Kristin Kreuk v. Frank Parlato – on Aiding Allison Mack – Part #1

Kristin Kreuk
Frank Parlato

On June 5, 2017, I broke the story that Keith Raniere, with Allison Mack, had created DOS, a sorority that branded women on their pubic region and collected blackmail-worthy material which they called collateral. The women were referred to as masters and/or slaves, with the man, Raniere, secretly at the head of this supposedly all-women’s group as the grandmaster of them all.

This story, and a rapid succession of follow-up stories, caused a cratering of NXIVM, ended the branding and DOS itself, and led to a story in the New York Times which credited my work and in turn led to an FBI investigation and the subsequent arrest of Raniere, Mack and four others. All were convicted. Two have been sentenced and Mack is to be sentenced next week.

Mack’s sentencing guidelines suggest a prison term of 14-17.5 years, but the exact sentence is up to the judge. He has complete discretion from zero to the statutory maximum of 40 years.

The NY Times wrote, “Many of Mr. Raniere’s followers learned of the secret society from a website run by … Frank R. Parlato Jr…. In early June [2017], Mr. Parlato published the first in a torrent of salacious posts under the headline, ‘Branded Slaves and Master Raniere.’”
In a recent article, The Sad Fate of Allison Mack – Soon Headed to Prison – for Years, I wrote that Kristin Kreuk recruited Mack into NXIVM where she met Keith Raniere who “gobbled up her life.”

I added, “When Allison could still have escaped – when Catherine Oxenberg and I were trying to get her to leave – and disavow Raniere, if she could – but to leave at least, and offered our protection, we asked Kreuk to help get her out – and she hid and cowered – this woman who plays the hero on TV.

Kristin Kreuk

“The bad-ass fighting gal. She cowered instead of feeling the pang that anyone with a soul would have felt – that she herself was the cause of this woman, Allison, her friend, being where she was, which was in grave peril.

“Brave Kristin Kreuk: ‘I got out. I’m safe. Now let me play my hero roles and leave me be… Allison – who that?’

Kristin Kreuk was brave, she was fearless and as tough as a mighty oak tree.

“It might not have done any good. Probably it would not have. But one never knows until one tries. Allison might have been induced to parachute in time to spare herself the fate she faces today. You and I and Kristin Kreuk will never know and I dare say, only Kreuk doesn’t care, lost in the delusion that she approximates the human being which she plays on TV.”

Kristin Kreuk played a brave lawyer on the recently canceled Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show Burden of Truth.

HBO's 'The Vow': Princess Elizabeth Gives Daughter Catherine Oxenberg Her Opinion of Frank Parlato - Frank Report | Investigative Journalism From Frank Parlato
Catherine Oxenberg discusses Frank Parlato with her mother Princess Elizabeth from a scene from HBO’s The Vow.

A Reader Asks Questions:

An astute reader, “La La Lad, Esq.”, remarked, “I’m not taking Kreuk’s side or yours, but please clarify so we understand the true nature of her ‘cowering.” He then posed several questions for me:

La La Lad Esq. asked:

How did you contact Kreuk? Directly or indirectly? And what specifically did you ask her to do? And how specifically did she respond? Or did she ignore you?


During the summer of 2017, before the New York Times story came out, Frank Report was the sole voice reporting this story. Raniere was denying the existence of DOS. Clare Bronfman was using her wealth to go after me, and those who came to me to tell me about DOS, in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

I spoke with DOS whistleblower Sarah Edmondson and others who were in contact with Kreuk and asked them to ask her to come out publicly alongside Catherine, myself, and others.

According to my contacts who spoke to her, Kreuk said she deplored the branding and was out of NXIVM, but could not make a statement.

Later, I prepared a dossier that listed the alleged crimes of the leaders of NXIVM and DOS, and realized that Mack and others under Raniere’s control were going to face legal problems if I was successful in attracting law enforcement interest in my dossier.

Again I reached out to Kreuk through Edmondson and another celebrity to try to get Kreuk to help get Mack away. Since Kreuk had recruited Mack into NXIVM, I thought it fair she should try to get her out.

LaLaLad Esq.:

Your quote (Brave Kristin Kreuk: “I got out. I’m safe. Now let me play my hero roles and leave me be… Allison – who that?”) is damning, but that’s your words not hers. Does it approximate what Kreuk actually said? Or is it wholly your assumption of what she was thinking? What actually did she say, if anything?


The quote is my phrasing, not of what she said, but what she did, which was nothing.

La La Lad Esq.:

Frank, you said “It might not have done any good. Probably it would not have.” Well, efforts to aid Allison by you and Oxenberg did no good, if you two did reach out to Mack.


Still, I made the effort. I called Mack on her cell phone. I offered to meet her. I offered to meet her and Raniere.  I offered to meet with the whole group. She declined to meet. Raniere did not return calls.

Catherine and I, before and after the Times story, reached out to people close to Mack to try to persuade her to leave before she got into trouble. I had a twin purpose. One was to help Mack, and, two, that if she left, it would blow a hole in DOS and NXIVM and help me defeat Raniere.

Catherine tried to persuade her daughter India to get her and Allison to leave. I wrote messages to India and advised Catherine and her mother Princess Elizabeth on strategies we could employ and we did employ them.

Catherine warned India’s friends who were contemplating joining DOS, enamored with India and Allison, and we asked that messages be given to Allison. We said we would explain things. We would bring her to law enforcement and likely get her immunity.

We were ignored.

Catherine and I spoke on a conference call with one of Allison’s closest associates, and this person admitted that she saw Allison was headed for trouble but there was likely nothing anyone could do. It was very disappointing.

La La Lad Esq.:

I think a commenter here claimed that at a convention years ago Mack said she and Kreuk hadn’t spoken in years … so would former-friend Kreuk really have more influence over the mind-fucked Mack?


If anyone would, it might be Kruek since they shared the old pre-NXIVM life together and brought Allison into NXIVM.  It was worth a try.

La La Lad Inc.

You and Oxenberg presumably knew much more about DOS and the evils of Keith than did Kreuk. And you knew more about the legal danger Mack was in than Kreuk who only played a lawyer on TV.  Again, I’m not taking your side or Kreuk’s, but maybe some details of Kreuk’s actual response to your request would allow us to better judge Kreuk’s “cowering.”

Kreuk knew about DOS from Sarah Edmondson, her friend and leader at the Vancouver NXIVM center and a DOS member, turned whistleblower. Kreuk knew many in NXIVM and DOS and was in contact with them.
Ironically, Sarah defended Kreuk. Prior to the New York Times story coming out, Sarah passed along Kreuk’s desire for me to remove all mention of Kreuk’s name on Frank Report.
At that time Edmondson was in danger of being arrested by Vancouver police after Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against her. I attempted to explain to Vancouver Police that Edmondson was being falsely accused not by the heir of the famous Canadian Seagram’s fortune but by a cult member. I reached out to the Canadian Mounted Police to get an investigation going.
But the Bronfman name carries a lot of weight in Canada.  No one knew which way this would turn.
I felt that if Kreuk, one of Vancouver’s most famous residents, spoke at that critical juncture, the Vancouver media would cover it and it would provide some protection for Edmondson from false or corruptly influenced law enforcement. It might give them pause.
Kreuk could not do that for her friend. I replied to Edmondson that Kreuk was too integral a part of NXIVM to simply erase from my reporting.
I do understand Kreuk was looking to protect her career and did not feel she was in harm’s way, so there was no need to speak.  She was hoping the NXIVM story would pass and her most intriguing role would go unnoticed.
It may be that I am confusing her character on TV, consistently a brave woman who dares confront the evil she sees, even at great risk to herself, with a shy actress who in reality is altogether different.
Unlike many who spent years in NXIVM, she continues to enjoy success and great fame.
“Never die of another’s Ill-luck,” Gracian observed, and “great caution is needed in helping the drowning without danger to oneself.”

Though she watched her friend drown, the friend she invited out to the water, she did not get a drop of sea spray on herself.  And, one could argue, that friend was going to drown anyway, and no one told her, not Kristin especially, to go swimming out so far.

Allison Mack is going to be sentenced and some of her friends are going to write letters to the judge asking for leniency. I intend myself to write such a letter. I wonder if Kristin Kreuk will take the time and the risk to write one for her friend? It might carry a good deal of weight since they have a common thread and she could perhaps explain with pathos how she invited her friend and how she slipped under the spell of a cunning man.

But I would not count on it, for it would bring media attention and the actress Kreuk may be excused for not seeking to be a real life companion in misfortune, when after all she has to get up and act those daring roles every day of her life..



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  • Kristin Kreuk was over 10 years in the organization and was a high-ranking member. Kristin Kreuk is guilty. She just burned all the documents before she left.

    1). Kristin is into BDSM. This is a level of 50 Shades Of Keith. Kristin is “like please master Keith. I would be a good girl master.”
    2). The initials branded KR are similar to KRistin KReuk. Slavers branded slaves. Not masters. The branded women are used to identify who brought those women into the cult. Either it was Kristin or Allison Mack. KR Or AM.
    3). Kristin is 38 years old, and she is Keith’s woman. Keith released his fluid into Kristin, and he owns her. Not only physically but spiritually and mentally as well.
    4). Kristin never said anything bad about Keith. Kristin is a cuckquean. Just like her cuck ex-boyfriend Mark. KK is a coward.

    I would post more. If this comment gets accepted.

  • Frank:
    Congratulations on Buffalo nominating its first Socialist Mayor.
    Wait until they roll out the guillotines!

    ‘First of many’: socialist India Walton defeats four-term Buffalo mayor in primary upset
    Walton is all but guaranteed to ascend to the mayoralty in solidly Democratic city

    People for Bernie
    “This victory is ours.

    It is the first of many.

    If you are in an elected office right now, you are being put on notice.

    We are coming.”

    @Indiawaltonbflo declares victory

  • Once again, the mad spanker (sultan) is pulling out some of his many aliases and anonymous, and crapping all over this comment section in his defense of The Despicable Cowardly Kristen Kruek.

    “Spanky for the defense” is alive and well.

  • I would like to add to the requests here for Frank to address Nicki’s blatant immigration fraud.

  • As far as anybody knows, Kreuk has done nothing illegal, and owes nothing to a former friend who became a fanatic and went on to commit a catalogue of crimes.

    How much do you think a chat with Squeaky Fromme would have achieved?

    By all accounts, by the time people were making last-ditch attempts to make Allison see the reality of her situation, she’d already left all sense and reason behind.

    I very much doubt that any intervention from Kreuk would have achieved anything.

    • “As far as anybody knows, Kreuk has done nothing illegal, and owes nothing to a former friend” Paul

      She has no legal obligation but she does have a moral obligation with this one exception:
      If Kreuk tried to get Mack out in 2012-2013 and Mack refused, Kreuk has discharged her obligation.
      The Albany Times-Union published stories about Raniere’s pedophilia in 2012.

    • She could of tried.

      And there is no excuse for not using her fame to call out the cult she helped build up and helping her alleged friend, while virtue signalling and taking tax payers money to pretend to help victimised girls against a pedophile on television. Literally pretending on tv for money what she should of been doing in real life.

  • This is my forecast for Allison Mack. A sentence of 5 years of which she will serve 2 and she will be released on probation.


    • If Allison gets a 5-year sentence, she will serve about 4.25 years in federal prison. There is no parole in the federal criminal justice system — and probation starts after the assigned prison term ends.

    • “Tesalonicenses
      June 23, 2021 at 1:29 pm
      This is my forecast for Allison Mack. A sentence of 5 years of which she will serve 2 and she will be released on probation.”

      What no ticker tape parade down Broadway?
      Allison Mack’s brandings of women were acts of extreme violence.
      Allison Mack’s collection of Blackmail to use against women constitutes Terrorism.

  • Kristin Kreuk is clearly a selfish female who values her privilege (based on pretending to be White and kissing lots and lots and lots and lots of men) more than anything.

    How she could not even be bothered to use her fame to help draw attention to what was happening to Sarah Edmondson, not even a single tweet, makes me think she is a selfish coward.

    Nothing would have happened to her or her precious career if she made a statement, she is just a chicken shit. She released one nearly a year later, not to help, not to condemn, but to protect herself.

    She had a moral responsibility to help, but hid in plain sight, happy to virtue signal about everything and anything not connected to her.

    She signed an open letter against that theatre producer guy accused of inappropriate behaviour. She used her fame to harm his career while staying silent about her cult because she wanted to protect her own ass. That is dictionary definition cunt.

    There are people kicked off Twitter because they say something that triggers the “woke” brigade, yet this aged creature continues to receive disproportionate privilege, despite staying with a pedophile and hiding like a coward. And at the same time as the “MeToo and “TimesUp thing.

    Selfish woman.

      • You sound like Sultan Of Stalk.

        What is it like coming to the aid of a coward who would not stop and get out of her car if she hit you? You jilted, rejected loser.

    • — “Kristin Kreuk is clearly a selfish female who values her privilege (based on pretending to be White and kissing lots and lots and lots and lots of men) more than anything.”—

      KK pretending to be White?! Her characters on Beast and Burden had an Asian mother. But more importantly, why are you so concerned with the purity of the White race? Also, why are you repeatedly condemning an actress for kissing men on TV? Is that porn to you?

      Really, this is creepy on two levels. Feel free to explain yourself.

      • “KK pretending to be White?! Her characters on Beast and Burden had an Asian mother”

        What made her famous is the character Lana Lana, a White Caucasian female from Kansas with red hair. Kreuk is clearly not White and looks like a mixed race Asian. She took that role that belonged to a White woman. The twitterverse is going on about the new Snow White being played by a brown girl. Liberals are coming to the rescue by pointing out that Korona Kreuk played Snow White years ago. I looked it up. She did. Asian Korona Kreuk literally played Snow WHITE. Kreuk’s fame comes from pretending she is of another race. Both Lana Lang and Snow White are White characters written decades before Kreuk was born.

        “But more importantly, why are you so concerned with the purity of the White race?”

        Pointing out that Korona Kreuk is privileged because she pretended to be White when she is Asian, is not proof of concern with the purity of the White race. And you know it. Nonetheless, what is wrong with a pure White race? Whiteness is wonderful. The most successful wonderful race of people and the most moral too. The best looking, the smartest with the greatest collective history. White Lana Lang would be so proud of her White heritage.

        Also, why are you repeatedly condemning an actress for kissing men on TV? Is that porn to you?

        It is soft porn. That is what Spanky masturbates to. How many men has Kristin Kreuk kissed on camera, for money? By pretending to be White when she looks like she works in a rice paddy and kissing lots of men, she has been given lots of money and privilege.

        “Really, this is creepy on two levels”.

        It is creepy to point out Kristin Kreuk’s privilege comes from years pretending to be White and kissing lots of men.

        “Feel free to explain yourself”.

        Thank you. I did. Are you an emasculated White male, ugly worthless White feminist, or non-White person who hates Whites?

        • Oh Well, I cannot say I like the tone of the debate here – but I suppose if certain members of society can openly denigrate White men as privileged, it seems that it is not unreasonable to let a White man respond in his own language. I do not really like the debate on either side, but I think it is something I may be able to learn something from – maybe readers can too – by not censoring points of view that are troubling.

          I may be wrong about this — but I want to not be too quick to censor this. Kreuk and others have no compunction about decrying the advantages White man have, so a rebuttal is within reason…. I am open to hearing readers’ views.

          • A good tactic to counter this “White privilege” lie is to be openly pro-White. Even exaggerate. Europe (White people) were occupied by Muslims, Arabs and Moors for seven centuries. Spain, Portugal, Sicily. Greece, the Balkans and Eastern Europe were occupied by Turks for 500 years. Turkey is 98 years old and is on stolen ethnically-cleansed Greek and Armenian land. Turks refuse to even acknowledge the genocide, accusing Greeks and Armenians of doing it to them! Barbary slavers, raiding Europe for White slaves… Name one race more open to outsiders than Whites. Are Scandinavians really worse than Arabs and Turks? What about the Irish or Italians?

            “White privilege” is a term used in Jewish media (Yes, mainstream media is disproportionately Jewish) to demonize Whites. Those with an inferiority complex use it also. You can’t expect to belittle people and not get a reaction. When does it stop?

            In America, Italians and Irish (both White) were often treated like shit by Anglo-Saxon Whites. Italians were called “White niggers” and blacks were called “Smoked Irish”.

            All this White hate has been allowed to go too far and it pisses people off. When you have whiny babies calling to “end Whiteness” (what the fuck do they want? Genocide?) people without self-hate will get angry.

        • Let’s see — you think kissing is soft porn, and comic book or fairy tale characters who are White (the greatest race of all time) can’t be portrayed by half-White actors because that’s racial appropriation.

          I guess that makes half puritanical White supremacist and half woke libtard.

  • Any respect I had for Kristin Kreuk went out the window with her “When I was twenty three, I took a couple of classes” answer–she was a coach and recruiter and she used that celebrity power to get people into NXIVM. She is just as awful as Allison Mack but in a different way.

  • This was awesome writing, thanks Frank. It would be fascinating to get more of a play-by-play of this. IDK if you plan to publish that here or in your book or what, but it’s totally riveting and compelling.

  • Frank, thanks for adding these details for us to consider.

    BTW, I’m not an Esquire (lawyer) I just play one on the internet.

  • As one of Allison’s other closest friends, I know we all tried to get her to leave ESP, all tried to get her to stop submitting to Keith’s influence. Nothing we could say or do could compete with Keith’s tactics. Slowly, one by one, we as friends had to step away or she pushed us away as Allison became someone none of us recognized. Stop shaming and scapegoating Kristin. She had no more influence or power over these events than any of us did.

    • Oh stop the Bullshit. Who do you think recruited Alison Mack, Kendra Voth, Sima Kumar, and all of her friends to NXIVM? Kristin Kook of course.

      Ohhhh….but she never, ever saw or heard anything nefarious. Never. Having all women give Keith a mouth kiss when they saw him was completely normal in the Kreuk household. A guru that slept 2 hours a night (at different women’s homes), that was completely normal too.

      As was giving tribute of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Keith. But Keith was a renunciate. He didn’t have a bank account, pay taxes, or drive cars. That was completely normal in the Book of Kook also.

      • Why is it so hard for you to accept that members who didn’t live in Albany never saw or heard anything nefarious? You need to look no further than Frank as an example. He was introduced to the cult by none other than Roger Stone — ROGER STONE — Frank was being paid $75k a month to destroy NXIVM detractors and to rebrand them as something other than a cult. Frank was living with Keith and Nancy and Kristin Keefe — and speaking with them daily. He knew Keith was sleeping with multiple women who were on the board and were students and never saw or heard anything that made him think NXIVM was other than a misunderstood goofy group.

        It wasn’t until 2015 when he was about to be indicted and found out that Clare lied in court that he realized how evil and criminal Raniere was. If street smart 50 something-year-old Frank Parlato could be fooled by Raniere and the whole NXIVM mirage for more than 8 years, why is it so hard for you to believe uneducated, gullible, flighty artsy types could be fooled too? Unless you think Frank is really lying about what he knew when with regards to NXIVM, in which case why would you believe anything he wrote unless you only want to believe the things that fit your agenda?

        • “Why is it so hard for you to accept that members who didn’t live in Albany never saw or heard anything nefarious?”

          How do you know what people knew about? You didn’t need to be in Albany to know stuff. And that is not what Kristin Kreuk has been criticised for.

          “You need to look no further than Frank as an example. He was introduced to the cult by none other than Roger Stone — ROGER STONE”.

          Frank helped bring down the cult. Being introduced to it by Roger Stone is not a relevant point.

          “Frank was being paid $75k a month to destroy NXIVM detractors and to rebrand them as something other than a cult”.

          For how long exactly? For as long as Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were in the cult?

          “Frank was living with Keith and Nancy and Kristin Keefe — and speaking with them daily”.


          “He knew Keith was sleeping with multiple women who were on the board and were students and never saw or heard anything that made him think NXIVM was other than a misunderstood goofy group”


          “It wasn’t until 2015 when he was about to be indicted and found out that Clare lied in court that he realized how evil and criminal Raniere was.”

          So? He took on the cult and won.

          “If street smart 50 something-year-old Frank Parlato could be fooled by Raniere and the whole NXIVM mirage for more than 8 years”

          He didn’t work for them for 8 years, nor did he think they were good for 8 years. He left after a year once he learned the cult was criminal. Then they went after him.

          “why is it so hard for you to believe uneducated, gullible, flighty artsy types could be fooled too?”

          Fooled, ignoring everything out there with her name on it, lying, cowering….

          “Unless you think Frank is really lying about what he knew when with regards to NXIVM, in which case why would you believe anything he wrote”

          Sure. Frank used to crack the skulls of any one who was an enemy of the cult of NXIVM. His weapon of choice was an electric power tool. He used to be called “The Serious Sicilian” by the cult when he was on the job.

          “unless you only want to believe the things that fit your agenda?”

          Facts are not agenda driven.

          Trying to take the heat off Korona Kreuk and putting it on Frank who took down the cult is cowardly and very groupie-like of you. That is sad.

      • Get over your compulsion in tearing down everything Kreuk. You’re a hater who can’t see past your own nose.

    • This is very interesting, thank you for sharing. I don’t recall having her friends write in before. May I ask when you all started to realize something was wrong and tried to speak with her? And was it the same way with the other many actors in her circle that got sucked into ESP as well that you may have known?

      Though it is completely none of our business, if you are able to share more about what worked or didn’t in your conversations with Allison, perhaps it will help others on how they approach friends that get sucked into a cult. I’m learning more and more that these dangerous cults are much more common than I thought and I look for signs amongst some of my friends that I see as being very vulnerable.

      • Her former assistant posted at least once on here that I remember. Before the Times published their first DOS article and the loonies descended on the site, there were comments from some who claimed to be friends or former friends of Allison. Unfortunately Sultan and all his various aliases was already here so one had to weed out his “contributions” but here’s one I saved that I think is legit, maybe even from the above man himself

        “As an old friend of Allison’s, I have to come to her defense a little. I know for a fact that she did choose to take a break from acting to figure out her life, and Keith, Pam and the community did influence this decision. She had been a working actor since she was a child, and she had never really known anything outside of acting. I don’t think it’s bad that she took a break. HOWEVER, I do think Keith used her desire to find herself to his advantage.

        “He played Allison’s weaknesses and her want for a deeper more meaningful life. Allison never intended to “give up” acting. She intended to do some soul searching and then do more meaningful roles on stage and on screen. She still wants to act, but Keith convinced her that she can only take certain roles, because other roles are not ethical and go against humanity. For instance, when she took a role on “The Following” they made her make a public apology to the community about how her materialism and want for attention clouded her judgment. How taking that role hurt the community and hurt her dear friend Keith because it was about a cult.

        “She cried in front of the community, begging for forgiveness, and she was applauded for it. Not only has Keith convinced her that she had to create THE SOURCE with her, but he convinced her that she must take roles that further humanity and his mission. So now she spends all her time trying to enroll women into a 10,000 dollar program about acting, and trying to make plays that mean something…but really she is and continues to serve Keith’s fucked up mission and also uses her celebrity to enroll beautiful young actresses into the Source and then into DOS so Keith can fuck them too. I DO NOT deny that Allison has responsibility in all this, and I think she needs mental and emotional help ASAP, but Keith and his women have been screwing with Allison’s fragile mind from the beginning. So did Keith cause her to quit acting? Yes, but it was in a far less direct way.”

        Here’s another:

        “I have spent time with Allison Mack. She has shared her hopes and fears with me. In my opinion, it’s true she would not have come up with the idea of DOS without Keith Raniere, absolutely not. But also in my opinion she has some mental disorder.

        “I’m not sure if it’s sociopathy or simply Bi-Polar disorder, but either way, she has not (on many occasions) had the best interest of others at heart. She has not seemed to care about putting them in danger or using them for her own means. I do sincerely hope she gets out of Raniere’s grasp, but I do not believe in any way that she’s innocent or well intended.”

        • Fascinating. Thank you. I don’t remember those. Anyway, whomever was the original author, that is powerful, insightful stuff. I get the sense that Allison let a lot of people down that supported her.

          I remember watching an interview with Catherine O and when asked what she thought of Allison, she said that, “I just feel sorry for her.” That didn’t make much sense to me then but it does moreso now.

    • If you are really the writer guy who did the video interview with AM years ago and wrote the story for the short film, can you share how she pushed you away and who you saw her become under Raniere’s influence? When did you leave NXIVM and when was the last time you interacted with AM?

      If you aren’t the one who made the comment back in Sept 2107 about Kreuk staging interventions over the years to get Mack out, do you know if that’s true and if so what the time frame was? Someone on another message board said they had been friends with Mack’s family for years but once AM got them involved, AM’s sister abruptly ended their friendship and this took place supposedly back as early as 2009 or 2010.

  • “Allison Mack is going to be sentenced and some of her friends are going to write letters to the judge asking for leniency. I intend myself to write such a letter.”

    Uh, if you really intend to “write such a letter” and this isn’t one of your usual “I’ll answer this in a later post” games, shouldn’t you have done so by now or actually be doing it?

    And why aren’t you naming this “other celebrity” you tried to reach Kreuk through or this person who was “one of Mack’s closest associates, previously didn’t you write that you had talked to AM’s manager? Why so coy now? And why on earth, after all the crap you wrote about Mack would you be so foolish as to think she would trust you or that you could offer her “protection?”

    How’s your brainsoiling going with your precious Nicki Clyne? If Clyne and Mack positions were reversed, do you think Mack would be behaving the way Clyne is?

    Now in an attempt to get you to respond to my questions, I shall add more Kreuk content. Let’s see what can I add. Oh, how about. How do you know Kreuk didn’t reach out to Mack directly? She certainly wouldn’t have had to go through you or anyone else now would she, unless Mack had cut her off like she did others. Just because Kreuk continues to ignore you, even after 5 years of your hit pieces, doesn’t mean that she ignored Mack. You didn’t know Cami had turned on Raniere so continued to leave her full name on your site and publish her picture even though she had been an underage victim of the man you call a “monster.”

    And your grudge against Kreuk for not coming out publicly when YOU wanted her to doesn’t pass the smell test, because Oxenberg and Edmondson and Vicente and Ames and Piesse weren’t willing to come out publicly then either. Remember Edmondson was trying to hide and wrote in her book that the first thing she did was tell her assistant to scrub all her social media of NXIVM mentions and Oxenberg too said that she didn’t want to go public so none of them were using their social media platforms to publicize the evils of NXIVM, inform the world about DOS, or their past association with the cult. Catherine even downplayed the extent of her own involvement with NXIVM when she was hitting the media circuit back in fall 2017.

    And if Sarah Edmondson is willing to publicly go to bat for Kreuk against you, why are you really all out of sorts when Edmondson is not? And since Edmondson, Ames, Piesse, both Oxenbergs, Nevares, and other ex-NXIANS publicly follow Kreuk and not you, it seems you are the one they have issues with. Why do you think that is?

    • Hi, Spanky, crawled out from under your rock to give Frank Parlato and good talking to?

      If only Kristin Kreuk spoke out for her “friend” (Edmondson) like you do for this selfish woman who would not urinate on your leg if it was engulfed in flames, this conversation would not be taking place.

      Now stop guzzling halal soy milk down your gullet with the same intensity that Kristin Kreuk runs away from moral duty and find your testicles. They are weak, like Kristin Kreuk’s aged ovaries.

      • Sultan I believe this is tantamount to a white glove slapped across the face. If you want me to act as your second, let me know.

        • Sorry Frank, Not Sultan. And I try to never knowingly respond to Odious Omar or Psycho Sultan. As far as I’m concerned, they both belong in the loony bin. But I’m still waiting for your promised response to my previous comment. The fact that you bothered to respond to this when I added the kreuk content just reinforces my belief that you only respond to that stimuli?

          Are you going to answer the questions about Mack and where is your letter of support? Isn’t it due by tomorrow? I remember you posted Clare’s letter of support seemingly weeks before her sentencing, why are Allison’s coming in so late?

          • Frank Parlato
            June 23, 2021 at 8:21 pm

            ” I do not recall writing a letter of support for Clare”

            Sorry, that’s not what I meant. You and Joe were writing (ridiculing) the letters that had been submitted in support of Clare, I recall, at least a week or two prior to her sentencing date, so I was asking why the letters of support for Allison are only due 5 days before her sentencing?

          • — Psycho Sultan.

            Says the stalking psycho who knows that I posted on the Rick Ross cult forum even though I NEVER USED MY ALIAS THERE. Says the stalking psycho who claims to know all the aliases I posted with here because of the familiarity of my writing.

            I posted on the Rick Ross cult forum way back around 2010-ish (maybe even earlier) or so. How can that be? Please tell me how someone who isn’t involved in some manner with 1) Kristin Kreuk and 2) the cult would know something like that? Because that’s THE ONLY REASON I posted there.


            It’s rich that you — or the same few (or less) who post his/her/their anti-Kreuk rants here — call someone else psycho.

            I do find it “laughable” that the same micro-penised anti-Kreuker who has been saying the same trash for years went on his repetitively boring, mental, racist, verbal, wank-off once again and called you me. Two psychos thinking a normal guy is a psycho. Isn’t that fucking ironic?

            Sometimes when you deal with psychos, you get dragged down to their level. It’s a warning that should be heeded like in the famous saying, “Never argue with stupid people. They’ll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

            The way you people are obsessed with me, you’d think I prevented you from getting the girl and/or I got her.

            Too fucking bad.

          • To Sultan of Six,

            “Sometimes when you deal with psychos, you get dragged down to their level. It’s a warning that should be heeded…”

            Are you insinuating we’ve all become crazy from dealing with you?

            It’s a rather intriguing theory. I’ll have to ask my psychiatrist.

          • Sultan 9:15pm

            “What don’t you get anymore? I DON’T CARE.” – Sultan 8:54 am June 23

            You managed to not care for over 12 hours! That’s a good start and fairly impressive. Let’s shoot for a full 24 hours next time.

  • Doing nothing is still a decision. Its a decision towards what ultimately happens due to the choice of inaction. In voting that means by default you voted for the victor. In choosing to not help a once friend, may have prevented them from seeking help. That is the problem with not doing, it makes gives the false sense of “I am not responsible for what happened for I did nothing.” But hopefully, somewhere in Kruek’s mind is this constant drumbeat of “but what if….” I doubt it but one can hope.

    As for those that go “why does this matter?”. Its simple. What if she actually succeeded? A double whammy of Kruek and Mack condemning NXIVM and Raniere likely would mean things like the “Dossier Project”, “NXIVM Five” and more wouldn’t exist. The deathblow would have been total.

    Of course she likely would have failed, but what is considering talking a phone call or letter, its low amount of effort for a great deal of potential reward – like say her friend not looking at over a decade of jail time. Seems like an easy, effortless trade worth attempting to me over the “risk” of bad publicity which is clearly what was driving her inaction. How it could have been worse beats the hell out of me since her name is constantly brought up in regards to NXIVM anyway and doing something is always better PR.

    Kristin Kruek chose the selfish route of inaction. I don’t care what kind of fan someone is of her, it should bother them. That is not something they should strive to defend but condemn. We as a society keep finding ways to excuse inaction as an honorable or even righteous choice based on “circumstances”, “understand their perspective”, and “but trauma” and other excuses. Being a good citizen of the world means weighing the greater good of inaction vs action and in this Kruek utterly failed. She showed the type of person she is and sadly its the old reframe of “looking out for #1.”

  • Imho Kristen is truly a shy and private person. The kind of scrutiny that thrusting herself back into the fray would bring her was probably more than she personally could handle. Does that make her weak? Or self-protective?

    Then you have Nicki who is comfortable gyrating and doing contortions in front of men in prison on a public street nightly.

    Nicki, who has created at least 4 websites dedicated to freeing Raniere. Nicki, who appeared on Dateline NBC to defend the cult leader. Nicki, who is trying to monetize her active social media.

    Nicki, who was Allison’s wife.

    Why didn’t Nicki come out strongly in support or defense of Allison? If anything, Nicki has undermined the narrative that Allison was victimized and deserves a lenient sentence.

    But as always Nicki gets a pass on Frank Report.

    Why attack Kreuk who did none of the dastardly and criminal deeds? And left Nxivm of her own accord?

    And, oh yeah… Wasn’t MARRIED to Allison.

    Seems like a personal grudge.

  • In fairness, the group was dangerous. By helping you out, Kreuk might of got in serious harms way. It’s like asking somebody to help take on the mafia. You are a brave man Frank, more so than most people. I don’t think I could have done what you have done. I think the rest of us are ok with being moderately brave than save the world brave.

  • I call foul! You answered LaLa / Sultan’s questions but not mine! I obviously need to add more Kruekie to my comment recipe. Let me try again with some additional Kruekie to get you salivating

    “One day, Allison may look back and be thankful that I exposed her and that she was ultimately arrested.”

    You wrote that in 2019 but considering the despairing tone of your article here, do you still think Allison will be thankful that you exposed her?

    Also back in 2019, you wrote that Allison would likely get a prison sentence of “5 years more or less.” So why are you acting all shocked now saying you thought she’d get probation or only 2-3 years?

    Also if you are going to lament about the public’s exaggerated view of Allison’s evil, don’t you think you should man up and accept the role you played in helping to shape the public’s view, seeing as you were the one who wrote and gave interviews claiming Allison’s initials were in the brand and that she was “second in command” and in charge of DOS, entered into a fake marriage and introduced corporal punishment into DOS???? I mean, if you want to claim credit for helping to take down NXIVM, don’t you think you should take some responsibility for all of the misinformation you helped spread along the way as well???? [additional Kreukie comment here ]– OTHERWISE YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN KRISTIN KOOK. ACTUALLY, YOU ARE WORSE BECAUSE WHILE SHE CALLS HERSELF AN ACTRESS WHICH MEANS SHE SPENDS HER TIME PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING SHE IS NOT, YOU ACTUALLY CLAIM TO BE AN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, SO FACTS ARE SUPPOSED TO MATTER TO YOU AND WHEN YOU PUBLISH SOMETHING THAT IS WRONG, YOU NEED TO POST RETRACTIONS, LIKE A REAL MAN, NOT LIKE SOME HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS!!!

    BTW, maybe you don’t remember this, but previously, you claimed that Kreuk HAD worked behind the scenes to get Mack out, and one of your insiders also posted that Kreuk had tried for years to get Mack out and even staged multiple interventions. Anyway, wouldn’t it be hard for anyone to get Mack out if she wasn’t communicating with them? Here’s a quote from the Hollywood Reporter article on Mack:

    “A close friend and former roommate of Mack’s, who previously had rebuffed her solicitations, agreed to have lunch with her, only to find that the rendezvous was actually an ESP recruitment meeting. “They wanted to have an image of success, so it was at a multimillion-dollar property overlooking the ocean in the Pacific Palisades,” he says. “You drive up and immediately see the wealth.” Mack told him that she would pay for his courses. Instead, he confronted her and told her she was in a cult. “If you used that word, you were done,” he says. “You were excommunicated from her life.”

    Based on some of Mack’s convention panels that I watched in 2017, Mack made it clear that she wasn’t speaking to Kreuk anymore and also back in June 2017, one of your readers posted this about Mack:

    “Her non-espian friends have reached out to her. She has not responded to any of their emails or calls. She knows that if she says anything she has to lie or tell the truth. She will NEVER tell the truth. Her mom and dad have been brainwashed by Keith. They spend Christmas with Raniere and the harem where her Dad gives singing lessons and is made to feel special. They have no idea how fucked up this is. If someone got a hold of her brother or his wife that might be the ONLY hope. I doubt her brother’s wife would want her anywhere near her young children if she knew what Allison was doing behind closed doors.”

    • I will answer your questions. La La Lad Esq. asked ahead of you – so I answered him first. You are next. And thanks for the questions.

      • Anon said you had previously reported that Kreuk HAD tried to get Mack out and had staged interventions. Is that true? If so why are you now saying she did nothing?

        • HA!

          Spanky is back using his “Carl Basset” alias!

          You have so many aliases, you forgot how you spelt “Carl” and would sometimes type “Karl”!

          How about bringing back your “Rowan” alias!?

          • Someone posting as “Anonymous” criticising someone else for using an alias. Priceless. Also, no I am not and never was Sultan, but resorting to ad hom attacks is always useful deflection when you don’t want to actually answer questions or acknowledge facts, isn’t it?

        • Hi, Spanky!

          When one does NOT have an alias, their comments fall under “Anonymous” which is NOT an alias.

          Why do you continue to white knight NXIVM cultist Korona Kreuk when twenty years later, you still do not have her vaginal juices on your thin wheenus?

        • Spanky, projecting your sexless existence on others will not help you.

          You are actually an incel.

          And very likely a forty-something virgin.

          Not only do you not have Korona Kreuk’s vaginal juices on your useless husk of a phallus, you also do not have her saliva on it either.

          So much wasted life!

          Inshallah more of your kind don’t breed!

    • You don’t seem to like it that Parlato calls himself an investigative journalist.

      Investigate + Journalism = Investigative Journalist. But whatever.

      Are you that loser, JRule31, on Reddit who keeps complaining about Parlato being an investigative journalist?

      You seem to have a hatred for this man and an obsession with the Pak Choy actress. Perhaps the two are linked?

      Because Parlato calls out Kreuk and you are a spanker or THE spanker who worships Kreuk…

      • They aren’t the only one, many others think the same. Why would you assume only one poster on Reddit would question Frank’s “investigative journalism”. Do your own due diligence..aka INVESTIGATION.

  • Frank –

    If you’re trying to drive Sultan of Six over the edge — you just did it.

    My guess is the Frank Report’s, very own, Pakistani Mark David Chapman will be coming to your residence shortly…

    …And it won’t be to deliver one of those delectable hummus pizzas.

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