Investigating the Data With Two Lawyers

MK10ART's Justice and Keith Raniere

Suneel Provoked Interest

MK10Art’s painting of Suneel.

For several weeks, Frank Report has been publishing articles by Suneel Chakravorty. There have also been articles rebutting Suneel’s opinions, and commenters chastising him.

The Harvard graduate demonstrates that one can be civil — even friendly — to opponents, while fighting an unpopular cause, such as advocating for a man convicted of sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering, with predicate acts of possession of child pornography and the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Raniere Supporters’ Comment

Suneel’s articles have prompted Nxivm members to comment. These are sometimes easy to spot because of their use of words such as “data” and “hate” and the occasional made-up word. [All words that enter the vernacular are originally made up by someone.]

Nxians feel that hate, not evidence, from the public, media, prosecutors, judge, and jury, is what convicted their leader, Keith Raniere.

Data Is King

Nxivm commenters are easy to spot because they love the word  “data,” and use it in place of “information,” “knowledge” “details” or “facts.”

If Sergeant Joe Friday had been in Nxivm, he would  have said, “Just the Data, Ma’am.”

For most people, “data” is types of information formatted in a particular manner. For instance, computer software is divided into two major categories: programs and data.

Based upon data and belief, this is a group picture of Nxivm members at Vanguard Week, the 10-day celebration of the nativity of Keith Raniere, who, according to our data, has a birthday on August 26. Based on currently available data, this picture was taken on the lawn of the YMCA campus in Silver Bay, NY. No precise data is available as to the date of the photo. According to data made available from sources with inside data, and data collected from data on hand, plus data acquired from previous data, our data shows that the data on the number of people in attendance and posing for the photograph was about 500.
Nxivm Keith Raniere teaches followers
Keith Raniere teaches a group of followers, providing them with important, potentially life-altering data. As they say in Nxivm: “Data Is Power.”


According to our data, this MK10ART portrait of Keith Raniere is entitled ‘The Devil is in the Data.’

Anthony, a Non-Nxivm Supports Raniere

Anthony is a commenter who says he has no connection with Nxivm. He read Suneel’s articles and is persuaded Raniere is innocent. Here are some extracts of his comments.

By Anthony: 

I was never part of NXIVM, not even close, didn’t know it existed, don’t know Keith at all. I’ve been following this case for a few months and looking at all data…

I hope people here look beyond their hate for Raniere…

After speaking with lawyers at my office and showing them Suneel’s article, they actually believe there is enough arguments for an appeal, and even a mistrial. Maybe I’m/we’re being too utopical but it seems objective for us who are not in criminal law.

Two Lawyers Make an Appearance

After Anthony began commenting, “Two Lawyers,” who work at Anthony’s company, appeared.

Two Lawyers wrote:

One of our coworkers, Anthony, asked us to post here because he said people don’t believe our opinions are true [about Raniere being innocent]. We wanted to come here on the Frank Report to let everyone know that we have no connection to NXIVM — we didn’t know anything about this case until Anthony brought the data to our attention.

We are disturbed by some of the things Keith did, but it is our careful legal opinions that this case is due to extremely serious prosecutor misconduct. Some of the things he did could be considered immoral by certain people, but he didn’t do anything illegal.

Law and morality are totally different. Charges should never have been filed, and he should never have been kidnapped. Kidnapping is always wrong. The people who kidnapped Keith are guilty of felonies. This is a total violation of the constitution.

We know the law in Mexico too, and it was also a violation. If Keith doesn’t win his appeal at the first level, we are certain it will be overturned by the Supreme Court. This can set a major precedent. The prosecutors better take care because they will probably be ordered into jail and lose their jobs because of this illegal prosecution.

We have read this website and see that other law-trained people, a professor and a student agree with us. Most of the people who are posting comments here don’t know the law like we do and are used to only believing what the media tells them and making judgementalism based on emotion and hate. The law teaches objectivity and only basing knowledge on data and personal integrity.

We have read Suneel’s writings, and he is obviously a man of integrity. We have never met Suneel but he has a high reputation in coding and math, which are objective, not emotional. He is not dumb and brainwashed. He does not think Keith is a perfect god — only a very talented man who helped many people.

He is raising many good points about the law and how it was not followed in this case. He is very brave because he is facing so much hate, but he is only attentioning objective facts.

In another comment, Two Lawyers explained how they took an interest in the Raniere case.
Two Lawyers wrote:

Anthony alerted us with an interoffice memo about these new developments in this case. His data is objective and the legality of these so-called victims to subjective, to say the least.

If the judge was true to the law and not pressure from hate bias in the media or Mexican drug lords, the claims against Keith would be dismissed forthwith. There is much illegality with the secrecy and shielded filings of the prosecutors. Transparency is the essence of data, but here, manipulation derives from lack of confrontation and cross-examination under oath. Both sides must be heard, but here we only hear from the so-called victims — many who are guilty of felonies at the least and potentially lying to dig for gold.

Judge Garaufis allowing secrecy puts himself in the position of fines and punishments, especially if this requires examination at the Supreme Court. If he does not take care, this matter can be taken by Mr. Raniere even to the International Court of Justice and Interpol could become involved to arrest him whenever he flies or otherwise tries to leave the United States of America. Even on a day trip to Mexico or Canada.

Anyone who is concerned with justice in this case can make Judge Garaufis aware that his actions are being closely watched and scrutinized by contacting him…

What Is Their Data?

Stern admonitions to prosecutors and the judge, with the former being ordered to jail without a trial, and the latter apprehended by Interpol should he plan a day trip to Canada, made some readers believe Two Lawyers were getting quite involved in this case.

One commenter, who was also a lawyer wrote,  “Oh, Two Lawyers. That was perfection. Thank you for the delicious treat!”

Two Lawyers replied, It is good to see there is another lawyer on here who is like us trained in objective data because there are many so-called critics who only know hate and believe media bias. They need to take care and look at all sides of the issues because no one is perfect and great injustice is being done here, as you know.

Over the weekend, a curiously skeptical commenter, Natashka wrote:  I love satire. Thanks, ‘Two Lawyers’. Now, get back to your day job.

Two Lawyers replied:

We are both senior lawyers and do not work weekends. We never use company time or resources to search and give data on these topics — only with our own personal devices and data plans. Anthony duplicates these actions as his integrity is, like ours, very high. We are all loyal not to NXIVM or any members thereof, but only to the objective truth that data gives.

Since we are officers of the court, it is our duty to inform you that joking and degrading lawyers admitted before the bar can result in writs of habeas corpus delicti and also bills of attainder at state, federal and even international courts since we also know Mexican law. We respectfully request that you take care to treat this case and all participants with the respect all are due because even though no one is perfect all deserve due process before the law. Even the so-called devil himself.

Doubtlessly Lawyers

For Natashka, Bangkok, Clifton Park and other commenters to doubt that Two Lawyers really were two lawyers may have surprised some, including Two Lawyers. Their response of threatening a writ of habeas corpus delicti and getting a Bill of Attainder against Frank Report commenters who seek to discredit them, showed they know how to use legal muscle.

Just as some doubted Two Lawyers, several commenters claimed Anthony was actually a Nxivm supporter.

By Anthony

I wasn’t part of NXIVM…  However, articles keep coming out to discredit Keith and I think they are unnecessary. I’ve read a lot of information and a lot of articles that contradict themselves. Literally if Keith were to save a kitten it would be seen as a bad thing. Again I don’t know him nor was part of NXIVM, I’ve been studying his case and a lot of irregularities came up with his arrest, trial and a ridiculous sentence. This doesn’t mean I’m defending him per se. I actually believe there are alleged crimes that have not been investigated and justice hasn’t been served. We need to stop this ‘everything that Keith did was bad’ and really focus on the actual crimes that went on at his trial, then actually focus on the crimes he did and have justice.
Two Lawyers pretty much proved that Anthony is not part of Nxivm. They would know since Anthony works at the same company that they do.

By Two Lawyers

Anthony, we duplicate your data 100%. Like you, we are objective and, ergo, only focused on the truth and agree that the irregularities and digging for gold are throughout this case impossible to overlook unless one only takes care to notice the media hate and bias. The many so-called articles are definitely unnecessary, contradicting, and all lack data. It is a travesty of justice that saving kittens is considering to be a felony if only Raniere does this.

After news broke that Raniere had COVID 19, Anthony wrote: According to which followers does Keith Raniere have COVID-19? Three of them have posted articles that I know. Could you tell us who Frank? It would be interesting to know which of them are still in contact with Raniere.

Two Lawyers replied to Anthony [proving that they did work for the same company since how would they know about Anthony’s Tupperware].

By Two Lawyers

Anthony, your search for objective data in regards to the matter of this so-called COVID-19 is critical to establishing truth without malice. We suspect this can be more media hate bias. We commend Frank Parlato for his commitment to free speech but eo ipso, without further data in this regards facticity cannot be determined in media res.

Anthony, take care to check the fridge in the break room as HR has informed that all items left by EOD on Friday will be thrown out. Even nice Tupperware.

A Display of Legal Knowledge, Mens Rea and Deductive Knowledge

If anyone had any doubt about Two Lawyers being duly admitted to the bar, their dispositive comment to Anthony puts that to rest:

By Two Lawyers

Anthony, as usual, your analysis is purely objective data. We concur that Mr. Raniere is a very smart man and by application of so-called sophisticated neurolinguisticated modality transformative analysis and application of the principle of a barba stulti discit tonsor, we deduce that his IQ is not 242, but actually 256.74! Q.E.D.

By taking care fortior ratio est we calculate his current level of innocence as 74.28% and guilt as 28.338%. A final calculation can only be concluded upon the completed revelation of his full writings on these topicalities.

However, we must addition post haste propter hoc Mr. Raniere is incorrect to state his codefendants are very innocent. By our calculationing his codefendants are EXTREMELY MEGA UBER ULTRA innocent to a confidence level of 99.999999999999999999999997415%

Anthony, take care that we are pleased to inform you there is a new toaster and blender in the break room; however, be aware that so-called vampires are beginning to have buyers remorse about the purchase of these kitchen appliances, ergo, take care for cognitive dissonance. It is obvious that any negative evaluation of these devices is purely a projection of internal hatred and a pretty weak strategy, ceteris paribus.

What are you bringing to the potluck this weekend? We’re making Waldorf word salad with extra prepositions and a side of run-on sentences. See you soon!












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  • Looks like someone left the kiddie gate opened again. Maybe they need a happy meal and a nap , and let the grownups chat on the Frank Report.

  • Funny thing is, I LOVE the comments from Anthony and Two Lawyers — they bring the comedic side to this site!! In other words, they are a bunch of jokers!

    Fun post, Frank!!

  • Keith could have chosen to emulate the Service Merchandise catalog but he went another way.

    In a softer tone, I’d still like to know who the two females were that retrieved his ice cream on Route 9.

  • At this point it should seem pretty obvious that Two Lawyers are just who they say they are. How would they know so much law and all the Latin words for the law?

    They realize Keith is innocent. I can assure readers that the Two Lawyers are real.

    • Pea Onyu, we always appreciate the objective data you contribute to the robust conversationalization on this so-called website. We graduated from Law School with the esteemed Mr. Apox Onyu, are you related by any chance?

      In any case we certainly hope you take care of the principle of illegitimi non carborundum a fortiori. We look forward to reading your wise contributions to the discussionizations here in the near future. Q.E.D.

  • I couldn’t even make it past the second sentence. Acting civilly isn’t anything special. Generally, it’s called things like: conducting yourself professionally, acting like an adult, and using your manners. Why is Suneel being praised for commonly expected behavior?

  • —No precise data is available as to the date of the photo. According to data made available from sources with inside data, and data collected from data on hand, plus data acquired from previous data, our data shows that the data on the number of people in attendance and posing for the photograph was about 500.

    I am boycotting the Frank Report for 2 weeks or until you assholes stop using the word data. There is no ducking data whatsoever! You ducking assholes!!!! Your ducking data is non-ducking existent!!!! The data is the 10,000 ducking times you use the word data for BullShit! Shit data on the wall is shit!!!

    Duck yourselves!!!!

  • So “Anthony” does not believe all of these victims and believes a convicted felon and/or his supporters. It would be “hateful” to believe the victims. Interesting. It’s hateful to believe victims who sound 100% like they are telling the truth. “Anthony” believes that a person who states he has the world’s highest IQ is telling the tfuth.

  • Are those two lawyers American lawyers? What State?

    Those two devices wouldn’t apply to what– a slander suit? How can you slander someone if you don’t even know who they are?

  • I love the pictures of Charles Laughton from the movie “Witness for the Prosecution.” Here is an image of Laughton and Elsa Lanchester from the same movie. Lanchester was Laughton’s co-star in the movie, and his wife in real life. If she looks familiar, it’s from her most famous role as the “Bride of Frankenstein.”

    • The rumor is that Laughton was AC/DC and that Elsa Lanchester was his “beard”.
      When my mother was a student at the University of Illinois in the fifties, she attended a dramatic reading given by Charles Laughton.

  • Quite funny, actually. There is nothing in what “two lawyers” write that even smells like they are attorneys. Just one example, they write “it is our duty to inform you that joking and degrading lawyers admitted before the bar can result in writs of habeas corpus delicti.” This is absurd. A writ of habeas corpus is the pleading someone files when they are alleging they are wrongfully imprisoned or wrongfully on probation or parole. A writ of habeas corpus cannot be used against a civilian like one uses a lawsuit. These aren’t attorneys, just NXIVM posers.

  • This was a fun read, thanks for that. Did enjoy the tidbit about the use of “data”. All cults develop their own vernacular and terminology that often leads to distinctive reading and speaking styles. Somehow I missed the use of the word “data”. I guess because it was often used correctly but in a clunky manner. Scientology is next level on that, with a level of clunk that often is the equivalent of a record scratch over and over so at least Raneiere “mostly” avoided taking things that far.

    As for Two Lawyers – I suspect they are either not very good ones or not lawyers at all. Not because of the use of “data”. It’s the writing style. It is, well to be polite, let’s call it simple. It has a simplicity of style that skilled lawyers are incapable of suppressing because years of education and experience have evolved it to that point. Their arguments don’t even come across as lawyer-like. It’s almost a series of opinions but not really. It reads almost like a stream of consciousness without clear organization. It’s not dissimilar from how the NXIVM 5 keep trying to make arguments for Keith by making pointless comparisons to other people in the justice system. It all comes across as a simple way of looking at the world. If X, then Y must follow that really isn’t the real world.

    To be more blunt – people that are secure in their skillset rarely have to “prove” their skills. It comes across almost effortlessly in what they write and what they say because their skill and experience are important parts of who they are. Think about that sentence and think about all the people you know that match it and you will understand what I mean. That didn’t happen here, not by a long shot.

  • “Data” is a major buzzword in Scientology. No doubt that’s where Raniere got it from. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was also fond of making up words. My favorite is “enturbulate”, which means to give someone emotional stress.

    Raniere created a lot of enturbulation.

    • Re ‘enturbulate’

      I don’t use cult gibberish, not even that of L. Ron Hubbard. I do not pay that honor to this cult leader.

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