Atty Marianne Charles Screams, ‘I Want My Fucking Bill Paid!’, at CT Family Court Judge James Kenefick

'I want my fucking bill paid,' said Mariane Charles to timid Judge Kenefick

This is an interview with Luigi DiRubba, of Cheshire,  CT, a father who lost his six children to the RICO conspiracy practiced in Connecticut Family Court.  Luigi, a chiropractor, gives an insight into how the game is played.

I loved his story of how his wife’s attorney, Marianne J. Charles of Charles & Boni-Vendola, LLC, demanded from poor old, inept Judge James Kenefick that her bill be paid by Luigi even though the case had concluded, the wife got the money, and the wife was responsible for paying her bills.

It does not always work that way in CT.  Attorneys often tell judges how things will go, and the judges follow orders pretty well.

You can watch the video of the interview,

I wrote and played the theme song, and over the music, I introduced the video:

Welcome to our series on Connecticut Family Court, where parents are separated from their children, where lawyers and therapists, guardians ad litem, and custody evaluators conspire to strip the assets of a family and, in so doing, separate, divide and conquer and destroy the lives of children and usually one or both of the parents.

I end the video with another voiceover: So many sad days and nights, children crying for their mother or their father, lonely, isolated, depressed. Mothers bereft of their children, fathers cast out, alone, in the darkness. This is CT family court. 

Now enough maudlin sentimentality, for what’s a parent or two lost if it makes Attorney Charles happy.
When she’s smiling, the whole court smiles with her – except the parent she is opposing and the children who lose that parent. Yes, Marianne Charles knows how to get her way in court – or else.

Frank: You’ve been embroiled in a family court lawsuit for some time now.

Luigi: Close to seven years. It started Friday, February 5, 2016, when I was arrested on false charges. She claimed I physically abused her, emotional neglect. I abused the children. She made all these claims to the police department. They escorted me out of the house, and I had to go to court on Monday morning. I stayed at a hotel for three nights. On Monday morning, I had to present myself at Meriden Court.

Anna Maria DiRubba and their six children. Did Marianne Charles advise her to kick off the lawsuit with a false police complaint? Clients are often advised to do this. It starts things off on the right foot!

So a man in Connecticut can just be removed from his house by the simple allegation by the wife, and just like that, you’re thrown out of your own house. Is she the owner of the house?

No. We had both our names on the house.

Were you able to take a change of clothes, a toothbrush?

The police officer told me that I could take whatever I could carry as quickly as possible. I left with one duffel bag and a shirt and tie, and pants for court on Monday morning.

Were the kids there?

The kids were there. She wouldn’t allow me to say goodbye. She told the police officers, “I’m afraid for their lives.”

Were the kids afraid?

No. But there had been a lot of arguing for that whole year prior. Fast forward two months to late March, early April. One of our family friends came to my office and disclosed that my wife had had an affair that whole year prior. Then everything started to fall in place of why she was causing turmoil in the home.

Did you find out who she was having an affair with?

My attorney hired a private investigator to find out. His name is Matt Menchetti.

So did Mr. Menchetti continue his adulterous relationship with your wife?

For another eight months or nine months. She was just a cash cow to him. He bailed on her when he saw I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

He went to pinker pastures.


He left her and mooched along. Did your wife have money at the time this adulterous-led battle began?

No, but her attorney filed all these pendente-lite motions and froze all my assets and accounts. And Judge Kenefick forced me to pay her legal fees, my legal fees.

The case was supposed to be heard before Judge Karen Goodrow. Without explanation, the case was heard by Judge Kenefick, a fact that pleased Marianne Charles.

What was your net worth at the time?

I’d say at least 4 million.

What is your net worth now?

All I have is my practice. And my building. It’s about $700,000 gross, But one of the attorneys filed a claim against me and put a $250,000 lien on my building.

So you started with 4 million. And you’ve been reduced to $700,000. And there’s a $250,000 lien.

But I have no liquidity.

My math shows you’ve been decimated.

Yes. And then, at the same time, I was also left with close to $200,000 in debt. I’m paying all the debts off little by little, credit cards, IRS.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a chiropractor.

You’re a chiropractor, and you have a practice. And you started with 4 million, and you were dragged into CT Family Court because your wife was the plaintiff. Now you have a $700,000 property minus a $250,000 lien minus $200,000 in debt. My math shows me that all you have left is a quarter of a million dollars in net worth; you started with 4 million. How much have you spent on legal fees, and how much is your wife spent on legal out of your $4 million in assets?

She didn’t spend a dime. I was forced to pay her legal fees close to $400,000. I was forced to pay my legal fees, which were $325,000. I was forced to pay the GAL $125,000. I was forced to pay the psychological evaluation $10,000, all the therapists for the children – probably another $25 to $30,000. We had supervisors for supervised visits that cost me another 15 grand.

Attorney Anthony Solimine did not do well for Luigi but well for himself, and that’s what counts.

Attorney Thomas Esposito, ditto.

Attorney Mohan Sreenivasan and Attorney Randi Calabrese, ditto, ditto.

Well, actually, two attorneys for the wife, if you count the GAL Janis Laliberte, who made an easy $125,000 representing the children’s best interest.

So we have about a million there, don’t we?

Including the criminal attorneys. I spent close to probably 1.4 million.

For both you and your wife?


Let me just try to figure all of this out in short, straightforward language. One day, you were the king in your castle. And then, the next moment, you are escorted out of your house. Your assets were frozen. You had 4 million dollars. Your wife got the home. Your wife got the kids. You got the shaft. You were forced to spend $1.4 million. You still owe money, and you’re essentially living from one chiropractic adjustment to the next.

Paycheck to paycheck. I’m lucky. I have a place to live only because of my mom. She had to liquidate her retirement to help me get something to live in.

When was the last time you saw your children? Visited with them or had any kind of—

September 3rd, 2018.

Three and a half years, right?

That’s my three youngest ones. My three oldest ones I haven’t seen in five years.

Luigi’s six children.

You have six kids with the same woman?

Same woman.

How did things get so are hateful with a woman that the bore six of your children?

From what the psychologists have said, she’s got a borderline personality from what I can gather. She was diagnosed with a histrionic personality disorder. In 2014, she started hanging out with two women that were divorced. Personally, I didn’t care for them; they had foul mouths. I didn’t like them around my children. Slowly I think they made her, you know, they knew she did have a great life. I’m not going to say she was an evil woman, mother-wise. She lost two brothers as a child. She was the sole child of two parents devastated by what happened.

I think childhood trauma reenacted itself, and she never really had a childhood. So these women, I believe, gave her the wrong sense of what it’s like to be free. And slowly, it declined. I don’t know how she met this loser [she had an affair with]. He’s a loser because everyone knows him. He’s been in the newspaper, heavy gambler. He owes money to the state. He foreclosed on his golf course. You look him up. He’s pretty famous in Connecticut.

He’s known for a controversial and checkered life.

And to top it all off, I go to find out afterward, after during trial, that my attorney represented him in cases, and that’s why he didn’t want to bring him in to testify as a witness and put him on the stand. So I had to get a different attorney. It’s a very, very convoluted case.

He had a conflict because Mr. Menchetti was a former client of your attorney. How many attorneys did you wind up having?


How many judges?

Oh, God, Judge Kenefick, for the trial. It was supposed to be Judge Goodrow initially.

It was a quick switch from Judge Karen Goodrow into the court of Judge Kenefick.

These are just rough numbers.

At least five.

And your wife had how many lawyers?

Same lawyer.

What court were you in?

New Haven first with Judge Kenefick. We had the trial. He came out with his final determination, and he buried me. So I appealed. I found an attorney to appeal. I tried to get going with the appeal, and my attorney, James Sexton, tried to appeal, and one day he was getting decimated by the opposing side because they were going to family court and getting all the stays removed. Judge Kenefick was ruling on them in the opposite side’s favor.

In his Memorandum of Decision, Regional Court Judge Leo Diana required Luigi to sign over his retirement fund and prevented Luigi from filing any motions without the special consent of the court.

Kenefick took a dislike to you, didn’t he? Or did he just have a liking for the lawyer for your wife?

I think he liked the lawyer for the wife because his daughter is a GAL, and she’s good friends with my ex’s attorney.

So Kenefick’s daughters, a GAL?

Yes. In the same courthouse.

Does she ever appear in front of her daddy?

I don’t know. She wasn’t my GAL, but I’ve seen her, and she’s been in the courthouse all the time with cases.

I see. So Daddy and daughter work together in the operation. And the lawyer, what’s your wife’s lawyers name?

Marianne Charles.

Attorney Marianne Charles: $400,000

Marianne Charles. Is she known to work with the daughter?

Yes, she’s had plenty of cases with her.

It’s like a family affair.  And how about your lawyer? Did he work with the judge’s daughter? What’s the daughter’s name? Kenefick’s daughter?

You have to please forgive me? I don’t know.

All right. We’ll call her “the little one.” She works with Charles, but did she work with your lawyer?

I believe so. They all know each other. I know they go to a Christmas party together. Marianne Charles’s partner Corinne Boni-Vendola has a Christmas party every year. And they’re all at her house. The judge’s daughter, my attorney, my wife’s attorney Marianne Charles, and the GAL Janis Laliberte.

A dark-haired woman?

Heavyset, dark-haired. I couldn’t change her because she became court-ordered.

Attorney Janis Laliberte, GAL

She has quite a presence in the courtroom, doesn’t she? And she’s well known to Judge Kenefick? And Laliberte wanted your wife to have the children. Who paid Laliberte?

I had to.

Who determined the scope of her work?

Judge Kenefick did.

How come you don’t have supervised visits now?

I don’t know. Because all of the supervised visit reports are in my favor.

But Judge Kenefick doesn’t want you to have supervised visits.

When we presented the reports to him, he ignored them. I submitted them as evidence and had the supervisors on the witness stand. Pretty much, he gave me a parenting plan. We had a parenting plan, but my ex-wife was constantly obstructing it. I had one Father’s Day out of the two and a half years that the parenting plan was in effect. I had one Father’s Day and one holiday, every time, she would do something to obstruct it. I’d have my attorney try to try to do something. And we go into court. The hearing was in regards to the children’s issues. It would not even be brought up. I would get hammered with some other financial issue.

I walked out of the courtroom, Frank and I would look at my attorney, and he goes, “the guys always get the shaft,” and then little by little, I started realizing that, you know, they don’t give a shit. Everybody was getting paid. It didn’t matter who won or lost or fair trial. It was; they had the guy who was paying for everything. So it didn’t make a difference. So they dragged it out as much as they could. Our court trial was 14 days or something. And the questions that were brought up by the opposing side. Am I gay? I mean, literally to the point insulting, degrading.

Did your attorney object?

He tried, but Judge Kenefick pretty much let things; he fell asleep three times on the bench, by the way.

The judge?


Well, why do you think he fell asleep? What was your testimony not scintillating enough?

No, he’s really old.

I see. He dozed off.

Judge Kenefick.

He dozed off three times. And we had to wake him up.

Oh, yeah. That’s a hardship on a judge to try to stay awake for these cases when they’re bleeding one of the parties. I don’t think it’s necessary for him to stay up for the whole case. I think it’s unfair to require the judge to stay awake for the whole trial when he already knows what his decision is going to be, don’t you?

Are you serious?

Can anything be serious about Connecticut Family Court other than the fact that they steal parents from their children? They destroy families for profit. That’s all that’s happened here is that you were robbed. You were used, bludgeoned and robbed and used as a victim. And now your money’s gone, and it’s kind of petered out. Your wife has custody. Who lives in the home that you were kicked out of?

She sold it, and she pocketed the money.

And you got nothing for that?

Nothing. Judge Kenefick didn’t give me anything.

The old man really didn’t like you, did he?

And then so we appealed. Sexton was getting hammered in family court because all the stays were being removed.

Was Sexton your appellate attorney?

Appellate Attorney James Sexton hired and paid for an appeal that never happened.

Right. And then, by the time it was ready for an appeal to submit the brief, I didn’t have an appeal because all stays had been removed. So he walked away from my case. He says, “I can’t help you.” I got screwed there. I couldn’t find another appellate attorney to take on the case. So it got dismissed. Then I started representing myself pro se, filing motions because of, you know, neglect and also the children. My parenting plan wasn’t being abided by; she was obstructing, and we’d go into court.

Marianne Charles and her crew would literally go into chambers with Judge Kenefick, come out, my motion wouldn’t be heard. And I’d get hammered with some other financial order.

This was when you were pro-se?


And so the other attorney met privately with Judge Kenefick while you sat outside, and then they come out, and they would rule against you.

Right. And there was one instance that occurred where Marianne Charles went into chambers with Judge Kenefick and was cursing him out. Everybody could hear her. “I want my fucking bills paid,” literally. Okay, so he’s in chambers with her. Judge Tindall, in the other courtroom, walks into our courtroom and says to the marshal, “You better tell them to shut up, or I will go in there myself.”

And this happened twice.

“I want my fucking bills paid!” demanded Attorney Marianne Charles of Judge Kenefick.

Who did they want to have shut up? Tindall wanted who to shut up?

Judge Erika M. Tindall– “You better tell them to shut up, or I will go in there myself.”

Marianne Charles.

I see, so in other words, Marianne Charles was berating her stooge, Judge Kenefick, and Judge Tindall was annoyed because if Marianne Charles is going to berate Judge Kenefick, she should do it sotto voce and not yell and scream.

I mean, if you’re going to tell the judge what to do, I think it’s important that you do it with a soft voice in court because it might offend Judge Tindall and others, I get that.

I love your sarcasm. You must be a New Yorker.

Well, I do come from New York, but I’m glad I don’t appear in Connecticut because they have their own set of rules. So did the marshal go in and advise Judge Kenefick that he just better obey Attorney Charles and keep it down?

She kept it down, and then it happened again.

How soon after?

Within a matter of like five minutes, another marshal came in from Judge Tindall’s courtroom and he basically told the marshal to tell them to tone it down.

And did they then finally listen to Judge Tindall?

Yeah, they finally did. And they came out within a matter of minutes.

Did Judge Kenefict then obey what Attorney Charles insisted he do?

Yeah, what ended up happening is that I got hammered for some other financial issues, and my motion for my children never even got heard. And he ruled on it. And he dismissed it.

The poor old man, poor old Judge Kenefick. He couldn’t stand up to that lady. And so he hammered you. And out the door you went; your motion for seeing your children wasn’t heard. The Queen of the court…

Not just once, this happened four times.

But I’m fascinated with this screaming. So Charles was yelling at the judge, demanding you pay her bills. How much money were we talking about?

I don’t know what she was talking about. Because the trial had already concluded. And I wasn’t supposed to be responsible for anything post-judgment.

So who wound up paying this bill for Charles, you or your wife?

Me, but somehow it had to go through my wife for her to pay it because Judge Kenefick would turn around and hammer me for more money for her with these false claims that she would make, I didn’t pay this. I didn’t pay that when in reality, I had all the records, but he never even acknowledged them. She owed me close to $18,000, and I never got it. And I ended up having to pay her.

How much did Marianne Charles make in this case?

400 grand. And that’s not including what I don’t know.

What do you mean?

Well, post-judgment. Whatever’s happened since. After the appeal got dropped and dismissed, I filed for Judge Kenefick to be recused, and this was brought to Regional Court.

All right now, I just want to stay with the money for a minute because Marianne Charles got $400,000. In fact, at times, she had to resort to yelling at the judge to make sure he gave the orders that were in conformity with her demands. And you were sitting there pro-se like a lamb to be shorn, and he made sure that you paid everything. Did she come out with a smile after she left the court chambers after she had done her screaming?

She’d always smile. She was always; she knew no matter what I tried or did, she knew she had the upper hand. She would walk into court so confident that pretty much I already knew that something was occurring behind the scenes. I’ve been in front of Judge Kenefick. I’ve been in Judge O’Connor, I’ve been in front of Judge Goodrow. I have been in front of what’s his name, Judge, a male… Oh, God…

Well, they’re all the same, the names don’t matter. They’re all the same. Anyway, here’s what I think we should do. Luigi, I’ve got a little flavor. This is a good place to stop.


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  • Great page for parents, children and/or family members who are going through this… lots of information and resources
    The long term repercussions are devastating to all involved
    The severe effects of parental alienation on children are well-documented—low self-esteem and self-hatred, lack of trust, depression, and substance abuse and other forms of addiction are widespread. More information available at page below.

  • This is from that guy

    I’m so sorry for all the shit these people have put you through. I just read your background story. It Irks me to my dyslexic high functioning broad Spectrum autistic core.

    Please know you are a good person and these people are pardon my blunt language fucked in their selfish greedy heads. May you find the strength to galvanize your convictions and truth so that your children will always have the loving father that they deserve in their life.

    I Might not know all your battles specifically but I know enough to know what it was like for me for the last 4+ years and I will always do what I can when I can no matter how broke or broken they left me. I know they take everything your money your job/ career your due process.

    I know they have no shame. They extort whatever they can. I know they don’t care. The things I learned during my case would scare the devil himself which I know you understand every circle of hell these people create.

    Keep being the wonderful father and person you are. You can’t fuck up the truth but lies will always eventually come out in the end. Keep putting it out there. They fear you. they fear the truth that is why they try to break you and those that have been wronged by these kinds of people. I pray one day we all can unite and bring awareness and accountability to what they all have done to so many people and children.

    Its why I won’t stop fighting in some way shape or form. My scares are my strength for myself and my kid. Keep up the great work brother!!! 🙏🤗

    • You are considered legally disabled with all the conditions you mentioned. This means you should be enacting your ADA rights and ADA Accommodations. This protects you from being discriminated against and if they do, it is grounds for Federal Charges against the culprits as well as dismissal of any cases that this occurred in. If you have PTSD, Stress, Anxiety or Depression from this Situational condition of being alienated from your child/ren, you also qualify as legally disabled with a situational condition that would abate if the corruption in the case was not occurring and your relationship with the child/ren was not interrupted and impeded with.


    • Looks deeply protestant/atheist to me — unsurprisingly, from a legal system created by the same protestant ethic that birthed the nation.

      methinks your Pizza parlour has no basement.

  • But I thought the dad with money always gets the kids in CT??? Except when they don’t, huh?

    Frank, do you have any vetting process for these non-custodial parents you so sympathetically cover or do you just automatically take their side (as long as it potentially profits you). ? When do we start getting stories about this “evil monster” of a mother that he divorced? I’ll write it for you now “twisted histrionic pedo mother keeps children prisoner from angelic dad…” (note sarcasm) I guess if it keeps the cash flowing, anything goes around here.

    • I have reviewed this case pretty extensively and unfortunately couldn’t take it on due to conflict BUT I can tell you there were many dirty hands in the cookie jar… The false claims by the plaintiff were very well orchestrated and aided by her attorney.

      Some pretty shady claims! The conflicts of interest between attorney’s, GAL, tampering with witnesses & therapist, the fabricated evidence that the defendant was FORCED to agree on was, well lets just say BLATANTLY corrupt. What hurt the defendant is his reactive abuse, he told the truth and called everyone out on their shit including the judges…but it was to late , they all lined their pockets by then so he got hammered again in the second trial regardless of how much extensive evidence he had.

      I also believe the last 2 attorneys he had in the 2nd trial got stymied and gagged halfway thru, heck Judge Diana even striked the defendants testimonies implicating parties involved and ignored vital evidence of child abuse/PA by the Plaintiff , psychiatric evaluation and supervisor reports . They were forced to leave him at the stake.

      • It is pathetic. I have dealt with this attorney on a personal level and she and her partner are just evil in how they deal with other humans. I respect judge kenefeck and judge Tindall. They both work hard in the shame of the court. I see attorneys behave like the system is just a pocket book. The bar association attacks attorneys like me who try to do the right thing and allow those like her to poison our system

    • Frank made claims and allegations that he is finding can no longer be supported. There is no “playbook” here. The reason why some cases are high conflict is because there is a significant issue preventing the two parents from co-parenting. In these cases, GALs, custody evaluators are needed to preserve some sense of normalcy for the children.

      • When there are false claims and allegations and utilization of the criminal system to negate one party in family court for financial and custody equity it is intentionally devised to make it high conflict to run the meter which increases non-cooperation

        This is an orchestrated scenario by the plaintiffs attorney for financial and custody. And let’s not forget the lining of her pocket with her players involved.
        The judge is go along with this because they never called out their colleagues with the unethical practices. The Family Court system has nothing to do with the best interest of the children and normalcy

        There is no high conflict and non-coparenting when there’s no money involved

      • Much disagreement to that statement Majority the time high conflict comes because the attorneys involved see the assets and devise a way to make it high conflict so they can extract as much for all the hands that they feed including the judges

      • Clearly you “anonymous” are a member of the cartel. These are family matters, not a legal matter. You all have created a cottage industry to which it’s only purpose is to monetize children, create mudslinging and conflict for YOUR profit. Crawl back into the hole you came from. Mark my words, your days as a scumbag family abuser are coming to a close. Let the lawsuits begin.

  • Notice “POST JUDGEMENT” the case is over, yet without a motion to reopen or a new case- Connecticut just opens cases! No due process

  • Luigi– Keep the public updated on your fight for justice. You are a fit parent and your kids should not be denied a father. It’s abusive to the children as well as you. Good luck.

  • FR– Are you going to put out more interviews? How do you decide who is interviewed? Can CT parents who’ve been destroyed contact you to have an on camera interview? Is there a way to help fund your efforts?

    Many of us are scared — we’ve been threatened by judges, attorneys and GAL’s– if we speak out, we will lose our children. If we speak to any blogger or social media, and tell the truth– then letting the public know is “not in the children’s best interest’ and they use it as BS justification to steal our children.

    Please let the public know the parameters and how we can help get the word out. Biren Caverly is a name I’ve heard but the damage done by GAL’s is unfathomable. They work in lockstep.

  • This could be you. These attorneys do not care about anyone but themselves. Whoever offers to pay, takes all. That’s how it works. The stay at home mothers usually get destroyed if they are not prepared and well-informed about the process. They get locked out of funds, kids taken, and have no recourse. Game over.

  • Judge Kenefick’s daughter is Margo Kennefick Burkle. She’s an attorney and a GAL right in CT family court. Any guesses as to how often she was in her father’s courtroom representing her own best interest?

  • Marinne Charles, we now know why you ventured so far from Greenwich for a case! $400,000 easy money. This guy was so naive– he’s still in a state of disbelief as to how you and your cronies work.

  • Everyone, should click on the link up top and listen to interview between the
    ex-husband and Frank.

    There is some grave injustices being carried out in Connecticut divorce court, i.e., family law.

    • Agreed! Watch the video in it’s entirety– it’s well worth it and many revelations. You can tell the father is traumatized– court abuse. They STEAL his six kids, force him to sign over his retirement, sell his house and proceeds to the wife, make him pay over 3 million total costs– This is CRIMINAL! Look at this footage:
      It’s got to stop.

  • And no one has done anything for this man! Parents are being treated like criminals. It violates all state and federal laws!

    We need to take our government and our rights back. Communism, censorship… alive and well right here in the USA

  • Less than 2% of cases where abuse s alleged are false. I think it’s strange the father would put the wife’s sexual exploits out there, fit the pattern of abusers by calling his wife crazy, violate her right to privacy- he can be sued for coercion for statements under ADA/AA btw.
    I think guy was yanked financially, but a guy who does this – airing such dirty laundry is an abuser. He told the story. You were getting it, and now not. Two separate things here: financial fraud AND abusive father. This is the problem in CT billions of dollars to abuse women and children- Florida up and coming state for financial graft and ruin of women and children
     › politics-issues › 2022-04-11 › desantis-signs-fatherhood-bill-into-law
    A new law signed into effect by Gov. Ron DeSantis Monday puts $70 million in funding behind pro-fatherhood efforts and initiatives. The bill, HB 7065, intends to support fathers and encourage “active participation in their children’s lives.” During a press conference Monday at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ practice facility — and with representatives from a number of parenting…
    This is the problem with Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas and California- billions to do this

    • The father is telling the truth– now the truth is dirty laundry because it publicly exposes CT court corruption? None of the parents who have come forward have a desire to air ‘dirty laundry’ but the courts give them no choice. They are advocates. This man is destroyed by the family court system– What’s the dirty laundry? That his wife had an affair? Who cares? It pales in comparison to all that the court process did to him.

      Innocent children are being abused when they have a parent removed from their lives– and then ‘erased’ from their memories by hired psychologists (Not psychiatrists/no medical degrees accountable to hospitals)– and this father is telling the world about it. He is WARNING everyone because the public will otherwise never learn the truth and RICO will continue. It’s thrived in family court for nearly two decades. Please don’t trash this man further because he was brave enough to bring his destruction to the public.

      Do you think any parent wants to publicly admit they were played by a corrupt system? That he is destitute and reliant upon his mother after being dragged through the evil of the family court. Please consider the complexity and duration of suffering this man has endured. He’s tried every other avenue possible–

      Public exposure is the only way– public scrutiny and pressure. The truth matters.

    • Read this——

      What do we know about women who make false allegations?

      Wakefield and Underwager (1990) determined that false accusers are much more likely to have a personality disorder such as histrionic, borderline, passive-aggressive, or paranoid. False accusers appear to be highly defensive and rigid, to have poor insight and a tendency to deny personal shortcomings. They tend to be extremely concerned about and sensitive to how others perceive them. False accusers tend to confuse feelings with facts.A woman may “feel” abused or may “feel” the children are being abused, when, objectively speaking, no abuse has actually occurred (Zepezauer, 1994).

      Wakefield and Underwager (1990) found that:

      [False accusers] are likely to misperceive the behavior of others and to react to stressful situations in maladaptive ways. Depending upon the specific personality disorder, they are characterized by instability of mood, impulsivity, inappropriate emotional overreactions, a need for approval and attention, and difficulties handling anger and conflict.

    • What an imperious ass hat you are. Keeping the false DV narrative alive, huh? Why don’t you pick up the phone and actually get to know the man instead of proffering your brand of Salem, MA 21st century witchunt battlecrys. 2% false allegations? Your statistics are straight outta Joan Miers book of fantasy that all these court clowns reference. Get a proper education and leave your ignorant dogma at the door.

  • Let me tell you something I was there that day in the courtroom and Marianne had every reason to scold the old man. He had no business not ordering the husband to pay her bill. No excuse for his idiotic behavior.

    Attorneys get the shaft from judges too often. It is nice to see them stand up and let the judge know who’s the boss.

  • Wow, just wow!!
    Is this for real? Can this really happen?
    Do we have a Legal Mafia running things, draining the resources of poor saps, without regard for right or wrong?

    Does the defendant have any accountability in this process? How did he get himself mixed up in this? He makes it sound like all this just dropped out of the sky one day, without his knowledge or any wrong-doing?

    I’m just trying to get a handle on all this. Frank, what is your take?

    • Price fixing and the silver bullet. Price fixing is where the attorneys decide in advance who is going to pay and how much. The silver billet is the false charges that lead to his arrest to start off the process. It is RICO.

      • What’s in it for the judges? Are you suggesting they are receiving financial incentives/kickbacks from the GALs and other court-appointed ‘specialists’?

      • Read this——

        Divorce and the ‘Silver Bullet’

        What do we know about women who make false allegations?

        Wakefield and Underwager (1990) determined that false accusers are much more likely to have a personality disorder such as histrionic, borderline, passive-aggressive, or paranoid. False accusers appear to be highly defensive and rigid, to have poor insight and a tendency to deny personal shortcomings. They tend to be extremely concerned about and sensitive to how others perceive them. False accusers tend to confuse feelings with facts.A woman may “feel” abused or may “feel” the children are being abused, when, objectively speaking, no abuse has actually occurred (Zepezauer, 1994).

        Wakefield and Underwager (1990) found that:

        [False accusers] are likely to misperceive the behavior of others and to react to stressful situations in maladaptive ways. Depending upon the specific personality disorder, they are characterized by instability of mood, impulsivity, inappropriate emotional overreactions, a need for approval and attention, and difficulties handling anger and conflict.

        • Dear Anonymous @ 12:25 please read this re your sources:

          This from wikipedia, open source, practically no effort required:

          — Ralph Charles Underwager (28 July 1929 – 29 November 2003) was an American minister and psychologist who rose to prominence as a defense witness for adults accused of child sexual abuse in the 1980s and 1990s. Until his death in 2003, he was the director of the Institute for Psychological Therapies, which he founded in 1974. He was also a founder of Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL), a lobby group which represented the interests of parents whose children had been removed from their care by social services following abuse allegations. He was a founding member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

          He was also accused of being a supporter of pedophilia because of controversial statements he made, including those in an interview to Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia:

          “Certainly it is responsible. What I have been struck by as I have come to know more about and understand people who choose paedophilia is that they let themselves be too much defined by other people. That is usually an essentially negative definition. Paedophiles spend a lot of time and energy defending their choice. I don’t think that a paedophile needs to do that. Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: “This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I’ve made.” Paedophiles are too defensive. They go around saying, “You people out there are saying that what I choose is bad, that it’s no good. You’re putting me in prison, you’re doing all these terrible things to me. I have to define my love as being in some way or other illicit.” What I think is that paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness, they can say, “I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.” They have the right to make these statements for themselves as personal choices. Now whether or not they can persuade other people they are right is another matter.[17][18]”—

          and here is Zepezauer on a well trusty looking erm, Forum

          Happy Easter!

      • First they came for my good name
        And I did not speak out because I was not one of them.
        Then they came for my liberty
        And I did not speak out because I was trapped in a foreign land
        Then they came for my home
        And I did not speak out because I had nowhere else to go
        Then they came for my job
        And I did not speak out because my livelihood was stolen
        Then they came for my children

        And I HAD TO SPEAK OUT

        Because there was no one else to speak out for them

        (Adapted from the poem First they came by Pastor Martin Niemoller)

    • Read this——

      What do we know about women who make false allegations?

      Wakefield and Underwager (1990) determined that false accusers are much more likely to have a personality disorder such as histrionic, borderline, passive-aggressive, or paranoid. False accusers appear to be highly defensive and rigid, to have poor insight and a tendency to deny personal shortcomings. They tend to be extremely concerned about and sensitive to how others perceive them. False accusers tend to confuse feelings with facts.A woman may “feel” abused or may “feel” the children are being abused, when, objectively speaking, no abuse has actually occurred (Zepezauer, 1994).

      Wakefield and Underwager (1990) found that:

      [False accusers] are likely to misperceive the behavior of others and to react to stressful situations in maladaptive ways. Depending upon the specific personality disorder, they are characterized by instability of mood, impulsivity, inappropriate emotional overreactions, a need for approval and attention, and difficulties handling anger and conflict.

  • The utilization of false allegations in the Criminal system to advance in the Family courts for financial gain and custody needs to be brought front and center and exposed. Unethical attorneys coach their clients – especially woman – to do this To get a leg up on the cases. Judges need to STOP this for the health and well-being of the children are involved.

    Normal people do not do this, pathological people do client and attorneys. What has happened here is classic from slime counsel aiding their pathological client for their own pockets. All the while the children are being psychologically abused with long-term repercussions. Damage to no end.

    False allegations need to be criminalized in these matters similar to the false allegations claimed.

    • Family lawyers are not ethical people. They prey on children to make money. Monsters all. Family Division is the dumping ground for all incompetent judges. The mixture is deadly, but very lucrative for all players.

    • Having spent many hours with Dr. Dirubba myself, in context of the abuse he received at the hands of the CT court cartel, I am left saddened for his children. The Judge and all of the other court actors running 5his criminal enterprise are child abusers times 6. My hope is that Luigi is able to pierce the immunity these criminals are afforded and hold each of them personally responsible in a real court. Whether thru a RICO claim, or a constitutional challenge, each of these stains upon society should be reduced to living in a cardboard box on the streets of CT.

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