Ambrose’s Misuse of Jennifers’ Law Sparks Activist’s Outcry: Judge O’Neill’s Flawed Legal Decision Exposed

Judge Thomas J. O'Neill

Attorney Alexander Cuda of the Needle Cuda law firm guided newly-appointed Judge Thomas J. O’Neill to interpret Jennifer’s Law in an entirely novel way. 

Jennifer’s Law is a law in Connecticut that expands the definition of domestic violence to include “coercive control.” The law is named for two women, both murder victims by their husbands: Jennifer Farber Dulos and Jennifer Magnano.

On August 8, Judge O’Neill granted disgraced Hollywood writer Christopher Ambrose’s petition for Restraining Orders in Bridgeport Family Court.

Judge O’Neill, a former corporate litigation partner at Day Pitney LLP, became a judge in May this year.

Judge O’Neill barred Ambrose’s ex-wife Karen Riordan from seeing her children, Mia, 16, Matthew, 16, and Sawyer, 13, for one year. The teens were residing with her. They fled out-of-state to their grandfather, rather than reside with their father, Ambrose.

To obtain the  TRO, Cuda shopped judges until he found Judge O’Neill, who ably twisted Jennifer’s Law to separate the mother and three teenage children who sought a safe haven with her from their allegedly abusive father.

Judge O’Neill based his Jennifer’s Law rulings on the basis that Riordan, a 110-pound special education teacher, was coercive controlling the teens to want to live with her. His fact-finding was based on Ambrose’s word alone. Judge O’Neill refused to listen to the teenagers.

It was not the teens who sought the protective order against their mother. Ambrose brought the m0tion on behalf of his teenage children.

This week, Attorney Cuda served Riordan with a contempt petition, blaming her for the teens’ unwillingness to live with Ambrose after the court barred them from living with her.

Peter Szymonik is a Constitutional activist who has taken an interest in this bizarre case. He originally opposed Jennifer’s Law for the very reason it was misused today.

By Peter Szymonik

Constitutional and Civil Rights Activist; Autism Advocate

Glastonbury, CT

Legal Manipulation

Nothing in law or statute allows a parent to file a complaint in ‘family’ court against another parent on behalf of their child.

Christopher Ambrose didn’t file the TRO on his own behalf, he filed it “speaking for his accusers.”

The teenage children effectively had their mouths duct-trapped shut and their hands tied behind their backs — as Ambrose, the parent they have accused of harming them, is speaking for them — while the mother is endlessly harassed at all hours of the day and night and silenced.

Judge O’Neill has now prevented her from having any interaction with her own children. Based on – nothing

Nothing but what Judge O’Neill made up off the top of his head.

Imagine the can of worms he opens up.

Now any time a parent is accused of criminally harming a child, all they have to do is run to “family” court and file a motion on “behalf of their child” to dismiss the criminal claims and complaints.

The “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

This is weaponizing “Jennifer’s Law.” 

When I and others testified against Jennifer’s Law, we predicted this would happen. Now it has.

Scenario: Three teenage kids, 13, 16, and 16, each independently and of their own accord, ran away from their father’s home, bringing claims and evidence of abuse.

Father has sole custody (under appeal).

Kids run away to mom’s home in the same town. Kids get their own attorneys and file petitions in juvenile court.

Father has the local police constantly (follow!) and harasses the kids. DCF ignores everything, but also harasses mom.

When DCF and police knock on the door, mom does not allow them in. But each kid talks to the police and tells them they seek safe harbor in their mother’s home and will not return to their father.

No interference on mom’s part. Dad is free to come parent and get his kids at any time – if they want to go with him – and she will stand aside. But they don’t want to live with their father!

Police submit criminal charges of custodial interference to a state prosecutor to arrest the mother.  The state prosecutor refuses, seeing no evidence to support a criminal charge.

Father inundates the family court with a barrage of contempt motions. The court decides to stall, delay, etc., probably having enough of the case.

The Juvenile Court case remains active, with the three children alleging abuse against their father.

In Family Court, the judge asks dad what he wants. His answer?

Not that he wants his kids back. Instead, he wants mom jailed.

Father continues to file – his attorney, Chris Goulden, withdraws.

Attorney Chris Goulden withdrew from the Ambrose custody case.

Now the sick part.

Father gets a new attorney (former head of the CT Bar Family Law Section), Alexander Cuda. 


Ambrose’s Strategy: Filing a TRO ‘Speaking for Accusers’

Lawyer Alexander Cuda figured out Ambrose’s strategy: to take three children from their happy home with their mother: Use Jennifer’s Law against the woman and children in favor of the allegedly abusive father. In this clever fashion, Cuda turned Jennifer’s Law into a weapon for abusive fathers against the abused women and children….

Cuda files a PPA TRO. In other words, he files a restraining order against mom, NOT on Ambrose’s behalf, but on behalf of his 13-year-old son, who ran away to be — with his mother.

The basis? Jennifer’s Law.

Mom somehow engages in “coercive control” to dominate and control the kids. That’s why they ran away and didn’t want to return to their father’s.

Think about this from a purely legal perspective.

Muzzled Voices: Teenagers Bound by Father’s Words

Mia, 16, Sawyer, 13, Matthew, 15, were happy when they lived with their mother and away from their allegedly abusive father.

Technically, the accuser of the mother is 13-year-old Sawyer, who Ambrose claims to be speaking for, and the mother, Riordan, has no opportunity to question her accuser, Sawyer.

Just mind-boggling.

Legal Boundaries and the Mind of the Court

Now Ambrose seeks Riordan’s arrest, because the kids fled to their relative to prevent the court forcing their return to their father.

It is a fundamental tenet of law that courts cannot issue orders which cannot be enforced, nor may a court issue orders which require litigants to read the court’s mind.

On August 8th, the court issued a one-year order of protection against Riordan. The order was issued on behalf of Riordan’s three teenage children, each of whom independently and of their own accord, fled from their father’s home and sought safe harbor in her home.

Judge Thomas O’Neill ruled that three teenage children should have no voice in the matter….

Judge O’Neill refused to allow the children to be heard, even though they were represented by counsel, and Judge O’Neill was aware they had active petitions before the juvenile court (a court of evidence and law).

The Impact of O’Neill’s Orders

The record reflects that while Judge O’Neill issued an order of protection, he did not order that Riordan remove the teenage children from her home (denying them safe harbor).

He did not order that she be responsible for effecting the children’s return to their father. Or how she could even do so without violating the order of protection.

Judge O’Neill did not order or explain how Riordan, or other parties, would, or even could, force the return of the three teenage children to their father’s home, against their wishes.

Sawyer was happy with his mother, Karen Riordan. He fled his father, alleging Chris Ambrose abused him….

Any parental authority Riordan may have once held over the children has been thwarted by the orders and actions of Judge O’Neill.

She may not be reasonably, logically, or legally faulted or held accountable for what the teenagers do.

To find otherwise would support a claim of deliberate and intentional state entrapment and deliberate infliction of harm.

Editor’s Note

A gofundme account is active and solicits donations for Karen Riordan’s unequal fight against her well-funded ex-husband, Christopher Ambrose. Please consider donating.  

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  • “… While the term “Coercive Control” now has specific meanings, including a legal one in the UK (since it became an official crime in 2015), I’m also using it to describe a type of coercion in those co-opted conversations (around the field of domestic violence and protection from abuse, stopping violence against women, etc.). Hopefully by the end of this post, readers will understand that co-opting conversations in these fields exists; that there are “on the table” and “off the table” topics, with certain career academics in certain fields (particularly sociology and psychology) and their backers making the call. And that this is an effective form of coercion, to cut-off other plausible explanations of why it seems just SO hard to stop violence against women, and to explain the behaviors of the family court systems, here and abroad. …“

    • From Dr. Heather Ehinger’s partner Joan Kloth Zanard:

      “Response to United Nations Special Rapporteur regarding: “Custody cases, violence against women and violence against children”

      Submitted to United Nations Office on Human Rights on November 16, 2022 Via email:

      Submitted by: the Executive Board of Directors on behalf of PAS Intervention (PASI) Parenting Advocates Support & Intervention ( PASI has over fifty chapters internationally in the United States, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, China, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, and the United Kingdom which represents alienated parents who represent 31.85% of the world’s population.

      PASI is an international non-profit whose mission is to eradicate the psychological abuse of custodial interference via parental alienation in the lives of all families globally. We offer support and advocacy to parents and children experiencing parental alienation …”

          • Who is/was “Judy Gardner”?

            “… On March 23, 2004, Plaintiff emailed Dr. Perry, stating that she had contacted “over 25 people and places for internship/supervision,” all to no avail. (Ex. K to Def.’s 56(a)1 Stmt.)

            On March 31, Plaintiff emailed Dr. Perry to advise him that she had a potential contact, and he encouraged her to have this contact, Judy Gardner, email him. (Ex. M to Def.’s 56(a)1 Stmt.) Dr. Perry testified at his deposition that he never heard from Judy Gardner. …”


  • “… Once, he tried to work as a mailman, but after a few days he quit, because whenever a stranger made an expression that reminded him of his foster father, an engineer named Fritz Henkel, he had the sensation that he was not actually alive, that his heart had stopped beating, and that the color had drained from the world. When he tried to speak, it felt as if his voice didn’t belong to him. …”

    • Re: NXIVM, “family courts” and foster care experiments ... without the informed consent of the governed says:

      “Porter, 45, who attended medical school at the University of Iowa, has been living in a Waterford residence owned by NXIVM associates and working in a private sector job. His license to practice medicine was suspended when he was served with the misconduct charges last year.” Where’s the “NXIVM” data stored?

      Research: “University of Iowa experiments”.

      AFCC-guy Peter “Salem has a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University and a master’s in media and communication management from Emerson College.” Where’s the family court/foster care data stored?

      Research: “McGill University experiments”

      Research Philip Rubin, husband of Joette Katz.

      As Paul Boyne’s trial begins, look past the headlines. Look past the play on the stage.

      After WWII, Nazi doctors and scientists went to the United States:

  • Upon review Betsy’s LinkedIn account it states she is a domestic violence advocate. The address for CPM upon review has several different businesses. Attorneys and a Connecticut data collaborative. There is no office space listed for Connecticut protective Mothers specifically. The Ccadv is in a different location in Glastonbury. Which business or attorney is the address association with? Is the information collected in CPM going anywhere? How is it related to the Glastonbury Ccadv which no women in Connecticut involved in custody battle with DV feels comfortable with?

  • It’s doesn’t appear that CPM is about fixing the curruption. It’s about helping with information and passing laws. Several of the initial members have very currupt case. The group have expanded to women with out currupt t cases. The woman in Connecticut have been bankrupt by the system. In my opinion we have the judges in the state for allowing that to happen. Yes these judges are bias against women in most cases. Due to fatherhood funding and some are just sexist. For several other reasons. Despite the people Betsy is friends with the greed and curruption is so deep it will take arrest and convictions to stop it. Connecticut divorce has become dangerous under the watch of our state government. For litigations , majority women. Even for the honest attorneys. There for people are representing themselves for reasons other than money. The legislators label CPM mother’s and the organization that a supposed to help women because they are hiding the problems and are just as much to blame as the legal system themselves. The woman in the are fighting each other and the entire family court system and government in Connecticut. We need honest help in the state of Connecticut. Where the hell are we going to find it?

  • “… The legislature finds and declares that . . . the people do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. That the people in delegating authority do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for them to know and that it is the intent of this law that actions taken by public agencies be taken openly and their deliberations be conducted openly and that the records of all public agencies be open to the public except in those instances where superior public interest requires confidentiality. …”

    • Children, parents and families: Test subjects in experiments w/out informed consent ... for massive profits says:

      “a limited menu of services” …

      Which families today receive “a menu of services” in Connecticut family courts?

      “Family court service agencies of the 1970s and 1980s traditionally offered a limited menu of services for separating and divorcing families … Connecticut’s family court service agencies have long been acknowledged as innovators and leaders in dispute resolution processes and in addressing the complex challenges of families involved in parenting disputes. CSSD-Family Services Unit is a Judicial Branch agency that oversees thirteen primary offices and five satellite offices statewide and has a professional staff of approximately one hundred family relations counselors. The creation of CSSD, in July 1999, marked the completion of the merger of six independent agencies within the Judicial Branch (the Office of the Bail Commissioner, Family Services Division, Juvenile Detention Services, Office of Juvenile Probation, Office of Adult Probation and Office of Alternative Sanctions) into one centrally administered division.

      The original vision statement of the Court Support Services Division states that it is “[to provide Judges with effective services that improve public safety, enhance … the general welfare of communities, and contribute… to the quality of justice for all citizens.”

      ⚠️ Critical to the achievement of these goals was the provision of scientific assessment tools 👈 🧐 to all the disciplines within CSSD. This objective is rooted in CSSD’s movement toward evidence-based practices fueled by research 👈 and outcome measurements. 👈 (NOTE: research + outcome measurements = experiments)

      Shortly after its creation, the CSSD, Family Services Unit, ⚠️ contracted with the AFCC ⚠️ in its quest to develop and implement the most effective and efficient services possible. …” 👈

      “Contracted with AFCC” for free?
      Which contracts were on the books?
      Who provided the funds?
      Who participated in the research?
      Who got paid?
      How many AFCC, Inc./CSSD test subjects provided informed consent?

      Since 1984, which state and/or federal office tracked family court outcomes in the dangerous cases?

      How many AFCC/CSSD “outcome measures” are used in the Ambrose case today?

      Which office collects that data with trauma-informed, evidence-based measurements?

      May we find the Ambrose outcome data in the same office which stores all outcome data since AFCC Inc. first became involved with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of state government in 1984?

      Where’s the outcome data stored?

      Which outcome data shows how families and children responded after AFCC-inspired “services” began in 1999?

      How about after 2013?

      In 2013, The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. was forced to register as a corporation with the Connecticut Secretary of State? That network conducted business in the state before that without registering as a corporation.

      And after 2015?

      In 2015, The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. was mysteriously forced to dissolve. (That wasn’t in the news.)

      1984, 1999, 2013 and 2015 were all milestones in the history of AFCC, Inc. in the state of Connecticut. Which Connecticut state legislators know about those AFCC, Inc. milestones, today? Which legislators wonder about the outcome data collected in between all those milestones … and outcome data collected after the last millstone in 2015?

      In the Ambrose case, did Mr. O’Neill suddenly appeared on stage to play a part in the coverup of the scandal?

      Mr. Stafstrom volunteers to work in the state’s Judiciary Committee. He also works at the Pullman and Comley law firm where former-judge Lynda Munro also works. Ms. Munro stepped down from the bench in 2014 after many years of personal and professional experience in the Connecticut AFCC Inc. network — and the Boyne case might soon be in the national headline news.

      Dr. Sidney Horowitz and former-judge Lynda Munro were both very involved in the Boyne v. Boyne case. Will The Hartford Courant investigate and report the CSSD/AFCC Inc. connection at the beginning of the Boyne case? The Connecticut judges’ case against Paul Boyne will be a jury trial if the powers-that-be in Connecticut don’t kill Paul before the trial begins.

      Whether or not a few powers-that-be in Connecticut can prevent the entire backstory of Paul’s trial from making headline news, that very big, very complicated, very politically embarrassing 40-year-old cat is already out of the bag.

      The 2024 presidential election campaigns have already begun. The ways in which Connecticut state legislators respond to what’s included in and omitted from headline news about the CSSD/AFCC, Inc. Connecticut family court scandal will make waves either way.

      One Hartford Courant reporter has framed the Boyne case as just a matter of free speech. That Hartford Courant reporter:

      1. Doesn’t know about the AFCC, Inc. for-profit networks acting with judicial authority and judicial immunity; or,
      2. He knows all about the CSSD/AFCC, Inc. cash-for-kids scandal and is part of the coverup.

      If Hartford Courant editors and reporters have been complicit in the AFCC, Inc. crimes for the past 40 years, those millstones should make national headline news, too.

  • According to gossiper Betsy Keller, Neal Rogan committed suicide. There was a dispute over client funds, the grievance committee was going after him and he ended his own life.

    But I believe Betsy Keller is part of the problem. She leads her CT protective moms around in circles. Putting on a front as they watch the corruption go by.

    Westport news, like CT news, reports little of the truth.

    Thank FR for allowing a platform for truth.

    • It sounds like she was cold about it. If it didn’t bother her, why didn’t that horrible news bother her? She has quite the platform in one of the most influential areas of the state. What’s going on there?

      • The reason why Betsy Keller is silent, not using her platform to call out the clear bias, discrimination, violations of others constitutional rights, federal protections is because she is a DV ADVOCATE SINCE 2017 THROUGH THE CCADV!!
















    • Maybe Neal Rogan is gone because he knew something about Cuda, Needle … and/or Zeldes, Needle & Cooper?

      Zeldes, Needle & Cooper pushed Tracy Do over the edge in Westport. Adelman, Nusbaum, Needle, Cuda and Portanova apparently tried to push Karen Riordan over the edge, too.

      Adelman and Portanova pushed Dan Lynch over the edge years ago. If Neal Rogan pushed back, maybe the good ol’ boy group silenced that threat, pushing him over the edge in one way or another.

      “Our state courts have been poisoned by a relatively small group of dishonest attorneys who game the system to increase billings at the expense of the clients they are supposedly representing. Even worse, the mechanisms allegedly in place for review of attorney and judicial misconduct have been covering up obvious malfeasance for decades … hiding behind a range of immunities if challenged in court.” — Dan Lynch

      Of course, Christopher T. Goulden was for the appellee …

      • Please contact me!! I have been pushing for the truth on TRACY DO FOR YEARS, FROM DAY ONE!!!




        • What else do you know about the Tracy Do case, 7:20 pm?

          Have you heard about Jennifer Lindstrom’s case?

          Another Westport case. Looks like both moms were emotionally fragile.

          It looks like Connecticut “family court” attorneys pushed both moms over the edge.

    • Maybe whoever’s running Connecticut Protective Moms is “controlled opposition”? Has anyone associated with the group discussed the family court corruption, extortion and AFCC Inc. public-private networks acting with judicial authority and judicial immunity for profit? Those crimes are federal crimes. Their political connections in Greenwich should have been able to do something about those federal crimes by now.


          • Betsy is a fraud like George Santos. Made up and uses PR to convince others she’s a victim and advocate not an unhinged narcissist using CPM for attention. Her fake claims insult real victims of the horrors of DV.

            Has anyone ever researched her own litigation? All the insane terrible things shes done and how uses her wealth to abuse the legal system with schemes?

            Betsy has paid millions of $$ to attack using lots of lawyers. So many different law firms including the deceased criminal Neal Rogan who would do anything for a buck. Betsy and Rogan threatened to harass her husband with litigation filings and have for 10+ years. Betsy’s been tagged for awful abuse of the legal system and other terrible things so many times.

            Investigate the truth and talk to people who know her case. Facts don’t lie, only Betsy does. I’ve seen the files.

        • No questions or concerns about the junk science or blatant crimes committed in family courts?

          Half-way through, Ruth blames the stress felt by police officers on the police. No apparent consideration for massive cultural influences, purposely divisive politics or how hard the economy is on struggling families and everyone else in these spiritually-challenging times.

          State Representative Eleni Kavros DeGraw mentions how stressful it must be to be a policeman, hinting that maybe citizens and society should consider doing something to prevent and effectively treat PTSD in our police officers.

          International domestic violence expert Ruth Stearns-Mandel responds:

          “I think that the main thing to remember is that ptsd does not cause domestic violence …”

          Mayo Clinic:

          “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. … Symptoms of changes in physical and emotional reactions (also called arousal symptoms) may include:

          Being easily startled or frightened
          Always being on guard for danger
          Self-destructive behavior, such as drinking too much or driving too fast
          Trouble sleeping
          Trouble concentrating
          Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behavior
          Overwhelming guilt or shame …”

        • “… Early Bird Pricing ENDS SOON! Are you ready to transform your practice with domestic violence survivors and their children? Come learn about how the Safe & Together Model has improved systems globally!

          Book now to go to the 2023 Safe & Together™ Model North American Conference! September 20-22, 2023, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Early bird pricing ends August 2, 2023! …”

        • “We’ve trained the military – – the ministry of defense in the UK, so …”

          @survivorstrong3 on Twitter:

          “… Absent father’s aren’t as much of a danger to children as abusive father’s are. But the religious right would have you believe otherwise to demonize single mother’s & distract us from who is most often responsible for destroying family stability.
          9:28 AM · Apr 15, 2022

          I grew up in a religious cult attached to Jay Sekulow, the presidents lawyer. They want theocracy & control. They don’t want a diverse & free society. They believe God is on their side & the second coming will be harkened by this conflict. YOU have no idea what you are playing at
          9:55 AM · Jan 12, 2021

          I grew up in a conservative religious cult. The notion that churches should provide social services and not the government is a deliberate strategy to force those that need those vital services to comply with religious ideology and moral precepts or not be cared for at all…
          12:03 PM · Aug 8, 2020

          A lot of men are angry they have to treat women as equals and can’t own & abuse them. A lot of men are terrified of women being equals to them because it challenges their sense of entitled masculinity because they are highly self focused, rigid, insecure & emotional.
          8:44 AM · Jul 25, 2023

          I was raised an isolated, homeschooled, highly abused & controlled christo fascist being trained for popping out babies for christ & supporting a holy war to come. The people you are dealing with have intention & strategies for taking over the government & have for years.
          7:46 AM · Mar 24, 2023 …”

          • If those involved in “mystery school religions” control family courts, who would tell us?

  • This probably looks crazy, but the whole world seems crazy, now.

    Was Neal Rogan one of the good attorneys? How did he pass away? A year or so ago he crossed into an oncoming lane at some point . Seems to have been some injuries, but everyone survived and a lawsuit was pending against him before he passed away recently. Why did he cross into the oncoming lane? The lawsuit mentions nothing about drugs or alcohol, but Westport was involved. Is that what did it?

  • Jennifer Lindstrom lived in Oak Ridge Park in Westport, Connecticut — about 10 minutes from Lyndale Park, where Tracy Do and Layla Malon used to live.

    “… Scheduled Court Dates as of 08/17/2023
    # Date Time Event Description Status
    1 08/31/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Off
    2 09/01/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Proceeding
    3 09/15/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Proceeding … from Heaven”

    Jim Gill, Connecticut’s Chief Medical Examiner, about his finding in the death of Westporter Tracy Do:

    “I have received many letters from concerned Westport residents and friends of Tracy Do and her daughter, Layla about their deaths. I have read them all but am unable to respond personally to each of them. I will answer your concerns as best as I can and share this letter with all who wrote to me.

    The medical examiner’s office is only allowed to release to the public what is on the death certificate. I am unable to go into details or explain the findings that resulted in these conclusions.

    Even though they are no longer with us, Tracy and Layla deserve some privacy, as do the living members of their family. We of course can speak to families, answer all their questions, and review all findings with them. We cannot do this for the general public.

    I understand that this is a shock to your community, and it is unfathomable how such a tragedy could happen. Unfortunately, it does happen. There was a thorough investigation that involved the Westport Police and the State Police Major Crime Squad who spent all night and part of the next day processing the scene. As in all homicides and suspected homicides, a full homicide investigation including postmortem examinations were conducted.

    There was compelling evidence that led to the final determinations. I understand that many of you have concerns and suspicions. As my former chief would remind me, suspicions are not evidence. There is abundant evidence that substantiates these sorrowful determinations. No one in law enforcement or in the medical examiner’s office would want to miss a double homicide. This is why such thorough investigations are done.

    I suspect my letter will give you little solace and may even raise more questions. Unfortunately, this is all that I say. For all of their friends and acquaintances who wrote me, you have my deepest condolences for your loss.”

    • “October 24, 2020
      Officers from the Westport Police Department responded to a local home at approximately 10:20 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 19, where there was a reported domestic incident.

      It is alleged that Westport resident Jennifer Lindstrom and her victim got into a verbal argument that turned physical, during which she assaulted him, causing minor injuries….”

      “Jan 30, 2023
      Jennifer Lindstrom / Photo, Westport Police Department
      WESTPORT — A local woman who police said bit another person during a parking lot “disturbance” last month has been arrested.

      Jennifer Lindstrom, 56, of Westport, was charged Jan. 20 with third-degree assault in connection with the incident.

      Police were dispatched about 6 p.m. last Dec. 7 to investigate the report of a disturbance in the parking lot of Walgreen’s pharmacy on Post Road East. At the scene, Lindstrom “allegedly bit the arm of the victim causing minor injuries,” according to the police report …”

      • Cuda is as slimey as they come. He’s accepting awards for DV as he’s using the law to blatantly violate the rights of these teens and their mom. It must be reversed.

        • “Principal Officer
          Joan Teresa Kloth-Zanard 👈

          Co-Executive Director
          Heather MacLetchie Ehinger 👈

          320 N Georges Hill Rd
          Southbury, CT 06488 USA …”

          Party/Appearance/ IV-D Authorized Filer Information 👈
          Party No Fee Party Category

          Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed NEEDLE & CUDA (439351) 👈
          830 POST ROAD EAST
          SUITE 301
          WESTPORT, CT 06880
          Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/20/2021

          LUIS URREA
          Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed BRODER ORLAND MURRAY & DEMATTIE LLC (424014)
          55 GREENS FARMS ROAD
          WESTPORT, CT 06880
          Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/21/2021

          Self-Rep: 2 NORFIELD ROAD
          WESTON, CT 06883

          • Joan stop calling DV situationships, high conflict, they’re not high conflict, its usually a mother dealing with her rights being violated or murdered. So call it what it is.
            It’s not PA!!!
            ITS NOT HIGH CONFLICT!!!
            THATS $$$ SPEAKING TERMS!!!

      • Westport Journal …

        Property transfers Aug. 29-Sept. 2
        Sep 17, 2022 | Property Transfers, Real Estate | …

        … 7 Side Hill Road sold for $3,400,000.
        Seller: Luis Urrea & Jennifer Lindstrom …

        … Case Type: F00 – Family – Dissolution of Marriage – C.G.S. Chapter 815j
        Court Location: STAMFORD JD
        Financial Disputes: No
        Parenting Disputes: No
        RFTD Referral: No
        RFTD Accepted: No
        Last Action Date: 04/24/2023 (Last Action Date is a data entry date, not actual date)

        Disposition Information
        Disposition Date: 04/24/2023
        Judge or Magistrate: HON STANLEY NOVACK

        Party/Appearance/ IV-D Authorized Filer Information
        Party No Fee Party Category
        Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed NEEDLE & CUDA (439351)
        830 POST ROAD EAST
        SUITE 301
        WESTPORT, CT 06880
        Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/20/2021
        LUIS URREA
        Attorney: Appearance was E-Filed BRODER ORLAND MURRAY & DEMATTIE LLC (424014)
        WESTPORT, CT 06880
        Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only File Date: 07/21/2021
        Self-Rep: 2 NORFIELD ROAD
        WESTON, CT 06883 …

      • “Westport police said Jennifer Lindstrom, 56, was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in her Oak Ridge Park home in the Saugatuck neighborhood on Thursday morning.”

        Beautiful home, garden, flowers on the front steps … Renting the home for the school district for two children?


        Last sold: Oct 1996 for $269,000
        HOUSEHOLDERS AND TENANTS for 3 Oak Ridge Park, Westport CT

        Previous residents … Benjamin G Joseloff … Suzzanne Y Joseloff ..”

        One family court case: FST-FA21-6052727-S – LINDSTROM, JENNIFER v. URREA, LUIS
        160.00 04/24/2023 C JUDGMENT FILE
        Agreement dated 04/24/2023 incorporated by reference

        Another family court case: DBD-FA15-6018285-S – LINDSTROM, JENNIFER v. LINDSTROM, MARC

        189.01 08/04/2023 C ORDER HEARING AND NOTICE
        190.00 08/04/2023 P NOTICE
        Notice for Hearing and Notice
        Scheduled Court Dates as of 08/18/2023
        # Date Time Event Description Status
        1 08/31/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Off
        2 09/01/2023 11:00AM Resolution Plan Date Proceeding
        3 09/15/2023 9:30AM Remote Status Conference Proceeding

    • Jennifer's Law PA 21-78-- O'Neill used as a weapon against those it needs to protect. Cuda is a pig says:

      You bet. And Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen and Wolf was involved in her case as well. She was the $200,000+ GAL that abused and forced these three teens into the care of their father. She buried the abuse, the depression, the cutting, the truancy, the father’s porn and hair fettishes– and she tried to drive Riordan over the edge. Just like Hurwitz drove Tracy Do over the edge.

      This is good v evil. Hurwitz is pure evil– it doesn’t matter what side they’re on on paper. The cases are fixed and prices known ahead of time. Jocelyn dragged Tracy Do through every court imaginable. Jocelyn Hurwitz did the same thing in the Sandra MacVIcar case!! SHe trafficked two adolescent girls to the father and gave the mom no contact– and father got sole legal and physical custody.

      Even when Hurwitz was outed in the book: Trafficking Children Through CT Family Courts– she was protected. She’s an evil, vicious, money-making predator.

      And yes, Tracy Do is absolutely a victim of Jennifer’s Law– as are Riordan and her teens. This is outrageous. It must stop.

      Does CT courts want another tragedy? How many will they have to bury — literally and figuratively.

      Look at Westport alone! The biggest trafficking cases are from the wealthiest towns! Westport has Hickman– that no one hears about but they took Angela Hickman’s two sons… she was a teacher as well– they arrested her for contact with the boys she raised and drove her out of town and likely out of her mind. There was Paige Styvan- the adelman/aldrich team stole that child and Paige never saw her again– it’s a playbook– adelman, Horwitz, hurwitz… they’re all the same players, and now Riordan– they won’t stop until she’s dead. And the courts are allowing it. O’Neill appears to be as psychopathic as Ambrose.


      “We are still investigating, but we have no evidence to support that this was anything other than an accident.”

      Westport Police Lt. Eric Woods

      WESTPORT — The woman found dead inside her Saugatuck home Thursday morning likely died from an accidental fall, according to police.

      Westport police said Jennifer Lindstrom, 56, was found unresponsive by a housekeeper at the bottom of a staircase leading to the basement around 11 a.m. Thursday.

      “We are still investigating, but we have no evidence to support that this was anything other than an accident,” Westport Police Lt. Eric Woods said Friday afternoon.

      Her body was taken to the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy, Woods said. The medical examiner’s office said Friday Lindstrom’s cause and manner of death are pending further studies.

      Lindstrom had two children and lived in the house for about a year, according to police and neighbors.

      Woods said that out of an abundance of caution, police are investigating how her death occurred … He said police arrived around 11 a.m. Thursday and started taking pictures.

      Detectives were on the scene until about 12:45 a.m. Friday, Woods said. …

      The first three files are “Statutorily Sealed”. 🤔

      “… Defendant (Last, First) Birth Year Court Next Activity/Status Next Activity/Status Date Hearing Type Docket No.
      LINDSTROM JENNIFER 1966 Stamford GA 1 Awaiting Disposition 09/15/2023 09:00 AM S01S-CR20-0242788-0
      LINDSTROM JENNIFER 1966 Stamford GA 1 Awaiting Disposition 09/15/2023 09:00 AM S01S-CR21-0169026-T
      LINDSTROM JENNIFER 1966 Stamford GA 1 Awaiting Disposition 09/15/2023 09:00 AM S01S-CR21-0244539-0
      LINDSTROM JENNIFER 1966 Stamford GA 1 Awaiting Disposition 09/15/2023 09:00 AM S01S-CR22-0169467-T
      LINDSTROM JENNIFER 1966 Stamford GA 1 Awaiting Disposition 09/15/2023 09:00 AM S01S-CR23-0249418-S …”

      “… Information is accurate as of August 19, 2023 04:50 AM

      Defendant Information
      Last, First: LINDSTROM JENNIFER Represented By: 417935 KOFFSKY & F LLC
      Birth Year: 1966 Times on the Docket: 9
      Docket Information
      Docket No: S01S-CR22-0169467-T Arresting Agency: LOCAL POLICE WESTPORT
      Program: Arrest Date: 8/25/2022
      Court: Stamford GA 1 Bond Amount: $0 (This case only)
      Bond Type: Promise to Appear
      Miscellaneous: (Released From Custody)
      Activity: Awaiting Disposition Next Court Date: 9/15/2023 9:00 AM
      Current Charges
      Statute Description Class Type Occ Offense Date Plea Verdict Finding
      53a-223* VIOLATION OF PROTECTIVE ORDER D Felony 1 6/16/2022 …”

      “… Information is accurate as of August 19, 2023 04:50 AM

      Defendant Information
      Last, First: LINDSTROM JENNIFER Represented By:
      Birth Year: 1966 Times on the Docket: 6
      Docket Information
      Docket No: S01S-CR23-0249418-S Arresting Agency: LOCAL POLICE WESTPORT
      Program: Arrest Date: 1/20/2023
      Court: Stamford GA 1 Bond Amount: $15,000 (This case only)
      Bond Type: Ten Percent
      Miscellaneous: (Released From Custody)
      Activity: Awaiting Disposition Next Court Date: 9/15/2023 9:00 AM
      Current Charges
      Statute Description Class Type Occ Offense Date Plea Verdict Finding
      53a-61(a)(1) ASSAULT 3RD DEG-PHYSICL INJURY A Misdemeanor 1 12/7/2022 …”

      • Why is there no good press on Jennifer Lindstrom anywhere online? The only online photo of Jennifer #3 is a horrible photo of an extremely exhausted-looking Jennifer from something called “The Westport Journal”.

        Is it possible that someone drugged Jennifer #3, set her up in some kind of altercation and then had the police arrest her?

        Was a “PAS” custody flip set-up in Westport such torture that it drove her to drink?

        Was Joan Kloth Zanard or her associates involved in Jennifer #3’s case?

        Was Dr. Richard Gardner Ms. Kloth Zanard’s therapist and/or stepfather?

        Was Jennifer #3’s first husband involved with child abuse/exploitation material?

        Is it possible that someone somewhere hired BRIDGE STREET MEDIA, LLC at 16 BRIDGE ST, WESTPORT, CT to generate as much bad press as possible about Jennifer #3 for a few years prior to her fall down the stairs last week?

        Is the owner and operator of “The Westport Journal” a former pest control guy and/or a former business developer for The Economist?

        The Westport Journal Graphic
        The Westport Journal
        Mar 2021 – Present 2 years 6 months
        Westport, Connecticut, United States
        The Westport Journal is a news site devoted to the people and events of Westport Connecticut.

        Pioneer Hops Graphic
        Founder and Chief Growing Officer

        Pioneer Hops
        2013 – 2020 7 years
        Connecticut, United States
        Established Connecticut’s largest commercial hop farm, serving Connecticut’s craft brewing industry.
        Privcap Media Graphic
        Developer, Sponsored Content

        Privcap Media
        2014 – 2016 2 years
        New York, New York, United States
        As Developer of Sponsored Content, drove new business and recurring revenue from law and consulting firms.

        Argyle Graphic
        Director Of Business Development
        2011 – 2013 2 years
        New York, New York, United States
        As Business Development Director, drove new and recurring revenue from law and consulting firms.

        Broker Village Graphic
        Director of Research and Client Services
        Broker Village
        2009 – 2011 2 years
        Connecticut, United States
        Developed and implemented sales of consulting services to mutual funds, broker/dealers and government agencies
        Developed and implemented a PR plan via trade and consumer media (e.g., Ignites and USA Today);
        Drove revenue growth through new products that reflected changes in the mutual fund marketplace

        Doubledown Media LLC Graphic
        Associate Publisher Corporate Leader and Dealmaker
        Doubledown Media LLC
        2007 – 2009 2 years
        New York, United States
        Sold integrated marketing programs to law firms and consulting firms
        Products included print and on-line advertising, social networking and live events
        Helped clients influence top corporate and deal-making executives
        Developed and sold the Thought Leadership Forum
        Grew revenue three-fold in 20 months

        Corporate Board Member Graphic
        Business Development Manager
        Corporate Board Member
        2001 – 2007 6 years
        New York, New York, United States
        Grew revenue eight-fold in four years, selling access to corporate boardroom executives through print advertising, conference sponsorship and special projects
        Developed and sold the Boardroom Liabilities supplement, setting the editorial tone and selling $200,000 in annual sponsorship revenue

        The Economist Graphic
        Business Development
        The Economist
        1990 – 1998 8 years
        New York, New York, United States
        Prospected, developed and closed sales to decision makers and their agencies at businesses across several industries.
        Managed the sale of space in editorial special reports, growing the business by 15% annually.
        Developed and sold a special advertising feature—NASDAQ Annual Reports—which brought in
        32 worldwide pages of incremental business.

        • No thinking caps required.

          All Westport police had to do was check the cameras on the streets to see who walked or drove to/from #3 before/after the fall down the basement stairs.

    • “… The boy told investigators he “had asked Lindstrom how babies are made, prompting Lindstrom to play the videos,” the warrant stated.

      During an interview with Bethel police, Lindstrom denied showing the boy pornography and accused the mother of “coaching” the child, the warrant said. He claimed to have shown the boy a “movie clip” to explain reproduction, according to the warrant. Police said the movie clip provided by Lindstrom did not “satisfy or explain” the disclosures the boy made, according to the warrant. …”

      • Do Westport Police detectives investigating the Jennifer Lindstrom cases know about Connecticut family court patterns, proceedings, profit … and racketeering?

  • As a victim of DV and coercive control who could do nothing about the life long abuse my children and I suffer- nothing – I opposed Jennifer’s for this exact scenario as well as the court having discretion on abuse. They use pro abusers AFCC training and DSVI2 (domestic violence screening indicator- written by AFCC members who clearly abhor women and children if you read their other papers-
    Jennifer’s law is just like DV programming: “There, they’re dear (parting hand) and that’s about all a DV and victim of coercive control gets.
    I want to ask how do kids who have had no mother for years are able to be “brainwashed” and coercively controlled By her? She is advocating for her children and children are as I gong for themselves- both things are met with outrageous retribution by all involved earning an income via CT family court

  • Ambrose is a monster. He has not one friend. No one appears for him at any court hearing except for those he pays.

    He thrives on this. Inflicting pain and pulling off cons fuel this predator.

  • Is Oneill a family court judge? Does he have any experience with coercive control? Because any laymen can see Ambrose is coercively controlling the kids by filing the motion to begging with.

    Shame on fat ass Cuda. He’s on YouTube accepting an award for being a DV attorney. It’s really more of an advertisement about how to secure a RO using Jennifer’s law.

    There was no expert witnesses in this RO hearing.

    ONeill has now proven himself to be an abuser.

    ONeill silenced the alleged victims.

    He knew they had counsel appointed in juvenile court.

    It’s his duty to uphold the law and honor the rights of victims.

    O’Neill enjoined Ambrose in the abuse of these three teens. Cudas a pig. His partner had too many ethical violations to count.

  • O’Neil and Cuda are child-traffickers. The pedo child-trafficking ring known as CT Family Court, will be exposed.

    This is a modern day Sante Fe Ring (CT Family Court and Friends) versus Lincoln County Regulators (Frank Report Army). Only, this time, there will be no weapons other than the Investigative Journalism, Digital Pens and Information Sharing, from the latter.

    Which side are you on!?!?!??

  • Which police officers submitted criminal charges of “custodial interference” to a state prosecutor to arrest the mother?!

    Connecticut police officers usually don’t get involved in family court matters. They usually defer to the court professionals who are SUPPOSED to properly manage family cases.

    Most police officers ALWAYS tell the parents in family court cases: It’s in family court so it’s a civil matter.

    Criminal matters go to criminal court.
    Civil matters go to family court.

    Why didn’t the children’s disclosures go to criminal court?
    Did Madison police officers try to criminalize protecting children from deviancy?

    California is actually doing exactly that.
    Is Connecticut next?

    • Ambrose has a close relationship with many Madison cops. Ambrose has his henchmen. Stephen Manware is his number one gun. But there are many. Those who should have protected these teens years ago, failed to do so and now they’re invested in the ongoing cover up to save themselves.

      Recordings of the conduct of the Madison police where these three teens are concerned have been secured. Chief Jack Drumm has ignored the conduct of those involved in protecting Ambrose.

      There are lieutenants within the department who know what has occurred but their hands may be tied. Charges against Ambrose should have been brought many times over.

      Cops brought charges of custodial interference three times to try and get this mom arrested. CT state prosecutors saw no cause. But they keep trying.

      Ambrose submitted an affidavit to the court saying there was a criminal arrest warrant issued for this mother. There was not. But Ambrose got what he wanted and dragged the mom through hearings- and he continues to litter dcf records with lies. He deceived judge Rodrigues by signing that an arrest warrant had been issued bc the mom abducted Sawyer. Rodriguez granted a temporary order accepting Ambrose’s outrageous lies.

      Ambrose then used the temporary order and showed the police and dcf. Then they came around to harass the mom. It’s all lies.

      Ambrose continues to drag her through days of hearings with his high powered attorneys and she has none.

      Ambrose takes pleasure in this.
      He is a predator. He has sexually abused his children and undermines their credibility to save himself.

      The truth has been buried with his Hollywood storytelling lies. He can pay off O’Neil again to have the mom incarcerated. But the truth will come out. Ambrose needs to be in prison.

      Madison police have served as personal servants to Chris Ambrose. The town of madison CT needs to take notice. They have harassed and threatened these kids and this mom for years. They are acting as if family court orders are a criminal affair.

      The lengths officers have gone to to force the kids back with Ambrose is punitive, traumatizing and bizarre.

      The evidence will come out. Right now the priority is keeping these kids safe and giving dcf and madison police time to reconsider. They have been conned by a psychopathic predator.

      Time to change alliances.

    • California and CT are big AFCC programming and fatherhood funding states- programming and money available for abusers to abuse victims by proxy. It’s set up exactly as it’s running.

      • Which individuals and networks funded Jessica’s “nonprofit research and evaluation firm” before and since 1981?

        Did those same individuals and networks assist AFCC, Inc. public-private contracts in Connecticut around that time?

        “Jessica Pearson, Ph.D., Director, Center for Policy Research

        Education: B.A., Sarah Lawrence College, Ph.D., Princeton University

        Jessica is the founder and director of the Center for Policy Research (CPR), a nonprofit research and evaluation firm established in 1981 to improve the lives of children and their families. She has conducted many evaluations of single and multi-site projects on child support policies and ways to engage low-income fathers and provide more holistic, family-oriented services. These have included studies of programs dealing with in-hospital paternity, access and visitation, employment, debt compromise, healthy relationships, asset building and re-entry for ex-offenders.

        Jessica directed the eight-state evaluation of the Office of Child Support Enforcement Responsible Fatherhood Programs as well as ground-breaking research on mediation, parent education, supervised visitation and other interventions dealing with parenting time. Her many publications include “Co-parenting Interventions with Fragile Families,” (coauthored with James McHale and Maureen Waller), which appeared in Family Process (2012). …”

  • The Connecticut Family Court corruption is unravelling faster than Hunter Binder’s bag of cocaine and crack in the Lincoln Bedroom. These Judges, Attorneys, GALs and Custody Evaluators are sweating more than a psychiatrist trying to listen to Chris Ambrose and Geoff Herzog describe the weird shit in their failing brains. I relish watching Chris Ambrose make an ass out of himself and Cuda. Someone walked Judge O’Neill into this…Lol

    • Judge “Steal” O’Neill was probably waiting for the next vacancy in the civil term to do commercial case. Day Pitney LLP probably paid Ned Lamont enough to make it so.

      This case exposes how little he knows about family law. And if they move him to doing commercial cases, it looks like a quid pro quo. I can see Judge Steal doing DUI cases in a couple of months.

  • Yes. I can attest to the unrealistic and rediculous actions of Connecticut family court. I received a contempt motion against myself because a 17 year old wouldn’t call her father. After what appears to be a text agreement.

    The contempt motion for parental alienation because a 17 year old wouldn’t call her father! Dragged to court silenced by my own attorney. Told not to attend a mandatory family relations meeting.

    Cost me a few thousand dollars in legal fees to argue with my own attorney. Collecting what ever monetary gain until the teenage turn 18 five months later. The state of Connecticut is absolutely allowing their courts to be used for litigation abuse.

    I don’t have to know Karen Riordan to know exactly what is happening to her. Children dragged through the family court system and silenced until they age out. I spent three years dragged through the rediculous family court in Connecticut. My heart goes out to Karen and her children. When is enough, enough?

    • That case was financially fueled by the Connecticut Labors union. Endless financial assistance for legal fees, including the GALs fees. Department of labor partnership of the fatherhood initiative and legal Democrat campaign funds. While the mother stuck paying. All the evidence brought to the court about the father were kept out of court. So the judges wouldn’t be held responsible for as allowing false alligations of parental alienation. Continue profit for the AFCC GAL and psychologist. Financial punishment for the mother for filing for divorce and custody. This was dad’s second custody battle in family court claiming something is wrong with the mothers of his children. A repeat offender of using the family court to his advantage. As long as the Labors union was footing the bill. The court was only to happy to accommodate. It’s all about the money.

      • Julie A.Su the Connecticut mirror is reporting that the DOL in Connecticut is not enforcing financial reports from the union. It would appear that the union dues is paying for custody battles. Paying for AFCC guardian ad lithiums. Ones placed on cases after a face to face meeting with out choice. Leading to an AFCC psychologist. Charles Leconche director of Glow longtime labors union economic development. Is it in the best interest of the economic development of the state of Connecticut to try and bankrupt mother’s in family court with the legal services of the union? Is this what we consider responsible fatherhood. The financial information given to the court doesn’t match. I wonder why the judge and attorneys didn’t notice? Maybe Mr. Brothers can inform the brotherhood that their dues is paying for AFCC family court attorneys. The same one being assigned in more than one case.

        • Senitor Jeff Gordon, representative Kurt Veil . Are you condoning the use of union funds to assist with fueling custody battles and financially harming women in Connecticut in family divorce court?

          • How could someone prove union funds are going to fund family court cases?

            The funds would go to the litigant or the lawyer, right?

            Who would know where to find that information?

            Which offices track where union funds go?

            Some tracking of spent union funds are on the yearly 990 forms. Maybe “Americans for Fair Treatment” can help:

            “You may be surprised at where your union dues go. Many unions put your dues towards social issues you may not agree with, and corrupt union leaders have used members’ dues to pay for extravagant lifestyles, which is completely at odds with the image unions try to project of being for the little guy. Below, you can find information on where your union dues go from some of the largest state and national unions. If you’re part of a different union and want information on where your dues go, let us know!”


      • A Connecticut union offers financial assistance for legal fees, including GALs fees in family court cases?

        • Connecticut Labors legal services. Free attorney for divorce. Funds for child legal fees for union members. Pay for property appraisals in divorce. One of the attorneys moon lights as a realtor and arranges for appraisals.

          • Should the union be paying for AFCC guardian ad lithium to suppress evidence? Should they be paid to engage in mental health services? Forcing former AfCC psychologist that were business partners in cases? Should they misappropriate child legal funds to use them as co counsel?

          • Connecticut Labors legal services provides Free attorney for divorce?
            Funds for child legal fees for union members?
            Pay for property appraisals in divorce?
            One of the attorneys moon lights as a realtor and arranges for appraisals?

          • John Cronin century 21 Weathersfield CT. Attorney John Cronin Connecticut Labors legal services. Son of Michael Cronin head of Connecticut Labors legal services. There is a photo. That’s the attorney that represented my x husband. I have returned checks for GaL fees because they didn’t disclose that the children of members legal services are covered. The Labors union provide attorneys for divorce as part of there dues. My former attorney can attest. You can call the labor union legal services. It’s covered by union dues. I would not State it if I can’t prove it.

    • Lord, it’s a damn shame what the world’s gotten to
      For people like me and people like you
      Wish I could just wake up and it not be true
      But it is, oh, it is.

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