From Prison, Keith Raniere Speaks for First Time on Allison Mack: She Is Strong, Independent, Devoted, and She Is Innocent!

Allison Mack

Editor’s Note: This is Part 5 of the “From Prison: Keith Raniere” series on the subject of his co-defendants’ innocence. These are exclusive and published for the first time.

I have explained why I chose to publish this series in From Prison, Keith Raniere: ‘My Codefendants Are Innocent’ Part 1: Attackers Destroyed Our Community! and in Why I Choose to Publish Raniere’s Prison Letters About the ‘Innocence’ of His Codefendants.

Part 2. From Prison: Keith Raniere: Part 2 My Co-Defendants Are ‘Very Innocent!’

Part 3: Keith Raniere From Prison: ‘Nancy Salzman Is Totally Innocent’

Part 4:  Keith Raniere From Prison: Lauren’s Innocence: ‘Lauren I Am so Truly Sorry’ and ‘You Are Better Off Without Me’

In this article, Raniere addresses Allison Mack, his student and “slave” who cooperated with prosecutors against him.

In addition to Mack, Raniere’s other co-defendants are Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell.

By Keith Raniere

My Work With Allison Mack as a Voice Teacher

Allison is a very talented actress and a true student of her craft. I had known Allison a number of years before she became involved with the sorority.

We had worked together building an acting curriculum; she studied voice with me; I had helped her with relationships and with her career. When I gave her voice coaching I was careful to say (as I do with all students who have a regular teacher) anything I taught that conflicted or interfered with her instructor should be ignored; she should always follow most closely what her instructor said.

This advice is given for a number of reasons, but one of the more important reasons is the methodology I know is very different, often going against, typical voice instruction. I was fortunate to have studied with some very top coaches and, through much trial and error, found a very rare, exceptional methodology I could build upon.

Note: Allison’s father is an opera singer and a voice instructor although Allison was not a student of his.

Allison Mack performs with the Nxivm a capella singing group, “Simply Human.”

One day, Allison took a voice lesson from her father and had me listen to the recording: I was shocked. Her father used many of the exact same techniques, even examples, I used. As the smallness of the world would have it, my foremost teacher is good friends with the woman (also a voice teacher) Allison’s dad dated before he got married.

Additionally, the very exclusive, elite, professional choral group in which her father had sung in the 60’s in Los Angeles (later moved to New York), was the same group in which my second most important teacher currently sang. This odd coincidence gave Allison even more confidence in my coaching.

Jonathan and Mindy Mack, Allison’s parents.

Allison Gave up Chocolate for Life to Help an Addict

I invited Allison (after gaining the permission of the then-founding sisters) into the sorority because of what I saw as a very virtuous act: She is very close to someone with a type of addiction. In order to uphold this person’s efforts to remove the addiction, and to show solidarity with this person, Allison chose to give up chocolate (something she dearly loves) as a show of strength and support.

This abstinence meant whether the person indulged in the troubled behavior or not, Allison would never eat chocolate for the rest of her life. She gave up a substance most dear, to set a positive example giving strength, for someone trying to give up something most compelling.

I thought (and think) this is beautiful, I admire her so much for this act and type of thinking. I felt Alison embodied many of the traits intended to be fostered within the sorority. She is strong, independent, devoted, diligent, persistent, and truly works at being virtuous.

Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack

My relationship with Allison, from my perspective, was wonderfully clear, honest, connected, and unencumbered. It was mutually purposeful and highly proactive. It was a most beautiful connection — one of the greatest young relationships I have ever had — it was so moving for me that someone was like her. I admire her greatly and I love her very much.

Motivation to Plea:

Allison Mack

Allison was 36 years old and at the height (so far) of her career- She has studied Shakespeare with of the best Shakespeare coaches in the world (this is a privilege earned by her capability), and is a stage performer as well as a film actor. She works as hard as anyone in the industry, and it is my opinion (as well as the opinions of many far more qualified than me), that she can be one of the exceptional actors of her generation.

This all potentially ended the day she was arrested [April 20, 2018].

Allison faced a 15-year minimum prison term for something(s) she do not do [sex trafficking]. She is innocent, although she plead guilty and cooperated. This is understandable when you think of the following:

  1. (Potential Sentence) If she went to trial and lost, especially with someone like me who has several, very prejudicial allegations, she could risk spending many years in prison. I make her look very bad;
  2. (Children) If she were found guilty, she would likely never have children — and this is something she wants. It is very different decision for a 35+ year old man who might have a family at 50. A woman has a more determining clock;
  3. (Career) Going to prison for an extended period of time would likely destroy her career opportunities; and
  4. (Social Pressure) Because of the combination of charges, friends and family pressures, and her fame, there was a lot of social upside to pleading — especially if she could pull away from the 15-year minimum. With cooperation, this was possible.

Allison is innocent. Everything she did had good intent. At times we all have frailties, but never was anything Allison did from a mean spirit and certainly not criminal. The charges against Allison are absolutely false. Unfortunately, because she plead, it is likely she will convince herself of some guilt. After all, compassionate people can always take responsibility especially when it comes to another’s pain or suffering.

I do hope the people that care for Allison (and Allison herself) know deep inside she is innocent no matter the outcome.

Allison Mack outside court.


Allison’s plea was very similar, almost paragraph by paragraph by content (not wording), to Lauren’s. Her plea appears to have taken Lauren’s as a basis and edited it. Some relevant paragraphs even start the same. This cannot be a coincidence.

Not only are the alleged crimes untrue, her stated purpose of the enterprise simply was not the same as that which was charged and is identical to Lauren’s “inaccuracy”!

The charge said, “the purpose of the enterprise was to promote Keith Raniere.” Allison said, “the enterprise I joined was to further and promote the objectives of Keith Raniere” — very different and much more subjective. Anything that appeared to serve my interest, or benefit me, or even hypothetically benefit me — even if only something I might want — fits this criteria.

For example, if someone eats at a vegetarian restaurant, because I am pro-vegetarianism, it could be said that this meal was carrying out my objectives. But this would not be considered promoting me.

If two people are indicted with burglary and cooperate (both pleading guilty to the burglary) then, in their allocution, each only admits to knowing the location of the crime, if that defective plea is accepted by the prosecution, and the court, suspicion is cast on the whole situation: the prosecution, court, and potentially attorneys, for creating and accepting such a plea. The plea is inaccurate and does not address the indictment, yet is accepted as an admission of guilt to that very indictment.

How can the prosecution state in court the Grand Jury accepted purpose of the RICO enterprise, have the defendant give a different purpose, and not insist the defendant agree to the Grand Jury accepted purpose?

How could the court accept this as valid? With other elements of charges both the prosecution and the court insist on precision.

It is because the RICO enterprise fails, but the politics of the case want to unjustly convict.

Cooperation with the Prosecution:

Allison cooperated with the prosecution. but did not testify against me. I do not know why, but I hope it was because she truly felt conflicted.


  1. Read Lauren’s “Effects” numbered 2 (Supporting Hate), and 5 (Criminalization);
  2. (Life in Prison) (Read Lauren’s “Effects” number 1 (Life in Prison)): I am facing life in prison… I do not believe, no matter how bad Allison might have convinced herself I am, she would ever want to participate in creating that for me — no matter what the cost. I do not believe she has thought this through;
  3. (Love) Allison sadly betrayed her concept of love. I believed Allison loved me.
  4. (Fame) Allison’s fame, good-will, and fan-base, will either move towards my cause, philosophies, and the cause of the sorority or against based on her plea or fight. Since a spotlight is on this case, it shapes and amplifies what Allison stands for in the world, and how strong she is in that stance;
  5. (Sorority) (Read Lauren’s “Effects: 7 (Founding Sister)) All the sisters of the sorority depended on the founding sisters to be the strongest, and best examples. Allison’s plea disheartened many sisters, taking away a dream and also taking away the safety and the surety of the vow;
  6. (Breaking a vow) …. I believe for Allison, the breaking of a vow destroys the purity of her inner word. If you break a vow, and are apostate to its intent, no matter what the circumstance, you now know under certain conditions you will craft an excuse (disguised as a reason) to break a vow. She broke the deepest, most sincere, complete vow without being able to speak to me. This is different than breaking a vow, because you were simply not strong enough to uphold it, and then wishing forever more you had upheld it. The reason I suggested Allison be in the sorority was because of a vow she took and how she kept it;
  7. (Pressure) Of all people involved in this, I believe Allison has the most internal pressure to change her mind and make me bad. On one hand she has what she knows of me, her innocence, love, and the truth. (Keep in mind, Allison practiced the Joan of Arc character for a year; she wanted to live to uphold the right against alt hate.) On the other hand, there are all the reasons to plea, and many people (including her attorneys) who wanted her out of this unjust situation seeing me and my life as the problem. When you are surrounded, not by hate, but by people who love and care for you edging you away from something, it is the most difficult force to resist. The support of the prosecution’s unjust hate came afterwards; and
  8. (Career) This plea, and associated record, will unfortunately follow her and be relevant. She is a guilty person that is actually innocent. Over time, when the truth comes out, it may be very sad and difficult for her. I do intend to exonerate Allison and all of my codefendants.

I had a Dream About Allison 

Keith Raniere writes that he had a dream about Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman on the same night.

I had a dream with Allison the same night I had the dream with Lauren: I dreamt I kissed and connected with Alison standing in her apartment against the wall. In this dream, it felt as though we were still connected in our very beautiful, soulful way.

[Editor’s Note: Raniere wrote about his dream about Lauren Salzman: “I had a dream after Lauren plead guilty: Within the dream she was lying flat on a mattress on the floor of a very stark, bare room. She was staring at the ceiling. I kissed her and told her although I thought what she was doing was very bad (see below) I loved her and wished her well. At first she looked stunned, then returned my kiss. A voice, which normally represents my subconscious said to me internally, ‘she is better off without you.’”]

My Participation in Allison’s Life and Conviction

  1. (Communication)… (Contact) I believe if I pushed harder, and had spoken to Allison, she might have made a different decision. I needed to be far more firm with the attorneys, possibly with a well-crafted protest to make this happen. Maybe I could have caused a meeting if I had refused to speak to anyone, including the court, until I could exercise my right to either meet with my codefendants, or have them (not their lawyers) directly refuse me;
  2. (Trust) Through this I have learned many new distinctions. Here is one; when we trust someone, we are unfair to them, ourselves, and anyone else relying on the transaction, if it is not a tested trust (my term). I did not provide Allison, or other people, the opportunity to prove the trust I placed in them. This is my fault. Often we do not know if we can live up to a trust in extreme circumstances. For example, I wonder if I could maintain my values and honor in the face of torture or death. My experience over the past months has affirmed that strength in me to a greater extent, but without the test, I simply do not know. I did not provide Allison, or any of the sorority. I was responsible to train and test, the opportunity to strengthen their vows with challenges. I have always been the type of coach who does not push people to the physical limit. This is in part because I enjoy pushing myself very hard — harder than most — and I am concerned of imposing my standard over theirs. By not testing the most sacred vow of the sorority, when the external tests came, the sisters in my charge were unprepared. As many religions, military. and community organizations understand, we must practice character with challenges to uphold our word: an unchallenged word might be well intentioned, but one cannot reply upon it;
  3. (Mixed Relationship) Allison wanted me to work with her using my tools and understanding to help her evolve personally. This is difficult when you are personally involved with the person with whom you are working. It can be difficult for them or yourself to separate what is personal and what is issue. Some of the romantic and sexual issues became mixed. This is my failing. I have heard, since my arrest, there were times Allison questioned sexual aspects of my conduct relating to her and her actions. This rumor might be true. Unfortunately, I was blind to this and focusing on her desires as well as my personal relationship with her. The mixture of these two things can certainly create doubts; Allison did nothing wrong, improper, and certainly nothing illegal. My actions (and personhood) were motivated as she understood them with nothing deceptive or inappropriate. The intensity of issues worked (sexual and romantic), mixed with such an intense personal relationship, might only work with supreme trust and clarity. But this trust (see number 2 above) needs to be tested trust. I did not test Allison enough and build this trust for either of us. I was therefore requiring her to make an unreasonable leap both in the sorority untested vow and our new untested relationship. I have only come to more deeply understand the distinction of “trust” compared to “tested trust” recently;
  4. (Sharing Myself) Because of number 3 above, I also did not give Allison the opportunity to know me even more fully. My relationship with Allison was so young compared to my other relationships. I did not respect this, making assumptions only valid for a relationship spanning a much greater time involving many more incidents. Allison was forced to trust me as if she had been with me decades, not months; and
  5. (Lawyers) When I first read the legal papers from Allison’s attorneys I had grave concerns about their understanding and confidence of her innocence. I alerted my team for I found the papers off-point, meandering, and in general poor. I suspect Allison’s immediate attorney, a recent prosecutor, had a different philosophical base than my team. If I had pushed the issue of Alison’s innocence harder, and been able to communicate directly with her attorney, I may have been either able to change his understanding or reveal this philosophical difference. I simply defaulted to the inertia of circumstances and, to the detriment of everyone, stepped away from the driver’s seat of my life.

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  • Wtf is “alt-hate”? This odd term somehow seemed out of place in Keith’s latest word salad manifesto.

  • Why does Keith not tackle the real issues that came up in the trial? It’s all just badly written, pseudo-philosophical mumbo jumbo.

    Get to the specifics of why you are innocent instead of just saying you are innocent and nothing was wrong with any of it.

    BE SPECIFIC, you moron. That’s how you get people to listen to you. Not by evading facts that everyone knows to be true. If they aren’t? Then prove it!

  • It’s easy to forget that on top of being a fraudster and criminal, Keith Raniere is also a horrible writer. His thoughts are bumbling and disconnected, and difficult to follow, because their organization is so poor. All they reveal is what poor character he has. I would be surprised if he keeps allowing Frank to publish these, as it is humiliating for Keith to reveal just what a strained thinker he is, how poor his mastery of thought and the English language is. It’s certainly embarrassing to read.

    • Dweide Shrude,

      Yes! My thoughts exactly! Maybe someone could send him a message about this. “You are embarrassing yourself, Keith!”

  • The more the minutia of who started DOS is micro-analyzed by Raniere and the DOS women, the more it becomes contradictory and confusing.

    Maybe that is the goal? Some highlights.

    Women are invited to DOS. Lied to about Keith (or any man being involved).

    Snatch shots are taken as “collateral”.

    Mark Vicente knows something is up. He is concerned about Allison. Her mental state. The extreme weight loss of some women close to Allison. When confronted, Keith denies knowing about DOS. But does acknowledge that he is “trying to break” Allison.

    Bonnie is creeped out and works to get Vicente to see reality. She leaves the cult.

    Naked brands are dispensed. The initiates are told an enormous lie about the brand being a symbol of the elements. It is, in fact, Keith’s initials.

    The branding is exposed by Sarah Edmondson & Frank Parlato.

    The brand is now revealed publicly as Keith’s initials (and possibly Allison’s – which is later disproven). Slaves defect.

    New York Times article.

    Allison goes on record to the press saying Keith is not involved. Allison claims that she (with other women) came up with the brand.

    Keith writes his followers that he is both not involved and DOS (as such) doesn’t really exist.

    Lauren & Allison hold a meeting and address their “community” telling them that Keith is not involved in DOS.

    We hear over and over again about this close “community” in spite of a wealth of evidence that they are all lied to and about each other on a large and frequent scale.

    Keith flees. Slaves follow him. Keith is arrested.

    During the trial, audio is played of Keith Raniere dictating to Allison Mack how the slave’s brands should be executed. And filmed. For “collateral”.

    We now see texts that Cami does not want Nicki involved.

    In a later posted jailhouse missive, we read from Keith that “the founding sisters” don’t want Lauren involved. We have also heard from Keith that they didn’t want Nancy to even know about the group. To keep it totally secret from her.

    Which begs the question: how is this a group formed by women for the purpose they claim, if many of them do not want each other as “sisters”? Why would a group of women who do not even like each other ever create such a group together?

    In this manifesto, Keith says that he, “invited Allison to join DOS”.

    “the founding sisters” are referenced a lot by Keith in his jailhouse ramblings. We know Cami was not one. Because there are texts from Ranier to Cami with DOS as a pre-existing entity, that he tries to explain to Cami. This is also where we learn that Cami wants, “anyone but Nicki” and that Raniere wants Cami to recruit “fuck toy slaves” for the purpose of servicing him sexually 24/7.

    Okay. This only a fraction of what has been put out there. And admittedly not in the best chronological order.

    Frank could you please do a report on the real founding? Update it more than just here are the 8 first-line slaves” graphic? And maybe a timeline of when each of the 8 joined? Thank you!

    It is important to note: currently, Nicki Clyne expresses extreme outrage about Vicente, Edmonson, India “lying”.

    But Allison lied. Lauren lied. Keith lied. It seems profoundly obvious that being truthful was far, far less common than being honest in their “community”.

  • Can we talk about the anecdote about Allison giving up chocolate as an altruistic measure of solidarity?

    Allison ate squash. Almost exclusively. Her hands turned squash color.

    Allison was severely underweight. Allison was on a highly restricted diet.

    What. The. F×ck.

    The abstinence from chocolate is rendered meaningless. Allison abstained from everything to the detriment of her health.

  • For unto you this day, Vanguard has delivered a new module, a new command and challenge to uphold the Vow in the face of torture and death, and it shall be named “tested trust” and proclaimed as such that HE uttered from his prison cell, HIS cross, in HIS divine mercy and wisdom, giving HIS lost, black sheep, Allison Mack, HIS “Joan of Arc,” this precious opportunity to prove and keep her sacred vow to our KAR, were it seared unto her fleeced flesh for eternity.

    (Morning Keith. You going to Sunday services there in sex prison? Hope the holy water doesn’t catch fire when you touch it.)

  • This blog has posted around 150 articles on Allison Mack. The comments and hateful comments directed towards Allison were in the 1000’s and were mostly hateful and derogatory.

    Where was Vanguard’S defence of Allison then?

    As the world’s most ethical man, you would have thought it would be a personal imperative to defend her if he knew she was innocent.

    Yet, not a word from the Vanguard. I could not read the article because I find his writing style almost unreadable. But that being said, it’s far too little too late.

    • Me too, actually. I can’t read what Keith says. It is so long and convoluted. Also, he seems to focus on really minor irrelevant things. “OMG Alisson betrayed Keith’s love and the sorority they created together!!…That witch!!”

      Please…that is 100% irrelevant when you compare that Keith is a pedophile who was also imprisoning young Mexican women. Keith really does not get it. He does not understand why he was prosecuted and that we all see that he is a pedophile. What Allison did is nothing compared to what he did. How does he even blame Allison for anything?

      Look at yourself, Keith. Criticize yourself before you berate Allison.

  • I think Keith has not even realized he was prosecuted. Camila went to his sentencing and basically said he raped a minor. Keith is a pedophile. Who cares if Mack did not follow her vow???? Who cares if she betrayed some sisterhood? The main point is that Keith is a pedophile.

    He is writing to make Alison feel bad about betraying him. Who cares what Alison did??? It is nothing compared to being a pedophile.

  • Cut the crap about “Allison can’t have a child.”
    Not everyone should have a child.
    Remember the actress Joan Crawford who adopted a child and fed it raw meat. Watch “Mommie Dearest.”

    “Christina recounts several evenings on which Joan’s behavior was unbalanced, and at least one encounter with her mother where Joan attempted to strangle her. In another encounter, Joan reportedly discovered Christina’s clothes hanging in a closet on wire hangers, which Joan detested, instead of crochet hangers, and reprimanded her harshly. In an incident in which Christina refused to eat very rare beef, Joan ordered the meat returned to the refrigerator and refused to allow Christina any other food for several days until she finished the meal;”

    That said, Allison Mack has a NXian friend named Geoffrey.
    Geoffrey recently adopted a 3 year old African-American girl.
    There is no reason that when Allison Mack gets out of the hoosegow she can not be introduced to the girl as a “long lost aunt.”

      • Yes, Geoffrey adopted a child about a year ago in NYC and they now live in Southern California.

        Geoffrey is a friend of both Allison and Nicki.

        Because of Allison’s conviction, she would have a difficult or impossible time adopting a child.

        The same with Lauren Salzman.

        • That’s surprising. Although I guess there’s nothing to stop Alison or Lauren from ‘adopting’ a child from Mexico if the Govt. won’t give them an African-American child. Do vetting procedures not apply for non-white American children?

  • If Allison Mack spent the years she was in Nxivm as a junkie instead, the outcome would be identical.

    1) lost career
    2) estranged from family
    3) blew thru all her savings
    4) became emaciated
    5) pimp/involved in sex trafficking
    6) arrested/criminal conviction

    Exact same outcome from 10 years in Nxivm or 10 years on crack/heroin

    Viva Executive Success!

  • O maluco desse Keith ainda fez a coitada parar de comer chocolate, o que isso tem a ver com força ?

    Esse Keith usava as pessoas, era manipulador e continua da prisão tentando manipular, mas não somos crianças.

    Esse vagabundo que nunca teve um emprego de verdade usou as pessoas para levar uma vida de ‘bon vivan’.

    Coitadas dessas mulheres, ele destruiu a carreira dessa atriz, e os sonhos de outras mulheres.

    Pela Teoria do Domínio do fato, ele tinha uma posição de superioridade em relação a estas mulheres, ele deve ser condenado sozinho.

    Essas mulheres merecem uma chance, desde que se comprometam a reconhecer seus erros e passar por ajuda.

    Agora esse criminoso deve ficar na prisão, pois é um psicopata e não deve conviver em sociedade, ele causa danos a sociedade e não produz nada de valor.

    Ass. Fabiano Monteiro de Melo, sou advogado no Brasil e estou impressionado com o poder de manipulação desse psicopata chamado Keith Ranieri

  • So Raniere in his prison cell is having wet dreams about Allison Mack. Pinning her against the wall in her apartment and f*cking her.

    Well, isn’t that nice? Isn’t that pretty?

    This from the great teacher of ethics.

    This is how he DEFENDS himself. He thinks this kind of thing MAKES HIM LOOK GOOD!

    Oh, and in this prison masturbation fantasy, he also imagines himself rolling around on a greasy mattress with Lauren Salzman. ‘Cuz he’s such a red hot playboy lover.

    This is how Raniere defends himself against his sex crime conviction. This is how he “proves” Nxivm/DOS wasn’t a sex cult. By publicizing his prison sex fantasies.

    What a clown! What a hopeless, despicable, immoral son of a bitch.

  • Allison is absolutely innocent, and she is strong. It was envy against her that started this whole thing. She was talented and unique, and the people who brought these lies about her to the press and the police, know deep inside they’re just envious of her..

    • Sadly, there’s not much about Alison to envy, atm; but life is long, so she could still go on to gain some enviable qualities.

  • Also, I am hating Raniere’s narrative which purports that a women’s decision to stop supporting him and realise how they were coerced into illegal activities is due to their ability to have children, based on age. It is a long stretch of the bow. He also, by his own omission, used that to manipulate women.

    • Kate,

      Yes! Keith’s maternity offense really goes against the DOS-8 & Suneel narrative about how Keith is the only person on God’s great green and blue earth who treats women as equals. And doesn’t make gender distinctions.

      Unless he can try to leverage their “femaleness” as a reason to “betray” him. And spin a completely fabricated yarn to his followers.


  • “the very exclusive, elite, professional choral group in which her father had sung in the ’60s in Los Angeles ” Svengali Raniere

    I like ’60s singers.
    Singers like the Beach Boys who hung out with that great singer Charles Manson.
    Or the Mamas and the Papas.
    John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas had sex with his own daughter.

    “Incest allegations
    In September 2009, eight years after Phillips’s death, his eldest daughter Mackenzie claimed that she and her father had a 10-year incestuous relationship. Mackenzie wrote of the relationship, which she said began when she was 19 years old in 1979, in her memoir High on Arrival. She said that the relationship began after Phillips raped her while they were both under the influence of heavy narcotics on the eve of her first marriage”

    Tell us, Svengali Raniere, why Allison Mack fabricated a fraudulent document that falsely accused her own father of sexual improprieties.

    Here is a video of my favorite sixties folk singer.
    Charles Manson’s Spahn Ranch Dressing (#1)

    • Thanks, Shadow, for sharing 🟩 I love ’60s music too. It was sad to read the private life of the Mamas and the Papas.

      • I was going to mention Mama Cass Elliott but there are contradictory stories about how she died.

        Mama Cass Elliott hung out with a fast crowd and abused drugs.

        As for Manson, a character somewhat like Raniere, Manson was close to the Beach Boys and music producer Terry Melcher who was the only child of singer Doris Day.

        Manson had lots of ties with Hollywood people and 30 years later, Hollywood celebrities were very tight-lipped about Manson.

        • If Mama Cass had shared that ham sandwich with Karen Carpenter, they would both be alive today.

  • “‘trust” compared to “tested trust'” – this man is so awful. He identifies his main fault as that he didn’t test the trust of his abusive relationships [i.e. his controlling silence of abuse through a vow] enough to ensure he could continue to abuse people through his cult.

  • It is like a manifesto of why my cult didn’t succeed. Should I have had time to master my learnings, I would better maintain and run my cult this way…

    What a real misogynist fucker!

  • Sociopath! I started the collecting the most crazy and manipulative quotes. I then gave up because the entire piece is such a master class in gaslighting and abuse. This is where I got up to:


    “(Love) Allison sadly betrayed her concept of love. I believed Allison loved me.”

    “Keep in mind, Allison practiced the Joan of Arc character for a year; she wanted to live to uphold the right against alt hate.”

    “I had a dream with Allison the same night I had the dream with Lauren: I dreamt I kissed and connected with Alison standing in her apartment against the wall. In this dream, it felt as though we were still connected in our very beautiful, soulful way.”

    “I was responsible to train and test, the opportunity to strengthen their vows with challenges.”

    “I did not test Allison enough and build this trust for either of us. “

    “ My relationship with Allison was so young compared to my other relationships. I did not respect this, making assumptions only valid for a relationship spanning a much greater time involving many more incidents.”

    • Kate,

      “incidents”. Not “memories” or “years of love and laughter”.

      “incidents”…who the f×ck would use that word in this context?

      Sounds horrible.

    • Yet, somehow, people, especially beautiful, successful women, fell for this shit. And are still falling for it!

  • Allison Mack is weak and stupid.
    In Raniere’s world of wolves, being weak and stupid is a crime.
    If Raniere cared so much about Mack and his other mindless followers, he would not have engaged in numerous criminal activities using the followers as eager handmaidens.

    Raniere would not have had people branded.

    Raniere would not have collected blackmail material.

    Raniere would not have engaged in sexual relations with minors.

    Raniere would not have abused the legal system to harass and persecute his real and perceived opponents.

    Because Mack willingly followed Raniere’s orders, she is as Guilty as Sin.

    Raniere is fundamentally stupid.

    Raniere is the world’s third dumbest man.

  • Nothing a judge loves more than a bit of cheeky word play, now is there?

    Hope you are settling in nicely at your retirement village, Mr. Raniere.

  • According to feminist ideology, women between the ages of 15 and 44 are more likely to be killed by men than to die of cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or war combined. This statement promoted by different pro-feminist groups is a falsehood that leads to the demonization of men and misandry. There is no psychological evidence that scientifically supports that a man attacks a woman for being a woman. The reality is that women are not being attacked for being women – and there are no hate groups against women. On the contrary, it is feminism that represents a series of hate groups against men and the one that has used the speech of hatred in which explicit incitement to the murder of men has been expressed.

    • Why do you feel the need to announce that not only are you “hetero”, but “super hetero”?

      Does it regard your relationships with men in NXIVM?

      Are you afraid if you don’t identify yourself this way, we will think you are gay?

  • I’m gonna shut up and wait for the comments. 😂
    For once. The Irish blood will wait this one out. Hoo boy, yes she will.

  • Such a palpable sense of desperateness with the fact he had no control over what was going on with his co-defendants. The desperation for control is still strong; hence, these appalling writings. I don’t believe a lot. I find these coincidences he found with regard to Allison’s father BS. To me, it all sounds concocted or highly exaggerated to love-bomb her early on.

  • “This is my failing. I have heard, since my arrest, there were times Allison questioned sexual aspects of my conduct relating to her and her actions.” —> Is this a convoluted way of saying that she felt violated and/or coerced? I think so. Look at how he paint his motivations as entirely innocent in the face of that…nothing was for him, no, it was all for her. I feel bad for the women who faced this kind of manipulation in the face of feeling uncomfortable with awful things he did.

    • Anonymous @ 11:19 pm

      I didn’t understand the “questioned sexual aspects” part.

      Is it cult code? Am I the only one unclear? Why does he think everyone needs to hear it? Keith is a dreadful writer. Ivy Nevares clearly did the heavy lifting on the book, etc.

  • 1) Helping a crusty old man sexually exploit women is different from helping a crusty old man.

    2) Prosecution hate bias.

    3) Keith should have manipulated Allison more.

    4) Keith was too easy on Allison and his other slaves. He should have been more cruel to test their loyalty.

  • This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. When it wasn’t boring. It was definitely boring too. And crazy. Super crazy.

    • I hope one of Keith’s attorneys writes a book about what it is like to have him as a client. They must tear their hair out over his refusal to acknowledge reality and his continual, silly word games.

      Keith’s followers clearly have pretty limited critical thinking skills and are easily impressed.

  • This clown comes up with so much bullshit it “leaks” from everywhere, including into his dreams. KAR should become an urban dictionary term that means massive bullshitter.

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