Luthmann: Kids Can Be Sold to Anyone, If the Buyer Has Money in Family Court in Gov. Lamont’s CT

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont appointed commercial litigation attorney Thomas J. O'Neill to represent diversity for family court.

“Our court system works best when it reflects the diversity, experience, and understanding of the people it serves,” Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said in a press release announcing Thomas J. O’Neill’s appointment to the judiciary in March.

Judge O’Neill was a “diversity” hire by Governor Lamont. 

At one of his first significant rulings, Judge O’Neill found Karen Riordan abused her three children under Jennifer’s Law by forcing them [coercive control] to make “false claims” against their father, Christopher Ambrose.

Christopher Ambrose bought his children three years ago in family court. They ran away from their owner this year. Ambrose wants his teenage children kept from their mother and forced to live with him. They do not wish to live with him, despite the fact that he purchased them. He has gone to family court to enforce his purchase and possession of his three teenage children….

The last judge who had the case, Judge Gladys Idelis Nieves, refused to find Riordan harmed her children. The judge before that, Judge Eddie Rodriguez, also refused to find Riordan abused her children.

Both are Hispanic, the children are Hispanic, both judges have decades of experience in family law.

But the third judge was a charm for the husband Ambrose, who brought the petition on behalf of his daughter, Mia, 16, who ran away from him and wants to live with her mother.

Former Commercial Litigation Attorney Turned Judge Sets Precedent

Judge O’Neill’s decision was based on a law meant to protect women and children. Jennifer’s Law is named after Jennifer Dulos and Jennifer Mangano, both victims of murder by their husbands during long, contentious, high-conflict divorce and custody cases – Connecticut style. Both husbands committed suicide.

Basing his ruling to restrain the mother from seeing the daughter who wants to live with her on Jennifer’s Law, Judge O’Neill sent the message that 110-pound Riordan is dangerous to her husband Ambrose and her children.

Are the Voices of the Children Being Silenced in Court?

Judge O’Neill’s removal of the mother from the teens’ life via restraining order is a precedent. The teens wanted their father restrained, but O’Neill restrained the mother without permitting the teenagers to tell their side – making them homeless.

The Troubling Exclusion of Testimony

Judge O’Neill also chose to ignore the mother’s testimony, excluding evidence she tried to present to the court of her husband’s purported abuse,. O’Neill was adamant about not letting psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee, an expert in child abuse and psychopathy, testify or provide a written opinion.

Dr. Lee refers to Ambrose as the children’s abuser and claims there is evidence that he appears to present as a psychopath.

Dr. Bandy X. Lee… She wrote of Ambrose: “This potential for Mr. Ambrose’s dangerousness, especially where children are involved, should not be overlooked.”…

Why wasn’t this evidence allowed on the record?

Judge Nieves or Judge Rodriguez likely would have allowed it, respecting the due process right for each party to have an opportunity to be heard.

Who is Protected?

The office of the Chief Court Administrator Elizabeth A. Bozzuto apparently decided to remove this critical and legally complex “first impression” case on Jennifer’s Law from a seasoned family court jurist – Neives, with decades of family law experience, and hand it to a “greenhorn” on the bench – O’Neill – a man who is inexperienced in family law.

I previously posited that Judge O’Neill’s outrageous decision was explainable in two ways.

Newly-appointed Judge Thomas O’Neill had a long history as a private attorney, suing for clients on commercial matters. He was therefore the perfect choice to decide who bought the teenagers, Chris Ambrose, or the mother, with whom the teens want to live. Judge O’Neill ruled Ambrose owns the kids. They have no right to be heard, their happiness irrelevant…..

One possibility for his indifference to the happiness or welfare of the teenagers, and disregard of their wishes, is that O’Neill truly is a “rookie” and does not recognize the fundamental difference between cases about money and true justice. In his high-stakes corporate litigation background, the concern is never the “best interests” of any litigant, only the bottom line.

I also posited that “green” might have been the motivating factor.

It was the price for moving O’Neill down the hall to hearing “big dollar” commercial cases where his former law partners at Day Pitney LLP and other “insiders” could wet their beaks in immense feeding troughs of legal fees.

After reviewing some evidence in this case, another possibility occurred to me.

I think Judge O’Neill was “hand-selected” by Connecticut Court Administrator O’Neill, understanding that he would not make a complete record.

Incomplete Record Benefits the Enterprise

If the full factual record in the Ambrose v. Riordan case were to come to light, the “cash cow” and “dark underbelly” of the Connecticut Family Court system’s cash-for-kids enterprise would have become fully exposed. We would find in Connecticut what smacks of the racketeering conspiracy described by Frank Parlato.

I posit that the Connecticut Family Court “machine” had previously “sold” the Ambrose children to Christopher Ambrose.

Judge Nieves was pushed aside, Judge Rodriguez refused, and Judge O’Neill was appointed to the case because Connecticut administrators of justice could not afford the mother, Karen Riordan, to prevail.

More specifically, they could not allow the truth to come out, that the case has been a “contract” and “cover-up” since the beginning.

“Cash For Kids” Theories in CT Family Court Are Nothing New

Frank Parlato has been writing about the sale of the Ambrose children for some time.

Parlato published the following about the Ambrose v. Riordan case almost a year and a half ago: 

This is CT, and this is a family court under the shadow of Richard Gardner, who invented a way for well-to-do abusers and pedophiles to prevail – “parental alienation” – and it is used as a weapon to take money from the rich and give the children in return.

Parental alienation and its drastic remedy – once it is determined by any quack or con artist GAL or custody evaluator – is to take the children from the parent they love and order no contact with her – and hand them over to the abuser with money.

For those who say some mothers alienate their children from the father, which is true, I say children can be alienated from a father because he is a cruel ass, a cunning man, that the children see through him and want no part of him.

It does not have to be the other parent who alienates children from the parent. It can be the abuser himself.

But alienated the children, Mia, Matthew, and Sawayer, because the father had the money and because he had CT family court – he could buy the children like you might buy a dozen eggs at the market.

That market is CT Family Court, and it is, arguably, as vicious and sinister a place as the world has known.

Damning evidence has been repeatedly presented to public officials, judges, attorneys, the police, and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Why do they ignore credible allegations of sexual abuse?

Because selling children to the highest bidder is good for business, it is a “cash cow.”

Family law attorneys like Edward Nusbaum and Alexander Cuda can charge clients $750 per hour and upwards.

Court-appointed GALs can rack up fees. The GAL in the Ambrose case, Jocelyn Hurwitz, billed $200,000 to make the children miserable, recommending they be removed from their mother and handed to their abuser-father.

GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz displays a warm smile with every recommendation of parental alienation she makes….

It is no coincidence that the father, Ambrose, had the money to pay GAL Hurwitz, and Riordan did not.

There are experts, investigators, doctors, and professionals paid. Their legal fees secure the ultimate result for the party with the resources.

Family Court “lifers” like Judges Jane Kupson Grossman and Gerard I. Adelman know the game. They don’t get in the way. They guard this corrupt machine.

Uphold the Bargain

By excluding evidence and making outlandish rulings, they keep the dark underbelly from becoming exposed.

All the paid participants remain fat and happy while the system churns. Broken families and damaged children are “acceptable losses” like “breakage” in a retail establishment factored into the cost of doing business.

The most important role is the judge, who is the guardian of the “cash for kids” deal. If a “client” pays and doesn’t get their product – kids – it threatens the entire marketplace.

And that explains Judge O’Neill’s decision. There is one dirty secret that, if made public, would threaten the “cash for kids” scheme. It would decimate entire cottage industries and the bottom line of family law attorneys.

Kids Are Commodities

The secret is kids can be sold to anyone, even pedophiles if the buyer has the money.

Kids of any color or creed, buyers of any shape or size, or sexual predilection – are auctioned and sold. 

Governor Lamont was sure right about diversity. After two Hispanic judges refused to sell the three Hispanic teenage children of Riordan and Ambrose, they brought in their diversity hire — a white man – a long-time commercial litigation attorney turned family court judge.

Thomas O’Neill had experience in bargain and sale, in contract litigation, brought in to uphold the deal – the sale of three kids to Christopher Ambrose.

Yeah, diversity is an excellent thing in Connecticut — for business.





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  • Alienating parents typically will create a villain-victim dynamic to rationalise their behaviour. By casting the target parent as the villain of the story, they absolve themselves of responsibility and maintain a sense of moral superiority despite their manipulative, abusive actions. This also reinforces their own image as hero/victim. Various psychological and interpersonal factors can contribute, but there’s a connection between the behaviour of alienating parents and certain delusional disorders, particularly those involving fixed false beliefs or paranoid ideation, and they may construct and maintain a distorted narrative about the target parent based on unfounded suspicions, misconceptions, or exaggerated negative interpretations.

  • We can all agree that the current court system is uninformed, and inappropriate in its involvement in family matters OR a worse they are all in due to the lucrative and incentivized financial profiting.
    It’s simply not the right tool as it invokes further conflict and rewards parents who treat their children as property and voluntarily, or involuntarily cast a big black cloud on the other. As correct as that statement is, neither is “mental health” an appropriate remedy. There is too much gender and politicization of the child Victims in these cases. There is one clear and inarguable fact about “PA” regardless of one’s acceptance of the pathology, or rejection of its concept: PA is a catchall phrase that describes a set of behaviors designed to train a child to reject another parent. Nowhere in 5 million years of human evolution does this type of behavior exist other than the past 50 years inside of our legal family court system.
    To argue the virtues for or against is divisive and adds to the controversy. To simply address it as what it is: behaviors is the only way out. You cannot explain away, rationalize, or validate the child’s behaviors in that context. Except to say that the child is being systematically trained by someone, somewhere and it’s child abuse aka brainwashing . But of course there’s no money to be had in that is there? Mudslinging and controversy is the perfect fodder for all involved: the courts, lawyers, GALS, pro PA, Anti PA, women’s rights DV advocates, men’s rights groups, social services, political leaders and yes, even media celebrities who pen hit pieces pretending to advocate for “the children”. They all feed off of the corpses. In the meantime, children and parents are severed.

  • We can all agree that the current court system is uninformed, and inappropriate in its involvement in family matters OR a worse they are all in due to the lucrative and incentivized financial profiting.
    It’s simply not the right tool as it invokes further conflict and rewards parents who treat their children as property and voluntarily, or involuntarily cast a big black cloud on the other. As correct as that statement is, neither is “mental health” an appropriate remedy. There is too much gender and politicization of the child Victims in these cases. There is one clear and inarguable fact about “PA” regardless of one’s acceptance of the pathology, or rejection of its concept: PA is a catchall phrase that describes a set of behaviors designed to train a child to reject another parent. Nowhere in 5 million years of human evolution does this type of behavior exist other than the past 50 years inside of our legal family court system.
    To argue the virtues for or against is divisive and adds to the controversy. To simply address it as what it is: behaviors is the only way out. You cannot explain away, rationalize, or validate the child’s behaviors in that context. Except to say that the child is being systematically trained by someone, somewhere and it’s child abuse aka brainwashing . But of course there’s no money to be had in that is there? Mudslinging and controversy is the perfect fodder for all involved: the courts, lawyers, GALS, pro PA, Anti PA, women’s rights DV advocates, men’s rights groups, social services, political leaders and yes, even media celebrities who pen hit pieces pretending to advocate for “the children”. They all feed off of the corpses. In the meantime, children and parents are severed.

    • Alex cuba has chosen to take on the task for Connecticut and the bar. It’s not about the children. It’s about money power and control. The wellbeing of children is never the issue. This is a message to call Connecticut mother’s. The use of Jennifer’s law. Connecticut is going to continue. Leave the state if you are able. File for divorce in another state.

  • Pathetic behavior
    September 5, 2023 at 8:28 am

    Parental, Alienation brainwashing coercive control is child abuse
    The self interest groups with an agenda to keep lining their pockets with incentivized programs do nothing but allow false narratives to perpetuate, leaving children, emotionally, distraught, and scapegoating the targeted parent

    Equal parenting should be the default and a strike system needs to be put in place to show proof to change that. It is vile and disgusting that one parent would subject their child or children through alienating behaviors against the other parent for selfish and financial gain.
    And as always, if there truly truly is child abuse, that’s where the strike system comes in play.

    • Which kind of “parental alienation”? … in which case? showing up as which behaviors? … in whom? when? where? and why?

      “Coercive control” is what kind of abuse in which case?

      Promoting a business for a profit by advertising those two terms as through they’re the same thing misinforms the public.

      If the “strike system” you reference is Joan Kloth Zanard’s “three strikes and you’re out!” protocol, was that practice peer-reviewed?

      What do data points show in those cases in which a parent has been removed from a family after “three strikes”?

      Who developed that “three strikes” protocol?

      Was that a Richard Gardner experiment?

      And, is the practice recommended for any and every kind of child custody case?

  • Lamont and Tong career criminals.
    Adelman, grossman, oneill, Truglia – pathetic excuses for human beings. Power hungry sadists.
    Depriving women and abusing children is done for sport. The women- like Jocelyn Hurwitz, sue coussineau and Janis Laliberte are as sick and psychopathic as the “men”.

    • Evidence, testimony, eyewitness accounts … those are the kinds of primary sources of information and actionable evidence that will remove that corruption as soon as possible.


    His mind is completely messed up. Look at Ambroses projects. Writers spend ridiculous amounts of time in their imagination. People don’t understand Hollywood writers bed paid $$$$$$ to dig into their demons by mass conglomerates. He had connections to the FBI because the writers get to consult with whomever for their big dollar productions. Hollywood gives huge cutbacks to police. Big circle jerk. His projects were sketchy. Dark twisted, like his mind

  • These articles ALL OF THEM,everyone of them, need to go to every legislator, every judge and every slime attorney. Maybe just maybe it may shift the moral compass

  • Max Eastman was probably right.

    … Corliss Lamont’s political views were Marxist and socialist for much of his life. During the 1930s he was openly Marxist. In 1934, Corliss Lamont identified himself to former communist Max Eastman as a ‘Truth Communist’, saying according to Eastman, that he “did not accept the policy of political lying to the masses practiced by the official communist parties under Stalin.”

    Later, Eastman would openly challenge Lamont on his avowed loyalties, charging that:

    You continued to run with the Stalinist chiefs. You never exposed their political lies, or said publicly what you said to me in private. For a very long time you played friends with both ‘Lie Communists’ and ‘Truth Communists’, and gave your money with one hand to the Stalinists and with the other to independent revolutionary papers…Anybody who plays both sides in quiet times will be found in a crisis on the side of power …

  • Liars, crime hidders, fraud misuse of government funding. Failure to prosecute crimes to save money on prison and cost of prosection. The leaders in curruption. Our state government are criminals. We are not safe in Connecticut. Bragging about low crime rate.

  • The international women’s coalition wrote about this atrocity- the manipulation of Jennifer’s law by Alex Cuda to secure a restraining order – NOT because the teens were in any danger or coercively controlled by their mother- quite the opposite.

    The RO was issued by J ONeill as a result of coercive control being used by Chris Ambrose:

    “The RO was issued to flush the kids out of their mother’s house and back to the father’s”

    Ambrose admitted that he wanted the RO “to have the kids return to him where they can think freely and not be turned against him.”

    Both Matthew and Sawyer filed petitions in juvenile court PRIOR to seeking safe haven with their mother.

    Aware of their fathers determination to incarcerate their mother for years, these teens have methodically planned their own escape from his coercive control and dominance.

    Once at moms their father harassed, threatened, stalked them and manipulated police and dcf to appear constantly. The police did wellness checks and informed Ambrose the kids were safe and cared for. Ambrose was enraged.

    He paid for adelmans order- albeit illegal- (you cannot order post judgment psych evals nor can you force a person to choose from their list of “providers”) he wants his wife to submit to the oppressive order – he must have her declared incompetent to justify the cruelty of the past four years!

    Ambrose’s unraveling is easily seen in his relentless court filings and lawsuits against anyone who stands up for these teenagers.

    A restraining order hearing is meant to be quick- for allegedly there is danger. O’Neill allowed Cuda to drag and beat tgis mom for two full days and then denied a days continuance even when she was in the hospital with her daughter.

    ONeill wanted the teenager to be alone at the hospital and demanded the mother appear if she had any “final words” before he imposed the pre-arranged year long RO to punish the mother and teens for not obeying their owner, predator Chris Ambrose.

    Knowing the RO was coming these wise teens- sadly seasoned to the crimes of family court- left.

    Had they remained in moms home they would have been guilty of her arrest. Image that j Thomas O’Neill?

    If the teens stayed bc they love and want to live with their mom – as is their constitutional right- you would have their mom arrested.

    What choice did you give then O’Neill? You’re as sick as Ambrose. Your wife must be so very proud.

    The values of Stonehill were lost long ago. God help you aThomas O’Neill.

  • CT public radio has put out an article about the state of Connecticut and sexual assault victims punished for reporting. July 2023. Multiple women are having a bad experience in reporting sexual assault. These situations are intentionally being kept from the public. Connecticut doesn’t want to pay for the incarceration. The war on women is being lead by the state of Connecticut. The crime statistics are incorrect. The state is attempting to give the illusion that domestic violence and other crimes against women are down 👎. It’s untrue. We have everything running through the public defender’s office for a reason. Connecticut is intentionally keeping abuse and pedophilia from being prosecuted. Women and children are being silenced. Including the Ambrose children and Karen Riorden.

    • Could you maybe tell us a little about why you do the work you do?

      For example, what are three main goals for your company?

      • Heya, it’s not Jill! LOL
        Now you want to see her business plan! What are you a shareholder! You should donate to her cause! It is worthwhile! I am just someone that has seen 1st hand the CT FC. Fortunately, I did not have children involved but the black robes would try to financially rape me more and hurt my children for life if they had the opportunity.

        • Oh, sorry. Your “Time for a Change” keeps posting links to her site so I thought you were Jill. I’m not interested in “business plans” as much as goals. It looks like she’s very involved in family court cases so I just wondered why.

          • Lol. Now I understand! I wanted to post her links as we do not have enough of our messages getting out to the public! I know if we keep making noise and shake some trees we can get more media attention. It’s funny how Paul’s arrest wasn’t even mentioned anywhere! Thanks for the clarification!

  • “Connecticut has done a remarkable job with reducing crime” 43 percent reduction in 25 years. Closing multiple prisons. Because they are making it a crime to report it. Michael Lawlor a criminal defense attorney also a politician weighing in on the matter. Lamont arguing with Republicans that crime is not a problem. Republicans it sure is a problem. They are just covering it up to save on prison costs to keep investing!

    • Has anyone ever noticed. Gary Whitfield and Robin Porter both judiciary committe are completely disinterested when domestic violence is discussed with the public. Has anyone noticed how they are trying to let criminals out on early release? 51 percent of the population in Connecticut are women. The access and grants helping minority women loose custody. They could care less about the victims of domestic violence and crimes. Some one needs to let their constituents, especially the women in on what is going on. Whitfield and Porter are the main person involved in public hearings. Deflecting from the agenda.

      • Most everything in politics today tells us:

        We the people who want to govern ourselves must get more involved in politics and government.

        • Someone posted a comment about how the Big E would be a great place to share information to network and organize throughout New England. It might be too late for a booth, but it’s not too late for flyers. Any good graphic designers out there?

  • Dr. Bandy Lee is brilliant and fearless. Her credentials are second to none and her understanding of abusers like Ambrose is spot on. She is a warrior in the battle of good v evil.

    She showed up to testify and Riordan was attacked for improper procedure. It was evident O’Neill was bias and didn’t want Dr Lees testimony since his order is to put RO against the mother abs then entrap her when she doesn’t “deliver” the goods to Ambrose.

    Teenagers are not objects to be carted around. Ambrose should be mortified that he has to force his teens back to his home.

    Ambrose is the one coercively controlling everyone. So obvious to everyone. The crimes so blatant. Let’s hope Oneill doesn’t ruin his career by upholding an infirm ruling that will be overturned.

    I think they know it won’t hold. Just thought the kids would be shocked and fall in line with their “owners” demands. But they’ve rediscovered love and freedom and are getting healthier each day.

    Give it up Ambrose. Let them be. They’re not coming back even if you insist on taking their mother. You’re a sick defective creature who lies and abuses. One of the most dangerous men out there.

    Dr. Lee has your number and you threatened her directly. That’s what psychopaths do.

    • The CT Family Court is trying to label Dr. Bandy Lee as a “fringe” element of the medical profession. In reality, she is one of the best. It just goes to show that these hacks fear talent and truth.

  • Thomas O’Neill is a modern day Roger Taney.

    Taney believe all individuals on American soil, of African descent, could never be citizens. They could be bought and sold as property. O’Neill believes the same with minors: they are basically commodities.

    With an increasingly higher tolerance for pedophilia in todays society, this is beyond problematic. This is a crisis for children being sex-trafficked in from Central and South America.

    Swedish courts ruled to let a 14 girl be married to her 21 year old cousin. She was 12, he was 18 when they started “dating”. This is a troubling development and getting worse is Europe where millions of migrants are relocating. In one case, a 40 year old man was “married” to an 8 year old girl. The courts ruled there was no better alternative living arrangement for the little girl, so they ruled she had to stay with her rapist, child molesting, kidnapper, sex trafficking, criminal “husband”. Unfortunately, we are just about there in Connecticut Family Court…

    Child sex grooming starts in public schools in first grade. By 3rd grade, children are learning about oral and anal sex. The U.S. government is grooming millions of children to be ready to start having sexual intercourse in junior high school, even earlier. Gender reassignment, requiring removal of genitals for boys, breasts for girls and puberty blockers starts when children are 5 years old.

    The movement to normalize pedophilia started with writer and NAMBLA member, Allen Ginsburg. It started small, with much resistance. But Ginsburg, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and other high profile pedophiles stayed the course, fighting tooth and nail to get pedophilia mainstreamed with support from the World Economic Forum, United Nations, European Union and sadly, now the United States Family Courts in Connecticut.

    The fact Ned Lamont considers Thomas O’Neill a diversity appointment is laughable. But this is how it works. The aforementioned pedophiles successfully played the diversity card to get their twisted, sick lifestyle accepted.

    Thank you, Thomas O’Neill! Great work! I am sure your family and partners at Day Pitney are proud of your “leadership” on the bench! You fucking sick, fucking twisted sicko!!

  • Ambrose–as you’ve told everyone they’ve lived in your sole care and custody for three years.
    Stop the blame game.
    You had every opportunity to make them happy.
    They are not happy. They’ve made it clear.
    You keep denying abuse but they were depressed and self-harming in your care alone. This did not happen until they were in your sole care.
    They believe you are abusive. They are not happy. They do not want to live with you. They want their mother.
    It does not take someone from DCF to determine you are unfit or unsafe. Your children feel it and they’ve said the same thing for years.
    Listen to them.
    Let them have what makes them happy. It’s their life.
    The only one with a complaint against their mother is YOU. ONLY YOU.
    She’s taught her whole life and raised your kids and no other complaints exist. ONLY YOU and your high powered attorney got an RO based on ONLY YOUR WORD. You testified AS THE VICTIM.


    Anyone can see your court docket is bombarded with motions ONLY YOU MADE. Your wife’s motions are in defense of you only. You judge shopped and litigated her to death. ENOUGH

  • Fraud waste and abuse of government funding. The state of Connecticut as well as many other states are receiving millions to billions of dollars for the fatherhood initiative. Uconn is receiving a significant yof of federal grants for health and human services. It’s already outed in the blog Unconn is misappropriated funds. Per the inside investigator article. We already know Diana Ditunno beached herself and others and on a lavish conferences in New Port. Sean Scanlon the comptroller of Connecticut who’s office is in Hartford held conference in Mystic. Wonder what was charged for millage and expenses for all the Hartford and Storres people. $$$ Sean Scanlon himself appears to be spending inappropriately. Why would he and both Megan be desperate to get into the comptrollers office? Birds eye view to the cookie jar 🫙. Both connect to Chris Murphy. Probably posistiong them. Megan Scanlon claiming to know something about domestic violence. She knows about funding. Joseph Ditunno AFCC. Husband of the beach ⛱️ going Dianna Ditunno. Sharing office building with child support enforcement. Controlling the access and visitation grant. Also with the Ccadv. Joseph Ditunno has a vested interest in the government funding for welfare reform. Violent offender program. Angeling and maneuvering cases for federal funding. The cash is not just for the attorneys. Joe is heavily involved in the minority mothers cases. Unrepresented and in poverty. The target of welfare reform. 51 percent of the state of Connecticut are women. The word must get out to the minority mothers. The community is being used to gain access to money from the government greatly effected their lives and their children. Porter, Winfield and Stafstrum all hiding behind fatherhood initiative federal welfare reform act funding. Leading to the loss of custody to the minority mothers. The death of minority women in domestic violence is being down played. Ad well as minority children. Awareness to the woman in Connecticut is imperative. These people and many others absolutely need to be held accountable and kicked out of public office as soon as possible.

  • “After two Hispanic judges refused to sell the three Hispanic teenage children of Riordan and Ambrose, they brought in their diversity hire — a white man – a long-time commercial litigation attorney turned family court judge.’

    This is the truth.
    J.Rodrigues was the first judge on this case in August 2019. He listened to two days of testimony and made preliminary rulings. The primary residence would be with the mom who raised them, but dad would have 2-3 nights each week, and he would remain in marital home.

    He ordered individual, local therapists chosen by the parents for each of the children– to be done by Sept. 5th, 2020.
    He ordered the father to file a financial affidavit by Sept. 5th. He could not give orders to the mother for support until FA was filed.

    Sept. 5th rolled around and Callahan and Aldrich had cooked up their cash for kids plan. A gal (Jocelyn Hurwitz) was appointed without agreement or financial disclosure– and the case was switch to Judge Jane Grossman!

    It was all over. No individual therapists for the kids, instead it was GAL pick of Robert Horwitz–known to the AFCC; proven racketeering in family court in 2014 through illegal business being conducted in the Family court!

    And GAL was appointed against mom’s consent when list of 15 to choose from is required. Jocelyn Hurwitz is a known player– star “In the Worst Interest of the Child: Trafficking Children Through Family Court”

    GAL then recommended immediate custody evaluation and it was all over!
    SICK FUCKS are unrelenting.
    Keep writing Frank Parlato and Rich Luthmann! So many of our kids have been abused and bought and sold– their lives destroyed by the greed of family court attorneys and AFCC members. It’s the PLAYBOOK.

    Sound of Freedom– OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE!

    • Judge Eddie please stand up! Have the courage as we all are not perfect! I am sure you are not satisfied to how these kids were destroyed by Grossman! She is abominable! Leave on a legacy to implement change! Talk to your wife and children as they I am sure will support you! I hope you read this message!

      • That’s not how law works and it’s not how law is supposed to work, Time for change.

        What Judge Rodriguez was all he could do in that situation and it spoke volumes to everyone paying attention. Judge Rodriguez gave the case to Judge Nieves who was perfect for the case and for the future of the state of Connecticut as it relates to that case. What happened next isn’t on Judge Rodriguez or Judge Nieves — thank goodness. Good judges need to stay. And, good judges follow the law.

        The bad judges who “do what they wilt” will be gone from their employment in the state judicial branch when actionable evidence of wrongdoing is brought to the attention of good law enforcement professionals. Please focus on doing what’s right and lawful. Encouraging extrajudicial activity can undermine family court investigations and reform.

        Law enforcement offices are in place to receive actionable evidence.

        Where are the primary sources of actionable evidence of wrongdoing in the Ambrose case?

  • Are you seeing this Chris? Are you seeing how much these kids hate you and don’t want to be with you and how you are turning them against you even more by screwing around with trying to get their mother out of thier lives completly? Why in the hell don’t you leave them alone and let them have the life they want instead of being under your control, of course it’s obvious you have lost your in home boy toy. You need to be hung by your b***s.

    • You don’t say ??? Do tell us more.

      On the one hand, it’s good to hear Chris isn’t living a lie any longer

      On the other, if his latest hissy fit is because he lost the rent boy, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea (and on loads of escort sites on the internet) and so maybe there’s hope his mood will improve and he can become obsessed with someone other than his adopted teens

    • Why do they ignore clear and convincing evidence of false allegations? Coercive control and brainwashing of children ? Aka Alienation? Why?

          • As a child custody evaluator in Connecticut family court cases, maybe she had to attend Connecticut’s mandatory guardian ad litem / AMC training.

        • The lawyer acting as GAL in the (Connecticut AFCC, Inc.?) demonstration video and the real-life GAL in the real-life Ambrose case ignore what looked like the sexual abuse of minors.

          What’s Connecticut family court policy — and Connecticut law — supposed to do in those cases?

          • NOTE: In normal family courts, fathers who go online to satisfy sexual urges with minors — and/or young adults who look like minors — wouldn’t “win” full custody of children. Mothers who object those behaviors would be allowed to object. The children would be protected from that perverted influence.

            The Ambrose case in Connecticut — like the Hurtzog case — are to set precedent so all parents must now submit and follow the new rules of living, under penalty of law.

            It looks like someone placed Mr. O’Neill on that case for that purpose and he looks determined to make it happen. Connecticut “family courts” have been social engineering for the profit of a few for the past 40 years.

            The Ambrose case is probably to set an example and to set more case precedent than there is already — and several case precedents are there already. A few sick individuals have been running that state for a very long time.


  • Is that poetic license or did Chief Court Administrator Elizabeth A. Bozzuto actually put O’Neill on that case? 🤔 says:


    Will you please explain this?

    “The office of the Chief Court Administrator Elizabeth A. Bozzuto apparently decided to remove this critical and legally complex “first impression” case on Jennifer’s Law from a seasoned family court jurist – Neives, with decades of family law experience, and hand it to a “greenhorn” on the bench – O’Neill – a man who is inexperienced in family law.“


    Sleepless with nightmares of Connecticut family court

      • Thanks Richard. Elizabeth A. Bozzuto is Chief Court Administrator for all courts in Connecticut. Thomas J. Welch is listed as the Administrative judge for the Fairfield Judicial District, where the Ambrose family court case is. Maybe the quick switch from Rodriguez to Nieves to O’Neill was totally routine — or maybe changing the judge from one to another, then to a totally new judge all happened for good reasons. It would help if the court is transparent enough to tell us why those changes occurred.

        Considering everything about the case, Connecticut politics and the history of corruption in the family courts, it looked like judge shopping or a set up. Do we the people have a right to know who decided on those changes, when and why? Could the public/journalists call Thomas J. Welch’s clerk to ask what happened?

      • Thank you. I had no idea that’s how it worked. Who would make the request for the reassignment?

        J Rodriguez had referred the case to J. Nieves. She denied the PPA TRO by Ambrose – they opted not to pursue it although J. Nieves was ready to hear it. Ambrose left court and refiled the PPA TRO.

        Does a request go in for reassignment? Is this the back room dealings of Alex Cuda?

        And Cuda is now adding in language of contempt about judge adelmans orders- which remain before J. Nieves. Ambrose was told the court will be in touch with the parties when they’re ready to be heard- snd told Ambrose not to file any other motions.

        He filed that same day- and filed a caseflow request the following Monday.

        Ambrose continues the blatant litigation abuse against mom and teens.

        Are we waiting for another Dulos case?

  • If private political connections in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport are as sick and well-greased as private political connections were in New London, Connecticut in the 1970s, Connecticut state government offices will probably eventually arrange for the jailing and/or re-education of Paul Boyne and Karen Riordan.

    It’s hard for most who never experienced Connecticut “family court” hell to understand how the worst of the worst in state government offices use crimes against children and families “for the greater good” and “the best interests of the children”.

    Those who have witnessed those sick philosophies in action must inform the public about taxpayer-funded crimes committed against children and families in state family courts.

    Like billions in federal funds are sent to kill hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in for-profit purposely adversarial wars overseas, state tax dollars pay for mandatory family court hearings in which for-profit purposely adversarial wars are waged against children and parents.

    Lawyers like Alex Cuda and Melissa Needle are paid to harm — not to care how much harm they do to “the other side”. Doing so much harm to children “in the best interest of the children” is pure evil. There’s no other word to describe it.

    Connecticut family court vendor “Dr.” Sidney Horowitz was the “therapist” in the Boyne v. Boyne case in 2007. Mr. Horowitz announced one of his sick theories in 2005, saying family courts should allow therapists to “break a bone” (emotionally and mentally, not physically) in sexually abused children for “the bone” to heal. Mr. Horowitz said he thought children who disclose having been sexually abused by a parent should be forcibly medicated and hospitalized if necessary to achieve “therapeutic reunification” with the identified perpetrators of those disclosed sexual crimes. He described that breaking of emotional bones as “debridement” — a term the medical field uses to describe “the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue”.

    Any child not going along with Mr. Horowitz’s sick and twisted theories in 2005 was to have a “bone” broken in the form of extreme emotional trauma for the “bone” to “heal”. Emotions aren’t bones. The mind and memories aren’t made of tissue. Dr. Horowitz’s theories are as sick and twisted as the theories of those who allow that junk science in Connecticut family courts.

    Lynda Munro presided over cases in which Mr. Horowitz shared his expert opinions. As a Connecticut family court judge, she allegedly arranged for Connecticut taxpayers to pay Mr. Horowitz’s invoices at twice the state rate in the Boyne v Boyne case. She might be interested in the Ambrose case as it relates to Paul Boyne’s case.

    Coincidentally and more recently, Ms. Munro worked in the same office as current Judiciary Co-Chair Steve Stafstrom. Ms. Munro, Mr. Stafstrom and Mr. O’Neill all happen to work in the same town.

    Coincidentally just a few months ago, Mr. Stafstrom arranged for Mr. O’Neill to be a judge.

    Coincidentally, Mr. O’Neill presided over the Ambrose case.

    Coincidentally, Paul Boyne wrote about many of those political connections — and many others —in his “Family Court Circus” blog.

    How did Mr. O’Neill have far less experience as a judge than Judge Nieves, even less experience in cases involving disclosures of child abuse and somehow land on the Ambrose case?

    It looks like one or more insiders arranged to change the judges in the Ambrose case — quickly and inexplicably — from Judge Rodriguez to Judge Nieves to Judge O’Neill.

    What kind of people could get away with covering up crimes in Connecticut courts?

    “… in December 1976, three years after Kevin’s death, the governor of Connecticut, Ella Grasso, assigned a one-man grand jury to the case.

    What followed was the most expensive and extensive hit-and-run investigation up until that point. The state police spent over $1 million, called 107 witnesses to testify, and discovered that the New London police had dropped the ball on their initial investigation.

    Aside from Showalter’s personal effects, other key pieces of evidence from the accident scene had been lost: plastic from a signal light, and a large slice of green paint from the vehicle. Things took a sinister turn when the state police found the green paint particles on Kevin’s clothing — the one piece of evidence Lucille had hinged her own investigations off — had most likely been planted after the fact, and weren’t from the impact of the car.

    This was no longer a case of a botched investigation. Someone was actively covering something up. …”

    • “… Moukawsher served for many years as a prosecutor and a municipal attorney. As attorney for the former Borough of Groton in the early 60s, Moukawsher was one of the architects of the Borough’s conversion to a city; he helped design the government and he drafted the charter that governs the City of Groton today.

      As New London County’s last coroner, Moukawsher presided over legal investigations of suspicious deaths, including the controversial death of Kevin Showalter in 1973 in which Moukawsher’s inquest concluded that there was insufficient evidence to declare any suspects despite suggestions that former New London mayor Harvey Mallove struck Showalter with his car on Christmas Eve and then fled the scene.

      In 1996, at age 76, Moukawsher, his son Tom and Attorney Mike Walsh founded the law firm Moukawsher & Walsh, LLC, today a nine attorney firm with a main office in Hartford and a satellite office in Groton. …”

      • Was Judge Moukawsher’s father actually New London County’s last coroner, presiding over “… legal investigations of suspicious deaths, including the controversial death of Kevin Showalter in 1973 in which Moukawsher’s inquest concluded that there was insufficient evidence to declare any suspects despite suggestions that former New London mayor Harvey Mallove struck Showalter with his car on Christmas Eve and then fled the scene.”?

        • I’ve heard from a very good source that Mr. Moukawsher is a very good guy.

          Maybe he is.

          And, if he takes some cases he hears personally: That’s not good at all.

          Was his quick disbarment of Attorney Cunha in response to the concerns she raised about corruption in Connecticut courts a knee-jerk reaction to his experience as the son of the coroner in the Showalter case in New London in the 1970s? That must have been excruciating in already inevitably awkward teenage years to be so close to the center of that kind of political controversy. Any child of any coroner who did or didn’t cover up “One of the Most Extensive Hit-and-Run Investigations Ever“ probably sweated many times in many ways under many difficult spotlights.

          In our fair society, whether or not Mr. Moukawsher’s dad covered up a crime In the 1970s is totally irrelevant to law, politics and people in Connecticut in 2023. So, how do we know and what do we do if and when judges’ personal struggles take the form of overreach from the bench to the point of judicial activism — and maybe judicial coverups?

          Ms. Grossman and Mr. Adelman seem to be personally and professionally involved in the Ambrose and Boone cases because of liability issues surrounding that dangerous set of circumstances. If Judges Grossman, Moukawsher and Stewart filed their complaints about Paul Boyne’s vile articles, exactly how many personalized judicial opinions taint the Ambrose and Boone cases, now?

          Is the motivation for Judge Moukawsher’s opinion in the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell case in 2016 found in his commentary published in The Hartford Courant on October 19, 2016? The title of Judge Moukawsher’s relatively brief commentary that day was: “Judge Moukawsher: My Own Struggle To Learn”.

          Does that brief commentary explain why he “spent nearly 3 hours … reading from the bench his long-awaited decision in Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell ‘(CCJEF v. Rell)’.”?

          Three hours.

          “… The decision is a scathing indictment of the way Connecticut defines and funds elementary and secondary school education, the way it funds special education, the way it hires, evaluates, pays and retains teachers, and the way it funds school construction. The opinion describes the way the General Assembly has addressed each of these issues as irrational. Not just weak, poor or bad policy. IRRATIONAL policy. So irrational as to be unconstitutional in the judge’s view. The judge ordered the General Assembly to provide rational solutions to these issues within 180 days, at which time he will decide whether the solutions meet his standard of rationality. If not, he will impose his own solutions …”

          One lawyer’s perspective about Mr. Moukawsher’s response to the (CCJEF v. Rell) case:

          “From my perspective as a lawyer who values separation of powers and judicial restraint – in large part because I believe that judges, on the whole, are no smarter or wiser than our elected representatives – the decision runs afoul of the line that separates judging from legislating. I recognize that an unfortunate consequence of judicial respect for that line may be the continuation of laws and policies that are unwise, even foolish. But the place to address such laws and policies is the legislature and the governor’s office.”

    • Day Pitney received $65,000 a year .. to manage $12.8 million .. that was supposed to help .. an injured child. says:

      “… Law firms accused of overbilling area family

      Michael P. Mayko
      Dec. 25, 2015
      Updated: Dec. 25, 2015 3:28 p.m.

      BRIDGEPORT — Two of the state’s most prestigious law firms are being sued, accused of overbilling a Wilton client in a medical malpractice suit that resulted in the largest settlement in state history.

      Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder of Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport, and Day Pitney 👈 which has offices throughout the state including New Haven, Stamford and Greenwich, along with several of their attorneys are named as defendants in a lawsuit brought by a team of lawyers representing the D’Attilo family.

      The D’Attilos’ lawyers include former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz 👈 Joseph Pastore and Christopher Farrell of Pastore & Dailey in Glastonbury, and Howard Altschuler of Bethany, who specializes in legal malpractice cases.

      The suit, pending in Superior Court in New Haven, accuses the Koskoff firm of overbilling the D’Attilo family by more than $5 million, in violation of state law …

      … “The fee cap is clear,” said Bysiewicz. “If an attorney wants a larger fee, there needs to be a waiver in writing that the clients agree to and sign. Without a properly executed waiver, all attorneys must follow the formula in the law.”

      That formula limits the Koskoff firm to $2.6 million for the case, according to Bysiewicz. 👈

      The state court suit seeks triple the amount of damages, as well as legal fees and court costs.

      The fees charged and paid all were strictly in accordance with the agreement with the client and the law at the time it was entered,” countered James Horwitz, a managing partner with Koskoff. “It was carefully explained to the family and, additionally, the family had the assistance and advice of independent counsel at the time.” …

      … “When all of the evidence is in, there will be no doubt that the clients understood and agreed to the fees that were charged,” Horwitz said. He added that his firm is “proud of the work we performed for this family, through two full trials, a record breaking jury verdict of $58 million dollars, and a settlement that will take care of their disabled child for the rest of his life.”

      The D’Attilos hired the Koskoff firm in March, 2003 to represent them in a medical malpractice suit arising out of the birth of their son, Danny. The problematic birth, which involved a loss of oxygen, is believed to have led to devastating cerebral palsy in the boy, depriving him of the ability to walk, talk or eat on his own. …

      … The suit charges the defendant lawyers and their firms with a civil conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duties, statutory theft, misrepresentation and fraud as well as other allegations.”

      • Receiving money .. to manage money .. that’s supposed to help .. injured children.

  • My siblings and I will not be forced back in a toxic, negative environment. How are we being “coerced” or “coached” if we haven’t seen our mother in 3+ years? This is not “coercive control” when we are being treated like we matter, like we are cared for. It’s so nauseating how there’s a restraining order for us not to talk to or be near our mother, as if she hurts us, as if she’s abuses us, when all she does is love us, care for us, and protects us. Everything that we have said is what we have experienced in the 3 years of being forced with Chris. Chris has no right to be filing anything on our behalf and he needs to be held accountable for all of his lies and abuse he has put us through. He robbed me of 1,123 days of my life, which I am never getting back, and yet he is still persistent on forcing all 3 of us back into his world of abuse.

    • Dear Matthew,

      I’m praying someone will be able to help you reverse that recent no contact order. It’s absolutely criminal. Most people who have never been victims of “family court” corruption can’t understand what it’s like to lose all that precious time in what would have been a normal happy childhood.

      The separation of good children from good parents is common now in America. Almost like it’s an experiment of some kind, or maybe for politics to weaken families. There’s an old saying in politics, “Divide and conquer”. Anyone wanting to destroy a nation knows to destroy families first.

      Attorney Shawn McMillan in California knows about these kinds of cases. He might be able to help and might know of a good attorney in Connecticut who can help. Please ask a trusted adult family member or friend of your family what they think. Maybe they would consider contacting Shawn to ask for ideas and possibly helpful options.

      Love to you, Sawyer and Mia

    • Mathew, you should have all of these monsters arrested for facilitating you and you siblings abuse. Their just as guilty as the sexual deviant Ambrosia. They set up shop for your abuse and should be held responsible in a public forum.

  • I do not want this restraining order and it’s going against everything i’ve ever said and the courts won’t listen to me or my brothers it’s like they purposely want to kill us. You are separating children from their mother who they feel safe with, what kind of sick fuck wishes that for children oh wait the courts do. i’ve written letter and tried everything i can and nothing is enough unless u have the money and fucked up mindset to pay for your way like Chris did.

    • You are a warrior Mia. I’m sorry you have to be. But I think you and Sawyer and Matthew are the leaders for change needed in family court. YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH. You are showing what is allowed to happen in family court and how much damage is being done to children. PLEASE STAY STRONG< KEEP USING YOUR VOICE.


    • Mia,
      Please contact attorney Shawn McMillan, he will help you. He is a federal attorney and can practice in Connecticut.

  • Our mom didn’t abuse us or treat us badly at anytime. Chris is the one doing all of this and we cannot go back with him. i’m tired of my feelings being ignored and i’m not gonna stop fighting till i’m back with my mom.

    • We hear you Mia. So many of us do. Keep speaking out. Never give up and never go back. You know what love feels like and you deserve to be treated right. You and your brothers have to protect yourselves and stay safe. We all believe you. Only the criminals of family court promote the lies. Stay away from him. No matter what.

    • You must be a gem of a daughter! All three of you are so mature, capable and impressive. Stay your course. Stay close and hold to your truth. You’ve come this far.

      They’ll start talking about school, your father will likely threaten, or have dcf threaten, but you have evidence and credible allegations of abuse.

      You have records from medical professionals – that confirm you should be with your father. I’m sorry it’s taken this long. But love and truth prevail and you’ve got both on your side. ❤️💪🏽

  • I don’t understand why so many judges have been involved in this case. Can an attorney decide he don’t like the ruling of one judge so he gets another? It’s not that way where I’m from, is it only in Ct?

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