Keith Raniere From Prison: Lauren’s Innocence: ‘Lauren I Am so Truly Sorry’ and ‘You Are Better Off Without Me’

Lauren Salzman

Editor’s Note: This is Part 4 of the “From Prison: Keith Raniere” series on the subject of his co-defendants’ innocence.

Part 1: From Prison, Keith Raniere: ‘My Codefendants Are Innocent’ Part 1: Attackers Destroyed Our Community!

Part 2. From Prison: Keith Raniere: Part 2 My Co-Defendants Are ‘Very Innocent!’

Part 3: Keith Raniere From Prison: ‘Nancy Salzman Is Totally Innocent’

I have already explained why I chose to publish this series in Part 1 and in a separate post, Why I Choose to Publish Raniere’s Prison Letters About the ‘Innocence’ of His Codefendants.

Raniere’s codefendants are Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell.

In this article, Raniere addresses the subject of Lauren Salzman, his longtime harem member and slave who became a cooperating witness against him and testified at his trial.

By Keith Raniere 

Background on Lauren Salzman:

Lauren Salzman

I met Lauren through her Mom, Nancy Salzman, about 20 years ago. She was bald. Well, almost bald.

She had shaved her head after college and gone on a “road-trip” with friends across Europe, staying in youth hostels and the like. She was now allowing a thin layer of fuzz to grow back.

From the very beginning, she had some values I did not share, but many that I did, and she exhibited a humor and mental “funness” that was contagious.

Keith Raniere and his student and lover, Lauren Salzman

At one point early on, during a walk, she said she imagined we would end up together with children. It was interesting because we were not involved. It was said almost as an aside; it felt very gentle and almost true. After this, it was not mentioned again. She dated other people but we did eventually form a romantic relationship. I am not quite sure if either of us know exactly why, except we shared certain values in a very strong way and Lauren is quite personally irresistible — humorously our anniversary was April 1st.

Lauren’s relationship with me is very old, well-traveled and important; from what I gather from discovery and testimony, I recognize the relationship may have been a valiant effort to force a square peg into a round hole. The exquisite beauty of some unions do not make them good working life partnerships. Lauren has a wonderful intellect, an infectious sense of humor, and is a good soul. She will be a wonderful partner for the appropriate, lucky person.

Nancy Salzman, [?] Lauren Salzman, Keith Raniere and Karen U.
Motivation to Plea:

Lauren faced several adversities especially after her mother plead:

  1. (Nancy’s Plea) Her mother’s plea cast a potential guilt upon the organization and a type of validation of the charges. This went directly against the position of Lauren (innocence and no crime) if she were trying to win at trial;
  2. (Nancy’s Health) Nancy, Lauren’s mom, faces serious health challenges which may shorten her life. Lauren did not want to potentially be in prison if her mom went into critical condition or died; and
  3. (Children) Lauren wants children and she is over 40 years old. If she even goes to prison for 5 years, the hope of having children will be greatly diminished.
  4. During her testimony, it was evident to me the confusion and separation this caused. With someone like me, who is non-traditional and with an intensely singular life purpose, having children is not a given or planned. At one point, I told her I would have to step down from my position in order to live the life I perceived she wanted. I asked her if she would choose that?
  5. I believe I was not clear with what I was illustrating. I think with the force of my conviction and personality, persuaded Lauren to put aside her life wishes. This was never my intent; it saddens me for I was blind to my effects, and caused her pain. Lauren. if you ever read this I am so truly sorry.
MK10ART sketch of Lauren Salzman

I had a dream after Lauren plead guilty: Within the dream she was lying flat on a mattress on the floor of a very stark, bare room. She was staring at the ceiling. I kissed her and told her although I thought what she was doing was very bad (see below) I loved her and wished her well. At first she looked stunned, then returned my kiss.

A voice, which normally represents my subconscious said to me internally, “she is better off without you.”


Lauren’s plea was also false.

Like her mother, she stipulated to the enterprise in the prosecution’s indictment. That’s an easy way to make sure you get it in, when no one can actually define it. Lauren did try to define the purpose of the enterprise and it was subjective and different than what was charged. The enterprise was false and there were no criminal actions in the sorority.

My cross-examining attorney knew this well. He was an experienced high-level prosecutor, considered an authority on RICO (which he teaches at law school), and is now a defense attorney with an extraordinary record. He knows we are all innocent, and that certainly there was no RICO enterprise.

Marc Agnifilo cross-examined Lauren Salzman

At one point, he posed a question to Lauren; the prosecution objected; he rephrased the question; and the court said to the witness, “You may answer.”

In the middle of the answer, which revealed Lauren’s plea to be false, the judge interrupted and cut off the cross-examination.

Lauren Salzman in Court
A courtroom sketch shows Lauren Salzman on the stand. Keith Raniere takes notes in the foreground.

Here was a key part of his [the judge’s] later explanation: “l have to sentence this defendant and what you did was, basically, ask her to make legal judgments about whether what she did in pleading was farcical that she took somebody else’s advice, some lawyer, so she could get out from under a trial. I thought that went pretty far beyond the pale, frankly.”

Lauren actually admitted, in effect, her innocence. Often the court reporters do not transcribe every utterance into the record. There are many instances of this in my case. At this particular juncture, I believe Lauren actually ended by saying specifically her intent was good and to help people.

The pledged surety (collateral) for the vow of sorority was completely voluntary with safe-guards, and ethical procedures, to assure the proper care of this mutual trust. In Lauren’s plea she ignored all of this assuming coercion and knowing bad intent. This was certainly not true. Without this broad assumption. none of Lauren’s plea is true or even makes sense. If my attorney was allowed to continue his cross-examination of Lauren, I am confident this would have been abundantly clear.

Lauren Salzman leaves court


Keith Raniere gives a kiss to Lauren Salzman.

Cooperation with the Prosecution:

Lauren cooperated with the prosecution and testified against me.


  1. (Life in Prison)…. No matter what Lauren feels did to her or others, this is what she is voting for and supporting. I do not think she has fully thought this through;
  2. (Supporting Hate see Nancy Effect 7 (Justifying Hate)) Supporting hate is a major moral issue: A valid prosecution does not need or use hate to inspire prejudice to convict — a conviction should come strictly from factual truth without prejudice. By cooperating (and testifying for) this prosecution, who used hate, one supports it. It is better to release a criminal then [sic] to support hate in his or her trial. Supporting hate supports the essence of crime;
  3. (Effect on Supporters) Our community was deeply affected by the act of Lauren cooperating and her testimony. This led many remaining supporters to either outright leave and become negative, or pull away in fear;
  4. (Our Relationship) By testifying Lauren used the credibility of our 20-year partnership to support something bad. This hurts the concept of long-term relationships and, in particular, my long-term relationships. Using that credibility amplifies the weight of her opinions and if she is even partially incorrect, amplifies the and wrongness of them. This is a position from which one must be absolutely sure one is precisely and completely correct;
  5. (Criminalization see Nancy Effects 3 (Criminalization)) Testifying (and pleading) is a form of certifying the charges, and that there was crime. It taints NXIVM and all we have done with criminality. This is not true and the charges are false;
  6. (Breaking Vow) By breaking her sorority vows she betrayed all other sisters, threatened the trust she had with them, and upheld the lies of others who broke their vows before her;
  7. (Founding Sister) Lauren was a founding sister…. By breaking her vows she betrayed the concept of the sorority and this type of secret society for women. She dishonored all of the sorority and all of the sisters effectively destroying the sorority, as we know it, for all others;
  8. (Breaking Promises) A number of her actions break her admitted, personal, promises to me. This erodes at her word and also the concept of life vows. The more people that visibly break the less meaningful life-vows becomes [sic]. It does appear Lauren had been breaking our life-vows throughout the relationship which is my fault also (see below);
  9. (Breaking Confidences) She disclosed, to the detriment of others, and also inaccurately, two direct things told to her in absolute confidence: Lauren identified Cami as the participant in Nicole’s test (this hurt Cami publicly), and claimed Dany Padilla told her I kicked her once (which makes me appear violent); and
  10. (Speaking with Dishonor) Lauren’s testimony contained what we would consider dishonorable speaking. Dishonorable speaking, by definition, creates unnecessary damages through the use of hateful prejudice. Additionally, this lessens the virtue of speaking with honor and, if a top member of our community could speak with dishonor so publicly, it lessens everything the community built and creates the thought that our community members are only virtuous when not under pressure. We believe one should always ask his or her self, “What if I am wrong?” “How would I ever undo it?” How can anyone be sure he or she is right? To hear someone speak publicly with dishonor, who has upheld speaking with honor for so long, is chilling and disheartening.
Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere on the volleyball court.

My participation:

  1. (Contact) As in the first four sentences of item one above under “My participation (Contact)” With Nancy, the same is true here;
  2. (Environment) It is evident to me I created an environment within our relationship wherein Lauren felt she could not keep her promise to me of full disclosure. She was too scared of me, or losing our relationship, to disclose a number of things. This is my fault. I did not provide what Lauren considered a safe enough caring place for her to tell me everything. When I exchange promises with a partner it is incumbent upon me to provide the safety for the full disclosure required. I failed and need to improve all my relationships from now forth and I will live with these consequences for the rest of my life. I am sad this mistake (likely a series of mistakes and a way of being lasting over many years) was so hard on Lauren;
  3. (Values) I didn’t focus enough on the differences in values I saw. Since aspects of our relationship were extraordinary, and we did not fight, I thought we would grow together and our lives would align. What I did not do was take it a step further and recognize if my values were set and not going to change, I was counting on Lauren’s changing which is unfair to her. If someone has to change (or sacrifice) their values in order to in a life-partnership, then the life-partnership is probably not meant to be;
  4. (Signals) From my perspective, I would see Lauren change her position with respect to very important things: at one point she told me if faced with the decision of staying with me and not having children, or leaving me and having children, she would rather stay with me. This position seemed to change at times. I should have seen this as a signal to either thoroughly resolve the issue, or end the relationship. I am very reluctant to end relationships. In this case, it was not being healthy or fair to her;
  5. (Connection) There were long periods of time I did not connect deeply with Lauren — I just let the relationship “be.” Because she is an independent woman, I did not weight [sic] this separation through non-connection enough. In effect. I took Lauren’s beauty, tolerance, and independence within the relationship for granted.
  6. (Sharing Myself) For Lauren to believe she did not know who I was after 20 years of a relationship means I did not share myself enough, nor give her the opportunity to know me deeply enough, so she would be unshakable in who I am — for better or for worse. It is always our responsibility to show, and allow people to know, who we are — especially our loved ones. We should not think it is their job to somehow figure us out and then be upset if they don’t or can’t;
  7. (Compensation) There were people close to me who had difficult relationships with Lauren. I should have moved more strongly to arbitrate these situations instead of compensating for them. An example is Lauren being invited into the sorority many months after all the other founding sisters. Had I arbitrated these situations, I suspect Lauren would have either been invited in the beginning (and felt differently now) or not have been invited at all; and
  8. (Unfinished Work) Lauren had certain specializations within the sorority. I did not spend enough time finishing the special therapeutic techniques which were to be under her auspices so they were never released. I suspect her with them would have deepened her experience with the sorority, given her participation even greater meaning, and given her a more directed purpose. I feel these techniques are truly beneficial, healing, and quite extraordinary.

    A Few Photos of Lauren Salzman

    Lauren Salzman


    Lauren Salzman


    MK10ART – Lauren Salzman


    Lauren Salzman by Marie White.
    Lauren Salzman with her cat


    Lauren Salzman with Allison Mack


    Marie White’s depiction of Lauren Salzman


    Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman.


    Lauren Salzman

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  • Can someone help me out here who remembers?

    Keith claims: “At one point, he posed a question to Lauren; the prosecution objected; he rephrased the question; and the court said to the witness, “You may answer.”

    In the middle of the answer, which revealed Lauren’s plea to be false, the judge interrupted and cut off the cross-examination.”

    But I remember that the line of questioning had to do with Dani being locked up for so long and Lauren being a part of this. She got hysterical — from my POV — because Agnifilo was trying to get her to take sole responsibility for it… or admit it was wrong… IDK… something like that. Does anyone remember that exchange?

    Keith makes it out to be about something else. Like she was on the verge of revealing her innocence. But he’s wrong. I remember that breakdown as being quite the opposite.

    Anyway, I just wish Keith had a grasp of sentence structure and grammar. That is the most disturbing thing about him. He claimed to be a genius and at the same time brutally mangles the English language.

    Has no one confronted him about this? Isn’t it about time that someone does? Frank, can you send him a letter in jail? Maybe some “Hooked on Phonics” books would help?

  • Good Grief.
    Even a pet has to be underweight; vulnerably naked.

    Still. This site is an education on this ridiculous subject. I have only been able to read a few articles in The New York Times over the years. I also must admit to surprise when arrests & consequent charges & trial/s came about. After all, they were all consenting adults…

    • 15-years-old’s aren’t adults, mate.

      You can’t consent to having an old perv’s initials branded on your twat when you’re lied to by birds like Nicki Clyne who tell you it represents the four elements.

  • Esse maluco não entende que está claro como a água que ele tinha uma seita que só o favorecia e portanto deve ser preso sozinho ?

  • OMG… Keith really reveals himself as a sociopath! Itemizing the breaches she made against him, others and NXIVM (a cult)? It is madness! He attempts to show humility about his involvement but with the agenda of showing her breaches! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

  • Lauren has a wonderful intellect, an infectious sense of humor, and is a good soul. She will be a wonderful partner for the appropriate, lucky person.

    A strong woman who faces a extremely hard challenge.

    • Lauren is now getting the cult love-bomb treatment.

      Damn. Keith must be keen to ensure she doesn’t denounce him during her sentencing.

    • Joshua,

      You never quote Raniere or Nancy when they promote and justify pedophilia. Or misogyny.

      In fact, you never comment on those posts at all. So…

      Do you agree with Keith’s tale about mothers giving their infants blow jobs?

      What about Nancy declaring that little children aren’t traumatized by sexual abuse and molestation is a thing little children choose?

      Keith Raniere says, “some women experience orgasm for the first time while they are being raped.” Agree? Disagree?

      “Is it rape if the woman enjoys it’? Keith Raniere asks. What is your answer?

      Do you agree with calling a woman whom you’ve never met a ” fish hole”?

      What about any woman? Should they be called “fuck toy slaves”?


  • ” I suspect her with them would have deepened her experience with the sorority, given her participation even greater meaning, and given her a more directed purpose. ” Keith left out the next part which should have been…

    “and that is why your brand was twice the size of everyone else’s brand.”

    That whole paragraph 8 is bullshit: certain specializations within the sorority??? Keith is delivering some kind of jab at Lauren that only they know about.

  • Keith starts by describing Lauren as a person who was totally lost without him.

    Keith is very manipulative.

    What is the humor in locking a woman in a room for over 2 years?

    Lauren: I hope u get free from these bastards. I hope you also do good. You were cruel to Daniela. You need to do now good.

    Best of luck. Keith is so manipulative. Yuck

  • Lauren was clearly pushed by the government to say what she said. It’s awful that this kind of thing happens in a first-world country. That’s the real crime here.

    She is innocent and a good person. People just don’t want to feel that, we are a society that puts good people in jail.

    • There is only one world. In which world do you live? I suppose we all live in the same world. It would be strange if it were otherwise.

    • Too bad Lauren wasn’t a branded slave in a cult that used “edgy” tech and close-up vagina photos to be strong, powerful women! Then she could have had the courage to tell the government the truth!

      Oh. Wait…

  • This is a very public gaslighting of Lauren. At what point does Raniere’s f*ckery with sworn testimony become libelous?

  • Run this story!

    Why did Andrew Cuomo fail to crack down on NXIVM?

    Former Staffer Accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of Sexual Harassment

    A former aide accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) of unwanted sexual advances in a blog post published Wednesday.

    Lindsey Boylan, the former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to Cuomo, said Cuomo repeatedly touched her body, attempted to kiss her on the mouth, invited her to play “strip poker,” and overtly objectified her, documenting her experiences with screenshots of emails and texts in a Medium post.

  • KEITH, you’re a super creep, you’re super creepy YAO~ You’re also an evil person who deserves to rot in prison and in hell in the next life .. ENJOY

  • Yikes! This is his Love-Hate Letter to Lauren. I have to wonder if this was written around the time of the first one published? Or have all of these been continuous writing by him which you have broken into pieces/articles, Frank? Or is this a more recent writing?

    Why did she testify against you, Vanturd? Perhaps she got her head on straight after having rifles pointed at her head while you hid in the closet. Perhaps she was able to get some de-programming between the time you were arrested and when she testified.

    I hope that if Lauren reads this post, that she is not again taken in by his words — because he is definitely trying to play her here.

    • Good questions. Maybe Raniere, like L. Ron Hubbard, went on a hypergraphic binge. Or maybe he wrote these articles in dribs and drabs, which Frank Parlato has organized here as a series of articles. Enquiring minds would not mind knowing the soecific happenstances. Not at all. Frank is on first, though.

      So. How and when?

      The tub of lard, L. Ron Hubbard, did so much hypergraphic binging throughout his life, beginning while still a teenager. Often simultaneously, he binged on booze and amphetamines while indulging his hypergraphia for weeks at a time. Piggishly.

      Hypergraphia, as a symptom of a more thorough and detailed range of mental/psychologic handicaps, is quite an area of study. Few understand the level of compulsivity involved in hypergraphia. It helps greatly to be able to observe it firsthand and also, in more than one individual.

      Some with hypergraphic symptoms do not even write much at all, but instead underline sentences, words and paragraphs, as if underlining were the addiction. It’s fascinating.

      So far Mr. Parlato hasn’t responded to your questions. Not even in the thurd person! Um, third. Freudian lingerie? Freud was rather a turd, though. But he got away with it. Almost.

      I would like to hear some response to your good questions, toooooooo. Why knot? At least send it out in Morse code syllables if journalistic (or non- journalistic) omerta needs diligent reinforcement.

      Dah dit dah dit, dah dit dah. Not hard of hearing.

      How and when, and not just who, what, where. Journalism. Wha? Other than a few trivialities, however, go Frank, go! In the first person.

      Queen Victoria died. She took second person out with her jowls alone.

      The turd person never works. Everything ends up in the turd person’s toilet. Just ask poor Suneel. He could be at wit’s end, as demonstrated right here at the Frank Report, so very well indeed.

  • Ohhhh!

    Keith didn’t want Lauren but strung her along because she was “irresistible”.

    Lauren was useful to recruit women Keith did want by befriending them.

    Lauren could talk women out of leaving (We’ve all heard the voice recordings of her with Sarah Edmondson, who was somehow quite able to resist).

    Lauren could seduce the Dali Lama’s gatekeeper.

    Lauren could assist in keeping Dani imprisoned.

    I get it now.

    Thanks, Keith!

  • A) Keith definitely kicked Dani. When she was already down on the ground.

    B) no word on keeping Daniela in the room. With Lauren as enforcer.

  • “Lauren actually admitted, in effect, her innocence. Often the court reporters do not transcribe every utterance into the record. There are many instances of this in my case. At this particular juncture, I believe Lauren actually ended by saying specifically her intent was good and to help people.”

    Right. Now, exactly how stupid does Raniere think we are? First, court reporters DO, and are supposed to, transcribe “every utterance into the record.” That is why you will often see “ums” and the like throughout testimony. At worst, a reporter will misspell a word or incorrectly type the date. But they NEVER, NEVER omit entire sentences from the record. And from Raniere’s claim, it was two sentences: “My intent was good” and “My intent was to help people”. Sorry, but there is no way that happened. It also did not happen many times in his trial record.

    Indeed, how convenient for Raniere to make this claim. But Lauren was on the witness stand and had already testified for hours stating the exact opposite. Should Raniere’s appellate counsel put that in their brief, the panel will spit all over their papers from their laughter

    Also, Lauren’s “confession” was not inevitable, as Raniere claims, given Agnifilio’s wondrous RICO cross-examination expertise. Sorry, this same lawyer was stupid enough not to tell Raniere to shut the f**k up and let him do his job. If Raniere actually thought so highly of Agnifilio’s skills, why didn’t he trust him to present a defense and properly cross-examine witnesses, instead of badgering them, demanding that they respond with legal arguments? Surely, such a seasoned lawyer would know better.

    Does Raniere realize how obvious he is in his ridiculous attempts to try to convince us, and his followers, that those who rightfully pled guilty, were innocent?

    I am sure the left-overs will post here about how “insightful” this piece of garbage was, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

    The other funny thing that stood out to me was when he said he would have to do better in his future relationships! HaHaHaHa! For obvious reasons.

    • It’s also done mechanically in that a recording device is used and then the recording is used to created transcripts. It’s not as if reporters are writing the transcripts live and might miss out on utterances.

      • Exactly! Keith’s trying to get low information people to picture some lady with a chisel and stone tablet like the secretary on the Flintstones.

  • Lauren, I hope your sentence is minimal. (As I hope for all of the women indicted with him).
    It sucks to follow a failed teacher.

    I also hope you are able to find and examine the avenues into your nature that were exploited, and that gave access to the corruption of his methods and theories.

    I fear fixing them might take considerable work.

    Suck up your mistakes, face the future with your head held high, and be willing to correct whatever needs to be fixed.

    This will pass.

  • ==A voice, which normally represents my subconscious said to me internally, “she is better off without you.”


    Everyone is better off without you, you sick, sociopathic freak. You literally reek tangible physical, psychological, mental, emotional, financial, etc., destruction on the lives of people. You are also utterly deluded.

    ==Often the court reporters do not transcribe every utterance into the record. There are many instances of this in my case.

    No, there aren’t “many instances,” you liar. Court reporters have to be able to take down whatever is dictated in court at a rate of over 200 wpm and be almost 99% accurate.

    What an ass-hat.

  • Still trying to reach out and manipulate any way he can. I hope Lauren has gained enough distance and perspective that she won’t even bother to read this. At this point, Frank, I think your posting this garbage is just enabling his continued attempts at manipulation and mental abuse. Please reconsider.

    • L – I have accepted this series for publication. I think it has important information. Perhaps it helps us enter the mind of a psychopath, to understand it better.

      I plan to do a careful analysis of the series once it is published.

      Overall, I doubt it is helping Keith. I do not think it is marshaling his troops and in the end, it might even work to free some of them. That said, I promised to publish it without editorial comment. But commenters are free to make their own judgments. If you look at these comments, you will see how most readers feel.

      • I find it interesting from a psychological point of view. You have have a therapist analyze these.

        I am shocked Nancy didn’t notice anything….

        • Yes FMN. I think a psychologist should give a professional opinion. That would be really interesting reading. Frank, please do this!!!

  • I don’t know if this post will be censored, but all these posts supposedly written by Keith and this crap from women calling themselves DOS are a potion brewed up by the smug head of the coven whose initials are T N. These 8 witches (and the number 8 tells you all you really need to know if you know anything about numerology) are repeating Frank Parlato that DOS means Dominus Obsequium Sororum that anyone who actually knows the truth is nothing but witches’ gossip. They hardly try to hide it. If a secret sorority is supposed to be secret, why are they out here announcing themselves with a new website and a gigantic neon sign and airbrushed photos and sending out press releases saying boo-hoo, we used to be secret but now its all ruined so join our MLM and buy shampoo and listen to our podcast and watch our videos. Boo-hoo pay attention to us. Who is running the real pyramid scheme?

    And they carefully arrange it this comes out right in the middle of writings supposed to be written by Keith. What a coincidence? No way that was planned right? No way now how was T N involved in this. Oh no! She’s not pulling the strings on these “women” and Frank and whoever else is turning the crank on the snow job machine. This is all a distraction from the real victim who is Keith and his Tech. That’s it. Keith wouldn’t write all this BS about you are better off without me and I’m so sorry Lauren. Guess who has all her attorneys paid for by the Head Witch? Guess who is plotting her podcast and reality show and line of hair care products and got a nose job lined up.

    The people who are true to their vows and not dancing in the witches’ circle and sacrificing babies and drinking their blood and trying to cash in are posting their photos and videos everywhere. Funny how the ones who claim to be founders are the ones who are quick to pull out their knives and backstab now that things aren’t so easy. Just look where their photos say they are! That tells you where they are not and that tells you everything about who is really devoted to the data and Keith and who is not. You can only be close to the truth when you’re close to data. The noon sun too hot for you? Afraid you’ll melt into a puddle like in the Wizard of Oz? Anyone who says the Tech is dead and destroyed is lying. People who are true to their vows are true.

    The more gold the witches put in their kettle the more there are when it comes time to finally figure out what’s owed when the real data wins out. So keep on dumping it in witches. We will all be thanking you!

    • —The real victim who is Keith and his tech.


      You sound just as deluded as the creepy one himself.

    • The only reason you are all up in your feelings about this is because you have been made to understand that any and all legitimate claims for compensation will leave less in the pot for you.

      Why would you get motivated to protect the wealth of someone with no intention of sharing some of it with you? You’ve been incentivized alright, bed and board for the moment + a cool million[$] transferred into an a/c to keep you on board. Probably not for all the girls though, am I right? Rulers got to foster division.

      As to your sidewalk histrionics about witches and infant sacrifice… it’s not exactly Arthur Miller is it?

      I would try a plainer prose style or people might think you lack authenticity and integrity and stuff.

  • I’d call Keith’s open letter to Lauren, pathetic, but it’s not that easy or harmless. He is a conniving, psychotic, vicious, insecure pansy.

    What’s the matter, Vanguard, didn’t you watch any movies with Lauren? Couldn’t go to the Patch Adams card to try to stir up Lauren’s old feelings?

    Keith is sick and I feel dirty reading his shit.

    • Nut job.

      You cannot just drop a Patch Adams/Nxivm reference like a fucking rock star and leave me hanging!

      Please? I beg of you. Elaborate.

      • This letter is how he operates. Try to use NLP and hypnotic language patterns etc., etc. to make people feel emotions that drive them back to him. As he tries to have his women emotionally latch back onto him, he is simultaneously working to destroy them.

        His attempts to get Toni back exhibited this on steroids. In one desperate and pathetic long-winded letter, he tried to use Patch Adams (and many other Hail Marys) to trigger emotions in Toni. Poor, poor jilted lover, Keithy.

  • Its like he’s talking to chattel, not another person with thoughts and feelings.

    And he rattles down those lists that he himself created.

    Very mechanical, void of emotion.

    Then it centers on those trust issues again. Trust. Trust. Trust.

    He can do whatever he wants to you, and if you react, he tries to scold with ” trust”


  • These ramblings should be kept for eternity. They will form a treasure trove for psychiatrists studying Narcissim Personality Disorders coupled with extreme (dare we say ‘luciferian’) psychopathy with a Svengali complex.

    Me, me, me, it’s all my fault for not paying attention and ‘molding’ and ‘breaking’ Lauren, so she turned out to have her own values and became a traitor. Look how great I am, etc. The most disturbing aspect is the subtle gaslighting: “Lauren, if you read this, I am so sorry”.

    KR still wants her approval, because he cannot be wrong. But then he goes on to basically call her weak, a traitor to the sorority/community/, declares that she had problems with other women … the old narc ‘divide and conquer’ technique. And this second part is most troubling, because it may well (without saying so) give the remaining ‘flying monkeys’ the incentive to ‘go after’ Lauren.

    The second part is nothing but an attempt at self-justification coupled with an ever so subtle character demolition job on Lauren. If he really cared, he would have finished the piece at “I’m sorry” – how can I make it up to you?. A chilling insight into the mind and mind games of KR.

  • “ the relationship may have been a valiant effort to force a square peg into a round hole.”

    More like trying to force a limp peg into a round hole.

  • There are criminals with remorse and then there are criminals without it. With every word of Raniere that Frank publishes, the more fascinating it becomes to learn the inner thoughts of this conman turned cult leader and possible murderer.

    • I agree. The more I read, the more the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

      He’s creepy.

      His EYES are creepy.

      How did no one pick up on this?

      • FMN,

        Could not agree more! That’s why Keith had to work so hard on people with shutting off their gut instinct. The alarm raised on a visceral level you feel physically not intellectually.

        And he needed appealing women to run interference. Because there is a natural knowing that he is bad news!

      • FMN, I have been wondering about this, too. But it seems in the UK they did some (academic) research on this very ‘stare’.

        “The team examined the effect of nasty images on offenders who are psychopathic and offenders who aren’t and found a marked difference in their eye response: the eyes of psychopathic offenders did not show pupil enlargement while those of non-psychopathic offenders did.”

        • Thank you for the link. Guess this is what Dr. Porter was up to with his fright experiments.

          Grow psychos with Rainbow, and accurately label them using eyes?

          It’s a real shame Keith was stopped. He was doing great work.

          • Indeed, Nutjob, I immediately thought about “Dr.” Porter’s experiments, too. It is so good that Keith was stopped from going on with his horrible pseudo ethical plan to transform people into servants of the devil.

            Alas, there are still ppl out there who intentionally use their eyes to influence their audience in order to gain control over them. Whenever I see such a method being used, often on YouTube vídeos, it only makes me wanna run. But those who are recruited on the net nowadays, they, sadly enough, follow their virtual cult leaders blindly as well. 😔

        • I can’t comment on the study…but, I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Vanguard’s eyes creep me out. Just my opinion. But those still shots are chilling.

          But if Nancy is such a trained professional, how could she not see what was going on? Did she see “issues” with Vanguard as a psychological profile? Did she see the psychological games he was playing on people? The narcissism?

          Fruehling kommt!

          • Ja, der Frühling kommt! 🌱🌸🐥 Endlich. 😃

            Yes, the eyes are the window to the soul!! His are particularly creepy. There is no warmth or compassion in his eyes despite his seemingly soft and tender way of speaking, especially with women in order to catch his prey.

            As for Nancy, hmm, I don’t know… 🤔 It appears to me that KAR did not catch ppl, again in particular women, on a merely intellectual level. Instead, he promised them success, power, love, and he seemed to be interested in helping to improve humanity also. That his intellectual agenda was all fake as Keith only wanted to satisfy his selfish desires – no matter what – they have had to learn the hard way. I believe he caught their 💞, not only their minds. 🗣️💭 And I think it is very difficult to ‘deprogram’ someone whose heart still belongs to the perpetrator.

  • What a fucking asshole Keith is. All those babies some of you could have given to Lauren or another family but nope, it was easier to kill…abort them or hide them in plain sight. Queef, you may not have been charged with the correct crimes but karma has your balls firmly in the right spot. It’s funny, your leftovers Nicki, Ed, Dani, Meeeeeeshel, etc., you’re actually going to cause your leader more grief by not getting him settled in. Once a prisoner accepts his fate and falls in line with prison life, it gets easier for them. You Nxians are taking the whole pain is joy thing a bit far.

  • It sounds like KR is unhappy with the arrest, trial, and cross-examination of Lauren. If so, then why didn’t he take the stand himself and straighten everything out?

    Usually, there are three reasons not to take the stand.
    1) You believe your case went well and nothing more needs to be added.
    2) You are guilty and would be caught in lies.
    3) You have difficulty with public speaking.

    It’s literally crazy to refuse testimony during the trial and now when no cross-examination is possible bring up all the reasons you are innocent.

    I do think Lauren should have been thoroughly cross-examined. Perhaps Keith could explain why his lawyer didn’t take up his cross-exam of Lauren the next day when emotions were calmed. Claiming incompetent counsel will be a hard sell, especially without ever bringing up the thought process behind this incident.

    We all want to hear the truth but if you are afraid to get on the stand and your lawyer refuses to continue a cross-exam the next day, it doesn’t help your case.

  • Lauren, I know you’re out there. Let me break this down for you. This is total bullshit. He is total bullshit. Absolutely nothing in here addresses the root issues of his entitled, selfish, spoiled behavior insisting his partners be held accountable to rules (e.g., weight, monogamy) he doesn’t have to give a crap about. He is a manipulative, conniving jerk and he is word-salading your ass with this bullshit trying to confuse you and mess with your head. Don’t buy into it.

    • His comment about his dream of kissing her on a mattress and her responding to his kiss after initial confusion is narcissistic and delusional. It’s like he is telling her that he knows he will always have control over her and can have her no matter what she says or does. It’s like he is trying to brand her or mind-fuck her again with no respect for her testimony, current mindset and new life goals post NXIUM (and prison). No doubt Lauren was able to get him out of her head. For all the women hanging-on in any capacity or struggling to heal, why allow him to rent your mind and ultimately your life path out for free and pay such a huge price with your life, your time, your desires? Go create, be authentic to yourself — your autonomy — and live your joy. Think of him as a bad car accident that you have moved on from.

    • 100% agreed. The language he uses in the ‘effects’ list really seems to be an effort to continue to torture Lauren. He accuses her of breaking vows/promises/confidences, speaking with dishonor, and supporting ‘hate’. In Keith’s ‘my participation’ list, he uses none of that charged rhetoric that he uses against Lauren. He is not remorseful for what he has done to her. I get the impression he truly hates Lauren, and this is him sticking the knife in.

      • That’s a really good theory, that he is just sticking the knife in. Everyone knows and talks about him being a narcissist. People forget he’s also a sadist. A lot like Trump in these two regards.

  • I pity anyone who was in any form of relationship with this person. How he over analyses every single action. He is actually making my mind agitated reading his thoughts. I cannot imagine having to spend any significant time with this person and listen to him.

    He is deeply disturbed. To have that many thoughts about trivial things, not to mention important matters, is simply not healthy. He is mentally messed up and, honestly, I am starting to have more sympathy for the women, even the co-conspiritors who have themselves commited wrongdoing (except Nancy, who I feel had her own tricks to gain financially). They must have been particularly vulnerable before they met him and I understand how he could have easily manipulated him. I didn’t think my disgust of him could get any deeper but here we are.

  • 1) Lauren hate bias

    2) Prosecutor hate bias

    3) Finally he has a moment where he gets in touch with reality: “I will live with these consequences for the rest of my life.”

  • What a sociopathic blowhard.

    I don’t know how anyone could have spent more than two minutes listening to him talk or wade through the verbiage of his pretentiously written word salad to read even one hundred of its words.

      • I don’t get chills. After skimming through it and reading portions of it, I just want to punch him the face and I’m, in general, a non-violent person. It’s so damn manipulative, insincere, insulting to the intelligence and more, he deserves nothing less, and I’m not even a first hand victim of his.

        • Make the world a better place. Punch Vanguard in the face. I’m in. As long as someone promises to eventually pry me off him.

  • Why does Vanguard say she was a founding member of DOS and then goes on to say she joined months after the founding members of DOS? I want Keith to please leave her alone. I feel incredibly sad for Lauren. She wasn’t able to have children and now will be healing for the rest of her life from narcissistic abuse.

    • He criticizes her actions, yet he was the one hiding in the closet while she would have taken a bullet for him. What a low-life creep. Somebody take his paper and crayons away so he can’t keep writing this BS word salad crap anymore.

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