Part 3: Keith Raniere From Prison: ‘Nancy Salzman Is Totally Innocent’

Nancy Salzman

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of the “From Prison: Keith Raniere” series on the subject of his co-defendants’ innocence.

These were written by Raniere from prison.

Part 1: From Prison, Keith Raniere: ‘My Codefendants Are Innocent’ Part 1: Attackers Destroyed Our Community!

Part 2. From Prison: Keith Raniere: Part 2 My Co-Defendants Are ‘Very Innocent!’

I have already explained why I chose to publish this series in Part 1 and in a separate post, Why I Choose to Publish Raniere’s Prison Letters About the ‘Innocence’ of His Codefendants.

Raniere’s co-defendants are Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell.

In this article, Raniere addresses the subject of Nancy Salzman.

By Keith Raniere 

Nancy Salzman’s Background

When I first met Nancy, she thought I was a stock-boy. I was working in one of my businesses, a health network store, so there I was, barefoot and in shorts, moving boxes of product in the summer heat

I searched for many years, through many professionals, to find a potential collaborator. When I met Nancy, and started to know her, I began to feel she was the one for whom I sought.

Nancy Salzman teaching students in class.

Nancy is a person of both extreme skill and experience. As a self-proclaimed information junkie, she studied under some of the top proponents in the human potential field. She started life as a typical Jewish girl from New Jersey, becoming a registered nurse (RN), marrying young (to a doctor), and having two daughters soon thereafter.

Michelle, Nancy, and Lauren Salzman

Through nursing she specialized in chronic pain management, studied hypnosis, then Eriksonian hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) (including studying with one of its founders), and diligently studied any other modality or method she could find. She went on to train many thousands of people: doctors, therapists, CEOs, families, and other people of all types.

Nancy watched me apply my methodology and experienced it as different than anything she had ever seen and highly effective. Ultimately, we came to know, trust, and care for each other deeply: enough to devote our lives to bringing forth this body of knowledge together.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

Nancy Was My Lifework Partner

1998: Rare picture of Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in one of the first Executive Success Programs classes.

Nancy is a wonderful woman. During the years (decades) I was her lifework partner she was known as the “energizer bunny” with a zest and joy of people. Nancy could blend with almost anyone being enjoyed and socially savvy in all situations: from meeting with the most down-trodden person, to conversations with world leaders. Nancy always had an exuberantly positive relationship, never fought, and I could always rely upon her during the toughest times.

She was the essential start of many of my days by warmly welcoming me into her home (and life), making me the breakfast I always needed, and providing endless supportive, loving, care.

I will always love her dearly.

Why Nancy Took a Plea Deal

Motivation to Plea:

Photo of Nancy and Lauren Salzman subsequent to their plea deals.


Nancy has a grave health challenge. From the beginning her attorneys stated she would not go to trial (this means she would plea). Nancy pled but did not cooperate with the prosecution. Why would Nancy not go to trial? I can think of a number of strong reasons. I do not necessarily agree with these reasons, but that does not make them wrongful, or any less valid.

    Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. She just learned about DOS and that she had cancer. A hard time for Nancy.


For the past 20 years Nancy has built many things with me. She would frequently thank me for her life. During the last few years of our relationship Nancy began to hear concerns and complaints about the sorority. At times she asked me about it and I reported to her honestly, but did not violate any confidences. From Nancy’s perspective, I started this odd thing, outside of her vision, causing problems, and disturbing our mission. Once the bad press started, she saw 20 years of work and a joyful community being destroyed. Although I do not know her current opinion of me. I believe it is simplest for her to think I am bad and did not care.

Nancy Salzman with her lawyers David Stern and Robert Soloway.


I also believe Nancy’s lawyers, considering Nancy’s condition and remote participation in the alleged acts, deeply believed I was the problem in Nancy’s life. I think they began to systematically steer her away from me and towards a plea. Although, Nancy’s team was part of the larger defense team, during the year or more before she plead, I never spoke to her or her attorneys (l met one of them in passing), and they apparently never expressed an interest in active participation.

Nancy Salzman Plea Deal Was Utterly False

Nancy’s plea was false.

Neither she nor her attorneys may have had the information to know this.

Instead of Nancy defining the RICO enterprise, she essentially said, “it is whatever the prosecution says it is.”

In truth, the government’s claimed RICO enterprise had no consistent purpose and simply did not exist. As one example of several, the prosecution defined the purpose of the enterprise as promoting me. They also claimed part of the crimes of the enterprise was effectively deceiving people by not promoting me. There are several other more compelling reasons, which will not discuss here. In the end, not only is the enterprise false, so is the alleged criminal activity.

Sara Bronfman, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

Nancy’s allocution was very general in addressing the charge against her relating to spying on alleged opponents.

At times, when we were attacked, we took security measures to protect ourselves. Sometimes this involved identifying attackers etc. These operations were always “white hat,” meaning moral. Most of the time we had top level consultants, obtained from our attorney firms, helping us assess our actions. The alleged crimes are not true.

Nancy also pled guilty to conspiring to tamper with discovery evidence in a case. She actually had no way of knowing what actually happened, for any production of evidence for a case is very remote from her. I think Nancy was being a good leader and taking responsibility for all things within her charge (all of NXIVM’s doings), but the alleged crime is not true.

Cooperation with the Prosecution:

Nancy did not cooperate with the prosecution which I think is very good considering the prosecution has used hate extensively in their case against us. I believe one must never participate in any prosecution or process which uses hate. Even if the process is against the devil himself, you are simply joining him if you participate in hate. Not participating in hate is a higher value than convicting anyone


  1. (First to Plea) Nancy was the first to plea, and by splitting interests with the defense she said, seemingly, there was some sort of crime within the case. For the first time, someone (who is very important) said to the world, in effect, “yes, there was crime and there is some virtue to these proceedings.”
  2. (Raising Issues) Unfortunately, Nancy’s pleading guilty to some of the allegations. and agreeing to the RICO charge, raises issues not existing before her plea.
  3. (Criminalization) To many her plea made NXIVM criminal.
  4. (Opinions) It affected the opinions of the public, our community (who for the first time in its existence saw a divide Nancy and myself), and the judge.
  5. (Embolden Prosecution) It also emboldened the wrongful prosecution.
  6. (Patents) I may lose over 100 of my patents because First Principles Inc., custodian of them with use rights, is under forfeiture.
  7. (Justifying Hate) More abstractly it helped to justify a hate campaign: allegations right, wrong, or indifferent, this campaign is full of hate. By supporting it you cannot help but fortify hate.
  8. (Against Lauren) Nancy’s plea also placed more weight on another co-defendant, Lauren, her daughter. I will discuss next my beliefs of Lauren’s motivations; but certainty this plea lent validity to the charges against Lauren.

I suspect Nancy was merely looking to mitigate the incredible forces against her. I doubt she intended any of these resulting effects. Many very good people, with similar health concerns, facing charges truly not relevant to their conduct, would do the same thing to preserve quality of life and outcome. I believe the prosecution was acutely aware of these things and rejoiced at the plea of an innocent, health-challenged woman.

mk10art Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere.

My participation:

I believe that everything both Nancy and I did was well intended and actually quite good. It is some of the things I didn’t do, or might have done more, wherein I could have been better.


I should have pushed harder and/or protested to the point of exhaustion so I could speak to Nancy after her arrest.

It was both of our rights.

By not doing this I let Nancy down: She was faced with a terrible decision, completely without warning, and caused by me.

Nancy was innocent, but now she is being inappropriately sentenced. If she went to trial, and were convicted of the alleged crimes, she could end up dying in prison. Why might she think she could be convicted when innocent? Because she was charged, while innocent, in an absurd way, with conduct of which she was unaware.

It was my responsibility to step in, give her the data, and assure her. She had no way of predicting what would happen in such an irrational situation. From her legitimate perspective: who was I (Keith) to conduct myself in such a way that this could happen?

Of course she would plea — to save her life! If I had been better and stronger in that I believe Nancy would not have felt the necessity to plea

MK10 ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman like tongue

My Lifestyle

My lifestyle and thinking are quite different than the norm. This can bring many good things, but also intense negativity. Over a 20-year period, we had been lulled into a certain comfort. Even though there was controversy, we continued to develop and prosper. I should have continually prepared her for the potential dangers of my lifestyle especially when one of the executive board members had threatened, and ultimately caused, this type of destruction.


In our community we study the nature of accountability as a balance of responsibility and authority. If there is too much authority without responsibility then there is no accountability (people blame others). If there is too much responsibility and not enough authority then the person does not have the resources to do the job. I indirectly gave Nancy extra responsibility without the matching authority for her needs.By not informing and connecting with Nancy more, this blind-sided her. I decided since the sorority was forming and changing (which happened on almost a daily basis) it was better not to try to discuss it.

I was concerned about violating confidences, and making her insecure because of the extreme nature of it. Once Lauren, her daughter, was involved, it added even more complexity and reasons to not discuss its workings. Additionally, some of the founding sisters did not want Nancy to know. Nancy knew superficially of the existence of the group, but she knew little of its nature or its extent. Both before and after her arrest, I put her in the impossible situation of having more responsibility than authority — she could not do the necessary things to succeed. In the case of her plea, she did not have the information needed to handle the situation, and her attorneys, differently; and

Marie White’s painting of Nancy Salzman


I should have not trusted people as easily, and been so accessible to them, to put her at risk. To trust someone is to believe you know how they will act. It is not necessarily the people I trusted were bad (although some might have been). It is a problem with me that I believed I understood their morality and behavior better than I did and I did not test them enough for whatever place I had hoped they would fill. It is easy to blame another by saying, “l shouldn’t have trusted them.” Even if it is true, and that other person made direct representations — maybe even knew he or she might not come through — I was the one who granted the trust and relied upon them. Ultimately it is my failing. It is possible the other person was perfectly clear and I misunderstood, or deceptive and I misjudged, either way it is me who decided and acted on that decision

I wrote an essay about this which I intended to release generally, but read to the 20+ people visiting my family and me, right before my kidnapping.

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • “I should have pushed harder and/or protested to the point of exhaustion so I could speak to Nancy after her arrest.

    It was both of our rights.

    By not doing this I let Nancy down: She was faced with a terrible decision, completely without warning, and caused by me.”

    Yup. Nancy, the best trainer you ever had was too stupid to know her rights and couldn’t survive without you. Sure.

  • This doesn’t sound like Keith’s writing. How does Frank Parlato know who wrote this? I smell a witch’s brew. Nice try, Toni.

  • Hi, Keith. Nancy took you for a stock boy? Was that before, during, or after she allegedly dropped in on Toni at the health store with regards to her flatulence issue? Is that why you think Nancy first diagnosed you as “delusional?” Bc you were barefoot?

    In any case, it’s somehow been very difficult for anyone to determine whose handwriting is on Gina’s EM chart from Oct. 9, 2002 – what with so few NXIAN handwriting samples available and all to compare it to. Some say it’s Nancy’s writing, some say Kristin Keeffe’s, some say it’s for sure Lauren’s. Most conveniently say it’s the late Pam Caffritz’s and still others say it’s yours.

    What say you, Vanguard? Perhaps Frank would care to run the chart itself again to give you a fair chance to defend your boast that you can inflict a state of cognitive dissonance on someone and/or have had people killed for your beliefs or theirs, too?

    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to apologize for refusing to take that midnight walk alone with you long ago. Had no idea you’d be so upset over it. Gina said you threw a fit about it. But, you know, didn’t want to have to kick you in the balls again is all.

    Not that any of that makes any kind of murder motive, but they do say some Sicilians hold grudges for a long time.

    Dare you to respond. What have you got to lose? And when do we start “having a discussion?”

    • He’s probably referring to that time in 1611 or so when he was seized by Barbary pirates who ransacked his little Mediterranean village and sold him into slavery in Algiers whereupon he served as a eunuch for the rest of his days, his ransom being refused by an evil Magistrate in the pay of the Medicis.

  • Nancy is innocent. It’s clear after this text. How long are American citizens standing by while the justice system gets completely corrupted?

    • According to Keith, there is corruption in the justice system from all his lying, perjury spouting co-defendants.

      They are criminals. In both scenarios.

  • It’d be great to hear Heidi’s take on what’s in this article. There is so much being left out by the imprisoned fantasist, Raniere’s wordy wheels, stuck grinding deep in the sand.

    Nancy Salzman and her “supervision” of Kristin Snyder’s demise? Of course, there’s not one word about that. Nancy Salzman and her daughter (or daughters) personal and or sexual involvements with Raniere? Nope. Not a word of that overall context, not from the Manwhore. His sexual sadism and perversions? Again, he cannot address that either.

    There are at least thirty pages of both facts and information which Raniere cannot or will not have the guts to address, not at all.

    How obvious, how prominently glaring, are Raniere’s scanty and pathetically teensy-weensie admissions or acknowledgments of any wrongdoings whatsoever?
    He, Keith Raniere is now a naked and totally dethroned emperor of his final and minuscule, permanent backyard.
    His tormentuous mind demonstrates how come. He is out of it. And he is not able to see this.

    • Miniscule. Also, Raniere is almost a fossil now. He is like a cockroach embedded in solidfied amber, only in case, that amber was not ever amber. It must have been bakelite. A totally false “god.”

      Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride. Can you dig the it, how stuck Raniere is? Too bad he didn’t get caught sooner. Quite a few people might not have been so harmed or deceived.

      On a different topic, today I heard the names and the aliases of five men who slaughtered the LeBaron women and children on the roadside in Mexico as they were traveling to a wedding.

      The excuses for these acts are also coming to the surface. And with the collusions and bribes still ongoing, these men are still driving around freely and fully weaponized. These stories never end. Some want everybody to forget what happened. Some of us refuse to ignore it, will never forget.

  • This guy. Can’t make his own breakfast. 50 something years old and he can’t cook eggs or pour a bowl of cereal for himself. That’s women’s work!

    It is so laughable that Keith thinks he’s avant garde. Keith is 1950’s era traditional in most of his thinking about women. But like, the worst guy in the office in the 1950’s. That abuses and feels up all the women who are around. And demeans them with comments about their bodies and lack of intelligence.

    That Keith was going to show women how to be bad ass, independent, unconventional trail blazers is so

  • I know I’m hardly the first person to point this out, but the World’s Smartest Man ain’t much of a writer.

  • Not sure how to say this without sounding biased, but here goes: Prefect has breath that could curl wallpaper, the manners of a sloth and the intellect of a tenth grade girl who has already passed her peak and is waiting for her first boyfriend to propose.

    She dresses like a guy, but is severely lacking in confidence. The sort of woman who, at her twenty year reunion, has absolutely nothing of value to say. She will do really well in prison, where nothing is ever anyone’s fault.

  • “There are several other more compelling reasons, which will not discuss here.”

    Right, because we always want to present our least compelling argument when we are trying to sway people over to our side. And least compelling is being very generous. His reason – promoting me/not promoting me – is untrue nonsense. It was always about his manipulation of his flock to worship him unquestionably, even if when it lead to their participation in his criminal endeavors.

    The fact is that there are no “more compelling reasons” and that is why he does not mention any.

    This “writing” is just another manipulative effort by Raniere to try to concoct a “reason” why the top brass pled guilty. But the true reason remains: They pled guilty because they were guilty. The lucky ones woke up to live their lives without him, albeit with a somewhat short stint in prison. His desperation is all over this mess. He needs to realize his reign as king of his little scum pond is over.

  • Keith’s 3rd Essay Synopsis:

    If you didn’t read this latest writing, be glad, sadly I did.

    • Keith’s latest writing is totally directed to his followers. He explains away why Nancy and he had breakdown in their relationship, as well as account for why Nancy took a plea.

    •The entire essay is chocked full of 1/2 truths and bullshit.

    •Keith blames Lauren Salzman’s participation in DOS for Nancy being pissed at him. Apparently Nancy, took Lauren’s branding the wrong way.

    •Keith’s blames his current misfortunes on trusting people to much.

    •The Best Part: Kieth claims he was kidnapped in Mexico.

    • Most Mexicans would love to be kidnapped—to the United States. 😂


    “To trust someone is to believe you know how they will act.”- Vanguard

    The smartest thing Keith ever said?!?!?


  • keith, you forgot about the part where you told her that she was Adolf Hitler in her former life. curious how she took that btw, consdering she is Jewish. fortunately for the rest of us, the teachings of The Vanguard saved her and she did not revert to that type of behavior and destroy the world again.

    I also wonder how hitler feels that he was reincarnated as Nancy Salzmann and had to be business partners with keith raniere? must be a bit of a let-down.

    for you recent readers of FR, here you go:

  • Nancy is a wonderful woman. During the years (decades) I was her lifework partner, she was known as the “energizer bunny” with a zest and joy of people. Nancy could blend with almost anyone being enjoyed and socially savvy in all situations: from meeting with the most down-trodden person, to conversations with world leaders. Nancy always had an exuberantly positive relationship, never fought, and I could always rely upon her during the toughest times. A woman who was working to make a better world, why do people hate that?

    • “You can continue to believe that; it doesn’t change the reality of what actually happened”

    • Wasn’t Ivy another Energizer Bunny (without the cooking breakfast burden)?

      Was this a pattern of keeping his chicks busy? Or just a coincidence?

  • You know that you need a makeover when Sam Waterston is being cast to play you and you are female.

    Seriously though, I’m sure this will really sway Garaufis. Given our Prefect’s sense of hygiene, let’s take up a collection for dental dams.

  • So now Raniere is all about the immorality of hate. Don’t hate! Hate is bad! This from the guy who made “oink-oink” sounds at his women when they went to the fridge for food. Women he put on starvation diets. Women he collected blackmail material on. Oh, and don’t forget the young girl he had confined to one room for a couple of years because he didn’t like her attitude.

    Yeah, that guy.

    The one who hounded his enemies with frivolous lawsuits. For years.


    And what a weird definition of “trust”. Trust is to know how someone will act? Er, no. That’s having someone under your control.

    No wonder this guy’s in prison for the remainder of his natural life. And five of his closest lieutenants are convicted felons headed for stiff prison terms themselves.

    Justice triumphed in this case. Every time this clown opens his mouth in his own defense, I’m more convinced prison is where he belongs.

    Had Raniere testified at his trial, he’d be facing 240 years at USP Tucson instead of a mere 120.

  • Conveniently, Keith releases his thoughts on his co-conspirators leading up to their sentencing. What does he want to achieve by doing this? A convicted felon serving 120 years, proven to be a compulsive liar is declaring them innocent. Perhaps his dream will come true and the judge will give them all harsh sentences for betraying him. We know what a vindictive creature he is by now.

  • I’m struggling with something.
    Was Keith really kidnapped?
    Or should we call it connapped? Or is kidnapping the correct term but instead of conman, is he a kidman? Or a conkid? I’m so confused…

    • NutJob-

      Call it cock-blocked!

      ….The real tragedy is Vanguard was about to get a group blowjob, from some ugly women; then the Mexican Government, fucked it up, like they fucked up their own country.

      I wonder who was batting cleanup that day.

  • “I believe one must never participate in any prosecution or process which uses hate. Even if the process is against the devil himself, you are simply joining him if you participate in hate. Not participating in hate is a higher value than convicting anyone.” KR ….That’s weird.

    He builds Nancy up on a pedestal of feel-good words. Seems desperate and manipulative.

  • There is so much BS here it’s disgusting to me.

    Keith says, “I decided since the sorority was forming and changing (which happened on almost a daily basis) it was better not to try to discuss it.”

    Funny, because in June 2017, he told me directly to my face that he had no knowledge of DOS. Then in the fall of that same year, he sent out a message to the entire NXIVM community stating he had no knowledge.

    Now, when it’s convenient, he shares he was so thoughtful about the release of information about DOS that he hid it from Nancy. Then later he has the gall to raise issues of trust like he made a mistake in trusting people too much. The truth is we made a mistake in trusting Keith because he lies and all throughout this diatribe is spewing lies.

    And Frank Parlato is allowing this to happen. He knows Keith is lying but he permits these statements to be broadcast to the world. Just another example of a Keith supporter: saying he doesn’t support Keith but allowing this to be broadcast to the public.

    My father always said, “Your actions speak so loudly that I can’t hear what you say.”

    Shame on you, Frank, for promoting this.

    • I am not promoting this. And if you look at the comments on this series his words are not resonating with many. It even prompted an excellent comment by you, providing more background information on his shifting positions on DOS and disclosure.

      More importantly, Keith did not testify in his own defense. The public never got to hear what he had to say. This is the first opportunity anyone has to hear his position. Not to publish it would be a grave mistake.

      And finally, since I published more than 5,000 articles on this website criticizing him, to publish his own words in his defense, without editorial comment by myself, is something that is reasonable and fair.

  • This is a very disturbing picture. I am surprised Nancy, with all her training, didn’t pick up on any of this earlier–or did she?

    1. A full two years and trial later, with numerous victim impact statements, he fails to accept any responsibility;

    2. A warped view and inability to comprehend the facts;

    3. ” I have a different lifestyle”–yes, branding women as slaves with a hot pen and subjugating them for your pleasure is, in fact, a different lifestyle. I agree completely.

    4. ” I shouldn’t have trusted”– you didn’t. You took disgusting, humiliating collateral and used it as blackmail;

    5. ” The government claimed…promoting me….then not promoting me.”

    Correct. Bowing to you, worlds smartest man stuff was promoting you.

    Hiding your identity behind DOS and your initials being the symbol was not promoting.

    My opinion, as always.

    • FMN ,

      That is such a prescient point about not trusting anyone and the blackmail! Keith’s actions show a pathological inability to trust.

      That has always stood out to me. Why the hell these supposed ” sisters” did not just trust each other like normal friends, coworkers, teammates etc?

      It is so bizarre and warped. And you are right! There is no evidence of Keith trusting anyone!

      In fact the opposite.

      • I don’t know Nancy, but assume she was competent at what she did. She seems to have an amazing powerful outlook.

        But with all her training, did she, at some point,recognize she was dealing with a narcissist (at a minimum)?

        It’s jumping out of his words.

        Maybe by the time she figured it out, it was too late to jump ship?

  • Poor, Poor Nancy!!! She has breast cancer, likes thousands of women before her.

    She isn’t dying, she has had treatment and is stable. And why, oh why, mighty Vanguard didn’t you heal her?

    She pled because 1st to the bus gets the best seat. And she was guilty as sin of much more than what she pled to. How many people in your neighborhood have over $500,000 in cash lying around in shoeboxes in their house? lol! Let’s get real here people.

  • Interesting use of the word “splitting”. I wouldn’t use this word in this context. A quick google will highlight typical contexts this word is usually used within.

      • Nutjob, you and I are not on the same team. You cheer at seeing an innocent man become villainized, it’s a shame. I stand with him.

        • Anna, you are so funny! I love your sarcasm. You are the most ruthless NXIVM critic on this site.

          Love you! Are you the one behind Two Lawyers?

        • You’re good. I almost believed you – but then I caught myself and remembered it was Anna posting. Tennis claps to you!

    • Aw, aint it sweet Anna? He needs to write a letter of support for them, pleading the judge for lenience. His compassion and honesty know no bounds.

  • If you happen to read through an ephemeris and can read astrologic glyphs, just as one can read music or another language, read on if so inclined.

    For the intricacies of either an individual’s chart or the charting of an event are composed of interpreting what shows, out of a multiplicity of angles where heavenly bodies were or are interacting, “mathematically, within a 360-degree circle or sphere.” We all have a pie, and nobody wants blackbirds baked in it.

    An astrologer is one who has studied the aspect and characteristics of these interactions, including certain theoretical points. These theoretical kinds of (math, mapping) points have no representative heavenly body of their own but are very interesting nevertheless.

    The study is not only learning to draw out astrological charts accurately but to have studied enough to be able to interpret what the math shows.

    At times, one’s range of accurate information about someone’s birth can be incomplete, but usually only by one particular factor, which is the precise hour and minute of either a birth or of an event. Even w/o that, one can gain many insights, though.

    Anyhow, if you read the ephemeris for July 1954, (U.S. eastern birth for July 16th,) you can contemplate
    Nancy Salzman, evidently, my dear Watson. This looks to be when she got her big head out here. She was a young Jewish, New Jersey baby, unaware that her infamous Mr. Wet Kisses one day would announce her as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Go ahead and swallow.

    But Nancy did not say “kiss my ass.” She went home to the computer jungle and the boxes stuffed with her true goddamned love. Money. Highly acquisitive, but her biggest dope is attention, esteem. Ho-hum. Ja, mein hairy herr, jawohl. Who’s on first?

    I have been contemplating this Salzman chart info for a while, from time to time. Having pored over thousands of charts for 55 years, naturally, I’ve noticed similarities between various details in some people’s charts.

    And I’ve seen charts, one or two in particular, that resemble that of Nancy Salzman’s stellar arrangements.

    All that I’ll add here is that one is the chart of the late Patsy Ramsey.

    It is notable, this line out of Raniere’s fiction, re Salzman the elder. The quote has been *bolded* by me, not by its composer, Swami Flabturd of the 120 years.

    “I suspect Nancy was merely looking to mitigate the INCREDIBLE forces against her.”

    Not such a clever little a-hole, after all. Incroyable. There is nothing “incredible” about Nancy Salzman copping a plea, really not at all. Only Raniere was obtuse enough to fail to approach a bargain.

    None was offered him by the prosecution, either. Yes or no? Come on, let us hear from the two watercooler lawyers, last seen chasing margaritas behind a tugboat. In a bathtub.

    Back to Raniere’s subliminal messaging.
    Horseshit is much too polite and reasonable of a word for critiquing that bald-assed sentence. So much more could be written about this utter fabrication. Please. Nancy Salzman, The Diary of a Mad Therapist. Who wants to start? Maybe later.

    Right now, it is better for me to hit the pinball, ride it out and then cool off with some dancing. In Florida flamenco is not a good thing to do between 4 or 5 am, so perhaps a hula.

    Frank might be interested to hear that Nancy has a lot of cardinal energy throughout her chart design and was, in some ways quite a workhorse. Of course, there’s a lot more than just that facet. Especially the “mother” stuff and the inherent blend of masculine & feminine aspects, inside of any chart. It is like seeing what’s in the closet or the lingerie drawers.

    But Nancy is unlikely to have had any elegant, or even any lovely underwear. Her taste, it seems, is in her a…oh never mind. 5:22 lighting up a bit. Is 4/25/55 awake yet? I wonder as I wander. Zzzzz
    5:40, too early for bed.

    • Shadowstate,

      The quote you are using is not relative to your topic.

      The quote is for when good people do well meaning things which then have negative consequences.

      Kieth and Nancy did not have good intentions. Understand? I hope this helps. Sometimes expressions and sayings can be tricky. 😉

      Don’t feel bad about yourself. I appreciate your effort!

  • Wyze werdz summary of Federal Prisoner Number 57005-177

    1) Nancy falsely pled guilty because she was a woman: i.e., stupid and weak.

    2) Prosecution hate bias

    3) Hate is bad. Very bad. Very very bad. Did he mention that hate is bad?

    4) Keith made a mistake by not trying harder to manipulate Nancy and everyone else in NXIVM, especially after his arrest.

    5) Keith was too trusting.

    6) Keith is not being passive-aggressive or trying to manipulate anyone by writing this. If you don’t trust his good intentions, you are evil.

    • Since Keithy-boy was an agent of destruction to many people’s lives, it’s not that disturbing to read at all. One could even say, “What goes around comes around.” In fact, some of his victims take tremendous joy and relief in such a resolution. You know, karmic and all. So, in that sense NXIVM has succeeded in bringing some joy to their lives.

      Ultimately, anything that is false, fake, fraudulent, etc., gets wiped out. This is the nature of reality.

      And so it is with the “works” of this false prophet.

      What’s even more absurd is how people continue to support this guy after so many of his lies have been brought to light and he’s been publicly humiliated. It’s all just “hate”. Do you know what this is called? An appeal to spite and it’s a logical fallacy. This is simple Logic 101.

      No self-accountability. No self-responsibility. Total deflection. Ironic coming from the author who wrote the contents of this shyte letter.

      The contents of all his letters are simply assertions of him (and others) as innocent. This after being beyond a reasonable doubt proven guilty in a court of law. No counter-points given to the actual events that occurred or to the crimes that were committed, which should have been done in court by those more credentialed to do so. Of course, this is unsurprising because he has no answers. If people who are more accomplished and experienced in this couldn’t do it (things related to authority), what makes him think he can do so except for his narcissism?

      He can only speak in grand terms, abstractions, and intangibles. His letters are complete red herrings. A totality of nothing. They should be considered outright trolling (if it wasn’t for the positive terms he mostly uses) and be ignored so that no comments are made on them.

    • The community destroyed itself. The destruction came from inside. This was your people. Their actions. And their reaching out to law enforcement and the media. It’s all on you guys.

      The call came from inside the house.

  • Doubtful she can as she’s waiting on sentencing but surely someone knows her who get her high-level feedback on this and share it with us?

    Jaw-dropping from my perspective.

    After removing the word salad, it sounds like Keith’s saying had Nancy known about the criminality of his lifestyle she would have known how to defend against the charges and would have stood by her man. He did not give her all the ‘data’ so she had too much ‘responsibility’ and thereby not enough ‘authority’

    I think that the very moment she learned that he involved Lauren in his ‘lifestyle’ and ‘sorority’ that their bond and being ‘life work Partners’ was immediately over, null and void.

    It’s also interesting that Keith half way admits that his own selfishness by choosing his ‘lifestyle’ and creating the ‘sorority’ destroyed this woman’s life work and her health (and perhaps to some extent her family)

    Clearly, he blames Mark Vicente ‘member of the board’ for the demise of literally everything.

    • —Clearly, he blames Mark Vicente ‘member of the board’ for the demise of literally everything.

      Mark Vicente stood on Sarah Edmondson’s and Frank’s shoulders. Lauren Salzman’s testimony was more crucial. Stop patting yourself on the back Mark! 😂

  • Frank, Nancy is NOT an innocent person – so the monster can stop with the crap. We know what she said about MY ONLY SISTER Kris- just “ignore her she wants attention”. She medically neglected my sister-So Nancy can go down too- just like all of the other idiots in this story.

    Enjoy prison, Prefect

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