Sources: Raniere loosening sex rules for DOS and SOP members – to keep them from leaving?

If he puts this on your face, you're the winner.
Editor’s note: If any person mentioned below wishes to refute the information, I can be reached at 716-990-5740.


A prior post reported that Keith Raniere planned to make an announcement to students of Executive Success Programs [ESP] to dissuade them from leaving.


Sources estimate more than 100 people have canceled membership and scores of others are staying away.


The cause of exodus is said to be revelations about the secretive practices of human hot-iron branding and holding potential blackmail material on women who joined the secret women’s group DOS.


The following is from several sources. It has not been confirmed. Yet it is worth publishing since it will lead to further information from more sources:


Sources say Mr. Raniere loosened the formerly strict requirement on sexual activities of women as part of his plan to hold together his dwindling membership.


The following women, who have previously been identified as sex partners of Mr. Raniere, and DOS slaves, are part of a new initiative, according to sources.


  • Lola Garza
  • Lauren Salzman
  • Rosa Laura Junco
  • Monica Duran
  • Mariana Fernandez
  • Maggie Doh
  • Danielle Roberts
  • India Oxenberg
  • Jimena Garza
  • Daniella Padilla
  • [Name redacted]
  • Jacquelin Ronay
  • Vanessa Shagun
  • Michelle Hatchet
  • [Name redacted]
  • Nicki Clyne
  • Allison Mack.
These women are to make themselves available for sex with men approved by Mr. Raniere. The men must be under training by Mr. Raniere – and must be members of the Society of Protectors [SOP].


SOP teaches that men are polygamous. To train the remaining SOP men in polygamy, they are permitted to make a request of Mr. Raniere to have sex with any of the above-named women.


If Mr. Raniere grants permission, the women are required to have sex with the man.


This is also training the women. Mr. Raniere teaches that if a woman accepts the protection of a man, she must make herself available to satisfy his desires.


Both DOS women and SOP men are required to report to Mr. Raniere [or an authorized assistant] before and after each sexual encounter. During the encounter, a video recording may be made for collateral.


Mr. Raniere is said to be cognizant that this is a good way to keep men from leaving. DOS women may find the plan appealing since most of them have been permitted to have sex only with Mr. Raniere,


His visits to them have been intermittent.


Most women of DOS reportedly have not had orgasms in months.


Mr. Raniere is impotent, sources say.
He teaches that a female orgasm is unimportant. It is the male ejaculating on or inside a woman that gives the sexual encounter its spiritual significance.


Mr. Raniere teaches that once a woman accepts a man’s semen in – or on – her body, especially her face, she accepts him as her protector. A mutual obligation ensues from his first ejaculation. The man must protect her – and she must make herself available to him sexually.



In the past, Mr. Raniere explained his reason for not allowing women he had sex with to have sex with other men is because of the properties of semen.


Mr. Raniere says men who are not evolved emit semen of a lower order.


Mr. Raniere, as the highest integrated person on earth, emits the highest quality semen.
When applied on a woman, it leads to enlightenment.


However, his semen cannot be given if she is accepting semen from lower-order men.  The semen of lower-order men, if ejaculated on – or inside – a women, if she is accepting Mr. Raniere’s semen, will create disintegrations which could kill her, and possibly Mr. Raniere. This would set the course of humankind back 1,000 years.


In short, semen of disintegrated men is deadly and the only fully-integrated man is Mr. Raniere.


By allowing SOP men to ejaculate on – or in – DOS women suggests Mr. Raniere has discovered that SOP men are evolved enough to not interfere with the spiritual welfare of his women.


Mr. Raniere, some speculate, told remaining followers he had foreknowledge through his omniscience that Frank Report would reveal DOS secrets and that it would shake things up and become the fast path to separating loyal and integrated students from the disloyal and disintegrated.


While very few students remain with Mr. Raniere in the United States, those who remain are said to be approaching integration.

Critics are saying Mr. Raniere is merely creating a swingers club to satiate his male followers and keep them from leaving.  He is also satiating women since they will be provided with sexual intercourse instead of waiting to accept Mr. Raniere’s semen on their faces once a month. Some women only get Mr. Raniere’s semen on their birthday.


As for the risk of having babies, sources say most DOS women are on birth control, and many do not need it since they stopped menstruating because of the low calorie diet imposed on them by Mr. Raniere.



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6 years ago

So a bunch of us have been going over the list and basically, we just have one question we’re hoping someone can get Pimp V to answer. Would it be cool if we just joined the Society of Pusses for a long weekend?

6 years ago

More like Society of Pussies.

Society of Protectors --> Society of Beta's
Society of Protectors --> Society of Beta's
6 years ago

Raniere decides which of his male followers gets to have sex with which of his female followers.

Raniere is the alpha. All other males are beta’s.

And if the coupling is allowed, the female is required to comply.

Raniere is the pimp. The women are the “ho’s.”

This has the air of a community that is completely inward-focussed. Like they don’t expect any new members.

Like a community that is about to move to a private island far away.

Island economics
Island economics
6 years ago

Living above a subsistence level on a private island requires importing food, clothing, building materials, fuel, and hundreds of sundry items. Getting hard currency to pay for the imports can be a problem.

Unless one member of the community has a VERY LARGE pile of hard currency. Large enough that just the interest on it will pay the bills indefinitely.

If that option is unavailable, an alternative source of hard currency would be to leave most of the community behind (or rebuild an outer community, probably re-branded, on the mainland) that still has outside income, and entice/require them to travel to the island to take VERY expensive courses.

If the island community is 20 people and it costs $100,000/year each to support them, that’s $2,000,000 a year. If the special course costs $10,000, then 200 students a year would need to take it to support the island community. That might even work.

Intensives schedule for 2018
Intensives schedule for 2018
6 years ago

All intensives on the online schedule for 2018 are only located in Albany, and all of them are 16-day schedules, as opposed to the broken-up schedules that were more common before. This strikes me as tougher to onboard new people – 16 days is a pretty big commitment to make off the bat.

Is it common to ask for payment way in advance, or to bundle payments all together? I was wondering if the point was to try to get remaining members with cash to spare to pay upfront for all the 2018 16-day courses over the coming weeks/months, then take the money and run?

6 years ago

“Mr. Raniere, some speculate, told remaining followers he had foreknowledge through his omniscience that Frank Report would reveal DOS secrets and that it would shake things up and become the fast path to separating loyal and integrated students from the disloyal and disintegrated.”

Thought reform criteria: Mystical Manipulation

“The claim of divine authority or spiritual advancement that allows the leader to reinterpret events as he or she wishes, or make prophecies or pronouncements at will, all for the purpose of controlling group members.”

Money and sex are the oldest tricks in the book to keep people around. So much for ethics.

Raniere is gross.



6 years ago

Since the male members of SOP are undoubtedly paying Raniere for the training he is providing to them – and since they get to have sex with women because of their membership in SOP – and since the women are having sex with the men because they’ve been ordered to do so by Raniere – doesn’t this make Raniere a pimp? If so, then one wonders why the New York State Police are not investigating him for this latest illegal enterprise. Is it because they – or at least one of them – has been compromised into inaction?

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