Parental Alienation or Barbecue Sauce: Family Lawyer and Cannibal Dish on How to Make Mothers Disappear

To all the mothers I've made disappear...

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. It contains material that is not suitable for everyone. By comparing family law attorneys to cannibals, the story should not be interpreted as promoting family court.

Furthermore, while using family law attorneys is not a crime, cannibalism is illegal in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories, including but not limited to Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as most countries around the world. Just as you should never try to solve family difficulties in family court, for you will be eaten alive, please do not literally eat any human being alive.

Eating raw or undercooked meat carries the risk of food-borne illness and can expose you to harmful bacteria and parasites. Raw meat may contain harmful bacteria, parasites, or viruses that could lead to severe illness. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: muscle aches, flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, fever, chill, jaundice, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, and death.

Thoroughly cook meat to an internal temperature, as recommended by food safety guidelines. Always use a food thermometer to ensure meat is cooked to the proper internal temperature.

From Silver Bullets to Saute Pans

Author Benedict Cullenshade with the real-life Barry Cuda.

By Benedict Cullenshade


Family law attorney Barry Cuda and cannibal cookbook author Elden Carnivora were talking at a CT cocktail party. Let’s listen in.

Barry: If the opposing lawyer and I decide we make more by taking kids from the mother, we pick a GAL. Parental alienation. 

Elden: You decide in advance who gets custody?

Barry: If I didn’t do it, Ned Busbaum, Nan Eldrich, or others would do it anyway. Like your work, mine is a cutthroat business.

Elden: What do you do if you make more removing the father? 

Barry: Silver bullet. 

 Elden: What? 

Barry: At the start of a case, the wife falsely charges her husband with domestic abuse. Police arrest the husband and remove him from the house. Then the wife automatically gets the kids and the house.

Elden: What about the children? 

Barry: Traumatizing is monetizing. Kids are the meat of the business.

Elden: Parental Alienation seems to be about ‘serving’ the mother — well done.

Barry: If there is a protective mother and the dad is an abuser, we tell the judge, “give the kids to the dad.” The mother will fight. The father will pay. The mother will spend her last dime. Sell her home, borrow from friends, cash in her retirement—anything to protect them. And there are ways to keep her marital assets, keep him in the game. Like you, I have a hunger for success! 

Elden: I only consume one client at a time! You consume whole families. It does sound appetizing.

Barry: If the father is clever and the kids are young, he can alienate them from the mother so she won’t ever see them again.

Elden: But isn’t that also parental alienation – what you took the kids away from her for? 

 Barry: It’s parental alienation only when we say so. It’s an abusive father when we want the mother to get custody.  

Elden: Do judges go along? 

Barry: I remember my buddy Mariane Carl had the mother. This chiropractor had a couple million, but naive. His wife was a smart cookie. She’d been cheating and wanted to dump him. She used the Silver Bullet. Got him arrested. Removed from the house. He kept fighting. Mariane is brilliant. The wife went to four different police departments. After he got off on one charge, she went to another and had him arrested. Mariane got every dime out of this shmuck.

Elden: She charged him an arm and a leg.

Barry: The judge waits for us to say if we’re going Silver Bullet or Parental Alienation. Then he rules accordingly. If we tell the judge to ignore abuse, the mother is alienating, the judge does what we say. We back it up with a custody evaluation report from one of our associates. The best is Jessica Byron-Cavendish. You want parental alienation, she finds it, even if it’s a pedophile father. Sometimes these custody evaluators get religious. You know they have kids themselves and they tell us privately, “You know the dad is raping the little boy,” and they go all squeamish and want to give custody to the mom and cost us a fortune. Not Byron-Cavendish. She will even diagnose the mother as crazy, then we get the judge to ban mom from contacting the children. 

Jessica Byron-Cavendish

 Elden: “The best interest of the children?” 

 Barry: The best interest of lawyers’ children.

 Elden: The judges are dimwits? 

 Barry: Look, these clowns make $189,000 per year. Even a shit attorney like Rich O’Gallahan makes double that. So you have the dumbest family law attorneys. We kick them downstairs to family court judges. But I was telling you about the great Mariane Carl. She got so pissed she screamed at Judge Ken E. Fink in chambers, demanding he issue orders that the husband pay for the legal services performed for his wife in their divorce. Judge Tina Dale overheard Mariane screaming. Everyone in court heard. She considered calling the marshal. But she was afraid Mariane might scream at her. 

Elden: Did Judge Ken E. Fink think it was wrong to make the husband pay? 

Barry: She was screaming, ‘I want my fucking bill paid now!’ Judge Fink issued orders for the husband to pay on the spot. 

While the two men chatted affably, the host Neal O’Steal came.

Neal: Would you like something? 

Elden: Bloody Mary. 

Barry: Literally?

Neal: You two have so much in common. Both of you have a knack for making mothers disappear—ha, ha. Barry uses parental alienation. Elden uses barbecue sauce! 

Barry: But Elden’s finicky. He only devours people outside his own tribe. 

Elden: And I don’t rob them first! 

Barry: Ha ha! 

Elden: And I never promised to represent them fairly! 

Neal: Elden, you’re a card.

Elden: Yeah, Barry gives his clients the runaround, and mine just… run. 

Neal: Would you like something to eat? We have an assortment of finger foods.

Barry: I want something more substantial.

Elden: Could I give you a hand or foot? 

Neal leaves. The men resume their conversation.

Barry: We have an ethics code. Whereas you consume your clients without asking, I have to get their signature first!

Elden: But I wait for my clients to die before picking their bones clean!

 I wait for my clients to die before picking their bones! 

Barry: I give my clients a choice—settle or go to court. You settle on your client as the main course!

Elden: I might eat people, but at least I don’t get grilled by the ethics committee for devouring their life’s savings!

Barry: Look, I leave the mental gymnastics to the courtroom, not the dinner table!

Elden: Yeah, I don’t claim to be doing clients a favor as I devour them!

Barry: The big difference between you and I is I take my time before I chew up the client and spit her out! I let her plead her case. You don’t give your clients a chance to speak!

Elden: I am the better ‘people person’! 

Barry: We should do lunch. 

Elden: I’d love to have you for dinner! 

Barry: Why don’t I bring one of my clients I bankrupted on a divorce? He still owes me. No chance of collecting. I got everything. His savings, the house, the kids college fund. We might get something meaty out of it, though I must say he was always hard to stomach. 

Elden: Keep your offer on the table—or should I say menu? 

Barry: You are what you eat. 

Elden: Or how you represent them. 

Barry: Yes, agreed. Both of us consume the very lives out of our clients.

Elden: We both have our own unique ways of serving our clients. 

Barry: That’s food for thought, Elden, food for thought.

Introducing “The Flavorful Human: The Ultimate Guide!”

By Elden “Flesh” Carnivora

“Every bite is a celebration.” 

With 200 pages of colorful recipes

100s of preparations with complete cooking instructions.


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  • Pathetic behavior
    September 5, 2023 at 8:28 am

    Parental, Alienation brainwashing coercive control is child abuse
    The self interest groups with an agenda to keep lining their pockets with incentivized programs do nothing but allow false narratives to perpetuate, leaving children, emotionally, distraught, and scapegoating the targeted parent

    Equal parenting should be the default and a strike system needs to be put in place to show proof to change that. It is vile and disgusting that one parent would subject their child or children through alienating behaviors against the other parent for selfish and financial gain.
    And as always, if there truly truly is child abuse, that’s where the strike system comes in play.

    • … The pornography

      The FCVFC has evidence indicating that the father views graphic pornography, with grooming instruction, on electronics that are accessible to the children.

      This child-accessible pornography, specifically about “Young Hot Latinos,” has been forwarded to appropriate authorities, but it has also been referred to the Guardian ad Litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the court.

      The court authorities have responded by dismissing and ignoring the pornographic material as not pertinent to the case at hand of who gets custody rights to these children.

      Apparently “parental alienation” committed by the parent who wants to keep her children safe from abuse, is the worst crime.

      In the status conference of November 1, 2019 (reports by the mother to the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, as well as all of the attorneys and Judge Grossman), no stenographer was present, but subsequent emails memorialize the discussion of the pornography, with words like “sucking,” “f—-ing,” “rimming,” and “Young Hot Latino.”

      The adopted children are of Latino origin.

      The pleas of the children

      These children reported stress, fear, and discomfort when their adopted father would get into bed with them, over their protests. The children reported that the father was leaving his address on gay dating sites. Evidence of this fact was produced.

      The children reported to everyone that they were frightened and did not feel safe in the environment with their father.

      The pornography and sexual advances were only one element of an environment that included verbal abuse, mocking, and threats that they would never see their mother again if they revealed to police or DCF the information they were sharing with authorities.

      But the children’s repeated pleas for protection from their adopted father were mocked. They were mocked by not only the father, but by the lawyers, the evaluator (Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly), and by the guardian ad litem.

      The response of the court

      Just to be completely clear, this court, consisting of

      Judge Jane Grossman
      the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz
      the evaluator, Jessica Biren Caverly PhD
      the family therapist, Robert Horowitz PhD 👈 🤔
      and all of the attorneys
      responded to these pleas by charging the mother with coaching the children and being guilty of “Parental Alienation” …

  • ” Connecticut has done something remarkable with crime” June 27, 2023. In 1999 the state of Connecticut paid to send 500 to be incarcerated in Virginia. 25 years later they have sliced that number in half. Low crime rate in 40 years. Why? It’s becoming a crime report. The state of Connecticut has been able to close several prisons according to Michael Lawlor. The state of Connecticut has saved millions in incarceration cost. It’s all about the money 🤑💰. The crime rate is down they are just not punishing everyone. The state is reducing the prosecutor office because they have no intention of prosecuting criminals. They are covering up crimes and saving billions.

  • June 2023 Connecticut supreme Court rules Yale student can sue his accuser for reporting sexual assault. The accused attorney Norm Pattis says it’s wonderful news. Connecticut is the leader in silencing victims of crimes. Connecticut is no longer a safe place. I would not send your children to college in the state.

    • And there’s a 40 year gag order on the Jennifer Dulos case! Trafficking of children. Fraud custody evaluation of Jennifer.

      With all the headlines in that case it’s telling to see the players managed to avoid a single media report of the child trafficking. Moving kids for money through family court. U

  • The previous article said that the mom was facing jail but there is nothing explaining what happened. Are we missing something?

    • Mom asked if the court was actually considering in jail then she was entitled to legal counsel. Something ONeill had a duty to explain to her but failed to do.

      She raised it in a motion, and instead of being a reasonable judge and eliminating any possibility of jail in family court- he opened the hearing by saying she’d be appointed counsel of indigent – which she is.

      CT destroys loving mothers. She stayed home and raised her children with love and happiness. And Chris Ambrose continues to pay big bucks to attorneys to make sure the kids will never be happy again.

      Indeed he’s a psychopath.

  • Indeed something has got to change to stop the overwhelming discrimination against fathers by giving mothers custody with little to zero evidence of any wrong doing on the man’s part. Statistics prove mothers are by far the majority abusers in families and the majority of infedels in marriages. And yet the man will be the one living in his car because, you know, believe all women.

  • Putting an end to Domestic violence in the state of Connecticut means we will continue to cover it up for federal funding.

  • March 2022. Man accused of rape Sacred Heart student faces new charges. Former Fed x driver Tyrek Hebert is accused of holding a woman hostige at gunpoint Infront of her children. Yovino from Long Island was convinced of false reporting. Yovino’s attorneys Ryan O’Neil, however say Fairfield police pressured her into a false confession. We got Big problems here in the state of Connecticut. The continued covering up of abuse and sexual assault in the state of Connecticut. Men’s rights groups jumping on the ban wagon. Hey, Joanie, your statically incorrect data on women. Don’t you have a daughter? What you lack is are morales compass to allow the truth about what is really happening in Connecticut. Stop engaging in the deflimation of character of women for the alienation industry profit. What you do in the dark will come to light 🕯️.

    • The men’s rights groups jumped all over this. I believe their are two people in Connecticut who have been assisting men’s rights groups in Connecticut to assist the use of parental alienation in the state. Beyond the AFCC. Child welfare and safety has taken a back seat. The consistent focus on making women out to be liars. The selfish fathet centered MOU. The use of the fatherhood initiative is not being used to promote healthy parenting of father’s in Connecticut. It’s been used to discredit women and allow abusive fathers to gain control of the children. Children are often used as a weapon against the other parent. The use of parental alienation/, gatekeeper have been used for abusive fathers. Women are not helped by anyone who are involved in custody. There are women misusing family court but that number is minimal. The family court system is only to happy to accommodate for financial gain.

      • Peter and Joanie know all about the state of Connecticut initiative to cover up crimes. Reducing the cost of running prisons. Joanie can be seen and heard attempting to use parental alienation as a criminal defense and on slam the gavel. Both Joan and Heather are a danger to the public. Peter is doing extensive research on the financial matters and family court. He picks and chooses his soap box. He pushing men’s rights agenda. He’s not interested in safety of children or a fair court system. He’s been aware of the access and visitation grant. He has tried to push the information trail away from the fatherhood initiative funding. After the inside investigator article. Joanie tried to stop women from being interviewed. Pushing the father’s. These people don’t want a fair and just court system. The want to dominate the family court with parental alienation. Are helping abusers.

  • Fat, beady eyed, pasty, pale, kinda looks like an old lady if you put a wig and lipstick on, Steals womens inheritance and loves cream of wheat.

    • White privileged men. The countries white cheddar cheeze it’s. Using the fatherhood initiative to gain control of family court. Using funding to assist mainly the minority community living in poverty. Billions invested in tipping the scales of justice to legalize child abuse and pedophilia in the United States of America. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • According to the Hartford current the Town of Newington is being sued by a former Highschool student who was sexually assaulted by a former Employee of the school system. DCF was never notified when the incident occurred. Sweeping 🧹 crimes under the rug in Connecticut. Connecticut is going to great links to cover up sexual assault and abuse. Your state is an absolute mess. It’s time to vote these people out of office.

  • “Someone with a basic knowledge of the judicial system may walk into family court expecting to have the right to an attorney, access to trial transcripts, an investigative arm of the system tracking evidence to prove a claim, even a jury of their peers. But, family court is a civil court, so despite how serious the allegations that may be involved in a divorce, petitioners and respondents don’t always have those resources.

    The kinds of protections that exist in criminal court make sense due to the high-stakes nature of criminal law, they are part of our constitutional rights. But in family court custody cases, although the stakes could be higher than losing their freedom, the same rights are not guaranteed. Many of the parents interviewed in this investigation say they would rather spend years in prison than lose contact with their children. Some of them have lost anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars in the process of fighting custody.“

  • Another Family Court Circus like article. Wow has FR really hit the bottom. I remember when they actually focused on real issues.

    • Do you think the one case three Connecticut judges’ filed directly against Paul Boyne — and indirectly against Nicola Cunha, indirectly against Karen Riordan and ultimately against all good parents, good judges, good lawyers and good vendors in family courts — isn’t a big deal?

      If freedom of speech and a massive cover-up to hide organized corruption in Connecticut’s family courts is headline news in a few weeks, would you object?

      The Hartford Courant seems willing and able to publish something about freedom of speech so far, but the topic of organized crime and corruption in Connecticut family courts still looks off limits for now. It’s sort of like what happened in the NXIVM case, right?

      How long did the powers-that-be in New York AG offices hide ESP/NXIVM crimes? Do you think they just didn’t notice that Keith was operating a few hundred forbidden pyramid schemes or do you think they covered up all those crimes for twenty years?

      If Connecticut AG offices are anything like New York AG offices that ignored or hid the NXIVM crimes for twenty years, what happens next is anyone’s guess. Don’t you want to know what happens next?

  • “… For two years I was forced by the State of Maine to traffic my daughter for weekends with her father after he was confirmed for raping her and then she was taken from me entirely when she was four years old. A notoriously corrupt judge ignored testimony from medical examiners who explained, in detail, my daughter had been sexually abused by her father and should be protected from unsupervised contact with him. This judge defied Maine’s top forensic doctor and ordered me to drive my daughter, three hours each way, to her father every weekend. Prior to being confirmed for sex abuse, her father had been on supervised visits ordered by a female judge concerned about my daughter’s safety given her father’s police record of domestic assault against me. The female judge was removed from the case and replaced, in illegal case-rigging, by a male judge known as Maine’s worst judge. …”

    • We are all suffering the consequences of the legalization of abuse, attempted murder and pedophilia through family court. Maine is connected to the mouth of the serpent. The leader in welfare reform and using Tnaf block grant funds to go to the beach ⛱️.

  • £40,000 = $50,369.80

    “… At one point in 2010, when he had 11 residents in the centre at one time, Dr Hibbert was raking in more than £40,000 a week — plus the £210 he charged for every hour he had to read the parents’ paperwork. …”

  • Lawyers like that have help.
    Otherwise, they would never be so bold. Those same crimes against children are happening all over the world.

    “Dr George Hibbert was regarded as one of country’s leading experts on child abuse, had lectured at Oxford and had advised MPs on the family courts system.

    When Keira agreed to work for him, it was at one of his Family Assessment Centres — places where families who had come to the attention of social services departments were referred. They were placed under round-the-clock observation while it was determined what should happen next.

    It was a very intrusive set-up, but Keira assumed that Dr Hibbert — who was highly trusted (and very well paid) by a string of local authorities — knew what he was doing.”

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