Raniere Cries Out From Prison – I’m in Danger – Fly Might Accuse Me of Rape

Keith Alan Raniere, 62, is in a fight with his captors, the US Bureau of Prisons. He does not feel they are treating him fairly. So, he is suing him.

Raniere is the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the US Attorney General Merrick Garland, and others who operate the BOP and the prison from whence Raniere wrote his affidavit – USP Tuscon.

As it stands, Raniere is in the SHU – the Special Housing Unit – a segregated housing cell where conditions are a bit stiff.  He has been in the SHU since fellow inmate Maurice Adonis Withers, 33 punched him on July 26.

Maurice Adonis Withers punched the Vanguard. 

And while Adonis got out of the SHU months ago, Raniere has been there since he woke up from the knockout. That’s more than 100 days.

Adding a touch of inelegance to the already less than gentile living conditions, he has been shacked up with no less a personage than William Anthony “Toni” Fly, a prisoner in a men’s prison who says he is more woman than man. Fly has also alleged he has been raped more than 75 times since he has been in federal custody.

There are people who say they would love to be a fly on the wall inside prison watching Keith Raniere. But this guy gets to be that fly on the wall. He is Toni Fly and he and Raniere share a cell in the SHU. 

Raniere thinks his captors put this oft-accusing prisoner Fly in as his cell mate to set him up.

But why should I drone on about things that are much better said by the man himself – the Grandmaster, Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere.

Here is his filing in the US District Court for the District of Arizona.

Now what follows are the glistening words of what might be the world’s smartest prisoner.

By Keith A. Raniere

I, Keith Raniere , pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746, and based upon my personal knowledge and experience, hereby make the following declaration.

1. I am currently incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, AZ.

2. I am currently housed in the Special Housing Unit (SHU).

3. I was brought here after I was assaulted in the chow hall on 7/26/2022.

4. I was given an incident report (IR) for fighting.

5. On 8/9/2022 Officer Estrada told me that the IR would be expunged.

6. I was notified on 8/23/2022 that it had been expunged.

7. I have not yet been returned to general population, despite not receiving any disciplinary sanctions.

8. Officials here are holding me here in “administrative segregation” (AD SEG) pending an “investigation”.

9. I have was only informed of the subject of the investigation on 8/26/2022 more than a week after the IR had been cleared.

10. I was interviewed on 9/20/2022.

11. I did not express any fear of returning to general population.

12. I believe I can program very well in the general population at USP Tucson.

13. I did not request a placement in protective custody.

14. I did not request a transfer to another facility.

15. I do not want to be transferred, as I believe that would endanger me.

16. There is no functional difference between AD SEG and disciplinary segregation.

17. I am locked in my room 23-24 hours a day.

18. I am allowed to have only minimal property.

19. I cannot use the phone, or the email system to communicate with my family and friends.

Marie White’s painting of Raniere in the SHU. 

20. If I am let out for recreation at all, it occurs in a 5×10 cage, and lasts less than an hour.

21. I am often caged with sex offenders.

22. I have not been informed of my “custody reviews” which are supposed to occur every seven days, but which policy bars me from attending.

23. Nor have I been informed of my 30 day reviews which I am allowed to attend.

24. I have never declined to attend any review.

25. I want to participate in these reviews, but have never been given the opportunity.

26. I have never been given the chance to express my concerns about the retaliation I’m experiencing, or my current cellmate who I believe was placed with me to set me up for a sexual assault charge.

27. My current cell mate, Tony Fly, has filed about 75 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) complaints.

28. My current cell mate is in segregation after having been raped in her cell, taken to the hospital, and placed on suicide watch.

29. The perception of me as a “sex cult” leader makes the placement of Ms. Fly with me extremely suspicious, and inappropriate.

30. I would never harm Ms. Fly, but I believe she was placed in my cell to fabricate a new charge against me.

31. If staff are doing custody reviews at all, they are doing them without my input or participation.

32. I have never been given a copy of any of the reviews, nor have I ever refused to sign, or refused to accept one.

33. I would have raised my concerns to the person giving me the form.

34. I believe my placement in AD SEG for 97 days and counting for some specious “investigation” is clear retaliation from prison officials for my unpopular crimes of conviction, and my continued legal efforts to clear my name.

35. I am supposed to see a member of my unit team every day.

36. Since my placement in SHU I only spoken to my unit team once a week.

37. From 10/6/2022-10/24/2022 I did not speak to my unit team at all.

38. My unit team is responsible for giving me grievance forms to allow me to formally contest this situation.

39. Because my unit team only come once a week I have a very hard time obtaining grievance forms. I ask for them, and the officer often does not remember to bring them the next week.

40. Other than a cursory exam when I first got here, I have not been examined by a member of the medical staff, since I have been placed in SHU.

41. I repeatedly asked for an ice pack to reduce the swelling in my face, but neither medical staff, nor security staff brought me one.

42. I have not been evaluated by any member of the mental health staff since I have been placed in SHU.

This is the end of Keith Raniere’s affidavit.

Now, I, Frank Parlato, pursuant to the policies of the Frank Report and based upon my personal knowledge and experience, hereby make the following observations.

I note that Raniere refers to Toni Fly as “she.” OK. But keep in mind old Fly went to prison for raping his 15-year-old daughter. He did not rape his daughter as her mother, but as her father.

So I am going to refer to Fly as he. I don’t care if he wants to be a woman. If a guy uses his dick to rape his own daughter – a girl he fathered – he doesn’t get called a woman by me.

Raniere can call him “she.” But I’m with the BOP. This guy is a rat. And no way should the BOP let a person who rapes a girl as a man loose in a woman’s prison.

By the way, Fly, 53, stands about 6’2″.

He may be getting raped all the time by near-sighted and desperate prisoners. But based on the looks of him, it could be all fabrications.

Fly is mentally ill. He is also a liar.

And he is angling to be enough of a nuisance to the BOP to be transferred to a woman’s prison.

Then he won’t be making rape allegations. The women will be making rape allegations against him.

So, I’m with Raniere. He could be in a bit of danger with Fly if he leaves his fly open. So to say.

Keith Raniere is a hair shorter than Toni Fly. This photo taken at USP Tuscon shows him to stand about 5’3″ inches tall.

I love the part where Raniere says “I would never harm Ms. Fly, but I believe she was placed in my cell to fabricate a new charge against me.”

No Raniere wouldn’t harm a fly or Ms. Fly.

Another guy who dressed as a woman (for a film) said, “They’re probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of person I am. I’m not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching. They’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, ‘Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly.’”

But this is all irrelevant. I have little doubt that the BOP will ship Raniere out come January to another prison. Probably a prison Raniere will like a lot less than where he is. Probably a prison where Raniere will voluntarily ask to be in the SHU for his own protection.

Tuscon has had enough of him.




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  • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long asI provide credit and sources back to your website?My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you present here.Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks!

  • All I could hear was the incessent whining of a malignant narcissist; and all I could think about was Daniela’s confinement. Rainere’s living the sweet life, compared to the isolation and metal anguish he subjected her to. His “poor me” ruse is just pathetic. (Sidebar: the tangential visit with Mrs. Bates was sheer perfection. Thanks for that bit of levity in the midst of the misery that is what’s-his-name,

  • He tortured women that got involved with him. So vanguard, enjoy prison, maybe write to Hillary Clinton to help you out or some other liberal lame duck? You got what you deserved.

  • Already denied.

    It’s of note that Keith details Nicki Clyne coming to Arizona to spend “every minute” of Keith’s visiting hours with him eaxh and every Saturday and Sunday.

    That’s a lot of frequent flyer miles for a self proclaimed broke ass bad ass bitch liike Nicki Clyne. Lots of hotel rooms too.

    Clare Bronfman pays Nicki well!

    But will Nicki declare taxes on this income? Or will she continue the cult practice of hiding money?

    • She was a ray of sunshine, a warm summer rain, a bright fire on a cold winter’s day, and now she could be lost because she had tried to save the man she loved, a certain ex-Amway salesman.

  • Personally, I am most shocked. I thought having his toadies dancing and twerking outside the MDC would have caused the entire NYS penal system to be crushed under the massive weight of Vantards logic and reason. I am shocked, shocked.

  • So much whining and crying and drama from Cry Baby Jane.

    Yet little complaining, rule breaking and shenanigans from the Nxivm Cult women doing time.

    It’s almost as if vanguard was completely wrong about the character of these women… They are a lot tougher than Keith in all ways. Even old Nancy.

    And in fact, it is Keith who will do anything to get out of responsibility.

    Male Keith, who is always, ” llooking for a backdoor” and all the other faults this dumpy, juvenile old man projected on all the females around him.

    Yeah, Clare’s applied to have her sentence reduced (expected) and Nancy tried to delay checking into the grey bar hotel (expected) but now the women are just doing their time. Without burner phones from Suneel’s butt. Fake justice groups. FBI tampering bullshit conspiracies, dirty dancers, donuts and the rest of the Raniere circus of cult following ninnies.

  • Keith Raniere, I feel sorry for you.

    Here you sit otherwise alone in your cell. You get a roommate. And now all you can do is whine and complain about everything including your cell mate’s mental problems?

    Sure, 75 rape complaints. Who cares if you’re one more? I guess you do. Because God forbid anyone makes a complaint against Keith Raniere. The smartest and most ethical man in the world.

    And? He’s pissed off because nobody’s asking him what he wants! In prison!

    It’s comical, but I still feel sad. It’s possible he didn’t entirely choose to be this way and it’s possible he may be so badly deranged he’ll never be able to grow out or snap out of it.

    Same thing with Nicki Clyne who keeps attempting to show us how she can write the better narrative.

    Nicki even recently attempted to re-write Nicole’s story! Like she “knows” more about Nicole than Nicole does!

    She even goes so far as to share (possible) intimate details of Nicole’s sex life. And yet Nicki still claims, all secrets were meant to be kept. This was the purpose of DOS collateral and “sisterhood”.

    Truth is, if Nicki doesn’t get her way, she will attempt to re-tell your own story, and completely throw you under the bus! She’ll tell your secrets if it helps her case.

    I believe she’s bat shit crazy and so is Keith.

    At least he will be taken care of in prison. I’m not sure life is going to be so easy for her.

    I feel sorry for Nicki, too. I don’t think she’s actually able to understand how consent is a fundamental moral principle. She just doesn’t seem to get it. Like, at all.

  • This man will never, ever, stop filing lawsuits. Before, it was a hobby. Now, it’s a permanent passion. I wish to God he would just write a book or something. Or, give an interview to Oprah.

  • Makes one wonder if it’s dawned on Vangone that his circumstances are a result of his own bad karma? Surely the Worlds Smartest Man knows that you reap what you sow. The fingernail on my pinky toe feels bad for him, the rest of me does not.

    Completely unrelated, I watched the latest episode of the Vow and I now have some empathy for Nancy Salzman’s plight in the whole sordid affair of NXIVM. I now buy in to that she (and others) had a genuine desire to help other people. That said, I DO think she knew about Keith’s sordid proclivities and various bad behaviors but chose to look the other way and bury her head in the sand. I also find it interesting that very little has been said about Clare and Claire’s money and their part in this saga. Maybe that’s up next or maybe HBO don’t want to upset the Bronfman cartel. Who knows ?


  • KAR has clearly not been applying his tech to the situation at hand. He should have been whisked away to Fiji by now for a reunion with the DOS chicks, at least the ones who aren’t currently behind bars.

    Instead he’s decided to become a permanent victim. Having spent some time in a maximum security prison endeavoring to provide education to inmates, I can guarantee that his tactics will not produce the desired results.

    As we used to say, “Oh, well.”

  • Oh, to read Raniere’s affidavit…just couldn’t stop the tears from gushing forth. Haven’t cried like that since I watched Lassie dying. Of course I was also howling with laughter. OMG – he’s not just the smartest main the world, he’s the world’s biggest pussy!

    “21. I am often caged with sex offenders” – birds of a feather flock together. What the hell does he expect? He’s in a prison for sex offenders!!

  • Keith Raniere is five foot three??? And what’s the part of this where he’s not a victim according to his own teachings?

  • Fly could sue Keith or the prison if they don’t affirm his identity, many of these men have sued the government and received large sums of money, they know how the system works and they take advantage of it. They know that the government favors pedophiles, rapists and murderers as long as they’re say the magic words.

    No one has to touch Fly for him to win a legal case in this climate.

  • Keith is 5’3″?! No wonder he needed frail women and went after children.

    Vanguard the 5 ft tall 3-inch volleyball star LOL

  • 42. I have not been evaluated by any member of the mental health staff since I have been placed in SHU.
    Can we assume Daniela was evaluated by mental health professionals on a weekly basis for the duration of her stay in that room?

  • It’s inhumane to leave him in the SHU and deprive him of all rights. We are an evil society to subject inmates to psychological torture.

  • “ 21. I am often caged with sex offenders.”

    Why does he mention this? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a prison designated for sex offenders houses sex offenders. Smartest man in the world?

    There was a time in his life when he fantasized about locking women, his slaves, in a cage in the basement. As a matter a fact, the equipment was already ordered.

    Now look where he is: in a cage! That’s karma.

    • — Why does he mention this?

      Because he doesn’t believe he’s a sex offender. He thinks he’s above the law and that it’s perfectly fine to groom and have sex with 12 (Rhiannon) and 15 (Cami) year old minors as an adult.

  • Ahahahaahhahaha 5’3″,really ? Ahahahhaahahahahhaha Now I understand why his ego is huge, gotta compensate somewhere ahahahahahahahhahaah

    • Seriously, I do like the painting up top!

      I was just saying that to get your attention!

      In all seriousness how much do you want for it?


  • Keith IS a sex offender. That’s pretty funny that he takes umbrage at sharing a cell with another one.

    Keith requested sex offender prison. And the BOP honored Keith’s wishes.

    Did the world’s smartest man not realize that a sex offender prison was filled with a sex offender population of prisoners?

    If Keith has a cellmate who has allegedly filed 75 rape complaints and the prison system has done nothing about it, why does Keith think that if he’s the 76th complaint all of a sudden it’s going to be a big deal? That’s not very rational thinking Keith! It sounds more like Keith wants to rape him and is trying to preemptively set it up as being seen as a false accusation. Don’t forget Vanguard Keith that crying abuse when there is no abuse is a form of abuse. It sounds like you’re being abusive.

  • Don’t you just hate it when someone deprives you of your freedoms, Vantard?

    He can always take comfort in considering this to be “collateral damage”, so to speak.

  • Were the little girls who Keith and Lauren kept prisoner able to sue Keith and Lauren for mistreatment?

    • Keith and Lauren never kept little girls imprisoned. They kept Daniella, one of the three Mexican sisters, imprisoned, but she was in her 20’s.

      It’s bad enough as it is, no need to make it even worse.

  • Maybe Keith should open his eyes and try learning something from Fly. Is it time to bust out the Queef attire and hope for a transfer to a women’s prison?

  • The women who are raped in prison by trans identified men can’t complain, they’re punished for it and their parole threatened

    The Anthony Perkins quote isn’t so irrelevant, as cross dressing is the #1 paraphilia of sex offenders and serial killers.

    Like Biden who won’t sniff the hair of trans identified men, Ranierie knows and shows us, if he thought Fly was really a woman, this letter wouldn’t exist.

      • NiceGuy also observed Frank likes
        [redacted] when he helps NiceGuy Eiffel Tower….
        Scott’s Special Olympics wife.

        • I forgot if it is Nice Guy or DeSade [same difference] If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be.

          • Oh it’s dirty *[sic]alright.

            Scott’s wife doesn’t shower more than once a month—on account she’s trying to repel Scott.

            *The “[sic]” was used to pay homage to Amway Johnson’s love affair with [sic]. He likes it cuz it makes him feel smart.

      • Mine too. only no matter how beautiful the cock, strong,bold, dignified, still. No arousal.
        Rape does that to a beautiful girl. Rape takes away the power. Rape leaves the woman insecure. Yes. But Vanguard deserves better! Right?

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