Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg Cheer Up Media After US Attorney Donoghue Is Cheered

It’s only the beginning.

There is more to come, with additional prosecutions of Nxivm players likely.

In the meantime, permit me to say that, if Keith Raniere was an appetizer, Clare Webb Bronfman will be the entree. She is not only guilty of numerous crimes for which she can [and likely will] spend many years in federal prison, but she has some $200 million to seize – to be carved up between the FBI, Homeland Security, IRS, DOJ (EDNY & NDNY) and perhaps there will be some left for her victims.

No, it’s not over.

Now, that the trial is complete – and Keith Alan Raniere is on ice for years to come – the investigation and prosecution of the rest of the Nxivm gang of criminals will get started in earnest.

I will be reporting it all in advance of the rest of the media – as I have done right along.

Still, yesterday was a whale of a day. The sea monster was harpooned, and everyone, I think, was a little taken aback, when the jury came back so quickly.

On June 19, the jury found sex-slaver Keith Alan Raniere guilty on all counts, including, significantly, sex-trafficking, which comes with a minimum 15 years’ federal prison sentence. This means he will be housed in a maximum security facility. [A sentence of more than 10 years requires a prisoner to be lodged in a maximum security federal prison.]

Ironically, yesterday’s date, June 19th, the date it became official that Raniere would lose his freedom, is Juneteenth, or Freedom Day.

Juneteenth commemorates the fact that, on June 19, 1865, slavery was abolished in Texas. More generally, the holiday celebrates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans throughout the former Confederate States of America.  Since that date, 154 years ago, slavery [at least in name] has been largely abolished in the US — until Raniere tried to bring it back – with the old terms – masters and slaves – with him as master and with only women as slaves.

Keith Raniere with his first line DOS slaves.

He told his top slave women that slavery was a new form of female empowerment.

In the old days, the government enforced slavery. Now that they don’t do that anymore, Raniere had to enforce his slavery through blackmail and branding.  He called his master-slave organization “DOS.”

And I had the distinct pleasure of announcing its existence to the world, on June 5, 2017, in a story called Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group.

It was the story that led to the cratering of Nxivm and, four months later, to the publishing of a New York Times story, Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded, [which credited Frank Report for breaking the story] which led to the DOJ EDNY commencing an investigation into Nxivm which led to Raniere’s arrest.

Yesterday will be forever known to those involved in Nxivm – and the fight to end its reign of terror – as Vangone Day.  It is fitting that Vangone Day is also Juneteenth.

Yesterday, when the jury found sex slaver Raniere guilty, there was jubilation in the courtroom. Mark Vicente looked as though he was about to cheer the jury.  He said of the verdict, “It’s sort of surreal.”

A number of people gasped. Susan Dones showed sheer delight.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

Judge Nicholas Garaufis commended the jury after their verdict with these fine words:

“Members of the jury, this concludes your jury service. On behalf of the Court, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and your attention to this very, very difficult case. You should be very proud of the role you played. You’re excellent citizens. You’ve given a great deal of your time and your energy to this pursuit. And we are honored by your participation in this trial. At this time, you are discharged.

And the jurors went away. Moments later Vanguard went away. He was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom – now a slave himself of the Bureau of Prisons.

Barbara Bouchey arrived moments after the jury was discharged and Vanguard was gone. She did not get to take a final look at him.

She was weeping when she learned of the verdict – that Keith was convicted on all counts. It’s not clear why she was crying when she heard Keith was guilty and would be gone for years to come – perhaps for all time.

She describes Keith as her former, mostly monogamous boyfriend [she only knew of him having sex with three other women, she said] and she has admitted, time and again, that she was deeply in love with him.  That may have been why she was crying – for now, the man she loved so dearly, was gone forever from her visage.

Or she may have been crying out of sheer relief because he could no longer torment her, which he did for years.

She was in the hallway outside the courtroom and said of her former boyfriend, “There is goodness in him. But there’s this dark side that’s crazy.”

Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo was there and told Bouchey, thinking she was pleased by the conviction,  “Congratulations. I hope it helps. I really do.”

Susan Dones did not agree that there was goodness in Raniere. She said, “I think he’s incapable of having goodness.”

Toni Natalie looked emotional but very happy, triumphant really, as she and Catherine Oxenberg walked hand in hand out of the courtroom. Catherine was all smiles.

Outside the courthouse, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Richard Donahue held a press conference in Cadman Park.  He thanked the FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, New York State Police, his own team of Moira Kim Penza [whose eyes were moist with tears], Mark Lesko and Tanya Hajjar, and bizarrely even the US Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of New York for their help [that was really surreal]. And he thanked the judge and most of all, the jury.

“Keith Raniere’s crime spree has ended and his victims will finally get justice,” US Attorney Donoghue said.

As he walked away from the press conference, everyone – and it is perhaps a little odd – in fact surreal – everyone – including hardened, jaded, hard-nosed reporters – erupted into cheering.

Next, it was time for the Catherine and Toni show.

The press gathered, the cameras rolling. They asked Catherine how her daughter India felt about the verdict.

“She’s in shock and I’m in shock.”

A reporter called Catherine a hero for bringing information to the FBI. Catherine said there were many heroes.

She was asked how India was feeling.

Catherine said, “She was like all the other young women who suffered at the hands of this monster, Keith Raniere. No one is unscathed. But she’s not broken. She’ll be the stronger for it … Today, I’d say was the end of a hellish nightmare.”

Toni wore a navy and white striped “jail” blouse to court. She had suspected that this would be the day the jury would reach a verdict.

“I wore this so (Raniere) would know what he would be looking at for the rest of his life,” she said.

Someone asked her about Keith’s prediction made to her some 20 years ago, that “I will see you dead or in prison.”

Toni said, “I’m still alive and he did not win.”

Catherine said there are thousands of abusive cults – and anyone can be susceptible to being indoctrinated.

Toni said that all the people in Keith’s inner circle helped enable his criminal enterprise, adding “No one intends to join a cult.”

It started to rain as the conference continued.

Catherine said she plans to continue to work to keep raising awareness, adding that her book, ‘Captive”, was meant for all family members whose loved ones are in a cult.

As the rain came down, the two women walked away.

Recalling that, throughout the trial, Keith scribbled on post-it notes which he constantly handed to his lawyers, before going, Toni turned and said to the media, “Now everyone, be sure to send Keith some post-it notes.”


Here are some photos taken by our correspondent, Dianne Lipson, outside the courthouse after the verdict.

Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg.

Raniere’s attorneys Paul DerOhannesian [l] and Marc Agnifilo greet the media [What could they say? – they had a hell of a client.]

Catherine greets Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo.


Mark Vicente with Toni Natalie


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  • Here an article from Susan Dones from 2017. She explains all of Nxivms crimes and why she left in 2009. Excellent to read, specially now.

        • Pyriel,

          I have mentioned the same thing…..

          …… Then I realized Frank would have come to the same conclusion and checked in on Heidi and then contacted the proper authorities if he believed she needed help.

          Simply put I am sure Heidi is okay or Frank would post something.

          • Niceguy – You’re absolutely right, of course. I guess I’m not thinking too logically tonight (11 PM here.) Sleep deprivation due to bad neighbours is no fun. 😵

          • Good point Niceguy. But, I’m still concerned. While it’s fantastic Keith is indeed going to prison, and most likely for the rest of his life, what is not resolved is Gina’s suicide. In fact, it just raises more questions that most likely only Keith can answer. Additionally, Heidi has had to relive a good portion of her life. Can’t help but feel a little melancholy because lot’s of things remain unresolved for her.

          • Girl Scout cookies,

            I understand your real concern. Heidi did not get anything resolved regarding her sister or any real answers.

  • Congratulations Toni Nathalie and Catherine Oxenberg and much love and good wishes for the future!!! 😉

    • We’re working on it – and hope to have the deleted comments restored later today (We have them backed-up now).

      • Important IT information:

        My own personal 1,000,000(million) year old spirit that I channel informed me sometime ago Frank was using his full name to logon to Frankreport and that one of Frank’s assistants did as well.

        I hope Frankreport staff are no longer are using obvious login names.

        I did not mention it before because I knew I would be ignored as a crank.

        For the record I never have hacked anything.

        Also I hope you have made your passwords longer than the 11 word length minimum.

        Personally I use 14 digit long passwords.

        My email for Niceguy is real, that I use to logon to Frankreport, and not some bogus account. I have used that email for over 20 years. I am easily traceable. I do not hack.

        Lastly who ever your IT people are after the first time you were hacked should have done full hard drive reformats and installs and new files. If you did not swipe(reformat) the hard drives and files, who ever hacked you last time still may have their malicious software hidden in your files. In summary the hackers can come in and go at will if reformats are not done.

        • The other reason for my “spirits”, hunch my wife and just about all other ‘lay’ people do the same thing.

          Also you have been hacked 2 or 3 times by my count from what I have noticed from your website issues.

        • ……To all my other fellow Cranks that will chime in and critique my post for technical accuracy….. or inaccuracy 😉

          I am not going to take an hour or more fully explaining all of the technical issues or defensive strategies or take the time to self edit because my advice will probably not be heeded.

          Most everything I post is off the top of my head and dictated to my iPhone.

          And should not be taken literally because of all the typos fragmented sense into this and run on sentences or in other words poor writing.

          I just wanted to bring it to Frank’s attention and he probably will have some ongoing or continuous issues if everything isn’t cleaned up properly and dealt with.

  • “The sea monster was harpooned, and everyone, I think, was a little taken aback, when the jury came back so quickly.” I wasn’t taken aback, and said so a few days ago in a comment to the effect that when the entire courtroom (jury, gallery, and even the judge) laughs at you in open court, it’s all over. It took the jury five hours to tell each other about their favorite memory from the trial, and it would have been over in two hours except for the laughing.

  • Frank, Clare’s fortune is not subject to asset forfeiture. Federal asset forfeiture only takes the fruits of criminal conduct and there has never been any suggestion that her millions came anywhere but from her Seagrams family fortune.

  • Ironically, it took about two years for both the Emancipation Proclamation to reach Texas (obviously, there was no hurry to spread that “news” in those days) and about two years to convict Raniere after he was arrested.

  • I’d be interested to see a detailed analysis of Bronfman’s finances. From what could readily be found, here’s what I’ve been able to piece together that Bronfman has:

    * $200 million that she inherited before or after the death of her father, to which she had access; that amount is now so reduced by her spending, that she had to have her sister’s help to make $100 million bail

    * $200 million in old trusts, that may be tightly written and virtually untouchable, from which she typically would get only interest and dividend income.

    And so Raniere is “now a slave himself of the state” – ah, yes, the former mastermind of NXIVM is now a sort of nexi:

    “Nexum was a debt bondage contract in the early Roman Republic. The debtor [a nexus] pledged his person as collateral should he default on his loan.” Nexum became infamous for abusive sexual exploitation of nexi.

    p.s. Now that Vangone Day has been fixed on the calendar, are we going to have something like a parasites’ get-together at Lake George in August?

      • I’ve seen that number as well – there have been various estimates, or guesses, including some recent citations of a figure of $200 million, though that just be taking into account the more liquid portion of her assets that I referenced above. Such confusing reports are why I’d like to find better information.

        This case has revealed some details. At some point prior, she put $25 million in a trust at Goldman Sachs, presumably to protect it, and that may represent most of her available liquid assets. To make bond, she pledged $25 million in property but had to get her in-laws to co-sign in order to be able to fully secure the $100 million amount required. Again, that suggests to me that she has spent down most of the liquid portion of her assets – and she’s going to have to liquidate much of what remains such as real estate, in order to pay legal costs and judgments, such as the $6 million in forfeiture due the court as part of her plea deal.

        • Clare received approval to pay the $6 million from her trust – and that payment was due earlier this week.

          • Thanks for that detail – I was assuming she was going to have to come up with the money from elsewhere, because that would presumably erode the assets that guarantee her bond.

  • Congratulations again to everyone that played a role in bringing Keith Raniere to justice.

    You did not just achieve justice for yourselves…..

    ……. you saved countless women from becoming future victims.

    No more young girls or women will ever again be victimized by Keith Raniere!!!!!

    Enjoy your triumphant victory over evil !!!!!

    • Amen. Unless it’s the prison groupies. And they are asking for it.

      In this era of “Me too,” it’s amazing he got to operate scot free for so long.

      Congrats, Toni and Catherine!

  • This is written with such beauty and passion. Thank you Frank. I can’t imagine the backlash you must have received from everyone (even friends thinking “WTF is he doing with his life?!), during this journey. But now, you are Legend. Love that epic VICE piece on you.

  • Clare Bronfman is a person who has lived her life as a gangster at Raniere’s right hand. She was Raniere’s attack dog, his enforcer, his economic terrorist, his destroyer of lives and livelihoods and a persecutor of the wholly innocent. She is a despicable person who needs to be brought to face the full force of the law. The people she sought to utterly destroy, have the right to see justice done.

    • Except, as brilliant as she is, she bought the part of the island that has no natural potable water. Viva Executive Success!

  • Frank, please give us the scoop on how Keith’s appellate attorneys will be paid, since Bronfman has obviously cut him off.

    He’s been calling those women (who cut plea deals) bitches and traitors according to Claviger, so I really doubt that Clare Bear will want to pay for his appeals.

    Maybe his appeals can be financed with Pam’s money?

    Regardless of Heidi’s stupid theories about Salinas, I just don’t think any rich Mexicans will be helping Keith with appellate fees, since they’re trying to lay low and cut off all connections with NXIVM.

    Emi’s slut wife even sold her Albany home. They want nothing to do with NXIVM now. Heidi is FULL OF SHIT.

    I just don’t think anybody from Mexico will help Keith now that he’s a convicted sex slaver, racketeer and public enemy #1.

    I mean, Yolanda Cortez might remain loyal but that bitch is BROKE and has no money, so she’s WORTHLESS to Keith.

    How will he pay for appeals? Tell us, Frank.

    If not, then KISS MY BUTT you arrogant prick.

    • If Raniere tries to use Cafritz’s money, he will have to give it up, he already claimed he’s broke. The only way that money can be used is if it was legitimately transferred to someone else, and not as a result of trying to move it “under the table.” Raniere will be assumed to be guilty, as he’s a convicted felon, so he has a major barrier to access that money.

      • Scott,

        Where is the money?

        Why did Nancy Salzman want to face to face with Kathy Russell? Are they really that close?

        From what Frank has stated over the years, I doubt it.

        Salzman is probably worried the FBI is monitoring their phones and internet still.

        Raniere never needed to spend a dime of Cafritz’s money. Cafritz’s millions are out there.

        I guarantee it. Who knows where it’s at? Utienner? Nancy? Kathy?
        Those are my three guesses…

      • Well, I don’t know, Scott. If KAR inherited Pam’s money legally (meaning the estate was properly probated – although KAR does not tend to take care of details), and the proceeds do not stem from the criminal enterprise, he could very well have those funds available to use in the appeal. Agnifilo will have to appeal, to complete his duty to his client – unless KAR wants to assert “ineffective counsel,” in which case Marc will have to recuse himself and left another lawyer handle the appeal.

        I do not know if KAR faces any penalties for lying on his asset disclosure form when arrested in Mexico.

        The nice thing is that KAR was roundly convicted on all seven counts, so I think the chance of getting them ALL overturned seems remote to me.

        I also like the fact that Agnifilo failed to make a motion to resume the cross examination of Lauren, which the Judge said he would have considered if raised.

        I feel things are in pretty good shape. I think that with Raniere in the position he is, and with Clare potentially facing more charges, people should feel reasonably safe to disclose and discuss more information if they so desire.

        • If Raniere received the money legally, he would still have had to declare it, but he claimed he was broke. His goose is cooked. He may not face any penalties if he doesn’t try to claim it.

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