Salzman News: Michelle Expecting Baby Boy; Childless, Lauren Sells Home on Lape for $375K

Michelle and husband Ben

There are glad tidings in the Salzman family.

Michelle is pregnant. She and her husband, Ben Myers, are expecting a male child, according to an informed source. The baby is due August 1.

Her older sister, Lauren Salzman, also once expected to have a child, whose father was to be Keith Alan Raniere.

At the trial of Raniere, Lauren spoke of the anguish she felt as she waited years for Raniere to impregnate her, something she thinks he promised to do if she lived up to his high ideals — which, unfortunately for her, is something she never did, according to her testimony.

In the end, after ordering dozens of abortions for women he impregnated, Raniere chose to father a child in 2017 with Mariana, a Mexican woman he had lived with ménage a trois along with the late Pamela Cafritz for more than a decade.

Mariana conceived right about the time Pamela was dying, perhaps on the same day she died.  The child was born nine months after Cafritz died of renal cancer and reportedly was placed in a bathtub with ice to preserve her for cryogenic entombment.

Afterwards, Raniere asked Lauren, who had waited nearly 20 years to have his baby, to accept the male child he sired with Mariana and to dote on it, and love the child, like an aunt.

As Raniere admitted from prison,”having children is not a given or planned.”

Lauren testified she once told her Vanguard she was considering having a child, but not with him, not as a woman in a harem, but with a husband who has only one wife, and embarking upon normal family life.

Raniere said in his letter from prison, published exclusively on Frank Report, that he told her, “I would have to step down from my position in order to live the life I perceived she wanted. I asked her if she would choose that?”

When Raniere said he might stop being the Vanguard, it stopped Lauren in her tracks. She did not want this most illustrious of all men to quit as the leader of the most important community in human history, the NXIVM community, which she loved so much and of which she was one of its top and most highly-paid leaders.

Raniere said, “I think with the force of my conviction and personality, [I] persuaded Lauren to put aside her life wishes. This was never my intent; it saddens me for I was blind to my effects, and caused her pain. Lauren. if you ever read this I am so truly sorry.”

Keith Raniere and his student and lover, Lauren Salzman.


Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere on the volleyball court. Once she engaged in horseplay with a male player and it upset Raniere so much that he declared he would not have a child with her.


In the end, Lauren Salzman wound up with a  hairless cat, a brand with Keith Raniere’s initials on her groin, and a likely prison sentence.

Today, as Lauren awaits sentencing for her plea deal conviction on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges, her sister, Michelle, who avoided the harem, will be making Lauren an aunt soon. It is hard to say if Lauren will be around very much to dote on the child.

Sister Michelle also had a chance to be in the master’s harem, according to sources, but she chose the route Lauren almost did — marry a man who has only one wife.

His name is Ben Myers.

Ben Myers, the husband of Michelle Salzman

Ben, by the way, was a pivotal person in the life of another member of the Raniere harem, a Mexican woman named Daniela, the sister of Mariana.

Daniela developed amorous feelings for Ben back around 2010, and, as she told Frank Report and later testified in court, she kissed Ben and then told Raniere about it. She said that if he could have other women, she would have other men.

He was so upset by this insolent breach that he arranged for Daniela to be confined in her room, she said, in order to heal her ethical breach, which was to sin gravely in the harem, whose membership required of its women complete faithful sexual loyalty to Raniere.

Daniela was confined in a room with an adjacent bathroom for 700 days.

With a kiss, she betrayed her Vanguard.

While Daniela was tucked away in solitary confinement in an unlocked room in her family’s home, Ben, who was up for more kissing, was free to meet and woo Michelle, whom he later married.

From 2010 to 2012, Lauren managed Daniela’s confinement, managing her written communications [she had no phone or computer in her room, only pen and paper] to Raniere about how to handle her ethical breach of the illicit kissing of another man, so she would be free to ethically leave the room.

Raniere never did approve of her plans to heal her ethical breach. One day, Daniela simply decided to leave the room and go back to Mexico, without her ID, which Raniere and Lauren chose not to give to her, according to the testimony of Daniela and Lauren at the trial of Raniere.

Three years after Daniela left Albany for Mexico, Lauren bought her home on Lape Street and reportedly set aside a room in it for a nursery.

Now more than half a decade has passed and it seems clear that the nursery will never hear the laughter and the joy of the child of Lauren and the Vanguard.

The likelihood of the two coming together again is very slim.

Raniere is serving a 120 year sentence in USP Tucson and Lauren, now about 44 years old, is watching the window for childbirth closing.  She last saw Raniere in May 2019 when she testified against him.

True, anything is possible. Raniere is going to appeal his conviction and, possibly because of Lauren’s testimony, or rather the halting of her cross-examination by the judge, he has a chance at his conviction being overturned.

If it happens, it won’t likely happen for at least a year, by which time Lauren will likely be in prison herself. She cannot appeal her conviction since she took a plea deal.

No one knows what her sentence will be, but I will guess it will 2 to 5 years.

If Raniere wins his appeal, he will likely be charged again and retried and another year or more will pass. Even if he were to be acquitted at a second trial, there is a chance he might be charged in the Northern District and tried again on other charges including possession of child porn, the photos of Camila at allegedly age 15.

Camila is the sister of Mariana and Daniela.

Under the best circumstances, Raniere will not be out of prison in less than two years.

Regardless of the merits, I currently give the odds of Raniere

  1. Winning his appeal at 10 percent.
  2. If he wins his appeal, the odds of his not being retried at 10 percent.
  3. The odds of his winning his second trial at 10 percent.
  4. And if the above longshots are met, the odds of him and Lauren reuniting at 10 percent.
  5. The odds of her being able to have a baby at the age of 50 at 10 percent
  6. The odds of it all happening – at 0.0001 percent.

Which is to say it might happen. We are talking about a man who could:

  1. walk in the rain and not get wet,
  2. provoke snowstorms when he came up with a new curriculum
  3. make radar detectors go off when he drove a car
  4. get 20 plus beautiful women to agree to be in his harem while they could not kiss another man.
  5. get women to vie with each other to spend 15 minutes with him.
  6. get women to fight for the privilege of doing his laundry,
  7. get women to run errands for him
  8. get women to buy him gifts
  9. get men and women to patiently wait to hear his pearls of wisdom
  10. get women to provide any sexual pleasure he commanded,
  11. get women to wait for months for a 15-minute visit
  12. get women to starve themselves to be slender enough to please him
  13. get women to sleep very little to show they were highly spiritual
  14. get women to allow themselves to be branded knowingly with his initials as the eight first line DOS women did.

There is another reason why Lauren will not have her nursery filled with the sights and sounds of love, and the pitter patter of tiny little square feet in the house  where she reportedly built a nursery/shrine to the unborn babe of the man who would be father to an avatar.

Last month, Lauren sold her home at 21 Lape, for $375,000.  She bought it in 2015 for $332,175.

Per, the house was listed by former Nxivm coach and realtor to the NXIVM stars, Franca DiCrescenzo, a real-estate broker with Armida Rose Realty Group.

Franca Dicrescenzo has sold millions of dollars of NXIVM homes.

Lauren’s house comes with a bit of history too, as one hopes the new owners will appreciate.

As Lauren testified, some of her DOS slaves were invited there for a special initiation ceremony.

From Lauren Salzman’s court testimony:

“I invited them to my home… [in March 2017]. I asked them to come in staggered times [15 minutes apart] so they wouldn’t know who each other were, and I put them in different rooms of my house, and I asked them to remove their clothes and blindfold themselves, and then I led them downstairs to my living room, where they sat in a circle, and then they were able to take off the blindfold and see each other, and I did a candle lighting ceremony with them…to initiate them into their [slave] circle.

“Then they got dressed. We all had dinner and we went over to Allison [Mack]’s house to do the branding.”

Lauren Salzman Nxivm house
“This cozy + charming farmhouse offers charm mixed with modern aesthetics all set on 3.73 acres” – / The Vow’s Sarah Edmondson says she participated in a pre-branding initiation ceremony at this farmhouse with Lauren Salzman and four other DOS women, as she writes in her book ‘Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM.’

At the end of the day, one is almost speechless at the bizarre and the strange events of this little group, now disbanded and scattered, other than to utter the comforting phrase, “Viva Executive Success!” 



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  • Michelle Salzman Myers works for the “Sculpted Vegan”, Kim Constable, doing the same Nxivm thing!!! Nxivm will never die. Viva Keith’s Nxivm global plan!!

  • Their happiness was stolen from a young girl’s broken dreams. I don’t know how they sleep at night but I know KARMA will never let them rest.

  • Michelle Salzman shows up as still owning a townhouse she bought in Knox Woods in 2011, at 7 Minuteman Court:


    I’ve always guessed that she then bought the Lape Road property in 2015 to have something a bit nicer than the little cookie-cutter townhomes, and a ways away from cult central – and has been renting out the property in the meantime. I wonder if she and her mother are now having to move back to old haunts.

    Oh, and so Raniere told her that he’d have to step down from his role leading NXIVM if she were to be a parent — but then went ahead and fathered a child with someone else, surprise, surprise? Perhaps having to watch him taking long walks through the streets with his latest young paramour/s and possible future baby mommas was one of her reasons for moving (it’s not too far away, but is technically in the next town over, Waterford).

  • That photo of Lauren Salzman and her forlorn hairless cat sitting out back in what might be a gazebo behind her yellow house, with its built-in nursery, is Hitchcockian. If only Quentin Tarantino cared. Imagine this fetching scene scored with Billy Idol shattering sound in the background and roaring White Wedding.

    Start again.

    Who needs The Vow with this kind of real life waddling around everywhere?

    Truly, Lauren stagnated out a couple of decades like a hound doggie who didn’t know she’d already been spayed. That’s what happens when somebody gets too clubbie.

    This was all explained long, long ago by Groucho Marx, when he said that he’d never join a club that would have him as a member. Perhaps this Raniere cult was wracked with group amnesia, some kind of new wave mixed-up dumb, haphazardly called Nxivm. The letters could just be dyslexic, too. The world’s smuttiest man, after all, had his thumb in all of the pies.

    Still, that Lauren in the gray nightshirt thing, those calves and that forlorn matching cat, what a vision. Very entertaining.

  • Michele and Ben Myers looked very much in love when I spotted them at the Macy Gray concert in Cambridge, a few years back. I am happy for them.

    I hope they put everything behind them and move on with there lives.

  • Since Ben Myers worked for the Chinese Communist company Brainco will he hook up the new baby’s brain up with electrodes?

    Though Nxivm Hacker Ben Myers Is Fired, Chinese Communist BrainCo Still Selling Suspect EEG Headbands for Children at Catholic Memorial School in Roxbury MA

  • Are Ben and Michelle still believers? I recall that they hung on for awhile even after Lauren and Nancy were arrested but I could be wrong about that.

    It’s too bad they are polluting the gene pool by reproducing and prolonging the existence of their DNA on the planet; let’s hope the poor kid doesn’t go to one of Sara Bronfman’s remaining Rainbow centers.

  • The new owners should search very thoroughly. Tear up floorboards. Knock down walls. Who knows how much cash is stashed there?

  • I am pleased to see that Frank had the balls to give ‘odds’ on Keith’s chances of winning his appeal.

    But I have done a series of complex calculations which prove that his odds aren’t correct.

    The ACCURATE (unbiased) odds are printed below.

    The odds of Keith winning his 1st (direct) appeal are 69%.

    Several appellate lawyers have given me data which support this figure. It can’t be questioned. It is above Claviger’s head (remember, Claviger took 6 tries to pass the BAR exam).

    The odds of Keith winning his 2nd appeal (for ‘Ineffective Assistance of Counsel’) are 97%.

    The odds that Keith won’t be tried again (in a 2nd trial) if he wins his appeals are 78%.

    *I have spoken to highly placed, confidential sources, who tell me that the EDNY will have no political will to go through a media spectacle again —– especially since having Keith hang the jury (in such a high profile trial) would be humiliating.

    FYI: There was no ‘highly placed coffee’ or ‘confidential snacks’ offered to me by anybody during these meetings.

    My sources confirm that Keith will CERTAINLY be offered a plea deal by the EDNY, if he wins any of his appeals. The plea deal will likely be for 7 years (so he’ll be out in 6 years) — which would allow him to get ‘time served’ by the time all of this mess pans out.

    I stand by my figures. Keith has a 97% chance of winning his 2nd appeal.

    These calculations can’t be questioned. It’s just basic math. Thus, Keith will be out of prison after 6 years. Vanguard will be among us soon, within a couple years.

    People need to prepare for this eventuality.

    Nicki Clyne will have her Vanguard back. IMO, she will possibly get promoted to Prefect —– as a reward for her unwavering loyalty and leadership shown during this difficult period in NXIVM’s history.

    Suneel will likely be rewarded for his loyalty too. IMO, he may be promoted to Junior Vanguard (aka Vanguard-in-training). That job position will likely entail being Keith’s assistant (gofer boy). He’ll likely be tasked with fetching Keith’s coffee and pizza —- and washing Keith’s cum soaked sheets after he ‘counsels’ his female flock each day, etc.

    IMO, he’s so enamored with Keith that he’d probably view that job as a step-up from Harvard.

    The next few years could be a glorious time for NXIVM. It could be the ‘renaissance period’ of NXIVM —– where it rises from the ashes of its former self into a much stronger organization, with more ‘dedicated’ members.

    • Want to make this interesting? Let’s find a way to wager. I will take the odds you listed, and will parlay my winnings until Vantard is either released or appeal is denied.

      Care to make this interesting?

      • Damn it, Snorlax, you beat me to the punch on this.

        But not to worry, people like Bang-tard – and people of his ilk – talk big but never respond to put-up-or-shut-up challenges.

        Have you noticed how easy it is for people with no backbone to slither away when you call them out?

        • Slithering away? From a pussy like you? Surely you jest, sir.

          No backbone? …Says the pussy who’s been HIDING under the sheets (for over a year) from a virus that gives the sniffles to 90% of everybody who gets it.

          You’re the definition of a dude with no backbone.

          Try growing a pair of balls and venturing out of the house.

          I’m guessing you’re also a Roger Stone hater. You suffer from excessive hate towards all Trump-connected people. Stop hating the world. Release the hatred in your heart since it’s not making your life any better.

          Stop reading HuffPo.

          Have a fine day. 🙂

          • Wow — only one ALL CAPS word in your whole reply. But, then again, since your reply basically boils down to “I know you are but what am I?”, there’s really not much need for big words or big thoughts.

            BTW, you entirely avoided any sort of response to what Snorlax and I are proposing: you putting up some real cash to cover our bets based on your odds about Keith’s future. We can have Frank hold all the money – and distribute it to whoever turns out to be correct.

            Hush! What’s that soft sound in the background??

            Nothing important.

            Just another snake slithering away…

          • Name-calling aside, how much you in for? Bet what you can afford to lose. I’d suggest a ten thousand USD minimum. You in?

          • OMG, Snorlax, do you realize that Friend of Bangkok is going to need to collect 200,000 soda bottles to cover that bet?

          • –Says the pussy who’s been HIDING under the sheets (for over a year) from a virus that gives the sniffles to 90% of everybody who gets it.–

            That sounds like something your T-Rump would say, before and after his life was saved from dying from Covid sniffles. Some people never learn.

    • What’s the saddest?

      1. Snorlax and Clav are cock blocking the rest of us from fleecing Babcock’s trust fund

      2. 200,000 soda bottles are littered around Tucson

      3. Lauren taunted poor Vanguard by having a shaved cat

      4. Niceguy still feels the pain of losing Michelle to a gutless bald guy

      5. While real estate is booming, Lauren’s meager profit is very sad

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