Lawsuit: Camila Alleges Raniere ‘Forcibly Raped’ Her as Adult –in Addition to Statutory Rape at Age 15

Camila by MK10ART

In an amended complaint in a federal civil lawsuit prosecuted against 12 former NXIVM members, it is now being alleged that NXIVM founder, Keith Raniere, forcibly raped Camila, a Mexican woman, who was a part of his inner circle of women.

Camila, 31, joined some 80 other plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Raniere, heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Kathy Russell, Allison Mack, and several others, all of whom were associated with NXIVM in the past.

The plaintiffs are represented by a team of lawyers led by Philadelphia attorney Neil Glazer.

Camila has made numerous allegations in the lawsuit. In addition to being a victim of statutory rape when she was 15, when Raniere was 45, she alleges that, he and Nancy Salzman groomed her since she was 13, isolating her from her family, and that Raniere took sexually explicit photos of her when she was 15.

She also alleges that Raniere took nude photos of her when she was 15.

Sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child porn were proven to the satisfaction of a jury at Raniere’s criminal trial as three predicate acts of racketeering charges.  These acts were that Raniere took photos of Camila on November 2 and November 24, 2005, when Camila was 15 and possessed the pictures [child porn].

Some 22 photos of Camila were found on a hard drive by the FBI in 2019. The device was seized in 2018 in an FBI raid on a townhouse Raniere used as his library in Half Moon, NY.  The photos of Camila were not discovered until 10 months after the hard drive was seized and within a few weeks of trial.


A backup hard drive was seized from the library of Keith Raniere and had, according to the FBI, 22 nude pictures of Camila, taken in November 2005, when she was 15.


Keith Raniere in his library where the hard drive with Cami’s nude photos was allegedly found.

The predicate acts concerning Camila were proven to the satisfaction of the jury as were all other predicate acts and charges.

Raniere was convicted on all counts at his criminal trial and sentenced to 120 years in federal prison.

What did not come up at the criminal trial is Camila’s allegation that, when she was above the age of consent, Raniere forcibly raped her.

Here are the allegations contained in the Glazer lawsuit:

Neil Glazer

Camila… informed Raniere that she was no longer interested in having a relationship with him. Raniere’s response was to tell her that she was a psychopath with no conscience and to threaten to kick her out of the apartment where she lived, expel her from the NXIVM community, and send her to Mexico, where she would be institutionalized under horrible conditions.

To Camila, these were not empty threats; Raniere had done the exact same thing to her sister, Daniela, with whom she was no longer in contact. Camila realized that she was trapped, dependent on Raniere and [other NXIVM] Defendants for everything, at risk of being arrested and deported if she were ousted from her apartment.

Raniere also escalated his manipulation of Camila, abusively screaming at her, cornering her, physically restraining her, even storming out of the apartment and then berating her if she did not run after him and beg him to come back.

On one such occasion, Raniere stormed out of the apartment and Camila followed him into the residence at Hale Drive where Raniere often had Camila (and other women) meet him for sex. Raniere told Camila that she had put him into a difficult position and was ruining his life. He then pushed her onto the floor, removed her pants and underwear, and forcibly raped her while she cried. After the rape, he brusquely sent her back to the apartment.

In another incident, he forcibly raped her in her apartment.

Following the rapes, Defendant Nancy Salzman added a new segment to the Jness curriculum (which Camila was required to attend)  teaching that when men sense that their partner is trying to leave them, they rape them as a natural way of marking their territory. This was in addition to teachings that many women can only climax while being raped and other teachings that normalized sexual abuse and assault.

The severe abuse continued and, deeply depressed and in despair, in April 2015 Camila attempted suicide, slashing her wrists in the bathtub in her apartment. When Raniere found her, bleeding and in shock, he scolded her, explaining that had she been successful it would have led to serious consequences for him. He then forbade her from going to a hospital, instead sending photographs of the wounds to Defendant Nancy Salzman, a trained and licensed nurse.

Salzman said nothing about the incident, and Camila received no medical or psychiatric care. Instead, Raniere demanded that Camila provide to him and a member of his Inner Circle a written “vow” of obedience and, soon thereafter, that she begin providing “collateral,” ostensibly to hold her to her word that she would not attempt suicide again.

He also demanded that she find another sexual partner for him because she was supposedly no longer “pure” enough for him. As Camila would later discover, however, this vow and collateral, and the demand to recruit other women, would be used to bind her to the group Raniere [and other women were forming called DOS.]


Will Camila Collect?

The Camila testimony is sure to be explosive if the civil lawsuit makes it to trial. Depositions may begin soon, now that the last of the NXIVM defendants, Kathy Russell, is scheduled for sentencing early next month.

The civil lawsuit was on hold until the criminal case was concluded.

Many new discoveries are expected in the civil suit, which obviously, as a suit seeking monetary damages, is focused largely on the defendants with the most ability to pay, Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman.

If Camila and the other plaintiffs are to collect anything at all, it will likely come from the deep pockets of these two women.

Clare is serving an 82-month sentence in federal prison. At the time of her bail hearing in 2018, she claimed approximately $200 million in assets.

Clare and Sara Bronfman allegedly invested more than $150 million into NXIVM and its founder Keith Raniere

Sara Bronfman left the US when the Raniere prosecution began and went first to France and later to Portugal. Her net worth is not known but could be substantially higher than her sister’s, whose legal expenses have been high the last few years.

Prior to her arrest, Clare moved a substantial portion of her wealth into trusts believed to be a shield against seizure.

It is not known how much of Sara Bronfman’s wealth has been transferred out of the USA, beyond the jurisdiction of the US Courts.

A lesser focus for collecting damages, should the plaintiffs win a judgement, may be the incarcerated Raniere who inherited $8 million from one of his inner circle women, the late Pamela Cafritz. The estate is currently in limbo, with potential or real IRS claims.

Some of the estate may be used to pay federal statutory restitution to adjudicated victims of Raniere, in the amount of about $3.4 million, of which Camila is to be paid the largest sum. The judge awarded her more than $500,000 in restitution.

Next in line for p[ayment of ant judgment is Nancy Salzman, who may have a few million in assets based on real estate she owns and possible cash she has stored, and Allison Mack, who also may be a “minor” millionaire. She may still have some real estate and other investments in California.

The rest of the defendants are largely without assets.

The lawsuit, if it is not settled, may not go to trial for several years. With Sara Bronfman out of the US and not likely to return, she cannot be compelled to appear. She has retained attorneys in New York and based on past experience of her in litigation, she will likely spend more money defending the case than it would take to settle it.

Camila, who is reportedly living in Mexico, may not see any money anytime soon if she ever sees anything at all.









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  • Commenters at the so-called Frank Report have been heaping criticism and saracasticism upon one Mr. Alonzo accusing him of being a meany head and a scoundrel.

    We write to inform the readers herein and hitherto that casting aspirations upon an esteemed gentleman like Mr. Alonzo runs the risk of facing bills of attainder ex post facto pro se maximus both in North America (including Mexico) and further, in addition, Latvia, where we are now both licensed to practice the legal profession.

    Mr. Alonzo has studied deeply the works of the esteemed Mr. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (as did the unjustly imprisoned Mr. Keith Raniere) and perhaps understands the depth of his philosophicationalism better than anyone alive today. While Alonzo does not possess the world record IQ of Mr. Raniere (incorrectly claimed to be 242, but correctly calculated by us to be 256.74) or Mr. Hubbard, Alonzo is at least at 232.383 on the Heisezeug-Mengele scale. In terms of Scientology levels, we have calculated Mr. Raniere to be OT XII.MCXVIII.

    Those who have engaged in disputations contra Mr. Alonzo should consider themselves hereby and heretofore duly served of notice of cessation of calumny and subject to international criminal and tort motions post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    • Mr. Two Lawyers,

      Alonzo’s entire perception of life — is based on poor critical thinking, Star Trek, and archaic philosophy.

      *Please note: Alonzo is an actual Trekkie, aside from Scientology.

      This is my gift to Alonzo:

      “Finding bad reasons for what one believes for other bad reasons–that’s philosophy.”
      (A Brave New World, Aldous Huxley)

    • “Those who have engaged in disputations contra Mr. Alonzo should consider themselves hereby and heretofore duly served of notice of cessation of calumny and subject to international criminal and tort motions post hoc ergo propter hoc.”

      You people have been served with a notice of cessation of calumny.

      This will be laminated

      It will be on a lanyard.


      • This will be on a lanyard…

        …Or will you hang by your own petard? I believe you derive satisfaction from annoying others. Toying with people feeds your ego. You are the epitome and personification of hubris. Constantly and consistently you quote obscure philosophers or esoteric philosophies. Why? To give yourself the feeling you are superior that’s why. Any middle-schooler can see through you. At the end of the day, you’re like a 90s barista— snarky and sardonic with a soul-patch — and sadly so narcissistic you don’t realize you’re a minimum wage schmuck.

        Good luck with your machinations to nowhere land!

    • OMG a Two Lawyers post about Alonzo?!

      This is peak internet synchronicity. A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of absurdity.

      Maybe the Frank Report is worth reading again.

  • Raniere wanted to have Camila in his power, but look at it now. It’s true as written: Power over oneself is power indeed. The pursuit of power over others is folly.

      • Camila was always presented as keith’s number 1. He triangulated her with everyone else. He triangulated Camila with everyone else to the degree that he had a baby with her sister to be always present in her family and cause jealousy forever.

        The joke is on keith. Nobody wants that semen.

        • Mexican Lady –

          Great insight about triangulation.

          Do you think Keith also had a baby with Marianna to secure the family’s loyalty?

          Like – if the parents of Cami and Daniela found out what Keith did to Cami and Daniela – the parents would have to weigh it against putting their grandson’s father into prison?

          Or even – that the parents of the three girls would be less inclined to believe Cami and Dani – if they already viewed Keith as this amazing father to Kemar? And a devoted partner to Marianna?

          Also – Mexican Lady – any theories as to why Marianna was not a front-line slave?

          Thank you so much for your thoughts! Have a great day!

    • ‘ Power over oneself is power indeed. The pursuit of power over others is folly.’

      all a body needs to know. Thanks, Paul.

  • Do you know why Monica Duran, Rosa Laura Junco, Daniella Padilla Bergeron, and Loretta J. Garza Davilla were removed as defendants in the federal civil lawsuit?

  • Frank – was the hard drive that included images of Cammy a Seagate one? I noticed you used a Seagate image in this article and saw the logo.

  • from The Daily Beast:
    “R.Kelly is just like Keith… except at least R. Kelly has some talent,” one former NXIVM member said. But both men have been accused of using collateral to ensure silence and complicity. Both allegedly imposed a strict rules system based on their sexual preferences. Both allegedly leaned on the creation of a hyper-loyal inner circle who helped them commit crimes.

    Perhaps most bizarrely, both are accused of wanting their employees and “followers” to watch them play sports. Among R. Kelly’a alleged rules: The women and girls in Kelly’s orbit were not allowed to do anything without the singer’s permission, including urinate. The singer made them provide collateral—or false letters or videos detailing abuse and criminal activity—to prove their loyalty, prosecutors say.

    One victim told jurors she had a six-month relationship with Kelly when she was 16, “I had to call him daddy. I couldn’t leave where I was without permission. I wouldn’t eat without his permission. I wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without his permission.” If Kelly’s rules were not adhered to, witnesses said, there would be punishment, ranging from being left in a room for days, to being beaten by the singer.

    “All cult leaders seem to want power, money, and sex,” prosecutors said. “Some cult leaders like all three. None of these people want anyone to say anything negative, They just want praise.”

  • Frank
    You put up everyone else’s cases – except Kris’ – and we now expect that Kris was raped by Raniere.

    No one wants to talk about my sister’s case – but YOU have so much time for everyone else. Why is that?

    I am standing for her – we know Raniere raped SO many women- YOU don’t want to discuss Kris – but yet YOU came to our home and claimed to be doing a part of a film on us – that has NEVER been shown – and claimed to be getting ready to speak with someone who had info about my sister – there has been nothing brought forth. Why? What is being hidden from us and why?

    I will NOT stop with Kris’ case – even though Parris told me over the phone – and even tried to force me to do “hypnotherapy”, there is nothing on Kris. It is as though YOU have just told people “I am haunted by this case” and walked away.

    Kris is a person- and she has been dropped by the wayside and forgotten by YOU – why? Why? I would like answers –

    I will NEVER quit – Everyone else has dropped the ball- why? It seems to be – “too much to do” – so they don’t have time –

    I would like answers –

    • Alanzo,

      Although, I know for a fact that you know exactly why this wasn’t part of the criminal case and why Camilla did not testify, I will humor you.

      The following is from the Times Union. It is referring to information contained in Glazer’s lawsuit:

      In March 2018, Raniere was arrested. Raniere’s associates in Mexico convinced the woman to leave her mother and sister and to hide in an apartment under the promise of a job and salary which never came, the lawsuit said.

      Raniere’s minions had deceived the woman into believing that the FBI was looking to kidnap her in Mexico, bring her back to the U.S. and charge her with crimes even when it was known that she was considered a crime victim by federal prosecutors.

      None of this was true, but it had the desired effect: (The woman) was kept under wraps, unavailable for interviews with the FBI or testimony at Raniere’s trial,” the lawsuit stated.

    • Jurisdictional issues (Northern District of New York). The Eastern District could only file charges for crimes committed in their jurisdiction. The majority of crimes took place in Albany.

      Anyone else cringe when the prosecutors actually thanked the NDNY for their cooperation? They have been well aware of NXIVM’s crimes for years and did nothing.

      • They also thanked the New York State Police – at least one of whom (Rodger Kirsopp) was blackmailed, bribed, or bullied into aiding and abetting the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise.

      • Every federal prosecutor has the right to bring charges in every federal judicial district. And the EDNY’s federal prosecutors should take action themselves because of the NDNY’s inaction. EDNY federal prosecutors could use their legal authority to bring actions in the NDNY’s judicial district themselves. They have the evidence and testimony with which to file charges.

  • Why do people think she’s just out for the money? Keith wreaked destruction on her family, raped and abused her, and kind of ruined a good portion of her life.

    Is it not possible that with her abuser behind bars, she now feels safe enough to confront him and tell the truth about what was really going on?

    • I don’t think there is any “kind of” about it. He screwed up this poor woman for life. I would be interested to know if she has the other common results of long-term abuse, such as PTSD. Difficulty trusting anyone. People that go through this kind of abuse carry the scars and issues for their entire lives (don’t ask me how I know). I hope she is getting the help she needs to heal and lead a productive happy life.

      Clare and Sara may not have directly abused Camilla but they allowed it to happen. K and P are just pure evil and deserve to have EVERYTHING taken away from them.

    • Agreed. She deserves compassion and resources with which to heal. It costs a lot of money to be traumatized: therapy, foregone wages, getting your life back on track in other ways…like the fact that she was prevented from finishing school or going to university. Not to mention the impact on all of the other people in her family, which is torn apart due to KR. They all have a lot of healing ahead. People who attack her really don’t understand trauma and it’s far-reaching impacts. I suggest they read Judith Lewis Herman’s classic “Trauma and Recovery.”

      • I agree with both Anons who posted about Camila’s mental health. I did not intend to minimize her trauma by any means but am also a huge believer in resilience. Camila can and will overcome the cruel treatment she received from this group even though she was brought in as a child and her parents were complicit in the abuse.

        If you want some great examples of this, check out Rachel Jeffs, the daughter of LDS leader Warren Jeffs. Or maybe Michelle Knight, captive of Ariel Castro. There are many, many, many more examples of victimized women who have lived long and hellish experiences and come to create new and beautiful lives for themselves. That’s what I hope for Camilla.

        That said, both Anons make excellent points about the impacts to Camila, financial and otherwise. This is why I think it’s crazy that people are suggesting that she’s doing this for the money. No amount of money unrapes you or heals your family or gives you a second chance at your youth.

        To me at least, it appears that Camila showed up very late in the game because she was actually not particularly interested in participating in the proceedings. I’m sure there can be many explanations for this but none that can be separated from the abuse she endured.

        It’s definitely a case of victim shaming to assume Camila is coming forward just for a payout. But, then again, this is completely in line with the nxivm mission statement that there are no ultimate victims.

  • Interesting decision to make. It does strengthen the case against Raniere but it seems like it would weaken the case against most everyone else in the lawsuit. It’s hard to make the argument that the others should be held responsible for Camilla if they didn’t actively participate in events against her.

    Not clear on how civil cases work when it’s like this. Where you have a ringleader and his minions being grouped together but a solid argument can be made the minions didn’t participate in most of the activities the ringleader is being accused of. Not sure if this will help the other defendants separate from the case or even if they would want to. “Blame Keith” would make a great defense for them and would be easier to do if working as a group instead of individual cases.

    As for the real reason Camilla stepped forward, after the trial, it’s the money issue. Yeah, I know the victim so supposed to be all halos and light around them but let’s be real. She was fine to sit on the sidelines until she realized real, life-changing amounts of money were in play. Likely at the time of the trial she wasn’t aware a civil case was feasible (does Mexico allow for that?) or would have stepped forward then.

    I do like that Frank was pretty blunt on her chances of collecting money. It is pretty low, especially if it’s going to be shared among other NXIVM victims like India and Jones (or whatever that actress/podcaster name is) who you know are going to be pushing hard to get a high percentage of the whole and unlike Camilla, can afford to make that push. The Bronfman money is likely a non-starter. They can try, but they will fail. They have access to too many resources to keep that money away from the American justice system. The Mack, Clyne and all group are broke and their money-making prospects in the future are “meh” at best.

    Still, between Keith and Nancy, there are millions of dollars likely to be recovered. So still enough real money in play to make the lawyers feel the case is worth perusing. Yeah, I said the lawyers. The victims’ wishes do not really matter here. The lawyers are doing this not for justice but for a good percentage of the money. Chances are they are getting a minimum of 20% of the take, but realistically likely closer to 50%. They have one goal – force a settlement among the rich members of the case. A trial is costly and time-consuming and would cut into the profits of their take. That ultimately is why Camilla was included – it makes for excellent leverage to force a settlement. Yes, they likely would win a civil case but winning say $100 million doesn’t mean crap if can’t recover any of that money. A settlement is basically a guarantee of payment.

    To be a fly on the wall on how they convinced her to become involved after all these years. What is clear is her involvement has been carefully orchestrated to not look like the money grab that it is (just in case a jury trial occurs, got to hedge those bets). One that likely gained her enthusiastic involvement once she won money from the reparation phrase (or whatever it is called) a few months ago. She got a lot of money (from her perspective) even though we all had a “WTF?!?” reaction to India and others getting more money. Now, this is the final step of that phrase, joining the case in all ways, to a point that the case will have to become about her almost exclusively.

    At least right now as the lawyers continue to apply pressure for a settlement. Hopefully, when they divvy up the money that remains after their cut, they will show Camilla proper appreciation for both what she endured and how important she was to their case and give her a significant amount of the winnings as she deserves. If India or others get a bigger cut over her (or just as bad, split it evenly as if all were equal victims), we will know yet another miscarriage of justice occurred.

    • Don’t waste your time with lay person speculation. You should ask K.R Claviger!

      She hasn’t been wrong once regarding the finer details and issues of law.

    • Erasend-

      Camilla was represented by Raniere/Bronfman lawyers who told her not to testify and promised her a job in exchange for her loyalty to Raniere.

      Raniere’s goons also hounded her and lied to her that the FBI wanted to prosecute her and that if she approached them, she would be arrested.

      Glazer’s lawsuit explains all this. Also, it’s in a previous Frank Report post. So, it’s not a money grab, at all.

    • Erasend, have you ever been sexually assaulted by an intimate partner? I have. In my own personal experience, it takes years to process what happened, sometimes years to be even able to talk about it. I still have nightmares about my assaults 10 years later. None of us know why she did or didn’t testify at the time of the trial, but to assume it had to do with knowing or not knowing there was money to be had in a civil case seems willfully ignorant of many other factors. For example, can you imagine surviving statutory rape, then actual rape, then a suicide attempt, having to testify about it, and then having to be cross-examined? These choices are very complicated for survivors.

      • Anonymous 8:58:

        Your empathy and compassion for Camila is understandable.

        But criminal charges carry penalties such as loss of liberty (prison) and loss of life (execution), or, as in this case, life in prison.

        These are very serious consequences if you want to achieve justice. If you just want to be the “Rescuer” in the Karpman Drama Triangle, and destroy your perceived Persecutor, then you have no hope to achieve justice.

        That’s why these emotional encumbrances need to be deleted from the process of justice. Poor Camila put another human being away for life without testifying under oath. She needs to testify, under penalty of perjury, to what sent him there.

        So far she has not.

        Justice has not yet been achieved in the Keith Raniere criminal trial.

        More on the Karpman Drama Triangle:


        • She did not need to testify to put keith behind bars because:
          – the text messages between her and keith spoke volumes about how keith terrorized her.
          -keith had her naked pictures.
          -her sister’s testimony had already sealed the deal.

          Sometimes we are not very strong but our family can help carry us. Her sister gave her strength to convict keith.

          • Men such as Alanzo never seem to have empathy or understanding for how difficult it is for people to come forward about sexual trauma.

            This idea that so.many females WANT to be known as sexual assault survivors is a ludicrous concept.

            The exact opposite is closer to most people’s experience. That is why so much rape, partner abuse and child molestation goes unreported.

            Most children are so ashamed by sexual assault that they never tell anyone. Or wait many, many years to come forward. Sometimes they learn new information that makes them ready. Or they finally feel safe.

            Can you imagine the unbearable shame of everyone seeing your spread eagle nude photos at 15 years old? Those photos displayed in a courtroom? It is more than many people can bear.

            Children (even as adults) often do not want the pain and embarrassment of discussing what was done to them.

            Do you want to discuss even consensual sex with your parents as a grown adult? Children know it will destroy their families emotionally. As painful as it was to them – it will also hurt their parents immeasurably.

            Then there will be the doubt. The public scrutiny. Everyone knowing their, “secret” it’s embarrassing. It’s can follow you for life. You maybe mocked. Disbelieved. Retaliated against. Dismissed.

            How can any human not understand the weight of such a traumatic decision?

            It can take a lifetime to process.

            I think Cami is very brave. And strong.

            I do not believe Cami would subject herself and her family to this epic tragedy unless it were the truth.

        • Alanzo – will you finally stfu when Camilla testifies under oath during depositions for the civil case? She’s clearly prepared to do so as are all the other plaintiffs.

          But Camilla testifying under oath does not fit into your false narrative so you will, of course, move the goalposts. And, we on FR will never be able to get rid of you, like a fungus.

        • @Alanzo, I believe you haven’t done your homework. Mainly you are ignoring evidence that has already been presented to the court. You are conveniently ignoring two major issues. One, the text conversations between Keith Raniere and Camila, and two, the photos he took when she was underage. I understand there is concern around due process violations regarding the photos. However, as of now, that is still speculation and hasn’t been proved yet in court. Until it is proven, that is evidence you cannot conveniently ignore so you can be the rescuer of justice, in the Karpman drama triangle, as you so mentioned.

        • @Alanzo, apologies for adding a bit of snark to my comment. While I do think for fairness’ sake it’s important to consider all evidence that was disclosed at the trial, which you have not been considering, I can not claim that you were conveniently ignoring it or simply unaware. I also don’t think it was nice to equate you with the rescuer in the karpman drama triangle. I committed the same mistake of righteousness by doing so, as you seemed. This is not acceptable to me. I apologize for taking the bait.

          • Ha ha. You got yourself in trouble with yourself.

            Here’s why I think people on FR are getting annoyed with Alonzo – He makes points that are well thought out and, in a bubble, probably correct. But he doesn’t know the history of what Keith has done, and is only partially up to speed on the NXIVM story. Because of this, Alonzo sometimes uses a broad brush to narrow his good bubble points in on an undeserved Vanguard. Square peg / round hole = annoyed FR commenters.

          • Alonzo is officially more annoying than Scott Johnson.

            I never imagined such a thing was possible.

          • Alonzo is a passive-aggressive attention

            In other words, he is a male Flowers.

            Alonzo is to Claviger — what Flowers is to Frank.

        • Alonzo-

          Camila need not have testified.

          The photo of Camila naked on Raniere’s computer resulted in a the charge of possessing child porn which formed the first predicate act in the RICO case.

          Alonzo, my dear friend, you need to bone up on the NXIVM Saga.

          They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

          ….And in Keith Raniere’s case, a picture is worth 120 years.

        • Ah, Alanzo. Camilla didn’t put another human being away for life without testifying under oath. She gave a victim impact statement and joined a civil suit at which, presumably, she will in fact be deposed under oath. Your emotional encumbrances seem a bit overwrought. Too many drama triangles. Perhaps you should go for a walk, look at things near and far, and get some space until you feel better. Namaste.

        • Nobody, and I mean fucking nobody, should give Torquemedanzo any encouragement to spew psychotherapy theory.

          The dude was wearing poorly fitted navy costumes and scrubbing a boat deck with his toothbrush while the rest of us were getting laid, getting a real education, traveling, watching Seinfeld (or Friends), going to parties, meeting friends, and enjoying family. He is completely unqualified to give any sort of psychiatric or educational guidance.

          That being said, you can take his daily comments as ‘today’s humor’ and possibly revisit a word you hadn’t used in awhile. He got a two-for-one discount on a word of the day calendar and likes to get his money’s worth.

          • Ice Nine, can you help readers fully understand your point by putting it in the context of the Karpman Drama Triangle, or would that be too torquemadian?

    • Let it Be,

      Do not forget the texts in which Keith Raniere clearly states the timeline of his predatory sexual relationship with Cami.

      The “anniversary date” Keith provides which proves Cami was a minor when Keith began raping & photographing her in pornographic poses. All admitted as evidence in court.

      This isn’t a “he said / she said”. It is a “he said AND she said”. And texted.

    • No point. Clyne is now firmly in far-right land where reality is whatever you need it to be in for that moment of time. No amount of information is going to penetrate that bubble. In her mind, Camilla is making it up but even if not, at most she is confused about how old she was when some events happened and it was all her choice so, therefore, it was ok. In her mind, morality doesn’t count if it’s explicitly illegal or if done by someone she likes against those she doesn’t. A child’s view of the world but one that a disturbingly high volume of people also hold.

    • NC is either a loon or on maximum cognitive dissonance overload.

      She will NEVER EVER respond directly to the evidenced claims that Cami was thirteen when she began to be groomed, and fifteen when she was psychologically raped to have sex with Raniere (who was forty-five at the time), because she will be marked as an icky pedophile supporter. She will constantly lie and deny.

      Her boyfriend is a convicted sex-offender. It was proven beyond reasonable doubt in court. And in the “snowball’s chance in Hell” that a new trial is ever given to him, Cami will likely testify against her boyfriend in court this time, and it will be proven beyond reasonable doubt once again. Perhaps even more supporting witnesses could be called this time, like Rhiannon who claimed she was raped over sixty times at twelve by Raniere.

      Her only recourse is to say that there is some prosecutorial misconduct conspiracy against her boyfriend (who is a lying sociopath), a witch trial, or whatever excuse can be given, and that will get her NOWHERE as far as getting him out of prison. It will only get her some cognitive dissonance suppressing tweets from her few right wing and conspiracy supporting loons that mean NOTHING in the scheme of things.

  • “Men rape as a natural way of marking their territory” So was teaching the SOP to cum on their women’s faces.

    Also, Keith sometimes allowed SOP men to have sex with DOS women. “Mr. Raniere teaches that once a woman accepts a man’s semen in – or on – her body, especially her face, she accepts him as her protector. A mutual obligation ensues from his first ejaculation. The man must protect her – and she must make herself available to him sexually.”

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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