What – actually – Did Dr. Brandon Porter Do Wrong? – The Inside Story of How He Lost His Medical License

MK10ART's portrait of Dr. Brandon Porter working with a young slender woman on a human fright experiment - in order to create a more noble civilization.

The NYS Commissioner of Health, Howard A. Zucker MD, on August 20, 2019, informed Brandon Porter MD that he was no longer a licensed physician in the state of New York.

His license was revoked.

Yes, Keith Raniere accomplished what he set out to do – destroy Brandon Porter’s happiness.

The foolish Porter still follows his Vanguard.

But what – actually – did Porter do wrong?

An examination of how Porter violated state law – and abandoned good sense and possibly his conscience – is in order.

Keith has admitted that he felt he had the edge over someone with a conscience – in terms of dominating them.  It is unclear if Porter lost his conscience along the way or was just a dupe for Raniere.

Perhaps if we study what he did, we can hazard a guess.

This much is clear: Porter lost what he worked hard for – going through college and medical school and working long days and nights as an intern to become a doctor.

Raniere expertly ruined his happiness – and that of his wife and children too.

The main reason Porter lost his medical license was that he conducted research using human subjects without following the NYS Public Health laws which required him to “establish a human research review committee… composed of not less than five persons, approved by the commissioner, who have such varied backgrounds as to assure the competent, complete and professional review of human research activities…” [PHL § 2444(1).]

Porter chose instead to have an oversight committee of one – Keith Raniere.

The five-person committees, however, serve a function – to protect human subjects being used in research against potential “injury, including physical, psychological or social injury, as a consequence of participating as a subject in any research… which increases the ordinary risk of daily life.” [PHL § 2441(1).]

In lieu of establishing his own committee, Porter could have “affiliate[d] himself with an institution or agency having a human research review committee” [PHL § 2444(3).]

And no, the executive board of Nxivm does not count as a committee.

In addition to this lapse, Porter failed to get “voluntary informed consent” of his subjects, a violation of PHL § 2442.

In fact, Porter did the opposite. He did not tell his subjects in advance what he was going to do with them.

Disease Outbreak at Vanguard Week

In addition to not following the law on human subject experiments, Porter failed to report to the NYS Department of Health an outbreak of disease at Vanguard Week 2016 when hundreds of followers of the Vanguard – including 50 children – got some kind of gastrointestinal illness.

At his hearing, Porter alternately told the board that it might have been food poisoning and that he also suspected it might be a contagious disease.

Porter told the board that the goal of Vanguard Week was for NXIVM members to “be joyful” and celebrate “humanity.”

While attending this joyful event, Porter admitted he became aware that many attendees – including a pregnant woman, infants and young children – became ill with a wide-spread gastrointestinal illness suffering symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Porter admitted he suspected the cause of the illness was a virus, possibly Norovirus, which is contagious and can lead to large, quick outbreaks of the disease. Still, he chose not to report it to the NYS Department of Health.

Nxians, workers at Silver Bay and the general public were placed at risk for harm, including pre-term labor for pregnant women, dehydration for neonates and infants, and morbidity for the immunosuppressed or renal compromised.

Pam Caftritz, in particular, was at risk. She had renal cancer and attended that Vanguard Week, her last.

Perhaps Raniere – in his quest to destroy happiness [except his own] – introduced [perhaps with the help of Porter] the virus or food poisoning to help kill her off. She was dying anyway, and Raniere inherited some $8 million when she died just a few months later.

Curiously, most of the High Rank leaders of Nxivm – and Porter himself – seemed to have been immune from the illness. This was explained as their having superior immunity because of the Nxivm tech.

If Porter had no hand in the introduction of the illness, why not report it?

Raniere instructed him and his followers to keep the illness outbreak a complete secret. Reporting it to authorities might have resulted in it getting reported by the media and potentially an investigation by law enforcement which might have disclosed Raniere created the outbreak.

MK10ART’s painting of the joyful Vanguard Week which Dr. Porter somehow failed to report.

In Sum

Simply put, Porter lost his medical license for not following the law as it relates to human research and for failing to report an illness outbreak.

Dr. Brandon Porter takes a moment to relax on a swing in between showing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women.


Brandon Porter, M.D. was authorized to practice medicine in New York State on June 12, 2009, by the issuance of license number 253486. He had an M.D. and Ph.D.  He went to the University of Iowa as part of a Medical Science Training Program.

Beginning in 2001, Porter became a member of NXIVM.

One of his goals of human subject research, he said, was to evaluate whether the NXlVM curriculum produced measurable results.

In fact, that is why Porter relocated from Iowa to Albany – for NXIVM, it 2009, to “measure the program and see how well it’s working.”

Porter told the board “the purpose of NXIVM was to help people build more joy in their lives and achieve self-improvement goals through its programs, which included Executive Success Programs, of which Nancy Salzman was president, the Ethical Science Foundation, funded by Clare Bronfman as president, and the Ethicist, overseen by Daniella Padilla and Lauren Salzman.”

These last two names are extremely important. Lauren Salzman and Dani Padilla were both first-line DOS slave masters in Raniere’s secret group DOS. They were tasked with recruiting slaves. These slaves would have to submit to intense conditions and were to be blackmailed and branded.

Keith Raniere walking with his DOS slave, Dani Padilla. It was not easy to recruit the right kind of woman capable of being branded and in turn branding other women.


Brandon Porter worked closely with two of theFirst Line DOS slave masters in handling the human fright experiments.

These human fright experiments, I suspect, helped these two women – who were both Raniere’s slaves – and Raniere himself – ascertain which women would be able to do the brutal things Raniere wanted from the slaves.

The less frightened, the more suitable for DOS.

Porter, I suspect, did not really want to “measure the program and see how well it’s working.” He wanted to measure the women, to find how helpful they would be to Raniere.

Lost Job Because of Frank Report

To pay his bills, [working for Nxivm does not pay, it costs money] Porter was employed as a hospitalist at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany from 2009 to 2017. His job duties included providing care and treatment to hospital patients and making referrals to specialists.

Following Frank Report’s revelation that Porter was conducting human fright experiments, in September 2017, Porter met with Steven Hanks, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, and his supervisor, Thea Dalfino, M.D., Chief of Hospital Medicine, to discuss his employment amid “reputational concerns”.

Frank Report was first to break the news of the human fright experiments being conducted by Porter.

Porter admitted to the physicians that he was indeed conducting human subject research.  One month later, Porter was asked to resign.

Porter’s Experiments

Between 20I0 and 2017, Porter performed human subject research on approximately 200 subjects participating in Nxivm courses.

He used an EEG to record the subjects’ brain activity, galvanic skin resistance (GSR) to measure their physiological response, and a video camcorder or audiotape to record their facial or auditory reactions.

Porter claimed his purpose in using these devices was to evaluate subjects’ brainwave and emotional responses to the curriculum.


Between 2012 and 2017, as part of his duties at NXIVM, Porter performed human subject research on ten subjects diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. This involved when counting their tics and having them complete Yule Global Tic Severity Scale surveys to determine the severity of their Tourette’s symptoms.

He also used the EEG, GSR and video camcorder to record their tics and the results of Nancy Saltzman working with them over the course of several sessions.

Porter said the Tourette’s study was to measure improvement or changes of the subjects’ Tourette’s symptoms via a cure a la Salzman.

Between 2012 to 2017, on behalf of NXIVM, Porter performed human subject research on two subjects diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), when he administered Yale-Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale surveys to measure the severity of their OCD symptoms (OCD study) and used a video camcorder to record the results of Nancy Saltzman working with them.

Artist conception [not a real photo]: Dr. Brandon Porter conducts a female human fright experiment where he shows woman films of rape and the murder of women.

Human Fright Experiments

Between 2016 through August of 2017, as part of NXIVM’s Ethicist program [led by First Line DOS slaves Lauren Salzman and Daniela Padilla], Porter performed human subject research on approximately 40 human subjects, [mostly, or all females] showing them happy or inspirational, and disturbing or graphically violent scenes from commercials, short films and movie clips.

These clips included a video depicting the actual murders and dismemberment of five women with machetes – and movie scenes showing a gang rape and a racially motivated murder of an African American male.

Gang Rape scene from The Accused.

Porter used the EEG and GSR to record their brainwaves and physiological responses to watching the clips. He also used a video camcorder to record their facial expressions.

Porter collected the data from the EEGs, galvanic skin responses and video recorder and downloaded it to a computer.  This included the names of the participants and put it in a locked room of a building used by the Ethical Science Foundation and beyond Porter’s control.

In short, he turned it over to Raniere, Lauren Salzman and Daniela Padilla.

Was this then used to evaluate suitable candidates for DOS?

Dr. Brandon Porter, a true scientist?


This photo is blurred out, but the film Dr. Porter showed blurred out nothing. He showed human decapitation to women. He did not warn the women in advance of what they would see. That would spoil the experiment.

The NYS board found that Porter exposed his subjects to risks of harm, including psychological and physical anguish, pain and suffering and data breaches of their confidential and sensitive information.

On top of that, the subjects’ responses from the EEGs and other recording devices were never analyzed by Porter, “resulting in studies without results or benefits to science, medicine or humankind.”

What I suspect happened was that Porter made oral reports to Raniere, Lauren Salzman and Padilla about which women could best tolerate the brutal aspects of DOS.  Raniere knew better than anyone what he could do with this information.

The violation, however, was clear. The Committee found that Porter “very seriously deviated from the standard of care by performing human subject research without approval from the Commissioner.”

He was also required to get from the subjects “their voluntary, written informed consent” detailing “risks, benefits, the right to withdraw and plans for confidentiality protection and minimization of risks.”

He did not

He also failed to take human subject research training, failed to submit a research protocol, failed to provide informed consent templates, or certificates of human subject research training, and plans for data interpretation and statistical methods for HRRC for review.

Porter’s Defense

At his hearing, Porter brought in an expert witness to say he did not do anything wrong. The testimony of a psychologist, Roxane Cohen Silver, Ph.D. was meant to carry the day.

Image result for Roxane Cohen Silver, Ph.D.
Dr. Silver

Dr. Silver’s background includes 40 years’ experience as a research psychologist studying individuals and communities coping with traumatic events and community disasters, academic appointments at the University of California, Irvine, and a fellow to many organizations and awards, including from the American Psychological Association for “distinguished contributions to society,”

The problem with Dr. Silver’s testimony was that she knew almost nothing about the requirements of New York State law.  She based her opinions on her background in federal regulations and something she called the “common rule” for research.

Dr. Silver testified that all research Porter conducted fell under the ”common rule”.

This demonstrated to the Committee her unawareness of the requirements for human subject research performed in New York State.

Dr. Silver also failed to review most of the evidence, including the fright videos, prompting the Committee to conclude that ”her level of unpreparedness and steady refusal to recognize the applicability of PHL Article 24-A” to Porter’s human subject research raised credibility concerns for the Hearing Committee.

In addition to Dr. Silver, Porter himself testified and called Nxivm members Delores Wilson, Evan Horowitz – and his own wife, Janie – as character witnesses

When he testified, Porter claimed his studies were  “personal” and “outside the practice of medicine’ because “no clinical care and treatment was rendered” to “any of the individuals.”

The Hearing Committee thought differently, arguing that Porter practiced medicine when he evaluated the subjects and hooked them up to an EEG and GSR, which are medical devices, and collected their EEG readings and emotional responses for measurement purposes as part of the human fright experiments, Tourette’s and Nxivm studies.

They also argued that he practiced medicine during the Tourette’s study when he gained clinical information from one subject about her medical illnesses, psychiatric treatment, and medications and performed therapy or counseling.

He also engaged in the practice of medicine when he administered surveys to various subjects to measure their symptoms related to their medical diagnoses, the Committee ruled.

Porter eloquently pleaded his case by saying his goal in “doing science” and “being a physician” was to “help people,’ which he seeks to achieve “in everything (he does).”

Jane Jeffries Porter is from Des Moines where they do not, as far as is known, have a Vanguard to lead her and her husband. So she moved with her husband to Albany to be led by her Vanguard.

Porter also pointed out that he had extensive, respected clinical experience as a hospitalist at St. Peter’s, and his reputation was one of a kind and considerate doctor among staff and patients


Human Fright Did Him in

What probably worked hardest against this kind and considerate medical man was the video clips he showed to women – which subjected them to mental anguish, nightmares, suffering, and exacerbation of prior psychiatric conditions, such as PTSD.

Numerous women who were subjected to the human fright experiment were called to testify against him. They presented a pretty telling and graphic scene as they described the videos and how it impacted them.

One by one, they testified that Porter shocked them by surprising them with  graphic, violent film clips depicting the beheading and dismemberment of a group of defenseless women in Mexico, film clips from movies, including Hannibal, where Hannibal removed a person’s skull, cut out parts of the brain and cooked them and fed them to the victim, The Accused, involving a violent gang rape, and American History, depicting a white male as a Neo-Nazi stomping the face of an African American man and killing him.

In his defense, Porter pointed out that he also showed happy or inspirational videos intermixed with the cruel ones.  It was a bona fide experiment he said.

Porter admitted that most of the women experienced strong emotions, such as horror, revulsion and deep sadness from the violent and disturbing clips.

He recalled one woman gasping, crying and screaming in response to watching the murder scene in American History and crying at the gang rape scene in The Accused – and another woman as “very emotional” from the real-life murders and dismemberment video and “shocked” from the gang rape scene.

[These women were certainly not good candidates for DOS.]

Committee Rules This Man’s a Fool

After the Committee heard all, they decided that Porter exhibited “gross incompetence involve[ing] an unmitigated lack of the skill or knowledge necessary to perform an act undertaken by the licensee in the practice of medicine.”

The Committee was also troubled by the fact that Porter did not take any steps to interpret and analyze the EEG data he collected.

In his defense, Porter said he “planned” to hire a company or use a mathematician and MATLAB, a computer program, to analyze the EEG data. Somehow, he never made any successful attempts to complete this process.

Porter blamed other NXIVM members for not having the EEG interpreted. But the committee was not convinced it was Lauren Salzman or Dani Padilla’s fault.  They felt it was Porter’s duty as the physician to ensure the performance of these procedures.

The Hearing Committee also thought Porter was lying about not knowing what laws governed his human research studies. He was, after all, employed at a New York hospital with an IRB, plus he moved to Albany to conduct research and his Ph.D. involved research.

In addition, Porter told his boss, Dr. Dalfin in September of 2017, when they were considering firing him at St. Peter’s Hospital, that his studies were not subject to IRB review because an IRB would be “too restrictive” and limit his ability to “change things” for the betterment of the whole world.

The Committee unanimously voted that Porter’s conduct constituted practicing the medical profession fraudulently.

Nxivm Rising

In the end, Porter’s love of Raniere and Nxivm worked against him.

The Hearing Committee noted Porter’s ongoing and deep commitment to NXlVM as evidenced by his relocation from Iowa to further its goal of communicating “what they do’ to “encourage people to take the program” and his high ranking coach status.

They expressed concern that he may again be enticed to use his medical license to engage in similar conduct.

At the close of his case, the Committee felt that Porter failed to “show sincere remorse or understanding of the severity of the misconduct and harm associated with the studies which might have suggested the possibility of rehabilitation to justify the imposition of a lesser penalty.”

If he wasn’t so blind to the fact that Nxivm ruined his life – and vowed to not repeat his mistake – they might have considered a suspension. But the Kool-aid drinking imbecile could not admit his mistakes or realize that he was working for a destructive cult, whose leader sought his ruination.

It was another success for Raniere. He destroyed the happiness of Brandon Porter and his family.

And sadly, they don’t even know who to blame. When a media representative from a major publication tried to interview Dr. Porter, his wife answered the door and said that Frank Report and the media destroyed their lives.

She did not know that it was her husband following Keith Raniere that did that.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Excellent article!

    Re MK10’s art work:
    I think MK10’s top painting is my favorite out of all her work.

    MK10ART’s portrait of Dr. Brandon Porter working with a young slender woman on a human fright experiment – in order to create a more noble civilization.

    • Hey, So-called Niceguy:
      A few days ago you told me that Los Angeles is a nice city and that a video I linked too ,”Los Angeles is a Sh*thole” was a lie and “False News”.
      Here is some real news about Los Angeles from KNBC Channel 4 the NBC station:

      A Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Was Randomly Poured on a Woman by a Homeless Man
      “It was liquid. Hot liquid,” she said. “I was soaked. And it was coming off my eyelashes, into my eyes.

      A night near the Hollywood Walk of Fame would change a woman’s life, as she was getting into her car and a homeless man sprinted across Hollywood Boulevard toward her.

      Heidi Van Tassel was parked in Hollywood after having a pleasant evening out with friends at an authentic Thai restaurant. Suddenly a man randomly pulled her out of the car, dragged her out to the middle of the street, and dumped a bucket of feces on her head, Van Tassel said and public records confirm.

      Is that how Los Angeles restaurants now flavor their food?
      Or is your heroine Allison Mack now working as a cook in a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles?

  • I am trying to figure out why such an obviously intelligent man, who had so much going for him, would do something so stupid. And he didn’t do it once or twice. He did it over and over.

    He made a string of bad decisions and bad judgment calls, and he hurt people. What doctor would shock the unknowing with horrific movies?

    But is that not what Vanguard taught people to do?

    Vanguard screwed so many people, and convinced them along the way he WAS the law.

    • Smart people do stupid things – including getting involved in cults. Being at a point in life of being vulnerable is the primary indicator for getting involved, including in other sorts of scams as well.

      Porter was also only trained as a generalist. More rigorously trained doctors, like neurologists and surgeons, generally have a stronger understanding of things like the scientific method and critical thinking, and are much more rarely found involved in groups like cults.

  • It’s important to understand here that the humans subjects rules exist for exactly this type of thing. If the State of New York hadn’t revoked his medical license, there would be no point in having these legal protections.

    • Scott,

      Lately your favorite question to ask is …..

      …..”I wonder if “. ” has Raniere’s initials cauterized near her pu$$y.”-Scott Johnson

      Perhaps you should contact Dr. Roberts and pay her to brand the Mrs.?

      At least you can have one fantasy full-filled….

      …….Getting rich is never happening!

    • Scott,

      Lately your favorite question to ask is …..

      …..”I wonder if “****” has Raniere’s initials cauterized near her pu$$y?” -Scott Johnson

      Are you a registered sex offender?


        • Scott,

          I am brave enough to come on your podcast.

          Your radio show is not broadcast on the radio waves. It’s not a radio show. It’s annoying all ready.

          What time do you broadcast tonight?

          Do you take anonymous calls?

          • Peter Mingils, who does all of the work to host the show, calls it a radio show. I know it’s a podcast, and so does Peter. If you want to discuss that aspect on the radio show, it’s okay with me. The show is on Saturdays at 8:30 pm Eastern time. We are having an extreme exception and not having a show tomorrow, as he is spending time with his daughter before she joins the Marine Corps on Sunday. However, if you would like to join us next Saturday, that would work. We do take anonymous calls, and I need the last four numbers of the phone that you will be calling from, so Peter can identify you from the others who call into the show live (similar to listening to a live radio show). You can provide that information here or email it to me at stoptheamwaytoolscam@yahoo.com. The number to call is 347-237-4097, you should call at just after 8:15 pm Eastern time so we can go over the ground rules. Wait on the line until Peter ties you into the call.

  • Possibly another reason for the human fright experiment. There are 6 primary states (emotions) they are -joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and fright. All other emotions are traced back to one of the 6 primary states.

    Why is this relevant? We are all aware vanturd used hypnosis to manipulate his victims. Hypnosis is simply bypassing the critical factor and putting the target in the state of mind that is most useful for you to get what you want from them. Obviously vanturd put his victims in a state of fear, by collecting collateral and holding it over his victims head- thus obtaining control of them, and frankly there mind/thoughts.

    Fear is the most powerful hypnotic state for controlling another person, this is commonly accepted fact in hypnosis. What if Porters experiments were to study the effects of putting a person in a state of fright? How potentially powerful could vanturds control become? What doors would this open into the full and utter control of the human mind?

  • Seems like Mrs. Porter is just as stupid as her pea-brained husband. Hate to say it but, if they are going to act that dumb, then they had it coming. And to think I originally felt sorry for them.

  • Here is a list of the witnesses Porter chose to testify in his defense:

    “Porter mustered a defense calling Nxivm witnesses to testify on his behalf.
    He called Julia Berry, Lucas Roberts, Robert Younis, Dolores Wilson, Scan Craney, Evan Horowitz, his wife, Janie, and Roxane Cohen Silver, Ph.D. and himself.”

    What! No Dr. Gastone Hiram Hasbrook Porter of Omaha and Wichita to testify in Brandon Porter’s behalf?

    Lucas Roberts is part of the Society of Protectors and Evan Horowitz and his partner are friends of Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.

    Without his medical license it is highly unlikely that Dr. Brandon Porter will be able to repay Allison Mack the sixty thousand dollars that she loaned him to buy the house he lost in bankruptcy.
    But that lost money is the least of Allison’s worries.

    The testimony of Roxanne Cohen Silver is disturbing.
    I am currently reading a book titled “Poisoner in Chief” about the CIA’s top poisoner and medical experimenter Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.
    It is authored by Stephen Kinzer, a well known journalist who has written over a dozen books.

    Gottlieb, while working for the CIA in the fifties, would secretly dose people with LSD, a dangerous hallucinogen
    In 1953 Gottlieb dosed an Army scientist named Frank Olson without his knowledge or consent.
    Olson became extremely paranoid and reacted by jumping out of a 13th floor hotel window on to the streets of Manhattan.
    For 22 years Olson’s family was falsely told that he had committed suicide.
    In 1975 an investigation into CIA abuses revealed that Olson had been murdered by Gottlieb and his prankish medical experiment.
    The government paid Olson’s family 750,000 dollars to head off a lawsuit.
    The Manhattan DA considered bring murder charges against the wicked, evil sadistic Sidney Gottlieb.
    Gottlieb explained that he was only trying to help mankind, just like Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack were doing with NXIVM.

    Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control
    by Stephen Kinzer

    Now what the hell kind of Doctor or PhD. is Roxanne Cohen Silver that she does not know the story of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and how he liked to poison people without their consent as part of medical experiments?
    Showing unsuspecting women snuff films is the same as poisoning unknowing people with LSD in their food a0nd drink.
    And Dr. Cohen does not know about the criminal behavior of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb?

    And speaking of Quack Doctors when will the Brander in Chief Danielle Roberts be called to account for her crimes?

    • “Showing unsuspecting women snuff films is the same as poisoning unknowing people with LSD in their food a0nd [sic] drink.” No, it isn’t the same thing. Nobody committed suicide because of the films. Go back to talking about Mack.

      • Tricking women into viewing “snuff” films without their fully informed consent would be a clear violation of medical ethics.
        It would be enough to get a doctor removed from practice in any state of the Union.

        Now it is time for New York State to pursue the Mad Brander Danielle Roberts.

        • Scott & Shadow,

          I have to agree with Shadowstate on this issue of snuff films. It should be enough to takeaway a doctor’s license to practice medicine.

          I bet the kids in the Johnson household did not watch Disney movies……

  • Did an attorney represent him? Any idea who?

    He still has a Ph.D…..must be some job for him.

    But these charges…ugh…ugly.

  • Thanks for this nice overview and review of the case.

    I think that in general, what makes Porter’s case more obviously egregious than Roberts’ is that what he did clearly had the presentation and impression of being done under the aegis of professional practice of medicine, whereas Roberts can at least claim that the branding was something done in her off time as a private individual. He also did a number of different things wrong, showing a general lack of professional habits, and affected a larger number of people as well when the Vanguard Week incident is taken into account.

    Also, from what I recall seeing, physicians who lose their license in one state may still have a chance getting granted a license in a different state, perhaps one with less rigorous qualifications. I’d previously suggested that Porter might even have an “in” providing medical services to the LeBarons in Mexico, but that option is probably looking less attractive….

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