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Toni Natalie

Author’s Note: One of Toni Natalie’s attorneys reached out to me – and indicated that he believed some of the statements in this post were “false and defamatory”. In an effort to address his concerns, I have re-written portions of the sub-section entitled “I Now Realize That Toni Has Always Had Her Own Agenda” (Note: The revised text – which comprises the first four paragraphs of that sub-section – is bolded and in italics).

Toni’s attorney has also indicated that she will be addressing the various issues I have raised about her at some point in the future. As he stated, “Toni will address everything you have been publicly saying about her, but she will not dignify these incredibly offensive posts with a response on the blog. She will do so in her own way, in her own time, in her chosen forum or forums”.

I am personally delighted to know that – and look forward to Toni’s response…


Publisher’s Note: I personally reached out several times to Toni to give her an opportunity to review this post before it was published but never heard back from her. She is, however, welcome to respond to any aspect of it that she believes is inaccurate or needs clarification. Frank Parlato


It’s funny how sometimes a random comment in a conversation with someone else will cause you to re-think your position on an issue or reevaluate what you think of another person.

I recently had that experience when Frank Parlato and I were discussing Barbara Bouchey – and her role and legacy in NXIVM.

For Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere was a special kind of boyfriend and their days in Nxivm were like Camelot.

When Frank mentioned that he has stayed in touch with Barbara and has found her to be helpful and informative in terms of some of the inner-workings of NXIVM, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t had any interaction with her in a long time.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really don’t have much personal knowledge about Barbara.

As best I can recollect – and she is welcomed to correct me if she has a different recollection – I’ve only met with Barbara in person a couple of times since she, along with the other members of the NXIVM Nine, quit the cult back in 2009.

I can’t even remember the last time I talked with Barbara on the phone – or communicated with her via email – but, as best I can recollect, I don’t think we’ve had any such communications since 2010 or thereabouts.

So, where did all my “knowledge” about Barbara come from?

Mostly from Toni Natalie…


Whoever Controls the Communications Controls the Narrative

As I mentioned in a prior post, Toni took great pride in her claim that she was – at least according to her – the only person that everyone concerned with NXIVM talked to.

Although she attributed that claim to an observation that was supposedly made by former Times Union reporter extraordinaire Jim Odato, I now suspect that she just made the whole thing up.

MK10 James Odato

Back in the day, I was quite happy to limit my conversations about NXIVM-related topics to Toni and a select few that I trusted.

Those were dangerous times.

Raniere, backed by the Bronfman sisters’ wealth, was at the peak of his powers.

Trusting anyone who had been associated with the cult was dangerous.

Trusting a former member of Raniere’s “inner circle” was even more dangerous.

And so, I was quite content to let Toni deal with Barbara – and others like Barbara who had been associated with the NXIVM cult for a number of years.

The only NXIVM-related people that I dealt with directly were Susan Dones and Yuri Plyam – two people that were being threatened by NXIVM’s litigation machine and that I was trying to assist in their legal battles.

Susan Dones MK10 Art

For just about everyone else, I was happy to let Toni be the conduit.

It’s only now that I realize what a mistake that was – and how much my sense of Barbara (and several others) was tainted by Toni’s views of them.


The Original Team

For me, the battle against NXIVM and Keith Raniere has always been a group effort.

At the outset, our group was really very small.

Besides Toni, the only other members were (Note: I am intentionally omitting the names of some people here for their own protection but they know who they are):

Rick Ross: The first person sued by NXIVM – and another person with whom I’ve only spoken one or two times.

Rick Alan Ross fought Keith Alan Raniere over more than a decade.

Dennis Yusko: A former Times Union reporter who put his career on the line to take on NXIVM.

Jim Odato: Another Times Union reporter who ended up getting sued – and eventually losing his job – because of what he wrote about the cult.

Chet Hardin: A former reporter for Metroland who ended up getting sued because of what he wrote about NXIVM.

Suzanna Andrews: A writer for Vanity Fair who ended up getting sued because of what she wrote about the cult.

Jeanne MacIntosh: A reporter for the New York Post who did everything she could to expose some of the illegal activities that were being undertaken by Raniere and his followers.

John Tighe: A blogger who gave us our first public voice in the battle against NXIVM – and who proved to be one of the stalwarts on our team.

John Tighe

Later, we were joined by the NXIVM Nine, Yuri Plyam, a bunch of other newspaper writers, and ultimately – and most importantly – by Frank Parlato.


I Now Realize That Toni Has Always Had Her Own Agenda

When I first encountered Toni, she told me that she was facing federal bank fraud charges – and was considering whether to accept a plea deal that her then-attorney, E. Stewart Jones, had negotiated on her behalf. (And for those readers who are paying attention, that is indeed the same E. Stewart Jones who later represented Mary Jane Pino in the computer trespassing case).

MK10 Toni Natalie & Keith Raniere 

I helped Toni to get a different attorney – and shortly thereafter, she indicated that the matter had been dropped.

At the time, I accepted Toni’s explanation that the matter was based on papers that Keith Raniere had told her to sign – and that she had no role whatsoever in any underlying criminal activities.

However, based on new information that has been shared with me in recent months, I’m much less certain about what rfeally happened with resepct to this matter.


Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, a pattern had been established.

Toni would provide information to me that I would accept at face value – and I would respond accordingly.

When Toni suggested that we should work together with Barbara Bouchey, I willingly did so.

Later, when Toni advised me that Barbara was only interested in helping herself – as evidenced by the fact that Barbara had hired her own attorney, her own literary agent, and her own publicist – I agreed to stop working with Barbara.

I now realize that was a mistake – and that I have should have done my own fact-checking before shutting the door on Barbara.

In more recent years, I’ve watched Toni undercut many people who have been part of the struggle against Raniere and NXIVM (Toni loves to gather personal information about people – and then share it “on a confidential basis” with others). For example, Toni has told me that:

Sarah Edmondson is a glory-hound who would have done anything to get her story and her picture on Page 1 of The New York Times – and who is now trying to capitalize on her association with the cult by doing a podcast, writing a book, and appearing in a movie that will “gloss over” her true role in NXIVM (Toni encouraged me – and several other people – not to appear on the CBC podcast featuring Sarah).

Sarah Edmondson 


Mark and Bonnie and his mother all should have been prosecuted for things they did while they were members of NXIVM – and it was primarily because of her speaking up for them with the FBI that such charges were not brought (I now believe that claim is totally false).


Chet Hardin was fired from his previous job because of a sexual harassment complaint that a co-worker had filed against him (Chet is Toni’s partner on the book that is scheduled to be published next month – and the podcast series that will follow that publication).


Heidi Hutchison is trying to re-write history and make it seem that she and her sister, Gina, had bigger roles in CBI and NXIVM than was actually the case (It now appears that it’s Toni who is trying to re-write history by failing to acknowledge her role in the Consumer’s Buyline and National Health Network pyramid schemes – and the critical role she played in the early days of NXIVM).

Heidi Hutchinson


Barbara Bouchey has tried to steal much of Toni’s story and make it her own (I now believe that exactly the opposite is true – and that Toni has attempted to appropriate much of Barbara’s story and to make it her own).


Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, the two Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated directors who are overseeing the upcoming HBO series about the cult are “untrustworthy” and should be avoided (Once again, Toni encouraged me – and several other people – not to appear in this series).

Karim Amir & Jehane Noujaim


Frank Parlato had threatened to release some of Nicole’s collateral unless she gave him the names of other DOS members – and that Frank was going to get arrested because of his attempted intimidation of a federal witness (Toni has yet to admit to these lies – and now claims that she was “confused”).


Toni has also claimed that it was her “Kalinda-like” work that led to the dismissal of the charges in the criminal computer trespass case (Toni likes to refer to herself as “Kalinda” – a reference to the character by that name in The Good Wife TV series). That is definitely not the case.

Archie Panjabi as Kalinda


Follow-Up With Barbara Bouchey

Even though Barbara has reportedly moved on from NXIVM – and no longer follows what’s going on with respect to Raniere and his co-defendants – I’m going to reach out to her and hope that she’ll talk with me about many of the things that Toni told me about her.

I would really like to know who the “real” Barbara Bouchey is – especially now that I have a better idea who the “real” Toni Natalie is.

Barbara is never going to talk me into believing that there is anything good about Raniere and his “tech”.

But, if she’s willing to do so, I think she can correct a whole lot of misimpressions that I have about her.

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J.J. O'Hara


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  • Frank, I’m wondering if you or Joe can write a future article that covers stuff like this below:

    1) How much of Consumers Buyline’s profits came from actually selling real items and how much came from selling the illegal pyramid dream to naive suckers?

    I read something about a yearly fee of $270 (or something like that) —- where only $14 went to pay for a buyers’ club membership and the rest went to the pyramid scheme and Keith’s pockets. Is that true?

    2) What was National Health Network all about? Why did it close? How much did it make before that?

    Both you and Joe have referred to it as another pyramid scheme, but I haven’t any clues about what it was.

    Please describe how it worked, what it sold, etc… Did it make most of its money from legit products and services? Or was it like Consumers Buyline? I honestly have no clue about that business.

    3) What was Toni’s specific role in Consumers Buyline?

    4) What was her specific role in National Health Network?

    I simply want the truth, whatever it is.

    Would be cool to read a future article on things like this. 🙂

    • Do your own research, jackwagon.
      I’ll give you clue, like everything Keith touched, they BLEW UP! He was a dumbass pied piper who led people and businesses to destruction.

        • Maybe you and Bangcock should open your mind and eyes to read the shit some of Frank’s “sources” are posting on FR. Because Frank’s “coorespondent” “sources” from the 1990s seem to be lacking in basic knowledge. The only one who actually remembers things seems to be Heidi. But jackwagon trolls attack Heidi when she posts FIRST HAND facts. I know, I know – your panties are still bunched up because Heidi wouldn’t go on the little league podcast that guy you know puts on each Sat evening.

      • NHN sold shit. It wasn’t illegal. Since “coorespondents” want us to believe bad shit about Toni, lets put out this FACT.

    • 1) You are correct there was a small fee that went to the buying club the rest went to Keith, Toni, etc.

      2) National Health Network was CBI but with vitamins. Toni was the president, owner, founder, and chief spokesperson and product trainer. She was the face and voice of NHN and controlled all the money and assets. Exactly like Nancy Salzman did for NXIVM before Clare took over. NHN closed because Toni took all the money out of the business through various schemes and ran off in the middle of the night with her boyfriend. (Abridged version-bottom line.)

      3) Toni Natalie’s role at CBI was owner and President of Awaken. Awaken was a sub-pyramid scheme operated out of CBI and marketed to the CBI network. Awaken sold a skincare line. CBI members were told “buy this skincare and recruit other people like you do in CBI and you can make even more money! We’ll be bigger than Avon!” You had to be in the CBI pyramid first to get in Toni’s Awaken pyramid.

      • Good thing you’re anonymous. Cause those lies could get you sued.

        At best, you are wrong. Worst, there is some concerted effort going on to discredit Toni.

      • If I remember correctly, CBI was using part of the fee it collected to enroll its members into some other group buying club that was charging a much lower fee than CBI. So, in addition to being a pyramid scheme, CBI was also just a good old-fashioned rip-off.

        Can anyone who knows the details of the CBI operation confirm if my recollection is correct on this point?


        • You are correct. Members and “Affiliates” jargon for the multi-level marketing scheme of CBI paid a membership fee, a small portion of which went to a company called Purchase Power which owned and operated a buying group in Texas. Here is a link to a 1993 Albany Times Union article reprinted on

          Last three paragraphs of the article –

          “Last month, the company named 65-year-old Paul Townsend, an experienced marketing executive, as chief operating officer. Consumers Buyline reported sales of $30 million in 1992 and projected revenues this year of $100 million.

          Abrams will seek “millions of dollars” in restitution for members, said spokeswoman Nancy Connell, who added that a specific figure likely would be determined in court.

          According to Abrams, a Consumers Buyline membership costs $270 a year. Of that, $14 buys the new member an enrollment in Purchase Power, a Texas-based discount buying club, “so $256 goes toward building a pyramid,” Connell said. “

  • To ease Joe’s mind and be as fair as possible, Toni has rarely said anything negative to me about Joe O’Hara and more often lavishes praise and sympathy on him.

    Toni does insist on always being “the conduit,” however, and while this is sometimes helpful in terms of connecting with others she often does cast undue aspersions and suspicion on those whose narrative differs from or maybe overshadows hers.

    Still, I’m a bit surprised by her comments regarding me and Gina. I’ve never exaggerated either of our “roles” in NXIVM and only ever sought to share as much information as possible from my and Gina’s recollections — some of which are recorded in Gina’s journals — in hopes that others can and will expound on that to help me, in kind, investigate Gina’s death.

    To be clear, again, I was never in NXIVM (though recruitment attempts were made and I DID come up with the company’s slogan: “she who has the most joy wins” that Keith & Nancy perverted), never slept with Keith Raniere (though attempts were made — and we’re talking decades hence), WAS and possibly still am being harassed by NXIVM’s top specialists in that regard (although it’s beginning to look like my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, has a heavy hand in not only perpetuating and instigating the harassment himself but opportunistically disguising it to make it appear to be solely related to “ESP,” NXIVM and Dennis Burke. He’s big on using Cemex trucks in the most unusual places, like the Mall, for instance.

    Most recently, someone called into a hospital ER where I was being treated for a foot sprain falsely claiming I am “suicidal” and “have a gun.”

    I was not told who made this call during the ensuing search of my personal belongings, the psyche eval, drug testing, etc. done by the hospital before I could be released — all of which disproved these despicably false allegations.

    I hobbled around for weeks on my sprain trying to move quickly as possible from place to place in fear of my life thinking the “anonymous” caller was someone associated with NXIVM, maybe The Rat. Finally, I was able to trace and investigate the hospital records. It was, in fact, Jeff Apple who made the call and false report, Jeff Apple who has likely been harassing and gaslighting me (either paying or favoring others to assist him), Jeff Apple and the disabled program he and his wife, Kym Karath, “founded” who are benefitting from my travails without me at home due to this and similar false accusations including THEIR (and others) exaggeration of my and Gina’s roles in “DOS” long before “DOS” was ever invented.

    [Without me at home, Jeff has escaped his support obligation to our son while VENTURA COUNTY provides and pays for Dylan’s care through their subcontractor nursing agency, Gibraltar, in lieu of my providing his care with Jeff’s financial support.

    Meanwhile, Jeff & Kym’s new ”Aurealia” program has appropriated Dylan’s adapted Mercedes Sprinter Van and now applied to the County to become a transport vendor whereby the County (not sure if it’s LA or Ventura on the transport) will pay the cost (and then some as the “non-profit” seeks to and already does profit enough to cover board member salaries — Jeff’s its treasurer) of transporting Dylan and other program participants in and around the community. I was performing this transport service for Dylan in his Van without pay before spraining my foot on July 1, 2019 under some very specious circumstances — they even hired a black guy to play “the pimp” at the transit station where a geeky gent named “Jeffrey” who stalked me there from another locale tried to solicit me.

    Now this pimp clip stuff might just be my crazy, DOS, suicidal ness talking again and I am waaay off-topic except I have never, ever seen anything like the pimp parade STILL following me around these days in my entire life and excuse me for being OT but it’s not been long, just days now, I find out for certain it’s not just a cult that may have killed my sister trying to maybe “suicide” me as well but, indeed, the father of our son with (for certain) the help of his ambitious Aurealia board member, govt. subcontractor cohorts over mostly, what else, money.

    Where Toni Natalie’s concerned it hurts that she would falsely claim I am exaggerating my role in NX when I honestly never have myself and, in fact, those who ARE exaggerating it are doing so to harm me and my son and benefit themselves.

    Thanks, Tones. Appreciate it.

    Oh, and btw, I’ll never tell anyone about that equipment lease kiting scam Keith came up with for both CBI/ESP and your and your brother’s Mr. Shoes Pizza business or how far you maybe went along with it (?) no matter how much they torture me. Promise.

  • Frank – Thank you for letting us know that you reached out to Toni.

    This article was very specific. Some of the past takedown articles by Joe were as if he was throwing blind darts and hoping someone would corroborate the accusations. I don’t doubt that Joe believes everything he’s typed and I’m not going to argue with it. Maybe Toni will use the book and podcast to do her explaining.

    This is just so bizarre. Why can’t the “enemies of Raniere” get along? These scorched earth public punches from Joe are certainly not going to help… But they are keeping Joe relevant. Joe – are you trying to get your own piece of the mythical “fall of NXIVM” pie? Pick a fight with the champ and you can reemerge as a contender? Not saying that’s what you’re doing, but these public takedown punches may get you a shot at the title. I repeat, I’m not saying that’s what’s going on, but it is starting to make me wonder.

    • My initial posts about Toni were intentionally non-specific because I wanted to give her an opportunity to correct things on her own. But since Toni declined to do that, my subsequent posts have been increasingly more specific – and will continue to be so.

      I have no interest in getting a piece of the “fall of NXIVM pie” – and, as numerous directors and producers will attest, I have turned down many opportunities to be involved with their documentaries, films, podcasts, etc. What I am interested in is finding out who Toni Natalie really is – and how much of what she told me over the past 14 years is true.

      • I hear you. I’m not sure this is the approach I would have taken to find that out, but maybe it’s not the first thing you’ve tried.

        In the meantime, I’m sure Frank has no problem using these articles to entertain us, and I’m sure Toni is enjoying the free publicity for her book. Now, if you show up as guest #1 on her promised podcast (that never emerges), we may think this has all been pre-fight hype…

        • You think Toni’s enjoying the free publicity? LOL.

          Yeah sure, that’s why Neil Glazer posted here a couple weeks ago on Toni’s behalf.

          Neil said that even when reading legit comments that he tolerated as fair opinions, he still wasn’t “loving them”.

          (pretty sure that was his phrasing, but I’m too lazy to look it up). 🙂

          Stop with your attempted mind games, Nutjob.

          Toni is not ‘enjoying’ having the history of her conversations with Joe and others exposed for the world to see. It likely contradicts the image she wishes to portray.

          Now go back to dreaming about one day attaining Toni’s friendship. 🙂

          I bid you a nice day.

          • Don’t know if you read Joe’s update after he was contacted by one of Toni’s attorneys but I’ll bet it was Neil Glazer who threatened him because of what he had to say in this post. Isn’t that the same kind of hardball intimidation tactics that Raniere used to shut people up? Maybe Toni should have stayed with Raniere.

          • Nutjob,

            That’s not Bangkok’s lunch money
            your looking to grift..

            ….It’s Bangkok’s grocery store RedBox DVD machine, allowance money from his parents.

            Bangkok after all is a mentally challenged 22 year old milf foot fetisher.


        • I think a better title for her “story telling” book should be The Fall of Toni Natalli. She was so dedicated to the smelly one. Of course she’s going to use Raniere tactics. He probably learned some of them from her. Birds of a feather.

    • LOL.

      You’re being pathetically transparent in your attempt to MANIPULATE Joe.

      You’re trying to use basic ‘psychology’ to convince Joe to cease all future reporting about Toni.

      Knock off ‘the champ’, you say? Too funny. 🙂

      You’re hoping that Joe will be dumb enough to ‘prove’ that he’s not trying to do what you say (knock off the champ, LOL) by ceasing all future articles about Toni.

      Except that your child-like psychology is too obvious and transparent.

      You’re a walking fish tank.

      Look Bozo, Joe is REPORTING about issues relevant to a former player within Keith’s inner circle.

      That’s what FrankReport is all about, LOL.

      If you don’t wanna hear this stuff then why read it? Duh. 🙂

      You can’t make Toni ‘off-limits’ just cuz you seem to be emotionally attached to liking her.

      Trying to get somebody to stop making comments about a person that you like (Toni) is akin to the usual political commentary on MSNBC.

      You’re not smart enough to con Joe into stopping his reporting — so please stop trying your elementary psychological tricks to achieve this goal.

      Don’t like what Joe has to say? Then WHY do you bother reading it?

      Duh. 🙂

      • Did the great “village butthole cancer cock” actually address me??? Before I answer your questions, junior, why don’t you first answer the dozens I’ve asked you in the past that were ignored?

    • Nutjob,

      Joe O’Hara had a sizable chunk of his life put through both the civil and criminal legal meat grinder…

      …..All because he chose to believe and trust an individual’s word as the truth.

      Joe O’Hara has as much right to express himself as anyone publishing a book for profit.

      Nutjob, what do you not understand?

      You are intelligent and genuinely well meaning good person.

      I usually agree with 99.9% of your views and opinions, however……

      • I think I understand most of it – though still somewhat taken aback at the public ambushing we’ve been witnessing. Joe clarified one thing for me, today. I’ve responded to prior articles to clarify things that I didn’t think were accurate.

        The biggest thing I don’t understand is how all of Keith’s “enemies” seem to bicker and fight with each other. Especially at a time like now, when we should all be celebrating together, and eating boxes of Tofutti Cuties in Keith’s memory.

        If I was Toni, I’d begin my damn podcast. I’d start doing some explaining (and apologizing when it is appropriate), I’d be nice to everyone – even if I don’t think they deserve it, and I’d make it my mission to clear the air with the Barbaras, Joes etc.

        • “The biggest thing I don’t understand is how all of Keith’s “enemies” seem to bicker and fight with each other”, Nutjob.

          I feel the same way!

  • Her behavior doesn’t surprise me. Woman are master manipulators. Woman never stick together the way men do. When their intelligence won’t work they can always fall back on that little gold mine between their inner thighs. I think every last one, pre or post Nxivm have selfish agendas. It’s unfortunate everything these women have gone through. Raniere has left them scorned and damaged.

  • Just wanted to comment on another poster’s observation.

    During various courthouse appearances, it did seem to me that Toni Natalie was cozying up to Catherine Oxenberg since I always saw her tagging along with Oxenberg as they walked to the courthouse and as they exited and spoke with the media.

    When Catherine’s book came out last year, I saw Toni tagging along while holding a copy of the book in her hand. Toni had a look in her eyes akin to a high school nerd who’s tagging along with the captain of the cheerleaders hoping to get in her good graces. LOL.

    …And on Amazon’s reviews for Catherine’s book on the first day it came out last year, the first anonymous review that I noticed used the hashtag #JusticeForKristinSnyder (which is a phrase I’ve seen Toni use before). Thus, I suspected that review may have come from Toni or Chet (or somebody affiliated with them) even though the reviewer didn’t identify themselves as Toni.

    I’ve seen Heidi use that hashtag too but I’m guessing it was probably Toni who wrote that review.

    FYI: That particular Amazon review has since been deleted by the person who wrote it — since I can’t find it now. But I definitely noticed it before.

    What’s my point?

    I’m guessing that Toni’s trying extra hard to be Catherine’s tag-along friend, hoping for Catherine to perhaps help promote Toni’s own book on social media with a few tweets.

    Normally there’s nothing wrong with seeking approval from others, but this ‘tag-along’ behavior just kinda seems very self serving and ‘calculated’ to me. It kinda reminds me of how Lauren Salzman began ‘tagging along’ with Allison Mack during her early days at NXIVM, trying to become her new buddy. 🙂

    I’d just hate to see Oxenberg let herself be played like that by a gal who seems to enjoy ‘clinging’ to people that can help her. I’m guessing that Oxenberg knows how to identify cling-ons. 🙂

    First Toni ‘clung’ to Keith for Consumers Buyline. She even left her own husband to be with Keith. Toni can even be seen in a TV advertisement talking about how great Consumers Buyline was, even though she was actively promoting a PYRAMID SCAM in a TV advertisement.

    …And now she appears to be trying to cling to Oxenberg’s public persona as it relates to NXIVM, or at least tagging along a bit IMO.

    What’s my point?

    It just kinda ties into Joe’s claim that Toni has an alternate ‘agenda’ and is a very calculating person and perhaps she’s not the great gal she hopes people will see her as.

    This is a fair comment, Frank. It’s clearly expressed as my own opinions, guesses and observations.

    Toni is now a ‘public figure’ for NXIVM related matters (limited purpose public figure). She’s publishing a book and has done media interviews and made TV appearances. Discussions about her are given much more leeway.

    Thus, if you delete my comments then I’m gonna pray to Jesus Christ that you get BUTT CANCER. 🙂

  • Re Yuri Plyam

    Yuri Plyam is a character right out of a Tom Clancy or John le Carré novel.

    I am completely intrigued as to why JJ O’Hara would mention Yuri’s name as one of the allies the fight against NXIVM.

    I do not recall Frank Parlato ever writing about Yuri in a favorable light.

    How was the mysterious Yuri Plyman ever an ally?

    • Not everyone who has been part of this war has sought recognition or thanks for what they did – and, contrarily, some who did not do all that much have sought to wrap themselves in glory and valor. As someone who has been in this battle for more than 14 years, I know who’s who – and who did what. So, when I say that Yuri was part of our team, you can either believe me or not.

      • Joe O’Hara,

        I am not questioning your credibility or honesty. I am just curious as to Mr. Plyam’s role in the fight against Nxivm.

        Plyam is something of an enigma. His relationship with Raniere went from options trading to construction.

        Raniere clearly trusted and liked Plyam.

        Going from a multimillion dollar option trading relationship to multimillion dollar construction projects is quite the leap considering both men’s backgrounds.

        I am just wondering about the back story.

        Again I apologize for my poorly written comment I did not me to infer you are being disingenuous.

        • At some point, it will be appropriate to talk about Yuri’s role in the takedown of Raniere. This, however, is not that point.

          • Mr. O’Hara,

            Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I greatly appreciate it. I know you are under no obligation to answer my questions or even write a reply.

            Thanks again!

  • Joe, another excellent article sir.

    It paints a clear picture for us about Toni’s interactions with you over the years.

    These are the kinds of behind-the-scenes details that FrankReport was founded upon.

    When her book finally gets published, please write a series of articles to give us your thoughts about the truthfulness of each chapter. Please point out anything that sounds like bullshit to you.

    As for Irish Barb Bouchey, I guess maybe she deserves a break from everybody beating up on her in the forum (figuratively).

    It sure sounds to me as if Irish Barb is a far nicer person than the Italian bitch.

    Based on the info you provided about your own interactions with Toni, it sure sounds like she’s a two-faced person who puts her own self interests above absolute integrity.

    After reading your article, I wouldn’t trust Toni to tell me the time of day without double checking myself.

    That’s why we’re depending on you to tell us how truthful her book is, chapter by chapter. Somebody must keep her honest. 🙂

    Frank, you better not limit what Joe can say when her book comes out. If you do, then you’re a PUSSY and I hope you get cancer of the butt.


    From March 30th 2018, discussion of Girls By Design/Time Out Retreat. Talking about wanting to do it again in the comments. GBD was a NXIVM project of Kristin Kreuk and they are discussing wanting to do it again, less than a year after branding expose. And a day after Kreuk released her weak PR damage control statement.

    • isn’t this by some ex-GBDer who misses the group, not by KK? To me it makes it seem that GBD wasn’t anything evil at all.

      • Hi Spanky!

        The girls of GBD didn’t have to know anything about NXIVM to be involved. Their ignorance didn’t clear GBD of being disgusting and dirty. And Kristin Crook still can’t bring herself to publicly acknowledge GBD was her NXIVM project and it should be seen as such.

        • the instagram poster sounds like she thinks there was nothing “disgusting and dirty” about GBD—and this was “a year after the Nx branding was exposed”—like she saw no connection.
          Maybe you shouldn’t believe “Jane of GBD” or Ben’s party people or that everyone who disagrees with you is Sultan.

          • Again, you stupid pathetic imbecile, the GBD girls didn’t have to know anything about NXIVM for GBD to be dirty. Just like your colleagues don’t have to know you are a deranged stalker and chronic masturbator for you to be one!

            Still sexless and lonely? 😂 You crazy old jerk-off!

    • That “discussion” does not appear to include Kristin Crook(ed), so what is your point? That anybody talking about GBD makes Crook(ed) a felon worse than Mack (apologies to Mr. Shadow, but not really).

      • It means GBD needs to be acknowledged by all involved as a NXIVM sub group. If anyone types in GBD online, they should immediately associate it with NXIVM. For the historical record of the NXIVM cult.

        • There may have been lots of people who were involved with GBD and had no idea it was associated with NXIVM. All they have to do is rename it, so your effort is a futile one.

  • I’m glad to read that Barbara cannot convince you there is any iota of good abour NXIVM tech.
    She has been open in espousing such and sees herself as primary in so doing.

    As for Toni….Review her pics with Catherine Oxenberg.
    Toni’s body language comes across as predatory while Catherine is distraught.
    I suspect she used proximity to Catherine to give herself validity..

  • “Success cults” like ESP/NXIVM, tend to appeal to the vanity of greedy, narcissistic people, and bring out the worst in them.

    The genuinely good and virtuous are busy with other things.

    “Everything that deceives may be said to enchant.”

    ― Plato

  • Yuri was sued by the Bronfman sisters after Raniere decided to abruptly halt a real estate development project in Los Angeles in which the Bronfman sisters had invested $26 million (Yuri was the General Manager on the project). The lawsuit was filed after the Bronfman sisters had fired Frank Parlato as their representative on the project – and it resulted in them spending $11 million and collecting virtually nothing. Many of the properties that were part of the project may still be owned by them.

    • Anonymous & JJ O’Hara,

      Yuri Plyam is a character right out of a Tom Clancy or John le Carré novel.

      I am completely intrigued as to why JJ O’Hara would mention Yuri’s name as one of the parties/allies in the fight against NXIVM.

      I do not recall Frank Parlato ever writing about Yuri in a favorable light.

      Dear Mr. O’Hara,

      How was the mysterious Yuri Plyman ever an ally?

      I am sure most Frankreport readers remember Yuri, the Bronfmans, and the millions of dollars Frank Parlato recovered.
      I am actually shocked joe made such a comment.

      BTW Mr. O’Hara everyone including myself are going to harp on your Yuri comment….until which time you explain it.


      • Joe O’Hara,

        My comment posted at:
        August 18, 2019 at 7:33 pm was posted after our exchange.

        “Harping” was meant in kidding kind of way.

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