Is Dr. Danielle Roberts Still Branding DOS Slaves?

MK10ART's depiction of Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave. The branding caused Dr. Roberts to lose her medical license.

Having just reviewed why Dr. Brandon Porter had his medical license revoked by the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH), several Frank Report readers wrote to ask what’s going on with Porter’s female counterpart in NXIVM, Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Dr. Danielle Roberts, D.O. performed pubic branding on women while four other naked women held the woman down. 

Although we know that the NYSDOH opened a formal investigation of Roberts, we do not know if that investigation has been concluded – and, if it was, what the outcome was.

The Roberts investigation centered on four questions:
(1) Did she practice medicine with negligence on one or more occasions?
(2) Did she practice medicine with gross negligence on one or more occasions?
(3) Did she fail to utilize scientifically accepted precautions and infection-control measures during the DOS branding procedures?
(4) Is she morally unfit to practice medicine?

The investigation of Roberts started almost two years ago.

That’s when NYSDOH subpoenaed eight “Jane Doe” women to testify, under oath, about the brandings.

Whether any of those women ever testified – and/or whether they invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination – is not known.

What is known is that Roberts is still practicing medicine in New York State.

Earlier today, I contacted the Northview Hospital – which is located at 888 Old Country Road in Plainview, NY – by calling (516) 719-2546.

And, sure enough, I found out that Roberts is still practicing medicine out of that location – which is a hamlet located in the Town of Oyster Bay on Long Island.

As recently as November 8th, one of her patients gave her a “1-Star” rating on the Vitals website at

Another also gave her a “1-Star” rating on November 6th – and noted that she “branded women as part of a sex cult”.


What Else Is Roberts Doing These Days?

Is it possible that Roberts is still branding new DOS recruits with Keith Raniere’s initials with the same stencils she used to brand the original 100-150 DOS slaves?

Well, since Nicki Clyne, a Shift Manager at a bar/restaurant named Izzy Rose in Brooklyn – and the woman who replaced Allison Mack as the head of DOS after Allison Mack was charged with sex trafficking and several other crimes – is still recruiting new DOS members, it would make sense to have Roberts do the brandings.

Nicki Clyne is the current leader of DOS

She is, after all, the most experienced person in the world when it comes to burning the initials KAR onto the pubic areas on young women without the use of any anesthetics.

And since where she still practices medicine is only about 30 miles away from Brooklyn, it wouldn’t be all that inconvenient for her to pop over there and brand whatever new recruits Nicki has managed to hook.

Maybe Izzy Rose is offering some sort of deal where you can get their renowned vegan tacos with a burnt pubis on the side.

Izzy Rose Bar & Restaurant

Or maybe they’ll give you a discount on their specialty cocktails after you get branded so you can take the edge off the pain.


Why Has Roberts Not Had Her Medical License Revoked?

It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that NYSDOH has not already taken away Roberts’ medical license.

Without her, the brandings may never have happened.

Dr. Danielle Roberts is the Brander-in-Chief for DOS. 

Who else but a female doctor who was a long-time member of NXIVM and reportedly the first DOS member to be branded would a DOS recruit trust to brand their pubic area?

Would the 100-150 DOS slaves who were actually branded have gone through the ordeal if it was Brandon Porter doing the branding? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would have been willing to scarify the genital areas of 100-150 women while they were being held done by several other women? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would have been willing to sear the flesh of 100-150 women without providing them with any anesthesia? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would have been willing to brand the initials of Keith Raniere on the genital areas of 100-150 women? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would have allowed someone to film the branding of 100-150 women so that Keith Raniere would be able to watch them squeal in pain as their flesh was seared with a cauterizing pen? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would have allowed 100-150 women who were half-starved and sleep-deprived to undergo a medical procedure as painful as scarification? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would have proceeded to brand 100-150 women who had been told that they were actually going to be getting a small tattoo? Extremely unlikely.

Is there any other doctor in New York State who would not have reported Raniere’s blackmailing and coercive activities to law enforcement authorities? Extremely unlikely.


NYSDOH Secrecy & Delays Work Against Public’s Interest

One of the problems with the way that NYSDOH investigates complaints against doctors is that everything is done in secret.

In the case of Dr. Roberts, the agency won’t even confirm whether she is – or was – being investigated by its Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC).

Only if a doctor is found guilty will the public be able to find out that a complaint was filed against that doctor.

Per NYSDOH’s policy, “Information on previous closed complaints, dismissed actions, and ongoing investigations is confidential, as are the names and identities of complainants”.

So, even if a doctor has had numerous complaints filed against them, the public will not be given access to that information unless one or more of those complaints result in a conviction.

Another problem with the way that NYSDOH investigates complaints is that the process is extremely drawn-out.

Although the agency claims that it “makes it a priority to close cases as quickly as possible”, it also notes that its investigations are complex – and that cases that go to hearing take even longer.

In the case of Dr. Roberts, the first complaint regarding her branding activities was made on July 7, 2017 by Sarah Edmondson.

Sarah Edmondson filed the original complaint against Dr. Danielle Roberts

More than 28 months have gone by since that complaint was filed.


Roberts’ Patients Deserve to Know About Her Branding Activities & the Complaints That Have Been Against Her

It is simply inexplicable why NYSDOH would not want Roberts’ future patients to know about the brandings that she’s done on behalf of Raniere and his NXIVM cult – and the various complaints that have been filed against her.

Wouldn’t that kind of information be relevant to someone who was considering putting their health and life in her hands?

Why does NYSDOH believe that information about unfounded complaints and ongoing investigations should not be shared with the general public?

We know more about allegations of inappropriate conduct that have been made against professional athletes than we do about similar allegations that have been made against doctors in New York State.

Does that make sense to anyone?

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    • There are at least a couple of ways to make this determination:

      1. Tell them to drop their pants;
      2. Subpoena Roberts and other DOS members, particularly those who were involved in holding down the women, and have them provide testimony under threat of a perjury charge, and/or
      3. Have Frank put together input from former DOS members.

    • Agnifilo said that DOS had over 100 members, as reported in the NY Post and probably other sources.

      Some seem to think that as few as 30 may actually have been branded. I’m pretty sure it’s at least somewhat higher than that, and may write a piece delving deeper into the topic if I can find and organize a bit more information.

  • Thank you for the phone number again, since maybe more people will give Northview Hospital in Plainview, New York a call, and Roberts might have to contend with something different than the fumes from branding women.

    Oh for a plane with a trailing banner spelling something out to Plainview from the sky. ♧Sex Cult Brander in Plain View at Northview♧

    Last year Danielle Roberts was lecturing at “medical symposiums.” I saw it on Youtube on my bigscreen and had a nearby barf bag. She gabs away like a loquacious elf on crack about placebo and pharmaceutical studies. She describes a ” cured man” happily having an airplane ride, as if to substantiate his return to tumorlessness. She said he flew at twelve hundred feet.

    I was on the floor for awhile recovering from that altitude.

  • In September 2018, Frank Report itself reported on it with the heading:

    Daily Mail: Dr Danielle Roberts cleared by NYS of wrongdoing for branding women
    September 26, 2018

    The Daily Mail reports that (as usual) New York State has cleared a NXIVM member from any wrongdoing.

    (Does the Frank Report not remember what it reported?)

  • K.R.Claviger,

    Thanks you for taking the time update us Dr. Roberts.

    I am as perplexed as you are….
    How can Roberts still have a medical license?(Rhetorical-question).

  • Completely OT, …I heard on podcast GH Lavine has been spotted more than once at Pilates in LA.

    Maybe I missed this mentioned? Just looking for any others who might know more.

    • Shadow – Thank you for both links. The articles were fascinating but left me with sadness that some people can spend so many years of their lives in a cult. When someone leaves, the realization that they have wasted so much of their life must be very difficult to come to terms with.

  • “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”

    How can patients protect themselves from quacks like Dr. Danielle Roberts and the former Dr. Brandon Porter if they are denied information about the Doctors’ past misdeeds?
    It is inconceivable in this day and age with pain killers being readily available that a doctor would perform a procedure like this without pain killers and the informed consent of the patient.
    Whenever I have had a medical procedure performed the Doctor informed me precisely what the process would be and received my informed consent.

    And why the devil is a non-medical professional like Allison Pimp Mack allowed to direct and supervise the medical procedure?
    And why would a doctor allow a personal procedure like a branding in the pubic region to be filmed?

    Doesn’t the State of New York have enough unethical behavior to investigate there?

    Here are some of the comments about Dr. Roberts going beyond the most recent comment.

    Cult Doctor One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on November 6th, 2019
    Branded women as a part of a sex cult.

    Unethical One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on July 17th, 2019

    Concerned Dr. Roberts not in prison. One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on May 8th, 2019
    She is the proud sex cult doctor who use a cauterizing pen to brand over 150 women as part of an initiation ceremony for Nxivm.

    One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on April 8th, 2019
    She branded women!!

    Weird One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on April 3rd, 2019
    I thought something was a little off with her the 2 times I visited her practice. I stopped going, and then later I found out she was literally in a cult and actually branded women like some sort of medeival torturer. Stay away from her.

    Really great if you’re into Torture, S&M, No Anesthesia One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on March 27th, 2019
    Dr. Roberts loves to brand women near the genital area with a cauterizing iron. Specializes in extensive surgical procedures without use of anesthesia. Looking for someone to cause you extreme pain, discomfort, and then film the whole thing? This is your gal!

    Do Your Research First One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on March 27th, 2019
    Please do your research before visiting Dr. Danielle Roberts. She was in a cult NXIVM and was branding women who asked her to stop but she continued anyway while other women held them down. A complaint has been filed against Dr. Roberts and there will be more to come. The cult leadership has been arrested (5 of them) and the “President” has already taken a plea deal. The founder of the cult has been charged with sex trafficking and production child pron. Please do your homework, I’m sure there are other good doctors in your area you can see without supporting a woman who has done such “medicine”.

    If you’re looking for a Cult, this is the Doctor One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on February 16th, 2019
    Thus doctor was a NXIVM cult member and is now promoting her own brand of sick cult behavior. She branded women with the initials of the NXIVM cult leader and is obviously unfit mentally to practice as a physician.

    Handy with a soldering iron One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on May 31st, 2018
    She was a little shaky when forcibly burning Keith Raniere’s initials into fellow cult members. Supposedly good at leather burning as well.

    She’s in that cult NXIUM One Star
    Self-verified patient of Dr. Danielle D Roberts – Posted on May 22nd, 2018
    This doctor was branding women to become sex slaves in that cult NXIUM. NXIUM’s ‘Vanguard’ is that creepy sociopath Keith Raniere. How dumb do you have to be to get sucked into a cult with a repulsive creep like Raniere. Stay away!

    Dr. Danielle D Roberts, DO – Reviews
    Plainview, NY

    How much more evidence does the State of New York need?

    • Shadow:

      With all due respect, I would rather that New York City and State law enforcement use their resources to investigate, arrest and prosecute “health care professionals” such as Dr. Lawrence Choy (see attached).

      Abuse and misuse of opioids is a statewide and nationwide epidemic. The producers of opioids are publicly traded companies which spend millions of dollars on lobbying, advertising and political donations, making them all the more dangerous, but some high profile verdicts show that the judiciary might not be so easily bought.

      Most of the women branded by Danielle Roberts wanted to be bad assed bitches. These women wanted more than a tramp stamp to show their allegiance to Raniere and NXIVM. By allowing themselves to be branded like cattle, these women showed that they possessed less common sense than the average bovine, but that’s just my opinion and I do have some experience with animal husbandry (cue inane remarks….). And I am fully aware that the fact that these women were sleep deprived and undernourished (again their own choice?) may have affected their judgment.

      Interestingly both Dr. Choy and Danielle Roberts have a Wisconsin connection….

      • You may as well say the same thing about women who stay in abusive relationships. So, you are saying we shouldn’t bother prosecuting a husband for killing his wife because it was the wife’s choice to stay? It’s all the same animal really. No one starts with branding, murder, and hardcore drug addiction but these things all start somewhere.

        • @DMH,
          Interesting point but repeatedly punching a person is battery and unlawful. If she (the assaulted) does not file a charge the police can. I am unaware of a law prohibiting branding with consent.
          I am aware of only one complaint. If the other witnesses do not back her complaint of being forced then it may be up to that person to prove.
          Even if I am assaulted and state John Doe assaulted me, I still need to prove he did it.
          I do not have a tattoo or brand and I do not want to tattoo or brand but except for protecting the innocent I need to let people play their own games.

    • Shadowstate1958,

      Now, did you happen to write all of Dr. Danielle Roberts’s negative reviews?

      If you did, I want you to know I am proud of you old chap. 😉

      P.S. You left out the one person defending Dr. Roberts.

      Do you think the individual defending Roberts is the Frankreport’s own Mr. Nutjob?

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