Toni Natalie’s Role in the Fight Against Keith Raniere

Toni Natalie played an important role in the takedown of Keith Alan Raniere, her former lover.

Yesterday, I posted Toni Natalie’s Complete Statement at Clare Bronfman’s Sentencing Hearing.

Longtime readers of this publication know I have criticized Toni on occasion, particularly shortly after the trial of Keith Alan Raniere concluded last year.

While I do not agree with everything Toni has done or said, I think, now that the battle is won, it is important to acknowledge that she played an important role in the takedown of Nxivm.

Toni Natalie with Keith Raniere. For a time in the 90s, Toni was Keith’s “public girlfriend.”

Toni Natalie knew Keith Raniere in the 1990s before Nxivm was created and Raniere’s Consumers’ Buyline was still in operation. She left in 1998 when Nxivm was just beginning and after Consumers’ Buyline went belly up.

She wrote a book about her experiences with Raniere called, “The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm.”

She was indisputably one of the first enemies of Keith Raniere, after a stint as his lover.

To her credit, she spoke out against him, notably quoted in the 2003 Forbes Magazine Story Cult of Personality, that had a lasting impact on Raniere and Nxivm [then called Executive Success Programs].

Until that story came out, Executive Success Programs was doing well. That story was the first controversy for the company. The Forbes story was a cover story and widely read.

Keith Raniere made the cover of Forbes. The story was supposed to be a positive piece on Raniere and Nancy Salzman. Toni Natalie helped spin it to a decidedly negative story.


After the Forbes story – which featured this lampoon of Raniere, he did not speak to the media again for 14 years.

After the Forbes story and through the years, Natalie continued to be available to the media – such as the Albany Times Union and the New York Post. She participated in Jim Odato’s searing expose, “Secrets of Nxivm” that appeared in the Times Union in 2012.

While these stories failed to prompt the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York to take action, the internet record they created undoubtedly dissuaded hundreds, maybe thousands of people from joining Nxivm. And kept Raniere from expanding as he hoped and was poised to do with Bronfman millions.

Natalie helped create the public [internet] record which exposed Raniere’s darkness. She was one of the first, along with Rick Ross, who criticized Raniere whenever they were called by the media.

In those early days, there was only Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, then came Joe O’Hara. Then, in 2009, the Nxivm 9 left and Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones were part of the opposition.

Heidi Hutchinson, who lost her sister, who was raped earlier by Raniere, to suicide or possibly murder, joined in the fight; she was the one who revealed Raniere’s pedophilia to the Times Union. Toni worked with Heidi to help get the story out.

No one can track what this really did. How many people who were approached by Nxivm recruiters to take the courses and who did an online search and found Toni Natalie or Rick Ross calling it a cult -and stayed away – is hard to measure.

We do know that Nxivm had a hard time recruiting in the USA and had to shift its energy to Mexico, where they don’t read much of the American media online.

During that time, reporters like Jim Odato and Chet Hardin and blogger John Tighe published many stories about the dark side of Raniere.

Still, it was not enough to stop them. After Tighe was arrested and Odato was sued by Nxivm, there was silence in the media about Nxivm.

In 2015, I began the Frank Report, and for a time I was the only one writing about Raniere or Nxivm. Still, nothing happened. Then in May 2017, Catherine Oxenberg contacted me to tell me her daughter was branded as a slave in a secret subgroup of Nxivm called DOS. With the help of Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente and others, I was able to break the branding story. This breakthrough helped crater the cult and hundreds left.

The New York Times picked up the story four months later and that prompted the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of NY to begin their investigation which ultimately led to the conviction of Raniere and others.

The two pioneer fighters of Keith Raniere — Toni Natalie and Rick Ross.

While some of Natalie’s claims in her book have been disputed, one thing not in dispute is that she was an enemy of Raniere’s and she fought back publicly and was available to anyone who wanted to fight him.  She was a pioneer in the fight and whether she relished that fight and provoked it at times – or like so many others who came to the fight reluctantly – she had to fight or be destroyed – she nevertheless did fight.

As for Raniere, he certainly considered Natalie one of the top three or four people he hoped to destroy. She might have even been the one he hated the most and the longest.

When I was a consultant in 2007- Raniere had three people he wanted to destroy, Ross, O’Hara, and Natalie. And this was nine years after Natalie left him.

In her book, Natalie gives three reasons for the ultimate downfall of Raniere: “The Internet, a mother’s love, and Frank Parlato.”

As to the mother, she is referring to Catherine Oxenberg, who fought valiantly to get her daughter away from Raniere.

The reference to me is my work through the Frank Report, in working with and encouraging defectors, and with reporters in the mainstream media to enlarge the story – starting with the NY Times.

As for the first of her three credits, it was Natalie herself who had a big role in exposing Raniere on that permanent record called the internet. I know when I first began reporting on Raniere, I depended on the internet record to build my case against him. Natalie was all over the internet and was a primary source for Raniere’s vileness.

Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg outside court after Raniere went down.

The breakthrough for me was the branding and blackmail story.  In fact, I recall calling Toni and telling her about it – only moments after I got the call from Catherine Oxenberg telling me about the horrific practices of DOS by the increasingly demented Keith Raniere.

Both Toni and I knew at once that not only was it likely to be true – but if it was true – this would be the undoing of the man who had tried to destroy her for almost two decades and more recently had tried to destroy me.

While Toni suggests that Clare or Keith might still come after her and I can’t rule it out, I think they will be pretty tied up over the next several years – about 81 months for Clare and probably for his lifetime for the man who hated her so much.

I think Toni can relax a little. Though she most likely has one more performance to make – at the sentencing of Keith Raniere.

Then, perhaps she can move on with her life as he goes on with his life in prison.


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  • There is a beautiful couch, stuffed into my heart with soft pillows for Mr. Ross. Almost since his work began to be public, his insights have been gold to me, for many years.

    But I would request that he take a long shower before relaxing on that couch inside my heart, after seeing him with Noni Tattlee’s torso clamped up onto his, with her talons upon his chest, handling his tie.

    Just joking about that shower. After the human zoo time though, it is refreshing to oxygenate one’s cells. Love any fucking how.

    • Is that one of the coin-tossing options of the I Ching, “love any fucking how” or is that some kind of a rewrite?

    • Everyone in this circle lies and continues to play the games Keith assigned to them. Some had decades long torture and harassment campaigns, others were just lied to and cheated out of money. What are the rules for which of you get a pass?

      What was the lie? It must be terrible, for the abuse the geriatric mean girl table of former cult members hurl at her.

      If there’s one thing Toni Natalie does, is illustrate how long it takes to undo the damage Keith Reniere creates, by his former minions continued campaigns against her.

      You’re not making Toni look bad, you just look stunted and petty. If the worst thing you have on her is that she lied about you or to you, that’s almost angelic in this cast of characters.

  • Not true that Toni assisted me in getting the pedophile story out. Again, we did not speak until after our interviews were complete, as Jim O’dato directed.

    Toni claimed at that point, at first, to me that she knew nothing about Keith having sexual relations with any other woman or girl. She later described some circumstances in detail that might have aroused the suspicions of most other women I know.

    I was also shocked when you told me, Frank, that it was Toni who exposed the whole pedophile story, found Rhiannon, etc. Not what I recall. Nor, again, was it my doing with or without Toni’s assistance. Some of the victims, including Rhianon, spontaneously contacted the TU independently, I believe.

    • Heidi, what you are saying about revisionist history being injected by people with motives like Toni Natalie’s, is how come I am uninterested in seeing The Vow. The game changing blah blah of ego restoration is so old and shallow, murky.

      You do not need anyone to tell you how or what to think or to feel about Raniere or his phony groupies. Gina is never forgotten. Never.

      • Most true, Shivani. Not speaking to “The Vow” but as to Toni and others, my biggest problem with revisionist egos is the more bull shit they heap on history, the deeper buried my sister’s “scepter” that someone once proclaimed had “opened before him to reveal the secrets of her murder.” Something like that.

        And, as you say, it is irksome when attempts are made to reshape one’s thoughts and feelings to fit a fictitious narrative.

  • If only this comment section didn’t give free reign to dim witted misogynists who live to sadistically taunt and gaslight victims and censor responses to it.

    That’s right. There are so many flawed characters in this story. Though I see Toni owning up and others never quite admitting any culpability or mistake.

    • Right on about giving free reign to misogynists, sadists, gas-lighters and censors. Who wants to post in an atmosphere of intimidation? Why would someone who has something personally vulnerable and truly newsworthy want to reveal it on a site like this that is filled with disdainful comments?

    • How long has Salzman been following Elliot? LOL

      After all, she was the primary person treating his condition years ago. LOL

  • —Toni Natalie’s Role in the Fight Against Keith Raniere

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    I can’t stop laughing…………….

  • Even victims can have strange, unpleasant or even repulsive personas. That, in itself, does not make them less of a victim. People can be disliked and respected for certain actions. It’s not all black and white.

      • Scott-

        Cami had been manipulated and used from the time she was 15…

        ….What’s your excuse?

        Please explain why after 5 years of not making money and only losing money…It took you an additional 3 years too realize you were being scammed?

        “Tardy change of mind”, says the guy who was in Amway for over 8 years.

        I believe you are projecting, my old friend.

        • I don’t need an excuse. LOL

          I was in a position that millions of people have been in, being subjected to an organized and intentional pattern of lying. LOL

          I am neither projecting nor are you my friend, I am not friends with people who chicken out from coming on my podcast. LOL

          • Scott – you asked Nice Guy to be on your podcast and he has declined. No point in continuing to ask. I’d rather keep to the topics were are discussing. Thanks.

    • “It’s not all black and white.”

      Yes, not everything is black and white. There are still the many shades of grey that lie in between.

  • It’s more than disturbing to consider how NXIVM would have expanded in the U.S. without the brave efforts of these individuals and the resulting media attention.

    It sickens me that he turned his twisted attention to Mexico and played God with their visas and immigration status. We should have built a wall…around Albany.

  • Love that Forbes story lampoon – wish we saw more of it, or that MK10 could do a lampoon of that lampoon..

    Good luck at the Raniere sentencing TN, many will be rooting for you – take your best shot because your aim is true.

    • Natalie’s aim is not true, but if she can hit the side of a barn – from the inside – she will make a direct hit. LOL

      • In relation to KR, her aim is absolutely true, whatever you may think of her character, she has a right to take aim and let fly her best shot at Raniere. I hope her words cut deep. She is absolutely justified.

  • “While some of Natalie’s claims in her book have been disputed, one thing not in dispute is that she was an enemy of Raniere’s and she fought back publicly and was available to anyone who wanted to fight him.” Scott would be happy to dispute that. LOL

    He spoke with Natalie and Bouchey and neither one accepted an invitation on his show. LOL

    Both of them have subsequently been shown to be liars as well, so that probably had something to do with it. LOL

    I’d like to see all of the sources Frank used in the early days of the Frank Report to demonstrate how Natalie was “all over the internet.” LOL

    • —I’d like to see all of the sources Frank used in the early days of the Frank Report to demonstrate how Natalie was “all over the internet.” LOL

      Sounds like projection Mrs. LOL. Do you remember all of those different weblogs you made anti-Semitic comments on and you even threatened one man’s wife?

      I can post the links if it will help jog your memory.

      • Anytime someone uses the word “global elite”, “international cabal”, they really talking about Jews (or Liberals). Qanon in particular has used this language as have many he use the word “deep state”. It is the new language of hate and anti-semiticism. Scary stuff.

        • I agree, 10/11 @6:01. Last year — and, btw, I sent Frank and others the evidence — when I was extra alert to being followed, AGAIN, I did some following of my own. I obtained some neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic pamphlets being distributed in stacks. These people are organized, they are Jew haters and some belong to the “Goebbles” bowling league in Simi Valley, CA. Some are right here STILL anonymously haunting FR with their unstoppable cowardice and hatred. LOL.

      • Comments made by Scott have absolutely nothing to do with the lack of a website from Natalie. LOL

        You are welcome to post whatever you want, Scott likes the attention, the opportunity to bring more attention to Amway and other MLM scams as well as correct your errors. LOL

    • Why is everything “LOL”? There is a great deal of pain being discussed here. You think it’s all LOL funny? Just asking.

      • Nancy Durkin,

        LOL is a mean-spirited man who Frank appears to coddle out of pity.

        He has taunted Heidi regarding her sister’s death. LOL has also driven away many ex-Nxivm members as well as other commentators.

        • Boo-hoo. LOL

          I’m neither mean-spirited and I can assure you that Frank doesn’t coddle me, he doesn’t even post a lot of my comments. LOL

        • Scott Johnson has made it clear that he disapproves of not only Jews but also of anyone who isn’t caucasian, or whom he deems to have too much melatonin. He is like a small ant frantically grasping the edge of a miniature volcano. The funny thing is that all of his activity is an hallucination, as though he has permanent dengue fever.

          Dengue so very much! Some wonderful life. His very own Mount Molehill, inhabited unawares.

          And now Scooter is peeping about saying that maybe the commenters here could, perhaps, like to pay him to stfu. Babble on, babble away! You cunt hear, so be a party blower.

          • Ooh and remember this. Scott no-Johnson gets his typing rocks off another easy way, too. He scorns all of womankind. Uh-huh. So does he also hate his own reflection? Deny, deny, deny. Scott no-Johnson, keep writing your comic book and drooling your inept wisdom out of the side of that blowhorn head so full of intelligence, empathy and compassion for your own sorry ass. It is somewhat entertaining.

      • You’re another one who was invited to be on Scott’s show and declined. LOL

        If you want to know the answer to the question, I’ll make the same offer as I did to NiceGuy 666 when he asked the same question, come on Scott’s show. LOL

  • Toni Natalie has her merits for helping to bring down NXIVM. As for herself, she has very selfish traits, always seeking her own advantage at the expense of others. And she is not honest with herself, and transfigures herself when this image is not beneficial to herself. But in one statement, she is quite right:

    ‘In her book, Natalie gives three reasons for the ultimate downfall of Raniere: “The Internet, a mother’s love, and Frank Parlato.”’

    And it should be pointed out that it is always worthwhile to fight for justice, even if you are alone and have no media to listen to. There is the determination, the courage, and now the Internet. There may always be someone on the Internet who reads it, and perhaps the chance that you will eventually have an audience so large that no one can look away or ignore things. You just have to reach the critical mass or the right people to be successful in the end.

    • Well said, Anonymous – that’s why Scott continues to vilify Amway and other MLM scams largely in obscurity. LOL

      • Let’s give LOL the chance to reach as many people as possible so that LOL reaches its goals faster. If everyone does just a little bit to serve this goal, it helps to prevent all those who are warned in time from being financially damaged by MLMs. Information is the most effective weapon.,, and I have listed them in this message which has been posted numerous times on THIS blog and many more times on the internets:

        Do your part and copy/paste this message, including this part, all over social media (unless owned/operated by current Amway IBOs or the Amway scam company), and encourage them to do the same, and so on, à la network marketing/MLM. Also, submit a complaint to the FTC at If you don’t, then you’re part of the problem. Amway has 2 major problems, and most MLMs have at least one of these issues:

        1. The products are overpriced, which makes them almost impossible to sell to customers and results in Amway being an illegal pyramid: , and also according to the FTC and SEC websites and previous court decisions and settlements; and

        2. The Tool Scam is hidden profit for the top level distributors only, and the vast majority of distributors operate at a net loss as a result: This is RICO fraud.

        For recent examples, google “FTC” along with the following companies, one at a time: FHTM, BurnLounge, Zeek, TelexFree, Vemma, Advocare, Neora, Javita, Waiora, Business For Health, and Herbalife. Make a complaint on the FTC website:

        Although there is no federal law defining pyramid schemes, the FTC has a long and successful track record of using its Section 5 law prohibiting “unfair and deceptive” business practices to go after MLM scams: which states, in part, “Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s probably not. It could be a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

        Read about these and much more at these websites: and, and, and email to help shut down Amway and other MLM scams.

        Watch this video about Amway and other MLM scams, then forward it to everyone you know, except for current Amway IBOs, and encourage them to do the same. When enough people know, these scams will collapse:

        English version:

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          • Yeah, right…..Scott never left reality.

            He has a big-time radio-show-podcast.

            Scott, is there anyone listening to your show beside the guy at the other end of the string holding a cup to his ear?

            Seriously, how many people listen to your show? (Frank and wife don’t count.)

        • NiceGuy, you are more concerned with Scott than with the topic at hand. Actually, you could search for any blog and post comments there, you don’t care about the topic.

          • Excellent observation. Indeed. Unfortunately like the Twilight Zone….

            Scott and I are stuck in the Parlato Zone. The only person to have escaped hitherto is a precocious youth named Bangkok.

          • NiceGuy, a youthful Bangkok? How come Itt sounded more like a 63-year-old man saddled with an immense potbelly?

            A potbelly, indeed, full of Budweiser, hamburger meat and sausage, a turgidly dense intestinal tract, only capable of wishing illness or death upon Frank Parlato and so many others. Exceedingly unattractive. That Baggycock jackanapes didn’t sound all that youthful.

            Age has nuttin’ to do with being an adventurous spirit. Bitterly ossified “braincells” was more like what Itt presented as comments, with a little chopped legalese thrown into the big overall mix-up, like a politician already not coping well with mild dementia, the dullminded dementia of power hunger and materialism being the pot of gold at the end of Itt’s rainbow. The trap.

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