Allison Mack to Be Home By 4th of July

Allison Mack leaving court

The US Bureau of Prisons revised the release date for former Smallville actress Allison Mack – moving her up to July 3 – less than two months from now.

Mack is serving a federal sentence for her role in the NXIVM case.

The BOP’s new release date for Mack was moved up by almost a month, from August 2 to July 3, 2023.

Mack is currently incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California.

The new release date means Mack will be home in time for Independence Day.

Attorney Sean Buckley represented Allison Mack.

On June 30, 2021, US District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis sentenced Mack to three years in custody, 1000 hours of community service, a $20,000 fine, and three years of probation. The terms of her probation forbid her to associate with any NXIVM members.

Judge Garaufis ordered that while on probation, Mack “shall not attempt to contact in person, or communicate with by letter, telephone, electronic means, or through a third party, any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any other Nxivm-affiliated organizations, unless granted permission in advance by the Probation Office or by this court.”

Mack qualified for and participated in prison programs permitting her early release. At the time of her initial incarceration, Mack’s release date was March 29, 2024.

The FBI arrested her on April 20, 2018. 

A year later, she cut a plea deal with the US DOJ, admitting two felony counts, racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, and cooperated with the prosecution.

Before her sentencing, Mack had been on home confinement at her parents’ house in Orange County, California from April 2018 to June 2021 – more than three years.

Mack’s three-year sentence was about 20 percent of her sentencing guidelines of 14.5-17 years.

Mack paid the $20k fine

Mack checked into FCI Dublin on September 13, 2021.

Mack with a friend in September 2021, just days before she reported to FCI Dublin.

If the BOP releases Mack on July 3, 2023, she will have served one year and ten months.


In 1998, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman founded Executive Success Programs, which later operated as NXIVM.

In 1999, Salzman recruited Barbara Bouchey. Bouchey recruited Mark Vicente in 2004. He recruited Sarah Edmondson in 2005. Edmondson recruited Kristin Kreuk in 2006. Kreuk recruited Mack in 2006.

Of Mack’s upline, Bouchey, Vicente, Edmondson and Kreuk wisely got out. Mack did not until after her arrest. 

Like Raniere and Salzman, she went to prison.

Salzman is due for release on August 31, 2024. Raniere’s release date is June 27, 2120 – 97 years from now.

And the last of the incarcerated Nxians, Clare Bronfman, is due to be released on June 29, 2025.

What Mack will choose after she returns to freedom is unknown.

Whatever time Mack spent with federal restrictions — which began on April 20, 2018, with her arrest – and three years and five months of house arrest, plus what will be one year and ten months in prison, plus three years of probation — eight years – is better than what would have happened to her had she continued as Raniere’s slave.

It started with the Frank Report, with the help of Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, and Sarah Edmondson, exposing DOS and stopping the branding in June 2017, followed by the New York Times story in October: Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded, which led to the EDNY beginning an investigation and prosecution of Raniere, Mack, and others, that in effect Mack got her life sentence commuted.

I refer to the life sentence she faced as a slave of Raniere, where the punishment would have been far more extreme.

Mack began as his slave in 2015, and led her down a dark path. She will be essentially free on July 4. Someday she will recall her terrible experience and how it ended and be glad for the intervention that began on June 5, 2017, with the publication in Frank Report of the shocking Branded Slaves and Master Raniere; Sources: Human branding part of Raniere-inspired women’s group – where she was named. The story caused the immediate suspension of DOS branding and recruiting. Many slaves escaped.

Allison was not one of them.

Salute the flag sister on the 4th of July, and be glad Raniere sits in his foul cell alone where he cannot harm you anymore.

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  • I can hope she do what’s right this time, now free that from Raniere’s deceit influence and despite of as Chloe’s unlikable in from 3 seasons had lousy attitude having feelings for Clark but doesn’t mean I don’t dislike Allison in fact I liked her personality since her classic movie, but am aware of her safety from her ego behaviorism just because she is talented and knowledge but wouldnt be fooled to trust of ever another dark turn happen again in future and when already had one of victim hurt damage done won’t return forgiveness when not earned quite

  • Why do people feel sorry for her? She was a grown woman when she joined (26). She made the decision to join KR in sex trafficking. She should have served more time (and I still think Lauren got away Scott free).

  • With Kristin Kook’s career winding down, maybe she will join Ally Wack in an OnlyFan’s website.

      • Kristin’s scene in EuroTrip will live on longer than anything else she’s done

      • Anonymous
        May 8, 2023 at 9:32 pm
        Scottie doesn’t know that Fiona and me do it in my van every Sunday.

        Don’t come a knocking if the van is a rocking!

  • People are forgetting that those who are on probation were ordered by the judge to not be in contact with any NXIVM member. (Some family members are excluded)

    To do so would be a violation of their probation it could possibly send them back to prison.

    How Clyne fits into the picture would most likely have to go through the Judge since Mack & Clyne have filed for divorce & their marriage appears to have a scam to keep Clyne in the US for Raniere.

    • Good question. Does his include ex-NXIVM members. What if these ex-Nexs are saying they are out but really only said so to get contact with those barred from said contact. Hmm 🤔🤔🤔

    • In one of Clyne’s last interviews, she stated that she is allowed to speak with Mack, but Mack was the one declining communication.

  • Hey, Kevin:

    What Inventions did Allison Mack Work On in Prison??????
    Disgraced Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Claims She will Keep Working on Inventions in Prison

    Disgraced Theranos founder and convicted fraudster Elizabeth Holmes claims that she still believes her tech startup could have revolutionized healthcare, adding that she is even now working on new inventions, saying, “I still feel the same calling to it as I always did.”

    Did Allison Mack create a new way to manufacture Bull Crap in prison?

    • Shadow Dummy:

      —Her tech startup could have revolutionized healthcare.

      Yes, Shadow her “tech” company could have revolutionized healthcare…
      …Unfortunately there was no “tech”.

      Example of Shadow’s moronity:

      “NiceGuy’s teleportation device will revolutionize travel [device doesn’t exist].”

      Shadow is a moron!

  • There’s new a cult book and movie coming out!!!!

    It’s exciting because it’s a sex cult with no victims aside from the 16 year old girls who got knocked up!(sarcasm)

    Meet Father Yod!

    Father Yod 1970s Typical Cult:
    1. Leader takes 14 “spiritual wives”.
    2. The leader had “sex magic” which caused the lovers to see vampires.
    3. Followers would sometimes see lightning bolts coming out of Yods ears.

    Any of this sound familiar? 🤣

    Super powers and banging all the women are the currency of any decent cult leader.


  • Allison Mack is a talented actress–I wonder if she’ll be able to get employment on a TV show or in a stage play or perhaps she’ll work behind the scenes in production. I just hope she takes the gift of getting out of prison early and runs with it. Also, is she still getting sued by Sarah Edmonson?

  • “The defendant shall complete 1,000 hours of community service.” – Sentencing Memorandum, June 30, 2021

    Is it assumed that the community service must be completed by the end of the probationary period? Or is there an accelerated timetable for that? Garaufis was not specific on this matter.

  • So she serves one year ten months of a three year sentence for felonies that should’ve cost her 15 years, per the guidelines.

    Quite a sweet deal.

    This after prosecutors dropped the far more serious sex trafficking charge against her in exchange for a guilty plea and her limited and long belated cooperation.

    Of course that followed three years of being “confined” to her parents’ $5M California home. Said confinement allowed her shopping trips and brunch with friends, church, college courses, and her catering job (see photo of her strolling in the sunshine with her friend, hand in hand. Not quite Stalin’s gulag, eh?)

    I wonder how strict and onerous her probation will be? (Stop it, I’m laughing!)

    Well at least Raniere can’t harm her anymore.

    Harm her? Harm HER!? She was the one causing harm right there alongside Raniere. She was infatuated with the guy. Her friend, her teacher, her mentor for twelve years. They were soul mates and they’re very much alike.

    For all anyone knows she’s still loyal to him.

    Like many of the people who worked closely with Raniere for years, Mack is a highly ambitious person without scruples.

    She was part of Raniere’s inner circle, and she shared his bed. No way she didn’t know exactly what kind of person he was and what he was up to. And yet she acted as his loyal lieutenant, eagerly and industriously promoting his agenda. For years. She lied for him, knowing these to be lies, and lied persuasively. She blackmailed women under guise of helping them and “empowering” them. Much of this was done at her own initiative. She never exhibited the slightest reluctance when screwing over her slaves.

    Blackmailed, deceived DOS slaves were branded in Mack’s living room. They were branded with her and Raniere’s initials.

    Mack remained loyal to her master because they’re cut from the same cloth. Testimony at the trial revealed just how gratuitously cruel Mack was, how she came up with humiliating nicknames for her slaves, revealed the pleasure she expressed in taking degrading naked photos of the slaves to send to Raniere. “You have a beautiful c***”. The snide comments she made when ordering slaves to prostitute themselves to him, “you have my permission to enjoy it”. She wasn’t forced to say those things, Raniere was nowhere around. She said those things because she’s cruel and manipulative. Just like Raniere.

    Mack screwed up her own life. Raniere didn’t do that, she did it to herself. He just gave her the context.

  • Instead of focusing on that dunce Allison Mack, focus on the even more dangerous dunce in the White house. Joe Biden.
    Maria Bartiromo says the Republicans are closing in on Joe Biden and his reckless, illegal behavior.
    The Biden family has so many whistleblowers we’re ‘starting to lose track’: GOP rep.

    • Don’t you realize Bartiromo has lost all credibility with her past embrace of conspiracy theories?

      • DeepState-

        You’re trying to have a rational conversation with a guy who taxidermies small animals.

        Shadow sells Jackalopes!

        Ask Frank!

      • Bartiromo never lost any credibility, because she didn’t have any to begin with. She’s like the village drunk: .spewing nonsense while intoxicated…….

    • What about the even more dangerous No. 1 contender for the Republican presidential nomination? You know, the sex abuser…

  • Will Mack renew her relationship with Dani Padilla?

    Supposedly Mack never fully cut her ties to Dani Padilla.
    Supposedly Mack, Padilla and Raniere had a three way one evening.
    Jackie Evancho – Some Enchanted Evening (from Music of the Movies)

      • Some enchanted eving is a very famous songand will remain so even after the X Factor disappears into the ether.

  • Some folks are saying that Nicki left because Allison was getting out of prison early. What does that have to do with Nicki deciding to leave?

    • Please Explain:

      Don’t believe what you read on Reddit!

      If it’s not Reported on Frank Report first chances are it’s B.S. unless it involves Frank Parlato.

      I learned from Reddit Frank owns a franchise chain of Pay Toilets.

  • I wonder if she will work as an actress again. Her image could now have more cache.

        • Shadow-

          Conspiracy loons are 10 cents for a baker’s dozen.

          Shadow please remind readers the distance from Mack’s home to the nearest porn shop. I can’t recall.

          You mentioned it previously.

          You my friend are a diabolical pervert.

          • LOL. Weren’t there about 3 articles detailing the proximity of porn shops to her home? That was weird…

    • She’ll probably become a campaigner against cults. Although Alanzo’s head could explode…

      • Pyriel-


        Alonzo would have to eat a 3 pallets of RingDings™️ to soothe his damaged soul.

  • Does Allison Mack know or care that the southern border has been open for a while? says:

    “… WikiLeaks recently revealed emails dated April 2011, that confirm that Slim is involved in drug trafficking.

    The first email is by Anya Alfano of global intelligence agency Strategic Forecasting, Inc., who was tasked with addressing Dell’s concerns about Slim. She wrote to Stratfor’s head of intelligence Fred Burton:

    “Do we have any information about where Carlos Slim fits into the [drug) cartel dynamics that we’ve seen in Mexico? … Should clients have any concerns about dealing with him professionally?”

    Burton then asks DEA Special Agent William F. Dionne the question:

    “Billy, is the MX billionaire Carlos Slim linked to the narcos?”

    Dionne replies, “Regarding your question, the MX telecommunication billionaire is.”

    I write “allegedly” the richest person because most of the fortune that is attributed to Slim actually belongs to one of Mexico’s biggest thieves, former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

    A few months after his term ended, in December 1994, Salinas fled the country, leaving it in economic shambles. The situation was so grave that then U.S. President Bill Clinton felt forced to step in and order his Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin to transfer US$20 billion in emergency funds to then Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, who took the opportunity to buy himself a mansion worth close to US$1 million.

    ​The question, however, is why the U.S. and Mexico did nothing to sanction Salinas in spite of the US$10 billion he stole from the Mexican people.

    In March 1995, I was in New York City covering the arrest of influential ruling party politician Mario Ruiz Massieu, who fled Mexico fearing for his life after his brother — PRI president and possible future presidential candidate Francisco Ruiz Massieu — and PRI presidential candidate Donaldo Colosio were murdered under alleged orders from the Salinas family. Of course, Carlos’ brother Raul Salinas paid the price and was imprisoned in the same maximum security jail from which power drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped in July. However, Raul was never actually charged for either assassination, but instead served a sentence for fraud and money laundering. But, in line with the high-level of corruption and impunity in Mexico, Raul was acquitted in 2005 and released from jail.

    Regrettably, the memory of all Mexicans seemed to have vanished.

    At that same time, Dow Jones and Company announced Salinas had been named one of more than a dozen vice presidents of the board. …

    … I spoke to then-Dow Jones CEO Roger May and asked him why Salinas had received the appointment. “Because he has invested over US$10 billion in Dow Jones stocks and components. All persons who have over that amount invested, are automatically named members of the board,” May said.

    I then asked him if he even cared where the money came from? And whether he cared Salinas stole the money from Mexico? May then said this was a question he could not respond to. A day or two later, Salinas decided to leave for Ireland with a stopover in Cuba …”–20151201-0019.html

  • Thank you Frank. You’re a wonderful person and a courageous hero. The New York Times wouldn’t have published news about NXIVM without the great work of Frank Report, Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse and Sarah Edmondson.

    NXIVM was a virus. A few feds let NXIVM infect America, then Mexico. Was it just interesting or was it politically significant that Mr. Slim bought shares in The New York Times when he did?

    Why would Carlos Slim
    buy shares of The New York Times?
    What was NXIVM?

    Really. What was NXIVM?

    Did NXIVM have something to do with international politics? Just asking because, um … it was an international operation with lots of political people involved. Why was Sara Bronfman involved in the politics of Libya? Why did Keith Raniere and his harem run to Mexico? What was with the brain experiments?

    Why was one of Raniere’s goals to influence American voters?

    One of NXIVM’s official goals: to hoard as much wealth in the world as possible.

    “In 2008, Slim took a 6.4% stake valued at $27 million in the New York Times Company, a prominent American newspaper publisher. Slim increased his stake to 8% by 2012. Slim’s stake in the Times increased again to 16.8% of the company’s Class A shares on 20 January 2015 when he exercised stock options to purchase 15.9 million shares, making him the largest shareholder in the company. The New York Times Company’s Class A shares are available for purchase by the public and offer less control over the company than Class B shares, which are privately held.

    💰According to the company’s 2016 annual filings, Slim owned 17.4% of the company’s Class A shares, and none of the company’s Class B shares.”💰

    For those in the back row:

    “Slim’s stake in the Times increased again to 16.8% of the company’s Class A shares on 20 January 2015 when he exercised stock options to purchase 15.9 million shares, making him the largest shareholder in the company.”

    • Most Americans have no idea: We all have been played for so long.

      • If Allison knows about drugs flowing into our formerly most beautiful cities in America, if she really wants to do the most good for the world, i hope she reads a few books about globalism and tells us how NXIVM might have contributed to the tyrannical one world government run by psychopaths who are working to make all of us slaves with chips under our skin instead of a brand.

        It seems NXIVM was a social engineering project, not a “sex cult”.

        Charles Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley were friends. Aldous Huxley’s book, “The Doors of Perception” might explain why American soldiers were guarding the poppies in Afghanistan, why Southern Air Transport was transporting drugs and why the opened southern border allows drugs to

        A 2021 NBC headline read: “Fentanyl Seizures at U.S. Southern Border Rise Dramatically

        NBC’s explanation for drugs flowing over the southern border: “Federal agents say the powerful synthetic opioid is becoming a drug of choice for the cartels because it’s highly profitable and easier to smuggle.”

        Such a simple explanation doesn’t explain such a complicated plan.

        More reading for those interested:

        Jay Dyer’s recommended reading list:

        The Doors of Perception – Aldous Huxley
        Between Two Ages – Zbigniew Brzezinski
        The Grand Chessboard – Zbigniew Brzezinski
        Scientific Outlook – Bertrand Russell
        Impact of Science on Society – Bertrand Russell
        Game of Nations – Miles Copeland
        Tragedy & Hope – Carroll Quigley
        Anglo-American Establishment – Carroll Quigley
        New World Order – H.G. Wells
        Open Conspiracy – H.G. Wells
        Man Unfolding – Dr. Jonas Salk
        Survival of the Wisest – Dr. Jonas Salk
        Brief History of the Future -Jacques Attali
        The Pentagon’s Brain -Annie Jacobsen
        How the CIA Weaponizes Anthropology -David Price
        Soldiers of Reason -Alex Abella
        The Rockefellers – An American Dynasty – Collier & Horowitz
        Memoirs – David Rockefeller
        The Next Million Years – Charles Galton Darwin
        The New World Order – H.G. Wells
        The Open Conspiracy – H.G. Wells
        Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer – Dr. John C. Lilly
        Theory and Praxis – Jurgen Habermas
        The Aquarian Conspiracy – Marilyn Ferguson
        Keys of This Blood – Malachi Martin
        Brief History of the Future – Jacques Attali
        On Living in a Revolution – Julian Huxley
        Philosophy of the United Nations – Julian Huxley
        Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
        The Perennial Philosophy – Aldous Huxley
        Weaponizing Anthropology – David Price
        The Turning Point -Frjitof Capra
        The Fourth Industrial Revolution -Klaus Schwab
        Millennium -Tim Leary, Others
        Autobiography of John C. Lilly -John C. Lilly

    • Honestly,
      Sarah Edmondson was Best friends with Emiliano.
      Her, Barbara Jeske, and Emiliano all posed for pictures at La Ketch!
      She was wearing a purple sash!
      Does make one wonder…..

  • By the way, does anyone know if Dossier Project is ended? They have not posted in three weeks. I really hope not. Seemed Michelle was gonna take the helm, but with getting married and stuff, she probably bounced. They were pure gold!

  • Anyone know the name/dates of the New Age film festival cruise when Mark and Suzanne recruited Sarah? says:

    “In 1999, Salzman recruited Barbara Bouchey. Bouchey recruited Mark Vicente in 2004. He recruited Sarah Edmondson in 2005. Edmondson recruited Kristin Kreuk in 2006. Kreuk recruited Mack in 2006.”

  • Don’t be fooled by Pimp Mack. I believe she will join forces with Horseface Clare when they both complete their sentences and probation. They will avenge Vanturd by seeking and destroying the victims. They will start with those who testified against Keith at his trial. Allison is a sociopath who would give her own life for Keith. She only renounced him so she could get out of prison sooner to start her life’s work of fulfilling is every desire. Hard to believe the bulk of her life’s work was being a slave to Vanturd. I wonder what will be engraved on her tombstone?
    “Here lies Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack: Slave to Keith ‘Vanturd’ Raniere. Slavemaster to India ‘Dimwit’ Oxenberg and errand-girl to Clare ‘Horseface’ Bronfman. Allison spent her life grooming young girls for unwanted sexual encounters with her Slavemaster, Vanturd. She excelled in starving herself and others to please her Slavemaster. Her hobbies included Rackaterring, Forced Labor, Conspiracy, Immigration Fraud, and Sex-Trafficking. She proudly wore the brand of her Slavemaster and was proud of tricking and luring others into getting branded.”

    Her parents must be SOOOO PROUD!!!!!!!

    • Allison spent her life grooming young girls for unwanted sexual encounters with her Slavemaster,? so according to your statement, Allison spent her entire life in NXIVM and also she was not promoted from student to trainer, and then taken to Keith’s inner circle, according to your everything happened from the beginning. It’s amazing that with so much information published here on the Frank Report, there are always people making up their own narrative.

  • Now Nicki’s renounced Raniere and NXIVM, will Alli be able to instantly renew their nuptials?

  • Frank I just watched an interview with you (conducted about a year ago) where you mentioned you think Keith was molested as a child by his mother and possibly others. I’ve been fascinated by this case and have been watching and reading a lot about it and going to your site daily now. Is this something you deduced or did Keith or someone in his circle mention this at some point? Not that that excuses his crazy behavior, but an interesting piece to the puzzle if true. Sorry this is not related to the Allison Mack article just published (which was a good read). Thanks!

    • Keith’s mother had him and only him it seems.

      If there was not actual physical incest there may have been emotional incest where the mother treats young Keith like the husband.

      It’s not confirmed. But several have commented on this. Most notable there were people who knew Keith who said his mother – a ballroom dancer – made him dance with her.

      Whether that was a euphemism for something ekse is unknown.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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