100 Days in SHU – Toni Fly Threatens to Kill Raniere

Keith Raniere continues to have it bad.  Maybe karma works exponentially. This boy has it worse than Daniela or any of the DOS slaves he intended to cage in dungeons.

Don’t take my word for it.

Here is Raniere’s latest affidavit. It is a furthering of his last affidavit as found in Raniere Cries Out From Prison – I’m in Danger – Fly Might Accuse Me of Rape

Keith Raniere with one of his partners, Lauren Salzman, during happier days.

By Keith Raniere

I, Keith Raniere, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, and based upon my personal knowledge and experience, hereby make the following declaration in support of my allegations against the BOP of retaliation and covering up numerous policy violations.

Aerial view of downtown Tucson and street grid. Tucson, Arizona, USA

1. I am currently incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the United
States Penitentiary in Tucson.

2. I am currently housed in the SHU, in “Administrative Segregation” and have been
for more than 100 days.

3. There is no legal justification for my being in SHU for this long.

4. The following is a list of the retaliation events as I can recall them:

a) Legal mail sent to me was opened by prison staff outside my presence and sent
to the prosecution.

b) The complete scrubbing of my visitation list, which cut off my contact with my
attorneys, as well as my family.

c) 97-days in SHU after a restitution hearing, for which all charges were dropped.

d) Ongoing interference with legal visits and phone calls.

e) Current 100+ days in SHU for being assaulted, the investigation which cleared me of fighting, and the current conflict between the stated reason for this stay, and what the paperwork actually indicates.

f) The current attempt to transfer me because of too many legal calls/visits.

5. I write this affidavit deeply concerned for my physical well-being, as I understand that the BOP is attempting to transfer me to another prison.

6. Because of the high profile nature of my case, and the nature of my crimes of conviction, I believe this transfer will expose me to the likelihood of being assaulted or killed by other prisoners.

7. This affidavit will describe and document, circumstances, punishments, and retaliation by BOP staff I have been subjected to in recent months.

8. During the week of 10/23/22, I was told by staff from my unit team, as I was being taken to a visit with my attorneys that they are recommending my transfer to another institution.

9. Staff stated that the move was in response to the number of legal calls and legal visits, and that I am too much for this institution and my unit team, and I need to go to a better equipped facility.

10. Given my sex crimes convictions, I should be placed in a facility with a “sex offender management program”.

11. Given the BOP’s bizarre classification system I am ineligible to go to any other yard with such a program.

12. My unit team approves each of my legal visits, and calls and I have had fewer calls and visits recently, which is documented by the BOP.

13. There is no policy which sets the maximum number of legal calls or visits a prisoner may receive.

14. In fact the BOP policy statement on attorney visits (1315.07) reads: The Warden generally may not limit the frequency of attorney visits since the number of visits necessary is dependent upon the nature and urgency of the legal problems involved.

15. There was a recent public press conference with Alan Dershowitz and a series of pro-government experts relating to criminal acts by the FBI and prosecution in my case.

16. I had no legal contact for 2 weeks after the press conference.

17. According to BOP exhibits, since I’ve been in the S.H.U. (7/26) I’ve had 4 legal calls, and 10 legal visits (2 of them back to back) so in a little over 14 weeks, as of this filing, I’ve had about one legal even per week. This frequency has not increased over the time I’ve been in the S.H.U.

18. There are multiple statements in the record that I circumvented mail monitoring and abused phone privileges.

Nicki Clyne

19. Each of these refer to the same incident in which another prisoner who was working with Ms. Clyne through her outreach program where she assists prisoners with research, connecting with family, and other basic needs, said something to the effect of “Keith sends his love.”

20. This happened before I was barred from contacting Ms. Clyne, and appears to be the justification for removing her.

21. Ms. Clyne is still in touch today with many, if not all, of the prisoners she has been
helping for the last two-and-a-half-years, but not me.

22. At all times during the alleged offense, I was allowed full contact with Nicki Clyne by phone (I called her sometimes several times a day) and visitation (she visited me for every minute allowed- Sat. & Sun., 9:30 am -2:45 pm, every 2 weeks )

23. Any representation I was restricted or blocked during this time, yet tried to circumvent that block is false.

24. BOP records indicate that I never communicated with Ms. Clyne in contravention of the rules.

25. At MDC Nicki Clyne was blocked, not removed from my contact list. (later she applied for visitation and was accepted.)

26. I questioned this improper block and was told by my counselor that they would remove it; when I was transferred it was unblocked so I resumed calling.

27. On 9/8/2022 the Warden, SIA, and numerous other officers came to our cell.

28. My cellmate’s legal work which had been torn, and soaked in water, and brought to her [Toni Fly] by staff the night before was in plastic bags under a bed.

29. The warden asked what was in the bags, and Ms. Fly responded “It’s my legal work”

30. The warden ordered us out of the cell.

31. We were handcuffed, and placed in a holding cell.

32. Within the holding cell were 3×3 cages with small wooden benches.

33. We were each locked in a cage and left handcuffed for another 45-60 minutes.

34. The room was contaminated with feces; there were two piles on the floor, and 19 streaks on the walls.

35. The odor was overpowering and nauseating.

36. We remained in this feces covered room for approximately 5 hours.

37. We were forced to eat lunch in this room.

38. While we were in the room we were visited by members of the Psychology staff: Doctor’s Hermosillo, and Poleski.

39. A number of security staff including: CO’s Lee-Trajo, Francis, and Cosme saw the conditions, and would be able to attest to them.

40. I believe placing us in these conditions was further retaliation against me, and an attempt to incite my my cellmate who has 75 PREA complaints on inmates, and is noted for saying on multiple occasions, she would kill any sex offender with whom she celled.

41. On 8/26/22 I was approved by the SIS Lt., the DHO, and SHU Lt. to return to general population with no security concerns.

42. I was not allowed to return and on 9/20/22 a new investigation was initiated allegedly about my safety.

This is the end of Keith Raniere’s affidavit.

Now, I, Frank Parlato, pursuant to the policies of Frank Report, and based on my knowledge and experience, hereby make the following comments about Keith Raniere.

Let me be blunt. Tucson is getting rid of Raniere.

Sometime soon, likely in January, he will head out.

Most likely by bus. And for several weeks or maybe months, he will travel in horrid conditions. Shackled at the feet, hands and belly.

Then he will end up in a max security prison. He might even land in Super Max – in Florence, Colorado.

The ADX (administrative maximum) Supermax Prison in Florence, Colorado is an isolation prison for repeat and high profile felony offenders.

That is a supermax cell. 

Raniere has employed a strategy with the BOP — to be defiant and not integrated. To be in their eyes a suppressive.

Sure, it seems retaliatory. But it would be far more believable if Raniere was not the very thing he punished people in NXIVM for – he is defiant.

He might have been able to make his filings without getting everyone angry with him.

He might not have had his followers dance in front of the prison. Maybe not go over to the prosecutors with HBO cameras in tow.

There to try to get them to sign an affidavit that anyone but Raniere and followers would know they would not sign.

All strategic attempts to embarrass them.

The coffee and donuts gambit was stupid. Maybe the cell phone in the cell. Maybe having Nicki work with other prisoners – good though that may be. But not a wise move for a woman whose partner is in prison.

Maybe he should not have sued the BOP, the Attorney General, the Warden and the Director of the BOP.

Why the suit?

Over the fact that two of his 200 legal calls got interrupted.

Maybe he should have been a bit patient and waited to see if the legal calls were restored, which they were in no time.

Maybe he should not have made the hill he would die on be the ability to talk to Suneel.

He may have waited and let the attorneys communicate with Suneel. Waited till the courts resolved the FBI tampering matter.

I’m not saying he should not talk to Suneel, his power of attorney, but you have to pick the hills you die on.

This dummy always picks the wrong hills. His real fight is with the FBI, and he did not need to pick a fight with the BOP. He might have tried to appease them and not make a big lawsuit – which he will lose.

Sure, if he could win, he could fight, but this is the hill he would die on.

Sure, Suneel thought it was right to use a fake name to talk to Raniere. After all, he was trying to make plans to free Raniere.

But Raniere should have recognized Suneel was vulnerable.

Just like he made Danielle Roberts vulnerable by letting her – a licensed professional – do the branding.

So she lost her license.

What’s wrong with this guy? He can’t protect his followers and himself.

Sure, the BOP is retaliatory, or are they? They got this defiant, masochistic maniac who can’t put things in proportion.

He fights the FBI. That is the big fight.

I leave it at that. Don’t die on the Hill Suneel.

Don’t die on the BOP lawsuit.

Stay the course. Be calm and polite. They are your captors, fool. They can make you miserable – as much as you made your followers miserable.

I know it must be sad for Raniere. All his followers left him, so he cannot hurt them anymore except the last few.

What joy he must have in destroying Suneel, Nicki, Daniele, Marc, Eduardo, and others.

They are wasting the best years of their lives dedicated to a maniac who wants to destroy them.

The sad thing which none of my readers understand is that these followers are good people.

They are just as good as the others who woke up and left. They just haven’t woken up yet.

They are deluded about their Vanguard.

He does not love them, he hates them with intensity. He wants to ruin their happiness. He wants to ruin everyone’s happiness.

He is the kind of guy who would pray to take punishment, so long as it ruins others’ happiness.

Suneel might be right about FBI tampering. But the strategy Raniere leads them to only makes it less likely they will prove it.

Instead, it takes Raniere out of the game.

The BOP will punish Raniere more and more. He DID NOT have to sue the BOP.

He could have let the FBI tampering work itself out. After all, he started the suit not in the SHU – but just denied some attorney calls, which he got back.

And not talking to Suneel. He already could not talk to Nicki for more than a year.

The result is the BOP will transfer him to a bad ass prison.

At the same time, he takes his followers’ best efforts and ruins them.

Like he ruined everyone with his sorority headed by him based on blackmail and branding.

An MLM master-slave group predicated on lying to recruits that he had no involvement.

Yeah, baby, sue the BOP, condemn everyone, and prove you’re the Vanguard. Your suffering has just begun.

Stupid man. You could be fighting to bring out the truth about the FBI, but instead, you fight everyone and lose.

Your next stop will be the worst you ever saw. You’re headed to one of the worst prisons, and your life won’t be safe outside of the SHU.

Today you ask to get out of the SHU. The next place you go, you will beg to be in the SHU — otherwise, someone will murder you.

And it won’t be no weak candy ass like Toni Fly.

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  • Love the Toni and Chet vs Frank drama!



    Frank are you writing this stuff on ReEdit?

    I know you’re not, but it’d be damn funny if you were.

    I’ll never forget when you and Toni were sitting across from each other, in the documentary, looking like a divorced couple. Priceless!

    • I wish I were. But I couldn’t have written it funnier than Chet Hardin. For me, this is pure fun and a great holiday gift. I hope Chet feels the same way. And Toni.

      • Happy Holidays!
        There are no two ways about it.”
        It’s Chet Hard’on.

        There’s another persona on ReEdit who’s most likely Alanzo. LOL
        I post the link.

        I must admit[obviously ] I love the cast of characters.

        I’m definitely a member of the
        Frank Report Whack. The only difference between them and me is I know I’m a crank.

        Don’t know if my last post posted.

  • “There are no ultimate victims; therefore, I will not choose to be a victim.” – Twelve-point Mission Statement By Keith Raniere. © 1998, Executive Success Programs, All rights reserved.

  • “6. Because of the high profile nature of my case, and the nature of my crimes of conviction, I believe this transfer will expose me to the likelihood of being assaulted or killed by other prisoners.“

    Is he afraid of being “Epsteined”?

    “8. During the week of 10/23/22, I was told by staff from my unit team, as I was being taken to a visit with my attorneys that they are recommending my transfer to another institution.“

    “my unit team” 🤔
    Is he trying to play “Vanguard” in prison?
    Imagine the response from his cell mates and prison guards if he expects such special treatment. 😳

  • Curious–I thought he was forbidden, when sentenced, to have any future contact with any NXIVM members remaining. If so, how/why is he allowed so much contact with Nikki Clyne? And who is the “family” he refers to? Did Nikki suddenly get interested in prisoners rights in order to befriend prisoners near the Vanguard to get access to him?

    • It has to do with ‘Coaches’ or so many stripes on the sash – essentially the upper leadership/management were a no-no for any contact

      Apparently, Nicki, Suneel, Marc, Michele, the rest of the dead-enders were nxivm nobody’s

  • This the point. KR is not good at psychology in this situation- he cannot seem to operate in a way where he is not the boss so is his own undoing. There are situations where most people know you do what you are told, make those around you like you and then things are easier.

  • Frank-

    Love the sarcasm! LOL

    You should’ve used the word “behoove” to describe how Kieth should behave.

    “It would have behooved Kieth to be nice to the BOP.”

  • “Good things happen to bad people. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth or a guy with an asshole/vagina.”

    Kieth has the only pussy in prison; according to Scott Johnson
    “Miss Fly is 10x better looking than my wife or a $20 hooker. “

    • I thought you said of Mrs. J “I want to take all our best moments, put them in a jar, and take them out like Amway biscuits and savor each one of them forever.” D

      id something dampen that relationship?

      • “Dampen” is the key word. Her [redacted] is drier than burnt toast or an Amway duck biscuit.

        The only ‘jar’ I needed was one big enough to hold my puke when I smelled her from across the room.

        Relationship? She’s like dick repellent. After 5min with her—I wanted to pull the condom over my head and suffocate.

        • I remember you telling her Amway husband that she was great in bed. She really wasn’t, but you wanted to make him feel good.

  • Re Keith Raniere 42 points of complaint.

    Something about the number 42:

    The ancient Egyptians believed that during the judgment of the dead, a deceased person would have to declare before 42 judges that he had not committed any of 42 sins during his life.

    Tibet had 42 kings. Nyatri Tsenpo, who ruled around 127 B.C., was the first, and Langdarma, who ruled from 836 to 842, was the last.

    The Gutenberg Bible, the first printed book in Europe, has 42 lines of text per column and is therefore titled the “forty-two-line Bible”.

  • Raniere’s Oct. 24 statement and his Nov. 1 statement each include 42 separate points. Raniere has a fondness for the number 42 or it is pure coincidence. In any case, this very long list makes for a very long processing time. And with a total of 84 items to review all of them, it will probably take longer for Raniere to get his answer to them and for a decision to be made. He may not get the answer to his grievances until he is transferred to another prison. There, the game starts all over again, because his complaints are essentially against the Tucson prison.

  • How many of us have been deceived?

    Here’s a partial transcript from “Mormon Stories Podcast” on YouTube …

    Premiered Oct 6, 2022

    “… A look at the similarities between the Masonic ceremony and the LDS Church Endowment temple ceremony, and what Joseph Smith taught early members about the connections …

    … Joseph Smith absolutely loved like the
    Old Testament ideas and brought him in everywhere and unfortunately he did it in a way that’s just not historically accurate and so I mentioned earlier the
    church does not have a gospel topics essay on masonry but they do have like a little topics entry so it’s a very short
    um kind of explainer about masonry and so one in that they say there are no
    known Masonic documents before about 1400 the earliest records tell a story of masonry originating during Old
    Testament times the oldest surviving minutes of masonic lodges date to about 1600 and indicate
    that the organization was primarily concerned with regulating the trade of stone masonry later minutes showed that
    The Lodges were generally overtaken by men who are not stone masons these members transformed the organization
    from a trade Guild into a fraternity Masons told a story about how their ancient forebears had learned stone
    masonry used it to build Solomon’s Temple protected the temple site and held knowledge about their craft as a
    closely guarded Secret by Joseph Smith day the boundaries between masonry’s early European history and its founding
    myths and traditions had long since been blurred the rituals of Freemasonry appear to have originated in early
    modern Europe aspects of these ceremonies bear resemblance to religious rights in many cultures ancient and
    modern and so The church here is saying that by Joseph Smith’s time the the basically the actual history of masonry
    and the myths had been blurred and as Nemo said earlier Joseph Smith was
    coming in at a time when those myths were being blurred and just took them as history and so I guess the church in a
    way is kind of funny to me because the value of a prophet is to be able to tell the difference between you know truth
    and in fiction and myth and history and yet this is the church basically saying yeah Joseph Smith came when those lines
    were being blurred and what they don’t tell you is that Joseph Smith was you know literally telling everybody that he was restoring it but this is a really
    good admission that masonry is not what Joseph Smith claimed it was in the name of God you know telling people it was
    revealed to him and right here this tells you that the entire value of a prophet is just
    relegated to almost nothing if you want to take the Church of their word with this essay comparing to what Joseph Smith said was Revelation it’s this is
    really damning stuff if you know at least in my opinion I I think this shows that Joseph didn’t know what he was
    working with but I think it also shows I think something that we we don’t always talk
    about is sometimes the earnestness of Joseph’s intentions um we can never truly know what his intentions were but I think sometimes he
    was taking things that he legitimately believed to be ancient and trying to pull them into his religion so he took
    masonry which he may have believed was truly ancient and thought Mormonism needs this yep
    yeah it could be I mean there’s a lot of instances where it seems like Joseph Smith is is really actively trying to
    learn and do into to be able to you know bring those Concepts in in a
    way that would would be to make the church grow and you know to your point I’m not saying that Joseph is you know
    sitting in a room laughing like oh my goodness I can’t believe these people are buying what I’m saying. ….”

  • US prisons exist to dehumanise and torment the people they house. This is not the way they should be. But Raniere will not beat the system. Rather he will be subjected to harsher and harsher measures until he shuts up. That’s the way the system works.

    • The exact same could have been said on NXIVM as a whole, and DOS specifically. You think he demanded collateral for any reason outside of perversion and blackmail? Real injustice exists in this world. This ain’t it.

  • No candy ass??
    Your predictions make you a disappointment, Frank!

    P.S. I watched some episodes of the Vow. Must say I love your architectural taste when it comes to a home. Also, a divinely serene street that is. Might not be expensive but so calming.

  • Perhaps if he could get some followers to dance and tweak outside, these grave injustices could be remedied.

    Not exactly “Midnight Express “.

    • To the dead-enders and those waffling over whether to show pity for poor Keith: Please re-read what Frank wrote. He really did nail it. Even if you don’t get it now, you’ll eventually get the shivers and realize Frank knows Keith better than anyone.

  • Psychologists are of no value and have accountability to no one.

    Raniere was “visited by members of the Psychology staff: Doctor’s Hermosillo, and Poleski”. And these two did nothing about the conditions he was being subjected to? Just collecting a paycheck. It’s disgusting. They are an embarrassment to the profession-

    Court and govt appointed psychologists are all hired guns.

  • Seems like the government is deeply invested in silencing Raniere. There should be outrage that any human being is treated this way by our government. It’s psychological and physical torture.

  • Nothing justifies how they’re treating Raniere- and so many other prisoners.

    It’s sadistic and inhumane.

    • Most aren’t justifying anything. Everything was called from the cheap seats years ago. This could only go one way – Vegas wouldn’t even give it a line. We are witnessing Keith Alan Raniere doing typical Keith Alan Raniere shit. He is who we thought he is. And he ain’t repping the smartest guy in the world.

      I completely understand your point and won’t argue against it. But a totally different point is that Keith is a one-trick lawsuit loving pony. Completely jaw-dropping to see his lawsuits be the LITERAL end of him after watching him LITERALLY try to end so many people via lawsuits over the years.

      • ‘Completely jaw-dropping to see his lawsuits be the LITERAL end of him after watching him LITERALLY try to end so many people via lawsuits over the years.’

        So true Nutjob, wouldnt the ‘law of attraction’ guarantee such an accurate result? The smartest man itw didn’t factor in ‘The Law of Attraction’? Cause and Effect is one ruthless, unavoidable fact of life.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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