Fraud and Injustice #3: The Ambrose Children Make Contact as Allegations of Abuse, Pedophilia Are Suppressed By CT Family Court

Without my prompting, just because they had temporary access to the internet and had seen my stories, the children made desperate attempts to reach me to save them – to find out about their mother. Is she well? Is she safe?

Can you help us go home? – Home being wherever their mother is.

This is part #3 of the FR series on the fraud and injustice of the Ambrose case.

Here is part #1.

How the Children Were Stolen From Mother in CT Family Court

The Ambrose Children Are Suffering After Being Sold in CT Family Court

It is heart rendering. They take a chance at being punished severely by their father, but their loneliness is great, their heartsickness so deep and severe that they set aside their fear and call out to strangers.

They talk about their sadness, the abuse their father inflicts on them. They contact others, too, even making posts on social media – about how their father abuses them and how their world of joy and innocence ended on April 24, 2020 – when they lost their mother.

A date seared into their memories.

No more mother for two years, and every day is the same — they want to go home, home being their mother, wherever she goes.

I know this sounds incredible.

“These kinds of things do not, could not possibly happen,” you say.

I say CT Family Court and its actors have become so bold that they get away with it. They look at each other and wink. They nod, and they know. They do not have to beat each other over the head with obvious statements. A simple word will do.

For instance, the attorney for the father tells the GAL, “the father has the money.” The GAL knows what that means, and she, in turn, tells the custody evaluator – the father has the money.

This is code for “parental alienation.”:

They all assess the case. If there is money, they size up how to stage it and how to take their fat share of the family’s wealth.

‘You pays your money you takes your choice.’ The father has the money. He chose: parental alienation from the mother. He gets custody.

Cut and dried.

Now how to drag it out. Simple divorce and custody – lasting three years?  Yes, it happens, but it is not often talked about.

Of course, these bad actors don’t always have a willing, knowing player like Ambrose, who is himself a lawyer.

This cat knows the game as well as they do. He cut his teeth in the deceptive tricks of truth the players in law play.

He wrote on TV shows about the inside game- having written for – get this — CBS’s TV show Family Law, [about manipulative family law attorneys and how they stole custody] and Law and Order – where he was mysteriously replaced after some dark shadow of suspicion fell upon him  – and Queen’s Supreme – about the back door world of NY state supreme court judges in Queen’s County New York, and Judging Amy, which was actually about CT Family Court, and other law and crime shows like Harry’s Law, Bones, NCIS New Orleans, and Instinct.

His short stint on Instinct ended his career after he was caught stealing a story from another TV show, right down to the actor’s lines.

The TV industry does not forget when you steal others’ written work. But you can get a job elsewhere in another profession.

When you steal children from their mothers, and you can’t just get another mother elsewhere.

The children don’t forget and don’t forgive, and even Stockholm Syndrome has not worked to change their hearts about their mother.

His attempts to alienate the children from their absent mother have not worked. They remember. This is a lasting scar these children have – their mother was taken from their lives – for money paid by their father, who stole it from their mother.

The children found many things on Chris Ambrose’s phone, including these selfies they leaked and plenty of other far more serious things.

Oddly, Ambrose went online claiming a different profession than TV writer. He claimed he was a barber – using a fictitious name. And sought males – especially young ones to give haircuts or advice about haircuts.

It was a strange phenomenon since barbers and forced haircuts are codes in some dark circles for pedophilia rings.

To protect her children, Riordan tried to investigate this – especially after her sons and daughter reported to the police and medical authorities that Ambrose had caressed the youngest, touched him inappropriately, and always tried to get in bed with him.

In what could only be called conspiratorial, Ambrose’s attorney, Nancy Aldrich, the GAL, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the custody evaluator, Jessica Biren Caverly, led by Judge Jane Grossman, rushed to intervene – to prevent the DCF investigation from going forward, and to stop the forensic examination that the medical experts said was essential, and, of course, snatch the children away from the Department of Children and Families’ protective hold.

Family Court Judge Jane Grossman ordered the removal of three happy children living with their mother and ordered the investigation into the father’s suspected pedophilia halted at once.

Judge Grossman issued emergency orders to halt the investigation and return the children to their father — teaching them never to report abuse again. Now, they have learned to try to avoid it. To run to the other room or band together and protect each other.

I have a video made by the children where they are in their room – banded together – but they cannot prevent their father from entering the room to abuse them.

The father took the doorknobs off the doors to ensure the children could not keep him out of the bedroom.

Why? Because he took the doorknobs off.

They have secretly recorded their father doing brazen and wicked things. He mocks them. He tells them cruel things. He told his daughter that she should commit suicide.  She began cutting herself.

These recordings were leaked to various people and played to Hurwitz, Aldrich, and Caverly, who suppressed it, lest it should get on the record that he was the abuser and deserves every bit of alienation he worked so hard to achieve before custody was sold to him.

You ask, “but what kind of nasty children are these who secretly record their papa?”

I submit that the fact that they do, or feel they have to record him, speaks volumes.

But the children have an answer: Their father is such a good liar that no one believes them. Hence they made the recordings to prove they were not the liars; he was the liar.

But children are always deemed liars whenever parental alienation is invoked. That is the requirement; otherwise, their abuse claims would be valid, and it isn’t the mother who alienated them.

The Family Court actors suppressed all the evidence, and the father took their cell phones and internet away so they could not continue to reveal his abuse.

The children realize they are captives in the home of a brute, and it is not getting better.

Stay tuned for part #4.

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  • and is Chris Ambrose his barber? Or is it that Tom is Chris’ barber? I am not sure how these barber relationships work exactly, it’s easy to get confused.



    • Price is Ambrose’s accountant. I spoke with him and he was very perturbed by my on-the-record call.

      • Did he happen to know where Karen’s inheritance or the totality of the Ambrose marital assets went ?

  • Children are being tortured by GALs and custody evaluators who our own state of CT have determined to have “absolute immunity.”

    The absolute immunity status of GALs and custody evaluators needs to be written on all contracts and posted throughout the family court system.

    What psychologist or attorney gets absolute immunity? Those that serve to traffic children for money in our family courts- and the government – as high up as AG William Tong, are complicit.

    Governor Lamont – where are you? Where is the intervention? The protection of the innocent?

    I’m an elementary principal and know this family. I’m heartsick over the injustice and after residing in CT my entire life, only recently have I learned of the travesty of Justice that knowingly inflicts pain on the children we are paid to protect.

      • This is being done to women and children all over the country. The Governors know about it, as does the FBI, the US attys office and the House and Senate, It is a Title 4 father’s rights grant fund dollar scam. It is a kids for cash scam our government uses to steal money because they are broke. It is also intended to oppress women and children. #weknow look up Barbra Stone, Her movement is attempting to expose this corruption and put and end to the oppression and theft.

  • Give the kids a voice. They’re old enough. They don’t need a GAL to speak for them.

    15 years old and the court denies their wishes? Beyond fucked up.

    No finding of being an unfit mother but no-contact. Red flags abound.

  • Let’s give the kids to the dad who removes doorknobs, plants recording devices in the bedrooms of his teen children, guards the bedrooms, pretends he’s a barber, trolls for young men on the internet, has a history of seeking “young, hot Latino boys” – and admitted it to the custody evaluator, and committed plagiarism for a national television program.

    Not to mention his sexless marriage — a lavender marriage I believe it’s called. Closeted homosexual or simply sexual fetish deviant? So many possibilities – any of which would call for serious intervention – not the reward if custody.

    Sounds like a really great choice. Well done GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz! And she’s paid $200,000 on this case? For her suppression of evidence, child abuse, and denial of reality.

    Let’s have a psychiatrist examine these psychopaths and predators.

  • Herzog and Ambrose cases reward perverted fathers who fulfill disturbing sexual fantasies online with underage (or “twinks”- those who are barely of age but have childlike features) or barely of age youth-

    Clearly both men need serious intervention. These losers are fever custody and spend their time online, getting aroused by forced haircuts, head shaved, and pretending to be a barber and a young girl.

    This is what children who love their mothers- and we’re raised by their mothers everyday are now subjected to.

    Change is required. Anything short of immediate change is criminal choke abuse by all court actors.

  • For as manipulative Ambrose is, having the courts impede or suppress a DCF investigation, goes against the whole reason for the formation of DCF. DCF is there to protect the children. Their investigations should be above the lawyers, and the State of Connecticut judicial system should have investigated and corrected the problem.

    The children are NOT being cared for! I find it hard to believe that they were ignorant to the issue at hand, and simply turned a blind eye to the issue, afraid to kick the hornets nest.

    The priority should be the welfare of the children…and in this case, Connecticut and the clown car collection of involved lawyers have done everything BUT protect them!

  • The fact that the kids call their dad Pinocchio or P-man for short just backs up the parental alienation stuff… It is on the record that Karen had a file on about Chris labeled “Pinocchio.”

    That they have not turned on their mother just shows that Chris is not trying to poison their minds against her. He is the one who is acting like the adult here. Karen is the jerk who is making kids feel like they have to choose between their parents.

    Also it is a crock of shit that she has to pay for supervised visitation if she is destitute.

    It’s also horrible that the kids read this blog that has a lot of adult sexual content on it, never mind the snuff film.

    • This could all end if Chris honored his children’s wishes and let them see their mother. The fact that he does not is the true test of who is truthful and who is Pinocchio.

      He is not bound to punish his wife and children. He could arrange to permit the relationship that the children want. Before there were laws and courts there were mothers. He ought to consider that in his calculus and honor it, for it will in the end haunt him if he does not.

      • Oh sorry Frank, when you said “this could all stop” I thought you meant Karen’s and FR’s smear campaign against the dad. My bad. And no, I am not Chris. I’m just a random reader who actually took the time to read the entire custody report.

          • Amazing or not, it is on record that Karen presented a file on Chris that she had labeled “Pinocchio.” Even if the kids came up with the name, what’s up with Karen reinforcing it like she is a 3-year-old herself? I’d guess Karen came up with it though. And either way, she should be ashamed of herself for encouraging/allowing the kids to use it in reference to their father.

        • Imo, you are lying about being a ‘random reader’. You come across as very invested in a character assassination of Karen Riordan.

          Why try to dissemble that fact behind a blather of innocence? Do you really think anyone here might be fooled by your dishonesty? It must be a shock to understand that a long standing entitlement to the spoils of evil-doing is coming to an end.

    • Not at all.

      Chris, you know you have done everything in your power to turn the children against Karen.

      This has to be you or CT attorney brother Neil Ambrose, because you have not a friend in the world.

      I’ve known your family a long time – and the kids came up with Pinocchio because you are a practiced liar – and happen to have a naturally pointy nose.

      Thank you for claiming you have not tried to alienate the children. The evidence you, the GAL and your cadre of quacksters have concealed from the court will be made public.

      I waited to testify on behalf of the children I love at the hearing. Karen was never permitted to complete the hearing and her attorney said she had to pay $100,000 to return to the hearing!

      I waited to testify on behalf of the children I love at the trial. Karen never got to put on her case. Forcing a mother to proceed without counsel is an outrage.

      I have evidence in our text messages that I’m more than happy to share with Frank Report. They show your true colors. You are haughty, cruel, and controlling with your children. They live in fear and anxiety because of who you are.

      You have loyalty to no one and live a life of fraud. Your storyline if parental alienation was known Chris. You threatened Karen constantly as well as your children. Many of us have waited to testify. Many wrote to Caverly and awaited a call that never came.

      You knew about Caverly well ahead of any filing for divorce. You’ve been unemployed since 2018 and haven’t sought employment anywhere – and now you’ll blame the Frank Report for your loser status.

      The computer information shows you are a closeted homosexual at best.

      Your own aunt and uncle said you’ve lived a double life since high school and it would be a disaster to give you sole custody.

      • I’m not Chris, but I’ll bet this is Karen. But then again, this writing sounds more articulate than she must be based on her inability to comprehend the most basic family court instructions that could easily get her at least half custody of her kids if she were capable of following them. I’m sorry, I feel awful she doesn’t have custody, but it’s her own fault she doesn’t — it’s because she thinks she is above the law. Wake up! You’re not!

        • ‘But then again, this writing sounds more articulate than she must be based on her inability to comprehend the most basic family court instructions that could easily get her at least half custody of her kids if she were capable of following them.’

          Very inarticulate syntax.

          ‘I’m sorry, I feel awful she doesn’t have custody, but it’s her own fault she doesn’t — it’s because she thinks she is above the law. Wake up! You’re not!’

          Imo you are not ‘sorry’ for Karen, at all, at all. Why lie?

          There is only one parent in this situation who has consistently behaved as if he were ‘above the law’ and he has been aided and abetted by a very corrupt coterie of bent legal functionaries.

          If you are one of those — I fully understand your distress at The Frank Report’s involvement.

          • Actually, I sincerely feel sorry for Karen. She is clearly not in her right mind because every action she has been taking is just moving her further and further away from having any custody of her kids.

            I think she should backtrack and just do what the court says and start supervised visitation. My opinion only, of course.

            Ever heard the saying “You can’t beat City Hall?” She would be wise to play nice with the courts as far as her custody case goes. If she then wants to fight against what she believes is an unjust family court system in Connecticut, fight that fight separately. Don’t sacrifice a relationship with your kids because you’re distracted by fighting windmills.

          • I made my career with the motto you can heat city hall – and I plan to do it again.

        • Dear “wake up”

          Really? Mothers and fathers are having their children taken – no contact when they are fit parents- and you believe this is the law? What law are you suggesting exists that cut off contact with good parents?

          Children are being traumatized when abused and cut off – a mother kisses kids – says she’ll see them in a while, and they never get to see her again. They are killing off parents for money.
          I pray you have no kids if you see this as healthy for children.

          There is no law in family court. None. It’s all about the money. Moving children for money is the child trafficking enterprise.

          Educate yourself about it. It’s difficult to believe but true. It’s domestic terrorism at the hands of attorneys, psychologists and a cottage industry of Jeff Gardner’s Money making scam.

          Please provide the laws you suggest exist that endorse 90 day or 2 years of no contact with healthy parents.
          Caverly never dials DCf because it’s all bullshit-

    Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse (excerpt:

    Investigative Journalist Keith Harmon Snow: In the Worst Interests of the Child: Trafficking Children Through Family Court

    1 May 2012
    A five month investigation reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by Family Courts in the United States. Children all over the United States are being taken from their protective mothers and delivered to abusers. Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption, channeling and disappearing billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money every year. Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals rewarded handsomely for producing quack studies that criminalize loving mothers and protect abusive fathers. With clear evidence of racketeering and corruption, high court judges and insider lawyers use and abuse the Family Courts system destroy protective mothers and deliver life sentences of suffering to innocent children. Rich, poor, middle-class… No child in America is safe.

    HOW LONG MUST THIS GO ON? PUT OUR CHILDREN FIRST! Let the Ambrose children go home to their mother! This is PROVEN!!

  • Jocelyn Hurwitz has well documented history of trafficking children– moving them for money, a lot of money– by changing custody in the family courts. She is highly sought after by attorneys because she is well connected with members of the AFCC. She knows how to protect the abuser and sacrifice children for money, while destroying maternal bonds and defaming perfectly healthy mothers. Jocelyn was highlighted in the book, “In the Worst Interest of the Children: Trafficking Children through the Family Court System” — by investigative reporter Keith Harmon Snow.

    An excerpt from the book can be read here:

    “A LIFE SENTENCE *U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDREN Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse

    Jocelyn strips healthy parents of the right to protect their children; she has a history of such abuse but it is tolerated because she delivers hundreds of thousands of dollars through the courts each year.

    She sacrificed the Ambrose kids after seeing them twice. She is criminal. She destroyed the MacVicar girls– it later came out that Jocelyn Hurwitz suppressed the evidence of abuse by their father, and endorsed a no-contact order with the innocent, loving mother who raised them.

    This woman is a criminal.

  • I would like to know where Mr. Ambrose is getting all his money since he has “pissed away” the marital funds and his wife’s inheritance. He certainly can’t write anymore after plagiarizing…that is a death sentence.

    I remember reading a tidbit about Tom Price, Ambrose’s accountant, in a former post. My bet is Mr. Ambrose has another line of work that pays plenty…or else he would not have been so willing to give it all away.

    Hope you can keep digging Frank. These kids, and all children who have been abused by the family court system, are counting on you!

  • Challenge for abusuve father Chris Ambrose:

    Allow the children to a few hours with Dr. Dorothy Stubbe of Yale. You know her Chris. Her qualifications are impeccable as is her reputation. Frank posted her report that never made it to the light of day in court- not before Grossman, not before Adelman. Buried by the GAL just like Jocelyn Hurwitz dud “In the Worst Interest of the Child”.

    Let them spend time with her and let her ask them how they are, what has occurred, and who they want to live with.

    Let a qualified psychiatrist- a real doctor who you’ve known for years- to report what the children want and need.

    Why don’t you do that Mr Ambrose?
    The kids are 11, 15 and 15, correct? Put them with a medical professional they know and trust. Not the court quacks you e researched and assembled.

    You know exactly what the these kids would say.

    We all do.

    Two years with you… worst two years of their lives because if all that you are. Kids know the truth.

  • Ambrose is clearly a sick man in need of help. Posing as a barber, seeking strange men and youth on the internet under a fake identity.

    No doorknobs on the doors as he sits guard? Are you kidding me?

    Did GAL Hurwitz bring any of this to the court? Or did she cover it all up like she did in the Bugsy vs MacVicar case?

    Cover up. Isolate kids to protect fucked up father who has paid her $200,000.

    Follow the money. Watch divorcecorp.
    It’s explains all of this
    It’s known among attorneys.
    Ambrose did his homework and set Riordan up good. She didn’t stand a chance and neither did these kids.

    Keep digging Frank! Ambrose has everything to hide.

  • Local court systems tend to be quite corrupt with “wink, wink, nod, nod” and one hand washing the other, and whoever has the most money winning.

    I’m glad you’re putting this info out to the public because those who are corrupt tend to wilt, run for cover, or try to distance themselves when the public, and those who are more powerful than the crooks get involved, when light is shone into their darkness.

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