Hostile Commenter Questions My Relationship With Catherine Oxenberg and Sarah Edmondson

Catherine Oxenberg

An anoymous commenter, who was not interested in reading my interview with sex offenders, had this to say:

How about [if] you interview Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, and others on the record? Back in summer 2017, instead of doing it themselves, they used you and your blog to get out the story they wanted to be told.  How about they return the favor?

I know you were equally motivated to see your former employers and their destructive criminal enterprise destroyed, and if you hadn’t been indicted, you wouldn’t have bothered writing about the cult, but still, without your willingness to post whatever they and others shared with you back then, we would have had to wait until the New York Times finally published its piece to find out the horrors of DOS.

Oxenberg and Edmondson, in particular, have given interviews to seemingly whoever and wherever, so why not the Frank Report, the site they used to expose DOS???? …If they are worried you will mischaracterize or edit their interviews, they could do video interviews…

What’s happening with India’s memoir, supposedly being shopped by Foundry Literary + Media?

Any update on the release date for the HBO documentary? Is Frank going to be cut out of it because of… .?

Why didn’t they include Cami in the [Nxivm civil] lawsuit? And why did they include Karen Unterreiner but not Kristin Keeffe [as defendants]? And why did they include Nicki and Allison [as defendants] when they don’t have any money and Edmondson and Vicente were directly or indirectly responsible for recruiting them and surely made more money off of the cult than those two woeful, hapless women?

There are a lot of questions here – but I will try to answer them.

As for the HBO series on Nxivm, I do not know when it will air. The coronavirus pandemic has delayed a lot of films. I am told I am in the series and was not “cut out of it.”  I do not worry about such things as whether I appear or not in someone’s documentary.

I made my own film, “The Lost Women of Nxivm”, which premiered on Investigation Discovery in the USA on December 8, 2019 – and then subsequently aired around the world. As a result of the success of the film, I have been asked to make additional films including the investigation of several suspicious deaths which are non-Nxivm related.

India Oxenberg

As for India’s memoir, I have never spoken to India in my life and have no desire to ask her about her book. Possibly she thought better of it.  I do not know if there is any advantage of her telling the tale of her abuse, as opposed to moving on with her life.

I am more interested in my own book. I have been approached by a leading agent, who asked me to write a book proposal and secure a publisher and an advance. I have chosen not to write a book proposal, but rather to complete the book first. Then, if I am satisfied with it, I’ll shop it around or publish it myself.  The advantage of self-publishing is that the profit per book is significantly higher and the author controls every aspect of the book and its ancillary rights.  From my perspective, it is more important to write the book and make it precisely what I want it to be rather than do a book proposal, get an advance and then be beholden to a publisher and their potentially shifting focus demands.

Even if I ultimately agree to have my work published by a publisher other than myself, I want to have the book completed first. This permits a publisher to accept the work as written or make suggestions that are mutually agreed upon prior to signing a publishing agreement.

When a book is sold with a mere book proposal, and an advance is accepted, the publisher has a great deal of influence in how the book ultimately is written. That influence is going to manifest itself in writing the book based on what is likely to sell the most copies and not necessarily in telling the story as accurately as possible.

It is my plan – and I am working on it presently – to write a genuine and authoritative history of Nxivm and not a memoir, as the other books on Nxivm have been so far.

Neil Glazer is the lead attorney for a lawsuit against Nxivm leaders.

As for why Cami is not a defendant in the Neil Glazer lawsuit, where he represents some 80 plaintiffs against about 15 Nxivm leaders, I believe that it is because Cami’s sister, Dani, is one of chief plaintiffs. I doubt Dani would be willing to sue her sister.

I also don’t think Cami is a pivotal defendant since she has no money and her role in victimizing others was not significant.

As for the reason why Karen U is a defendant and Kristin Keeffe is not is, I believe that Kristin was a former client of Glazer’s.

Karen, though she likely has no money, probably has a treasure trove of information about Raniere that might be valuable in discovery or at trial. Karen was with him the longest – and, although others have claimed it, Karen is probably patient [or victim] zero.

She was snagged by Raniere when she was 17 and spent 40 years with him. Conversely, it was Kristin, who spent about 22 years with Raniere, who first interested Glazer in pursuing the lawsuit against Nxivm leaders.  I believe it would be a conflict of interest for Glazer to sue his former client. In addition, Kristin, while being an inner circle member, left Nxivm before it imploded, and did a lot to help take down Raniere. She was one of the main whistleblowers and worked closely with the prosecution in their trial preparation.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and “spouse,” Nicki Clyne.

As for including Allison and Nicki as defendants in the lawsuit, despite the fact that they likely do not have any money, I would guess that by being defendants, their depositions will be important. In addition, they have name value for publicity purposes.

The real money players in this lawsuit are obviously the Bronfman sisters. Although Raniere may have some of the $8 million he inherited from Pam Cafritz still available for plaintiffs to attach.

Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman are obviously the main defendants that plaintiffs hope to collect money from in the Glazer lawsuit.
As far as Mark Vicente, Catherine Oxenberg or Sarah Edmondson interviewing with me, the fact is I have not asked them to interview after the takedown of Raniere and co.  We did our job, working together, to take down Nxivm – and that is sufficient.

Our work went on for months before and months after the New York Times story.

Catherine and Sarah have mentioned me in their books and that is a better on the record statement than any interview could be, in my opinion.

Catherine wrote Captive: A Mother’s Crusade, published by Simon and Schuster. In it, she tells the story of how her then 27-year-old daughter, India, was enslaved and branded – and what Catherine did to get her out.

She wrote that she came to me as the only voice speaking out against Nxivm to break the news of the branding and blackmailing of women.

Four months after I broke the story Catherine gave me, the New York Times published their story and credited me with making NXIVM members aware that women were being branded, which, it turned out, allowed many of them to escape.

The Times wrote, “many of Mr. Raniere’s followers learned of the secret society [DOS] from a website run by a Buffalo-area businessman, Frank R. Parlato Jr. Mr. Parlato had been locked in a long legal battle with two sisters, Sara and Clare Bronfman, who are members of Nxivm and the daughters of Edgar Bronfman, the deceased chairman of Seagram Company….

“In early June [2017], Mr. Parlato published the first in a torrent of salacious posts under the headline, ‘Branded Slaves and Master Raniere.’”

The Times story also interested the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY. The FBI opened an investigation that led to the arrest of Raniere, Mack, Clare Bronfman, Lauren and Nancy Salzman and Kathy Russell.

Oxenberg’s book gave never before published details of our roles in working together to take down the cult, including our first meeting when she came to Niagara Falls.

In her acknowledgments at the end of her book, Oxenberg wrote about the worldwide media attention that followed our efforts:

She writes, “I’m grateful to the members of the media for the relentless coverage given to exposing the atrocities of NXIVM, helping to generate much needed public outrage. Thanks to Barry Meier [NY Times], Liz McNeil [People], Brendon Lyons [Albany Times Union], Megyn Kelly [Today Show], Glenn Ruppel [20-20], Elizabeth Vargas [20-20], Tim Uehlinger [Dateline], Chemene Pelzer [Today Show], John Filimon [Producer], Alicia Powers [Inside Edition], Scott Thompson [Publicist] and many more. And a very special thanks to Frank Parlato: because of your tireless efforts, hundreds defected and escaped the horrors of branding and slavery.”

In her inscription in her book written personally to me, Oxenberg wrote, “You were the gunpowder, the canon, and much more in blowing NXIVM to smithereens. I owe you a debt of gratitude for your indefatigable offensive opposing one of the world’s most devious rascals [Raniere].”

I was also mentioned in Sarah Edmondson’s book, Scarred. 

She wrote:

Mark [Vicente] had told the actress Catherine Oxenberg about the branding and the intricacies of DOS. We’d deduced that Catherine’s daughter, India, was in DOS as a slave under Allison Mack. Catherine was in mama bear mode to get her out.

Catherine begged me to tell my story to a reporter named Frank Parlato, who’d been in a long legal fight with the Bronfman sisters. He had once been hired by the Bronfmans to do some PR, but the Bronfmans ended up suing him. Since then, he’d made it his life’s work to uncover information about the workings of NXIVM and blog about it. Under the condition that he would not disclose my name, I told Frank about my branding experience, so that he could expose DOS in time to stop the next session. From my hotel room in Toronto, I told Frank everything. Releasing that secret was the biggest relief so far.

We were successful. The word about Frank’s blog spread in the community, and because of this heat, the next branding ceremony was called off….

Everyone was reading Frank’s blog… Espians had started to put together what had happened [about DOS]. I was redirecting phone calls to Ariella, one of the proctors in Vancouver, who was a dear friend. She’d never been a chief enroller in NXIVM, but now— disgusted about the branding—she was very good at de-enrolling people from the community. She didn’t have any collateral on the line and was happy to tell them everything that was going on. Ariella became my mouthpiece.

She texted me: Can you please talk to Beth? She is supposed to move to Albany and doesn’t believe the Frank Report. She was referring to Frank Parlato’s blog.

Sure, I texted back. … “I am at work,” she said when I called her. “Let me step out, and I’ll call you right back.”

When she did, she had many questions and I tried to direct her to the Frank Report. “But it can’t be true, right?” she said. “I mean—branding? I’m supposed to move to Albany and this shit is scary.”

Her question sent me over the edge. “For fuck’s sake, Beth—do you need to see my brand?”

She was silent on the line.

“Do not move to Albany. Trust me.” I hung up the phone, shaking, thinking I had saved another woman from the trap I had just escaped from.

Instead, I found out a few hours later from Melanie, another DOS slave who came to me for help after she read Frank’s blog, that not only was Beth in DOS, but she was Melanie’s master, and had already been branded…

I got into NXIVM because I wanted to help others, to evolve the world, and live and work among an empowered community of women. … twelve years later, by developing the support I needed to come forward and share what happened, I stopped … women from being branded. I’ll never know how many women gained the information they needed to end their association with Keith Raniere because I, along with Mark, Bonnie, Nippy, and Catherine Oxenberg, had come forward with what we knew. Each of us, including Frank Parlato, Barry Meier, and many other journalists over the years have played an important role in exposing the darkness behind NXIVM’s front of “personal development.”

In both Catherine and Sarah’s books, they credit me with at least as an important, if not more important role than the New York Times in saving women from being branded and in exposing Nxivm and DOS to Nxivm members.

At this moment in time, I do not think there is much more work to do with them. I do not think I need to interview them.

I consider Mark, Sarah, and Catherine my friends – friends I made by fighting the monster together with them. These kinds of friendships have their own kind of special meaning.  It does not require on-the-record interviews or entail worriment about mischaracterizations. It has already been through the test of authenticity in a real battle. It is not quite the same as a media interview, recounting the tale after the battle was won.


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  • The mad spanker has once again shit all over this article’s comments section. We want to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule of stalking Kruek and talking to underage little girls on the Internet to comment here once again.

    • Thanks for the WARNING.
      We all admire your fabulous powers of deduction, which are only exceeded by your imagination.
      And more thanks for not sharing your racist and homoerotic fantasies. Maybe you are growing up…at last.

      • Are you still not having sexual intercourse with a real human woman, Spanky/Hasif? Are you still putting your face in the dirt and your brown ass in the air, five times a day, begging allah for a vagina for you to penetrate? 🤭 You must of let a LOT of low-t semen drip through your fingers over the years, with all that penile stroking. Perhaps you can put it in your weekly curry, for it’s cumin-like stench.

  • Frank,

    One of the many things I love about the Frank Report is the fact, not only do you publish all comments, you take the time to respond to all intelligently written articulate critical and skeptical comments.

    You don’t act in a highhanded dismissive way. You respond head on and address the grievances to your articles or point of view.

    Your actions show your respect for journalistic integrity. I sincerely mean that.

    Take care!

    May you catch a Marlin this month! 😉

    • “you publish all comments”

      How would you know if Frank publishes ALL comments or not. Just because Frank posts or responds to some “hostile” comments, wouldn’t necessarily mean that he posts all of the critical or “hostile” comments. LOL

    • May you catch some courage and call my radio show this month. LOL

      On a side note, think you can ask the missus if she’ll lend me a few benjamins? My POS Wilbar pool sprung a leak and it’s a mess. LOL

      Been counting on the PPP money, but got denied because of my damn negative number on the Schedule C. F***ing communist bastards running this land. LOL

      (Call me)

      • Obviously, a fake ghost of Scott. The real ghost of Scott knows that NiceGuy 666 couldn’t catch the coronavirus in a nursing home. Courage? Fugetaboutit. LOL

      • A service in support of Scott Johnson.

        Well, if it helps.

        Quote from Scott Johnson, December 19, 2019, at 6:12 a.m:

        “We can take questions from callers, just provide the last four digits of the
        telephone number you’re calling from and call 347-237-4097 at 8:15 pm
        Eastern time Saturday to go over the ground rules. Be prepared to
        answer questions as well.”

        Can anyone be moved to call Scott, even if it’s out of pity?
        Doesn’t he deserve to be rewarded once?

        • Get in line, we’ve had a lot of great guests and have at least the next three weeks already booked. LOL

          • Now the guest list will be so long that the show will definitely be booked out for half a year.

  • “As for including Allison and Nicki as defendants in the lawsuit, despite the fact that they likely do not have any money, I would guess that by being defendants, their depositions will be important. In addition, they have name value for publicity purposes.”

    I doubt it’s that, they had Lauren for this…and in her case, they had money to make.
    I suspect unhealthy hate by some of the “victims” who ignored the trial and the information showing that Allison, for example, is no different than them…well actually, she was even abused more seriously than them!

    Also, I suspect that the idiots behind this civil lawsuit (idiot enough to ignore that it makes their allegations in the trial be less powerful as they commit perjury) are still thinking that because they are actresses, they must have tons of money…

    Allison is broke with most of her retirement gone for the retribution that she signed with her plea deal…the victims who obtained this still want more.

    They ignore the victim and just go full in for the greed, ignoring the suffering that another victim received.

    Sadly, they will damage all the work that Allison is trying to do for her healing (and they become as bad as Raniere by obsessing over her and doing their best to destroy her) but financially, they won’t get a dime.

    “Mark [Vicente] had told the actress Catherine Oxenberg about the branding and the intricacies of DOS. We’d deduced that Catherine’s daughter, India, was in DOS as a slave under Allison Mack. Catherine was in mama bear mode to get her out.”
    And he was wrong for most of it…he knew Allison was a victim and he accepted that Allison was accused.
    What a “hero”…what a pathetic loser is this loser.

    But the 2 ladies are just no better.

    “I consider Mark, Sarah, and Catherine my friends”
    Great friends they are…
    A pathetic moron who defended the monster ignoring the destruction of a poor young victim and blaming her afterward.
    A ridiculous “actress” who used everyone for her greed but when feeling the danger coming, decided to play victim and accused a REAL VICTIM
    A mother who dragged her daughter into a cult, knowing the risk but it’s fine…she managed to blame in on a victim so it’s ok!
    Now, her daughter who committed the same things as the victim they accused is seen as a pure victim while she committed the same and worst.

    And when the other victims (they accused) is defended by the truth, they chose to act like mental manipulation (which is an excuse of cat for her daughter) is only working for India (while no witness confirms she was (we know she was but there isn’t an official proof) and Allison was, of course, doing it willingly despite the proof…

    Sarah continues to accuse the brand to be Allison’s doing despite the proof of the contrary
    Mark continued to serve Raniere seeing Allison being destroyed by Raniere and seeing India was starting to have the same treatment as Allison…
    He continues until it smelled bad for him and decided to blame everything on a victim…
    Cat was way too happy to use Allison as an excuse for her mistake, allowing her to avoid taking responsibility to consider any kind of fact displayed by the court.

    GREAT people there!

    • Salzman doesn’t have nearly the same influence as the semi-famous actresses for publicity purposes, and we know it’s ALL about publicity. LOL

      They will have access to future earnings, not just her present wealth, or lack thereof. Broke people, especially famous/semi-famous people, are sued to go after future earnings. Ask former Buffalo Bills football player OJ Simpson. LOL

      Mack probably could have saved herself by flipping earlier. She blew it. LOL

  • “And why did they include Nicki and Allison [as defendants] when they don’t have any money ”

    Even if Mack and Clyne lack money they can still be held liable in a civil suit for the many injuries they inflicted on people.
    The issue of the defendants’ wealth is irrelevant to their guilt in civil or criminal cases.
    And Raniere, who also lacks assets in his own name, is also being sued.
    Civil damages should be an extra disincentive to people not to callously and wantonly abuse other people the way the NXIVM Gangsters did.

    Did the NXIVM leaders hesitate to sue Rick Ross into bankruptcy with 14 years of litigation?

    • I see you still live in your little fantasy, ignoring the facts… a fantasy where Allison inflicted injuries while the Truth is that she never did.
      All this while being a victim of those injuries you have decided to see on others but the REAL VICTIM.

      I still advise you to get serious mental help and potentially to read the court info while not under the influence…nutjob!

    • Broke people are sued to go after future earnings. Ask former Buffalo Bills football player OJ Simpson. LOL

  • “And why did they include Nicki and Allison [as defendants] when they don’t have any money?”

    In Tort or personal injury law, one can be sued for damages even if one does not have a nickel to one’s name.
    Who knows?
    Maybe Allison or Nicki will win the Mega Millions or Power Ball and then those lottery winnings will go to the plaintiffs.

  • Sarah Edmondson said: “From my hotel room in Toronto, I told Frank everything”.

    What was Sarah Edmondson doing in Toronto? Was there a NXIVM center or affiliated group there?

    NXIVM cultist Kristin Kreuk lives in Toronto.

    Frank, you said Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg asked Kreuk to help with the fight against NXIVM, but Kreuk said “NO”.

    Did Sarah Edmondson ask Kristin Kreuk for help in person? Is it likely that Kreuk saw Edmondson’s brand for herself, around May 2017, before Frank Report broke the branding/DOS story?

    • Around 2017, Kreuk still had her “good girl” reputation, despite many people knowing she spent years in a so-called “sex cult.” When the DOS branding went public, that threatened to make Nxivm headline news and highlight Kreuk’s involvement which would damage her good rep.

      Kreuk hadn’t been branded, but speaking out then would tie her unfairly to DOS in the public’s mind because she was the most famous of Nxivm’s minor celebs and her name and face would be featured in every story. So instead, she (and her PR team) decided to lay low and make that famous vague statement. Her PR plan seems to have worked reasonably well.

      Did Kreuk feel threatened by Nxivm?
      Even though Kreuk didn’t supply DOS-type collateral, Keith and Nancy did have EM “confessions” to use against Kreuk to keep her from speaking out. Plus who knows what intimate (even sexual) material Keith, Nancy, and Hildreth might have obtained (with or without her consent) during her 6 plus years of mindfucking. Or salacious false rumors might easily be believed about an “actress in a sex cult.” Even gossip about normal intimate sex acts could have been used to threaten to harm a private Kreuk with a good reputation and a semi-successful career…all of which could be easily and forever damaged by Nxivm’s money and vengefulness.

      • Kreuk was in NXIVM for at least ten years, not six. From 2006 to at least 2016. She lied by pretending she had left in 2013, using moving to Toronto that year as an excuse to pretend she cut the cord. She has since been caught out for lying. Even Sarah Edmondson lied about Kreuk leaving in 2013 to protect her, even though Kreuk did nothing for her when (according to Frank) she asked for help. Sarah Edmondson even “liked” a Facebook post dated May 2015 thanking Kreuk (and Lucus Roberts and Mark Vicente) for her her “encouragement” on his NXIVM course. Kreuk is quiet because she cannot honestly say she knew of nothing wrong until the branding. Thankfully, Frank Report is good at exposing NXIVM cowards.

        • Just because you keep repeating these same sentences every time you make a comment on Kreuk doesn’t make them true.

          • Has the Chinese Virus not got you yet SultanOfShit? That’s a shame. Which commentator are you referring to, to use the term “keep repeating”? And nothing above is false, it is all true. And you still have not got Kristin Gook’s vaginal juices on your useless husk of a fallus. Is that little brown thing a microcock or a clit?

          • You mean American Virus created in a lab as biowarfare against the Chinese by racist looks like you? That’s right. We know where the genetically modified virus came from.

          • Aww. Am I still living rent free in the tiny mind of the racist troll? Look at the crying, cowardly bigot, still shedding his virtual tears. Still whining about when Kreuk left, like anyone would give what a liar as his own worst enemy says is the truth the time of day. Still calling out all NXIVM members who turned against it. Still pretending like he’s not the same person who posts the same shit, different day. Still thinking no one is smart enough to figure out his dumb, trolling game. Still thinking his low level, impotent insults could hurt anyone with even the slightest bit of dignity and give him a “victory” in one he already lost a hundred innings ago. Still posting about vagina “juices” (I mean really, how old is he mentally and emotionally?), masturbation, and other men’s penises, because being the sociopathic chicken that he is, women run right away from him like the plague, and no matter how small he imagines the dicks of real men unlike him to be, they’ll always be much bigger than the cock–virtual or otherwise–that he doesn’t have.

          • lol, Hasif, it don’t take much to trigger you! So is it a nay or yay, do you still slap the halal salami until the skin peels off, to Kristin Crooked?

        • Actors are good liars. Their jobs depend on lying in front of the camera and doing it well. Successful actors have to be good liars. Those who make thousands or even millions of dollars “working” (which is a joke) have probably gotten so used to it and so good at it who knows when they’re telling the truth, even to themselves? They probably believe their own lies as truth. Cults also tell their members to lie about their involvement to outsiders, so it should surprise no one that so many actors have fit right in at cults such as Scientology and NXIVM like interlocking puzzle pieces.

      • Kristin Crook(ed) was the most famous only because she was the hottest, not because of any acting talent. Now that she’s going gray, she can garner more sympathy. Who wants to go after an old hag? LOL

    • Some of you people should really read Edmondson’s book. Edmondson’s grandfather lived in Toronto and was dying of cancer; so she was going to say goodbye to him and it was a good excuse for her to get out Albany while her husband staged their public breakup with the cult.

      The first thing Edmondson said she did when she arrived in Toronto was ask her assistant to scrub everything about NXIVM from her Linkedin page, all her social media, and her website. So I doubt she would have asked her friend to publicize her involvement with the cult while she, Oxenberg, and Vicente were hiding on Frank’s blog and trying to stay anonymous. And how would you know where Kreuk was living May 2017 unless you are a creepy stalker like your equally obsessed twin Sultan/Hammad. According to IMDB, the CW series that filmed in Toronto ended in 2016.

      Besides, Frank admitted recently that HE was the one who wanted Kreuk’s help and requested it via Edmondson. And although Frank has repeatedly complained about Kreuk not using her name to “ensure publicity” during those “long months” when he was the only one writing about NXIVM, that complaint is ridiculous based on the fact that Oxenberg, Vicente, and Edmondson weren’t using their names or their social media platforms to ensure publicity and warn women about DOS or publicly support what Frank was writing on this site. When Oxenberg spoke to the writer at the NY Times, she even asked if he could expose the cult without naming India. And since Catherine was certainly able to get publicity for herself in the fall of 2017, imagine if she had used her Twitter and personal blog in the summer of 2017 to publicize the horrors of DOS and announce that her daughter was a branded sex slave instead of merely retweeting a picture of herself as Amanda Carrington or tweeting about her sex film or promoting her blog that contained no mentions of cults or Raniere,

      • — Some of you people should really read Edmondson’s book

        Some of “you people” should just the STFU about some other people because you don’t know WTF you’re talking about.

        — And how would you know where Kreuk was living May 2017 unless you are a creepy stalker like your equally obsessed twin Sultan/Hammad.

        “Equally”? Is that still your ignorant, mentally challenged assessment?

        But what an ironic comment coming from an anonymous blowhard who keeps calling out and posting the alleged real name of someone who has never used it here! Saying that, I’d like to know what your definition of a stalker is—especially when it comes to someone who has always been anti the cult, one of main real life purposes of which was actually a means to predation for its leader and others associated with it—an oft used online negative appellation of those who have an ax to grind with the other.

        Besides, you don’t need to be a “stalker” to know Kreuk said she had moved to Toronto at that point. Just someone who knew who she was and read a particular interview of hers.

      • I don’t think Frank was asking Kristin Crook(ed) to use her real name, he just wanted to know what she knew. Just like the others who hid behind their identities for personal, selfish reasons, and why most people on this website don’t use their real names, even after it’s essentially all over, and has been for over two years. LOL

        Imagine if the NXIVM 9 had exposed Raniere over a decade ago on their blog and twitter account. LOL

      • Why do you get so emotional about Kristin Kreuk? You always respond if her name crops up and write a long essay. Are you a super fan, associate or lesbian? Take a chill pill. It has been posted here before that Kreuk lives in Toronto. Frank has said Sarah Edmondson and Catherine Oxenberg asked for Kreuk’s help. And you are unable to answer the questions posted above, so shut up.

  • Great read, Mr. Parlato. I started reading a little bit more about the One Touch Cult on Google. I look forward to reading more about this on Frank Report.
    Many blessings to you and everyone here in the comments section; you all are great and very entertaining.

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