Shivani: Nancy Salzman, Astrology, and Her Copping a Plea

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] during a happier time, when the two were working in tandem to teach the world a new visionary method of critical thinking they called Rational Inquiry. But for the irrational pecker of the founder, and a cauterizing pen, they might be still doing so today,

By Shivani

If you happen to read through an ephemeris and can read astrologic glyphs, just as one can read music or another language, read on if so inclined.

Ephemeris in astronomy and celestial navigation, an ephemeris gives the trajectory of naturally occurring astronomical objects as well as artificial satellites in the sky, i.e., the position over time. The etymology is from Latin ephemeris ‘diary’ and from Greek ἐφημερίς ‘diary, journal’.


Glyphs are symbols used in astrology. Frequently used symbols include signs of the zodiac and for the classical planets.

For the intricacies of either an individual’s chart or the charting of an event are composed of interpreting what shows, out of a multiplicity of angles where heavenly bodies were or are interacting, “mathematically, within a 360-degree circle or sphere.”

We all have a pie, and nobody wants blackbirds baked in it.

An astrologer is one who has studied the aspect and characteristics of these interactions, including certain theoretical points. These theoretical kinds of (math, mapping) points have no representative heavenly body of their own but are very interesting nevertheless.

The study is not only learning to draw out astrological charts accurately but to have studied enough to be able to interpret what the math shows.

At times, one’s range of accurate information about someone’s birth can be incomplete, but usually only by one particular factor, which is the precise hour and minute of either a birth or of an event. Even w/o that, one can gain many insights, though.

Anyhow, if you read the ephemeris for July 1954, (U.S. eastern birth for July 16th,) you can contemplate Nancy Salzman, evidently, my dear Watson.

Nancy Salzman

This looks to be when she got her big head out here. She was a young Jewish, New Jersey baby, unaware that her infamous Mr. Wet Kisses one day would announce her as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Go ahead and swallow.

But Nancy did not say “kiss my ass.” She went home to the computer jungle and the boxes stuffed with her true goddamned love. Money. Highly acquisitive, but her biggest dope is attention, esteem. Ho-hum. Ja, mein hairy herr, jawohl. Who’s on first?

I have been contemplating this Salzman chart info for a while, from time to time. Having pored over thousands of charts for 55 years, naturally, I’ve noticed similarities between various details in some people’s charts.

And I’ve seen charts, one or two in particular, that resemble that of Nancy Salzman’s stellar arrangements.

All that I’ll add here is that one is the chart of the late Patsy Ramsey.

Patricia Ann Ramsey was the mother of JonBenét Ramsey, a six-year-old child found dead in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado, on December 25, 1996.  Patricia died in 2006, at age 50.

It is notable, this line out of Raniere’s fiction, re Salzman the elder. The quote has been “bolded” by me, not by its composer, Swami Flabturd of the 120 years.

“I suspect Nancy was merely looking to mitigate the INCREDIBLE forces against her.”

Not such a clever little a-hole, after all. Incroyable. There is nothing “incredible” about Nancy Salzman copping a plea, really not at all. Only Raniere was obtuse enough to fail to approach a bargain.

Vanguard & Prefect in happier times

None was offered him by the prosecution, either. Yes or no? Come on, let us hear from the two watercooler lawyers, last seen chasing margaritas behind a tugboat. In a bathtub.

Back to Raniere’s subliminal messaging.

Horseshit is much too polite and reasonable of a word for critiquing that bald-assed sentence. So much more could be written about this utter fabrication. Please. Nancy Salzman, The Diary of a Mad Therapist. Who wants to start? Maybe later.

Right now, it is better for me to hit the pinball, ride it out and then cool off with some dancing. In Florida, flamenco is not a good thing to do between 4 or 5 am, so perhaps a hula.

Frank might be interested to hear that Nancy has a lot of cardinal energy throughout her chart design and was, in some ways quite a workhorse. Of course, there’s a lot more than just that facet. Especially the “mother” stuff and the inherent blend of masculine & feminine aspects, inside of any chart. It is like seeing what’s in the closet or the lingerie drawers.

But Nancy is unlikely to have had any elegant, or even any lovely underwear. Her taste, it seems, is in her a… oh never mind.

A Lot Missing in the Nancy Article

As for Keith’s article ‘Nancy Salzman Is Totally Innocent, there is so much being left out by the imprisoned fantasist, Raniere’s wordy wheels, stuck grinding deep in the sand.

Nancy Salzman and her “supervision” of Kristin Snyder’s demise? Of course, there’s not one word about that.

Kristin Snyder standing by the Tacoma that was later found at Resurrection Bay with a purported suicide note.

Nancy Salzman and her daughter (or daughters) personal and or sexual involvements with Raniere? Nope.

Not a word of that overall context, not from the Manwhore. His sexual sadism and perversions? Again, he cannot address that either.

There are at least thirty pages of both facts and information which Raniere cannot or will not have the guts to address, not at all.

How obvious, how prominently glaring, are Raniere’s scanty and pathetically teensy-weensie admissions or acknowledgments of any wrongdoings whatsoever?

He, Keith Raniere, is now a naked and totally dethroned emperor of his final and minuscule, permanent backyard. His tormentuous mind demonstrates how come. He is out of it. And he is not able to see this.

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  • This article was total clickbait!!

    I wanted info about her chart! and nada. She is a Cancer. She would have gotten along with Keith who is a Virgo and Pam who I believe was a Scorpio. They were in harmony and I think that allowed them to execute. I would have loved to see what Nancy’s rising was. Tell me her exact time of birth and where she was born and I can calculate it for you.

    Thank you, Frank Report, for sharing these fascinating astrology articles!!

    • Are you joking or are you serious?

      Frank, at one time, was a fortune-teller on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. Numerology was his middle name and astrology his game.

    • You clearly have less than zero idea what you’re talking about. Although hard to read, the time of birth is in the data on top. You CAN SEE the rising sign right on the chart!! Further, her sun sign has almost nothing to do with who she’d get along with – it’s everything else: rising sign, moon sign, major planetary positions, and the synergistic relationship between charts.

      Please don’t go to stupid comic-like explaining of astrology and …and then get angry and insulting about it to boot if you actually know nothing!

      True this article could have said a bit more and made the info clearer and provided Ramsay’s info as well (and I agree it’s all in all, badly done) but your comment makes it worse. Sun signs? Seriously? Take a class or something.

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