Senior Official for Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Denounces Nxivm and Raniere

Editor’s note: This is a translation of an article by the distinguished Mexican journalist Dolia Estevez. Though it appeared in Spanish in  August in Sinembargo”, most of our US readers are probably unfamiliar with it and its subject, Javier Jileta, a senior official of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico.

At the end of the article is Jileta’s response.  There are a couple of factual inaccuracies in the article which I correct [in bold italcs and brackets].

Finally, I do think that because Jileta is a senior government official, he should be required to be forthcoming about his role in Nxivm and his support of Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman. It is my opinion that he very likely saw very little of sexual or criminal activities which led to Raniere’s conviction.  I also doubt that he knew about the branding prior to my revealing it on the Frank Report in June 2017.

That said, I think Estevez has a pretty comprehensive report and her take on Nxivm and the events is very colorful.


Dolia Estévez

By Dolia Estevez

[Originally published in the Mexican news site “Sinembargo”. Translated from the original Spanish version.]

The Vow is not the only public record of Jileta’s link with the criminal cult.

“At the 40-minute mark of the first episode of HBO’s ‘The Vow’, Javier Jileta smiles at Raniere in a festive atmosphere of camaraderie,” writes journalist Dolia Estévez.  Jileta, a senior official of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, describes his experience with the Nxivm sex cult, of which he was a member, as a “bitter episode”.

Washington, D.C – Javier Jileta Verduzco, a senior official in the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting foreign investment in Mexico, was a member of the infamous “sex cult” Nxivm.

This is revealed in the docuseries “The Vow”, in which Jileta appears with Keith Raniere, the leader of the cult who was convicted of forced labor and sex trafficking in 2019.

Although the controversial past of Jileta, the current head of Liaison with Civil Society Organizations, is known and justified in the senior hierarchy of the Secretariat, it is the first time it has been publicly disclosed.

In the 40th minute of the first episode of the documentary, Jileta smiles at Raniere in a festive atmosphere of camaraderie. The image was captured during Raniere’s birthday cake game, at the Silver Bay YMCA resort, a huge conference and retreat complex on Lake George near Albany, New York, home to the cult, in August 2016.

It was an annual celebration called “V-Week”, in honor of the birthday of the “supreme teacher”, known among them as “Vanguard”.

“Bitter episode,” Jileta told me about his “experience” with Nxivm, in a written statement.

He denies being aware of any “irregular activity” and says he feels “disappointed” and “deceived” by the organization in which he sought “personal improvement”.

Email from Jileta to reporter Dolia Estevez.

Coinciding with the series on HBO, prosecutors asked the judge for life in prison for Raniere in New York’s Eastern District court in Brooklyn. They reiterated the seriousness of the crimes and the prisoner’s lack of repentance. [Keith Raniere was later sentenced to 120 years in Federal Penitentiary.]

“The Vow” is not the only public record of Jileta’s link with the criminal cult.

Last year, a video was released on social networks where Jileta dances together with the children of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas Occelli, as well as Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of the owner of Grupo Reforma, and the rest of the so-called “México City team”.

Jileta told me that the show was during Raniere’s birthday celebrations in Lake George, in 2016.

Jileta, Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas, and Rosa Laura Junco dance for their Vanguard.

Led by Emiliano Salinas, the salsa dancers wear white, yellow, orange and green colored shirts.

“The Vow” explains that the colors were a hierarchical ranking system created by Raniere to indicate the level of indoctrination and financial donations from members. Yellow, the color of Jileta’s shirt, meant “Coach”, the second-lowest in the pyramid; Emiliano’s green meant that he was a “Senior Proctor”, fourth in the hierarchical level [two colors higher than yellow].

The “Coaches” and “Senior Proctors” were authorized to teach classes in Mexico. Moving up [in the stripe path] involved donating millions of dollars, or helping to recruit others – or offering something of strategic value to Raniere (meetings with potentates, movie stars, etc.).

Jileta salsa dancing in V-Week 2016.

Another example of Jileta’s closeness to Raniere is the “tribute” he pays him on Twitter, “for the inspiration” in his life, on the occasion of his 35 years, on December 1, 2016.

On February 2, 2017, also on Twitter, he thanks “Keith and Nancy” (Salzman, number two in the cult) for “making it possible to enjoy my life” and “building meaningful relationships”.

Jileta joined Nxivm in 2011, but in 2015 he “distanced herself” when he went abroad to study. Despite the distancing, in August 2016 he traveled to participate in Raniere’s birthday celebration.

“It was an annual gathering where those of us who had taken the course met, and I decided to go see my friends,” he told me. He did doctoral studies at University College London but did not graduate. He is a graduate of ITAM.

At the 45th minute into “The Vow”, Carlos Salinas’s son [Emiliano] looks at the camera and says: “Hello, my name is Emiliano Salinas, I come from a political family, my father was president of Mexico from 1988 to 1994 – a time of great transformation for my country – which inspired me to seek a deeper understanding of human and social transformation”. The video was used to recruit members.

With the incorporation of Emilio Salinas Occelli, the cult positioned itself among the Mexican political elite and opened “ESP centers” in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and León.

Salinas was commissioned to build Nxivm in Mexico and to recruit an unknown number of Nxians.

Jileta clarified that it was not Emiliano Salinas who introduced him to Nxivm, but rather a “childhood friend” whom he did not identify.

Apparently, there was no “Week V” in 2017 [Editor’s note: actually there was a V-Week in 2017, but it was significantly reduced in size following disclosures on the Frank Report about DOS].

That year, [in October, after the V-Week] The New York Times revealed the existence of a secret sisterhood of Nxivm women who were fire branded with the letters “KAR”, the initials of the Vanguard. Several of those were Mexican.

By then, Nxivm was in the crosshairs of the FBI. [Actually, this is inaccurate — the FBI investigation commenced shortly after the NY Times story] Raniere fled to Mexico, after the publication [of the branding ceremonies]. He was detained for deportation purposes in March 2018, in Puerto Vallarta, after five months in hiding under the cover of his Mexican followers. [He was not ‘detained’ per se, he was seized and deported immediately. It remains unclear who actually seized him in Mexico.]

Raniere and five leading women, including Clare Bronfman, heir to the Seagram liquor empire, were charged with leading the clandestine cult of “slave” women in Nxivm, known as DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium – or Lord of the Obedient Companions).

With the exception of Raniere, who to this day maintains his innocence, the rest have pleaded guilty.

US Attorney Richard Donoghue with Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza at the press conference following Keith Alan Raniere’s conviction.

After seven weeks of trial, Raniere was found guilty of seven counts: organized crime, sex trafficking and fraud, child pornography, extortion, money laundering, and identity theft.

Federal Prosecutor Richard Donoghue stated that the trial revealed Raniere not to be a “savant and a genius, as he portrayed himself, but rather a master of manipulation, a con artist and a crime lord of a cult-like organization involved in sex trafficking, child pornography, extortion, forced abortions, branding, degradation, and humiliation. The evidence proved that Raniere was a true modern Svengali”.

Donoghue’s office is also in charge of the criminal case against Genaro García Luna, Luis Cárdenas Palomino, Ramón Pequeno García and Iván Reyes Arzate, in the Brooklyn court, where El Chapo Guzmán was convicted – and where the trial against sexually depraved Jeffrey Epstein would have taken place, had he not committed suicide [This last part is not true. Jeffrey Epstein was going to be tried in the Southern District of New York in Manhattan]. 

On May 23, 2019, when the trial against Raniere, in which he was mentioned, was in its third week, Emiliano Salinas finally disassociated himself from Nxivm, via Twitter.

In language similar to that used today by Jileta, he claimed to have learned of the DOS “atrocities” in early 2018.

[Emiliano knew about DOS earlier than the early 2018 date he claims. He actually knew about it in June 2017 – the time I first published information. I am not sure whether at this point it matters much, but I do have evidence to prove this. When and if the time comes, I will do so, quite possibly in Expansion in Mexico.]

He does not explain why it took him more than a year to disassociate himself from the cult. Salinas denied any involvement in the cult’s criminal activities. None of the Mexicans was charged in the judicial process.

Salinas and Jileta cut ties with Raniere after the dam burst. In the years they served in Nxivm, they ignored published accounts of Raniere’s reputation as a fraudster and manipulator that preceded their arrival in Mexico.

In October 2003, for example, Forbes USA dedicated its cover to the alleged “self-improving” programs of the false instructor who, it warned, actually sought to psychologically break their subjects. “I think it’s a cult,” Edgar Bronfman told the magazine. He was the father of Sara and Clare, who donated millions of dollars to Raniere. Didn’t Salinas and Jileta know – or didn’t they want to know?

At the meeting of ambassadors and consuls last January, Martha Delgado, Jileta’s immediate boss, announced the creation of the General Directorate of Global Economic Impulse to replace ProMéxico. She put Jileta in charge of the new enterprise.

The explanation offered by Delgado’s protégé is not only late but insufficient. And it leaves many questions unanswered. “How close was his relationship with Raniere?”; “How many times did he meet him?”; “Did he help Raniere escape to Mexico?”; “Are there more former Nxivm militants in the government or is he the only one?”.

Many will find little credence in the ignorance that he alleges. If he has more to say about his “bitter episode,” now is the time. It is not about stigmatizing anyone, but about knowing the truth about a matter of public interest: the scope of the connection and penetration of Nxivm in Mexico.

It is not unimportant that a senior Directorate official comes out in a documentary about a criminal sex cult. The standard of ethical and honesty measurement of an official is, or should be, higher than that of any son of a former president.


To: Alejandro Páez Varela/Managing Director/” Sinembargo”Dear Alejandro,

On August 31, you published the article “A Senior Official for the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs Fell for Nxivm and Raniere. ‘It Was a Bitter Episode,’ He Says”, signed by Dolia Estévez. In this regard, I would like to make the following clarifications:

The article says that I was a “member of the infamous NXIVM sex cult.” In this regard, I clarify that my participation in said organization was as a participant in the workshops, without having any position on the board or in any decision-making body of the organization involving myself with criminal activities, as the introduction of the text does, is a mistake.

Those responsible for the crimes committed by the DOS group of NXIVM were tried by the Federal Court of the District of Brooklyn. In the investigation carried out by the New York Prosecutor’s Office, the FBI and the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for this process, my name was never mentioned, nor was I associated with the crimes charged to the DOS group, which It shows that I have no connection to the events mentioned. [Unless he had a close association with a high-ranking member of the FBI, it would be impossible for Javier Jileta to know whether his name was ever mentioned during its investigation of Nxivm. Similarly, there is no way for him to know whether he was ever tied to the crimes associated with the DOS group – just as there is no way for him to know whether the FBI ever connected him to any of the other Nxivm-related crimes that it investigated.  The FBI does not routinely issue letters-of-exoneration to those that it investigated but did not charge.]

I do not know the reasons why the column speculated on the type of connection I had with NXIVM and decided to focus on myself, when among the more than 14,000 participants in Mexican ESP workshops, there are several linked to public life in Mexico. However, the only truth is that I was one more participant, of the thousands who were deceived by a criminal organization.

I applaud the vital importance of investigative journalism, but I also recognize the danger of stigmatizing people when there is no hard evidence linking it to any event or type of conduct. I appreciate your attention and I trust that you will take my position into account for future publications.


Javier Jileta


US Attorney Richard Donoghue was the one who characterized Nxivm as “a sex cult type organization,” not me.

My article at no point says that Jileta was mentioned at trial. On the contrary, he clarifies that, “none of the Mexicans was accused in the judicial process.”

Jileta alleges that he was “one more participant” among the 14,000 participants in the ESP workshops. What he doesn’t say is that he is the only senior federal government official with documented ties to Nxivm as of today. Nor does he explain his tweets of admiration and gratitude to Raniere, nor his closeness to the leader convicted of sexual crimes.

If, as he maintains, there are “several linked to public life” among the disciples of Nxivm, he should give me the names so that they are also made known to the public opinion.

My article does not “speculate” about the “type of connection” that Jileta had in Nxivm, but rather publishes the “public records” about his relationship with the “criminal organization”, as he calls it, starting with the video in which he appears with Raniere in the series “The Vow”, that was what led to the article. Last week, when I contacted him, he told me that he hadn’t seen “The Vow”.


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  • The label “distinguished Mexican journalist” biases the reader to believe everything that comes from her.
    What she writes is not honorable based on data, thing like “infamous member of the Nxivm sex cult”
    To have been trained in ESP does not mean any crimes were committed.

    • Google her, please. She is a renowned journalist. Another example of Nxivm hate towards women.
      Jileta was a coach in Nxivm and was dancing when he was 36 years old for the Vanguard. Who does that???? He dropped out of school, and is now accused of corruption (stealing COVID-19 vaccine). Jileta is a fraud. Glad he was ousted.

  • Mr. Sipping Alisson Drinks: let’s be friends again! Thank you for this marvelous discussion on Nxivm. I am glad we are all friends.

    Javier Jileta is one scary cookie

  • Martha Delgado, the undersecretary and Jileta’s boss, maybe was also in Nxivm. Weird she supports this guy. His cv is not that interesting.

    Other question: did Allison drink tea, coffee, or wine?

  • Could the Mexican government, like Marcelo Ebrad, who is the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, have collateral on him? Or why give a high-ranking position to a dropout? Wouldn’t they prefer to add someone with experience dealing with victims rather than someone who was part of an organization that raped women?

  • I find it interesting that everyone keeps linking Raniere’s sex life with the daily operation of NXIVM companies. Just because the government linked it and made NXIVM a sex cult does not mean it is true. I attended classes there and did my research when all of this came about. Less than 1% of the people in NXIVM community knew about the sex group. Why is the media and government not satisfied with Raniere in jail? Why keep harassing the masses who had nothing to do with his sex life? I think it would be analogous to destroy hundreds of peoples lives who were associates of Jeffrey Epstein.

    • It is not “destroying” the life of innocent people. It is questioning people in power and the choices they made. With Epstein people questioned why the MIT media lab director accepted money from Epstein for research he did at the lab.

      In this case, it is questioning why did a high ranked government official associate himself with an individual who was labeled as a cult leader and had news reports about them raping children.

      It is questioning why a high ranked government official ignored all the news that existed about Keith and decided to spend years in the group. Javier Jilelta is shown on Seduced listening to Keith’s classes where he justifies rape.

      Why does Mexico need a high ranked government official who willingly sat in Keith’s class where he justified his hate toward women? We don’t know to what degree this guy was indoctrinated. He had a high ranked position where he now sees over victims . How can victims feel comfortable with him when he was part of the abusers for decades ?

      This is questioning the people in power . It is not attacking innocent citizens. It is questioning power.

      I am embarrassed that my country Mexico is supporting the people who sided with the abusers.

  • I think Mr. Jileta should explain how years in Nxivm might have biased his reasoning at the very least.

    I met him and suffered attacks by his targeting by being a woman and my mental reasoning. I wonder how many more women have suffered under him? I bet I am not the only one.

    Nxivm influences his behavior and it is scary to have him in a position of power because of how women can get treated. Like Eduardo, he has internalized hate for women.

    Thank you, Frank Report, for covering this story.

    • Yes, I have felt that in reading comments or articles by the Nxivm faithful even today – you can feel the strange view of women and men oozing out of their writing, the way they take for granted the “truths” KR told them about male/female relations. It is a poison that needs to be leeched out of them so they can go back to regarding women properly and truthfully rather than through the mask of cult indoctrination.

  • Forgot to give Gracias to Ms. Dolia Estévez and FR for the translation. I nominate Estévez for the brave puss award!

    Mexican journalists who write about corrupt officials are among the bravest pusses on Earth. Bravo’!

  • I read a lot of Mexican cries for help on Twitter and it was very moving. They radiated inertia, desperation, and outrage against the powers that covered their cause. It’s a nice gesture that not only American tragedies but also Mexican tragedies get attention.

    • yes very good point. It is nice for people across border to unite to fight for help. What can be done to stop these evil? how might people across borders best collaborate you think?

  • Mr. Javier Jileta is also close friends with the group who created all the propaganda messages for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The messages were called ‘Abre mas los Ojos” (Open up your Eyes more). The propaganda messages are similar to NXIVM propaganda messages. Might be worth looking into this more. This was one of the main campaigns Mexico’s President used to mobilize people to vote for him. NXIVM might have been more successful in Mexico’s politics than we might think.

  • Gender ideology is dangerous because it tries to legitimize itself academically as a series of “scientific and social fields of study” when it is nothing more than a series of ideological postulates that contradict natural science and social science, but especially because it tries to impose itself socially by means of coercive politicians so that the whole society submits to their absurd premises.

  • His entire family is still connected with NXIVM leaders. Let’s say that it is true he did not see anything. Wouldn’t you distance yourself from NXIVM if you suddenly learned that they were branding women?

    He joined in 2011. There were already dozens of reports about NXIVM and how it was a cult. It says a lot about his critical thinking skills the fact he decided to still join and pay thousands of dollars for this education. How can he be expected to serve women victims if he was part of a group that was shown to hate women?

    • The guy is a dropout from a top University in UK. He never did anything inspiring. NXIVM made this loser feel important and the Mexican government bought the lies and fake propaganda.

      • Everyday I listen to two terrific journalists/activists who are personally and vitally involved as reporters out of Mexico. One kindly communicates with me at times, and I 😘 love him and his family smackingly (!) like he is my natural born son. He is also a dad and a huzzband and purifies water to make a living.

        From these alert men and women, I will continue to absorb immediate impressions, well-analyzed and full of really intense stories, here and now from the Mexico where people are coping with a lot of chaos and way too many bullets, explosions and questionable but fully armed convoys. Who gets blown up today!?

        One wonders who gives a damn, the way the press has to be searched so determinedly to gain any news.

        What fucking Mexican government? What r u talkin’ about – Raniere and his reindeer squad and any accountability? Accountability from who or whom or what? A horsebag full of elitists who are out solely for themselves? Ai ai ai. “I I I” spastics pretending to be leaders playing violins? Crikey.

        Every memory of Mexico for me is full of wonderful people, beauties ancient and new, deep history and nobility of spirit, often being politically disenfranchised, as if worthless or nonexistent. Enough of these damned, greedy, lower chakra chowderheads and cowards. Mexico forever. Amen. A note from a crazy woman.

        • Six of these mofo presidents of Mexico have attended the same (autonomous) university and usually at the Guadalajara campus, institute. Who else went there? Nancy Salzman’s second huzzband, that’s who. Plus a lot of zionistic militants whose families used to reside in Miami and who understood how to shop around. These are some interesting characters. If only most were fictional. Talk to the hand. The biggest finger. History!

          • History is never enough, though. It’s his story, not necessarily remembering to include “her” story, alongside its recantations of battlefields and bloody conquests which turn out to be temporary. What do we want? More garbagemen? Wars? Then more garbagemen and women, back again to clean up these tragic messes?

            This is no place for a hedonist, is it.

          • Shivani wrote:

            —“This is no place for a hedonist, is it.“

            Everyone always talks about hedonists but forgets to acknowledge all of the shedonists who have done so much for their own pleasure. This must change!


          • Dear Anonymous who wrote
            “Mr. Sipping Tea, can you explain more? I am confused by what you mean. Many thanks”

            Hm, let’s see. It’s usually better not to spoon-feed info if a person is going to learn. First, try looking up “koan” in the dictionary. Then, look up “brat”. B-R-A-T. (You’ll find it listed right before “bratwurst”) Whose picture do you see? Any idea who it is? If there is no photo or drawing provided, maybe create your own. That advice probably isn’t very helpful, I’ll admit. Did you know that a print dictionary can be used as a deadly weapon?

          • Dear Mr. Sipping Tea.
            Your comments are mean =( I just wanted to socialize and make new friends. I will never ask you anything again. I didn’t even care. I was being friendly.

          • —“Your comments are mean =( I just wanted to socialize and make new friends.“

            Please forgive me. I was also just trying to socialize and make new friends with some good-natured and friendly “ribbing.” I would certainly never intentionally be mean to a seemingly kind and sincere person like you. I hope we can still be friends.

    • We’ve heard from Jeffrey Peterson, creator of “Que Pasa,” Mexico’s social media network, that Emiliano Salinas refused to do business with him bc Peterson would not join NXIVM.

      Perhaps this was the case with other Mexican business and political associates of Salinas. Or NXIVM, devotion to Keith and Nancy, was perceived as an easy route to dance into MX and other International elite power circles.

      I’m nervous about what sort of extortion “collateral” may have been obtained on these devotees with political roles, and on their families, through NXIVM’s massive “data” collection efforts that now fill 42 library floors worth of stored gigabytes at the DOJ and God only knows…

      Maybe NX isn’t entirely all about Keith’s psycho perversions but something more sinister — though it’s difficult to imagine anything worse for the victims.

      • hi Miss Heidi. Very good point.

        It is scary to think that they might have collateral on the men and they are using that to control them in power =[ I wonder if Salinas actually gave that idea to Keith because Salinas was maybe using that tactic for decades while in power.
        Miss Heidi Merry XMAS!

        • Haven’t revisited this thread much. Thank you and hope you had yourself a merry little Xmas, too. (If you get back to this thread, yourself.)

  • Mexico should go hard against Nxivm and Keith. Imagine if it were reversed. Some Mexican cult leader was abusing three American sisters. Taking pornographic photos of a young American teen. Having sex with her. The abortions. The branding etc. Holy hellfire would rain in America if a Mexican man did this to American females. Go Mexico! Bring ’em all out into the sunlight!

    • Very good point. It would also not be tolerated in the US to have a top government official who sat in lectures and danced for a man who took pornographic images and had sex with a young American teen, and then branded her and other American women. It would not be tolerated.

    • Mm, I disagree. American women usually do not have a problem with a Latin lover. Mexicans would probably be more outraged that a “gringo” did this to their women if anyone was going to get upset based on nationality.

      Of course, I am not talking about the child porn matter, just about the adults.

      • Would American women tolerate having a Latin lover who brands them and sex trafficked them? There would be outrage about it, no?

        • Well, I’m thinking that most non-Latinos recognize that Latinos/Latinas have a reputation for having a little extra something in the romance department. Of course, that’s just a baseless and bigoted stereotype. But I imagine that if a sex cult was led by a 60-year-old Ricardo Montalban, people would be a lot less mystified by it, and potentially less outraged.

          Folks in Mexico who buy the stereotype of the charmless, passionless “gringo” are probably shocked and outraged to hear that Keith managed to pull something like this off with some of their most intelligent and beautiful countrywomen.

          That said, I believe Keith is half Italian, half Ukrainian? Not an unattractive mix if you are a sucker for such ignorance-based stereotypes. What a f@cked up world we live in.

          • @Anonymous

            I was just taking the long way to saying that I have a feeling holy hellfire is raining in Mexico because an American gringo did this to Mexican females. The other commenter seemed to think that was not the case.

            I also would bet they are more angry and offended about this situation than “gringos” would be if the cult leader were Mexican and the women were “gringa”—not that there’s a contest being held re who is more pissed off.

            Sorry to use such a pejorative term as gringo/a; just trying to convey the attitude I’m talking about.

        • So just to clarify, my point is that I’ll bet that many Mexican citizens are already plenty mad at KR, probably even much more angry than most non-Mexican U.S. citizens are, even though they are pissed off, too.

          • And it’s not hard for me to believe that a Mexican kingpin might have a price on Keith’s head, even if said kingpin is not directly connected to any of the Mexican DOSsers.

            Especially if the big-shot baddie is racist in his own way and detests the thought of a nerdy gringo mistreating Mexican women, never mind innocent Mexican girls.

            Or maybe I’ve just lost the plot.

          • Mr. Sipping Tea: thank you for clarifying.

            I don’t think that most Mexicans hate Keith just for hating Keith or to follow an ideology. The people who are actively hating Keith I think are more people whom NXIVM directly affected. This can be more dangerous because people can be more motivated when something directly affected them.

    • I don’t know that Mexico can nor would prosecute a Mexican citizen for crimes perpetrated in the United States without the approval, sanction of the US Govt.

      Maybe Clav has the answer?

  • I think it is also scary to think that Javier Jileta is now leading groups of civil society and government who focus on helping battered women. He sat in all of Keith’s classes where he shared his hate towards women. He now is supposed to belong to a Feminist government powered by Martha Delgado. It reminds me of DOS: “A women’s empowerment movement!!”

    It is scary to have him in power. Thank you, Frank Report, for reporting this story.

  • Jileta claims he is just one of many who were tricked…but his dancing in the video for Keith shows he was a Nxivm recruiter (based on the colored t-shirt he had.) Not just anyone could be a Nxivm recruiter.

    Let’s say he is as innocent as he claims. Do we want government leaders who are so easily tricked by foreigners? Jileta had to ignore all the bad press that surrounded NXIVM for decades! Do we really need such a naive person as a leader?

    Thank you, Frank Report, for this.

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