Fraud and Injustice #2: The Ambrose Children Are Suffering After Being Sold in CT Family Court

The father took the doorknobs off the doors to ensure the children could not keep him out of the bedroom.

In part #1 of “Fraud and Injustice in CT Family Court – we focused on the Ambrose case.

FR revealed the story of the removal of three happy children from their mother’s primary custody and into the home of their abusive father, Christopher Ambrose.

Chris Ambrose won the day. He got the children and all the money. But his day of reckoning may come; he may become the poster dad for all that is wrong in CT Family Court and, by extension, family courts everywhere.

If you want to blame the mother – OK, go for it- but two years have passed, and the children have been in this ugly stranger’s home, and they still call him ‘P” and Creepy Cree and still long for the halcyon days when they had a mother, an extended family, and a home.

The children are kept in isolation – away from their mother and their extended family by their father in this remote property.

This is CT, and this is a family court under the shadow of Richard Gardner, who invented a way for well-to-do abusers and pedophiles to prevail – “parental alienation” – and it is used as a weapon to take money from the rich and give the children in return.

Parental alienation and its drastic remedy – once it is determined by any quack or con artist GAL or custody evaluator – is to take the children from the parent they love and order no contact with her – and hand them over to the abuser with money.

For those who say some mothers alienate their children from the father, which is true, I say children can be alienated from a father because he is a cruel ass, a cunning man, that the children see through him and want no part of him.

It does not have to be the other parent who alienates children from the parent. It can be the abuser himself.

But alienated the children, M, M, and S, because the father had the money and because he had CT family court – he could buy the children like you might buy a dozen eggs at the market.

That market is CT Family Court, and it is, arguably, as vicious and sinister a place as the world has known.

You say this is hyperbole; I say, where else can you go and buy children away from their good mother while sneering professionals smugly tell the mother that she deserved every bit of it. She alienated the children, but now they are happy when they are not.

You say the father must love the children to want them with him.

I say he hates the children and the mother – and if he were to look down into the cavernous dark place where his soul should be shining, he might also realize he hates himself most of all.

Chris Ambrose knows how the marketplace works, whether it is the food market in the town center, the stock market on Wall Street, or the child market in CT Family Court.

But he is wise, this rascal. He knows that whatever he pays his connected attorney Nancy Aldrich [about $600,000 in billings to date] and the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz [about $200,000 in billings to date], who is supposed to represent the children’s best interest, and Jessica Biren-Caverly, [about $20,000] he will save by stealing and keeping his wife’s money and not having to pay child support or alimony.

Forget the children’s happiness.

They talk about alienation by the mother. It has been two years since the children have seen their mother and had the care they deserve.

He keeps them in isolation away from their mom, away from all the extended family they knew and loved and spent so much time with growing up – no grandparents, aunts, cousins, family friends anymore.

Ambrose has no friends – and he is not close with his family.

The children are in isolation in their remote rural home, yet they still cry out for their mother. Two years now, and they haven’t forgotten her.

Investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino confronted Chris Ambrose. This is the grounds of the house where he keeps guard over the children.

You say, “well, the mother, Karen Riordan, could have supervised visits.”

I say she is too wise for that trap – the game they play where the mother has to pay a therapist to sit in on short visits with her children, whom she raised every day of their life without supervision.

The therapist is there to find fault and to extend the time before she can see her children like she did every day of their lives for 13 years – without supervision.

Like Karen Riordan did while the father was thousands of miles away.

Why does the therapist on the supervised visits want to extend the time before he will approve unsupervised visits?

That should be obvious to anyone who knows CT Family Court—to keep himself employed by the hour and maybe to please the GAL who referred her — who keeps the father paying the GAL and his attorney. In contrast, the mother pays the therapist to supervise her visits.

In this case, Riordan cannot afford the therapist to supervise. Her money was stolen from her, and she is destitute.

But it would not matter. No one gets custody back once it is stolen in CT. The supervised visits are almost always a ruse, a game to make more money for the bad actors in the play.

These allied thieves have helped steal these children and gave them to the thief who stole the marital assets and his wife’s inheritance.

Karen Riordan is homeless though she should be a millionaire if laws were followed in CT.

Until somebody outside the corruption commences a massive criminal investigation into this corruption, this kind of selling of children will not end.

But we are not done. This case is not going away.

Stay tuned for part 3.

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[…] Parlato has been writing about the sale of the Ambrose children for some […]

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
1 year ago

Karen Riordan made the right call not to have supervised visits without her therapist.

This ongoing story is very difficult to read because of all the children suffering.

Fix the Problem
Fix the Problem
1 year ago

No matter how you look at it, keeping children from their mom when their voices shout out for the opposite is abominable.

Their mom never has, nor will ever be a danger to any of them. The father’s manipulation of the system, at the mother and children’s expense, with no remorse…shows his true character. The Family Court System in Connecticut is flawed on so many levels to let this happen and not have a system of checks and balances to protect this sort of thing.

Return the children to their mother, along with her money, alimony, and child support…let the manipulator go live his pathetic life alone.

1 year ago

Karen is “too wise” to accept supervised visits with her kids??? Frank, this proves you are enabling this feeble-minded woman to never have custody of those kids. Please stop.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wow

It’s total bullshit. Court abuse from a cabal of well paid actors, courtesy of Chris Ambrose.

He’s just like Herzog, and the hundreds of cases where child custody is paid for and children delivered to the abuser.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wow

Frank is enabling a good mother to reunite with her children.

Whereas, you are enabling your ‘feeble-minded’ vengeance to cloud your judgement.

1 year ago

PROVEN Criminal conduct by Keith Harmon Snow– and documented by hundreds of thousands of families throughout the US since debunked “parental alienation” by pedophile Richard Gardner entered the scene.

Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse (excerpt:

Investigative Journalist Keith Harmon Snow: In the Worst Interests of the Child: Trafficking Children Through Family Court

1 May 2012
A five month investigation reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by Family Courts in the United States. Children all over the United States are being taken from their protective mothers and delivered to abusers. Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption, channeling and disappearing billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money every year. Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals rewarded handsomely for producing quack studies that criminalize loving mothers and protect abusive fathers. With clear evidence of racketeering and corruption, high court judges and insider lawyers use and abuse the Family Courts system destroy protective mothers and deliver life sentences of suffering to innocent children. Rich, poor, middle-class… No child in America is safe.


Hiding behind the skirts of another.
Hiding behind the skirts of another.
1 year ago

I know of no father who would isolate his kids from their own mother and their extended family. This is court endorsed- GAL endorsed abuse of children.

But Ambrose could end this bullshit anytime and he doesn’t. Why? Because he’s paid for the outcome.

No real men watch their children suffer at the loss of their mother- is bad enough when a mother dies-

In this case Ambrose kills her off.
Keep hiding behind the skirt of the GAL Hurwitz and crooked Caverly.

Cowardly Chris
Cowardly Chris
1 year ago

What man runs from an interview? The Dolcefino interview shows Ambrose’s true colors- He’s a coward.

He runs and hides and then calls his buddies at Madison police- hand picked to threaten the kids and protect Ambrose.

Real men would stand tall, shake hands and could politely say he has no comment and eye to eye ask Dolcefino to leave his property.

But not Ambrose- he runs into the house, accuses Dolcefino of refusing to leave his property, as he stands behind the vehicle Dolcefino needs to exit the property.

Does he think the kids don’t know what he’s doing? He threatens Dolcefino, his kids, and his wife with the police.

He’s such a victim.

Cowardly Chris.

Criminals run for cover.
Criminals run for cover.
1 year ago

They have so much to hide in this case. That’s why they are refusing a mistrial. Kids are old enough to talk so they are a threat to all the court actors. Jocelyn Hurwitz, caverly and the bs psychologists- the kids will call bullshit.

They have no way out – they’ve tried. They get shut down. At 15 these kids should be free to choose where they live. They were old enough at 13, snd spoke out!

No alienation, just an asshole father who destroyed his own career and his wife told him the marriage was over.

Fucking loser.


[…] The Ambrose Children Are Suffering After Being Sold in CT Family Court […]

Eliminate GAL's
Eliminate GAL's
1 year ago

It’s the MOTHERS who are being alienated! Both cases today demonstrate that those accusing of parental alienation are the true alienators. These are criminal, greedy, sadists running CT Family Court. Get these kids back to their mothers! Give them a voice — a platform — NOT through the GAL or hired gun ‘therapists’-Like Dr Robert Horwitz, the greatest and known abuser of children! Who was the supervisor? Guaranteed Lisa Kerin is on the list!

Check out the Joriz Tiberi story– Similar to Riordan — and Joriz agreed to supervised visitation — by Lisa Kerin (known criminal) — guess what? She jumped through the hoops, and they STILL TOOK HER SON — Leonardo — almost 7 years old. Judge Grossman and Biren Caverly as custody evaluator. Another stay-at-home mom and her child DESTROYED by the CT Court System of CHILD ABUSE.

AFCC court actors!

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