Suneel: Why We Danced at MDC and How It Was Misinterpreted

As part of the ongoing battle to remove Keith Alan Raniere from the SHU at USP Tucson and back to his unit in general population, his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty, has taken both to federal court and to the court of public opinion.

Last week, he wrote about how the BOP misconstrued Raniere’s comments in prison conversations with Chakravorty about being “in a war.”

This week, he addresses another concern the BOP raised: the Raniere-inspired group of dancers known as the Forgotten Ones.

Those who follow the NXIVM story may recall that in the lead-up to Raniere’s sentencing, a handful of his friends and supporters, including Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, and Chakravorty, presented themselves in front of the MDC on the public streets of Brooklyn to dance in plain view of the prisoners. In so doing, the dancers endured ridicule, brought additional attention to Raniere from hostile media, and did not win them any points with the MDC management. 

The BOP alleged the Forgotten Ones’ dancing and the additional offense of offering the guards coffee and donuts threatened the MDC’s security.

The BOP, justifying banning phone calls between Raniere and Chakravorty, stated that they were endangering the security of MDC and the public by organizing “a group of women to show up regularly and dance provocatively for inmates to view through their cell windows, and that Mr. Raniere directed Suneel [Chakravorty] to contact more women” to “danc[e] erotically” which led to a request for Plaintiff to be moved to another housing unit.”

The Brooklyn media outlet, BKReader, wrote about the dancing in an article entitled Brooklyn Prison Dancers Linked to ‘Sex Cult’ NXIVM Start Social Justice Organization.

Former Nxivm teacher Eduardo Asunsolo, Nxivm member Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette and Suneel Chakravorty have been dancing outside the prison from 8:00pm – 9:00pm every night since July 3. 
The dance parties started out of an inside joke between Clyne and Raniere one night, when she was visiting him from outside the prison. “One of my party tricks is doing a moonwalk,” Clyne said. “So I did a moonwalk, and a bunch of guys started banging on their windows.” 
That evolved into a nightly show where the team directs prisoners with a sign to tune into 97.1 FM, puts on their car stereo and dances to the windows above. Clyne would also take calls and email from inmates, learning about their isolation and conditions on the inside.
On July 7, the group also launched a The Forgotten Ones’ website, with a mission statement. 

The MDC was not amused or entertained and moved Raniere from the front of the MDC, where he could see the dancers, to a cell in the back.

The BOP has terminated Raniere’s access to Chakrarvorty by phone or in person.

Now Chakravorty, for the first time, explains what the dancers did and why they did it.

By Suneel Chakravorty

In July 2020, my friends and I began what I would call “a dance movement” called The Forgotten Ones to attempt to uplift adults in custody at MDC.

Like Mr. Raniere, these adults in custody at MDC had not been permitted in-person visitation in several months due to COVID-19.
Because of COVID protocols, these adults in custody had to spend most of their days confined in their cells.

I was the Captain of the Harvard Ballroom dancing team, so I have a history and familiarity with dancing. I view dancing as a form of communication and peaceful expression, not as something intimidating.

Our small group publicized and live-streamed our nightly dances on Instagram. Sometimes, family members of adults in custody and other interested individuals joined us in dancing, but our numbers were small.

Sometimes when family members could not attend in person, they would join us on Instagram and ask us to wave at their loved one with a flashlight or create a sign for them to see an expression of their love.

On one occasion, a Correctional Officer finishing his shift briefly danced with us before driving home.

Here is an excerpt from a call Mr. Raniere and I had on July 5, 2020, in which we discussed the dancing movement:

Mr. Raniere: I really like that you guys come, and I hope it’s good for you. I think if we could make this into a good non-for-profit sort of a thing, a volunteer thing, I think you could get more depth, and I think it lifts up the spirits of people watching, you know?

Mr. Chakravorty: Yeah, definitely. For us, as well, it’s uplifting, too. It feels like we’re de-erasing a bunch of people and reconnecting. We see the erasism and things.

Mr. Raniere: Yeah. I think you should write up a little mission statement for it, maybe have a little website where people can find information, sign up, or whatever, and starting with MDC, eventually, I mean, if you did it right and passed it on to someone who could coordinate it well, they could do for all the different centers [prisons].

The BOP wrote about this in their efforts to block my contact with Mr. Raniere, and in a lawsuit as defendants when Mr. Raniere tried to halt this. 

Plaintiff [Raniere] also informed Mr. Chakravorty about “the staff work schedules and indicated his protesters should wait outside for the staff and offer donuts and coffee as they exit the facility. 

The purpose of the single event of a single, one-time offer of coffee and donuts to guards and staff was to be a gesture of friendship, not adversarial.

We wished to show that our presence to dance was not adversarial, but an acknowledgement that we share the same humanity, with all its joys and fears, and that commonality is the core basis of friendship, and, one hopes, the amelioration of much of man’s “inhumanity to man.”

As naive as it may seem, sometimes a simple gesture of goodwill, like the sharing of something as mundane and simple as coffee and donuts, can be the bridge to our understanding of each other, that we need not be adversarial, and that sympathy can be birthed, and grow, for the welfare of all. And that what’s good for the adult in custody is not necessarily bad for those who are the custodians. 

I would venture that what is truly good for one is good for the other. 

Below is an excerpt from the call on July 11, 2020 with Mr. Raniere. The context makes clear that our intention was to help and not fight, to bring harmony and not dissension. 

Mr. Raniere: Now, an interesting thing you may want to consider: Everyone is locked in here between 3:30 and 5. They do count at 4. Count doesn’t take very long, and they just need to see people standing up or whatever. They’d be standing up with the lights on, looking out the window. If you guys are performing, it might be the time when you can get everyone in their cell. And there’s also a nice thing if the COs, when they get off duty, want to watch it, they get off duty at 4, you know what I mean? The shifts go 8 to 4, 4 to 12, 12 to 8 ––…. 

Now, I don’t know if everyone’s shifts are like that, but that’s what the COs shifts are. So at four o’clock you have all these COs coming out and going off duty, and you might get a few to watch.

Mr. Chakravorty: Yeah.

Mr. Raniere: And they might come to understand it better, and, you know, it’s for them too. We’re all in this together.

Mr. Chakravorty: Yeah, definitely. I mean, some of them have been pretty nice to us. Like they, one of the guys moved his car so that we would have more space to dance. And we tried to give some of them donuts and coffee yesterday. They were very grateful but they refused because they technically can’t accept anything like that.

Mr. Raniere: Right.

Mr. Chakravorty: But they seem very appreciative. So we feel that.

Mr. Raniere: Right,. Well, when they go off duty, it depends on, I don’t know their guidelines or ethics with respect to accepting. I could certainly understand not accepting anything when you’re on guard, because, one, you don’t know what’s in it. You know what I mean? And it could be something very bad like that. But once they’re off guard and off property, so to speak, maybe they could. And it is harmless stuff, you know? 

Mr. Chakravorty: Yeah.

The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) however did not conclude to to be harmless. In a report, officials wrote:

Raniere’s manipulative behavior continues to manifest from behind the prison through the help of Suneel Chakravorty. Rainere’s actions would place the safety and security of staff and the public at risk.

It may have been naive to dance for prisoners and offer donuts to guards and other staff members, to think this would be interpreted in the spirit it was meant. Yet even in our sincere gesture of goodwill and intent to make the world a trifle less harsh, we learned something.

Keith Raniere looks down on the dancers from his cell.

Danielle Roberts does a flip for the adults in custody at MDC. Meanwhile, prison officials flipped out over their dancing.

The adults in custody enjoyed the dancers and often banged on the walls to express appreciation.  

And for the adults in custody there, most of whom were pretrial detainees, who faced an uncertain future, perhaps during the long months of COVID, we provided a bit of hope that when they did return to the world outside the bars of prison that there were those who would consider them as brothers and fellow sojourners in the coequal journey we must all travel, the saint and the sinner, the prisoner, and the guard, the judge and the prosecutor, and the jury and all of us, as Mr. Raniere said, “we’re all in it together.”


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  • Is the photo of Eduardo Asunsolo in front of The Department of Homeland Security sign some kind of sick joke at the expense of Americans and Mexicans? Nxivm operatives planned to steal Mexico from the Mexican people. They were going to take it and make it the first Nxivm country.

    Thank goodness the dance moves and free donuts didn’t fool the BOP.

    Thanks to the BOP, FR and a few good people at the DOJ, Mexicans didn’t lose their entire country to billionaires, hypnotists and scammers. The Nxivm could have wormed their way into positions of power in the Mexican government and Mexicans would have lost their country. It could have happened.

    How many in the DOJ looked the other way when $10,000 in cash was crossing the border a little at a time? They “Made Justice Blind” to Homeland Security. “Made Justice Blind” to MLM marketing scams in Albany. “Made Justice Blind” to Nancy Salzman charging insurance companies through a third party. … yada yada yada …

  • Once again Suneel Chakravorty didn’t write this. It’s a copy paste of an old article.

    Where is Suneel Chakravorty?

    He seems to have disappeared from SM over the last several months.

    Rumor is he’s moved back home with his parents.

    • Suneel is a typical pseudo- intellectual rich kid. He’s weak and too arrogant to realize it.

      Suneel harassed Cami – at the same time he claimed to be “ethical”. How is harassing a Cami ethical using the nickname, created by Kieth, CamiToe. In addition Suneel attacked Cami’s sister Dani who also suffered abuse.

      • Dude you’re mistaking Suneel for someone who presents like Nice Guy. Ask his wife or his girlfriend Anita or a certain Amway distributor’s wife.

        I hate to expose these things but it had to be done. What Nice Guy said to the Amway guy about his tool scam is not something I would care to repeat in public.

  • “Misinterpreted” is the best possible, most generous possible , excuse for this debacle.

    Is it possible the world’s smartest man didn’t realize the horrible optics of having branded women gyrate provactively around the very Metropolitan Detention Center where a man accused of sex trafficking crimes and running a sex slavery cult is being held?

    And the cult dead-enders still refuse to take responsibility forthese laughable errors in judgment and most significantly, being at fault for misrepresenting their actions.

    For example…. by lying. By making up detainees. Such as Kay Rose.

    By denying any affiliation with Keith.

    It’s really hard to have any kind of sympathy fot dead–enders’ claims of being misunderstood. Especially when these particular cult people continuously lie. Lie. Lie. Lie.

    Dead-enders love nothing more than to attack the press and the media. For not accurately reporting.

    But who continously lies to the press? That would be the cult dead-enders! Lie lie lie.

    Like when the sex slaves held a press conference where they lied about the origins of DOS and Keith’s lack of involvement in the slavery ring. Allison took the blame for Keith.

    Maybe the media is accurately reporting facts as they are presented to them… but maybe everyone is a big ass liar like the cult dead-enders?

    It’s just another example of the extreme hypocrisy, lack of Integrity and non-existent ethics of this cult

    Pointing fingers all of the time saying that everybody is twisting storiesab9ut them in the media but they themselves have continuously lied lied lied lied lied to many outlets in the media.

    • The group taught its ‘students’ from the very beginning that strategic lying is ethical. Perhaps the most ethical thing of all: to not disclose all information because not all people can handle the truth. Most of us are just too ‘disintegrated’. In their minds this all makes perfect sense.

  • Suneel? You need to get a grip.

    People go to prison for a reason.

    It is not a “coequal journey” when some people hurt others. Raping, stealing, murdering, maiming etc.

    How do you think the victims of the incarcerated felt watching their perpetrators being celebrated?

    You’re beyond selfish.

    Normal people demonstrate respect and sensitivity towards others. But you guys wanna do a moonwalk and some ballroom dancing in front of a someone injured so badly they are on life support! That’s just one example of the outcome of crime.

    Imagine this person’s loved ones watching you dance outside that prison trying to cheer the inmates while their person is barely holding onto their life because of what that individual did to them.

    But you guys don’t think of things like that.

    Instead, you demonstrate disrespect towards the institution of prison and try to make it seem like its totally noble.

    It’s totally bullshit.

    You all could have behaved like normal people but you made complete asses of yourself! And why?

    It’s stupid of you to claim covid. If you wanted to help people in covid you could have helped any type of person with a mobility issue that was isolated at that time. Keith was totally taken care of. Except for his gigantic ego.

    But thats exactly how you became actual dancing monkeys for him.

    I feel bad for all of you but also thought you might have grown over time. Not really seeing that, though.

    You still sound absolutely preposterous.

    • Their ideals are totally and completely backwards. It really is fascinating the level to which Keith has bent these peoples minds/bodies/egos to reflect his own.

  • You are a man that gayfully danced outside a prison to the delight and enjoyment of other men.

    That’s how Ice-nine interpreted it.

    • Are you saying two men who dance outside a male prison to entertain other men is gay—how is so?

      You never saw Frank in his Shriner’s Tarboosh dancing with Roger Stone shirtless. Nothing gay about that!

      • Dancing? Shriners? And where do they get you? I don’t want no dancing. I’m figuring on making other people dance.

      • Yes. But feel free to decide which definition you like from Oxford’s dictionary:

        1. sexually or romantically attracted exclusively to people of one’s own sex or gender (used especially of a man).

        2. lighthearted and carefree.

        I’d contend that both apply in this case, not that there is anything wrong with either. Ice-nine just sees a man exuberating maximum gaiety in the presence of other men. I have no informed comment about Frank and Roger, what they do in their own time is their own business, but if I were to speculate I doubt that Frank does much dancing to the delight of other men.


    You and your group had the opportunity to be interviewed by documentary film makers that attended and filmed your group, Instead, your group declined. Danielle was polite about it but most of your group declined and asked not to be filmed at all. You had an opportunity to influence public perception before the NY Post showed up and slanted perception but you disregarded it. You yourself were arrogant.

    I supported the concept of your dancing and saw a worthwhile story about using dance as a means of protest towards abhorrent prison conditions. Who is to blame when you ignore people that could have supported an the issue of humane prisoner rights.


    • You saw firsthand, then, that their plight was simply a front. They don’t actually care to help other prisoners. They were using the issue of civil rights to their full advantage. If your film didn’t help dear Vanguard then it was ignored.

  • Bobblehead reminds me of Renfield, Count Dracula’s enthralled minion. So desperately unsubtle, so obviously unaware of how implausible his arguments sound to any rational observer.

    We were dancing for all prisoners everywhere, to show our common humanity and our love and understanding for all.

    Then as soon as their Vanguard was transferred out of MDC Brooklyn they dropped the project like a hot potato.

  • “The BOP’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) however did not conclude him to be harmless.”

    So let’s get this straight. The BOP has a Counter Terrorism Unit. What does this unit do, and why is it investigating Raniere and his dancing, donut-wielding groupies? Were they engaged in a terror-related activity?

    Where do they fit on the list of terror-related crimes?:

    aircraft piracy and related offenses (49 U.S.C. §§ 46501-07);

    aircraft sabotage (18 U.S.C. § 32);

    crimes against immediate family members of all federal officials (18 U.S.C. § 115) and against internationally protected persons (18 U.S.C. §§ 112, 878, 1116, 1201(a)(4));

    sea piracy (18 U.S.C. § 1651);

    hostage taking (18 U.S.C. § 1203);

    terrorist acts abroad, including murder, against United States Nationals (18 U.S.C. § 2332);

    acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries (18 U.S.C. § 2332b);

    conspiracy within the United States to murder, kidnap, or maim persons or to damage property overseas (18 U.S.C. § 956);

    provision of material support to terrorists and terrorist organizations (18 U.S.C. §§ 2339A, 2339B, 2339C, 2339D);

    use of biological, nuclear, chemical or other weapons of mass destruction (18 U.S.C. §§ 175, 831, 2332c, 2332a);

    genocide (18 U.S.C. § 1091);

    war crimes (18 U.S.C. § 2441); and

    torture (18 U.S.C. § 2340A).

    Granted, watching Suneel dance may be torture. But I don’t see why counter-terrorism resources are being pulled away from real matters just to fuck with Raniere.

    How is the CTU different from the BOP Special Investigative Supervisor (SIS)?

    The Special Investigative Supervisor (SIS) investigates any alleged criminal activity, by either staff or inmates, and gathers intelligence on inmates deemed, from their history and/or membership in specified groups, to be particular threats.

    What makes Raniere’s case so special and/or different that the CTU is involved?

    Is Keith Raniere a “domestic terrorist“?

    Under 18 USC § 2331(5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that— (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended— (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

    The FBI defines “domestic terrorism”: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.

    What was Raniere’s ideological goal? Get laid? C’mon man. Domestic terror? No Shot Jack.

    The BOP isn’t doing itself any favors. They are making Raniere’s argument about DOJ retaliation all by themselves by how they are singling him out with unwarranted overkill enforcement with resources that are very probably needed elsewhere.

  • It was Keith controlling everyone from behind bars.

    Suggesting it was a goodwill experiment to be replicated for prisoners in other facilities is total bs.

  • Outstanding Suneel was Capt of Harvard Ballroom Dancing – appreciate his use of dance as communication. I don’t think there was any ballroom dancing to connect? It looked like the intention was to make inmates sexually aroused and wanting – increase in Adrenalin and nowhere to go with it.

    • I still don’t understand why the dancing had to be done in crop tops and involve twerking. Your comment tracks for sure.

  • But the dead-enders were NOT
    just dancing “erotically”.

    The cult loyalists were also circumventing the proper and approved comunication system at MDC.

    Once again, the devoted cult followers believed that their special leader Vanguard should have special treatment and they themselves also did not need to follow the rules.

    Other detainees located in an area where they couldn’t send private signals and pass unregulated messages illegally would rightfully complain of this blatantly unfair and inequitable treatment within MDC.

    Which definitely goes against the dead-enders much stated stance that all Americans held in the justice system must be treated equally.

    With (of course) Keith Raniere being treated much more equally than other prisoners LOL.

    Secret messages from cult followers to their criminal leader who has been threatening various law enforcement and people working in the Justice Department are clearly unsafe. There is documented witness intimidation attempts from the Nxium cult as well. What if Keith wanted a key witness dispatched from testifying?

    What if a detainee inside the MDC was communicating with their gang members thru coded messages from outside and a hit was ordered on Keith?

    Would the dead-enders be okay if this kind of communication led to Keith being severely injured or killed? What if you had a loved one who worked in MDC and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when the hit was carried out and they were also injured or killed?

    Because clandestine and coded communication is how such kill orders and messages are passed in lock-up.

    The story of what the dead-enders were really doing prancing around MDC keeps changing and evolving to fit whatever narrative they’re pushing at that point.

    Why did they lie? Pretending that they were not there for Keith Raniere? Making up a person inside called,” Kay Rose”? If you lie all the time you can’t really get on your high horse when people don’t believe you

    The dead-end dancers also lied to sone of the families of other MDC detainees. That’s shady.

    • These folks’ favorite thing to do is pass off potentially dangerous and damaging behavior as kind and gentle gestures of goodwill. Razor blades in the donuts? No, they were trying to show love for CO’s after a hard days work. Branding women as property and beholding them to Keith sexually and otherwise? No, they were showing solidarity for their fellow sisters in need and showing them a deeper kind of love through sacrifice.

      It’s the non esp folks that see it the wrong way. They’re being gentle and nonviolent while the media is projecting their aggression and perversion.

  • Suneel, is it true that “The Forgotten Ones” also refers to the dingleberries you missed in Clare’s behind?

  • “… Mr. Raniere: Yeah. I think you should write up a little [a little, no problem] mission statement for it, maybe have a little [a little, no problem] website where people can find information, sign up, or whatever, and starting with MDC, eventually, I mean, if you did it right and passed it on to someone who could coordinate it well, they could do for all the different centers [prisons].

    .. a little … a little … and eventually, at ALL THE DIFFERENT CENTERS ?!!

    Did Mr. Raniere ask MDC administrators for permission?

    Did Mr. Chakravorty ask for anyone’s permission to carry out those little big plans for the American prison system?

    Friendly reminder: Our country is a constitutional republic, not a nation of Nxivm followers.

  • “Plaintiff [Raniere] also informed Mr. Chakravorty about “the staff work schedules and indicated his protesters should wait outside for the staff and offer donuts and coffee as they exit the facility.”

  • Had any other prisoner coordinated that kind of show, the MDC would not have been amused or entertained. They would have moved any prisoner involved in that kind of stunt from the front of the MDC to a cell in the back.

    NXIVM followers claim special privileges the rest of us don’t have. That’s something good judges in the case noticed.

  • This is one of the most idiotic associations invented by a primate!

    Consuming less hard core drugs will likely lead to the revelation that criminals and the rest of society at large, are not “in it together”!

    Most definitely N O T !!!!

  • “In July 2020, my friends and I began what I would call “a dance movement” called The Forgotten Ones to attempt to uplift adults in custody at MDC.”

    Funny that…wasn’t that about the same time your Master was in there? LOL

    “Sometimes…family members would join us on Instagram and ask us to wave at their loved one with a flashlight or create a sign for them to see an expression of their love”

    Yeah, no doubt those inmates had bionic eyesight and you knew exactly which window they were at! LMAO! Nothing to do with your signaling to the Master?

    “I think if we could make this into a good non-for-profit sort of a thing” Like NXIVM?

    “We see the erasism [sic] and things” Just don’t mention muslims on juries…

    “the amelioration of much of man’s “inhumanity to man.” Does that include getting rid of penances, readiness drills, enforced starvation and frivolous lawsuits?

    “It may have been naive to dance for prisoners and offer donuts to guards and other staff members, to think this would be interpreted in the spirit it was meant.” No shit, ‘naive’ would be an understatement. A realist might say you were trying to butter them up. Guess that backfired…

    “…there were those who would consider them as brothers and fellow sojourners in the coequal journey we must all travel, the saint and the sinner, the prisoner, and the guard, the judge and the prosecutor, and the jury and all of us…” What about the masters and the slaves? Weren’t trying to pre-emptively influence a jury, were you? Nah…just being cynical..

  • Yeah… it actually sounds like Keith is SUGGESTING the putting of “bad” substances into the coffee and donuts…. cause why in the hell would Keith even bring that poison concept up?

    It’s a cult leader instructing a die-hard loyalist, “Gee. hopefully nothing terrible happens to a prison employee. It would be awful if they were given poison donuts by an exotic dancer…or something”.

    Frank.You yourself have suggested over the years that Keith has potentially poisoned those around him. Surely law enforcement read your blog pieces on it.

    Kristen Keefe believes it’s very possible she was poisoned at keiths hand. So does Karen U. Both of whom spoke to authorities. And Keith told Karen that he believed the sick women were being poisoned.

    That’s a lot of poison talk for one crazy, criminal cult leader

    It’s not out of the question. Poison.

    And a guard taking anything “good”? Ir secretly, “bad” could seem like a bribe and serve to discredit them. Come on. They can’t do that. Over a fucking donut? And coffee they get free inside? What are they losers? Who can’t buy their own cheap shit?

    Then there is Keith specifically wanting women and requesting them to dance erotically.

    Suppose one of these women approaches a male guard and then later makes an accusation about the guards conduct? Remember these are a group of women who notoriously made false confessions of family members abusing them and sexually or molesting children and their own family.

    Sounds like a perfect setup for a dead-ender to gyrate around then approach a guard and then later insist that one if Keith’s slave women were propositioned or inappropriate touching of an erotic slave dancer took place in some manner.

    And then the dead-enders
    Would try to present themselves as the victims in typical DARVO cult tactics.

    The cult followers trying to take the attention off of vanguard’s sexual misdeeds and the perverted crimes of Keith Raniere abd try to put it on prison employees.

    Keith loves to quote movies to his followers for inspiration. Well virtually every old prison movie that has a felon with a girlfriend in the film has a scene of some sort where the convicted instructs his girlfriend to try to seduce a guard or prison employee in some manner .Or even the warden LOL. For blackmail. Ir to serve as a distraction.

    Inside the MDC A(as pointed out repeatedly by the dead-enders) they have detainees who haven’t seen visitors because of covid. So men who haven’t even laid eyes on a woman for who knows how long and Keith wants to get them all riled up with his slaves erotically dancing (and doing what Frank called the taint salute) Spreading their legs. Writhing around for the men. While Keith makes it clear these slave women will do ANYTHING Keith asks.

    Obviously that’s going to cause disruptions and problems internally at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

    • Good Grief what if and on and in and on. Seems to me when he mentions they might be skeptical about poison, there’s the Tylenol scandal and many others to consider, I sincerely DOUBT he would be posioning guards as he waits for trial. Don’t make any sense. That would clear cut path right to him , think!

      • What does Keith have to lose by getting a follower to poison a guard? Keith would just use Marc Elliott’s logic that Keith did not actually hold the branding iron. Keith wasn’t in the room (just on the phone) when the branding took place blah blah …

  • How utterly embarrassing these so-called adults are.

    No one believes you did this for humanity. The only reason you clowns without makeup on were there was for Raniere.

    Setting up all of these “movements” with websites and mission statements that never go anywhere has been made into a joke.

  • The complete delusion of Reniere to think that COs, after working an eight hour shift would have nothing better to do than watch their embarrassing escapades. These people are working for a living not being bankrolled by a millionaire fellon and have the time to play these games. Say a bunch of the prison staff stayed, had a coffee and donut and watched. They would have become part of Reniers manipulative games when back on shift. Reniere is a narcissist. Everything he does is for his own gain. Wake up Suneel.

  • I don’t understand how the dancers presented a threat to public safety? They were giving the prisoners something to jerk off to. So, if anything, I’d rather have the prisoners jerking off to the Deadenders for an hour each day and getting it out of their systems than not, then raping each other in the shower. In fact I think BOP should require prisoners to jerk off regularly, it would probably be better for public safety. Jerking off is good for the body, mind and soul.

    How often do you all jerk off?

    • Pilgrim-

      Everyman jerks-off. You’re not on to something new. You suck at being a troll.

      This is only the second time I’ve addressed you. Cuz like I said you suck at being a troll.

    • —They were giving the prisoners something to jerk off to.


      Jerking of to a bunch of skanks is ‘hard’ to do when ugly ass Suneel is dancing too.

      Shit! The inmates would’a had an easier time jacking off to
      granny-tranny porn.

      After all Suneel is uglier than a
      “vulvar varicosity vagina.”

      • So, if you saw hadn’t gotten pussy in years and you all of a sudden see Danielle doing backflips, Michelle gyrating her hips and Squeaky doing moonwalks, they would not be in your spank-bank for a few days?? Come on now…

        • I hope you’re kidding me, Pilgrim.

          Suneel is uglier than a geriatric shit. Maybe someone got hard. But, to completion? No way!

          The following clip is dedicated to SHADOWSTATE1958 and Frank:

          “I hope you’re kidding me, Pilgrim.”
          -John Wayne

        • Not at all. A man can go online and look at free porn with women far more attractive than these cult deadenders. Maybe this would apply to prisoners who haven’t gotten any for a long time. Most criminals are where they are because they lack self-control. They are even willing to screw each other despite being the same sex. But for normal guys outside of prison environment, nah.

  • It’s clear that KAR orchestrated the whole dancing debacle right from the start. I say debacle, because they never helped his cause. In that, the conversations with Suneel are quite similar to the infamous recording where he gave Alison Mack specific instructions for the branding ceremony. Regardless of the stated lofty intentions for their “compassionate” presentations, the end results completely backfired right onto Keith. Thus it’s proven once again, that the smartest man on the planet consistently gets himself in ever worsening conditions by his very own actions. It’s uncanny, to say the least.

  • Epic ambush of Marc Elliot. Just savage.

    @H3Podcast Host Ethan Klein just destroys Marc Elliot, his lies, and even goes on to accuse Marc of FAKING his Tourette’s. Why would Klein be inclined to do this? Because he says that has Tourette’s himself, so yeah, he does know what he’s talking about.

    Marc Elliot did not do his homework on the podcast, thought Klein was on his side, went on the show thinking he had an ally, and then proceeds to get absolutely ripped to shreds on a youtube podcast with over 2.8 million subscribers.

    Marc tries his best to user some sort of shifter, deflection tactics. But nope. Klein was ready for that too.

    Confronting a NXIVM Cult Member – H3TV #66 on @H3Podcast (begins at 55:00 minute mark, beatdown starts around 1:33.00)

    “I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get cooked like that in my life” – Ethan Klein

    FWIW I kinda feel bad for Marc. He is a victim and can’t see it, I hope he wakes up one day soon. Bro, there are photos, and audio of keith planning it. “the door is open, walk out!”

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