Eight DOS ‘Slaves’ Defend Secret Sorority, Nxivm and Keith Raniere

Eight DOS women from the website DOSsierproject.com.
The DOSsier Project [thedossierproject.com] is now live with brand new articles defending DOS, the once-secret sorority, headed by a man, Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM.
Raniere is now serving a 120-year sentence at USP Tucson.
Eight former DOS women founded the Dossier website and seek to combat the negative view of their sorority and show that it was a legitimate effort to improve women’s lives through, as they explain, the kind of discipline and adherence to keeping one’s word that is normally only expected of men.
The DOS women allot to me a fair amount of blame for the destruction of DOS, along with Sarah Edmondson, a whistleblower, who told me that she was a DOS slave and was branded.
On June 5, 2017, on Frank Report, I broke the story of DOS, in a series of articles beginning with Part 1: Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group.
In the stories, I reported the use of their terminology of “master” and “slave,” the practice of branding slaves with the initials of Keith Raniere on the women’s groins, and keeping collateral, essentially information and nude photographs of each woman which they would not want released to the public, family or friends. The collateral was provided by each slave as a condition of membership in DOS to ensure their keeping the sorority secret.
For good or ill, there is ample evidence that the DOS women are telling the truth, insofar as that I had a hand in the destruction of DOS. See Media Comments  and Comments About My Role.
While I can respect the position of Nicki Clyne and the other seven women of the Dossier Project in that their intentions are good, that they wanted to help themselves and other women, the overall DOS scheme, especially the collection of collateral, was bound to cause some women to be victims. It was an impossible scheme and profoundly stupid to think that the wholesale collection of collateral, essentially blackmail-worthy material, could keep more than 100 women from revealing DOS’ existence. And they planned to recruit thousands of women.
I deeply sympathize with the women who felt they were victims and I think that the eight DOS women who still support Keith Raniere, the true author of the DOS scheme, are misguided in their faith in Raniere.  Yet I support their decision to speak out and defend their actions and even the actions of their master, Raniere.
The eight women still supporting DOS are:

Nicki Clyne Brooklyn, NY Nicki Clyne, 38, began her career as an actor, most notably on the hit television series Battlestar Galactica . She has worked as a writer, a news analyst and television host, but it wasn’t until she experienced the failings of the criminal justice system first-hand that she decided to dedicate herself to much needed advocacy efforts in the field. She works directly with people inside prison, as well as produces media that brings awareness to important, and sometimes controversial, issues.

Nicki Clyne, 38, Brooklyn, NY

Linda Chung, 51, Sarasota Florida

Leah Mottishaw Vancouver, BC Leah Mottishaw, 34, has a background in science and business which she has leveraged in a unique career path that includes antibiotic research, hematopoietic stem cell storage, scientific consulting, technical writing/editing and professional development training (such as job readiness, team performance and entrepreneurship). She particularly enjoys working with specialized groups including women, entrepreneurs, Indigenous communities and teens. Leah is blessed to live in Vancouver, Canada with her growing family.
Leah Mottishaw, 34, Vancouver, BCDanielle Roberts Long Island, NY Danielle Roberts, 39, has been a body enthusiast, athlete and health advocate her entire life. She taught aerobics and personal trained her way through school. She studied psychobiology and completed a dual degree in Osteopathic Medicine & Clinical Nutrition. She served our communities as a physician, medical director, hospitalist, and entrepreneur. She has recently focused her efforts on exposing injustice and stands as an example for women to own their decisions so that they can be a more potent force in the world.

Danielle Roberts, 39, Long Island, NY

Michele Hatchette Brooklyn, NY Michele Hatchette, 34, was born and raised in Harlem, New York City and attended one of the first historically integrated schools in the country. Raised by a family of educators, Michele is driven to a life of service to the entire human team. She has been awarded Fulbright and New York Teaching Fellows scholarships, invited to speak at the Harvard School of Education Diversity Conference, and the manager of a fine dining restaurant in NYC and all women's organic vegetable farm. Most recently, she has become the co-leader of several efforts ensuring the rights of all people are upheld under (what is still left) of the law.
Michele Hatchette, 34, Brooklyn, NYSahajo Haertel Berlin, Germany Sahajo Haertel, 37, has a unique multi-cultural education and background. She speaks five languages and has lived, worked and travelled in 23 countries across four continents. She has a B.Sc.Econ in European Politics, an M.Sc.Econ in Philosophy and is most passionate about, and advocates for personal growth, heightened awareness, humanity and non-violence. She has been an entrepreneur, educator and a life coach. She is currently studying how Consciousness and Self-Awareness relate to inner freedom, empathy and humanity.Sahajo Haertel, 37, Berlin, GermanySamantha Le Baron Sarasota, FL Samantha Le Baron, 31, grew up in Chihuahua, Mexico in a Mormon community. She has a BA degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in Language Acquisition, Language Development, and Social Sciences. She speaks Spanish, English and French. She has worked in the fields of human potential, women’s studies, education development, and economic development. She now has her own ceramic product line, as well as a financial services business. She is passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs reach their goals.Samantha Le Baron,  31, Sarasota, FLAngelica Hinojos Orange County, CA Angelica Hinojos, 41, was born and raised in Mexico City. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and an MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology from University of Nottingham. Formerly endeavored to Human Resources for global and family owned corporations and currently an entrepreneur helping her community with guidance on parenting and nutrition.  She is passionate about helping others create better lives, hence, creating a better world. Angelica is fortunate to share her life with her husband and 2 boys.
Angelica Hinojos, 41, Orange County, CA

Dossier Project Press Release – February 22, 2021

Dominus Obsequium Sororum (DOS), which stands for “master, allegiance, sisterhood,” was established in 2015 as a secret sorority designed to unite and empower women. Most of its original members were friends with and mentored by Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM.

By May 2017, DOS had 105 participants and was growing rapidly. That same month, one of its newest members, Sarah Edmondson, broke her vow of secrecy and revealed DOS’ existence to Frank Parlato, a self-avowed enemy of Raniere.
Frank Report broke the DOS story on June 5, 2017.
Parlato revealed the existence of DOS on his website, the Frank Report, in a distorted and highly-biased form and, based solely on the skewed narrative of Edmondson and the few women who joined her in breaking their vows. Together, they created and promoted a fictional narrative about DOS that wreaked havoc and spread disinformation within the greater NXIVM community. This effectively ended DOS. Everything ceased. Women who had been happily engaged in the practices of DOS began to fear for their safety and livelihoods due to the highly publicized false allegations.
After the NDNY determined there was no wrongdoing or crime to be investigated due to the consensual nature of the acts involved, the detractors took to the media to put pressure on law enforcement to take action.
The New York Times, taking up the false narratives of Edmondson, Parlato, and others, published a grossly distorted view of DOS, clearly written to spark political interest and entice the DOJ. This prompted the FBI to begin an investigation bolstered and informed by a false media narrative, with public pressure to find or fabricate a crime, which ultimately led to the wrongful conviction of six innocent people, (Raniere and five women) only two of whom were ever members of DOS.
Until now, the women of DOS who remain true to its stated intent and principles have remained mostly silent. This is their first official statement on their sorority since it was suspended in 2017.
It is published in full below for the convenience of our readers.

The Truth About DOS No One Has Heard

By Nicki Clyne, Linda Chung, Leah Mottishaw, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Sahajo Haertel, Samantha Le Baron, and Angelica Hinojos
How does a woman build strong character in a society that seeks to dismiss, protect, or discredit her?

How can women learn to be honorable, authentic, and compassionate in a society that values gossip, entertainment, and wealth above all else?

How can women build lasting, meaningful relationships with one another in a culture that promotes competitiveness and distrust amongst women?

These were the questions the women who co-created the formerly secret sorority, known as DOS, sought to answer.

We were driven by curiosity, vision, and a desire to challenge social conventions in exchange for increased self-awareness and self-esteem. DOS, which stands for Dominus Obsequium Sororum (Master, Allegiance, Sisterhood), was an experiment in its infancy. It was new, it was edgy, and it was good.

The eight women in the “first line” of DOS (seven of whom were co-founders) were mentored, yes, by a man, but not by just any man, a man with whom these women had built a combined 100 years of trust, friendship and collaboration.

It is incorrect to believe that we, a group of educated, intelligent, and financially independent women were driven by fear and faulty assumptions, and it is even further absurd to believe we were manipulated by an abusive, power-hungry patriarch. Yet, this is the role society has cast for us: that of hapless, unwitting victims who need to be saved from our own choices. Alternatively, we are seen by the general public as “brainwashed” followers who can’t think for ourselves and who are complicit in heinous crimes. Neither of these views is accurate, but understanding the truth is neither simple nor easy.

The binary narrative of “victim/perpetrator” is uninformed and reductive, and offensive to all the adult women who chose to participate in DOS, even the ones who have retroactively withdrawn their consent. It is also disrespectful to victims of actual crimes like human trafficking, none of whom receive the type of fame and opportunities that the so-called “victims” of DOS have enjoyed. While everyone is entitled to feel how they want about an experience, past or present, we believe that objective reality is still significant, if not essential, when discussing events with such damaging repercussions.

The teachings and practices in the sorority, which have been grossly distorted and misrepresented, helped us become wiser, stronger, more self-reliant women. Ironically, the adversity we’ve experienced as a result of the false narrative has helped us forge the character we set out to build, but not without great cost to our community and loved ones. We have weathered slander, attacks, and governmental threats, yet our commitment to honor the truth as we know it and champion women’s agency remains steadfast.

We have resisted the temptation to blame and claim victimhood, even when it’s been offered with the promise of relief and reward. We understand full well that we risk our reputations, our livelihoods, and, in some cases, our closest relationships. Many of us have already been falsely accused of horrendous things and most people, including the media, don’t question the narrative despite its inconsistencies. Still, we persevere because we value our integrity, honor and, above all, the truth, more than any material reward or security it provides.

The Origin

The sorority was a secret sisterhood founded in 2015 by seven women in their thirties and forties (the eighth woman in the “first line” joined 1.5 years after its inception). It was guided by a man, Keith Raniere, who dedicated his life’s work to building educational models and companies that inspired ethics, critical thinking, and joyful, purposeful living.

DOS helped women build discipline and strong character through specialized practices in a safe and trusted environment. It was founded on a solemn vow amongst the women who chose to participate, and it sought to empower women to become masters of their own destiny.

We had hoped to create a global network of trustworthy, self-reliant, successful women who lived by their word. Our aim was to support one another through honest feedback, accountability, and building self-awareness around what it truly means to care for another. We sought to bring more compassion for our collective well-being as a society, and promote independent thought rather than blind acceptance of the status quo. The sorority was meant to be exclusive, ever evolving, and secretive, so that it would not be distorted by inaccurate assumptions or suppressed by men.

The commitment to join the sorority was completely voluntary. To the best of our collective knowledge, no one was ever coerced into participating and, if they were, it would have been completely counter to our mission. Inviting someone into DOS and becoming their “master” was a sacred commitment and responsibility, and presented its own unique set of challenges and sacrifices. How do you give a friend honest feedback and hold her accountable without risking the harmony of the relationship? It is difficult. Often when women hold others to a standard, they are perceived as mean, or a “bitch.” Men, on the other hand, are typically considered authoritative and strong. This is one example of a double standard we were attempting to evolve, albeit awkwardly at times, but with the best of intentions.

The Invitation

If a woman in DOS knew someone (typically a close friend) whom she thought would desire and benefit from the type of mentorship offered in DOS, she would first invite this friend to learn about the existence of the sorority. In order to learn about it, she would have to make a commitment of complete confidentiality, backed with some type of collateral. Some women declined this offer and never learned about it.

If a woman did want to learn about it, she would choose something of value to pledge as collateral (this could be material or abstract). The collateral was to leverage the weight of her promise to keep the sorority a secret, but also to emphasize and highlight a mutual trust. In many ways, it was a symbolic gesture, because no one’s collateral was ever released by anyone entrusted with it, despite the confidentiality breaches that later occurred. It was an exchange and commitment of confidence nonetheless.

Some people wish to simply be comfortable in life, and some people are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams and do the exceptional. We strove to invite the latter category of women, with the understanding that most people need help somewhere along their journey — whether it’s from a teacher, a coach, a mentor or friend — to push in ways we’re not always apt or equipped to push ourselves.

Considering everything that has happened in the aftermath and because of the exposure of DOS, we now recognize that the difference between what someone says they want and what they are actually willing to do to achieve it may be drastically far apart.

At the time, we took each woman at her word. In hindsight, there should have been more checks and balances to ensure each person understood, wanted to, and had the capacity to uphold the commitment they were making.

The Agreement

If a woman desired to learn about the sorority and backed her promise to keep it confidential with some form of collateral, she would be given a detailed description of DOS, including its mission, purpose, and the subsequent conditions to participate. Then, anyone being invited would choose to participate, or not.

If a woman chose not to join after learning the details, the only thing she had agreed to up until that point was to not discuss the sorority with anyone. Every woman who declined to participate did so without incident or any negative impact on her friendships or ability to pursue or succeed in other endeavors.

The invitation always included a detailed explanation of these four requirements:

  1. Making a vow of obedience: to eliminate the possibility of being able to talk oneself out of their expressed goals and ideals.

  2. Wearing a symbolic piece of jewelry: to signify the commitment, similar to wearing a wedding ring.

  3. Getting a brand: to symbolize permanence, allegiance to one’s sisters and personal ideology, and as a bonding ritual.

  4. Entering into a mentorship relationship using “Master/slave” terminology: as a metaphor for overcoming the enslavement we feel to materialism and a false identity, and the path of challenging those attachments in order to discover one’s true self.

Before a woman joined, she was welcome to ask as many questions for clarification as she needed and take as much time as she wished to make a decision. This was a serious decision and was treated as such by both parties.

If a woman chose to join the sorority upon learning its mission and conditions, she provided more collateral to confirm her commitment, and to begin her journey.

By May 2017, two years after its inception, over 100 women had committed to this path of personal growth, sisterhood, and self-actualization.

The Undoing

Nearly four years ago, a few women decided to break their solemn vows, spread lies about the sorority to the media, and blame the sorority and Keith Raniere for alleged emotional damages. These women claimed they were victimized by a process that was designed to help them have more accountability, self-control, and discretion in their lives — a process they knowingly and proactively embarked upon. Sadly, their actions precisely expose the shortcomings the founding women sought to confront and evolve — both in themselves and in society.

These so-called “whistleblowers” chose to destroy the sorority with the misguided help of powerful men, the mainstream media, a blogger with a personal vendetta against Raniere, (Frank Parlato), and the United States Government. None of these entities sought the truth of the situation and, in fact, threatened and disparaged anyone who attempted to reveal it. The entire media narrative was based on only a couple women’s experiences (representing less than 2% of the women in DOS), and their accounts of their experience in DOS changed dramatically from what they had been expressing and demonstrating for years. The same woman who claims she got the brand “against her will” was actively inviting other women into DOS for months, including after she got the brand. Factors such as family pressure, financial gain, and the threat of prosecution undoubtedly played a role in these 180 degree shifts.

Rather than taking responsibility for their choices and admitting they no longer wanted to pursue the path they once committed themselves to, the women who broke their sacred vows contributed to the dis-empowering societal view of women as children who need to be saved. They also supported and championed a shame campaign against the women who wished to keep their promise and remain honorable about their experience.

There are, however, many women who remain true to the principles and intent behind the sorority, even though it no longer exists, and who had a deep and positive experience. These women still believe in its true purpose and are in full support of DOS. Most women who support the sorority have, so far, remained silent due to the legal threats and extreme media persecution, based on a false and defamatory narrative. Now, as the Dossier Project, eight of us have chosen to share our experiences publicly. Others are in support and helping behind the scenes, but due to the level of harassment and hate, they are choosing to remain anonymous for now.

After years of being misrepresented and attacked in the media, we are excited to finally share our story with the world and set the record straight. We are fully aware that it will be a complex and difficult path, but we are committed to the truth of our experience and fighting for a world where values of integrity, honor and ethics triumph over blame, prejudice, violence, and hate.

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • Until now, we just have one voice, and it is a very small group of women who claim to be a”victims”.

    Now we have a voice, a diferent voice, upholding character and honor.

    Which one do you choose to listen to?

  • What a bunch of BS just so some manipulative scum bag can get his kicks. If one wants a sacred vow, to do good for the world, to support women,…. join a convent.At least you won’t have to sleep with a troll as an assignment

    • As much of a scumbag is Raniere is, vastly more nuns have been abused and been perpetrators of abuse within the Catholic Church than in NXIVM.

      Good thing it was shut down before Keith figured out how to get the protection of “religion” status like Scientology. Being a religion in the USA provides enormous impunity.

  • Wow…reading this thread is quite something!! It seemed very familiar. You should all watch this video and see how many parallels you can find. It’s amazing!! I guess civilization and critical thought haven’t evolved as much as technology and globalization have in the last 430 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVd8kuufBhM

    • Let us know how that video works out when you enter it as evidence in the civil lawsuit.

      Can’t wait to watch that trial!

  • I don’t doubt that any woman (or man, for that matter) able come out of this situation without being a total emotional wreck is in a way, strong, Suneel. But this strength is a testament to the power of communcal resilience, not an exoneration of Raniere or the kinds of institutions he created. In other words, these women were likely strong before, and if they are stronger now, it is because of their support of one another — something that could have existed without all of the awful things that also happened along the way. A loving leader will always leave people and their reputations and careers better than he or she found them. Did Keith do this for these women, or for you?

  • The only traffic their website will get is from the people on this site, or from the few mentions in the media. Then it will be.

    I found this passage particularly hilarious: “The binary narrative of “victim/perpetrator” is uninformed and reductive, and offensive… It is also disrespectful to victims of actual crimes like human trafficking…”

    Hmmm…now who do we know was recently convicted of (sex) trafficking? Hold on….it will come to me soon….give me a sec…

  • It’s super interesting to hear the other side of the story. I believe what these women are doing is very courageous as they are not blaming anyone but taking responsibility for their choices. Why would I have to judge them because they are sharing their experience?  I personally would love to hear more about it and then decide what part of the story I want to believe in. Above all, I want to support freedom of speech but freedom of speech with love not hate. 

    • Anonymous 11:15am,

      You Nxivm dead-enders are simply awful at pretending to be a casual, neutral observer to this saga.

      You all seem to have finally gotten the overuse of the word ” data” memo. So, congratulations. But there are still obvious tells that read culty.

      A lot more work to do before you successfully pass.

  • DOS members. I had to think about this.

    You are no doubt talented in what you each do: graphics, acting, etc. No doubt. And you had these talents on your own, long ago.

    But break off as your own group. Sail your own ship.

    As long as you stay true to Vanguard, you’ll never grow. You will never be perceived as anything but ” Manson girls”, or the “Vanguard harem.”

    Move on. You need to go your own way, forget him, and, well — hate to say it — rebrand yourselves.

    If you truly want to grow, then grow.

    But you’ll never grow if you continue clinging to a sinking ship.

  • Shame on you, Suneel, shame on you!

    Now you show your true colors. I held you up in respect for being one of the few men who were true to Keith and the data and the tech but now you come on here, how convenient, to ride on the back of the witches’ broom and “proudly” stand with the coven licking their bad pedicures. You have no pride! I never thought Toni would get her hooks into you and you fooled me once but I won’t be fooled again. I wondered why you were taking so long to publish all the data you have promised to put together about Keith’s appeal and gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were coordinating with the new attorneys but now you’ve turned your coat into a witch’s robe.

    Enjoy drinking the potion while it lasts. Keith knows who his real friends are and when the time comes for settling up all the accounts, you’re gonna get the short end of the stick. What has Toni promised you? An apartment in Brooklyn? Arizona is just too hot for you? You’re not getting a podcast or a reality show or some MLM beauty product. Just a lackey for hire? Pitiful Suneel.

    I always knew you were jealous because Keith isn’t into boys but I thought you made peace with it. I was stupid to ever believe that. Now you have joined the girls club coven. Happy now? You going to get a mani-pedi with them after your next cauldron ritual?

    You will rue this day, Suneel.

    • “Suneel Chakravorty
      February 24, 2021 at 3:11 pm
      I am proud to call these intelligent, self-determining women my friends and I believe that anyone who hears what they have to say with a openness and healthy skepticism will be the better for it. Also, I think they are brave for advocating for women’s personal responsibility when the cultural zeitgeist has gone so far the other way, and doing so is sure to bring them mostly hate. For now.”

      Do you have reading comprehension issues, Nicki/Peaceful Warrior?

  • Has anyone else noticed how the leftovers choose to comment in the evening presumably so their comments will be on top of the thread?

    Anyway, Suneel’s comment, along with the DOS women, who are clearly writing in this page pretending to be people so impressed by their bravery, are beyond disturbing. There is nothing brave in devoting your life to a man. As a woman, devote your life to yourself and to your growth and then, I might call you brave.

    Again, there needs to be perspective. The DOS women took graphic pictures of their vaginas for Raniere’s pleasure. Clyne et al trapped unsuspecting women into a horrific arrangement, which they believed they could not escape. Railroading other women into having sex with someone against their will, under the umbrella of blackmail, is not female empowerment. Living your life to please an old ugly pervert is not female empowerment.

    This group is so twisted, it is disturbing to no end. I feel sorry for these women even though they should also be prosecuted for their crimes, especially Clyne, who at the very least should be deported from the US for her sham marriage. The woman committed fraud to remain in the country, yet she cries injustice. Please.

    It amazes me that any of them truly believe that people will be impressed with their warped ideology and oppressive mission.

    Again, to the lost DOS women, stop wasting your lives. Do something productive with your lives. Truly own your womanhood and accomplish wonderful things for our gender. You are all still fairly young and can still repair the damage done. Raniere is not going anywhere; NXIVM is over. You just don’t realize it yet.

  • The person in any relationship who can physically move another’s body has the power.

    Puppetmaster vs. Puppet.

    If you are always the one flying, driving, etc. To see someone be it a boss or a person you are dating, they have the power. Maybe it’s 50-50. Or it shifts now it’s 20 – 80. Later 70 – 30.

    If you move to be closer to work, change schools to be with your girlfriend, etc. The power lies with them. In life, we switch off & compromise who moves their body to be together throughout a healthy relationship. And we switch power. We share it as we build together. Or grow apart.

    In a cult, everyone moves at the leader’s instruction. Literally circling around them in say…Albany.

    Or Brooklyn where they were incarcerated. And the followers move there and prance for the leader’s enjoyment at night. Dancing and literally moving their bodies in fealty.

    Dance puppet! Dance!

    Even though a follower lived in Brooklyn. When Keith was in Albany they take the train or drive to see Keith. As was demanded of Nicole, by both Keith and Allison (at Keith’s direction) in spite of Nicole having a job and busy schedule and living elsewhere. And expressing this was a real hardship for her.

    Followers gave up careers and family to move into Keith’s Albany neighborhood. Some would even leave their country like Sylvie did and Adrian’s family. Some broke the law to move where Keith wanted them. Which was in Albany. Near him.

    Proximity was very important to Keith, Lauren testified. And that was achieved by moving your body, your life.

    Making the late-night volleyball games an attendance-required event is another example.


    And puppet master.

    • My friend sent me this article and I just wanted to read it to understand her better. This is my first time on the Frank Report. And I just saw your comment and my heart broke. I see your pain, your anger. I hope you can find the strength to go inward and heal it. So you can live your best life.

  • As someone so aptly put it on Twitter in response to one of Nicki Lyin’s tweets: “You built a mouse trap, and only talked about the cheese.”

    • I’m reminded of all the cute pictures of Ak-47’s festooned with little kittens – posted to lure girls to wherever the f*ck ISIS had its headquarters – come for the kittens! STay for the gory glory of jihad..fundamentalists always lose, even when they succeed on their own terms. Swearing allegiance to cult dogma says you’re bound to lose, why not tattoo that across your chests dearies, like real Hell’s Angels?

  • I am impressed that these women decided to challenge the false narrative. It took guts to do this. They stand for good values and I wish them well.

    • “good values”.

      Why so much male gaze porn?

      Why so much blackmail?

      Is thinness more important than good health?

      Why did Keith decide each woman’s “ideal weight”?

      It’s ironic that the DOS women claim “men won’t let women” brand themselves etc.
      But they couldn’t form a woman’s group without an old man at the center that they all had to aesthetically please and sexually service.

  • Have none of these DOS women ever known a man who is kind, generous, chivalrous, loving, likable and yes, protective? What is this agenda which is being pushed by the culties?

    What is a “bad-ass bitch,” and how come this concept, in and of itself, is left uncontested, unexamined? It is not the good silver or even the day-to-day flatware. This is crappy, temporary plastic dreck. (To me.) This shabby philosophication is throwaway, takeout trash equipment.

    Always I have felt free. It is up to me to “define” this, no one else. There is nothing beautiful or righteous about snarling the words “bad-ass bitch.”

    My response is “ho-fucking HUM.” Run the hell along. Run Run DOS. Do your diarrhea cha-cha-cha to the moon and back. Take a trip to Mars with Bull and Manlinda Gates and kindly fuck off.

    I have no desire whatsoever to be defined as a bad-ass bitch. Also, I have no wish to be a male, as being the opposite has been beyond wonderful. With rare exceptions, men and boys have always been my friends and allies, mentors, brothers, colleagues, and they are so very beloved. These are the dearest fellows, and I’m so happy to have known most of them.

    If anyone disapproves of this happiness, tough shit. Take it, the complaints and the so-called misery, to the human resources department in the sky. Men, like women, are brave, are tender, and there isn’t much sweeter on earth than a sweet boy or a man of character. Very naturally, women have been friends, allies and mentors, confidants and beautiful to know, too.

    Maybe I just inhabit Another World. A different soap opera. Never have I disliked or discounted the male sex or felt dissatisfied being the opposite, the female sex. In fact, far from it. There is tremendous enjoyment and yes, there’s a whole lotta love. Completely unapologetically, this has been and is my experience! It is a big part of the joy in life.

    So. Do not even try to offer me false unhappinesses, based upon delusionary and superficial thinking. Try some further, more dedicated experimentation. I certainly do not need any of this miserable shit. It does nuttin’ except for creating more and more miserable shit and trying to present it as a social “issue.” The hell with that.

    Love & Happiness has never required collateral or photoshoots of anyone’s nether regions. There are acceptable bushes of any particular bushy or non-bushy hair-length. There were never any needs for getting tattooed or branded.

    If people want to discuss sex and to shroud their conceptualizations about sexuality into an endless dry well of disassociative miseries, redesigned to look like societal issues, go right ahead. Have fun.

    • Tattooed? Dunno for sure. Got none, no tattoos. Gee whizz. No intentions to find out about getting a tattoo, never mind getting branded. This is old slavery crap. I am busy being young.

  • It’s nice to hear the other side of the story from what the typical media narrative gives us. Bravo to these brave women for coming forward to offer their experiences.

  • I am proud to call these intelligent, self-determining women my friends and I believe that anyone who hears what they have to say with a openness and healthy skepticism will be the better for it. Also, I think they are brave for advocating for women’s personal responsibility when the cultural zeitgeist has gone so far the other way, and doing so is sure to bring them mostly hate. For now.

    • “Zeitgeist” and ooh eeh ooh ee aah.
      Aah aah rama lama ding-ding.

      At age 12, in the eighth grade, a paper written by me for history class got published in quite a few places, and this was because my teacher decided to show the essay to his colleagues. Quite inadvertently, these educators got the ball rolling.

      The year was 1961. The essay’s title was “The Zeitgeist That Hurts.” I had decided to write about racism.

      Rama lama lama donga dinga dong. How nouveau and how not.

      Woody for u, Suneel. Woody Allen. Keep being a chump. For entertainment purposes only.

    • Suneel, fine but they are someone’s HAREM; that someone got sentenced to 120 YEARS and the harem appears to STILL WORSHIP HIM.

    • You are so right, Suneel. There’s no better way for a woman to exhibit personal responsibility than getting her crotch branded with the initials of a short, creepy, ugly troll.

      When is the last time you got laid?

    • Pride is a sin.

      This idea that women in general are “babied” as some “cultural zeitgeist” has no basis in reality and is the same that alt-right, misogynistic males project.

  • The skulls and omega psi phi have been doing waaaaay crazier practices than these for decades (including branding) but women do one-tenth of something similar and people’s heads explode. So infantilizing to women. Thank you, ladies, for speaking your truth. So sorry you even have to cause the men wouldn’t allow it.

    • Do they also give their “slaves” seduction assignments to have sex with the same dirty old man? Line up naked a few times a week with matching pubes and brands of this guy’s initials near their genitals for this old man’s viewing pleasure? Blackmail each other with masturbation videos? Ask permission of their master to eat? Wake up all night to respond to readiness drills?

      How do they get any school work done?

    • Your practice is nothing compared to the skulls and omega psi phi. No solid reasoning, no concept of honouring history, no clue as to the meaning of the symbol branded over your fallopian tubes. You sound like a cargo culter, worshipping a crashed jet in the middle of a rainforest. Utterly f*cking clueless. If this were Northern Nigeria, you’d be in Boko Haram.

  • Finally, women who are willing to own their choices and not blame men for their decisions and thoughts. I can’t listen to one more second of India and Sarah Edmondson, etc. acting like they weren’t deciding every step of the way for the things they are embarrassed about and for the things they are proud of…then it was them. They sure are willing to accept lots of money for their story so for those things they seem to think they deserve the credit.

    • Anyone can be paid for their story. It’s their story. You sound jealous. Stop blaming Sarah and India. No one is forcing you to listen to “one more word”. I thought you were advocating for personal responsibility? Not blaming others? You are responsible for your own feelings about them. And you can choose not to watch, listen to or read what they have to say.

  • Morning, Keith. How’s it hangin’ there among the gentle, soft Arizonan sex offenders?

    So, when Miss “Joy” of Gibraltar home healthcare sent us over that African LVN temp who said his name was “Keith” at first but then changed it to “Promise” when I asked to see his license and “Joy” freaked out – was that “Promise” thing supposed to be about some sort of “vow” Gina or I (NOT) broke?

    Keith aka Promise left that first frozen snake poised by the washer to ‘strike’ the other caregivers that next morning. It was all recorded and duly reported to police per the FBI – so don’t try to stiff Promise. He did his job in attempting to terrorize me, Dylan and Dylan’s regular staff, as did “Jezabel Lopez,” “Allison,” et al., all the “temps” you had Joy send over.

    Btw, DOS ladies, thank you for providing these nice mugshots, you’re all suborning terrorism, putting innocent lives in danger and will be held accountable whether you pretend not to know it or not.

  • The way Nicki Clyne’s acting career has taken off like a rocket since she got involved in DOS is a testament to Keith’s brilliance as a mentor and all-around Hot Sex God.

    I can’t wait to see her on the stage giving her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards this year!

    When Keith is released from prison after he soon wins his appeal, I’m going to have him co-star alongside Tom Cruise in a remake of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth!

    My next project after that will be to put Odin & the Sphinx on the big screen, starring Keith and the Dalai Lama.

  • They definitely protest too much when it comes to DOS “not existing.” I wouldn’t have thought otherwise until I read them claim it over and over.

  • These women are free and smart… And strong… Even if you all don’t like it… Even if you want to see them as victims.
    The notion that Keith is holding anything against them from jail is childish.

  • This is a dangerous time for all of the former DOS slaves that have collateral out there. Keith can and will order it released.

    Keith is gone forever. He has nothing to worry about anymore and is bored as hell. Once he realizes that he is never getting out, he can inflict whatever damage he wants to. And considering his M.O. in life is to torment, humiliate, and destroy, he would have no problem having someone like Eduardo or one of these DOS slaves release collateral and watch them get blamed for it, along with embarrassing the former DOS member. He has no reason to protect Nancy or anyone. I think it could be a real problem for them.

    These slaves are still doing whatever he wants, and this press release is all Keith for sure. It is a way to further publicly humiliate them, even though they don’t realize it yet. They will release DOS collateral if Keith tells them to.

    • I totally agree. But first, he’ll try to win his appeal. Keith and the followers will crash after he loses all his appeals.

      Most of these missives are trying to re-recruit. Keith doesn’t want to say… Cami testifying if he wins an appeal. Gotta get people back in the fold and keep them until the final door closes.

  • Linda Chung says:

    “A mortgage is collateral…it’s the same principle”

    No. The house is collateral. The mortgage is the loan needed to purchase the house. The bank loans a person money to purchase the house because they typically can’t afford it outright. The bank proportionately owns it (as collateral) minus the equity paid until the person can pay back the principal plus some interest over a specific time period. If the person can’t pay back the loan, the bank can seize the house as collateral minus the amount already paid towards the principal.

    How are naked pictures and whatever else that was required of DOS pledges remotely like the collateral of a bank loan transaction “in principle”? How is DOS like a bank where it loans something of value (money) to someone so she can have enough to purchase something of value (a house) under the condition that she can pay the former back (plus some interest)?

    The pledges were required to give “collateral” to join DOS. So what did DOS provide for them to keep their word if they’re the ones providing the necessary material to do so? Yep. You guessed it: the threat of the release of such material. That’s precisely definition of blackmail.

    But back to the analogy of real collateral with the bank where DOS is the bank and a slave is the loan recipient for her “same principle” claim to work.

    The slaves give something called “collateral” to DOS. What does the loan recipient give to the bank? Financial records inclusive of credit history and work information that shows she can pay back the loan. Where is the equivalence to DOS here “in principle”? The loan recipient isn’t giving the bank “collateral”. She is giving the bank the evidence that she can pay back the loan. So how is this thing called “collateral” in the DOS sense of the word which a pledge gives in order to join DOS supposed to be evidence that she can pay back [what exactly?] to DOS that it loans her? And what does DOS provide for the slave that can be used to purchase something of equal value elsewhere that DOS can seize as collateral in the real sense of the word if the slave fails to pay it back?

    All I see is this: the women give something embarrassing like nude pics to gain access to the secret DOS which is used to help keep it that way. DOS provides the threat of releasing that embarrassing information and some other service(s) that supposedly build(s) character, meaningful relationships, “bad-ass” women, and some other bullshit. So where can the latter be used to purchase something of equal value elsewhere (outside of DOS)? Nowhere, because there is no third party as in the case of the loan recipient, the bank, and the existing owner of the property. There is only the slave and DOS.

    It’s a two party agreement and is a completely lopsided transaction.

    Excuse me, but these women are retarded. I know such a word is not politically correct, but it is an apt term to pull from annals of history when it didn’t have such a negative connotation and use it just for them.

    • Wow! Voracious, such an excellent post about the definition of collateral. Its so crazy the way this group twists words and meanings.

      I’ve even wondered about the names and acronyms used by this group. Its just odd to me. For example, DOS = disk operating system. ESP = extra sensory perception. I have this weird feeling they were named this way on purpose as some kind of joke. I mean, DOS was definitely a system to serve its end user and ESP probably provided plenty of intuitions about its participants. Even the term EM is just ME spelled backwards. Which kinda makes sense given the practice appears to be all about me, me, me, me, me.

      Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but then again, you’ve clearly illustrated their perversion of the term collateral.

    • Linda Chung says:

      “A mortgage is collateral…it’s the same principle”

      She said that!!! I thought she was a lawyer. Nuance in definitions is the bread and butter of lawyering. Might explain why NXIVM was so effective against her.

      I had not bothered to listen to their testimonials. The site is pointless. They may think it servers a purpose but it doesn’t. It’s not going to change hearts and minds. The best thing these ladies can do for themselves is just move on and establish a life completely unrelated to anything NXIVM or anything self-help nonsense as that would just start another rabbit hole for them.

  • If so many Nxivm women were so mindfucked that they were susceptible to joining DOS, why did Kristin Kreuk never join?

    • The rumor goes—Before DOS, Kreuk was mind-f*cked and then mouth-f*cked by Keith. But without collateral, the disgusted Kreuk found an excuse to escape. Keith got the idea of collateral so other women couldn’t escape like Kreuk.

  • I watched some of the videos on the dossier project website. In one video, Leah Mottishaw is talking about the disappointment that DOS no longer exists because of all the media attention. Nicki Clyne then says “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

  • Nicki described Keith Raniere as her, “partner of 10 years”.

    Why is it so hard for Nicki to understand that taking explicit naked photos routinely for Keith, dieting severely to reach what Keith decided a woman’s ideal weight should be, being coerced into “seduction assignments” of Keith, having Keith’s initials branded on their pubic area, making masturbating videos for Keith, growing out their pubic hair for Keith, committing only to Keith sexually, etc. would be a really traumatizing experience for say… Nicole? Who was not “Keith’s partner for 10 years”? And Nicole was misled about the true level and nature of Keith’s involvement.

    Nicole barely knew Keith and had to be forced to contact him. Nicole had no idea what to even say to the old pervert.

    Awkward. Traumatizing. Terrifying. The stuff nightmares and PTSD are made of for Nicole. But for Nicki, this was just her very, very long-term boyfriend.

    Any human with common sense, empathy, healthy boundaries, etc. would comprehend that the two of them were simply not experiencing the same thing.


  • Let’s come down to the nitty-gritty here. A question for all the DOS-ladies (serious question, not designed to be salacious/voyeuristic): Have you kept your vows to be faithful to KR for the rest of your life and be totally celibate, no masturbation, even? Are you planning on waiting for the ‘avatar’ child until some time in the middle of next century? Are you still keeping to the regimented diet? etc, etc. If you are not, then you are weak, and have broken your wows, according to your BS … belief system.

  • I swear, people who scream “Truth” are so full of shit. IMO. People make mistakes and I can understand why Nicki omits certain aspects of the vow. Good to see she’s finding her voice on here.

  • “even the ones who have retroactively withdrawn their consent”

    There is no such thing as meaningful consent when you’re talking about a forever agreement to obey someone else no matter what. ESPECIALLY when that someone is being dishonest at the start about their plans for you (which, clearly, happened often.)

  • This description of DOS is very different than the one painted by the media and others. It sounds like there were some very good ideas underneath the founding of the group.

  • The methods used by Vanguard to train “bad-ass women” are similar to how I train Seal Team units in the Navy.

    To join, recruits supplied naked pictures so that if they failed their training, their pictures would lead to their court-martial and public disgrace.

    Readiness drills were frequent and lower-ranking members (slaves) did the bidding of their higher-ranking masters. Public hair could not be shaved, and weekly each team would sit naked and spreadeagled for inspection and photographs.

    However, group blow jobs were NEVER part of the training regimen! The most successful teams would do so voluntarily as part of the traditional bonding process of building esprit de corps.

  • Of all the crap on their website, this is the biggest WTF moment:

    “This situation really highlights in a big way how for centuries we continue to allow white women to distract us from the real violence that women of color and Black women are experiencing.”

    — Michele Hatchette, The Dossier Project

    So… the best path to liberation for Black and women of color is to get Keith Raniere’s initials branded on their pubes?

    Well, OK then.

    • Anonymous,

      Yes! And if you’re white, you couldn’t possibly have experienced “real violence”.

      Real violence only happens to women of color.

  • “The same woman who claims she got the brand ‘against her will’ was actively inviting other women into DOS for months, including after she got the brand. Factors such as family pressure, financial gain, and the threat of prosecution undoubtedly played a role in these 180 degree shifts”.

    Is this India?

    • India never claimed to get a brand against her will. She also continued inviting friends after get her brand. I believe this comment is referring to Sarah Edmondson who also continued inviting friends after getting her brand.

  • “Considering everything that has happened in the aftermath and because of the exposure of DOS, we now recognize that the difference between what someone says they want and what they are actually willing to do to achieve it may be drastically far apart.”

    Yep, it makes sense. Many people ask for feedback and then get upset when they get it.

    • I agree with your comment about ” feedback”.

      This wasn’t that. It was coercion. Sexual blackmail. Pimping your female friends out for graphic porn and sexual encounters with your long term boyfriend. Strictly for his pleasure and needs. Whom you knew had an std.

      And much more. Not “feedback”.

      Very different!

  • What on earth made any of the first line slaves believe they were qualified to mentor anyone?

    The arrogance. “I know we are close friends and peers, but also I should be the total boss of you, am I right?”

    So fun!

    “You grow out your pubes. And lose like, all your body fat. Because – I mean not because – Vanguard prefers skinny women with lots of pubic hair.”

    “And there’s more stuff. Also, super fun! You just get me more super close-up snatch pics. Stick to your diet by asking me permission to eat anything. Empowering! And be prepared to answer your phone all night long.”

    More to be revealed, slave!


  • If I give Keith credit for anything, it is that he has excellent taste in women, both in looks and personality. Bit jealous.

    As for this “project”, I don’t get the point. NXIVM is theoretically done (I still wonder if Clyne and/or India are working on something). Once the remaining few get sentenced, the media and, thus, the public will move on and forget about it. There is no repairing the national reputation of the brand or Keith. That ship has long sailed, never to return. At this point, they should be spending their energy on literally anything else and would get more accomplished.

    Also, 8 out of 105 is a bad rate of return on support. Does not help their case.

    • So you believe Seduced, which only had 1 former DOS member in it? Or The Vow, which only had 2 former DOS members in it….why? The Dossier Project has 8 former DOS members…why wouldn’t you want to hear what they have to say about it? Check your numbers, that’s a lot more representative than 2 out of 105 women. Why do these 2 women get your vote? Did you get brainwashed and duped by the glamor and glitz of 2 actresses and the media?

      • There is far more evidence of the insidiousness of DOS than you admit. The trial testimonies of Lauren, Sylvie, Nicole, Jessica Joan, Mack’s recording of Raniere taking about how the brand should be akin to a sacrifice (to him), the fuck-toy slave emails with Cami, Dani Padilla’s online search and order of BDSM items, including a human cage for the punishment of slaves, the sentencing statements, at least one other woman in Seduced who discussed DOS’ disingenuous recruiting methods, and I could go on.

        And then, on top of that mound of compelling evidence, we have Sarah and India.

        Not to mention the fact that your claims of DOS creating bad-ass women makes no sense to anyone other than DOS members. Sorry, but the rest of the world will never get how taking pictures of your vaginas and sending them to a man to masturbate over, and send little devil emojis to convey his delight upon receiving them, creates bad-ass women. To that end, your site is useless. I am sure Raniere is telling you to continue recruiting, but only mentally challenged individuals would join your group at this point. So give up the BS already.

        • As always, so well said, Sherizzy.

          I believe my own eyes. And ears.

          And the people who testified under oath.

          None of the DOS-8 had the courage to do so.

      • I believe the victim impact statements.

        And the women who had the guts to testify under oath.

        None of these 8 women had that bravery.

  • They called out Sarah Edmondson and basically accused her and Frank of flat-out lying. I think they are starting a war.

    Well, Sarah will be able to fight back. Her and her husband, Nippy, will be doing a podcast series titled, “A Little Bit Culty”, starting March 01. I’d imagine she will address these idiots that are still in DOS at some point. Also, according to Sarah’s IG, Leah Remini will be one of the guests.

    I’m very much looking forward to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZo6JCSa4II

    “Listen in as we share our stories, have frank and unscripted conversations with other survivors and cult experts, and do a deep dive on how devotion can turn to dysfunction.”

    • Hey, Sarah Edmondson, thanks for your post…looks like you are trying to promote yourself here. Why do it anonymously? So, now you also want to start a war? Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage? Are you getting nervous because the holes in your story are starting to show? This is going to catch up with you eventually. Enjoy the spotlight while it lasts. I don’t think people will be very happy about being duped by you for so long.

        • LMFAO – No, I’m a dude. Ice-nine is a fictional substance in a book by my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut, an American WW2 veteran and satirist. I highly doubt Sarah would have read that, nor have had any idea who or what that is.

      • Uh…isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

        It’s funny how the only “bad-ass” woman from your group that uses their real name here when they comment is Suneel.

  • Honestly? Their graphics are fantastic. I mean, really nice work.

    If I could mentally separate them from their Vanguard, I’d hire them.

  • I’m curious for them to explain how a secretive society that required monthly “collateral” without the informed consent of “slaves” — which was inclusive of close-up pics of their vaginas for the viewing pleasure of their unknown to all except the first line of slaves male grandmaster — builds meaningful relationships and the character of women.

    Nicki Clyne is actually Nicki Lyin’.

    • Veracious. You are absolutely right.

      A relationship based on deceit and sexual coercion for a male Supreme leader that bears no resemblance to real-world female relationships will not build trust in other women. Or any of the character traits they mention.

      Why would creating porn specifically created for a male gaze ( and a very specific audience of one male’s exact request) in any way be edgy?

      Some guys start asking girls they know for nudes the day they get their first phone. Women and young girls field these requests daily. From like their pre-teens.

      And why so much pornographic material? For Keith? It is the worst kind of after-the-fact cover-up I have seen attempted yet.

  • Raniere himself is recorded saying that his actions “certainly have blowup potential.”

    Well, it blew up. Why are they still complaining about the media, disgruntled DOS members and Frank Report?

    • Equally valid alternative:

      [Said or not said]

      “Raniere himself is recorded as saying that his actions “certainly have blowjob potential.”

  • “How does a woman build strong character in a society that seeks to dismiss, protect, or discredit her?”

    RANIERE: I think it would be good for you to own a f**k toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me

    “How can women learn to be honorable, authentic, and compassionate in a society that values gossip, entertainment, and wealth above all else?”

    RANIERE: Get a slave … you’re her master … Without going into detail. It caused there to be other slaves, all who want to be branded with my monogram plus a number … your number is reserved … it is number 1. It is now a secret growing organisation. I don’t know well some of the people involved but I command them ultimately.

    “How can women build lasting, meaningful relationships with one another in a culture that promotes competitiveness and distrust amongst women?”

    RANIERE: I feel badly each time you have to work hard for me to (orgasm). I thought slaves could remove the burden … and I could get you fresh and not worn.

  • It’s nice to have a society doing wonderful ethical things. Could you be more specific about what those empowering activities are? Bringing water to 3rd world countries, or literacy, medicine and care to the unfortunate?

    So far, it just seems like a bunch of women taking pictures of their privates and trying to keep each other out of jail.

    • The only “good deeds” discussed are the group blow jobs, the group nude photos, up-close vagina shots, the seduction assignment with Keith, masturbation videos submitted as on-going collateral, midnight walks, late-night volleyball, punishment for not adhering to strict 500 calorie diets, readiness drills, punishment, and corporal punishment for their enlightenment to be “bad-ass” and “accountable”. Perhaps, there was no time to address Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, water and food shortages, access to universal health care, medical needs for the uninsured or impoverished, poverty, illiteracy, gun violence, adequate nutrition for the kids impacted by Covid whose only meal of the day was at school, or getting to the bottom of the Le Baron murders and alleged connection to Rainbow Cultural Garden and the economy of drugs, weapons, human trafficking, banking, money laundering… and awareness of their empowerment beyond their pussy (or should that be basic respect for their pussy needing establishment first?)… however, the 8 that publicly remain, are now fighting for judicial and penal reform for one prisoner. They must have limited resources.

    • Pandora, exactly!

      They also thought it was okay to break the law (by holding blackmail suitable material) so long as it was kept secret!

      And why do they believe that they became more self-reliant by becoming a slave to someone else? It’s actually not rational at all!

      They obviously see themselves as little children in need of a parent/master to help them uphold their goals.

      But why not take pure and simple responsibility for yourself? Why is this so hard for these people? How can they believe this is a gender issue when it’s an everyone issue? The world is full of people too feeble to take responsibility for themselves. People who say, “Well, I didn’t have the right support”, “Nobody was there to help me”… which can easily translate into “You didn’t give me enough support”, “You didn’t help me”. It’s nothing but blame and finger-pointing for such people who require sooooo much help from others because they frankly refuse to take responsibility for themselves and act accordingly.

      Maybe the experience was good for these women but to me? It looks like this: “I was unable to take responsibility for my own choices, therefore, I absolved myself of my personal responsibility by letting someone else be responsible for me”.

      These women did act – and are choosing to act – like little children who can’t be responsible for themselves.

      They are whining and crying like a bunch of babies.

      Doesn’t matter to me what their resumes look like, either. We’ve all met these kinds of people who always need someone or something else to couch their own personal lack of accountability.

    • My suggested detail amendment:

      It’s nice to have a society doing wonderful ethical things. Could you be more specific about what those empowering activities are? Bringing water to 3rd world countries, or literacy, medicine and care to the unfortunate? So far, it just seems like a bunch of women taking pictures of their private parts and trying to keep each other out of jail.

  • The problem with all of this is it’s implicitly a defense of Keith. I’d like to hear even one of these women say something like “Even if Keith really is a pedophile and a monster, DOS teachings still have value and we can still apply these methods to improve ourselves.”

  • “After the NDNY determined there was no wrongdoing or crime to be investigated due to the consensual nature of the acts involved, the detractors took to the media to put pressure on law enforcement to take action”.


    Are you stating that the NDNY actually investigated DOS — and that the NDNY actually made a determination that DOS involved no wrongdoing and/or crimes?

    Because if that’s what you’re stating, then I’m going to call “bullshit” unless you can provide the following information:
    (1) The name(s) of the NDNY staff who were involved in the investigation of DOS.

    (2) The names of the DOS participants who were interviewed by the NDNY investigator(s).

    (3) The timeframe within which the NDNY investigation was carried out.

    If your claim is legitimate, then you should have no problem providing the requested information.

    If your claim is bullshit, you won’t respond to this comment.

    • Sounds like they are admitting for the first time they did have a relationship with NDNY.

      DOS 8: Did that relationship have anything to do with money, perks, or campaign contributions to persons employed at NDNY? What was the nature of the relationship?

    • I do remember reading something about this in Sarah Edmonson’s book where she writes that they went to the police and were told it was not a crime and that they were turned down. It does seem, from her book, that it took them a while and tons of effort to get the DOJ to look into NXIVM. Just saying.

      I also recall seeing on one of the episodes of the VOW where Mark Vicente says something like “we need to get to Catherine. They way to kids is through the parents.” That to me raised a red flag regarding their agenda.

      • I know for a fact that several people filed complaints about NXIVM/ESP with various law enforcement officials in the Albany, NY area during the period from 2004 onward (This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, complaints that were filed with the Internal Revenue Service, the New York State Attorney General, the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance, the Albany County DA, the Albany County Sheriff, the Albany City Police, the Colonie Police, the Saratoga County DA, and the Saratoga County Sheriff). But what the NXIVM-8 is asserting is that DOS was investigated by staff from the NDNY (i.e., FBI agents and/or investigators from the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the NDNY) — and that those NDNY staff “determined there was no wrongdoing or crime to be investigated due to the consensual nature of the acts involved”.

        All I’m asking the DOS-8 to do is provide information that would allow me to corroborate that assertion.

        PS: The fact that Sarah Edmondson went to “the police” may or may not have anything to do with the DOS-8’s assertion because the term “police” is so imprecise. But if the DOS-8 responds to my three questions, we’ll know exactly which NDNY staff were involved in the alleged investigation of DOS, which members of DOS were interviewed by NDNY staff as part of that investigation, and when the alleged investigation took place.

      • If, in fact, investigators from the NDNY contacted members of DOS because someone had complained about alleged illegal activities that were going on in the organization, there would be a record of those meetings in the form of “302s” (For a description of 302s, see: https://grandjurytarget.com/2017/05/18/what-is-an-fbi-302-the-problematic-nature-of-fbi-agents-interview-memos/). The information that I requested from the DOS-8 would presumably match up with the information recorded in the 302s that were filed by the NDNY investigators.

        More importantly, if we knew the names of the investigators who conducted the alleged investigation of DOS, it would be easy to point federal investigators from DOJ Central in the right direction in terms of who needs to be interviewed in the NDNY.

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response from the DOS-8. I doubt very much they will answer any of my questions.

          • If the DOS-8 will provide the name(s) of the NDNY staff who supposedly investigated DOS, then I am fairly certain that senior investigators from DOJ Central will want to interview those NDNY staff. But, as I said previously, don’t hold your breath waiting for any of the DOS-8 to answer my questions because I think their claim is total bullshit.

  • Do they not realise how it seems to most people? And, of course, had they kept to lawful activities, no blackmail, no collateral, no brands to which consent could not be made, made disclosure about what tattoo would be involved, etc., they could have carried on lawfully with it.

    Also, they have been fed KR views and then parrot them – KR decided women were particular kinds of creatures, that they were somehow worse than or weaker in particular ways than men, deceptive, nasty, had to be taught lessons, that they were very different from men to an extreme they are not in real life and that they are somehow broken and have to be fixed when much of the time, like men, they are perfectly fine.

    I certainly have no problems with their setting out their side of things but I hope they will come to realise how all this was done was never going to work and was flawed. Even aspects like requiring women night or day to respond quickly to texts are flawed and bad and cult-like and mean people don’t get enough sleep.

  • If your “sorority” was so effective at creating powerful women, why did it fold?

    Why haven’t you “bad-ass” women restarted it?

    By your own analysis, you are weak.

    “It can’t be what it was designed to be, because it was designed to be a secret. And with the publicity of it, it just can’t – it can’t be done.” — Leah Mottishaw, The Dossier Project

    What a load of illogical nonsense.

    That “The Truth About DOS No One Has Heard” section on your website is illustrated by a house of cards is oddly honest.

  • Where is the DATA supporting the following claims?

    1) a society that seeks to dismiss, protect, or discredit women.
    2) a society that values gossip, entertainment, and wealth above all else.
    3) a culture that promotes competitiveness and distrust amongst women.
    4) a societal view of women as children who need to be saved.

    Until legitimate answers to these wild claims can be provided, the entire foundation for the motivation that upholds their “precious” little DOS castle is built on nothing but sand.

    • Agree!

      Their “reasoning” paints a disturbing picture of women. And their relationship to each other and the world at large.

      Not my experience.

      I don’t know of any other women outside of DOS blackmailing each other to (allegedly) achieve results that healthy women come by naturally. Just by being solid humans.

      It’s very disturbing and deeply weird.

      Also ineffective.

      Turns out women are very similar to men.

      In that they do not like being sexually blackmailed and manipulated.

  • There is a foundational problem. These DOS proponents claim the master-slave ring was formed to solve problems that do not really exist.

    Women all over America are succeeding. And they do not need to be branded on their pubis with an old pervert’s initials to do so.

    Do you think Amy Poehler and Tina Fay are blackmailing each other with close-up vagina photos in between hosting the Golden Globes and getting Emmy nominations?

    They seem to be meeting commitments and keeping their word superbly. With no group blow jobs for Keith or fake confessions or extreme dietary enforcement.

    And Keith having sex with so many of the women and being sent tri-weekly naked group photos makes zero sense in this hilariously absurd retelling.

    And that is just the beginning of where this new false narrative falls apart.

    All the texts. “fuck toy slaves” and “does India understand..” Etc. You know…Evidence.

    If the whistleblowers are only 2% (as claimed), these 8 ” happy slaves” don’t represent a much higher percentage themselves.

    None of it is at all convincing.

    And stop speaking for all women. No one asked for your “help” with these non-existent issues.

  • Notice they don’t mention the additional collateral demanded every month. Or the naked photos. Or the food and sleep deprivation. Or that some slaves were ordered to “seduce” Keith. That is not my idea of living an “exceptional” life.

      • Not forgetting the running into trees and puddle drinking? Also the alarmingly high incidence of cancer amongst the older women? Dr. Roberts colluded with these practices through membership, no?

  • Wow…thank you for posting, Frank. This is a lot to process. What I find interesting about their article is how direct it is, and how much it makes sense. To be honest, it makes more sense than a lot of the other “hand-wavy” explanations I’ve heard about what happened up until this point. I have noticed that there are a lot of claims from detractors (who, according to this article, only made up 2% of the women) that use abstract and subjective terms to make accusations, which only made me more confused. However, this article was pretty plain and simple…it was a step-by-step account of what they claimed happened, and to be honest, it actually sounds plausible. It sounds like strong and level-headed women wrote this, not brainwashed cult-followers, as they’ve been called. Though I don’t think DOS would have been for me, I do respect these women for trying to do something bold.

    • Love your posts Amy B. You always sound like a totally objective member of the general public who has no ties to NXIVM whatsoever. You’re obviously not a loyal cult member following a script. No, not one bit! We need more independent thinkers like you here at the Frank Report and fewer people with media hate bias.

      Are you married to Anthony or one of Two Lawyers by any chance?

  • Curious about you free agent women bearing Vanguard’s initials: Did you all have sex with the leader of this female empowerment group?

    Simple question: Y or N

  • What!? These women look and sound amazing!

    What happened with the weak, young, and stupid victims that the media spoke about!?

    What a shock…

    Once more, it seems like our sexist society couldn’t allow an independent group of women to go against what this society grants them permission to do.

    Once more, it looks like our government has attacked and damaged a group of smart women to serve its own agenda…

    • The government “went after” people who broke the law.

      You are talking about a society where shows like, “sister wives” are popular.

      Soccer mom book clubs made the 50 shades of grey trilogy best sellers.


      No one is clutching pearls over the parts of DOS that the dead-enders are claiming.

      It wasn’t so “edgy”.

      It was just another old white dude exploiting women. Misogynist. And typical cult stuff. Very much “same old, same old”.

    • Anonymous February 22, 2021 at 2:43 pm,

      How does it feel to know that your cult leader is going to die in prison and never again walk the earth as a free man? That he lives in constant fear of assault, rape and death?

      Is it frustrating to know that if you reveal your identity publicly virtually no one will hire you or have anything to do with you?

      What does the social isolation feel like?

    • They sound like idiots who are imagining themselves as victims of a false narrative. How does Nicki, a successful wealthy American star, feel like she is un-empowered in this world? Or a doctor like Danielle? ROFL, they are irrational.

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