Allison Mack Quits ‘Gender, Sex and Power’ Class at UC Berkeley Amid Protest of Students Unhappy With Sex-Slaver as Classmate

Allison Mack, 38, the former actress on the hit TV series Smallville and the convicted racketeer of the Nxivm sex cult, has been on home arrest since April 2018.

She got approved by her pretrial and probation officer to take college courses and, availing herself of that opportunity, she took classes at University of California at Berkeley.

She apparently took a class “Gender, Sex and Power” and another “The History of Human Rights”.

Those are odd choices – human rights and gender, sex and power – for a woman who joined a sex cult where she was a slave to a man, Keith Raniere, and who made other women, her slaves, be his grand slaves, even taking blackmail collateral and branding them on their groins, while requiring her slaves to have sex with Raniere.

I previously reported that a young woman posted a video on TikTok about Allison Mack.

According to the woman, she attended the gender class with Allison.

The video is interesting because it reveals Mack was an eager student and was not immediately known to her classmates. The classmate of Mack said in the video:

“Hey guys, this is like a female put your finger down so don’t look at the audio beforehand just like do like this immediately. OK. So put a finger down if you have long hair.

“Put a finger down if one time you were in your summer course. It’s a gender and women’s studies class and there is this one woman who is super participatory and one day she DMs [Direct Messages] you about your assignment topic giving you info about like sex within the Catholic Church and you’re like, ‘Oh, OK, so she’s cool.’

“So you look her up Instagram and she has 103,000 followers and you’re like, “Oh this is weird.” So you google her and her name is Allison Mack and this Allison Mack that your reading a Wikipedia article is charged for racketeering and being a part of a sex cult.

“And you’re like, ‘Oh my god, holy shit, this isn’t her.’  And then you look up an interview and you’re like, ‘Oh wait this is her. This is the same person that carved her initials into women’s bodies.’”

[Mack has an Instagram account with 104,000 followers. However, she has not posted since March 22, 2018, four days before Raniere was arrested, and less than a month before she was arrested.]

Before we condemn Allison for attending classes, we should understand that attending classes ought to merit points on her “Pre-Sentencing Report”. She does not want to end up like Clare Bronfman with a sentence three times longer than the sentencing guidelines.

Mack is currently waiting for a date for her sentencing hearing. She pleaded guilty in April 2019 to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

We learn from social media that the young lady in the video was not the only one concerned about Mack’s participation in the classes.



Reddit user ucbthrowaway24680 wrote that Mack left the “Gender, Sex and Power” class of her own accord: “She was in my ‘Gender, Sex and Power’ class for about a week, but left voluntarily after an outcry from students who did not feel safe discussing those topics with someone who branded other women. Our professor will not tell us how the administration is handling this matter being brought to their attention due to privacy laws.”

It has not been a very good couple of years for Allison Mack, since her arrest on April 20, 2018.

I hope that, unlike Clare Bronfman, she has fully disavowed Keith Raniere and all of his antics.

In her allocution before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on April 8, 2019, Mack did disavow Ranier.

She said, “I became close with Keith Raniere… I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people… I was wrong… Your Honor, having reviewed the charges against Keith Raniere in the most recent indictment and having many months to reflect on my own actions and motivations of others, I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that is why I am pleading guilty today.

I am very sorry for the victims of this case. I am also very sorry for the harm that I caused to my family. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings…”

I hope Allison will show proper remorse at the sentencing which is likely to occur before the end of the year and will provide the judge with ample evidence of this before sentencing, and that her “Pre-Sentencing Report” is not too unfavorable.

I hope the judge will show leniency if she deserves it – and that someday she can resume her life out of this dark shadow that first came to her on the bad, sad day she met Keith Raniere.

Photos of the night when she met Keith Raniere [at volleyball].


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  • She is more a victim of Raniere and the law men rapistas. That she becomes such a high judge that not even rapists became, and so much hate shows this really good. Kate Manne is absolutely right, when she says, what she said in “Down Girl”.

    And I say it in my words: Keith Raniere, and other men should be burned. Give them all this, what they did do women. Like nazis did to women, all. Men do to animals.

    To use women against women is also made by men only.
    You *heads know.

  • She is more a victim of Raniere and the law men rapistas. That she becomes such a high judge that not even rapists became, and so much hate shows this really good. Kate Manne is absolutely right, when she says, what she said in “Down Girl”.

    And I say it in my words: Keith Raniere, and other men should be burned. Give them all this, what they did do women. Like nazis did to women, all. Men do to animals.

    To use women against women is also made by men only.
    You *heads know.

  • She is out of the cult and this article shows the pathetic behavior of people who know nothing about the story…

    First, she was a victim, not a perpetrator (contrary to what some people still try to pretend)…the trial showed it more than clearly.

    Second, the same trial proved she was not behind the branding (but once again, people prefer to ignore it and destroy her life further)…

    15 years of her life were destroyed by a cult…

    India lost 5 years and everyone considers she is a victim (despite the fact she did worst than Allison did…including doing a real extortion…which Allison didn’t).

    Allison deserves to be free, to be able to get on with her life (like India and other victims are) but once again, people who have NOTHING to do with this story and know NOTHING destroy someone else’s life…

    All those who supported this “protest” should be seriously ashamed for their behavior.

    ” hope the judge will show leniency if she deserves it – and that someday she can resume her life out of this dark shadow that first came to her on the bad, sad day she met Keith Raniere.”
    If she deserves it…see you can’t be nice or say the truth once.

    Of course, she deserves leniency, just like Sylvie or India obtained…Both committed what Allison did but are seen as victims…Why should Allison be different?

    • Thank you! I have been wondering the same thing. Why is India being treated like a victim and Allison is not? India was with her the whole time. They were both recruited and they were both manipulated into this. India trusted Keith until the very end, until he was arrested, so did Allison. They are, very clearly, victims.

      You attached the photos of when she met Keith, that clip says it ALL. She was manipulated and stripped of all her beliefs by Keith in 5 minutes that day. She needs help, psychological care for all that’s been done to her and I hope she gets it.

    • Doubt it.

      Laura Vandervoort is a friend of NXIVM coward Kristin Kreuk and the cucky Mark Hildreth.

      She appeared on Smallville and a television show as a regular cast member with Mark Hildreth. Kreuk and Hildreth had a pet Frenchie named Dublin and after they broke up, Hildreth kept him. Vandervoort even dog-sat for him.

      Eventually, both Kreuk and Hildreth would have brought up Nxivm. She says she didn’t have any money. Yeah right, but even so, she eventually would have been given a lot of celebrity dollars. She lived in Vancouver and Los Angeles, where Nxivm had a strong presence. She would have at least done a course eventually at a minimum. She’s a SJW too. This podcast host should have asked her if Kreuk tried to recruit her. He apparently has had Kreuk twice on his podcast and apparently he never asked her about Nxivm. He almost certainly spoke to her in private about it, because how could you not? They are both Smallville actors and it’s a big story. Also, like fuck this podcast is the first time he spoke to Vandervoort about Nxivm. He’s making it sound like it’s the first time.

      Another Smallville actress was involved with Nxivm to whatever degree: Erica Durance. She was quick to delete Mark Vicente from her twitter follows when the branding story broke too… Kreuk probably recruited her.

      • You need help in your Kristin obsession

        PSYCHO alert Keith must be proud of you expect no one will ever be blackmailed to even be sleeping with you

        Kristin is innocent as were the rest of the cast. That is why she didn’t even get a call from the FBI. No proof she was anything but a victim.


    “There’s a racialized component of this,” Sofia said. She said she understood the class to be “for and by Black women, for them to be in a comfortable, sacred space to discuss their trauma and their healing.” (The instructor confirmed to VICE that she sees her purpose on campus as creating spaces for Black women, but would not confirm or deny details about the summer class or Allison Mack’s involvement.) “And Allison’s been accused of branding, something that is historically such a racialized act,” said Sofia. “It made her presence feel like a particular invasion and intrusion.”

    Ms Mack, up to her old intellectual ‘black face’ shenanigans. She loves to usurp the suffering, strength and valour of legitimate causes, and wear them like character costumes in her eternal drama. No amount of pointing to the error of her ways will persuade her it seems.
    Her sense of entitlement has careened right off the Scarlett O’Hara scale.

  • Gender Studies. Hmmm. Whatever you do Ms. Mack, don’t study Philosophy or History or anything that might pull that cult-y rug from under you.

  • Allison Mack is doing precisely what clergy child abusers do.

    One commenter mentioned that women in Gender Studies classes might have trouble relating to males because of previous abuse.

    Clergy child abusers frequently target children with troubled backgrounds.

    Didn’t Allison Mack herself advise one young woman who had been abused as a child that the “cure” for that young woman was to have sex with Raniere?

  • I believe that a timeline of recent internet activity will show that Allison Mack is still in NXIVM and still in love with Raniere.

    Mack entered UC Berkeley’s Gender Studies Zoom class at the start of the current semester.

    On Sunday, September 13, a person using the name Kim W. opened up an Instagram account under the title nxivm101.
    Here is the first upload.
    A post of Allison Mack’s address and NXIVM information from when she lived in Vancouver.

    The second post is a photo of a woman dancing outside the Brooklyn MDC.

    The next photo is a birthday greeting to Daddy.
    This was posted about 15 days after Raniere’s birthday.
    Awe I miss my daddy too. Prisons are so inhumane.

    On September 16th, this photo of Raniere playing volleyball was posted with a Raniere word salad quote.
    “Words can be measured by how deep the vibration moves the soul through infinite love and forgiveness.”

    A day later, this photo of a smiling Allison Mack was posted.

    On September 22nd, this photo of Johnny Cash was posted with a comment by Kim W and a critical comment from a young woman telling people to watch The Vow.
    Let’s be Frank…I need some Cash in my life… 🗽

    Watch The Vow.
    1w1 likeReply

    Wasn’t Cash’s most famous song “The Folsom Prison Blues”?

    The last picture was posted on September 25th with a blood-red tarot card of a corpse and a quote indicating that Allison Mack’s innocence is not debatable.

    Let’s talk about how Allison never actually trafficked anyone. Or NOT

    I believe the following:
    1.) That Kim W. could be Allison Mack or someone associated with her.

    2.) That Allison Mack is still in NXIVM.

    3.) That Allison Mack, even if she is mad at Raniere, is still a devoted follower.

    4.) That Allison Mack still believes she is innocent and rejects those who contend that she is guilty, especially those UC Berkeley students concerned about her involvement in Gender Studies.

    • Good analysis, Shadow. I agree with this. It is suspicious to have a new account supporting Allison and Nxvim.

      We don’t know if she is still involved and has not paid for her crimes. Why does she get to interact with students who could become her victims? We don’t know if she is still in.

      • If Ms. Mack is Kim W., then she is still in.
        If you look at American college catalogs, you will see that there are literally hundreds of courses she could study.
        Why is she repeatedly taking courses in Gender Studies?
        Not only at Long Beach Community College but at UC Berkeley via Zoom.
        And she is described as “Super-Participatory” even going so far as to Direct Message classmates?

        • Great analysis, Shadow. Also good point that she does not need to be DMing students or enroll in two different universities.

          I think a normal person would be embarrassed about what they did and be low-key in the classroom. There is no remorse or thought of others. She’s a Hollywood elite who at best is self-absorbed and doesn’t see how she could distress others, and, at worse, is recruiting new victims. I am inclined to the latter. She should not get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    • Johnny Cash’s most famous song was “A Boy Named Sue,” we need new words for “A Girl Named Keith.” LOL

      He’s one of the most effeminate males I’ve ever seen, although I’ve never seen Mr. Shadow or NiceGuy 666. LOL

      That’s why chicks dig Raniere so much, just as they like gay guys, they consider them harmless. LOL

  • Allison Mack – step away from the male-centered “feminism” that Berkeley sells. Liberal Feminism is the pyramid scheme that made much of what you experienced seem normal. Study Andrea Dworkin, that material will never allow you to objectify yourself for acceptability.

  • Allison Mack has always lived in privilege and just can’t see how uncomfortable she can make others feel. She should be embarrassed of herself: she recruited young women who trusted her and trafficked them. She is blind and just does not see how that can stress others. We don’t know to whom Allison is connected to still. We don’t know if she is cured. She could very well be recruiting women from those classes. Finding them and actively looking at their vulnerabilities for nefarious causes.

    I think Allison’s privilege does not allow her to see how others could feel about her. I am glad she is being stopped. So she can’t take an online class at UC Berkeley. Big deal. Women got scarred for life because she tricked them. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  • The classes she’s taking will touch on power dynamics, exploitation and abuse. Chances are the classes are a majority of women. Within that group of women is statistically going to include rape victims, child abuse victims, domestic violence, etc.

    Allison Mack used that classification of victim as a weapon, used to dismiss abuse, a weapon she used to blackmail and enslave others. Why would anyone share or participate in front of a convicted blackmailer that uses personal details to manipulate and exploit?

    If Allison Mack were a man that committed the same acts, this male wouldn’t have been allowed to get this far. Allison Mack is a predator, that hasn’t even served her time yet, and others have to adjust their discomfort with a rape facilitator, pimp and slaveholder? She hasn’t paid her debt to society yet.

    Can you imagine students from other countries that escaped such human rights violations and sex-based oppression, only to share space with a wealthy famous white woman that thought the same systemic abuse you escaped from, is, in fact, an edgy lifestyle choice used for enlightenment?

    Can you imagine sharing space as a black person with a perky white slave owner? Marinate in that for a while. Which part of SLAVERY is supposed to be forgivable and acceptable? Why are others required to adjust their comfort for a predator? Oh, because she’s a cute white woman. Does she have to be a Proud Boy in order to rank proper offense?

    And NXIVM’s own Candace Owens doesn’t count as an example. You can’t unpack that level of profound self-loathing and delusion.

    Everything said about intolerant, fascist, cancel culture is true, but it doesn’t apply to Allison Mack. That privilege, that entitlement is gone. It was an agreement with society, based on shallow values and now it’s gone. She has to live with all the ugly painful consequences of her actions.

  • What a great learning experience these butt hurt students passed up on because they are weak. This was a great opportunity for everyone to learn something new and grow from understanding another’s experiences and how it relates to the premise of the entire class. It’s not like she’s gonna recruit anyone on house arrest, Jesus.

    • Actually, she could recruit them. Connect them to Nicki, share her ideas (Keith’s ideas). She has lived in privilege her whole life and is blind about how it could be awkward for others to be there. She could also trigger trauma in women who have experienced violence.

      • A college class is not designed to cater to the non-triggering needs of people. It’s designed to educate, pure and simple. How far can we take this overly sensitive, victim culture as a society? I get it, there are victims of wrongdoing in Nxivm, no doubt! But making people like Allison accountable for how she make others feel is a dangerous slope. When she serves her time and walks among us again as a free woman will she not be allowed to take classes because of her past? Because it scares the people in the class with her? That to me is a sentiment that wreaks of privilege for people wanting to control their environment to the extent they don’t even have to be responsible for their own feelings.

        • Once she pays for her crimes, sure. She has not done her time. We never question what Hollywood elites do. It is valid to feel uncomfortable with having a criminal, who has not done her time, in the classroom. A classroom filled with people who are similar to her victims.

          We don’t tend to question what Hollywood elites do. If a non-Hollywood elite did this, we would side with the students. It is a no-brainer.

        • True, it’s for education only and not a therapy session. Not a place to share sensitive information with a bunch of strangers.

        • You should go to the Vice article, the details of the class are explained. Part of the class is sharing your personal experiences. She was actively suggesting reading material to other students and reaching out, unsolicited. You haven’t attended classes like these, obviously…

      • You talk a lot about what could happen, but it is just a very vague assumption, which would only make sense if no one knew the story or if no one was watching it and judging what it does. Also, if we are going to suppose what could happen, we could also talk about the risks for her, such as the fact that in universities there are people who may be part of some other cult, or if someone decides that they can use their situation to pretend to want to be her friend and then take advantage of her, or worse, someone who wants hurt you because you consider that you deserve greater punishment

        • Yes, I’m saying you spoke about something out of ignorance. “Could” is based on documented eye witness evidence and testimony. “Could” is based on the fact that despite the details surrounding her conviction, she chose to repeat those patterns by unnecessarily reaching out to her previous target demographic. A demographic that she collected details to blackmail.

          “Could” in this case has citations and evidence to back it up.

          Allison Mack acted as a pimp, a blackmailer and created coercive situations so that Keith could rape the women that trusted her.

          Please do go on of your defense of such things. It’s a clumsy but entertaining dance.

          • So she, according to your statement, recruited women who take university courses who already knew all their history about belonging to a cult to a man who asks that women be marked, all that had already happened when she recruited in DOS and also is not perhaps secrecy is one of the reasons why many women fell into the trap, not to mention that they all belonged to Nxivm,

    • Stop blaming the victims. The students are not weak. They are raising a good issue. Why do criminals who have not paid for their crimes get to take classes at UC Berkeley? One of the top universities in the world.

      Having a criminal in the classroom can cause trauma. We don’t even know if she is recruiting women. Seeing the behavior of this group, she could be. It would not surprise me.

      • That simple? She wants to recruit and she does, you say that students are NOT weak and yet you are already treating them as victims. On the other hand, if their presence makes someone uncomfortable, they can always do a very common thing in schools and universities, it is called IGNORE and AVOID.

  • Actions have consequences, I still have doubts if she really left the group or just declared it to earn points with the judge. I wonder how her marriage to NK will hurt her judgment. The old fan in me is sorry for her, I hope she really understood that she made bad choices, time will tell.

  • You folks are a little evil. She is trying to take classes and improve herself and the snowflake students can’t handle it. Like she is going to kidnap them. She took the classes on Zoom. WTF?

    • She could kidnap them. She could get their personal info, connect with them, build relationships, blackmail them, recruit them for the cult. Why is that hard to believe? She did it in the past and has not paid for her crimes. She has lived in privilege and, of course, does not see how she could distress others.

  • I disagree with the cancel culture, even when it is directed against Allison Mack. Allison has accepted a plea deal, and she will no doubt spend significant time in prison.

    Rather than being triggered and banishing Allison, this could have been an opportunity for her fellow students to observe and learn.

    Instead, they are exhibiting the same cult-like behavior that got Allison in trouble in the first place.

    • She has not been rehabilitated. She pleaded guilty but has not been sentenced or spent time in rehabilitation. We don’t know if she is still actively recruiting women. Nicki, her wife, is out actively supporting the Vanguard. We don’t know what is Allison’s state. It is dangerous for her to be out with young college students. She cannot be trusted and has not paid for her crime. I think it is a valid concern. Allison has lived in privileged and, of course, just can’t see how she might be causing trauma in others.

      • It’s hard for me to believe that even Allison would be stupid enough to attempt to recruit someone while she is awaiting sentencing. A simple google search of her name would reveal everything. But I suppose it is possible.

        • Right before sentencing, they are saying the judge is corrupt and invading the personal space of the prosecution. Who does that ??? It would not surprise me that Allison is recruiting again. She has not paid for her crimes. We don’t know her state.

        • It’s not the case though. The students themselves said in that Vice article that she didn’t show any interest except her own educational reasons. They were just uncomfortable with her being in the class.

        • I concur with Diane 100%. Mack posses no physical threat. Everyone knows what she did. The students missed a learning experience to interact with a cult member and perhaps learn something.

          All of the students knew she is a cult member so I don’t see where the true motivation to kick her out comes from.

          If anyone is a victim of the “male patriarchy,” it’s Allison Mack. The students just attacked a fellow woman/victim.

          I personally do not buy into the male-patriarchy theory.

          Women don’t have to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen…..

          They can always wear shoes. 😉

  • Someone once said that people who complain about Senator McCarthy are not upset about what he did, but who he did it to. College students today have such a strange mix of sissy and fascist tendencies, gleefully participating in witch hunts against anyone who doesn’t meet their moral standards or threatens their snowflake sensibilities. Not that they’re non-violent — violence is OK in the name of the revolution. Perhaps if Mack said that she participated in the branding ceremonies in the name of Antifa, the college students would have hailed her as a hero. If Mack were a member of a left-wing terrorist organization and was now facing sentencing for her terrorist acts, they would have carried her about the classroom on their shoulders.

    Education is part of the rehabilitation process, but rehabilitation is at odds with the self-righteousness of the New Moral Majority.

    • I would be glad to carry Mack out of the classroom on my shoulders, and knock some sense into her on the door lintel using a running start. LOL

  • To Allison Mack, self-proclaimed Shakespeare Studier
    From No Sweat Shakespeare

    ‘Out Damned Spot’, Meaning”

    She is walking and talking in her sleep about the assassination of King Duncan, in which she is implicated. Both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have been unable to sleep since they murdered Duncan, but when she does manage to fall asleep, she is plagued with a nightmare about the murder and the blood they have shed.

    As she walks, she rubs her hands as though washing them, trying to get rid of the blood. The spot she’s referring to is a spot of blood on her hand. She’s rubbing it, trying to erase it, but cannot. “Here’s yet a spot,” she cries, desperately rubbing. “Here’s the small of blood still.”

    The “spot” of blood on Lady Macbeth’s hand is pretty central to the entire play.

    Some Spots Never Rub Out! Shadow State

  • Frank, would it actually be allowed for any of Raniere’s co-defendants to write letters to the judge, or even speak at his sentencing? Unfortunately, I assume not, but I feel they should be given the chance because he did a lot of harm to them too and this could likely get him a longer sentence.

  • I think I read she can continue to study but was asked to not participate in online discussions. She also took a class about healing from trauma which makes perfect sense and is probably very important for her own healing process from the abuse she suffered. It’s really sad that some people started this witch-hunt on the campus and even gave an interview to Vice, without knowing why she is actually taking these classes. She also has not shown any interest except for educational reasons. I hope her situation gets resolved soon. She can not talk about what happened to her and also nobody understands it. It’s a typical cult situation, people who come out of cults get not-acceptance and some don’t even know how to reintegrate into society. That’s why a lot of former cult members commit suicide. Please try to be kind, these people need love and support even when they did horrible things in their past. They struggle with their own guilt and shame enough.

    • What do you know. Are you or were you a cultist? How do you know if she’s doing this to “heal” or to please the judge? College kids are retarded though. You seldom find one who is not a cunt.

    • Allison could have individual lessons. We don’t know if she is cured. She has not paid for her crimes. It is strange she is in a class with young women. She could very well take online classes without interaction with other students. She comes from privilege and, of course, did not think how she could be stressful for others to see in the class. In all honesty, we don’t actually know if she is NOT recruiting other women in the class. Seeing the behavior of Nicki and friends has made me not trust this group and really be careful about what they do. They are threatening the judge. Who does that???? I think anything is possible for them. Allison needs to pay for her crimes first. There is nothing wrong with questioning if she is recruiting and to be scared. She has not paid for her crimes yet. The students’ concerns are valid

      • If you are afraid of a woman you DO NOT know, who is NOT accused of violent crimes, and who could be more scared with you “Mexican lady”, Allison already showed how rude “it is when I was in detention. What I am saying is that your fear is absurd. Do you think she is going to recruit them to enter a slave/sexual cult that no one knows exists, that has already happened? You don’t think

      • If that’s the case, then Mack belongs to a psychiatrist’s office, not a college class. Ha,ha,ha…

        Well, you are describing what all women need in DOS and NIVXM

        • You are right. It is a very offensive comment. In the future, this kind of comment will not be approved.

      • For all the haters, Allison has not complained about having to leave the class nor has she tried to recruit or make contact with anyone! Everything she did was for educational reasons. There also weren’t any accusations made from her classmates that she tried anything like that. And why exactly should she be the one still recruiting, when there are still others out there who wanted to get fuck toys and virgins for him! Do you think the remaining active DOS members could not take classes and recruit and hide their identity? Or serial killers who are looking for their next prey? How would you know?

        • Ummm… She did make contact with her classmates via individual DMs. Check a previous FR Post where a young woman on TikTok talks about how Allison sent her notes (unsolicited) about Victorian women and sex or something like that. If she wants to study, she should study alone and keep her nose out of other people’s business. College girls are young and impressionable and we all know how the Vanturd lives for young girls.

          • The DMs were about sex in the catholic church and they were part of the class’ learning material and not about personal topics. She got permission to study and did not put her nose in other people’s business but only in the required learning materials.

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