Nancy Salzman

Raniere identified Nancy Salzman as Hitler in her former life

Comparing Keith Raniere to Adolf Hitler is not fair, some people say.

However, Mr. Raniere himself often compares his disciples to Hitler and members of his inner circle.

Numerous sources have told Frank Report that they were either former famous Nazis or Hitler himself.

Mr. Raniere, who is also known as the self-given title of  The Vanguard, has explained to curious followers that his need to purify the world made it necessary for him to take on the bad karma of the worst people who ever lived and make them noble, ethical human beings.

And who was worse, The Vanguard notes, than the Nazis and their Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

Mr. Raniere has also told his disciples that he not only knows everything in their present life, he knows all their past lives and all their future lives.

Especially what will happen to them if they do not listen and obey him

What will happen is they will return to the kind of behavior they exhibited during their Nazi past.

In this way, Mr. Raniere can make a claim that of all the saviors of the world, he was unique in that he took on disciples who were truly fallen angels.

Here are some of Mr. Raniere’s past and present students – and who he identified them as being in their past life.

Toni Natalie – his former girlfriend and the woman he designated to have his avatar child, he identified as being Hermann Goering.

Barbara Bouchey another former girlfriend he identified as Reinhard Heydrich .This was a large part of her training. She was trained to march like a German and was given the German nickname “Ya.”This teaching was interspersed with the teaching that Mr. Raniere was going to sire her child who would be an avatar and help create a more noble civilization.

Ivy Nevares he identified as a lower-level Nazi who was working under Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. Ivy co authored two books with Mr. Raniere, possibly using her writing skills from her German language past.

The late Pamela Cafritz was identified as an obscure and low-level Nazi whose name has not been passed down to history. Her low status did not exculpate her from her Nazi treachery but it was to be perfectly clear that she was a much lower-level figure in Nazism and in order for her atone her crimes, she needed to be very subservient to other higher-ranking former Nazis.

Alex Betancourt was identified not as a Nazi but as a Fascist.Mr. Raniere was able to ascertain and informed Mr. Betancourt for his edification that he, Mr. Betancourt, was Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator.

In our next post, I will share with readers who several other famous Nazis are in this life, according to Mr. Raniere.

However, I am sure everyone is eager to know who was Adolf Hitler and was that being reincarnated as a member of Mr. Raniere’s circle.

Please keep in mind that Mr. Raniere at all times maintained that his power could turn a saint into a sinner and that if someone were an evil dirty Nazi in their past life, Mr. Raniere had the power to transform them and needed to do so so that all these marvelous teachings might come to light and his prophesies be fulfilled.

While many people naturally assumed that so many of Hitler’s inner circle were followers of Mr. Raniere that perhaps the Vanguard was the Fuhrer.

But Keith Raniere repeatedly said he was not Hitler and “I am taking them on for their bad karma.”

For some time, Mr. Raniere informed his followers that in addition to having Nazis [in their past lives] as his disciples, he also had a number of people who were Nazi victims – mainly Jews who were exterminated in concentration camps.

At one time, he identified Nancy Salzman and others as former Jewish victims.

But on one day, The Vanguard made a stunning revelation.

Barbara Jeske asked him directly who among us is Adolf Hitler?

And Mr. Raniere revealed that it was Nancy Salzman who in her past life was Adolf Hitler.

Since The Vanguard teaches he is infallible, Ms. Salzman, who had been previously told she was a Jewish concentration victim, now realized how much she owed Mr. Raniere for saving her from her terrible karma and, according to sources, resolved to be forever in his debt out of the great appreciation she had for him saving her.

Nancy Salzman became deeply indebted to Mr. Raniere for his willingness to absolve her of her tremendous crimes as Hitler in her former life.

Is there another savior in history who was willing to transform the souls of the greatest sinners?

[To be continued.]

A young and ardent Keith Raniere with Toni Natalie. When she chose to leave him, he revealed that she was Herman Goering – and that if she left, she would have to endure all the bad karma Goering had earned from his previous life. Miss Natalie did not believe a word of it and left.
Hermann Goering, Mr. Raniere said was reincarnated as his lover, Toni Natalie.
Mr. Raniere told Barbara Bouchey she was his great love, she said. But in her past life, he told her, she was no less a Nazi than Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi with an iron heart.
Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Nazi’s plans to exterminate the Jews.


alex and emil
Emiliano Salinas with his homosexual lover Alex Betancourt. Keith Raniere identified Mr. Betancourt as Benito Mussolini.
Alejandro “Alex” Betancourt was identified as Benito Mussolini. The lesson was that Mr. Betancourt was a world leader in his past life but went wrong. So in this life, with Mr, Raniere’s help,he could be a world leader gone right. But only if he did what Mr. Raniere told him to do.
Was Adolf Hitler reborn as Nancy Salzman? Keith Raniere said it was so.
3 nancy-1-300x300-copy
Nancy Salzman was informed by her Master, Keith Raniere, that she was Adolf Hitler in her prior life. It made her deeply indebted to Mr. Raniere for he was willing to redeem her great sins.
K Raniere 4 brighterr
Keith Raniere is a great guru who knows the past lives of his students, numerous sources said.



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  • He does not go around telling everyone. We all used to march like Germans. It was the goose step. It was just silly. Some of us would put two fingers below our nose like a Hitler mustache when he called Barbie “Ya”. Do I know if it is true? I don’t. I cannot remember my last life. Keith said he does. That someone should say Nancy is manipulated is pretty ignorant. How do they know ?

    • Nancy was certainly manipulated by Keith. I know because she told everyone how she was. It’s not a secret. She thought he was a nut job. For some God forsaken reason, she met up with him again. This time he “worked with her” for an entire long weekend, and she came out ready to be his #1 salesperson.

      Of course none of us remember our past lives – Nancy included. Keith told some people what their past lives were – coincidently all having to do with Nazis. After he told people what their past lives were, he’d (or Nancy) would probably do a past live regression on them. At that stage, your subconcious mind tries to find answers that back up the story line, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these PLRs then were Keith’s “proof”.

      My bet is Keith studied up on past live regressions after he found out Nancy was all about them. He then came armed with tons of ammunition during that weekend he took over Nancy’s life.

  • Understand: many religions believe in reincarnation. That Keith informed some of us about our last lives is not incredible if you knew Keith

  • It is time for you to grow up and get out. This is silly and you know it.

    He knew about you teaching and believing in past life regressions. He used that information to suck you in and keep you down. What’s wrong with a little manipulation? wink, wink. He sold. You bought – hook, line, and sinker.

    GET AWAY and figure out how to help L & M.

    • It is not silly Only Nancy knows how much evil she did in her past life and how she can cure it now by staying true to her mentor

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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