CT Family Court Cash-for-Kids Allegation: AFC Melissa Needle Demanded Money for GAL Custody Outcome

From an advertisement for attorney Melissa Jill Needle:

She “is a lifetime Connecticut resident. She was born in New Haven, raised in Fairfield, and now resides in Westport with her family.

“Attorney Needle is a third generation attorney with deep family roots in Connecticut. Her father, Attorney Charles Needle, was a founder of the Connecticut firm Zeldes, Needle & Cooper in 1971. Since her admission to the Connecticut Bar in 1990, Melissa has exclusively practiced divorce and family law.”

In 2007, the bar association reportedly suspended her from law practice for a while, but she returned to practice.  Rutkin, Oldham LLC in Westport, Connecticut, employed her, but she left the firm for unknown reasons.

In 2010, Needle founded Needle Cuda: Divorce and Family Law.

Her partner is Alexander Cuda, the man who successfully got a restraining order against Karen Riordan, barring her from seeing her kids.  Needle Cuda’s client is Chris Ambrose.

Melissa Needle with her junior law partner Alexander Cuda [right]
Another of Needle’s many advertisements reads: 

“Attorney Melissa Needle is an experienced litigator for high-net-worth and contested child custody divorce clients and family law clients in Connecticut…”

“She proudly serves clients in Greenwich (including Cos Cob, Riverside, Old Greenwich, Belle Haven, and Glenville) Darien (including Rowayton), Fairfield (including Southport), New Canaan, Ridgefield, Westport, Weston, Wilton — and the surrounding towns and communities.”

Connecticut Attorney Melissa Needle

Connecticut Attorney Melissa Needle…In or around 2009, CT Family Court appointed Needle to act as the attorney for two children, working alongside the guardian ad litem (GAL) Eric Broder, in the high conflict, high net worth divorce action: Paul Greenan vs. Suzanne Greenan.

Attorney Broder partnered with Needle to handle the Greenan v Greenan matter….

Attorney Gary I. Cohen represented Paul Greenan, the father, who is also an attorney.

According to court testimony and records, Needle demanded money from Greenan through his attorney Cohen.

The payments to determine the custody outcome were to be disguised as “drafting fees.”

 If Greenan paid Needle, he was told he would get unsupervised and substantial parenting time with his children, and a “fast and favorable” outcome to his child custody issues.

Cohen, playing his part in the enterprise, acting sympathetic to his client, told Greenan that Needle was a “whore,” who would “go away” if he met her demands for money.

Cohen allegedly said this several times to coax his client into the tried and true cash-for-kids plan.

One time Cohen told Greenan in front of his brother James J. Greenan, Jr., a retired DEA agent, that all he had to do to get a favorable outcome on custody was have a check sent to the whore Needle by overnight delivery.

Melisssa Needle can she grant favorable custody outcomes — for a free?
The father, Paul Greenan, is an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Connecticut since 1991 He has been licensed to practice law in New York since 1992.  He is licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court and the federal district courts. He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from New York University, an MBA in finance from the NYU School of Business, and a law degree from Fordham Law School.  He currently runs the Greenan Law Firm in Stamford, Connecticut.

Rather than pay, Greenan discharged Cohen and retained attorney Neal P. Rogan. Needle met with Rogan. Like she did with Cohen, and who knows how many others, she demanded money, according to the filings.

At one point, Needle shouted at the attorney, “Tell your guy to pay me my fucking money,” according to Rogan.

Needle repeatedly demanded sums of money in exchange for arranging the lifting of supervised visitation and a favorable custody outcome.

Greenan consistently refused to pay Needle her cash-for-kids’ demands.

True to her word, Needle and GAL Broder did not recommend joint custody. Instead, they recommended to the judge that the mother get sole custody.  For all we know, the mother, who had far more money than the husband at the time, paid Needle the money she sought.

Greenan could not have unsupervised access to his children for over 15 months. He filed a complaint with the CT Grievance Committee, alleging Needle engaged in misconduct. He argued that it is misconduct for an attorney to seek money to influence and affect the outcome of child custody, and to retaliate when her demands were denied. There is no record that the Grievance Committee took action on the matter.

The divorce case went to trial in late 2011.

Greenan brought Needle up on day one of the 11-day trial before Judge Harry E Calmar, a judge most familiar with Needle.

Judge Harry Calmar died in 2022 after a long career in the family court custody business. He was 63,

Greenan objected to the now $252,000 bill for Needle and Broder for their services on the case.

Needle rebutted by submitting an affidavit describing in general terms what she had to do while representing the children’s best interests, such as

  1. attending hearings,
  2. meetings with attorneys for both parties,
  3. reviewing the custody evaluator’s reports,
  4. reviewing emails between the parties’ attorneys,
  5. dealing with correspondence,
  6. reading pleadings,
  7. reading court transcripts,
  8. looking at financial affidavits,
  9. attending “numerous” hearings.

It turns out that while she billed for 100s of hours as the children’s attorney, Needle never met the children.

The GAL Broder also billed for 100s of hours representing the children’s best interests. He met the children for a total of 4.5 hours, including an “ice cream visit” at Friendly’s, for which Broder billed $625. 

The GAL Broder wanted to meet the kids in a fun environment, so he met them at Friendly’s Ice Cream and bought the kids some ice cream, and invoiced Greenan $625.

Greenan challenged the reasonableness of the quarter of a million dollars in fees submitted by Needle and Broder, citing Needle solicited bribes in exchange for Broder’s recommendation of joint custody. 

Needle told Judge Calmar that “this has been a very difficult case. It’s been going for almost three years.” 

Judge Calmar found Greenan was not believable, and Needle and Broder’s fees were most reasonable. He ordered Greenan to pay Needle and Broder.

 Judge Calmar also decided Needle and Broder’s recommendation that the mother get sole custody was absolutely right – just as they knew he would.

Greenan was allowed to see his kids for a couple hours on Wednesdays, and every other weekend.

The appellate court upheld Judge Calmar’s ruling, which ordered Needle and Broder to be paid $252,000 based on their affidavits. 

Needle and Broder did not submit any evidence – nor was any required – that showed what services provided any benefit to the family. 

As her advertisement states: “Attorney Melissa Needle is an active Divorce and Family Law litigator with an impressive track record.” 

According to credible evidence, Needle sought payment to influence and affect the outcome of child custody. In retaliation for Greenan’s refusal to meet her demands, Needle caused serious harm to Greenan’s relationship with his children.

She got paid anyway.

Neither was she shy in asking for what she wanted. In making her demands, she used profanity and verbal intimidation to make her point.

If Greenan wanted joint custody, he had to pay for it.

According to Needle’s advertisements, “She is well-known in Connecticut courts as a forceful, but fair fighter; an attorney with great integrity; and as a worthy adversary who does not shy away from litigation if that path is the best opportunity for her client to reach an equitable solution. Melissa understands that divorce is not just about the dissolution of marriage or stop-gap solutions but helping clients develop and negotiate a comprehensive plan for the rest of their lives.

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys named Needle | Cuda a Connecticut Top 10 Best Firm in Client Satisfaction in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Attorney Needle has been a Super Lawyer Honoree in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.  

If the credible allegations are true, Melissa Needle can provide custody for you at reasonable prices at Needle Cuda, and their cash for kids bargains in CT Family Court.



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  • Anyone know what role Needle/Cuda played in the Jennifer Lindstrom case? Why is there no news about the results of the police investigation?

  • All divorce and custody cases should go to:

    1. The Annulment, Change of Name, Non-Adversarial Dissolution and Legal Separation Office; or,
    2. The Criminal Court

    Accountants can handle all financial matters. When crimes are committed, see Option 2.

    In cases of abuse and crimes, see Option 2.

    Family, friends and community can handle child custody and visitation. When crimes are committed, see Option 2.

    Where was Option 2 in the Ambrose case when the father stole the mother’s inheritance? Where was Option 2 when the children disclosed the crimes committed? Where was the DOJ to investigate the crimes the family court vendors committed?

    With Connecticut’s average of 25,000 “family cases” per year from 2002 to 2022, how many lives were destroyed in those ten years? How many crimes went without prosecution? How many parents and children were impoverished? How many tax dollars did “family court systems” waste?

    In how many ways were those families and the state of Connecticut weakened?


    189.01 08/04/2023 C ORDER HEARING AND NOTICE
    190.00 08/04/2023 P NOTICE
    Notice for Hearing and Notice
    191.00 08/21/2023 P RETURN OF SERVICE This motion, document or order was filed 6 days ago.
    192.00 08/24/2023 D REQUEST This motion, document or order was filed 3 days ago.
    Case Flow Request
    RESULT: Order 8/24/2023 HON HEIDI WINSLOW
    192.05 08/24/2023 C ORDER This motion, document or order was filed 3 days ago.
    RESULT: Order 8/24/2023 HON HEIDI WINSLOW

    Scheduled Court Dates as of 08/25/2023
    # Date Time Event Description Status
    1 08/31/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Off
    2 09/01/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Off
    3 09/15/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Proceeding
    4 09/15/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Proceeding …”


    🎉 🎈 🎊

    Party/Appearance/ IV-D Authorized Filer Information
    Party No Fee Party Category

    Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed NEEDLE & CUDA (439351)
    SUITE 301
    WESTPORT, CT 06880
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/20/2021

    Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed BRODER ORLAND MURRAY & DEMATTIE LLC (424014)
    WESTPORT, CT 06880
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/21/2021

    Self-Rep: 2 NORFIELD ROAD
    WESTON, CT 06883 File Date: 02/06/2023
    GAL for Minor Child

    • Maybe Dr. Heather Ehinger will tell us how the Connecticut family court system improved Jennifer’s life. says:


      Update 8/18/23 – The Westport Police Detective Bureau, with the assistance of Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime, completed their on-scene investigation last night approximately 12:45 a.m. The deceased has been positively identified as Jennifer Lindstrom, age 56, of 3 Oak Ridge Park. Westport Police responded to the residence at approximately 11:00 a.m. after a housekeeper arrived and found Ms. Lindstrom unresponsive at the bottom of a staircase leading to the basement. Ms. Lindstrom has been transported from the scene to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy. This investigation is still active, and more information will be released as it becomes available.

      On August 17th, 2023 at approximately 11:00 a.m., Westport Police responded to an address in Town on a report of an unresponsive female. The Westport Police Detective Bureau, with the assistance of Connecticut State Police Major Crime, are currently investigating the untimely death of a 56 year old female. This is an isolated incident and more information will be released as the investigation continues.”

      • How much time, money, health, hope, freedom and faith did Ms. Ehinger, Ms. Needle and/or Mr. Cuda take from Ms. Lindstrom before she passed away?

    by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law
    U.S. Supreme Court Bar No. 317048

    A proposed BILL to ensure the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of PARENTS are honored and protected in the nation’s FAMILY COURTS.

    The 14th Amendment guarantees “liberty,” which includes the People’s right to raise children; this fundamental right to parent includes the right to care, custody, and control of one’s children; so too, children enjoy an accompanying right, i.e., the right to be parented by their natural parents.
    All parents are presumed fit. No court may restrict or terminate a parent’s custodial rights unless there is first a fitness trial — where the state proves child abuse or neglect by clear and convincing evidence, i.e., which can be objectively verified without resort to judicial discretion.
    A properly noticed fitness trial must include: (i) notice to the accused parent concerning the factual allegations of child abuse or neglect, and (ii) an admonition that, if the accused parent is found unfit — based on clear and convincing evidence — the state may restrict or terminate that parent’s custodial rights.
    Fit parents are presumed to act in the best interests of their children; absent findings of unfitness, equal protection demands that two fit parents share equal and undivided custodial rights.
    A child’s best interests reside with fit parents; absent findings of unfitness, the state may not enter the private family realm. No court has legal authority, (“jurisdiction”), to determine a child’s best interests — unless both parents are deemed unfit after a properly noticed fitness trial.
    Unless there is actual harm to a child — meaning abuse or neglect as defined by black-letter law — a parent’s bad behavior or felonious misconduct provides no legal basis to restrict or terminate custodial rights. No court may restrict or terminate custodial rights as punishment for misconduct against any person, including the other parent.
    All orders restricting or terminating custodial rights must include strict scrutiny analyses, i.e., was the custody order narrowly tailored to effectuate a compelling gov’t interest?—and, did the court employ the least-restrictive means of effectuating that interest?
    The First Amendment guarantees a fundamental right to familial association — including the right to private speech with one’s children. No court may impose time, place, or manner restrictions on a parent’s right to free speech with a child, (e.g., at supervised visits), unless that parent is found unfit.
    All temporary custody orders must have expiration dates; temporary custody orders with no expiration dates are null and void. No temporary order restricting custodial rights shall remain in effect longer than 60 days, after which: (i) the order must expire, or (ii) a fitness trial must commence.
    All parents in domestic proceedings are presumed innocent of criminal accusations unless or until the state, in a criminal proceeding, proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, pursuant to a criminal complaint, (“indictment”). No court may sua sponte conclude that a parent committed a crime.

    • False alligations of parental alienation are missing from the bill of rights. The tossing around of the accusation has become whimsical. Everything is being allowed to be labeled as alienation.

    • If you a person commits a crime against another person they are a threat to society. Just because the other person shares a child with you doesn’t make them any less of a threat if they have committed a crime. Domestic abuse is a crime.

  • And when you go public they steal every penny from you! Leave you homeless, childless, and they’re into the next case.

    Frank Report will be the catalyst that ends the national epidemic.

    It’s child trafficking. It’s the silent epidemic that is known in all family courts throughout the country.

    Connecticut, was described to me as the head of the snake- the most deadly and lethal, but known throughout the country.

    • … how can we help end that national corruption epidemic?

  • Thanks for posting this article. Many women have been thinking 🤔 it’s just women. This story does shed some light. Providing the readers of your blog history adds so much credibility to all . Your work on Connecticut is gaining attention. Unless you have been through the court or have close connection to the court system it’s really hard to believe what is happening in family court.

    • Mainstream news owners/editors who know about the corruption: Guilty as the most guilty in “family courts”. says:

      “Unless you have been through the court or have close connection to the court system it’s really hard to believe what is happening in family court.”

      • The CT Judiciary has a “media committee”-

        This silences the media and controls what’s covered. There is no freedom of press or speech in CT.

        How many restraining orders are being handed out as gag orders?

        This is one of many techniques of punishment in family court. To keep the silence.

        That’s why Paul Boyne is being held endlessly for his crimes. Ct created laws- and continues to create laws, not to protect the people, but to protect the criminal conduct of those in positions of power within the state.

        I’m not condoning violence. And believe he pushes the first amendment to the limit, but destroying families and the lives of children are the crimes we see daily in our family courts. Parents are being tortured for years and so are children.

        And where are the consequences?

        • “…The CT Judiciary has a “media committee”-

          This silences the media and controls what’s covered. There is no freedom of press or speech in CT. …”

        • It is extremely questionable how this has been going on for so long. Paul definitely pushed his luck. The first amendment is under attack in Connecticut. You should never make threats of physical harm. The government is demonstrated no investment in straightening up the family court. Majority of the effects are to cover it up. Can anyone name the legislators other than Gonzalez and Vargas the have a genuine investment in the residents complaints? Have these legislators been silents by the rest of them?

        • I believe Paul set out to do what he wanted by getting attention to the criminality! Unorthodox but needed! He walked the line for the cleaning up the mess in aisle 3 called Family Court!

  • Greenan like Catherine kassenoff is skilled in law and still he has no better standing or even equal standing than the attorneys in the family court cabal.

    This is what makes racketeering – and payoff all the way to the top- including all judges- the only explanation. Otherwise it would not be permitted and rights of parents and children violated so brutally.

    Kids growing up without mothers and fathers who yearn for them is inhumane – atrocities by family court.

    • Cuda doesn’t seem strong enough to have a Cabal – he is just another stooge in the cabal to take heat off of Melissa Needle. You know, this Melissa Needle – “Cohen, playing his part in the enterprise, acting sympathetic to his client, told Greenan that Needle was a “whore,” who would “go away” if he met her demands for money.” It appears the more people that get involved in this cabal, the more attention is gained along with a greater chance of a leaker of the criminal activity. Remember, once two people know a secret, it is no longer a secret…

      • Agree Cohen is involved. Same thing they all do: blame the opposition as they sell you out, and steal your money and your children.

        I think this was a one-off thing for Cuda. A way to make a killing in a short period for Ambrose who was out of options.

        He still hasn’t filed his appearance. I think he was in it for a quick buck and set it up. The courts know who Ambrose is now and want no part of him.

        Oneill can overturn, vacate, or reconsider. Or it can be appealed. Cuda takes a big payday. Maybe shared with Oneill – and they can’t get paid enough to force the kids to live with that monster of a father.

        The cabal has its limits. And Ambrose has met his.

    • Absolutely this. The children are just grist for the family court mill. These “professionals” are parasites who feed on parental love while depriving children access to safe loving parents.

  • Needle told Judge Calmar that “this has been a very difficult case. It’s been going for almost three years.”

    She didn’t see the kids. They dragged it out as long as possible and they claim the hardship of such a difficult case.

    The dads the one denied his kids for over a year- the parents are tortured by the attorneys swindling and corruption and then the judges blame the targeted parent for inflicting extended litigation and stress on the kids and attorneys.

    That’s why all these experts need immunity bc the parents are so difficult .

    When you write about it Frank the scam is so obvious it’s amazing it’s been allowed to go on for so long. Praying you keep writing to expose these attorneys and gals.

  • Did Needle and Cuda arrange for Joanie’s “PAS” company partner to get involved in Jennifer Lindstrom’s case?

    Child support modification hearings were scheduled for September. Then, Jennifer fell down her basement stairs and died. If the Marc who had financial trouble and is the same Marc who allegedly showed a child a pornographic video and then blamed the mother for “coaching” the child, did the Westport Police already interview Marc, Needle and Cuda?

    How many police interviews were done so far? Who arranged for the seeding of bad press leading up to Jennifer’s fall down her basement stairs?

    Did Jennifer just walk up to someone and bite the anonymous victim mentioned in the online articles? Or, was Jennifer’s family court case the usual gaslighting and set-ups? Is Jennifer Lindstrom … Jennifer #3?


    • How many crimes of commission and omission did family courts commit in Jennifer Lindstrom’s case? says:

      It looks like Connecticut family courts let attorneys push Jennifer Lindstrom over the edge in more ways than one.

      What were Needle and Cuda doing handling the case — besides taking her money?

      Did they take tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from her and her children instead of referring her to health care professionals?

      When Connecticut state government offices let family law attorneys trick emotionally vulnerable people into falling down the same “family court” vortex of that wide-awake nightmare from hell, how many state and federal crimes to Connecticut government offices commit?

      • The wide awake nightmare from hell is a perfect description. I think she may be the third Jennifer. Hope Frank gets more leads in this.

        And Tracy Do I believe is another fatality as a result of family court. Another Westport case- rich family. Jocelyn Hurtwitz (Worst Interest of the Child by Keith Harmon Snow) was on Tracy Do case as well as Bugsy, MacVicar and Ambrose—

        Same sadists and child traffickers

      • “… The boy told investigators he “had asked Lindstrom how babies are made, prompting Lindstrom to play the videos,” the warrant stated.

        During an interview with Bethel police, Lindstrom denied showing the boy pornography and accused the mother of “coaching” the child, the warrant said. He claimed to have shown the boy a “movie clip” to explain reproduction, according to the warrant. Police said the movie clip provided by Lindstrom did not “satisfy or explain” the disclosures the boy made, according to the warrant. …”


    • Joanie is another part of the trafficking train in Connecticut. False statistical data. Pro pediphia and no license. She proposing parental alienation as a murderer defense in family law cases. Joanie and Heather should be banded from family court.

          • “Slam the Gavel welcomes Joan Kloth-Zanard to the podcast. She has a Masters Magna Cum Laude in Marriage and Family Therapy, a BS in Health and Psychology with a Minor in Business which includes extensive training and certification in Reunification Therapy and work with children. Joan has also been a Guardian Ad Litem and Certified as a Recovery Support Specialist in ABI …”

          • Joan Kloth Zanard “sees this all the time”?

            40:46 “Yeah, I mean and here’s something that we’ve noticed also — The more money the longer the case seems to get dragged out. And this is called price fixing. And that’s because what the attorneys do is, they figure out how much money they want to make before they’re going to have the parents settle. And I think I mentioned this back in February. It’s – – um, we’ve actually had an attorney or several attorneys here um, take early retirement rather than lose their license permanently for price fixing. It’s a dirty business. It’s – – and – – but we see this all the time.”

            Was that just a “tale” or “an ethics violation” or a crime?!

            41:29 “I also see – – I’ve also heard tales of where uh, a client’s attorney said to them hey for twenty five thousand dollars we can buy the GAL. My client happened to say, ‘No I – – I – – This is inappropriate. We need to let the system do its job.’ And then he saw the guardian ad item being handed an envelope of money. So, the other side paid for it – – paid for the guardian ad litem. And that is an ethics violation – – as obviously. But beyond the ethics, it shows that that guardian ad litem who in the state of Connecticut is primarily attorneys – – is a sociopath/ psychopath. That he will – – that he can – – he can get bought off at the expense of the best interest of the children.”

          • “… On March 23, 2004, Plaintiff emailed Dr. Perry, stating that she had contacted ‘over 25 people and places for internship/supervision,’ all to no avail. (Ex. K to Def.’s 56(a)1 Stmt.) On March 31, Plaintiff emailed Dr. Perry to advise him that she had a potential contact, and he encouraged her to have this contact, Judy Gardner, email him. (Ex. M to Def.’s 56(a)1 Stmt.) Dr. Perry testified at his deposition that he never heard from Judy Gardner. (See Perry Dep. at 108–10.) …”


          • In Joan’s interview on “Slam the Gavel”, she mentions the terms “coercive control” along with “parental alienating behaviors” as though some working in the family court industries plan to use the two labels any way they please. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what Mr. Cuda, DV expert extraordinaire did in the Ambrose case.

            From Joan Kloth-Zanard in the Slam the Gavel YouTube transcript:

            2:35 “… And why do I call it custodial interference using coercive controlling – – coercive control – – parental alienating behaviors and domestic violence by proxy? Well, now we need to go back and look at this a little bit. …”

            3:05 “… this requires a particular set of behavior patterns such as using excessive psychological – – or what we call coercive control …”

            3:51”… This brings in what we call parental alienating behaviors or what’s what’s um, called “PAB” P-A-B parental alienating behaviors – – are a form of coercive control …”

            19:18 “… We have to we have to get trained and educated properly on how to recognize true like allegations from false allegations now some of this is getting better but they’re lacking in the psychological abuse a coercive control and parental alienating behaviors they need to learn this. Now, I so happen to have a product I developed called “Red Flag Behaviors”. It’s over two hundred um, coercive control alienating behaviors that are used to impede a relationship it’s broken down into eleven categories. …”

            20:06 “… I could actually change this and alter it so that a professional could use it to determine if there is a preponderance of behaviors that are creating a pattern that might indicate coercive control parental parental alienation and domestic violence by proxy. This is what we need – – are things that the professionals can use to rule certain things out and rule certain things in. …”

            NEEDLE & CUDA 👈 (439351) Filed their appearance to represent JENNIFER LINDSTROM For: Family Superior Court Only: 07/20/2021

            DR. HEATHER EHINGER Filed her appearance as GAL for Minor Child: 02/06/2023

            In 2016: “parental alienation advocates and educators Joan Kloth-Zanard and Dr. Heather Ehinger LMFT” 👈 attended and presented their information at the 30th Annual Conference On The Prevention of Child Abuse in Dallas Texas. Joan and Dr. Ehinger 👈 shared what they learned at “this very special conference!” It was “a very rare opportunity!”

            The GuideStar Profile on Guidestar.org shows the following information about “PAS INTERVENTION“ aka Parental Alienation and Psychological Abuse Support and Intervention | Southbury, CT | http://www.pas-intervention.org:

            Board of directors
            as of 02/23/2023
            SOURCE: Self-reported by organization
            Board chair
            Joan Kloth-Zanard 👈
            Kloth Consulting
            Joan Teresa Kloth-Zanard
            Kloth Consulting
            Heather MacLetchie Ehinger 👈
            MacLetchie Institute

            Does anyone who knows about that case? How did Melissa Needle and/or Alex Cuda came to represent Jennifer Lindstrom?

            Who and/or what prompted Heather Ehinger to involve her self in that case?

            Something went very wrong somewhere in that “family court” case.

            How often and in how many ways were phrases such as “coercive control” and “parental alienation” mentioned in those meetings and court transcripts and what kind of harm did those kinds of phrases do to that family in that for-profit “family court battle”?

            How many state family court offices responsible for tracking outcomes worked with the Westport Police to share with those investigators the data points gathered from other outcomes similar to Jennifer’s family court case? What methods did Needle and Cuda — and all others involved in the case — use which might have precipitated that tragic outcome? Did financial data points calculated in the child support case factor in as a contributory variable?

            What mental health protocols did the involved attorneys enable or actively support? Which methods used in Jennifer #3’s case can Ms. Ehinger tell us about so the family court office collecting data on outcomes can know what works and what doesn’t?

            With hundreds of millions in state and federal funds made available to the family court system for the past several decades, has anyone in state government thought to establish some kind of Connecticut Family Court Data Office to review, collect data and chart exactly happened in the three Jennifer cases — and all other family court cases?

            A genuine concern for outcomes wouldn’t look like Mr. O’Neill ordering three teenagers to venture out alone into this wild world.

            A genuine concern for outcomes also wouldn’t look like Jennifer #3 at the bottom of her basement stairs.

            As long as no one in Connecticut government is allowed to be actively and truly interested in data and outcomes in “family court” cases, the purpose of Connecticut “family courts” will continue to be to extract as much money, life and hope from as many children and families as possible.

          • Narrsatic personality disorder. Generational abuse myths and truths. Find my parent. Joan does make some very valid points on toxic parents. However, the situation of an abusive parent is getting twisted in family court. Initially she states it’s either gender. As time has moved on she has targeted women. Several dads she has supported aggressively go after abuse victims. They are attempting to discredit women who have been abused. The parental alienation supporter in Connecticut have engaged in some dirty tactics to paint women as alienators, liars diggers and hysterical. They are often men pushing the welfare fatherhood platform. Placing men’s rights above the best interest of the children. Pushing reunification therapy and punishment of reporting abuse .

  • Credible evidence? Unless they have a recording of needle saying she wants to be paid in exchange for granting supervision, they’ve got nothing.

  • Needle is cute but I wouldn’t want to have kids with her. If we got divorced she’d probably charge me too much to buy them from her.

    • My dear incredible. Needle doesn’t have to ever see the kids.
      If I was selling a bag of jelly beans I don’t have to see the beans. I know what they’re worth. I don’t have to waste time inspecting the individual beans. They’re all the same.

      Needle is selling kids. Let’s not be naive.

      • Dear You Know What I Mean…? You are absolutely on target. Needle does not care about the children’s safety as her bank account is inanimate, you know, like her soul. People with a soul could never do what she does to children or to the parents she helps remove the kids from… We are witnessing incredible investigative reporting on the Connecticut Family Court system and the corruption and evil involved from Mr. Parlato. There are reports of over 300 women in Connecticut who have lost their children with all with broken hearts and some living in their cars to survive. This evil has to stop and those like Melissa Needle put in prison for the remainder of their evil lives.

    • It’s what they do. It’s so far afield from anything anyone would imagine that when you tell people the public thinks there’s got to be something wrong with you. That you have it wrong or misunderstood. Sick ride. They do no work. None.

      • It’s true! Even if you are a bystander in the family court and witness it you never truly feel or know the real truth why this is allowed to go on. Like hearing of someone’s medical issue until you actually go through one yourself! For example missed worked, pain, job and money loss! They have no souls! GROSSMAN needs to be tossed off the bench! She is the wizard behind the curtain!

  • Needle is a child trafficker. Here is the proof.

    “MYTH: People being trafficked are physically unable to leave or held against their will

    “FACT: Trafficking can involve force, but people can also be trafficked through threats, coercion, or deception. People in trafficking situations can be controlled through drug addiction, violent relationships, manipulation, lack of financial independence, or isolation from family or friends, in addition to physical restraint or harm.”

      • Some DOJ offices in America go after court corruption.

        Unfortunately, the New Haven, Connecticut DOJ office hasn’t been one of those offices.

        The higher-ups in that DOJ office probably scare their underlings and all of them are probably too infatuated with the idea of secrets and 💀s and 🦴 🦴s to do their jobs.

        Most apparently couldn’t care less about taxpayers, peasants and the “uninitiated”.

    • 🤫 Sshhh.

      Newspapers in Connecticut aren’t allowed to investigate and report what CT AFCC, Inc. did in the Paul Boyne case in 2007 — and then in the Ambrose case fifteen years after the Boyne case.

      Imagine how many Connecticut children and parents might be victims of those same kinds of family court crimes between 2007 and 2023.

      Considering an average of 25,000 family court cases per year, imagine how many Connecticut children and parents might be victims of the same kinds of family court crimes since 1984, when Dr. Richard Gardner’s ideas were officially:

      1. introduced to the state
      2. reinforced with public-private for-profit networks; and,
      3. mandatory, under penalty of law and judicial authority

      Which mainstream news outlet reporters and investigative journalists noticed all of that?

      1. For-profit players in CT AFCC, Inc. in the worst cases enjoyed judicial authority and judicial immunity since 1984.

      2. Most recently, Attorney Alex Cuda’s law firm worked with Joan Kloth-Zanard’s partner in the Jennifer Lindstrom case. Did Needle, Cuda and/or Ms. Zanard’s partner use Richard Gardner’s twisted theories to push Jennifer Lindstrom over the edge in more ways than one?

      3. Attorney Alex Cuda used the new Jennifer’s Law — with the term “coercive control” in a Connecticut father’s case against his teenagers and their mother. The teenagers and their mother simply refuse to condone barbershop fetishes and the sexualization of children. According to some Connecticut family court administrators, judges, attorneys and “mental health providers”, teenagers and mothers must accept barbershop fetishes and the sexualization of children.

      Connecting the dots between Ms. Kloth-Zanard, Dr. Richard Gardner, Connecticut AFCC, Inc. and various family court employees and private for-profit vendors who managed the Boyne, Ambrose and Lindstrom cases would lead quickly to grand jury trials in a state in which most people DON’T condone Dr. Richard Gardner’s twisted theories and practices.

      Those who were and still are directly and indirectly responsible for the harm done in the Ambrose case — and those who managed all family court cases involving the sexualization of children since 1984 should be one focus of investigation in Connecticut mainstream news outlets.

      Can we all talk about everything else in the world — but not that?

      All who committed and covered for crimes in Connecticut family courts don’t want anyone talking about grand jury trials. And, when newspaper headlines finally start announcing the three judges’ case against Paul Boyne, the articles will probably tell us all we know about our freedom of speech.

  • Neal Patrick Rogan

    November 9, 1956 – August 11, 2023 (66 years old)

    Ridgefield, Connecticut …

    … In Lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Quinnipiac University (https://securelb.imodules.com) to help students with the cost of education.”

  • June 9, 2021 “… During an interview with Bethel police, Lindstrom denied showing the boy pornography and accused the mother of “coaching” the child, the warrant said. He claimed to have shown the boy a “movie clip” to explain reproduction, according to the warrant. Police said the movie clip provided by Lindstrom did not “satisfy or explain” the disclosures the boy made, according to the warrant. …”

    “… Mr. L or Marc Lindstrom has been teaching physical education at Ridgefield Academy for 14 years. He has been doing parties for over 12 of those years. A father of 3 boys, Mr. L resides in his hometown of Bethel, Ct. and it is safe to say that teaching and entertaining kids was his calling. Marc holds a 044 certification in PE. …”




    … Notice for Hearing and Notice
    Scheduled Court Dates as of 08/18/2023
    # Date Time Event Description Status
    1 08/31/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Off
    2 09/01/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Proceeding
    3 09/15/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Proceeding”

  • So much is revealed in GAL billing. The judges who are rubber-stamping billing fraud are shysters themselves.

    If we had a real FBI, they would take down a few lying lawyers for mail fraud and wire fraud on their billing. That would keep everyone honest, even crooked judges.

    But that will never happen in Connecticut. The DOJ is just as crooked as the rest. The rule of law is dead in America.

    George Washington was notorious for not taking bullshit. He was a military man, tough as nails. He would view the CT “Cash For Kids” scheme as treachery of the worst kind, and attorneys and judges who support it as Oathbreakers.

    We need a modern-day George Washington to fix our broken American institutions, a person who is not afraid to string up the treasonous.

  • “… Jennifer Lindstrom

    … There is an American saying that behind every great man there is a great women. I have found that behind me there is an amazing group of men who have supported me through the thick and thin. Personally and professionally. You are one of them! We just need more of them because I have had my fair share or roadblocks put up in front of me by others who fear change. I have also been brought to tears when men support me and realize that which others are doing is wrong. There are still way too many rotten apples in the system and unfortunately many times it is driven by cultural differences which we need to work on as a global community to help women. …”

  • People are relived that Calmar died- he was a crook too- in 2014 when the “GAL” bill with AFCC GALs on the committee had their paws in it- the bill that passed in the house- was not the same bill that went to the senate- it’s all substituted language. Buzzuto, Patrick Carroll rewrote it. Calmar was another judge who had a hand in the rewrite. Five people saw this, said nothing. I told FBI and DOJ. Crickets there. Family court is a scam that is protected.
    Yes a bill passed in the House of Representatives was changed on the way to senate vote

  • Attorney Cuda are you a friend of the court? Are you influencing the family court system? Are you covering up the sins of the AFCC and Connecticut state bar?

  • Well damn, “Cohen, playing his part in the enterprise, acting sympathetic to his client, told Greenan that Needle was a “whore,” who would “go away” if he met her demands for money.” So even one of the “cabal” recognizes Needle’s disgusting unethical behavior. I wonder, not really, why this apparent CT Family Court system child trafficker had her law license suspended in 2007. It appears the circle is closing around these criminals.

  • No laws passed will stop or slow down the train of traffic going on in family court. If you want to over come court system we must change the process. Starting from electing judges to the beach. Public access to information in family court and complaints. Change in leadership and policy. Judge Diana is no more interested in fixing the court than Albis. The funding to family court system and related agencies need to change. Restructure. We all have to ask ourselves why is Connecticut so hell bent on keeping the broken, currupt system business as usual?

      • Who should I elaborate to? I have already come forward with fraud and material misrepresentation. I have plenty of documents to support. Who in the government is willing to listen and do something about it?

          • Judge Diana. I contacted the procuctors office. They sent me a formal letter telling me to contact judge Diana and the police department. When I called from the number the prosecutor office provided the secretary told me never to call back again. Judge Diana told me he would read my letter. He never prescribed over my case. He could have recused himself. I was attempting to contact him in regards to fraud and racketeering. Because you are supposed to contact a judge. The state of Connecticut is aware of who I am. I would be happy to give them a copy of all the documents I have. There is something terribly wrong with Connecticut family court.

          • Yes there is something terribly wrong. If you have evidence send it to me. This cash for kids enterprise has to stop in Ct and in family courts everywhere.

    • Like open national borders, COVID mandates, 15-minute cities and ads to make boys girls and girls boys, family court corruption and custody flips with “PAS” is the same throughout America, Canada, Argentina and many Western countries:

      “… the script and the big song and dance numbers — those stay the same …”

      • The governor’s last name is “Lamont”.

        Central Bank Digital Currency in a social credit score system with facial recognition networks are all across China already. New Haven’s Skull and Bones members want to secretly control every child and family in the world. No wonder Connecticut “family courts” are a nightmare.

        When will people in Connecticut get rid of that blatant extortion racket in family courts? Write a letter. Call in to a radio show. One spark is probably all it will take and we’re running out of time.

        Purposely adversarial for-profit extremely dangerous child custody cases hasn’t been a good look for the past four decades.

        What happens if psychopaths who act like some of the worst Connecticut judges and attorneys start controlling the entire world? Look up “facial recognition scans in China” … Central Bank Digital Currency … and “social credit scores”, Connect those three scenarios to a “family court“ system, Connecticut-style.

        Wake up, people. Selfish dangerous idiots control the family courts. Those same kinds of idiots plan to control the world, soon.

        Time to “Lean In” to govern ourselves.

        Let’s start with getting rid of the corruption and the profit motive in all family courts.

        • “… He is the great-grandson of former J. P. Morgan & Co. chair Thomas W. Lamont and a grand-nephew of former American Civil Liberties Union director and National Council of American–Soviet Friendship chairman and founder Corliss Lamont. …“

          “… You expressed it upon your side by presenting me with a copy of your book, The Illusion of Immortality, and inscribing upon the fly-leaf:

          To Max Eastman

          Who believes with me that Truth is
          “More sweet than freedom;
          more desired than joy,
          More sacred than the serving of a friend.”

          Corliss Lamont
          April 1935

          Although so clearly seeing that lying to the masses was an essential ingredient of Stalinist policy, and so solemnly abjuring it for yourself, you continued to run with the Stalinist chiefs. You never exposed their political lies, or said publicly what you said to me in private. For a very long time you played friends with both Lie Communists and Truth Communists, and gave your money with one hand to the Stalinists and with die other to independent revolutionary papers which still believed that scientific integrity and honest education of the masses is essential to the proletarian movement. Anybody who plays both sides in quiet times will be found in a crisis on the side with power. And in the issue between truth and political lying, between science and Jesuitism, between intelligence and blind bigotry, between education and indoctrination, between the enlightment and manipulation of public opinion, between the life of reason and the totalitarian state of mind – and that is the paramount issue upon which in this day the fate of civilization rests – the Moscow trials are a crisis. They carry the whole cult, art, ideology and technique of political and party lying to so hideous an extreme that every man in the labor and radical movement must take his stand for or against. And you have taken yours with those whom you yourself so clearly defined as the “Lie Communists”, because they are in the ascendant, and because you lack the moral force to stand against them for the truth. …”


          • “… Lie Communists … Jesuitism …”

            “… And in the issue between truth and political lying, between science and Jesuitism, between intelligence and blind bigotry, between education and indoctrination, between the enlightment and manipulation of public opinion, between the life of reason and the totalitarian state of mind – and that is the paramount issue upon which in this day the fate of civilization rests …”

        • “… Corliss, the grave issue at the present moment is between truth and lies. It may seem to you that I am drawing moral issues rather fine against you here and now. But you will find that in your role of public defender of a deliberate policy of falsification, you will be impelled, and compelled, to more and more crude, more and more conscious, more and more debased and foul, and even as we see in Russia, murderous, tricks of public deceit and private knifing, until there is not a clear fibre left of the man who coined those words “Truth Communist” and “Lie Communist”, and who wrote that moving inscription in my copy of his book.

          Yours sincerely,
          Max EASTMAN”

  • Well, well, well. The Wicked Witch of CT, well one of them, is being exposed. Nice photo of her at the top of the Report Mr. Parlato. She looks like a dude from an 80’s rock band who refuses to drop the image…Lol. I wonder how many of her clients and their children she has screwed over to make a profit. Mr. Parlato, your work on the suspected Connecticut Family Crime Organization is amazing.I have a really good feeling that more information concerning Ms. Needle’s apparent criminal activity will be exposed.

  • Yes- but this only works for fathers. Seriously, people don’t believe this, but it happens. Some have it returned to them via TANF funds. Only men find this layout back via CT’s Martinez Grant statutes – family bar had a hand in those

    • Ladies ask for discloser of third party players. Ask about the access and visitation grant. I believe it is not income based.

      • It is not income based fro men. Access and visitation money is a drop. DV orgs in CT garner 66% of their funding facilitating abusers to have access to children- any services are about access- not drug addiction, abuse, etc. spelled out in the grants

        • Sounds like sort of detailed information. Are the documents online somewhere?

          Copies of originals from primary sources help the most.

      • Who has the records showing where Access and Visitation grants go?

        The Comptroller’s Office?

        Where are the records of all the family court cases in receipt of A&V grants?
        Where are the records of outcomes since the program started?

        Who cares about outcomes, there?
        If more harm than good was done with “Access and Visitation grants”, who should want to know?

        Office of the State Comptroller
        State of Connecticut
        165 Capitol Avenue
        Hartford, Connecticut 06106
        Telephone: (860) 702-3300

        Budget & Financial Analysis Division

  • How many kids taken from Westport mothers? Countless…

    Why is it never reported? MONEY

    Westport… a dangerous place to be a kid….

    Brought to you by Needle & Cuna

    …and don’t forget Ed Nusbaum. 🦈

  • Warning toWestport: Needle & Cuna are child abusers.

    Does Melissa see herself as a model? What’s with her striking a pose?

    Is that her strong feminine stance?

    As she’s plundering the neighbors family savings and auctioning time with children to the highest bidding parent?

    This is Melissa Needle & Alex Cuna

    Giving Westport a bad name.

  • Frank-
    I heard two stories recently regarding attorney Neal Rogan. One is that he was in an auto accident and another is that he committed suicide- that the evil doers of family court were going against him and it was too much.

    Something those tortured by CT family court can appreciate but until stories like yours have come out to the public, the cruelty and inhumanity that drives CT family court is inconceivable to most.

    Thanks for staying on top of this.

  • Criminal. Court criminals. Some of the most evil creatures one can experience. It’s proven racketeering.

    Needle & Cuda are vultures. Cudas DV award is an embarrassment to all victims of DV. He just violated the rights of three teens and an innocent mother.

    Cuda said coercive control is the code for the teens filing petitions against their father! The father is coercively controlling the teens by denying them a voice, illegally speaking for them as if he’s a victim, and forcing them out of safe haven.

    That’s the coercive control. Do as I say or I’ll coerce you to do so. Kinda simple. They filed in juvenile court and father filed petitions to dismiss their claims.

    The silencing of his own children is the definition of coercive control. Well done Cuda! He’s gotten an enormous paycheck and it’ll be overturned. Ambrose will be imploding shortly.

    It$ all about the $$$$$$$$$

    $acrificing our kid$ for ca$h.

    • Juvenile Law Center: “… We discovered that hundreds of children routinely appeared before Judge Mark Ciavarella without counsel, were quickly adjudicated delinquent (found guilty) for minor offenses and immediately transferred to out-of-home placements. …“

      • “They were denied their right to counsel.”

        The three teenagers in the Ambrose case were also denied their right to counsel. How many other Connecticut children and teenagers in family and juvenile courts have been denied right to counsel?

        Records from the past forty years should show who did what, how often and why.

        2014 is around the time Ms. Lynda Munro stepped down from the bench. It’s also around the time Director Adelman stepped down from his role as Director of “The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.”

        For the past forty years, a public-private for-profit network — registered as a corporation and unregistered as the same network — has virtually controlled the Connecticut family court system since 1984.

        Steven Grant would probably know most about that public-private network/corporation in the Connecticut family court system. Where is Mr. Grant now? According to the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision State Council Meeting Minutes from July 16, 2014: “There was also motion to remove Steven Grant, Executive Director of the Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division (CSSD) as a member of CT’s State Council. The motion was approved. Commissioner Roberge agreed with this motion. DCA Watton seconded.“ https://jud.ct.gov/committees/InterstateCompact/IC_minutes_071614.pdf

        Is Steven Grant’s name still listed in the Connecticut Judicial Staff Phone Directory Search. Does he still work in Connecticut state government? What happened from around 2010 to 2015 in the Connecticut family court system and what took so long for Patrick Carroll III to step aside?

        In his: “Testimony of Judge Patrick L. Carroll III Chief Court Administrator Appropriations Committee Budget Presentation February 11, 2020” he wrote: “The effect of statutory non-compliance is that the Recommended General Fund budget for the Judicial Branch that the Committee is working from is $9.1 million less in FY 2021 than what the Judicial Branch recommended.” https://www.cga.ct.gov/2020/appdata/tmy/2020HB-05005-R000211-Agency%20-%20Judicial%20Branch-Chief%20Court%20Administrator-Judge%20Patrick%20L.%20Carroll-TMY.PDF

        The effect of statutory non-compliance has been happening in Connecticut family courts since 1984. Most everyone paying attention knows it. Which Connecticut news investigators and reporters plan to wait to investigate and report about a judge denying the those teenagers’ right to counsel?

        Regarding the mainstream journalists waiting to investigate family court corruption:

        What are they waiting for? 🤔

          • Ditunno has his hands in everything. His wife is part of the health and human services department at Uconn. Fatherhood initiative.He was co chair with Jarmoc on the Ccadv. I think the Ccadv is in the same building as family. services. Maybe they are figuring out who needs access and visitation grants through the fatherhood initiative funding.

          • According to a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, “… It was in the early 70s that the legislature gave up their authority for oversight over the judiciary. …”

            “CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC” … for-profit vendors with judicial authority and judicial immunity for profit officially on the books in 1984, then not … then again on the books from 2013 to 2015, then … all off the books after that?

            2013 Judicial Ethics Committee: CT AFCC Inc. “nonprofit” broke rules
            DOJ “Public Corruption Investigation” 2014 – 2015

            Anne Stevenson: “On March 14, 2013, Connecticut Judicial Branch Manager Marylou Giovannucci sent an email from her state work account to roughly 800 family court industry professionals soliciting business and donations for the First Annual Conference of the Connecticut Chapter of the AFCC being held on April 12, 2013 at Quinnipiac University in Hamden. Judge Munro, who is also a professor at Quinnipiac Law, was a featured speaker at the conference. Dr. Horowitz and several Judicial Branch managers and vendors were listed on the flyer as AFCC conference committee members.

            The problem according to attorneys from the Secretary of State’s office, was that neither the AFCC nor the Connecticut AFCC was registered to do business in the state at the time. The Connecticut AFCC’s incorporation documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office on March 26 show that founding board members include Judge Munro, Judge Wetstone, Judge Gerard Adelman, as well as Judicial Branch managers Kulak, Giovannucci, and Phyllis Cummings-Texiera.”

            Connecticut General Assembly Special Act No.15-10, established “a task force to study the state-wide response to family violence”. September 9, 2015, task force members discussed federal funding of state programs, the value of fact-finding to achieve their goals and the importance of data collection to determine how 🚨federal funds🚨 are used in the state agencies handling various aspects of domestic violence and abuse cases involving minor children.

            At the 1:01:58 minute mark in the full CT-N video, Mr. Grant communicates with someone off-camera with hand gestures. It starts at 2:54 in the video clip.

            Connecticut OCPD biographies: “Stephen R. Grant, MA, CAGS is the Director of Juvenile and Family Services for the Court Support Services Division of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch …“

            An earlier version of the following AFCC announcement on their website included the “$50,000” in front of the word “contract”: “… In the summer of 2002 AFCC was awarded a contract with the Connecticut Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Family Services Unit to develop an empirically based screening instrument for the Family Services Unit. The project team conducted site visits; direct observation; review and assessments of services; focus groups with stakeholders; and a literature review on screening protocols. CSSD revised its menu of services on the recommendation of the project team. The screening protocol was developed, training conducted, and the screen was first piloted, and then rolled out statewide. AFCC was then awarded a second contract to evaluate the instrument over a three-year period. The project was submitted by the Connecticut Judicial Branch and was a semi-finalist in the Kennedy School of Government Innovations in American Government Awards.”

            “18 U.S. Code Chapter 95 § 1952. Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises
            (a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses the mail or any facility in interstate or foreign commerce, with intent to—
            (1) distribute the proceeds of any unlawful activity; or
            (2) commit any crime of violence to further any unlawful activity; or
            (3) otherwise promote, manage, establish, carry on, or facilitate the promotion, management, establishment, or carrying on, of any unlawful activity,
            and thereafter performs or attempts to perform—
            (A) an act described in paragraph (1) or (3) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both; or
            (B) an act described in paragraph (2) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both, and if death results shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life ….”

          • Beth Bozzuto is sitting to the left of Stephen Grant in that meeting. Did she see who was standing off-camera to her right when Mr. Grant was communicating whatever he was communicating?

            If anyone knows about that communication, please post that information here.

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