Misc. NXIVM: Real Latin for DOS, Neighbor Wants Prison Time for Mack, Plus Special Math Quiz = 120 Years

Allison Mack during a happier period of her life.

The following math problem was submitted by a commenter and provides an excellent opportunity to improve our math skills, which most of us need. Hint: One of the top three problem solvers in the world attempted it and got the answer wrong.

Pamela Cafritz and Keith Raniere.


Allison Mack with Pam Cafrtiz. Pam was Raniere’s best wing woman. Mack tried to replace her and the results were disastrous.

Keith’s Invented Math Explained:

Procure 1 or 2 amoral women.

Use these women to ADD additional women to your harem.

Subtract the fat ones.

Divide your time sexually amongst the thin ones.

Add child molestation.

Add child pornography

Subtract the sleep and food from the thin women’s lives.

Multiply the herpes.

Add group ”family photos” of naked branded-with-your-initials slaves weekly.

Divide the women from their families, careers, and critical thinking.

Add close-up vagina photos.

There’s more and…

It eventually adds up to 120 years.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Arizona Interior
The exterior of Cells at USP Tucson. Photo by: Arrington Watkins Architects

Mack Recap

Samantha Vincenty has written an excellent and informed summary of the prospects for, and the sad past of Allison Mack for Yahoo News: Allison Mack Has Yet to Be Sentenced for Her NXIVM-Related Charges

It does mention your humble writer and that I broke the branding story that led ultimately to her arrest.

Vincentry writes: “News of the branding ceremonies broke in June 2017 on the site of Frank Parlato, a controversial figure who became an early NXIVM whistleblower following work as a publicist for the group (The Vow shows that Edmondson was one of his sources). The report led to a high-profile story in the New York Times months later.”

There is a lot of good material in the story and it includes mention that I have written that I think Mack deserves leniency from Judge Nicholas Garaufis, who has yet to set a sentencing date for the actress turned secret sorority leader.

“Mack’s charges carry a potential for 40 years of prison time, but it remains unclear whether she has cut a plea deal with prosecutors. Her original sentencing date, set for September 11, 2019, was delayed, with no sentencing date currently scheduled three years later.

“Meanwhile, whether Mack should be held fully culpable for her actions while under the longtime sway of Raniere remains a topic of debate; even whistleblower Frank Parlato has directed a plea for “mercy” toward sentencing US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

“‘I don’t think she was thinking she was actually trafficking girls,’ Mack’s former roommate told THR. ‘It doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve punishment, but I think she had drunk enough Kool-Aid to really believe that these girls were going to save the world with [Raniere’s] super-sperm.”

 Allison Mack in California in late 2020 on a rare outing into town. She has been subject to home arrest for more than three years.

Mack Factors

The fact is Mack did cut a plea deal with prosecutors: two felony charges: racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. Each charge comes with a maximum sentence of 20 years and she could be sentenced to serve them — at the max —  consecutively = 40 years.

That is not likely to happen.

Mack cooperated with prosecutors, which might mean they will recommend a lighter sentence. The federal sentencing guidelines, which are only advisory, are probably in the three-5 year range, for this first-time offender.  I do not know what her Pre-Sentencing Report recommends. There are some people who undoubtedly filed victim statements and some may show up at her sentencing to make unsworn statements about how she abused them.

She also has supporters and these will likely write letters to the judge arguing for leniency for her.

It is up to Judge Garaufis, not the prosecution, to determine her sentence. He has shown that he will go above sentencing guidelines, as he did in his sentencing of Clare Bronfman. He tripled her 27-month sentencing guideline and gave her 81-months. That was, it seems, largely because she continued to support Raniere, a man he sentenced to 120 years.

Will he make a downward departure for Mack?

Mack has disavowed Raniere and I expect a heavy dose of “mea culpa” and “blame Raniere” as an act of self-preservation at her sentencing, when she gets to make one final appeal to the judge for mercy before he hands down his sentence. I would also expect some tears.

Eight DOS women from the website DOSsierproject.com.

It’s Dominus Obsequium Sororum

According to the authorities on the topic — the eight women of the Dossier Project – the correct Latin meaning for the acronym DOS is Dominus Obsequium Sororum.

It has been previously published as Dominus Obsequious Sororium.

According to the online translator, Dominus means male master.

Obsequium means flattery.

Sororum means sisters.

A closer look at the Latin obsequium gives us perhaps a better understanding of what Raniere probably had in mind when he created the Latin name for his master-slave sorority.

According to Miriam Webster, obsequium is “the customary respectful behavior due from a freedman to his patron or former master under ancient Roman law including freedom from lawsuit by the freedman except with the consent of the praetor and the duty to support the patron when needy.”

Keith seems to have some knowledge of ancient Roman law. His company, NXIVM may be a derivative of the ancient Roman legal concept of Nexum, which is where a person becomes a bond slave to his creditor if he does not pay off a debt.

Obsequium has also been defined as: complaisance, yielding, compliance; deference, allegiance, obedience. These are things that Raniere expected from his women. In a word: obsequiousness.

Unfortunately for Raniere, many women stop deferring, obeying and complying, and later caused him a great deal of trouble.

Were I to give a rough translation of the Latin, Dominus Obsequium Sororum, it would be “sisters who obey the master.”

Mack’s Former Neighbor Eager to See Her Imprisoned

Melissa Roberto for Fox News interviewed Allison Mack’s former neighbor.

Mack, a DOS first line master, lived in Knox Woods, the subdivision of townhomes where Keith Raniere spent most of his adult life.

Curiously, the story is under the “entertainment” section of Fox News, and let’s face it, to most people the topic of NXIVM is wildly entertaining.

As Roberto points out, “Tuesday, April 20 marked three years to the day since the former ‘Smallville’ actress was arrested on federal charges for her involvement in NXIVM, led by convicted leader Keith Raniere. She pleaded guilty to racketeering charges two years ago, and has yet to be scheduled a sentencing date.”

Mack, 38, has been under house arrest since 2018 at a home in Los Alamitos California owned by her parents.

The former residence in Halfmoon, New York, where Allison Mack lived during her time in NXIVM.
The former townhouse in Halfmoon, New York, where Allison Mack lived during some of the time she was in NXIVM.

Her former townhouse in Halfmoon is rumored to be the scene where some of the DOS slaves were branded.

The neighbor, a woman who lived next door to Allison for about four years, said, “Something just doesn’t make sense. They sentenced Keith during the coronavirus pandemic so why not Allison too?”

“Ever since NXIVM was exposed, the neighbors have been on guard around here. If we see something strange now, we go crazy. Allison deserves jail time and we want to see it sooner than later,” the neighbor continued.

“If they give her a minimal sentence of, say, two years or probation, I’m going to flip out,” the neighbor added. “She was so close to me in this neighborhood, secretly doing all this stuff to women. I’m still on edge. We all feel that way around here. I hope she gets a good amount of time in prison.

“It’s getting old now. It’s got to get done,” said the neighbor. “We all need closure from this. Once we know that she’s in prison, I think we’ll feel less anxious. I’m more concerned with Allison than the other co-defendants that haven’t been sentenced yet because she lived here. She was my neighbor for four years.”

Dance, Dance, Dance

Lest we forget…

A nice YouTube video, posted by Jessy Edwards, of the Brooklyn Reader, captures some of the exciting dancing that once took place outside the MDC last summer.

Edwards wrote last July: “The organizers of a nightly dance party outside a federal prison in Brooklyn say they want to shine a light on the brutalities of the justice system. But instead, the spotlight has turned on them and their personal ties to Metropolitan Detention Center inmate Keith Raniere, a convicted sex trafficker and co-founder of the cultlike group NXIVM. Read more at the BK Reader: https://www.bkreader.com/2020/07/23/n…

I recall when I appeared in Brooklyn in October, I stopped by at the MDC to see the dancing. Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Danielle Roberts, Eduardo Asunsolo, Suneel Chakravorty, Marc Elliot and several others were there. So was a film crew from HBO’s The Vow, filming for Season 2.

One of the videographers asked me if I was going to dance.

“Dancing?” I said, “I don’t want no dancing. I’m figuring on making other people dance.”

Eduardo and Suneel and others laughed at my comment.

I was quoting a line from the 1931 movie, Little Caesar.  When his partner who wants to quit the mob and return to his original work as a nightclub dancer tells him this, the racketeer, Caesar Enrico Bandello, says “Dancing? Women? And where do they get you? I don’t want no dancing. I’m figuring on making other people dance.

“Oh, I ain’t forgetting about the money. Money’s okay, but it ain’t everything.

“Be somebody. Look hard at guys and know they’ll do anything you tell them. Have your own way or nothing.

“Be somebody.”

If you substitute the word “guys” for “girls,” you have the formula for Executive Success that served one man, who the feds called a racketeer, for some 20 years. The trouble was that he is now dancing at the whim, the caprice, and sometimes the sadism of those who own his life — the US government and the US Bureau of Prisons. He is presently residing at the US Penitentiary at Tucson, AZ, a prison that primarily houses federal prisoners convicted of sex offenses.

Apropos of the math equation at the top of this story, one can add 100 years to the 20 years he made others dance and you get an idea of the punishment meted out for his mistakes in judgment.

Keith Alan Raniere got 120 years in prison. Short of a successful appeal, the man, at age 60, will likely spend the rest of his days in prison. As of 2020, the average life expectancy for a man his age was 23.59 years.


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  • https://news.yahoo.com/news/course-latest-development-matt-gaetz-230400300.html

    Now we know why Roger Stone joined NXIVM back in 2007 – to learn how to collateralize and monetize on underage sex scandals from Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman. Apparently.

    Any comment from Stone, Frank? Besides, “it never happened and if it did it wasn’t me.”

    So when is Biden gonna pardon Keith as Stone predicted? When Clare ponies up a modest $250K?

    Guess I need a new lawyer.

  • “Anonymous
    May 1, 2021 at 2:42 pm
    If Allison has been receiving mental health treatment since her arrest (which it kind of sounds like she has), I’d expect at least one letter from those involved with her treatment”


    Allison Mack has a younger sister named Robyn.

    The other day on her social media page Robyn linked to this photo


    About five weeks ago Robyn linked to this photo on Bound NYC


    Being Dolly Sounds Magnifique

    Do mental health professionals give two for the price of one deals?

    • Where did Mack’s younger sis learn about BDSM? Maybe it was on Girls By Design where “Jane” claimed Kristin Kreuk taught BDSM to the girls

        • Shadowstate1958-

          Do you have any information available in-regards to Nicki Clyne attempting to recruit Battlestar Galactica fanboys?

          Male science-fiction fans would make ideal candidates to join NXIVM 2.0 or whatever the next iteration of NXIVM turns out to be.

      • “Jane” was under the influence of Clare Bronfman, if I rightly recollect.

        Clare went Upstate, ACCOMPANIED BY DEFENCE COUNSEL, to file further charges in the civil suit against Frank and to have tea with “Jane” (Clare being deprived of all human contact except Suneel, apparently). Jane then very nervously posted her remarks about Allison Mack and Kristin Kruek on FR is how the story went.

        From a strategy standpoint it’s the same old song over and over – normalize the behavior, blame the bad girls and their petty little cat fights, make mistress Allie the top cat culprit, quash the fact that this has been going on for decades as a tool to enslave and use the girls to front a criminal enterprise specializing in sextortion.

        Might have worked if they’d somehow managed to keep the underage matters like Cami out of it. Not that they didn’t, aren’t doing their utmost to quash and redirect now that that cat’s out of the bag.

        • This comment is a bit cryptic. Perhaps you can explain some more as it comes to this portion: “…that this has been going on for decades as a tool to enslave and use the girls to front a criminal enterprise specializing in sextortion.”

  • I’m kind of shocked by how hateful some of the people on here feel towards Allison. These are people who have never met her. Her biggest victim according to the government, India, said she deserves some amount of sympathy. How do people who don’t know her, hate her more than her “victim”?

    I just see this whole saga as a guy who spent his life abusing and breaking women, and some of them “broke” more than others. That’s not an argument for letting her off with nothing, but at least give her actions some context.

  • Frank, I was absent for a while from here, but I came back because I just read the following in Sarah Berman’s recently published book: “Parlato was either lent or given (this is still in dispute) a sum of $1 million to get to Los Angeles and figure out what was going on. On his way across the country he says he stopped in Las Vegas to “hire a couple actors” to pose as muscle on the trip. “These are the streets of L.A., and there are two kinds of law: legal law and street law,” Parlato told me. “I wanted to be prepared to address both.” After a pause, Parlato assured me that his “muscle” routine was “pure bluff.” He arrived in California in January 2008”. Can we, the occasional readers of Frank Report, know some more details about that trip?

      • $1 million dollars, wtf! To do what, some google searches and drive around LA? Good work if you can get it. Are you taking applications Frank?

        • It was a little more than that. I did recover some $26 million in investments that, had I not intervened, would have went the way of the $66 million in commodity losses.

          As Clare Bronfman testified in court — $1 million for recovering $26 million, is a pretty good deal.

          • It might be a good deal, but it’s an absurd amount of money.

            What qualifications did this job require that justified a $1 million fee, and which of those did you have? How many man-hours were spent on this? Did it also come with an expense account, and did she pay additional compensation for your staff? Were you paid based on results? How did you arrive at $1 million fee for this job? Why were you selected?

            I’m suspicious you may have hoodwinked the young, friendless heiress with a 10th-grade education. I would say shame on you, but considering that it is Clare and she would have used that money to sue some innocent soul into oblivion, I’m cool with it. I do think you’ve got some explainin’ to do though. Are you a hoodwinker, Frank?

          • The deal was not a by-the-hour job. But I would say I put in about 500 hours, plus expenses of about $75,000. I save the entire investment. I uncovered fraud. I recovered the assets – a $26 million investment. And I made a deal with Raniere and Bronfmans — that I would develop the property for one third of the net profits — with a one million dollar advance against the profits… Raniere/Bronfmans reneged on the deal. That is what started our fight. By the way, had I been paid by the hour, [which I was not] it would have come to about $2,000 per hour, which is a little below my standard rate.

            To be clear, the one million was not payment, it was an advance and was to be repaid out of the profits of the Los Angeles real estate project. The Bronfman’s breached the contract. It is the subject of a civil lawsuit where they are suing me for $1 million and I am suing the Bronfmans for $7.5 million. They hired Michael Avenatti to be lead attorney on the case, but sadly he got into hot water elsewhere. Meantime in trying to pursue the litigation, Clare is unavailable to be deposed and so is Sara. I should win a default judgment for the full $7.5 million.

            So when you add the extra hours and the extra millions my hourly rate will be a little fairer at about $10,000 per hour. Thanks for asking.

            Oh and by the way, I did not make the deal with Clare Bronfman so I am no hoodwinker. I made the deal with the smartest man in the world, so if anything I was the one who might have gotten hoodwinked. Only I don’t hoodwink well.

          • Frank-

            —$2,000 per hour, which is a little below my standard rate.

            Do you provide the full GFE package?

          • Let me reverse the question: would you for a mere $2,000 per hour? I am guessing you would not.

          • Very good deal. I’d say that by clearly winning the deal, it makes you one of the top two smartest people in the world. However, everyone has a puncher’s chance. There should have been a rematch to see if you really did deserve to jump Vanguard in the world rankings. Oh wait – I’d say most would agree that the battle you’ve had with Keith on Frank Report should count as the rematch. Damn. By unanimous decision in the first bout, and KO in the rematch??? Frank is one smart mf’er.

          • Frank, I do believe you, to some extent.

            But nobody would wire you $1 million dollars WITHOUT a WRITTEN AGREEMENT specifying EXACTLY what the money is for.

            I’m guessing the money was wired to you for developing the property in L.A. It was likely not meant for your personal fees or personal consumption.

            The fact that you can’t produce a written agreement, which allegedly gives you full rights to the money, is what makes your story less than 100% believable.

            Specifically, where is the agreement which says that THIS particular $1 Million is yours?

            I’m not talking about a general agreement regarding ‘future projects’ where you may be eligible for 1/3 profits on future earnings in future years.

            You can’t use a ‘general agreement’ (about future projects with Clare) as a basis to confiscate $1 million given to you for other reasons, like property development.

            An oral contract for $1 Million is just not realistic or enforceable.

            Show us a copy of the WRITTEN agreement that gives you full rights to that SPECIFIC money.

            Claiming that you had a verbal ‘side agreement’ smells a lot like what Keith said during the Microsoft trial (his alleged ‘side agreements’ with Toni). It smells rancid and rotten, like you’re making it up.

            Please tell me that you have something more for us.

            Please don’t resort to using Keith’s ‘verbal’ agreement claims.

            We want to believe you. Give us a reason to.

            When you say you’ll cover this topic in a ‘future post’ —– that’s just another way of saying you’ll NEVER write about it. It’s an excuse to DROP the subject. I see right thru that, sir. 🙂

            I’m not saying that I don’t believe you. I’m saying that I want FACTS.

            And, god damn it, I want them now! 🙂

          • I love this comment Bangkok for you have asked just the right question: the question of was there a written agreement. That’s how Clare got caught perjuring herself again. The famous Letter of Intent. She told the grand jury there was a written agreement and she told the NY State Supreme Court that there was not written agreement. I will explain how that lie came back to bite her. I have previously published the written agreement [the Letter of Intent] and will do so again in a future post.

            By the way Clare and Sara wired $26 million to the developer of the Los Angeles real estate without a single written agreement.

          • —Let me reverse the question: would you for a mere $2,000 per hour? I am guessing you would not.

            Frank don’t be so presumptuous. It all depends on what the woman looks like. I don’t suffer from your Catholic parochial-norms or customs.

            If the broad is 1/2 way doable and you throw in a 6-pack — I’m there.

            Frank, you are such a snob!

        • I’m particularly interested in the following fragment, partly because It reminded me Le Carre’s “The Little Drummer Girl”: “On his way across the country, he says he stopped in Las Vegas to “hire a couple actors” to pose as muscle on the trip. “These are the streets of L.A., and there are two kinds of law: legal law and street law,” Parlato told me. “I wanted to be prepared to address both.” After a pause, Parlato assured me that his “muscle” routine was “pure bluff.”

    • Whenever people qualify with, ” I’ve been absent for awhile from here…”

      You can bet they have been devouring every word of every post like it was their full time job.

      • Maybe but in this case, it doesn’t apply. I keep following the NXIVM case because it has some relation with the research topic of the thesis I’m willing to write for a master in government I’ve been attending to for the last two years (I have a degree in sociology and this master is more politological), but even when I visited the blog much more frequently during Raniere’s trial and in the immediate aftermath of that, I did diminish that visit frequency a lot since then.

        • So you’ll be publishing for peer review?

          Link it here, please.

          Would be interesting to see the Nxivm masters in government connection.


          • I don’t have an academic trayectory, I just have a degree in sociology by the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argenina) and work as a plain employee at the nacional statistical instituite. However, I do have many intelectual interests and that’s why I decided to do this master in government, but I don’t get along with Argentinian academia and never had the opportunity to study abroad. Anyway, I do will will have to write this thesis if I want to achieve the master’s degree. Currently I’m waiting for the master comision to issue an opinion about the directors I proposed and about the research topic, wich is all I can share with you at this moment. The reaserch topic so far is the following:

            The research proposes an exploration of the specificity that studies on sects are able to contribute toward a singular approach for understanding the category of “the impolitic” (Roberto Esposito), as an alternative to the co-presence between political representation and depoliticizing neutralization that the contemporary state-form factually adopts, both “theologized” and depoliticized: “The valuation of the political – its constitution in the “Absolute”- is what the impolitical criticizes as political theology: that is, as confusion and superposition of the level of the plane of the Good (or of Truth) with that of power ”.

  • What do the American public and people of the world think of Allison Mack?
    Recent Comments from her Instagram page:

    You should be in jail!!! You psycho b i t c h
    5w4 likesReply

    Lock her up!

    Nxivm was a front for child trafficking
    1w3 likesReply

    3w2 likesReply

    World would be a far better place without u

    You left out “sex trafiicking slaver” in your bio.
    2w7 likesReply

    Is it true you loved when your slaves farted on you??

    Oh another Keith Raniere lesson’s? With the violation and torture? You criminal monster!
    8w1 likeReply

    You are a piece of work. Jail, like your hero, is where you should be, for the rest of your life
    5w5 likesReply

    2w1 likeReply

    The People Have Spoken!


    • Today, Mack would be a free woman with a flourishing showbiz career if Kristin Kook had never recruited her into the sex cult.

      • Yes. Clearly, Lana Lang used her formidable Brainiac powers to brainwash Chloe and have her take the Bronfman private jet to obsequiously gaze into Raniere’s slightly crossed, blue eyes in between games of midnight volleyball, and cast the sexual innuendo requesting him to pop her cherry.

        • Sultan, do you ever take a break from beating the war drums for Kristen Kreuk?

          Take a vacation and relax!

          • In your dreams old man. Gawd, show some respect for your target market. We’re not ALL pervs and if we were we’d be on a whole ‘nother site chattin’ up our prey. This ain’t no election year no more neither. But I do pray Mr. Stone and Frank might dear lordy somehow keep out of the clink just for showing their love and loyalty to our President Donald J Trump.

          • That actually happened on the Smallville tv show!


            Kristen Kreuk’s character leads Allison Mack’s character to the devil just like in real life.

            Sultan actually hates that episode and complains about it on every Smallville fan website.

        • Allie’s cherry wasn’t fresh enough for NX’s intent but she was pitted against KRISTIN in competition for the GBD lead.

          • – always throwing stones at the hot bitches,–

            Or maybe getting his rocks off on the hot bitches.

    • The crowd has at all times in history been drawn by gestures rather than ideas. The crowd never reasons. The great masses will succumb more easily to a big lie (Joe Biden) than to a small one (Allison Mack)

    • She’s an oxygen thief just like Keith. I’m certain she’s likely extremely concerned about her pending sentencing as KR hit some record numbers. Fingers crossed hers are adequately similar. Perhaps she can go on to create a theatrical program within whatever BOP facility she’s destined for. 🙂

    • Shadowstate,

      How many of those commentators are you?

      Is it true you loved when your slaves farted on you??

      I know that one is a definite Shadowstate type question.

      • –Is it true you loved when your slaves farted on you??–

        Is this some reference to our favorite smell-the-fart actress?

        • Yes!

          FYI Shadow’s favorite actor is the legendary Buck Angel. He’s originally a female model.

    • Some of those comments are pretty unnecessary. I mean, regardless of whether she deserves the jail time ahead of her, saying the world would be better without her is pretty messed up. Why are you gleefully regurgitating this?

  • You wrote that Mack has her supporters who will likely write letters asking for leniency. Besides yourself, Heidi, her family and probably that person with the poor writing skills who used to always defend her here in long-winded inaccurate posts, who are the other supporters? I don’t imagine family pleas, those from delusional obsessed fans or you and Heidi who rarely, if ever, interacted with her or know her would count for much.

    Do you think India, Nicole, Bonnie, Tabby, et al’s views towards her have softened any in the 2 plus years she’s been waiting to be sentenced?

    Do you know in what way Mack cooperated with the Feds and what dirt she gave the Feds that was useful in helping to convict KR? India was the one who turned over the damning audio file of Allison and Keith discussing the branding ceremony.

    Also, you said you would share your letter of support for Allison with us. Have you already submitted it and can you share it now?

    • If Allison has been receiving mental health treatment since her arrest (which it kind of sounds like she has), I’d expect at least one letter from those involved with her treatment

    • Well said.
      The minute college coeds found that Mack was taking Gender Studies classes with them, they understandably freaked out.

      Furthermore, who would shell out 75 bucks for an autographed photo of an actress whose big show went off the air eleven years ago?
      An autograph of the more talented Nicki Clyne goes for 30 bucks.
      Nicki Clyne Battlestar Galactica Cally Autograph Pic #2
      Condition: New
      5 available
      US $29.99

      You can get an autographed photo of Allison Mack for nine dollars.
      Allison Mack Autographed Signed 8×10″ Photo 3324
      $9.00+$4.98 shipping from United Kingdom

      Who wants a 75 dollar autograph of Allison Mack when one can get an autograph of the unique Tiny Tim for 30 bucks
      Tiny Tim’s TV Debut

    • I never met Allison. I suspect I was supposed to when she was featured at the Jules Verne festival in LA in ’07. But I heeded my intuition – that intangible feeling some may call “paranoia” – and didn’t cover the event for “Citizen LA” until the next year.

      I support Allison BC I know she was set up to “take the fall” and HOW before she ever set foot on Necker Island or the Bronfman jet for Albany, NY.

      NX, indeed, kept close tabs on all their pieces. They weren’t playing checkers, either.

      • One more Q for you aspiring writers in “The Niagara Falls Reporter’s” or “The Knife’s” (or ETNY’s) tutoring programs.

        Who invited all those treasure hunting oceanographers to Necker Island to party with the Mexi-NXIAN Elites, the lovely loose heiresses and their “B list” actress recruits?

        Hey, worked for Maxwell and Epstein. Kinda.

      • Jules Verne is a famous oceanographer, btw. The film festival came from Paris to LA in ’07 when I was writing for an online blog – Downtown LA Life Magazine. Allison Mack was featured that 1st year at JV in LA. My humorous blog, Heidi’s Holla, was getting some big-time advertisers and sponsors – Warner’s loved it, for instance. I did an independent video segment on the Art Exhibit hall for the festival but, again, never met Allie despite all the prompts to.

        Never knew Simone du Beauvoir was a pedo promoter despite all those prompts to promote her, either.

        I believe Uncle Ben Myers could enlighten us as to NX’s online promotional prompting and cyberstalking skills at that time. When and if he’s ever duly charged.

    • The file India turned over was not damning to Allison at all. Depending on one’s perspective. It shows that Keith tweaked the branding ceremonies through a submissive, scared and broken actress, after some of the girls (including Allison herself) had already been scarified by a mysterious man who performed the branding with the girls partially clad, etc. (Not nude and splayed out like a virgin sacrifice, begging to be burned by their female “master” or mistress.)

      We’ve been over all of this countless times – I’ve compared it to the way Gina was found like a sacrifice at the Monastery – but as Frank reminded me often, “everyone has an agenda.”

      And, no, I don’t think Roger Stone had anything to do with my sister’s death. At least not until I read that among many other paranoid “thoughts” attributed to me.

      Btw, whoever staged that scene at the Malibu dog park with the woman swearing at Dylan’s disabled group trying to goad me from the van to defend the kids with Theresa Fazio is one sick puppy. But the car chases and other dirty tricks during the group’s WRC transport provider eval – while I was driving Dylan and his coaches — along with the little mock food poisoning scene at the alternative Chuy’s restaurant (also while I was driving) did literally put lives in danger and did inflict intentional emotional distress on not only me but especially the more sensitive, autistic young adults who emotionally empathize with others and were just as terrified and traumatized as I was.

      …Just as I wrote in the hysterical sounding email to Lisa that appeared in Jeff’s ex-parte restraining order case.

      In fact, just a couple weeks ago, for the first time in awhile now, I was again nearly run off the road while driving with two witnesses onboard, as one of them (a Tucker Carlson fan) reported to local police.

      Stunt drivers or my paranoia, or Torrette’s, acting up again?

      Or could it be…Satan?!

        • 4th time it’s happened in about 3 years. At least Dylan wasn’t with me this time.

          Also on the upside, that coulda been one less Tucker Carlson fan in the world to argue with. 😂

          Thanks, Frank.

          • Heidi; Any time any one is after you, let me know. I will do anything I can to help. And in case you don’t have it, my new phone number is 305-783-7083.

            Give me a call anytime.

  • Those who fix NXIVM Latin should know that obsequium is a noun. It makes no sense.

    This is like watching the famous scene in Life of Brian.

    • The fact they’ve had years to find someone who can compose something logical in Latin, and yet they *still* botched it…oof. So on brand. Brand used consciously here.

  • Allison Mack must be released without charge. She is a woman who has repented of her actions. She has learned her lesson and must get on with her life. It wouldn’t be fair for her to go to prison. We all have the right to rebuild our lives. You have to turn the page.

  • Seems it’s time to investigate the nuances of Nxian Latin and explore the shades of meaning of Dominus Obsequium Sororum. I assume Raniere taught himself fluent Latin by the age of three, consistent with his other alleged accomplishments. He sure as hell didn’t learn it at the third rate engineering college he barely managed to graduate from.

    Stringing together impressive sounding words into phrases and sentences that make no sense was a Raniere specialty. English, Latin, he butchered them both with equal aplomb.

    Some call it word salad. I call it bullshit.

    Dominus Obsequim Sororum is pig-Latin. I ain’t got no fancy education but I know what “dominant” means. And its Latin root. I also know “dominant” is a term in BDSM subculture. “Dom” for short.

    In the context of Raniere’s sex cult, it’s the BDSM definition of “dominant” that’s applicable. Given that it was explicitly a master-slave relationship where the women were all subs and a man (Raniere) was the dom.

    I also know what the word “obsequious” means. And its Latin root. And it does not mean “showing proper respect”.

    As fascinating(?) as it may be exploring the intricacies of the pig-Latin of a convicted racketeer and sex trafficker, let’s not lose sight of the big picture. Whatever its linguistic roots DOS was a criminal enterprise blackmailing and trafficking women. Raniere and his trusted lieutenants like Salzman and Mack systematically lied to, extorted, and abused their slaves.
    The abuse extended as far as actually branding their master’s initials onto these women slaves.

    That DOS was a criminal racket, involving sex trafficking, extortion, fraud, and forced labor (slavery, in plain English) are no longer allegations. They are proven facts, determined on hard evidence in a court of law and so determined unanimously by a jury. Let us never forget that.

  • One might note that now that Raniere has left MDC, the dancing that was purportedly to raise awareness for prison conditions, and was not specifically for him, and was discontinued only due to inclement weather, has surprisingly not resumed.

  • “Ever since NXIVM was exposed, the neighbors have been on guard around here. If we see something strange now, we go crazy. Allison deserves jail time and we want to see it sooner than later,” the neighbor continued. (Quote from the neighbor.)

    This woman and her neighbors lived next door to Allison Mack.
    Allison Mack’s neighbors still have no peace of mind three years later!
    They still live in fear.

    The extent of Mack’s cooperation was nil.
    She handed over a USB stick containing a conversation and she refrained from testifying.
    Raniere would have been convicted without the USB stick.

    Mack’s renunciation of Raniere was so watered down as to be meaningless.

    Let’s read this account of Mack’s allocution:

    “Allison Mack’s allocution was a sham”
    “But is Allison Mack taking “full responsibility? It doesn’t seem so to me. It seems like she is putting the full responsibility on Raniere.
    “But she is the one who lied. She puts it all on Raniere. He misled her. She was ‘dedicated’ – but to the wrong man.

    “This lie she told – and she told it – not him – this lie led those women to a kind of doom and they carry the branding scar with his and as some say her initials.

    “She, as much as Raniere, led them to be branded.
    “Being branded is a hard thing to overcome. It may be easy for you and I, who were not deceived or branded, to forgive the winsome actress who cried so well before the judge yesterday, but how do the women who were branded feel?

    “Those women will bear that scar for a lifetime. They endured the trauma of giving collateral to Mack, a woman, and later finding out it was possessed by the monster.

    “I tried, and tried with Catherine Oxenberg, to persuade Allison to leave Raniere before she was arrested. She would hear nothing of it. No, even after she was arrested and thought she had an excellent chance of beating the rap, did she want to leave the horrid one.

    “Her allocution strikes me as a sham. Full bullshit; a lie to get out of trouble. Taking no responsibility, not really, for the harm she devised and fully implemented with Keith at her back.”

    Who wrote this account of Allison Mack’s allocution?
    Was it that cranky old man, Shadow State?
    No, it was Frank Parlato, the man who exposed the branding ritual for all the world to see.

    Let’s examine Mack’s more recent behavior.
    While out on bail, Mack engaged in behavior while “attending” college that looks suspiciously like grooming and recruiting sex slaves.
    Would you want your college-age daughter attending classes with Allison Mack?

    Look at these two recent stories and tell me that Allison Mack is not recruiting.
    Video: Allison Mack Attends ‘Gender and Women’s Studies’ Class and Is ‘Super Participatory’

    Allison Mack Quits ‘Gender, Sex and Power’ Class at UC Berkeley Amid Protest of Students Unhappy With Sex-Slaver as Classmate

    Whatever psychological compulsion drove Allison Mack to be a Harem Master is still within her.

  • Frank just can’t stop pitching leniency for Allison Mack.

    He’s got a soft spot for her — ever since he spoke to her on the phone.

    Claviger’s been talking shit lately. But when Allison is sentenced to 7 years soon (as I predicted) — Claviger will be bending over and kissing my ass.

    …And when Keith wins either his 1st or 2nd appeal, Claviger won’t be able to hide the EGG on his face for being so terribly wrong, especially when I was right.

    I will own his fucken ass and turn him into my own personal bitch.

    Lauren is the ONLY one who will get leniency from this judge.

    She will get 12 months (18 max) and maybe some house arrest or probation. Guaranteed.

    Lauren was the star witness. The judge rescued her. Allison’s just a distant TWAT in the judge’s mind.

    I’ve noticed that over the last couple years, Empress Heidi likes to talk shit about Lauren. But I sure as fuck didn’t see Empress Heidi get on the witness stand and tear apart Vanguard’s whole existence. I didn’t see Allison do that either.

    Lauren did far more than Empress Heidi to bring down Keith Raniere —– so I don’t wanna see the Empress talking shit about Lauren unless she can back it up.

    Lauren took ACTION to bring down Keith. What has the Empress done?

    Nancy will get 5 years (even though she deserves 20 years) so that baby bear doesn’t have to be without mama bear for too many years. The judge is fond of baby bear.

    Lauren is the true hero of this trial. She deserves the reward money that India will be receiving.

    But all Frank can think about is how much leniency Allison deserves.

    Have a good day.

    • PS — I just wanted to point out that, according to Empress Heidi’s own admissions, she first met Keith in the 1980s but failed to turn against him until nearly 20 years later.

      Empress Heidi also admitted to KNOWING that Keith CHEATED ON his IQ test —– but yet she never took action to make it known that he cheated until MANY YEARS later.

      Thus, in my opinion, that’s tantamount to ‘enabling’ Keith for many years —— BECAUSE he was using his IQ test score to ‘recruit’ new people into his flock.

      So why does Empress Heidi claim that Lauren is a bad person for enabling Keith and not turning against him earlier?

      In fact, in my own opinion, IF Empress Heidi had taken action EARLIER to make it known that Keith cheated on his IQ test, it’s POSSIBLE that Lauren would not have chosen to follow Keith.

      Can I get an ‘amen’ to that?


      Well, how about a ‘fuck you, Bangkok’?

      Yeah, I know I can get that. 🙂

      • Please reread my posts if you really want to do more than throw stones at any female source with an opinion on here for the answer to your queery.

        And, no, you couldn’t get a fuck out of me or any self-respecting female on the planet who doesn’t like large bills stuck up her butt on a nightly basis.

        • “And, no, you couldn’t get a fuck out of me or any self-respecting female on the planet who doesn’t like large bills stuck up her butt on a nightly basis.”

          LOL. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  • The DOS 8 may be the DOS 7. Mottishaw hasn’t participated in quite awhile. Frank, has Leah seen the light?

    • I happened to notice Leah’s absence about a month ago as well. Let’s hope she saw the light.

        • The data is believable if you really look at the data. Especially after you take time to examine all of the data. The data points to the facts being true.

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