Nicki Clyne Now Working at Bar in Brooklyn Under Phony Name

Nicki Clyne leads DOS

Nicki Clyne, 36, has risen to the top. The top of the bartending business that is.

That’s right, Nicki Clyne is a shift manager for a bar in Brooklyn called Izzy Rose –  which, according to locals in the Clinton Hill neighborhood, serves great exotic drinks along with tasty vegan food.

Izzy Rose is located at 214 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, and, by all accounts, is a nice place for vegans to get together and have a drink and eat good food. There is an outdoor courtyard as well.


Izzy Rose serves vegan food and can boast of having the talents of Nicki Clyne, the current leader of DOS. Nicki is a shift manager there.


The vegan food is fantastic and, although she is not the chef, some credit deservedly goes to Nicki, who has been a vegan for years.

At Izzy Rose’s, Nicki is going by an alias, “Nicki Leigh,” so as not to attract too much suspicion or unwanted attention to the place.

But wherever the stain of Keith Alan Raniere goes, there is bound to be controversy.

Several of the employees of the bar recently quit after the chef discovered who Nicki really is and alerted the staff.

Maybe they were not wrong to try to distance themselves from the culty queen. Clyne was doing more than merely scheduling bartenders and overseeing the chef prepare vegan nachos.

She was actively recruiting and, reportedly, tried to get a kindhearted, hardworking employee involved in the Nxivm cult – that brands and blackmails women.

You’ve Come Along Way Baby

Clyne, who joined Nxivm in 2006, quit her co-starring role in the hit TV show Battlestar Gallactica to move from Vancouver to Albany, NY, to follow Keith Raniere.

She was still under contract and her role was so popular with viewers that the producers of the show had to “kill off” her character, Callie, in season four – when she was the height of her popularity – after she insisted that she would no longer act on a lowbrow TV show.

Raniere had taught her she was meant for higher purposes – as part of his mission to create a “more noble civilization.”

For a time, Clyne became Raniere’s number one sex slave – and, according to testimony at Raniere’s criminal trial, Clyne was crestfallen when she found out that Allison Mack, another TV star who left her career at its peak, was also one of Raniere’s sex slaves and was to gradually displace her.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.
Allison Mack and her spouse, Nicki Clyne. Mack is currently under house arrest at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California, and is awaiting sentencing on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges.

All turned out well in the end, however.

Clyne needed to remain in the US. She is a Canadian citizen and her visa was expired or expiring. Raniere arranged for his slaves – Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne – to marry each other in order to secure Clyne’s green card.

Sex cult leader Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard was Nicki Clyne’s master.


This hair raising photo of Keith Alan Raniere was shown to the jury at his trial. It took the jury less than four hours to reach a verdict of guilty on all counts at the end of his six-week trial. There are some who think that after this photo was shown in week #2, the jury, which had just eaten lunch, resolved then and there that this ugly f-ck-r was guilty as sin.

Both Mack and Clyne achieved elevated status in the hierarchy of Raniere’s sex slaver cult, DOS [Dominus Obsequious Sororium], and were each selected as one of eight of Raniere’s First Line slaves.

A group ceremony was planned involving the first line slaves and their master [in the center] Keith Alan Raniere. It included all of the women above performing fellatio on Raniere at the same time.

DOS was set up as a pyramid – with Raniere as the Grandmaster, followed by eight First Line Masters [who were Raniere’s first line slaves] who each, in turn, had slaves under them. The plan was that these slaves would also recruit slaves – 6 in each slave pod – who would also recruit six slaves – to create a formula of 6-6-6.

Clyne, along with Mack and other First Line slaves, was in Mexico when Raniere was arrested. At the time, the First Line slaves were planning a group blow job for Raniere – as a “re-commitment ceremony” when, unfortunately, the Mexican federal police arrived to arrest Raniere and deport him to the U.S. border – where the FBI promptly arrested him on sex trafficking charges.

He has been in US federal custody ever since and was convicted on June 19th of seven felony counts including sex trafficking after a six-week jury trial. Raniere is scheduled to be sentenced in January.

Nicki Is Loyal to Her Master

Nicki Clyne with her master, Keith Alan Raniere.

After his arrest, most members of Nxivm left the cult, but not Nicki.

She stuck loyally by her leader and moved from Albany to Brooklyn where she could be near him. Raniere is being held in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

Though it is believed that she has not seen Raniere since that fateful day [March 26, 2018] when he was arrested, she has stepped up and assumed the leadership of his brainchild, DOS, and has kept his remaining slaves under her careful discipline and rule.

All enemies of Keith Raniere owe Nicki Clyne a debt of gratitude. It was her stupidly posting this photo on Instagram when Raniere was in hiding that alerted Frank Report that Nicki, ergo Raniere, was in Puerto Vallarta. Frank Report published the glad tidings and Raniere was soon found and arrested.


Slaves: Nicki Clyne [l] with Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and [the branding doctor] Danielle Roberts.
At her new job at Izzy Rose’s, it is not known if Clyne is working for wages paid “under the table” – or has deceived the owner about her identity. It is possible the owner knew all along who Clyne is and is paying her legally in her own name and allowing her to use an alias with coworkers so as not to alarm them.

In addition to running the bar and eatery, Clyne continues to operate DOS and is responsible for making sure slaves respond by text within 60 seconds to her nightly “readiness drills.”  In the past, slaves who did not respond timely were beaten on their bare buttocks with a paddle.

For a time, Clyne tried her hand at stand up comedy and appeared at various coffee houses and tiny venues to indifferent audiences. Some have said that, though she might be an excellent slave to Raniere and a great slave master to other branded women, she is simply not funny as a comedienne.

Nicki Clyne sports a pubic brand bearing the initials of her master Keith Alan Raniere.

Clyne did stand up comedy routines at Raniere’s annual birthday party – an elaborate $350,000 plus affair – lasting 10 days in Silver Bay in the Adirondacks – called Vanguard Week.

Here is an actual clip of Nicki doing comedy. You can judge for yourself if she is funny or not.

For now, Nicki is back at the top of her game – shift managing a bar and clandestinely running DOS.  She shares an apartment in Brooklyn with some of her slaves. Recently, one of Nicki’s slaves, Michele Hatchette, also secured a job at a nearby restaurant where she is a manager.

One day, Hatchette reportedly brought Clyne into the restaurant and introduced her to the staff under the guise of Clyne being a “restaurateur”. It was suspected that the true purpose of the introduction was for Clyne to try to recruit the women there.
Though five other Nxivm leaders were charged with federal crimes as part of the Nxivm racketeering enterprise, Nicki Clyne, at least to date, has not been charged.



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  • Is there a connection between Matthew Kenney and Ravi De Rossi?
    I see Mr. Kenney has closed plant made and seems to have backed his business into Laduree, a very well known maker of macaroons. No doubt he made a killing.

  • Go back to Nikki & India working at Plantmade on 2nd Ave., owned by Matthew Kenney. I can’t yet find any connection between Kenney and Izzy Rose owner Elle Barton, but they must know each other, the more you look into it.

    Matthew Kenney has had a checkered past. His food fame did not get mentioned when during reports of his 2015 arrest in Florida for running naked down a Ft. Lauderdale street while high on flakka. HuffPost does not run his picture… — nor does the NY Daily News make the connection that defendant is a famous worldwide chef, but check out that bug-eyed mugshot!

    Anyway here is a comprehensive article detailing many of Kenney’s early vegan restaurant ventures, many of which failed and got him sued. One of those made national news, when ex-Kenney GF Sarma Melngailis got busted in a Tennessee motel after ordering Dominoes Pizza for her new husband Anthony Strangis. Kenney went on to open many more restaurants all over the world, including Thailand, which I find interesting for the child sex trafficking connections in that country. Many of Kenney’s various ventures centered around 2nd Ave. a few blocks north of Houston Street, currently he owns a pizza place there named 00 (Double Zero), perhaps an intelligence agency reference? The pizza connection harkens back to James Alefantis (aka “Jimmy Comet) down in DC, with the Pizzagate scandal, especially since both the DC and 2nd Ave. locations involve confusing arrays of restaurant businesses with common owners, plus both neighborhoods have abandoned subway tunnels running beneath.

    As you delve deeper into Kenney’s maze of vegan businesses, you come across the Paramount Group, a real estate firm which owns Paramount Plaza off 6th Ave., near Central Park, which is where the Clinton Foundation moved their scaled-down office to, after Trump took office, and all their bribe (“donation”) money dried up. That building is said to have underground tunnels as well. See also and … Hey, those guys are just one domain-name hyphen away from this South African defense contractor:

    The Pure Green juice bar combined in March 2017 with Kenney’s Plantmade at, Where Nikki Clyne worked with India Oxenberg. I was wondering why a fancy overpriced retaurant in Manhattan would want to hire two sex slaves from a notorious child trafficking racket, all over the news at the time. . See also . That’s how Matthew Kenney drew my attention, he seems like another James Alefantis. Perhaps this is part of a larger Pedogate, I wondered. Wait, this place is between 9th & 10th? I though t was closer to Houston when I looked it up a few months back. That’s right, the original address for Plantmade was 57 2nd Ave., between 3rd & 4th. … Virtually next door, at 67 2nd. Ave., to this is the former side of Pure Food & Wine, where Kenney was his old GF’s chef, you know, those fugitives who got caught while ordering from Dominoes in Tennessee, after bilking $1.5 million from investors. Now that same address at 67 2nd. Ave. is called Arata, also owned by Kenney.

    Wait, it gets better. Bar Verde is in between, at 65 2nd Ave. — right between Arada and the old original Plantmade. Hard to keep track of this right? Back to Double Zero. Turns out that 00 + Co. opened a second location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That’s so hip. . Maybe this is how Kenney possibly met Elle Barton, who owns Clementine Bakery in addition to Izzy Rose in the same King’s Borough. The more you think about it, Barton’s two locations look a lot like Kenney operations. It crossed my mind that maybe Kenney really owns these two places, and is using Barton as a front. That’s pure speculation, but there you have a NXIVM sex slave working there. Is Elle Barton connected to the NXIVM crowd in any other way, besides this restaurant? Maybe she’s a NXIVM sex slave as well. Maybe all the hot female waitresses and bartending staff at these places are actually NXIVM sex slaves, or something along those lines. Good way to launder the money, thru overpriced yuppie eateries. Just ask Sophia Nichole, she has such a great body, shows it off on Instagram, , makes good money as a coach and fitnesses instructor, but here she is waitressing at Plantmade, go figure.

    How about Rhode Island, a state founded upon human trafficking, and to this day run by crooked Democrats.

    Here is a feel-good article by Matthew Kenney about his life. Still, it does not explain how he came to hire two “former” NXIVM sex slaves as waitresses. Nor does it explain that wild afternoon where he streaked through Fort Lauderdale wacked-out on flakka. Maybe it wasn’t flakka at all, but instead, that “healthy” elite super-intoxicant known as adrenochrome. And one more thing — if the guy’s such a world-famous celebrity chef, how come none of the newspapers told us who he really was, when he got busted buck naked down in Florida?

    • That may be little more than an exercise showing that drilling into anything, particularly a relatively small and likely interconnection subculture like the restaurant business in general and natural foods in particular, turns up all sorts of tenuous or even spurious connections – and that we’re biased towards tending to see, or find, what we’re looking for.

      For instance, just having a quick look on a map, that 2nd Street area is also in the vicinity of the Ukrainian Village, and the Russian & Turkish Baths – now there are things with ties to current news! We could speculate about the chances that Parnas and Fruman met at 00 Pizza, maybe on their way back and forth to the baths secretly working out the just-announced alliance between Russian-backed Syrians and Kurdish forces! What are the chances that’s just a coincidence?

      And what do you bet the Trump and Kushners would turn out to own property nearby? Almost a given, as small as New York is in some ways.

      Also, just looking for something to quickly fact-check, the Matthew Kenney running in the streets is listed as being 34 or 35 at the time of the 2015 Florida incident, and is reported as being a local resident; Matthew Kenney the New York restaurauteur graduated from the University of Maine in 1988 according to Wikipedia, which would make him born about 1966 and thus closer to 50 then. So, not the same person; how many other mistakes and mis-connections are there?

      • Could be, maybe I’m just crazy. But we DO have two NXIVM sex slaves, working at one of these restaurants; then one of them turns out at a similar place over in Brooklyn. As for the flakka incident, Kenney does have businesses down that way in Florida; and that photo sure does look like him. It’s easy to find out for sure, because Florida has very lax police record laws, they have to give you everything in the file, even if it is personal and pornographic. That’s why there are so many wacky “Florida Man” sensational headlines out there. I was pretty sure it was the same guy. All the rest of the speculations, I added the word “maybe.” After Epstein, you can’t just brush this stuff off anymore, like “Pizzagate” down in DC, as “fake news” anymore. Same thing in England, Jimmy Savile changed everything after the truth came out. Then over in LA, and later Arizona, our old pal Issac Kappy. AT what point do you connect all the dots, and stop chalking it all off as “coincidence?”

        • Right on Robbie. People like Anonyfaker cannot grasp this in their small minds. Only if they politically agree with the conspiracy do they totally believe in it.

          • I actually have enough life experience to know how interconnected social circles actually are, and that grandiose conspiracy theories never prove to be true.

            What’s actually true, is that people believe conspiracy theories that are in agreement with their already established biases. Research has shown that adoption of conspiracy theories has more to do with ideological beliefs, and extremes, than facts. For example:

            “Beliefs in conspiracies tend to accord with political attitudes, making it unlikely that any one conspiracy theory will be embraced by the country. ”

            Does Extreme Political Ideology Predict Conspiracy Beliefs, Economic Evaluations and Political Trust?
            “A large volume of academic research has demonstrated that individuals who profess radical political ideology, both left- and right-wing, tend to share similar underlying psychological patterns. …Extreme left and right individuals are more inclined to believe in conspiracy theories than moderates; they are more likely to have negative economic evaluations; and they are less politically and interpersonally trustful. By means of hierarchical regression analyses, we reveal a quadratic relationship between extreme political ideology and conspiracy beliefs. ”

          • AnoyMaker,

            Have you started to get the “gist”, of why the FBI is looking at labeling or identifying Qanon as a hive for creating future homeland terrorists?

            You have as much chance as reaching a Qanon acolyte as you do at reaching a jihadi. People at the end of the day see the truth and the lie not reality.
            Your peddling lies as far as they are concerned.

            You have as much chance reaching them as I do of reaching SultanOfSix. Sad but true.

        • I think you’re reading too much into things.

          That there are two white males named Matthew Kenney who both live on the East Coast, and who are adults but not so old that running down the street can be ruled out as a possibility, just shows that there are indeed all sorts of coincidences (it’s also possible that they’re even cousins, as names tend to run in families). The news reports that the Kenney in Florida is both almost a generation younger, as well as resident and not a visitor, rule him out unless you can prove major errors on both accounts – the burden is on you, and for instance it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with the actual arrest report, or else at least free peoplefinder type searches should show that they are different people.

          What I think would be more useful, would be to find out what actual environment of support enables these people. For that, you’d need to do some digging and find out where the others work. It might turn out that they work in some loosely connected milieu of vegan restaurants and health food stores within walking distance or any easy commute, though it’s also possible that they’re isolated in a big city and just taking whatever jobs they can get.

          We live in a world that is even more interconnected that it might seem, especially when it comes down to some fairly limited sub-group like, say, vegans in New York city. The idea of six degrees of separation has been shown through experiments and research to be more or less true, with numbers actually coming in between about 6.2 and 6.6; but narrowed down from worldwide to, say, people who live in the US, it’s more like 2 to 4, meaning that connections of 1 to 2 degrees are actually surprisingly common. For instance, I turn out to have a couple of relatives who took a hypnosis class from Nancy Salzman, while I know some of the people she studied NLP with from my own connections to NLP on the West coast; who’d have thought?

    • Maybe in a perverse way, it will drive customers to the restaurant for the same reason people visit the Gangster highlights of Chicago.

      When I first visited Washington DC my uncle took me on a tour of all the neighborhoods where buildings were burned out because of the riots following Martin Luther King’s assassination.

      It was the highlight of the visit.

    • Because it will save people from slavery. The only reason they got away with it is because no one would say what they knew. It was a secret.

    • Frank Report Reader,

      The public has the right to know when a sexual predator is working at a restaurant they may patronize or work at.

      Considering Nicki is actively trying to recruit women into a cult the government shutdown that is all the journalistic justification Frank Parlato or anyone else needs to publish the article.

  • Great another celebrity thread for the creepy shadowstate to shit all over. How long will it be before he is in Brooklyn with his buddy anonyfaker stalking out the bar?

      • You are every bit as sick as anyone else that was in NXIVM with you. You were lucky they kicked you out for infringing on Raniere’s creepiness.

    • It would help for locals to stir things up by talking to the employees and restaurant management. She does not belong in the public, she should be behind some desk shuffling papers, if not in prison.

  • Nicki, Nicki, Nicki:

    Why didn’t you tell all of your friends here at the Frank Report about your new gig?
    We all would have flocked to your new restaurant to scarf up all that great vegan Mexican food.
    I would have hopped on the next plane to LaGuardia to help you celebrate.
    And Nicki, why did you choose such a bland name as Nicole Leigh when Pea Onyu has such a ring to it?

    Maybe you should set up a small stage there and perform as an insult comic like the late Don Rickles using the name “Pea Onyu.”
    And when Allison gets out of the Big House you should be a manager there and you can start her out in the back room washing dishes.

    Congratulations on the new gig and my advice to you is to refrain from trying to recruit your co-workers and customers to NXIVM.

    • The Bronfmans might have closed their pocketbooks to NXIVM.
      Clare is awaiting sentencing.
      Sara is lying low in France under threat from a class action suit and a possible indictment.
      Emiliano Salinas is either in Cuba or headed there.
      Alex Betancourt is also lying low.
      Until the NXIVM cases are wrapped up, the money spigot will be running slowly.

    • It seems as if they must be trying to carry on in some way that is sadly reduced in all respects, with no money, no grandmaster, no success recruiting and none of the intense activities that formed the initial lure or hook – unless they are cooking up some new variations of their own. They are apparently down to a small number of diehards, and one would think that even some of those must be tiring of the charade.

      I find it reminiscent of “Squeaky” Fromme, Sandra Good and a couple of other Manson Family loyalists who lived together and tried to keep things going after the trial and convictions. Those two remained loyal to Manson and his supposed environmental philosophy until at least relatively recently, even after having been split up decades ago by prison stints for later crimes committed in furtherance of that loyalty, which shows that some people become too invested to ever give up mistaken allegiances and beliefs.

      Clyne is starting to look like the character comparable to “Squeaky,” in the NXIVM saga – which is an example showing that she and other true believers may indeed present a danger to society.

  • I’m kinda curious, too–recruiting for what? What is the plan moving forward?

    With Vanguard gone, what’s the game plan? And why?

  • I honestly don’t think Nicki is that bad in stand-up comedy. I probably didn’t understand everything because it involves “insider stuff”, but she’s certainly very enthusiastic about it. And some of them were really quite funny imo. I’ve seen WAYYYY worse comedians than her.

  • You know, everytime that picture of that sweaty, hairy turd of a creature is shown here, lying face-up in bed leering, I have kept wondering. What the hell is that ugly, reddish, egg-shaped lump protruding up from his yonder armpit? Viscously unattractive, rather disturbing.

    Then tonight we have radishes used as garnish and a now-elderly 36 year old floor manager who seems to be recruiting new penises and vaginas on the side, whilst commanding her Brooklyn harem. May I just say quelle surprise, as if?

    Then it’s off to the races. As Frank Parlato readied to shoot off the pistol, he paused and said, “at the time, the First Line slaves were planning a group blow job for Raniere….” Not another acid flashback of Lenny Bruce. Saturday Night Live can come here for comedy lessons.

    This brings me back to Keithy-Weethie’s big reddish eggish lumpy protrusion, and, as politely as possible, for me the mystery is over. That has to be Jerry Epstein’s penis.

    • Shivani that “thing” in Vanguard’s armpit is Vanguard’s lymph node appears swollen.

      Swollen lymph nodes can be caused by chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, or HIV.

      My guess is Keith Raniere is a carrier of herpes.

      A swollen lymph gland is a indicator of sickness or disease.

      If you ever have a swollen lymph node immediately go to your doctor!

  • She’s in the US illegally — a fake marriage to stop her from beng popped for an expred Visa. Why isn’t she arrested for this? And why isn’t she concerned about her “wife” — Allison Mack — to whom, in a real marriage, she should be supportively standing by her side? Everyone screams about illegal Mexicans being here — is it not the same violation of the law for Canadians?

    • No, she is not in the U.S. illegally. There are many “fake” marriages like this one, but they are not illegal. She isn’t arrested because it isn’t illegal. There are many “fake” marriages that are marriages of convenience. Mexicans also have sham marriages like this one. Get off your high horse. Where were you when same-sex marriage was being pushed through? You want the government to enforce a law that doesn’t exist rather than going after her with the court of public opinion. Lazy.

  • Omg I wish I was on the south shore of Long Island this weekend. I would have driven right over to get some pictures. LOL
    Maybe next time.

    Nicki has a 9to5 job? I guess times are tough and lean……Or taking a job to mix with 20’s something young women is great recruitment opportunity.

    I wonder how many fanboys are going to make a B line straight to the restaurant when they read this article ? LOL

    Frank you just caused Nicki unneeded stress. Shame on you 😉

    • “Nicki has a 9to5 job?”

      Actually the restaurant is open evenings and nights.
      And although Bed-Stuy is a gentrifying neighborhood, it is still not the best neighborhood to be fooling around in NYC or even in Brooklyn itself.

    • Nicki is average. How she gave up a relatively lucrative career she was lucky to be in for the cult of an obvious conman over a regular, good guy and family life shows the power of some women’s stupidity.

      • “Hi there. We are the vegans. Or at least we are working here in a vegan restaurant (and bar) like kinda semi-wannabe vegans. Maybe. Everyone’s different, man.

        “We eat nothing from animals. We do not even touch any food, say from an undead cow, like milk, yogurt, butter, cheese. We only wish that more people would be more conscientious and self-aware.

        “But we still hire and keep an employee here who has and who has supported the branding of human flesh. But only brandings made without anything chemical, like anesthesia. ‘Cause we love and respect Nature.”

        Yes, no wonder some of the staff have quit. Guess the hypocrisy wasn’t worth the tips.

  • Looking at Google Maps I discovered that between Nicki’s home and her work place one finds Brooklyn’s Waldorf School.
    Didn’t Raniere attend a Waldorf School?

    “NXIVM problems at Waldorf School of Saratoga”
    September 21, 2018

    “By the way – and this is no reflection on Waldorf Schools – Keith Raniere attended a Waldorf School when he was in grammar school and at least a part of high school.”

    “The Brooklyn Waldorf School is an independent school that adapts the traditional methods of Rudolf Steiner to the unique, urban environment of Brooklyn, New York. The School is conveniently located in historic Bedford-Stuyvesant.”

    Nicki’s home, workplace and the Brooklyn Waldorf school are all located in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

      • Scott,
        If you go on Google maps and navigate around a bit you will find that the Brooklyn Waldorf School is almost directly between Nicki’s home and her workplace.
        Almost halfway between.

        • Shadowstate,

          What are you driving? A virtual reality car around Brooklyn?

          Tell me your not on Google earth satellite view? LOL

          I guess virtual stalking is better than real stalking because you do not have to worry about being arrested outside someone’s house in the virtual world you are not really there. The 21st century is weird.

          Stick to google maps 😉

          Just kidding with you.

  • I’m curious about her green card status. If a foreigner marries a US citizen and gets a green card but then the US spouse is convicted of felonies and sent away to prison… does that affect the foreigner’s – Clyne’s – green card status? Might it be illegal for her to work in US anymore?

  • So.. I’m trying to grasp the “MASTER” plan here…
    Clicky Nine planning to keep new slaves starved & skinny & celibate for like 30 years – ’til Creepy Keith is out – at what…90?
    He was impotent at 50 for crying out loud!
    At 90 — it’ll be all the chubby fuzzball can do to get his eyelids up for 30 seconds!
    Also – You can expect by then the smartest human in the universe will be dumber than a box of rocks!
    Diaper disintegration!

  • Is it weird (even though I am not a vegan) that I want to go eat at the restaurant now?

    I git really pissed when BSG wrote Nikki Clyne off the show just when the storyline was heating up. Then I found out why. Stupid cults ruin my tv shows.

  • If Clyne was doing no harm, she might better be left alone – cultists sometimes actually thrive on being attacked, and it can reinforce their beliefs and loyalty*.

    But if she’s recruiting at work, I’m surprised she wasn’t fired due to that, particularly if it was really so bad that it was causing multiple other staff members to quit.

    With no Vanguard to walk with or take naked pictures for, no V Week or volleyball or other community activities, they must be starting to get just a little bored with the whole DOS slave thing – unless, I suppose, they’re inventing their own variations there in Brooklyn.

    * While it may seem counter-intuitive initially, it’s a bit like the defensiveness we’ve probably all encountered in people, in which an attack triggers an entrenchment or counter-attack that results in a position that is then very hard to resolve. It’s actually a well-documented phenomenon in psychology, and the study of high control groups or cults. It’s even why groups like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses send members out to proselytize, and face rejection; it actually strengthens the dedication of most to have to defend their beliefs. Here’s a basic explanation of it as cognitive bias:

    the backfire effect

    “When some aspect of your core beliefs is challenged, it can cause you to believe even more strongly.

    We can experience being wrong about some ideas as an attack upon our very selves, or our tribal identity. This can lead to motivated reasoning which causes a reinforcement of beliefs, despite disconfirming evidence. Recent research shows that the backfire effect certainly doesn’t happen all the time. Most people will accept a correction relating to specific facts, however the backfire effect may reinforce a related or ‘parent’ belief as people attempt to reconcile a new narrative in their understanding.

    “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain”

    • The chef at Izzy Rose is originally from Portland, Oregon, an extremely liberal city.
      Portland’s motto is “Keep Portland Weird.”
      Watch the TV show “Portlandia” starring Fred Armeson and Carrie Brownstein to see what I mean.

      I have a friend named Svetlana in Portland and from her stories it’s hard to believe that Portland is part of the part of the United States of America.

      As for me I have no plans to bother Nicki as long as she behaves herself.
      I would rather poke fun at Nicki on the internet than cause her any real harm.
      Like a cat playing with a mouse.

    • Clyne is doing no harm? Did you read the story? Just as Frank has confronted the evil of NXIVM for four years, Clyne should be confronted. Period. Stop all of your psycho-mumbo-jumbo and wake up.

        • Wrong. The best way to confront Clyne is to visit the restaurant where she works and ensure the owner, other employees, and customers know about Clyne. Poking fun isn’t nearly enough, Mr. Shadow. The FBI/DOJ would not have investigated/prosecuted NXIVM by just poking fun of them. That’s a sorry, frightened excuse for not confronting them directly.

    • I’m curious, what do you think of her immigration status? Is her marriage to Mack legitimate, and if it isn’t, shouldn’t she be deported?

      I think she’s living and working in the U.S. illegally.

      • ” what do you think of her immigration status?”

        Earlier this year I wrote a story positing the possibility that Nicki had set up the arrest of Raniere and did so in a way that both Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman woud be associated with that arrest while Nicki stayed relatively clean.

        Shadow: Is Nicki Clyne very dumb or very devious?
        April 9, 2019

        In return the Feds are cutting Nicki a lot of slack on her immigration status.

        In Chicago there was a case much like this involving John Dillinger the infamous bank robber.
        In 1934 a woman named Anna Sage, aka the Woman in Red, agreed to help the FBI finger Dillenger at the Biograph movie theater.
        Dillenger was gunned down by the FBI in a nearby alley.
        Anna Sage was an illegal alien from Romania and also ran a bordello.
        Unfortunately for Ms. Sage the Feds deported her regardless of her assistance.

        If it turns out that Nicki did somehow deliberately finger Ranier’s Mexican hide out through her Instagram posts. I would be much more sanguine about her immigration status.

        Ana Cumpănaș or Anna Sage, nicknamed Woman in Red (1889 – April 25, 1947)
        She is best known for assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation in tracking down gangster John Dillinger.

  • How curious that Nicki Leigh’s alias uses, since there is an actress and fitness model named Nikki Leigh and she is also blonde, it will be just by chance.

  • I look forward to Nicki Clyne getting her own cooking program on PBS like Rick Bayless’ “Mexico: One Plate At A Time.”
    It can be called: “Nicki Clyne’s Quick Cooking With a Cauterizing Pen.”

    And there are cocktails that are made or served hot.
    Like the old fashioned Hot Toddy.
    In the old days Hot Toddies were stirred with hot metal sticks.
    Nicki could stir the drinks with hot cauterizing pens and call them Hot Nickis.

    I must take issue with the statement that Nicki Clyne is not a funny comedienne.
    I believe Nicki Clyne is very funny.
    The only problem is that most of Nicki’s humor is unintentional.

    Allison said that she had a beer before pleading guilty.
    Perhaps that was a beer at Izzy Rose’s.

    Izzy Rose appears to be associated with the Clementine Bakery which is near by.

    “Izzy Rose is a new bar in Clinton Hill from the people behind Clementine Bakery. The menu has vegan bar food, like tacos made with chickpeas, nachos, and guacamole.”

    Some pictures of Izzy Rose.×600/50090007_QonQQyKTX8uEQsTCIXaRylSffKJ_Qxz8VFUzPy6SNm4.jpg

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