Jileta Resigns from Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Relations After Being Outed as Nxivm Member

Javier Jilata

 Javier Jileta.

Javier Jileta has resigned as general director of Liaison with Civil Society Organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Relations, about four months after it was revealed he was a member of Nxivm. Jileta’s letter of resignation is dated December 21.

In August, Mexican journalist Dolia Estévez reported on Jileta’s Nxivm participation in Sinembargo,

Dolia Estévez
Dolia Estévez

Jileta, who is in charge of promoting foreign investment in Mexico, admitted he took classes in Nxivm, but denounced Raniere. He said he knew nothing about any crimes, or the moral conduct of Nxivm leader Keith Raniere.

It wasn’t enough. Nxivm is radioactive in Mexico just as it is in the USA. People lose jobs, are denied housing and their children are kept out of school based on past participation in Nxivm.

On December 25, Frank Report published a report on Jileta’s condemning Raniere: Senior Official for Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs Denounces Nxivm and Raniere.

Last August HBO’s docuseries, ‘The Vow’ aired, showing prominent Mexicans involved in the group. In episode 1, at the 40 minute mark, Jileta is seen with Raniere, which prompted Estevez’s story.

In a letter sent to Estévez in October, Jileta discusses his participation in Nxivm classes but failed to mention he was actually a Nxivm coach,

“The vast majority of those who participated in the (Nxivm) workshops were deceived. […] In all the workshops I took there were aspects with which I agreed and others disagreed, as in any course or class that I have taken ”, Jileta wrote.

Jileta joined Nxivm in 2011, and claimed he “distanced himself” in 2015 when he went abroad to study. Despite the so-called distancing in 2015,  Jileta came to Silver Bay in New York state in August 2016 to participate in Raniere’s 10-day birthday celebration, Vanguard Week.

Jileta also paid “tribute” to Raniere on Twitter, “for the inspiration” in his life on December 1, 2016.  On February 2, 2017, also on Twitter, Jileta thanks “Keith and Nancy” (Salzman) for “making it possible to enjoy my life” and “building meaningful relationships”.


Jileta, Emiliano and Cecilia Salinas, and Rosa Laura Junco dance at V-Week.


Jileta salsa dancing at V-Week 2016.


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  • […] Javier Jileta resigned as general director of Liaison with Civil Society Organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Relations, after news broke that he was in NXIVM. While there is some dispute as to why he suddenly quit, the scandal of his being a NXIVM member was ferocious in the Mexican Media and the fact is – he resigned at the height of it. […]

    • Yeah! How come we can’t keep those poor little corrupt politicians in power? Boohoo, poor little Jileta. Somebody rescue him!

  • You are such an inspiration, Frank. Will you create a dance video like Roger Stone now that Keith is gone? I feel so happy to dance now that Jileta is removed from office. We should all dance.

  • Javier is a good person. Same as with Damon’s story, I think we keep missing the point to look at what people, in this case, Javier, have actually done versus with who or how they decide to spend their personal time. He is not accused of any crime, yet he is been treated as if he had committed one. It is always sad to see people lose something precious to them.

    • What did Jileta ever do? In 3 years, he did nothing for victims. He was working with NGOs. Not once did he ever help NXIVM victims or Mexican women being trafficked. Just because you like him does not matter. He shows questionable ethics and is a dropout. Let’s analyze facts.

    • What did Jileta ever do?

      Do you have any evidence that he did anything for victims or to take Nxivm

      Isn’t he just a guy in his late 30s who is dancing for Salinas and Keith?

  • I just would like to say. I cannot believe this happened.
    This is the best news ever 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Thanks to all the journalists who exposed the truth about these bastards

  • Henry Ford is the creator of the cars that have his name on them and maybe someone has a car made by the companies they work for. In the early 1920s, Ford sponsored a weekly newspaper that published strongly antisemitic views.

    In a letter written in 1924, Heinrich Himmler described Ford as “one of our most valuable, important, and witty fighters”. Does this mean that if a person decides to buy a Ford, or even if he decides to work for Ford, he is an antisemite or a nazi fan?. If a person took part in NXIVM courses, as a participant and staff, does that mean he thinks the same way their leaders did?

    • Facts:

      Jileta was a Nxivm coach. He wasn’t just a student.

      Jileta spent almost a decade in Nxivm. It wasn’t just random courses he took. He was there for almost a decade and even danced for Keith and appeared in all the documentaries of NXIVM. He is seen in taking my classes justifying rape.

      Keith wanted to get into Mexico’s government.

      Overall, Jileta is a security risk to Mexico and had questionable ethics and critical thinking skills.

      Why should the government keep him? They can get people with better credentials.

  • To Everyone,

    If you’re upset the guy lost his job, my dad died on my fucking 11th birthday. Guess what I learned?

    Life ain’t fair. Move on. Get used to it.


  • Mr Jileta is one of many cases where Nxivm members lose they way of life.
    Is it possible that Mr Jileta had a constructive experience and be grateful for that reason?
    The extent of the collateral damages inflamed by gossip and media are big.
    Journalists have a responsibility of tell the truth and we should educate ourselves to read news and separate facts from opinion.
    What crime did Mr Jileta committed by being a Nxivm member?
    An apology of “sorry you did not do anything wrong” does not repair the immense damage done

    • he was a coach, not just a student, in an organization that was named a criminal enterprise and that justified rape. He stayed there for almost a decade and dropped out of school
      He showed limited critical thinking skills and when in power did nothing for victims.

      Why would Mexico’s government keep a person like that in power?

  • I was attacked by Jileta and he made me lose my job.

    His attack motivated me to get into Mexican politics as revenge. I don’t think I would have been so driven to get involved had it not been for Jileta’s attacks.

    So, if you ever read this Javier Jileta, thanks. You have given me fuel for all these years and have been key for my involvement in politics.

    “it’s called Karma and it’s pronounced ..hahaha”

  • I think the case of Jileta made me understand Frank’s perspective of why he names NXIVM “victims”.
    The victims were also perpetrators. They can thus be dangerous. it is not just enough to say: “I was tricked” if you have a position of power it is your duty to do something to take down the cult or help victims.

    If you do nothing (like Jileta did) you are supporting the cult. We don’t know just how indoctrinated Jileta was. That is dangerous. Especially given that NXIVM wanted to get into the Mexican government. It is also surprising that being in a position of power he did nothing to support cult victims. Not doing anything is supporting the cult.

    I think Frank you should consider writing a book on cults because I don’t think it is obvious that victims here are also perpetrators and so you need to be even more careful.

    Thank you for your reporting Frank

  • Also. Just a suggestion stop saying ” data” all the time. It sounds culty. It also doesn’t carry the same weight with normal people as it does to you indoctrinated folks.

    Try and pass as a non-cult member. It won’t be as skin crawly to read your comments if they are not in cult speak. And it will be a step toward joining us in reality. And happy New year! Today could be the day you mentally break free! Exciting!

    New beginnings!

  • It seems that they are looking for a story about Jileta, I do not understand if it is related to the sensationalism of this page and attracting visits, or they seek to take advantage of the power of the media to destroy the image of a misinforming person.

    • There is already a story about Jileta. You don’t need more sensationalism. Jileta was a high-ranking government official who was also a coach in Nxivm, danced for Keith on his birthday, and sat through Keith’s classes justifying rape. Additionally, while in office, Jileta did nothing to support victims. Keith wanted to infiltrate the Mexican government. Javier is Keith’s dream.

      Do we need more?

  • I know that multiple people did not want their likenesses used in The Vow without their permission. The Frank Report reported on this. Video of them was still used without blurring their faces out. I do not think this is right. People should have control of their likenesses being used, especially when they are being associated with something that many people think is a bad thing.

    • Sue Mark Vicente then. It is my understanding they had signed an NDA at the time that they allowed Mark to use their images for whatever he wanted.
      I think a good way to fight cults is actually by being transparent. Bring in the light

    • I think this also goes back to Frank’s point of why he named NXIVM victims. They were not just victims. They were also actively recruiting women to brand them!

      Thanks to Frank Report I see now the importance of being transparent about cults. You don’t know who is still indoctrinated and hence out there doing dirty deeds for the cult. In the case of Jileta I think it is helpful to know he was part of a cult that justified RAPE and had plans of infiltrating the government.

    • If you are in a public place your expectation of privacy is nil nowadays.

      If you are member of Nxium and well aware that they film and photograph everything as a policy you have no case. If those same images become a part of a very public court case – good luck to you.

      I am not a fan of being filmed and photographed constantly That is yet another reason I would not join a group that filmed and photographed obsessively. It’s weird. And invasive.

      Not as weird and invasive as super close up blackmail photos of your vagina, but still, weird. Just fyi good luck if any of the DOS women’s vaginas were to ever rob a bank! Your photo would be everywhere immediately. Ha ha ha. Anyway.

      If you don’t want to be filmed, next time pick a less self image obsessed cult. Maybe something, Amish? Or wear a disguise.

    • If there is a legitimate or overriding interest that is important enough or even more important than a person’s interest in the right to their own image, then the publication of image, sound or film recordings is permitted. As far as I know, the recordings were all in the context of Nxivm events, and the recordings did not happen secretly or covertly. Everyone who participated knew that these recordings were made. They did not object when these recordings were made, nor did they avoid the recordings by having the option to stay away from the event, or to remove themselves from it.

    • More episodes of The Vow with more video footage are coming out.

      More evil doers/enablers/defenders will have their images exposed and identified.

      Now would be a good time to get ahead of the curve and denounce Raniere and NXIVM before you are outed involuntarily.

      Let Jileta be a lesson.

    • Thank you to the people who replied to my original comment – each of the replies helped me think more deeply about the situation. In regards to some of the replies, interesting questions to consider may be:

      1) Is transparency always good? (or are secrets always bad?),

      2) Does a practical reality where there may be a “nil” expectation of privacy make it right that privacy is infringed upon?

      3) If people signed away their right to images/videos of them being used by a company with the understanding that the company would use those for self-promotion, is it right that someone from that company would use the images/videos for something other than company self-promotion – something that could damage the reputations of those people? Does it make a difference if the company had criminal allegations/convictions against it? Does it make a difference if the people in the images/videos had no direct allegations of criminal activity against them?

      4) How do you determine if “a legitimate or overriding interest” is “more important than a person’s interest in the right to their own image”? When is it better to give people the benefit of the doubt, i.e., protect the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, versus making something public where guilt by allegation and guilt by association can have real effects on peoples’ reputations and livelihoods?

      5) If you think a person is bad, does everyone who was ever associated with that person have to denounce that person to avoid negative consequences such as damage to their reputations, or are these “associates” allowed to think for themselves and have their own doubts without being punished for them? Does conviction in a court of law mean no one is allowed to retain doubt without negative consequences?

  • According to “Vanguard,” Jileta’s success is an interior state of clear and honest awareness of who he is, his value in the world, and his responsibility for the reactions he has to all things.

    People despising him for his involvement in a cult devoted to child rape, sex trafficking and fraud impinges not at all upon his success.

    Resigning his post impinges not at all upon his success.

  • Do we have the right to destroy Jileta’s career based upon media interpretations of what happened?, Is it right to ignore the knowledge, experience and performance grade he posseses

    • What experience, performance, and knowledge does Jileta have?

      He is a dropout who when he was in his mid-30s decided to leave his studies and go dance for the Vanguard. While in office, he did nothing to help victims. He had the power to do so. Let’s analyze his performance: he took a bunch of selfies with famous politicians and in almost 3 years never organized anything to help Mexican immigrants who are suffering trafficking or forced labor. He was working in this area. yet he did nothing.

  • Do we have the right to destroy Jileta’s career based upon media interpretations of what happened?, Is it right to ignore the knowledge, experience and performance grade he posseses

    • What knowledge, experience, performance are you talking about?
      He was in office for 3-years. Never did anything for victims. But did take selfies with politicians.

      He dropped out of school. In his mid-30s, he decided it was best to put his studies on hold while he flew to Albany to dance for the Vanguard. He became a NXIVM coach for almost a decade.

  • The title of the note seeks to relate the resignation of a Mexican Foreign Relations official to the NXVM case. What relationship does one thing have with another …? In my opinion, the title is biased and lacks arguments based on data. Serious journalism should be based on data, not on replicating past stories. Among the negative effects of the media, the agenda setting effect shows the bias that the media can give to public opinion.

    • Frank report is again helping the public to understand events and their context.

      A lot of news reports about Jileta and NXIVM emerged. Javier then suddenly resigned. It appears it was due to the bad press. It was creating a bad image for Mexico’s Foreign Affairs. They are out to defend Mexican immigrants and you have a guy who was a coach in a criminal enterprise of NXIVM who trafficked Mexican immigrates, raped them, and made them do forced labor. It was not good for Mexico’s government. it was easier to get rid of Jileta.

      Frank report helps readers connect the dots

  • The title of the note seeks to relate the resignation of a Mexican Foreign Relations official to the NXVM case. What relationship does one thing have with another …? In my opinion, the title is biased and lacks arguments based on data. Serious journalism should be based on data, not on replicating past stories. Among the negative effects of the media, the agenda setting effect shows the bias that the media can give to public opinion.

  • Do we have the right to destroy Jileta’s career based upon media interpretations of what happened?, Is it right to ignore the knowledge, experience and performance grade he posseses?

  • I think it’s very sad that people are fired for their belief system. It appears there are no allegations that this person did anything wrong—he just believed things others didn’t like or understand. How is that different from religious persecution?

    • I would like to share with Amy a comment that another person on Frank Report made, which I believe is relevant to your comment:

      “It’s not religious or ideological persecution. Coach-level membership is unacceptable in a public servant with authority. He lacked good ethical judgment with questionable morality in opposition to public interest and well being.

      Investment in Mexico was meant to infiltrate government, and he’s a living example of Keith’s grand plan.”

      What are your thoughts about this? I believe it is dangerous to have a coach from NXIVM in government. The US would not allow a similar situation. Think if a judge was found to be a high-ranking member of NXIVM. Due to national security, it is dangerous to have that person in power, especially when Frank Report uncovered that Keith’s plans were to have high-ranking government officials in his power.

      Another great commenter on Frank Report also said:

      “Ha, ha, hah! Good one.

      Yeah, just like it was sad that Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahlmer, and Jeffrey Epstein were sent to jail because of their “personal interests.” [belief system]

      “The Smartest Man Alive™” should have used that argument in his trial.

      Judge: “You are charged with sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, human trafficking and multiple counts of racketeering, including sexual exploitation of a child.”

      “Vanguard: “Your Honor, I was pursuing my personal interests.”

      Judge: “Oh! Well, that changes everything –- all charges are immediately dismissed! The prosecutors are hereby disbarred and sentenced to life in prison for having brought criminal charges against someone who was engaging in their personal interests!”

      Jileta is expressing he is aligned with a belief system that justifies rape. I think it is important to question if we want that type of officials in power, especially because taxpayers are paying their salaries. Isn’t there someone who has a value system that is more aligned with victims?

      I think we should also analyze Jileta based on his deeds. He did nothing to help victims. And he showed moral and critical thinking issues, based on the fact he is a dropout and also stayed and became a coach for classes that taught rape is justified and something women want.

    • “Amy,” I think it’s very sad that you have fried your capacity for critical thinking. It appears there is no evidence that you can think for yourself–you just believe what “The World Smartest Man™” told you to think. How is that any different from cult indoctrination?

  • I think that is not fair at all the persecution that has follow right after has been made public privatte information, I think that journalists as Dolia Estevez did wrong usage of sensible data, that can make a lot of damage, only by purssuing readers, or look a like a brave journalist. That is not ethical.

    • What public-private information are you talking about?
      All Dolia and Frank Report did was help connect the dots to readers using public information.

      Frank Report helped to connect the dots that Jileta was actually a coach, not just a student. Frank Report also helped to connect that NXIVM had the master plan of infiltrating Mexico’s government. Given that Jileta had a leadership position in NXIVM it was dangerous that he was now inside the Mexican Government in a high ranked position.

      Dolia helped to connect that Jileta appeared in two of the documentaries and highlighted that they showed Jileta taking classes where Keith was promoting rape.

      I think that a way to fight cults is to bring transparency and help explain to people what is exactly happening. Dolia and Frank Report brought clarity and likely are saving people’s lives.

      It is not ethical that Jileta did not disclose that he was a coach nor did he disclose that NXIVM had the plan to infiltrate Mexico’s government (He could have addressed this concern in his letter. He choose not to.)

  • When does it end? How many courses could a person have taken in NXIVM/ESP before they are considered “bad” or “evil”?

    One and you are “bad/evil”? 10? 50? If a person was a coach at some point, do they now ascend to the pantheon of “bad/evil”? What if they were an administrator of coaches? A proctor, I believe they called them?

    I think we as humans like to point fingers and celebrate others’ misfortunes without having all the pertinent information. Maybe it makes us feel better, superior, even safe.

    Before casting any judgements, we should first look at ourselves, our prejudices, beliefs and fears. Let’s all spend more time looking at ourselves instead of focusing on others’ actions, inactions and unknowable intentions.

    I appreciate the space to share my thoughts.

    • Jileta was a coach in NXIVM. Not just an innocent student. Jileta had a leadership position in NXIVM as he was leading others to follow the NXIVM worldview. It is dangerous for the security of a country to have a former leader from an organization that was called in court a criminal enterprise and that actually had plans to infiltrate itself into the government of other countries. The investment in Mexico was to get into the country’s government and power structures.

      This is not about prejudices, beliefs or fears. It is about a country’s security.

      It is also troublesome to have someone leading NGOs and Government victim support groups who stayed for years in an organization that openly abused women. Jileta was ousted when he appeared on The Vow and Seduced documentaries, listening without blinking to Keith justify rape. High-ranking government officials should have a better moral compass than to sit for decades listening to classes that justify rape. Additionally, Jileta also decided that the organization was good enough for him to even become a coach. He liked the teachings so much, he even became a leader in the organization and taught classes himself.

      This is about questioning people in power whose salaries we pay with our tax dollars. We have every right to question whether a certain individual is qualified to be there and is not a threat to victims or to the country’s security.

    • Minerva, there are no ultimate victims; therefore, “Vanguard,” Jileta and you should choose not to be victims.

      What difference does it make that other people consider you “bad” or “evil” because you continue to support a now discredited cult?

    • To Minerva

      What an honor that a goddess in Frank Report deigns to comment.

      [Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. Minerva is one of the three Roman deities in the Capitoline Triad, along with Jupiter and Juno.]

    • Minerva’s super power – solipsism – beloved device of tyrants as necessary pre-condition for all thrall type self-annihilating states,

      As much as i gaze at my navel I see no need or profit in justifying my involvement in a RICO cult, mostly because i never did such a thing. If your’e asking me to “walk a mile in your shoes” well fair enough but even in the subjunctive I see myself contrite and remorseful, looking to reconcile with the truth as a matter of urgency. Least ways, anytime I ever did a wrong thing in my life that has been the case.

  • This is the effect of extreme hate and misinformation in the media. A very good man and hard worker having to resign based on lies and false impressions. The more you participate in this the more you foster this type of lynching culture. Awful.

    • What is the misinformation?

      He danced for Keith, sat in his classes supporting rape, and was a NXIVM coach for almost a decade.

      Keith had the grand plan of infiltrating the Mexican government, and Jileta’s a living example of what Keith wanted. His participation in government is dangerous for Mexico.

      I think we should thank journalism like Frank Report because they help people to connect the dots about cults and how they operate. It was not clear from the outside that Keith wanted to get into the Mexican government, and also that Jileta was actually a coach. he never stated publicly this. Journalism helped to connect the dots. it is not misinformation or hate.

    • What evidence do you have that Javier is a good Man?

      In his 3 years in power he never did anything for victims. He could have organized forums for victims; created manuals for sex trafficking victims, especially Mexican immigrants living in the US. He had the power to do a lot. Yet he did nothing but take selfies with famous politicians and give out his business card. He was leading the NGO response for Foreign Affairs in Mexico. he could have easily organized strategies with NGOs and Government to help Mexican immigrants suffering from sex trafficking, forced labor, rape.

      He did nothing.

  • Javier Jileta’s modus operandi was to pay journalists to fabricate lies about his enemies. This cost some people their jobs. The truth now caught up to Jileta

    “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  • This is a great development from the standpoint that people who never heard of NXIVM will now become more informed.

    • Agree. Also that you get more informed audiences across countries. It is not just the US who is more informed about cults, but the world.

      Thank you Frank for all your work.

    • It is dangerous to have a high-ranking government official involved in a sex cult. It is unclear if Salinas or Keith had blackmail material over him and, hence, controlled him. Keith’s dream was to have government officials he could control. It was a danger to Mexico’s security and independence to have Jileta in office. He may very well have been a puppet from Salinas.

      Jileta was shown in Seduce sitting in Keith’s classes that justified rape and not saying anything. That is scary. Especially because Jileta worked in connecting government with NGOs dedicated to helping victims. Do victims really need to engage with a person who didn’t say anything about rape justification? I am sure there are people who are much better qualified than he is. It is a joke for victims to have that type of person in power.

      It was dangerous to have him in power

    • He had a position where you need critical thinking skills. He danced for Keith on his birthday. That doesn’t show a lot of critical thinking. We also don’t know if he was being blackmailed by Salinas and someone else controlled him (It could even be a foreigner). He was dangerous to have in power.

    • It’s not religious or ideological persecution. Coach-level membership is unacceptable in a public servant with authority. He lacked good ethical judgment with questionable morality in opposition to public interest and well being.

      Investment in Mexico was meant to infiltrate government, and he’s a living example of Keith’s grand plan.

    • Hahahah! Good one.

      Yeah, just like it was sad that Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahlmer, and Jeffrey Epstein were sent to jail because of their “personal interests.”

      “The Smartest Man Alive™” should have used that argument in his trial.

      Judge: “You are charged with sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, human trafficking and multiple counts of racketeering, including sexual exploitation of a child.”

      “Vanguard: “Your Honor, I was pursuing my personal interests.”

      Judge: “Oh! Well that changes everything–all charges are immediately dismissed! The prosecutors are hereby disbarred and sentenced to life in prison for having brought criminal charges against someone who was engaging in their personal interests!”

    • It’s not new under the sun. It’s certainly unfair, though. I’ve lost a job because of my previous job. You’re being judged for being wrongly involved in a system. It’s unfair to me. It’s fair and fair to them. I understand them, and I understand us. It is a cruel world where we often identify with aspects of both sides. Because both seem true in your name.

  • There’s the scarlet letter again.

    So sad.

    Clearly intelligent and accomplished people attacked by hateful actions justified as journalism.

    Javier Jileta is a good man.


    • What exactly has Jileta done as a “good man”?
      He was in office for almost 3 years. Not once did he do anything for NXIVM victims. He could have easily organized an event to provide therapy, to raise awareness about sex trafficking, provide awareness about cults. Jileta did nothing.

      I also challenge the “clearly intelligent and accomplished” phrase. He is a dropout. An intelligent person would have finished his Ph.D. instead of investing in NXIVM courses. He spent several years of his life in NXIVM. How is that smart? How is dancing for Keith on his birthday a “smart move”?

      Reporting the truth is not hateful journalism.

      This type of journalism is saving lives. It was thanks to this journalism I was alerted about who Jileta is.

      Thank you, Frank Report, for exposing the truth.

      The truth is always fair.

    • Haters gonna hate.

      Child rapists gonna child rape.

      Pyramid schemers gonna pyramid scheme.

      “Vanguard” gonna “vanguard.”*

      *By “vanguard” I mean rot in prison for the rest of his life.

      There’s probably some drug cartel jobs available for Jileta given his moral compass, but the cartel bosses aren’t going to look kindly on his ongoing relationship to a convicted child sexual predator.

      Why don’t you give him a job, Llorán?

  • Jileta’s smile is anything but honest. True, I’m an opinion as a small person, but a large percentage of the world is present as a small people. Politics takes it all, many times, but not always with honor as well.

    • I feel really bad and uneasy when I see Jileta’s smile. I am one of the people he attacked and so it might be trauma. I honestly feel sick looking at his picture. I realized when I entered Frank Report and saw it. Maybe I have PTSD. The experience was horrible.

      But, hey, Jileta is out. I feel pretty good 🙂

  • Saying something does not make it true. Jileta was named years ago as member of Nxivm and it does not cause him to step away from his position in the Mexican goverment. It is cowardice to name or pointed as a fact because of his Nxivm trainings one person become a Pariah or criminal.

    • Jileta was not only a student. He was a coach. It was thanks to these news reports that people were able to better connect the dots about who Jileta was. Jileta was not just an innocent student. He was very embedded in the cult. He was a coach and appeared in The Vow and Seduced. He appeared because he was very embedded in the cult. Frank’s reporting about the sashes helped people realize Jileta was a coach. Frank’s reports also helped people see the video of Jileta dancing at Keith’s birthday.

      The reports helped people to understand that Jileta was a strong supporter of the cult. he was dangerous because we don’t know just how much he supports the cult. The cult may well have blackmail over him and he is controlled by Salinas or an American. We don’t know. Jileta was a danger to Mexico’s security

    • So, why did Jileta step down with no explanation?

      If it wasn’t related to him being a NXIDVMDVM, why did he address that in his resignation letter?

  • I learned about Jileta being in NXIVM when Frank Report shared the video of Emiliano Salina’s Dance for Keith.

    I do see now what Frank was saying about the importance of transparency to fight cults.

    Thank you Frank for all your work and duty in this.

  • Jileta is exactly what Keith wanted: someone from NXIVMinfiltrated in the Mexican government. Do they have blackmail material on Jileta and could that have influenced what he did in Government?

    He was a dangerous member to have in a high ranked government position.

  • Jileta was 36 years old when he was dancing for Keith in 2016.

    He was not a baby. He was a grown adult who decided it made sense to fly to a Foreign country and dance for Keith, a man who was reported for decades to be the leader of a cult and engage in pedofilia.

    Mexico does not need government leaders with so limited critical thinking.

  • I can’t even stand to see the photo of Jileta here. He inflicted a lot of pain into my life.

    I would like to thank Frank Report. It was thanks to Frank Report that I was able to connect who Jileta was. It was thanks to Frank Report that I understood he was in NXIVM; I understood what the hell NXIVM was; and that the guy was not just an innocent student but a coach; and was still connected to the whole NXIVM criminal enterprise way after Keith was first locked up.

    This took me years of investigation. Thank you Frank Report.

    It feels amazing.

    “Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine”

    • Do others feel this when they see Keith’s picture? Like I really feel a trigger when I see Jileta’s face. When I saw him here on Frank Report, I felt sick. I can’t stand to see him 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • This is terrible news. I know Javier to be a great person. The prejudice against anyone affiliated with NXIVM is such a poisonous toxic thing. It’s the prejudice that’s bad, not Javier.

    • I know Javier too. I was attacked by him and Martha Delgado. No, he is not a good person.

      Javier was in office for almost 3 years. In those 3 years, he did nothing for NXIVM victims. He had the power to act and bring good to victims. He could have provided therapy, education about cults, or help for Mexican women experiencing sex trafficking in the US. He did nothing. He did nothing because he is not a good person.

      It is not prejudicial. Just analyze Javier’s behavior. He did nothing for victims and was incompetent. He is a dropout who danced for Keith. Those are the facts. Let’s look at facts.

  • Frank Report:
    Thank you for covering this story.

    I was a victim of Jileta and I am very glad to see him removed from power. His actions made me lose my job and affected me economically.

    In government, he was engaging in smear campaigns against smart women. His smear campaign made me lose my job. I think I was targeted because he wanted to help his boss, Martha Delgado, get ahead. They have been doing this to anyone who gets in her way (See below for an article about other political fights she has been having).

    I learned about NXIVM when I was investigating Javier Jileta and wanted to understand more about why I was so targeted so violently. For me, it was clear that he hated women. The way I was targeted was not normal. Jileta has hate towards women, probably from NXIVM. I believe Martha Delgado was using that hate to promote her own agenda, which she calls a ‘Feminist Agenda”. Similar to DOS perhaps, a women empowerment series that is actually attacking women.

    Jileta was the director of the NGO response that Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Relations provides. His office also worked with Mexican immigrant victims (e.g., like Camila or Daniela! Mexican victims living in the US) providing them help and services. He was a dangerous element to have in government because he has internalized hate towards women. How would women victims feel about having to work with an oppressor? An oppressor who has internalized that women are frauds and manipulative.

    Jileta claims he is a victim of NXIVM yet he is still connected to all the people that support NXIVM and DOS. He never used his position of power to help other NXIVM victims. He could have very easily sought to provide victims with therapy. NXIVM victims were directly what his office sought to help, they were Mexicans living abroad who suffered injustices and cruelty. Yet Jileta did nothing. He didn’t offer any help or support to victims and, instead, helped to create more victims.


    • Wow, it’s great to hear from people who were actually victimized by NXians and have since gained clarity from the Frank Report.

      Frank has truly been providing a vital public service by informing people about the true nature of KAR and NXIVM through his reporting here.

      • You are 100% correct. Frank Report is doing a vital public service by informing people about the nature of KAR and NXIVM. For me, it was vital to understand who these people were and understand their dynamics.

        Thank you, Frank Report!

  • “The US isn’t an option anymore’: why California’s immigrants are heading back to Mexico.”

    “Things aren’t perfect in Mexico,” Figureo said in Spanish. But at least there’s access to healthcare, and some unemployment benefits for those who need it, he added. “In comparison to what it was in the US, the situation for us in Mexico right now is much better.”

    – Maanvi Singh, The Guardian.

  • Mr. Parlato, since correlation does not equal causation, is there any direct evidence that Jileta’s resignation is tied to his NXIVM involvement? Thanks.

    • It is possible that he resigned for other reasons. My suspicion is that the Nxivm association was not going away and he became a distraction and was asked to resign.

      • Marcelo Ebrad, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, wants to be Mexico’s next president. They could very easily attack him because of Jileta. Imagine this: The man in charge of ensuring the security of Mexicans living abroad has on his team someone who was part of a cult that trafficked Mexican women in the US. It was a very bad relationship.

        Also, NXIVM shows that Jileta was connected with Salinas. Salinas is seen very poorly in Mexico. Marcelo would be attacked because he is allowing someone from Salinas to be on his team. It was also unclear if Salinas could hold blackmail over Jileta and Jileta was their puppet and maybe even Marcelo could be their puppet as well (exactly what Keith wanted to do.)

        Marcelo would have been attacked badly because of Jileta. Jileta didn’t have anything special about him. He was easily replaceable and without bringing in new drama.

      • Frank, I think your suspicion in correct given the lack of any other explanation in his resignation letter. Ebrad thanking him for his service seems like a way of saying “OK, now go away quietly and sit in a corner.”

        But… given the narcissism of the NXIDVMDVMs I don’t think we’re heard the last of Jileta.

  • Precisely because the NXIVM brand is toxic, akin to an anthrax-encrusted, Ebola-infected dog turd, the NXIVM-5 type deluded bitter-enders are no threat to anyone.

    This website is a key reason. Kudos to you, Mr. Parlato. It is great to see a web search for “NXIVM” leads one here. Since this is the main platform where the true-believers post their nonsense, said nonsense is always surrounded by rational voices blowing holes in it.

    What I worry about are the “Vanguard” devotees who are happy to see Keith in prison because it provides an opening for them to pick up “the tech” where he left off and assume his mantel in a new guise. Perhaps this time around being careful to keep underage girls, immigration violations, international trafficking and other crimes that attract federal law enforcement attention out of the mix .

    Mr. Parlato, do you see any evidence that people within the NXIVM bubble are branching out to start their own cults?

    What can we do to ensure people are aware of their evil pedigree?

  • It’s not religious or ideological persecution. Coach-level membership is unacceptable in a public servant with authority. He lacked good ethical judgment with questionable morality in opposition to public interest and well being.

    Investment in Mexico was meant to infiltrate government, and he’s a living example of Keith’s grand plan.

    • Exactly. This issue here is not about NXIVM’s beliefs, it is about their evil deeds.

      Cults like $cientology love to make the same kinds of defenses based on “religious freedom.”

      This is why it is critical we always focus on actions, not thoughts.

      If “Vanguard” (The World’s Smartest, Most Ethical Human™) just sat in bed stroking himself while fantasizing about child rape and pyramid schemes, he wouldn’t be spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

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