approve.

DOS First-Line Masters, with their own master, Keith Raniere, in the center.

The following is the DOS Mission Statement, written in 2017, but not published:




(Master / Allegiance / Sisterhood)    

We are a sorority of women seeking to bring out the best women can be, working together to become wise and principled. We are bonded by our shared values: strengthening our word and directing our will to better our lives and those of the people we love.

Despite material abundance, we live in a world where children starve to death. A great portion of humanity does not benefit from technological advances. Abuse and violence are still prominent in society. The world still utilizes war and killing as a means to resolve disputes. We believe this lack of humanity is wrong. This needs to change — and it starts with each one of us.

We, the women of the world, have a capacity to harmonize and work together that is underutilized. We have a keen ability to be empathetic and nurturing, and have a clear moral compass toward ecological living. Yet women have been kept as the weak and the protected, less able to deal with the world, reactive to male-dominated society. Our communities cannot truly evolve without the growth of its women.

For our communities, for our husbands, for our children, but mostly for ourselves, the women of our sisterhood make a solemn vow to become the best version of ourselves.

We believe discipline and accountability are key in our success. We practice discipline and accountability with each other. We believe humility and service build empathy and compassion. We practice humility and service with each other. We believe leadership and authority are needed to guide ourselves and others in authoring moral lives. We practice authority and leadership with each other. We do it in an environment that fosters connection and trust, and enables us to build the moral character the world needs.

We put our hearts, minds, and bodies in alignment toward creating our best selves, and we become empowered to uphold our families and our communities.

We uphold true freedom, which is earned through building self-reliance and a strong will. Only then can we live proactive, purposeful lives that allow for a principled existence.

Some women have broken their word and disclosed information about us that has been distorted in the most dishonorable of ways: twisting honor and nobility and presenting it as evil. This, we believe, is the worst of crimes, as it tarnishes goodness itself.

We reach out to you to put a stop to the destruction. May the freedom and honor of human spirit triumph over fear and hate; may the dishonor be exposed and devalued as such.


Would have it been better for the DOS first-line leaders to have published this Mission Statement on a website explaining their view of DOS? Would it have slowed the exodus of DOS and NXIVM members?

It certainly could not have been worse, and certainly no better than lying and denying. A true candid revelation that Raniere was atop this sorority would have been better still.

Best yet, and the probable reason for the downfall of everything, would have been for Raniere and Bronfman not to go after defectors. They tried to get Sarah Edmondson arrested in Vancouver, they tried to get Catherine and others arrested in Mexico. They threatened all the “escaped slaves” with legal measures, criminal and civil. They tried to have Mexican whistleblower Toni Zarattini arrested. And, of course, they continued their threats to me.  It was a foolish mistake.

To their credit, there was no wholesale release of collateral. While Sarah’s branding video was released, to the best of my knowledge, nothing else was released to the public.

The Dossier Project, founded in 2021, by eight loyal members of the now-defunct DOS, first published the above Mission Statement 


Th eight DOS women from the website are not the same eight women who were the First Line Masters of DOS. Only Nicki Clyne was part of both.

Their introduction is as follows:

“In the summer of 2017, when false and defamatory information starting coming out in the media about DOS, the women in the “first line” intended to speak out. They were preparing to launch a website that detailed the essential information about DOS, and clarifying what it was, and what it wasn’t. They also wrote a Mission Statement for the organization that reflected its intent and purpose, and acknowledged the attacks. Below is this never-before-published statement in its raw form.”

So now that Frank Report readers have it in its raw form, what do you think? Would it have been better to have tried to explain what DOS was supposedly was instead of lying and trying to punish those who exposed it and opposed it?

It does seem that the Mission Statement, as written presumably by the women leaders of DOS, has a tone of sincerity to it.  It may be that they thought that DOS had its advantageous side and truly believed in it.

It was deeply flawed, however, founded on lies and perhaps the bad intent of one man. The branding and the collateral were doomed to fail. Did the world’s smartest man not know that?










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  • It just reads as – we are all so bad and wrong and have to learn to be better – such a negative to tell men or women. Most people are pretty reliable and honest. KR seemed to specialise in making people feel they were not good enough so had to be built up again.

  • “For our communities, for our husbands, for our children, but mostly for ourselves, the women of our sisterhood make a solemn vow to become the best version of ourselves.”

    Well if you needed proof that Nicki and Alison were a sham marriage, this would be it. No credible same-sex couple would have written: “for our husbands”.

  • Women of DOS, believe it or not but I tell you the truth. There’s a great big world out here full of all kinds of sisters.

    Sisters that have never been branded or naked together or slept with the same man.

    But it still pretty awesome!

  • Okay … lemme get this straight … people are starving in a world where abuse and violence still occur … so the solution is to starve and abuse each other?

    That’s an interesting conclusion.

    I would probably suggest volunteering at any charitable organization that either feeds hungry people or supports victims of violence and abuse, or maybe is active in the protection of human rights. This would make sense to me.

    That said, I actually am a little bit curious to know how the DOS women came to decide that their practices of master/slave relationship, 500 calorie diets, blackmail, branding, lies and pussy pictures were going to move the needle on these important issues?

    In what way did the existence of DOS help to feed the hungry or attempt to stop abuse and violence (or support those victims)?

    I’m trying as hard as I can to see it, but I still don’t understand. Why would a person spend all this time doing readiness drills and waking up in the middle of the night and texting permission for everything when you could just spend an hour of your time volunteering at your local food bank or collecting clothing donations for women fleeing domestic abuse or delivering hampers to people in need?

    It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • As I noted in a comment below, and typical of cult-like groups and the New Age movement in general, they believe that cultivating their theories and beliefs, personal work (often characterized as “transformative”) plus the elevation of a guru and their ideas when one is involved, will somehow eventually spread worldwide and catalyze plantary change more than hands-on work and direct assistance.

      While there might indeed be a valid point that bigger-picture work is important to really address persistent problems, most of these groups are so focused on promoting their own ideas that they’re not even collaborating effectively with organizations at that level world-wide, and their members are indeed open to charges of navel-gazing.

  • Does anyone have any word of, or any news clips or videos of Keith Raniere getting his ass beat in prison? Surely such a thing has happened by now?

  • Are all 8 members still in DOS? I noticed most are very quiet on Twitter except for Crazy Clyne and Suneel with his hocus pocus vocabulary.

  • Propaganda written so predictably and emptily does not make a “mission statement,” from this mishmash cotillion which praised Raniere’s group insanity, sound intelligent or even coherent. This is a bunch of baba louie bullshit. Suckers are being sought. It was all a cuntry club all along.

    There is nothing to see here except for triteness and disorganized deceptivity. Space cadets are clueless, but especially when trying to sanctify a dictatorship designed to serve a pervert. No dignity, no scruples, and evidently, no shame.

    It is a lot like that loudmouthed hog, Betty Friedan, dreaming that she had any worthwhile advice for women. That bitterly unattractive, miserable thang did not have a clue. Gyad. Friedan is dead now for many years, so please understand that not all hogs are rotten, so this insult hasn’t been thorough enough yet.

    Who cares what these DOS assholes offer as their soap opera? It all stinks. Stinky, stinky, stinky. Yuck. But barf away. This too shall pass.

  • That is one long ass mission statement….My understanding is that a mission statement is maybe 2 sentences long at most. I could be wrong….

    • Astute observation. That is because it is not a true mission statement. It is a failed clean-up attempt.

  • Interesting that that it starts off with such lofty-sounding, heartstring-tugging ideals. And yet typical for a cult, the only thing they really did about such precepts was something like just to hold the belief that if they did their own self-centered personal work and spread their guru’s ideas, that would somehow lead to change around the world without them doing any real altruistic hard work themselves, such as actually feeding starving children. To some extent actual charity would even actually go against Raniere’s Scientology- and Objectivist- inspired doctrine of extreme self-reliance and not being a victim or “parasite.”

    It reminds of their charade outside Raniere’s jail cell, where they kept up the pretense that their efforts were about justice and prisoner treatment, when it was pretty clear it was really about the leader and the group – and it evaporated as soon as their internal justification focused on their guru became moot.

    • Don’t forget the slave masters also coerced their “friends” into taking ultra close-up vagina shots for an audience of one.

      And Keith agreed to really scrutinize all the homemade porn for strictly altruistic reasons. For example, making sure that Lauren was not grooming her pubic hair.

      Many humanitarian groups skip crucially important steps like blackmailing their acolytes’ families with false claims of rape, molestation and incest. But not DOS.

      You would be surprised to find out how many charitable organizations skimp on holding members down to be branded with a man’s (lied about) initials near their vaginas.

      DOS. 1st line masters at Keith Raniere’s instruction knew that if they could get as many women as possible blackmailed into sexual contact with Keith, ultimately, the world would be a better place. No more wars. No climate change and herpes for everyone.

  • “Which shows that they are all liars, Nicki and all the DOS-8.”

    Well, they choose to obey their very own “Liar-In-Chief”. When morality is rooted on self-interest (as NXIVM taught in its Randian based ethics), lying, deceiving, cheating others, etc. –moral acts that have always been considered as non-virtuous across civilizations and time periods– lose their absolute status and are relativized to be subjugated to this foundation. Hence, it becomes quite acceptable to do any of the previously considered non-virtuous things for the self, and by extension “the mission”, which aligns with Raniere’s obviously. Hence, all of their grand talk about virtuous principles such as justice, truth, due process, etc., is simply hollow.

    • Raniere and NXIVM were also influenced by the similar egoistic, ends-justify-the-means worldview of the Scientology of L. Ron Hubbard – who was a contemporary of Rand and like her was also influenced by Nietzsche (in Hubbard’s case, more indirectly through Aleister Crowley). There’s typically such a stew of influences and plagiarized sources (such as the NXIVM concepts of “tech” and “suppressive” lifted directly from Scientology), themselves often with interconnections, that it’s hard to pick out one in particular.

      You rightly point out their false claims of virtuosity. What’s also typically at work in such culty groups, is that they re-define words and terms like “justice” and “humanitarian” (not to mention “tech”) in their own group- and self-centered ways. Especially when there is a doctrine of karma or reincarnation (central in Scientology, and in NXIVM at least used by Raniere with his inner circle), they have an easy justification for why the “right” thing to do is just to leave people to their fate.

      • Ah, good ol’ Aleister Crowley. The man who believed that humanity had entered the the Aeon of (the ancient Egyptian god) Horus, the symbol of the latter being the famous ONE EYE of Horus, the symbol of that mysterious and supposedly “conspiratorial” group known as the Illuminati, the symbol that floats over a PYRAMID on the back of the US dollar bill, the symbol that manifests itself in the many ONE EYE covered/uncovered photos of some well-known celebrities and models, the symbol that is reminding of the [ONE] “Eye of Sauron” in the LOTR trilogy.

        Is it a coincidence that the greatest enemy of Moses–the prophet of the one true God–was the Pharaoh who was the “god” of the civilization from which such symbolism was taken from?

        The so-called secularists think religion is on its way to disappearing. On the contrary, humans just replace one form of it with another. Welcome to the “occulture”.

  • DOS was a secret sorority of Bad Ass Bitches. Had an organizational structure and leaders. I wonder if its membership files had performance evaluations. How did each bang KAR? How often did they practice with each other? What was each woman’s defined maximum potential to provide to DOS and nxivm?

    These records may exist, FRANK.

    Would make interesting reading. KAR and Old Lady Salzman would have believed them to be important. Who bringing it in and putting it out for NXIVM. We as readers speculate, but the Smartest Man in the World would know and have records.

    • Todd is on to something. Where are the DOS slave performance evaluations?

      And goose/gander–where are the SOP performance evaluations? Who passed and who failed the readiness drills? And I’m sure Keith required proof of how often the SOPers properly claimed ownership of their women with facials as Keith taught them.

  • Lauren’s testimony is very clear that Keith created a DOS position statement in a panic after the branding leaked. He emailed it to all the first-line slaves. DOS’ mission statement is simply a regurgitation of all the ideas in his email. He also wrote in the email that he was not involved or knew very little about DOS.

    If it weren’t so horrifying, it would be funny. This statement that DOS misrepresents as their own autonomous statement is just another manipulation created by Raniere.

    Which shows that they are all liars, Nicki and all the DOS-8. It disgusts me that Nicki assumes this self-righteous position when she is one of the most deceptive of all DOS. She’s just Raniere’s puppet.

    DOS is still being run by Raniere.

  • Clyne’s Dossier Project is so silly. I still don’t get the purpose of the website. There does not exist a path to her to be able to properly sell DOS as a force for good considering it was a true harem, the members of the harem didn’t know they were in a harem, the branding, and the forced master/slave relationship on eating & daily activities. It was sold as a force for each other but was really there to serve one man.

    What it said sounds good but what it did was not. There is no overcoming that, no matter what they write as they have no means to confront that besides Clyne’s and others’ constant drumbeat of “but no crime was committed, it was consensual”. Which is technically true and not really what Raniere was convicted for.

    Also quite the ethical behavior to ignore which Suneel and others never confront in their repeated defenses. They can’t quite square the concept that being morally wrong and being criminally wrong are not the same thing.

    This desperate need to defend Raniere and DOS has had an interesting result to read Clyne’s Twitter feed. Her bitterness and deep need to have people see DOS as only a force of good for women has oddly driven her to become more right-wing. A lot of that is likely driven by Dilbert’s Scott Adams who they have accepted as one of their own as they very frequently @ him on comments. Scott is very far right, in the Alex Jones camp of politics and belief that the orange one literally cannot do wrong.

    That seems to have created the funnel for her deeper dive into right-wing conspiracy land due to her now strong distrust of government which is also a key feature of right-wing land. Just find it mildly interesting considering a harem is antithetical to all things right-wing but a harem whose only function is to serve a man isn’t so I guess the latter trumps the former?

    It’s in the same column of interesting when learning an LGBTQ person is far right. You want to ask “Do you know that most of them, not the few you met in the city, genuinely and truly hate you. They would outlaw you and make it ok to kill you if they could. But you support them anyway?? Do you hate yourself that much?” In any case, watching her descent has been interesting if tragic. All to serve a man that probably doesn’t care anymore because he knows she can’t help him but she is so desperate too. At this point, my constant drumbeat of “Please leave Keith, DOS, and NXIVM in the rearview mirror” is more about Clyne and others overall mental and long term health because their decline is real as they continue to fail to make any real progress in freeing their hero or turning hearts and minds.

    • I feel the same way, Erasend. Sigh. Nicki’s fall is especially tragic to watch – right into the hands of another gruesome clown (Adams) twisting her already fractured female psyche into his own play weapon for real.

      Nicki, you’re not the comedian in Adam’s act, you’re the joke.

      And I do pray for you all, sincerely.

    • I completely agree with your assessment on Clyne and the Dossier Project. What I find really scary is Clyne’s insistence that women have to learn not to be victims (which is truly bizarre given that many women were victimized by Keith) and that DOS somehow achieves this. It is like acknowledging how harmful all of this was is some kind of weakness that needs to be avoided at all costs. How can she not grasp that Keith set all this up to avoid being held accountable for his actions? He isn’t some noble leader who helped all of them. And these women were her friends who are openly speaking about what he did to them. How can she ignore that?

    • Erasend,

      Fantastic comment. Wait until they find out that Nicki committed immigration fraud (or does that not matter if you’re blonde?) Herself. And that she supports a sex trafficker and child pornographer.

      It’s pretty against brand for the alt right. They are going to have some decisions to make about their new friend.

    • Shadow, we are still waiting for your apology for supporting T-Rump who inspired the Jan 6 Insurrection and continues repeating the Big Lie.

      • Apologize for what?

        Trump urged his supporters to “peacefully protest” a right which is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
        None of the protesters carried firearms.
        It’s a piss poor “insurrection” where people are carrying banners but have no firearms.

        When are the Democrats going to apologize for “electing” a senile old man who works for Communist China?
        When are the Democrats and their media running dogs going to apologize for covering up Hunter Biden’s activities as a bag man for Joe Biden?
        When are Democrat Governors going to apologize for shutting down the economy for a full year to combat a virus which is like a bad flu season?
        When are the Democrats going to apologize for fomenting riots all across America?

        Wait a few years and the Democrats will have to apologize for far more.
        Shortages of food and fuel
        Soaring energy prices
        The Chinese invasion of Taiwan

        • Shadow, hi. I don’t know about your input’s supervision, but you are maybe luckier than me that way.
          Ever since knocking at Frank’s door the very first time, he has kept me on a naughty seat, and perpetually. It does not disturb me, though. It amuses me.

          This is Frank’s saloon. I like it around here. The cigars I smoke and the beverages and the salads are marvelous. If Frank blanks out your comments or scolds you, even that is probably temporary.

          I’m not sure about the desserts here yet, as that course has not appeared.

          Let us relax and have a few sips of somethin’ better than merely good. No matter what. You da man. I disagree with you now and then, but so what? I am very fond of you anyhow. That’s the way it is.

        • Here’s how to defend Insurrectionists in court:

          A Capitol defendant who bought into former President Donald Trump’s lies about a stolen election came down with “Foxitus” and “Foxmania” after watching too much Fox News, his attorney told a court on Thursday.
          “For the next approximate six months, Fox television played constantly,” lawyer Joseph Hurley said. “He became hooked with what I call ‘Foxitus’ or ‘Foxmania’ and started believing what was being fed to him.” Hurley said that Antonio believed he was following Trump’s orders to march on Washington and that he was taking part in what he saw as a patriotic movement to serve the United States.

      • America is now plagued by the virus of political intolerance and hatred of people who express their own opinions.
        This virus is far more dangerous to America than the nonsense that Raniere and his followers believe.

    • Right?

      Thank goodness only one person is so self-indulgent as to just post any random thing that catches their fancy. Otherwise this site would be unreadable.

  • Happy Birthday, Frank!
    Viva the Taurus Journalist who continues fighting and pushing forward their vision, despite the constant opposition.
    Viva Frank Report! 🥳🤩
    🎊🎁🎈💃🕺 🎶🎼📣

    Thank you for searching for the truth. Frank, and presenting it to us so clearly 🔎

    Viva Frank Report 👩‍💼🎤📖

  • “It was then said to be Allison Mack’s idea and that Raniere either knew nothing about it, or that he knew vaguely something about it, but because it was a women’s empowerment group, he chose not to weigh in since women should be in charge of their own sorority.”

    If this statement is true, then Allison Mack is a liar.

  • This panic-stricken document is one of the most inadvertently hilarious screeds I’ve ever read. I can just imagine these stupid foolish women typing it up in a fright as their dear little world collapsed around their ears. Whole lotta sweatin’ going on.

    The adjectives! “Wise and principled”. Hardly wise, since it was DOS that brought about their utter destruction. As for principled, well… a slave society based on deception, employing blackmail, in the service of sexual exploitation?

    “empathetic and nurturing”…Yeah, nothing more empathetic and nurturing than a master-slave society!

    Deny, deny. If you’re gonna lie, might as well go for the Big Lie.

    I can’t even get mad about this outrageous document. I can only laugh at the deer-in-the-headlights blind panic that these criminal co-conspirators must have experienced. The cold sweats, the desperate attempts to reassure each other that it was all gonna be okay. As the rats deserted the sinking ship and prison gates yawned.

    When these stupid fools first realize that the hijinks they had gotten up to – the branding, the blackmail, the fraud – might just get them arrested?

    I’m laughing!

    • Aristotle’s Sausage, you nailed it.

      Virtually none of the women in DOS experienced it the way they hilariously try to reframe it.

      A “principled” sexual slavery ring. With coerced “empathetic”close up vagina shots. And “nurturing” false accusations of incest for blackmail purposes.

      • Don’t forget the massive cognitive gains of running into trees—and the deep spiritual satisfaction of puddle drinking. Oh, and how beating and slapping each other is just like badass high-fives.

        Can’t help but feel there’s something underneath the Stockholm syndrome announcements though — and that something would be money — they protest a little too much about the just reparations. It would be interesting to know how much they receive to continue working for the Nxivm racket I bet there are some jarring differentials knowing Keith.

    • Here are some of the people Leah follows on Instagram:
      (My personal guess –she has not defected.)

      Jim Del Negro

      Diego Asunsolo

      Vanessa Sahagún A


      Boone Sahagún

      Sam Le Baron | lifestyle

      Sahajo Haertel


      The Dossier Project

      Edgar Boone


      Suneel Chakravorty

      The Forgotten Ones


      Angelica Hinojos

      for fiends + framily

      Eduardo Asunsolo

      nicki clyne

  • I don’t think anyone can credit them for not releasing any collateral because you had exposed them. If they had released collateral after you exposed them, then they couldn’t whine on to this day that “No collateral was ever released”. Everything they do and do not do is a tactical move. It was too late for them to release it at that point. It was all out in the open and many had left. The point is they held it so people felt they couldn’t leave.

    • I agree. And they did not return it. Ever.

      That is really telling.

      It is so asinine that they try to disparage the brave women who escaped DOS for
      ” breaking” their word – when the 1st line DOS masters lied, lied, lied.

      And why demand blackmail and say you will release it? And then do not release it? Is that not breaking their word? And what of Nicki and Allison’s vow to each other? They had no problem breaking that vow.

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