Family Court’s Dark Secret: Comparing Parental Alienation to Rotherham and Church Scandals

In Great Britain, the Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, Jess Phillips, compared parental alienation in family court to scandals in Rotherham and the Catholic Church.

Jess Philips…  

Philips said of parental alienation, “This isn’t a bad judge. This isn’t a rogue court in one part of the country. This is a tactic of abusers that is being used across every part of our country.”

Rotherham:1,400 Girls Abused

In the northern English town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, British-Pakistani men sexually abused about 1,400 white girls from 1997 to 2013.

Professor Alexis Jay’s report of the scandal revealed that police and social protective services were aware of the claims, but did not stop it, fearing the Pakistani community might consider them racist.

According to the Jay report, the abuse included gang rape, abduction, beatings, and human trafficking to cities in England for Pakistani pleasure seekers and profiteers.

The children targeted were from broken families, in children’s homes or other institutions, which made them vulnerable to gifts, attention, drugs, alcohol, and grooming that appeared to be ‘love’ or ‘friendship.’ 

Police and child services did not protect the children despite multiple warnings. Police treated young victims with disdain, dismissing them as “out of control” low-level trash who consented to sexual activity.

Nothing happened until the National Crime Agency (NCA) took over in 2014. The scandal led to resignations and dozens of Pakistani men convicted of rape, sexual assault, and conspiracy to commit sexual assault against minors.

Sins of the Father: How the Church Protected Its Own

From transferring priests to destroying evidence, widespread coverup

The Catholic Church scandal involved allegations, investigations, trials, and convictions of sexual abuse committed by Catholic clergy.

The scandal erupted in the early 2000s in the United States, although cases date back much earlier. The abuse involved the molestation of predominantly minor boys—by priests and other religious leaders.

The systematic coverup by higher-ranking Church officials allowed the abuse to continue.

The guilty priests were not defrocked or turned over to authorities, but moved to other parishes, allowing them to abuse again. The coverup involved destroying evidence and discrediting witnesses and victims.

The Church paid billions of dollars in settlements, defrocking priests for abuse and bishops involved in the coverup.

Family Court Parental Alienation Scandal

Lawyers Profit from Family Tragedy

Abusive parents use parental alienation to counter allegations of abuse, leading to family court decisions placing children into their hands.

There are thousands of documented instances of credible allegations of abuse falsely labeled as parental alienation.

The abuse works like this:

When a protective parent raises alarms about the abusive behavior of the other parent toward their children, despite substantial evidence, which can include medical reports and testimonials, the court-appointed Guardian ad Litem dismisses these concerns.

The court-ordered custody evaluator “finds” the mother was coaching the children to make false accusations. The judge, relying on the testimony of the Guardian ad Litem and the custody evaluator, while ignoring all contradictory evidence and refusing to listen to the children, awards custody to the abusive parent, traumatizes children, and provides lawyers, GALS and other court professionals with ample profits.


The court places children in an environment of abuse, their cries for help muffled by a system meant to protect them.

The protective parent, usually the children’s primary attachment figure, is removed from their lives, restricted to supervised visits, alienating them from their children and stigmatizing them in the community. The ousted parent also faces financial ruin due to mounting legal fees and court-ordered payments, including the cost of supervised visitations.

Lawyers, custody evaluators, and mental health professionals profit from the parental alienation narrative, living affluent lives with the best of everything for themselves and their children, while destroying the happiness of other people’s children.

The Real Cost

Family courts, with its heavy-handed emphasis on the financial rewards of parental alienation, with an unspoken conspiracy at every level, from initial evaluations to final judgments, have become a racketeering enterprise to profit from selling children to abusers.

Systemic Failure to Protect the Vulnerable

In all three cases, the Family Court Parental Alienation scandal, the Roman Catholic Church Clergy scandal, and the Rotherham scandal, the systems designed to protect the welfare of children—failed.  

Fear of Reprisal

 In Rotherham, there was a reluctance to investigate due to fear of being labeled racist. In the Catholic Church, there was an internal desire to protect the reputation of the Church. In family court, whistleblowers are ostracized, sometimes disbarred, as racketeers gather like a wolf pack to attack and protect their enterprise.

Children Suffer

The big difference: Everyone knows the Catholic Church and the Rotherham scandal were deeds of great evil. But family court, with its sinister misapplication of parental alienation to profit family law attorneys and their confederates, goes largely unnoticed.

Hundreds of thousands of children have been abused since parental alienation was introduced in the 1980s as good cause to take children away from their protective parent for good payment by abusers.

Court professionals including the judge and his jury-less court, sell children with impunity, by allowing a limited record and an expanded dose of willful blindness.


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  • We can all agree that the current court system is uninformed, and inappropriate in its involvement in family matters OR a worse they are all in due to the lucrative and incentivized financial profiting.
    It’s simply not the right tool as it invokes further conflict and rewards parents who treat their children as property and voluntarily, or involuntarily cast a big black cloud on the other. As correct as that statement is, neither is “mental health” an appropriate remedy. There is too much gender and politicization of the child Victims in these cases. There is one clear and inarguable fact about “PA” regardless of one’s acceptance of the pathology, or rejection of its concept: PA is a catchall phrase that describes a set of behaviors designed to train a child to reject another parent. Nowhere in 5 million years of human evolution does this type of behavior exist other than the past 50 years inside of our legal family court system.
    To argue the virtues for or against is divisive and adds to the controversy. To simply address it as what it is: behaviors is the only way out. You cannot explain away, rationalize, or validate the child’s behaviors in that context. Except to say that the child is being systematically trained by someone, somewhere and it’s child abuse aka brainwashing . But of course there’s no money to be had in that is there? Mudslinging and controversy is the perfect fodder for all involved: the courts, lawyers, GALS, pro PA, Anti PA, women’s rights DV advocates, men’s rights groups, social services, political leaders and yes, even media celebrities who pen hit pieces pretending to advocate for “the children”. They all feed off of the corpses. In the meantime, children and parents are severed.

    RESULT: Denied 👈 5/25/2023 HON HEIDI WINSLOW
    142.00 05/25/2023 P AFFIDAVIT CONCERNING CHILDREN …”

    “… The New Fairfield Resident Trooper’s Office received a report from the state Department of Children and Families in May about abuse Davis allegedly inflicted on a group of victims over several years, according to the warrant for his arrest. …“

    • … Connecticut Court Awards $10.8 Million To Woman Who Sued Stepfather For Alleged Sexual Abuse

      Hartford Courant
      Sep 19, 2022

      A federal judge has increased the jury verdict to about $10.8 million for a former Connecticut woman who sued her stepfather for years of alleged sexual abuse. …

  • “… 11,557 watching now Started streaming 4 minutes ago

    A 41-year-old woman and her business partner are set to appear in court on Friday after being charged with six counts of aggravated child abuse. Ruby Franke, best known for her YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” stands accused of tying two of her children up with duct tape and starving them in Jodi Hildebrandt’s Utah home. …”

      • “Westport Police are investigating the untimely death of a 56-year-old woman in Westport.

        Police said a housekeeper arrived at a home around 11 a.m. and found 56-year-old Jennifer Lindstrom, of Oak Ridge Park, unresponsive at the bottom of a staircase leading to the basement.

        Westport detective and the State Police Western District Major Crime were at the scene until around 12:45 a.m.

        The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will perform an autopsy, police said.

        On Thursday night, police said they believe this is an isolated incident.

        The investigation is active and police said more information will be released as it becomes available.”

        • Did the Westport police ask Needle | Cuda about their role in what might be Jennifer #3’s case?

  • “… 118.00 12/08/2021 D MOTION FOR EXCLUSIVE USE OF PREMISES ⬅️ [Protective mother asked for safety.] RESULT: Denied 12/8/2021 HON GERARD ADELMAN ⬅️ [Adelman denied protection.]
    118.10 12/08/2021 C ORDER
    RESULT: Denied 12/8/2021 HON GERARD ADELMAN
    119.00 12/08/2021 P MEMORANDUM
    120.00 01/24/2022 C ORDER
    RESULT: Order 1/24/2022 HON MICHAEL ALBIS
    121.00 03/02/2022 C ORDER
    RESULT: Order 3/2/2022 HON MICHAEL ALBIS
    122.00 03/07/2022 F FAMILY SERVICES NOTICE TO COURT JD-FM-223
    RESULT: Order 3/7/2022 HON MICHAEL ALBIS
    “”122.10 03/07/2022 C ORDER
    RESULT: Order 3/7/2022 HON MICHAEL ALBIS
    123.00 04/25/2022 C JUDGMENT OF DISMISSAL
    124.00 04/25/2022 C ORDER
    RESULT: Order 4/25/2022 HON MICHAEL ALBIS
    125.39 10/24/2022 C ATTORNEY APPEARANCE(S) AUTOWITHDRAWN PB 3-9 …”

  • After Mr. O’Neill’s shenanigans in the Ambrose case, the family court administrators will need a public relations firm.

    • Connecticut could hire Patton, Boggs, & Blow in Washington, DC. at about $493,774.01. How else can the state restore the ruined reputation of Connecticut family courts when investigations, prosecutions and court reform are off the table?

      According to the CPI Inflation calculator: “$220,000 in 1991 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $493,774.01 today, an increase of $273,774.01 over 32 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 2.56% per year between 1991 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 124.44%.”

      • From the CPI inflation calculator:

        “… Value of $1 from 2020 to 2023: $1 in 2020 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $1.18 today, an increase of $0.18 over 3 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 5.71% per year between 2020 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 18.11%. …”

        From Victor Klemperer:

        “… The regime will maintain itself for a while with tyranny and the most extreme coercive measures like bread rationing, wage reductions, inflation, perhaps last the winter, perhaps even longer—but then there will be an unimaginable and bloody chaos. Because after the fall of this government there would be no “fall-back position” because it has destroyed every organization. …”

  • Where’s the systematic review of outcomes after family courts ignore children’s disclosures of abuse? says:

    “… A systematic review is a scholarly synthesis of the evidence on a clearly presented topic using critical methods to identify, define and assess research on the topic. A systematic review extracts and interprets data from published studies on the topic, then analyzes, describes, critically appraises and summarizes interpretations into a refined evidence-based conclusion. For example, a systematic review of randomized controlled trials is a way of summarizing and implementing evidence-based medicine …”

    • The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. public-private for-profit network was and still is:

      “… a classic market failure: the costs of development have been left to private market forces that may not place adequate value on products’ broad benefits for the people of the United States and the rest of the world. …”

      There’s no statute of limitation for fraud upon the court.

      #ConnecticutFamilyCourt #GrandJuries

  • Parental, Alienation brainwashing coercive control is child abuse
    The self interest groups with an agenda to keep lining their pockets with incentivized programs do nothing but allow false narratives to perpetuate, leaving children, emotionally, distraught, and scapegoating the targeted parent

    Equal parenting should be the default and a strike system needs to be put in place to show proof to change that. It is vile and disgusting that one parent would subject their child or children through alienating behaviors against the other parent for selfish and financial gain.
    And as always, if there truly truly is child abuse, that’s where the strike system comes in play.

    • Default is what is best for the children. The main caretaker continues. There is no replacement mommy or daddy. Gram taking over because they don’t like the other parent. It’s about the children.

  • “… Welcome to a groundbreaking podcast dedicated to empowering individuals navigating international divorce and custody battles involving narcissistic partners. Join hosts Rupa Kneull and Tina Melo, as they bring their personal experiences to the table and engage in intimate and insightful interviews with each other.

    In this unique format, Rupa and Tina, two individuals who have made it their life mission to support and help others facing these challenges, take turns interviewing each other. Through these intimate conversations, they delve into the depths of their personal journeys, discussing the emotional struggles, triumphs, and growth that have shaped their resilience.

    Join Rupa and Tina as they share their unique groundbreaking perspectives on overcoming the hardships, emotional turmoil, psychological barriers, and financial obstacles encountered during international divorces and custody battles with narcissistic partners. Their interviews provide a rare glimpse into the complexities and vulnerabilities of reclaiming one’s life after such tumultuous circumstances. …”

    • About starting to teach and starting the school Tina said, “… My mind was saying, “I am trying to give more respect to children … My intention was to give more safety – – my thing was about protecting the children. Giving them more respect, dignity, safety – – and that was really my intention. To prove they deserve it. … And here, I’m going to prove to you that they should be held in a courtroom and listened to. ‘Cause if they’re capable of doing this, their brain is very highly functioning. …”

  • Lawyers who are legislators in Connecticut and Rhode Island know adversarial litigation often makes the most money in the most dangerous cases. Lawyers who are legislators in Connecticut and Rhode Island also know political loyalty makes the most judgeships, higher political positions and jobs in AG offices.

    Mr. Adelman, Ms. Murphy and Ms. Bozzuto are lawyers and they know all that, too.

    Mr. Stafstrom is currently Co-Chair of Connecticut’s judiciary committee. He seems to be among those most eagerly working for political and financial reward. He even speaks in the same tone with the same expressions and mannerisms Mr. Tong used when he chaired the state’s judiciary committee 2015 – 2019. Copying as the highest form of flattery and going after police officers instead of family court criminals must be worth a few points in that realm above the law.

    Meanwhile, don’t owners, editors and investigative reporters at The Hartford Courant must know what’s been happening? Wikipedia says, “The Hartford Courant is the largest daily newspaper in the U.S. state of Connecticut, and is considered to be the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States.”

    Owners, editors and investigative reporters at the Hartford Courant must know at least a little about the history and politics of Connecticut. They must know about all the crimes committed in the family courts and the crimes committed as a result of that family court system. They must know about the family court evaluator’s role in the Dulos case. They must know about the Ambrose case.

    Meanwhile, thousands of victims of Connecticut family courts know this: The Hartford Courant has kept Connecticut residents in the dark about family court collusion, corruption and federal crimes.

    A boycott of The Hartford Courant could shine a bright spotlight on the Ambrose case. A boycott of The Hartford Courant would also shine a bright spotlight on the backstory of federal crimes in Paul Boyne’s case.

    Had the corruption and federal crimes in Connecticut family courts been in Hartford Courant headlines years ago, all three Jennifers would still be alive today. Attorneys Needle and Cuda wouldn’t be filing restraining orders against mothers who object to the sexual abuse of children. The three teenagers in the Ambrose case would be happily starting the new school year with their friends.

    Can a few good graphic artists create a few flyers to advertise a boycott of The Hartford Courant? If so, please consider highlighting their role in the victimization of children and families in Connecticut family courts. Please add something about their role in the lack of the informed consent of the governed in the state and the inevitable resultant radicalization of free speech.

    It looks like “the feds” had something to do with the Nazi march in Florida a few days ago. If “the feds” had something to do with that attempted radicalization and if “feds” had something to do with the cover-up of federal crimes in Connecticut family courts that led to the radical speech on the Family Court Circus blog, we can’t boycott “the feds”, but we can boycott The Hartford Courant for keeping us all in the dark for so long.

  • The courts are NOT for the people. They are corporations set up for profit. We’ve been snookered. Constitutional rights are violated daily in family court. They have NO RIGHT TO REMOVE OUR CHILDREN FROM OUR CARE!

    People continue to buy into the power of the judges and lawyers to determine our parenting interest. We have unalienatble rights to bring up our children. In these cases no one is found to be unfit by DCF or the state. This is blatant manipulation for money–using children as the commodity.

  • “Commissioners, this is not about political correctness. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and the American Psychiatric Association have absolutely rejected “parental alienation” on both legal and scientific grounds. They recognize this as a racket in which a small group of lawyers and psychologists can enrich themselves for years at the expense of vulnerable children and families, as we have documented over more than two decades in Rhode Island.

    We need this Commission to become well-informed about the racketeering use of “parental alienation” and to discern which candidates have the personal integrity not to allow these schemes to persist in their courtrooms. Please ask all candidates for Family Court — and in the future, for appellate courts — what their opinions are of “parental alienation.” See if they understand why coercive strategies for “co-parenting,” and “reunification therapy” can be dangerous for these children and their protective parents.”

  • The GOP in Connecticut is taking on the task of the poor safety of Connecticut residents. Maybe they can help with the family court.

  • Can we please assign a nickname for Cuda? Let me throw a few out there:

    “BarraCUDA”: because is sneaky and attacks the weak

    “CUDA-Chrome Dome”: because he is bald

    “Alexander the Cuck”

    “Lex Loser”

    “The Grift”


  • The Connecticut Family Child-Trafficking System judge,Thomas O’Neill, is a sick, sick puppy. Him and Cuda’s grotesque distortion of Jennifer’s Law is a new low for CT.

    They both need to be investigated. We need to full transparency into their relationship. If they shop at the sane supermarket, we need to know. If they go to the same barber, interview the barber.

    The Feds will need airtight proof of racketeering, conspiracy, etc. if they step in.

  • “… family court, with its sinister misapplication of parental alienation to profit family law attorneys and their confederates, goes largely unnoticed.”

    When my child and I went through that family court nightmare years ago, I was driving in my car one day, looking at all the other drivers on the road and thinking, “All these people have no idea this is happening.”

    All those crimes hidden in family courts are devastating. Many don’t survive it. It’s worse than most tragedies people endure because after most tragedies, victims receive comfort and help in the healing process. Victims of family court crimes aren’t comforted as other victims are. They’re isolated and punished, often losing the children they tried to protect from danger, then losing jobs and/or homes and/or health. Communities friends and families can’t understand because mainstream news outlets don’t report the family court crisis the way the Catholic Church crisis was reported in the news.

    Mothers who lose everything trying to protect children in family courts often look like something is wrong with them. Attorney Richard Ducote compared it to World War II when the Nazis were well-groomed and Nazi victims looked devastated. What’s happening in family courts is the same. The gas chambers are gone, but the experiments survived and the long-term destruction is the same.

  • Thank you for putting the unconscionable abuse of our children in family court the paradigm it deserves.

    Our children are abducted, isolated, and subjected to abuse and trauma for years.

    And attorneys say “you have restricted access to your child”- these animals are indeed actors- hired guns to deliver the goods.

  • You lost integrity at “there are thousands of documented cases”. That statement is fabrication. There are far more cases of false accusations in family court per the BBC. There is a huge financial incentive for falsely accusing including legal representation and cash payouts. That is why they want to cancel PA. They want to keep their financial incentives and keep being paid to lie. It’s one group of 99% female attorneys pretending to be experts that admitted to never reading a single case file in creating that report. Stop referring to it as fact. No scientific methods used, and in fact they still refuse to define any methods used in data collection. So if this is what they say it is, why did they have to commit fraud and why are they still hiding their methods?

    • Hi John, About 25,000 family court cases are in Connecticut family courts each year and there are about 400,000,000 people in America . Most cases are relatively easy cases and many involving children probably do involve some form of real alienation in varying degrees. These aren’t those cases. In these cases, the worst judges, lawyers and vendors mismanage real abuse cases for profit, kicks and politics. Look at what government offices teach young children in the public schools. Too many family court judges lawyers and “therapists” have been doing that to children in “family courts” all over the world for the past 40 years.

      Dr. Richard Gardner was a sick pervert like Alfred Kinsey was a sick pervert. Gardner travelled to about 20 countries to give the okay to family court vendors and lawyers to promote crimes against children. As a “doctor”, he recommended the “parental alienation set up” in family courts starting in the 1980s. He and/or his sick colleagues made-up term “Parental Alienation Syndrome” to flip custody of abused children to perpetrators. Gardner suggested that most mothers protecting children from sexual abuse were “alienating”, not protecting. Around the same time, for-profit members of the “nonprofit” AFCC, Inc. established public-private networks in and around family courts for profit, the control of families and to change cultures.

      Look up the experiments in Germany in the foster care system in the 1970s. Sick people are in control of too many government offices and there are millions more than just thousands of documented instances of “credible allegations of abuse falsely labeled as parental alienation” around the world.

      The set up is the same in many Western countries: The UK, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Australia, Israel, Argentina, Canada … the list goes on.

  • While some of the Rotherham abusers awaited trial, they were moved to my area. Nobody was aware of their names or the crimes that they were accused of. They were found guilty at trial. They received sentences of 35, 25 and 19 years. Unfortunately the abuse still goes on in Rotherham and in other towns in the UK.

    • All kids of alienation is real. Parental alienation, child alienation, family alienation, mother-in-law alienation, neighbor alienation, political alienation, religious alienation, cultural alienation, mosquito alienation … are all real. When alienation is in the form of protection, that’s not “alienation” — that’s normal and expected protection.

      • Coercive control disguised as protection
        Make false allegations a punishable crime to the same degree as punishment of the claim made… it removes all the variables
        Even better remove all those incentivize programs that are based on allegations, and only award them after the clearing/ rendering of those allegations
        you see how quickly people clean up there act but why would they do that? There’s no financial gain for the slime bags including the parent that alienate and makes false allegations

        • Connecticut has been caught covering up crimes. Gals getting caught covering up abuse and bringing falsehoods to the court. We are trapped her in Connecticut. The state of Connecticut is a danger to it’s own residents. The courts are currupt they got everyone in a rat maze.

          • It’s most definitely a trap. It’s been a trap since 1984 on paper with various titles such as “The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.” – – registered with the Connecticut’s Secretary of State office for about two years in the 1980s, then not … then again in 2013 … then not. Again.

    Domestic violence researchers label these same behaviors as a form of coercive control. Parental alienating behaviors are a form of coercive control because the alienating parent’s intent is to manipulate and control the alienated parent’s actions and outcomes.
    Child Coercive Control + Alienating Behaviours

    What is Parental Alienation?Reality
    Parental Alienation (PA) is the outcome of one parent (the alienating parent) using Parental Alienating Behaviours (PABs) to damage the relationship between their child and the child’s other parent (the targeted parent). Family members who use parental alienating behaviors can include mothers, fathers, step-parents, siblings, grandparents (and other extended family), and even non-family members.

    The consequences of parental alienating behaviours include damage to a parent-child relationship, even when the relationship between the alienated child and the targeted parent was once very positive.

    Alienating behaviours can damage relationships between the alienated child and their siblings, grandparents, step-parents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

    Reference (book): Haines, J., Matthewson, M., & Turnbull, M. (2020). Understanding and Managing Parental Alienation: A Guide to Assessment and Intervention. Routledge.

    Parental Alienation Research and Resources for Legal and Mental Health Practitioners
    Below is the link to download the latest Parental Alienation Research


    • There is much convincing of abusive people to believe that they were alienated. There is absolutely nooooo effort in changing abusive behavior. Several of these relationships were not what they appeared. Abusers are being coached in to saying they are alienated. Narrsatic personality statistics support men suffering NPD. Women can also suffer from this. These abusers are grasping into parental alienation. The courts are absolutely hidding abuse and allowing or discrediting evidence. Parental alienation is not what ever you want it to be. Step parents and new partner often engage themselves in the battle. Placing even more problems.

    • Dr. Joe isn’t telling us anything new. He’s just putting new labels on age-old behaviors.

      Same with: “Domestic violence researchers label these same behaviors as a form of coercive control. Parental alienating behaviors are a form of coercive control because the alienating parent’s intent is to manipulate and control the alienated parent’s actions and outcomes.”

      “domestic violence researchers” trying to convince everyone that “Parental alienation is the same as coercive control.” should remember: Alienation isn’t always coercive. Coercion isn’t always alienating. And, control isn’t always alienating, either. Anyone making a living in a family courts by putting labels on actions and people should learn: Labels on people and actions don’t help parents or children.

      • Agreed. Gatekeeper alienators, hysterical, malicious mommy, liar, golddigger, delusional, discruntaled, birthing person the list goes on. We’re tired of the labeling. Way to many women are conveniently tossed in the courts web. The state of Connecticut for that matter. As you father’s are angry and upset about being labeled with no evidence. The momma’s have been put in the ringer until even the last nickel falls out of your pocket. How would you feel if the entire family court was intentionally funded to discriminate against you. Then you learn the state is claiming to safe. Discrediting and punishing victims. To save money. You can’t go to court, you can’t go to the police department. Even the schools for young women. We have no where to go for help in Connecticut. Our daughters don’t either. We can not allow this to be the future for our children to deal with. Son or daughter.

      • And there is never evidence of “Intent”– the intent to alienate. Family courts are not courts of law or evidence. No evidence needed– only payment to the right attorneys and judges.

    • In this case the teenagers have resided solely with the father for over three years, and have advocated for themselves since they were 12. They are now going on 17, 17 and 14. Let’s give these teenagers credit as individuals who have lived and experienced what none of us know–behind closed doors. Why is the bar set so incredibly high for three children who have expressed their unhappiness for years under the father’s care and custody.
      The father in this case, isolated the teens not only from the mother, but their entire extended family. They haven’t seen cousins, aunts or grandparents in almost 4 years. That’s abuse– Isolation from family is abuse under Jennifer’s Law PA 21-78.

      • “Let’s give these teenagers credit as individuals who have lived and experienced what none of us know–behind closed doors.”

  • The catholic and other churches want to keep families together and do nothing! Where’s the $ going from the collections, donations and fundraisers? When will the pope and other church leaders speak up about these issues and try to correct it! Its happening to their members and the families! This leading to more and more unfaithful or doing more outside the houses of faith! I am! I have little faith that they will step up!

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