More Questions Emerge About Toni Natalie

Toni Natalie

When someone makes up a story about some aspect of their life, they always assume that others will not bother to fact check what they’ve been told.

Like Keith Raniere’s claim that he was an outstanding student at RPI (He actually spent a year on academic probation – and graduated with a 2.26 GPA).

Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard and liar,

Or Nancy Salzman’s claim that she had earned a Master’s Degree (She actually graduated from a two-year nursing school).

Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect  and liar. 

Or Toni Natalie’s claim that she wasn’t really involved in the start-up of NXIVM.

As more information comes to light, more questions are emerging as to exactly what role Toni played in getting NXIVM established – and why she left the organization and its founder, Keith Alan Raniere.

Today, I’ll juts focus on her role in the start-up of NXIVM.


Several High-Rank Members Were Recruited By Toni

For me to simply accuse Toni of being one of the top two recruiters in the start-up stage of NXIVM would be one thing.

She could brush off such an accusation by saying that it wasn’t true – and leave it to Frank Report readers to decide who they should believe on the issue.

So, rather than doing that, let me provide some the names of some specific High-Rank members of NXIVM who were personally recruited by Toni – and who were part of the reason that she earned her Green Sash and was the highest-ranked Proctor in the organization at the time she left.

Image result for green sash
Senior Proctor Natalie not only earned the coveted Green Sash of NXIVM, she also was awarded the “edge” on her sash. The edge is awarded to people who show unusual skill at recruiting. Toni was the first NXIVM member to ever earn the edge. NXIVM would never have gotten off the ground but for Toni. So why does she downplay that part of her story and claim falsely that she had nothing to do with the start-up of NXIVM, preferring to refer to herself as “patient zero.”?  She should refer to herself as NXIVM Recruiter #1.

High-Rank Members Recruited By Toni Natalie

Let’s start with Christine Collins. She was one of Toni’s early recruits – and eventually rose to the rank of Proctor herself. Collins was so important to NXIVM that for a time she was under consideration to become the next Prefect. In fact, she would have been Prefect had she been a little more slender. Will Toni deny that she recruited Christine into NXIVM?

Or how about Dawn Morrison? She eventually earned her own Green Sash – and, like Toni, became a member of Raniere’s harem and his inner-circle. Will Toni deny that she recruited Dawn into NXIVM?

Dawn Morrison. An interesting story is told about Toni and Dawn. Dawn and Keith were in the woods near Knox Woods – actually literally in the woods and Keith had used Toni’s car and parked it on the street. The police thought something was suspicious about the car being parked there and went into the woods and caught Dawn and Keith in the act. Since it was not Keith’s car, they took him back to Toni who vouched for the fact that Keith had permission to use her car [to fuck another woman in the woods]. This is further proof that Toni well knew that Keith was not monogamous. 
And what about Sandy Padilla, the woman who ended up marrying Nancy’s former husband, Michael Salzman? Sandy worked her way up to become a Yellow Sash with four stripes before she left NXIVM. Indeed it was Sandy who introduced Nancy Salzman to Toni and Keith – so Toni was also responsible – although indirectly – for bringing Keith and Nancy together. Will Toni deny that she recruited Sandy into NXIVM?

Sandy Padilla was one of Toni’s client at the National Health Network. It wasn’t just a retail shop; Toni would provide nutritional consultations to customers despite having no qualifications to do so. Toni was so charming and beautiful she could get around that.

People like Sandy, Christine, Dawn, etc. would spend hundreds of dollars a month at Toni’s shop. Toni employed the same high-pressure sales tactics and her position of trust to recruit these people into NXIVM.

Where she got a commission and the top rank in NXIVM.

Toni exploited her position of trust – with her health clients – and recruited them into Nxivm.

Or how about Peter Fallon? He became a Proctor. Will Toni deny that she recruited Peter into NXIVM?

Did I mention Ed Kinnum, the guy who was running the training session that Kristin Snyder walked out of before she disappeared (He also became a Proctor)? Will Toni deny that she recruited Ed into NXIVM?

And how about Angela Ucci, one of the “NXIVM Nine” who quit the organization in 2009 – and who, ever since, has been a staunch defender of Barbara Bouchey (Angela was a Proctor and Head Trainer in NXIVM at the time she quit). Will Toni deny that she recruited Angela into NXIVM?


Toni Natalie was Keith Raniere’s top harem woman in the 90s. Barbara Bouchey was his top harem woman in the 2000s. This is a composite of paintings by the fabulous MK10ART.

In many ways, Barbara Bouchey became Toni’s successor – as queen of the harem. Toni left when she lost her queen status – but she made no effort to take anyone with her.

When Barbara left, she took a number of women with her – including Angela Ucci.

Bouchey helped lead the other NXIVM Nine out of NXIVM and also helped numerous others to quietly quit.

On the other hand, had Toni, when she was disillusioned with Keith – even to the point of sending her son away and taking off with a much younger man [she was 42; Scott was 29] – Toni did not stop, as far as we know, to try to un-enroll any of people she had recruited.

Toni was much more interested in running off to the Florida Keys. Had the biggest recruiter done what Bouchey did and try to get people to leave with her – NXIVM, then in its pre-Bronfman infancy, might never have gotten off the ground and Nancy would have returned to her private practice.

In the advertising for her new book, Toni Natalie compares herself to the Erin Brockovich of NXIVM. Is it an honest comparison?


Toni Natalie.

There are more individuals that I could name who were recruited into NXIVM by Toni – but I think I’ve made my point.

Which is that Toni has lied about having a minor to non-existent role in the creation of NXIVM.

Toni has also has lied or exaggerated her role in the takedown of NXIVM, positioning herself as a cross between Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones – and taking credit for work in the Frank Report that she had nothing whatsoever to do with.


Toni Is Welcomed To Dispute Her Role

If Toni would like to dispute her role in recruiting any of these people – or if she’d like to deny that she was one of the top two recruiters in the early stages of NXIVM – then I’m sure Frank will be happy to post her rebuttal without changing one word of it.

But I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Because Toni now knows that her worst nightmare has come true.

The various people that she told lies to over the years are now talking to one another – and comparing notes.

And, as they do so, more and more of Toni’s lies are being exposed.

Toni always wanted to be the conduit through which other people communicate.

She even used to brag about her role by quoting what she claimed Jim Odato once told her: “Not everyone involved in NXIVM talks to one another but they all talk to Toni Natalie” (I wonder if he ever said that).

Well, guess what, Toni?

Lots of people are talking to one another now – and your “story” about your lack of involvement in getting NXIVM launched has totally fallen apart.

And here’s some more bad news…We’re talking about lots of other “stories” you’ve told people over the years.

And many of those have already started to unravel.


Joe O’Hara

Author’s Note:
Several readers have questioned why my recent posts have been critical of Toni. The reason is very simple: for some reason, Toni decided to inject herself into my personal business in the same way that she’s done with so many other people. That caused me to reexamine several aspects of my relationship with Toni – and as I started to talk directly to more people, I discovered that Toni had lied to me about numerous things over the years. Some of those were important things, others were insignificant. But the pattern became very clear: Toni lies about lots of things

So, I decided to start fact-checking many of the things that Toni had told me over the years. And when I find things that turn out to be lies, I’m going to expose those lies – and set the record straight on Toni.

It’s that simple…



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J.J. O'Hara


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  • Neil Glazer: “Don’t take my comment personally, it is intended more as a cautionary note for the numerous readers who clearly are lacking in critical thinking skills”

    STFU. We are lacking critical thinking skills bc we exposed you as a ConMan who is spinning more lies about Toni so she can make $$$$

    Why don’t you cautiously take your Head out of your Ass

  • Dear Joe…I need to correct your fact checking …you never asked me who recruited me…so someone misinformed you. Pam Cafritz enrolled me and I enrolled Peter Fallon..we were dating at the time. I am not on board with Toni’s propoganda and attitude…however, I dont know what you and the rest of the gang are up to, but it appears you may all throw eachother under the bus for is sad to me that we all cant just tell the truth.

    • Fact checking requires effort. Thank you for correcting the record, Angela.

      Like her or hate her, when people read Toni’s book they will see that she hides from none of what is being posted about her, and she provides context so that these isolated facts (and falsities) can be understood with full context. Her publisher does check facts. So do her lawyers. Who now expect the author of this post to publish a retraction. If you’re going to smear someone in public, own your mistakes in an equally public way.

      • I have already responded to the information provided by Angela. If you or Toni believes there’s anything else that I misstated, all you need to do is provide me with verifiable correct information – and I’ll be happy to acknowledge it.

        Query: If Toni is going to acknowledge what’s been written about her in her book, then how has she been “smeared”?

        • It’s all about context, Joe. You know that I am not going to get into the nitty-gritty of this dispute, and that I respect you tremendously. Don’t take my comment personally, it is intended more as a cautionary note for the numerous readers who clearly are lacking in critical thinking skills and who clearly take everything they read as somehow the complete story.

          • Are you seriously here on FR demanding/threatening Joe and…(with what)? if you don’t get
            ‘a retraction’ ?

            And is it the case that you do this for Toni Nathalie? Very sad and weird given the circs.

      • Hahaha! From Neil Glazer

        We will publish a retraction once you become an HONEST LAWYER

        I’m sure it’s very hard to tell the truth, be candid with your clients, and not skulk around Toni Natalie like a rabid Vampire, looking for another victim to suck blood out of.

        How are your lawsuits coming Neil? Pretty good – since you have filed ZERO

        But hey, I’m sure you got a cut of Toni’s publishing contract. The industry standard of 10%, right? Or did you charge more?

        Shame on you, Neil Glazer. You bloodsucker. Virtue-signaling for Toni when you are just protecting your investment

    • Angela,

      Thanks for the correction. My source for that information may have been mistaken – or NXIVM’s official records may have had misinformation in them.

      So, If you recruited Peter, did you get credit for any classes that he took?

      PS/I’m not interested in throwing anyone under the bus. But I am very interested in exposing lies that have been told for many years by people who were/are involved in NXIVM. It’s really that simple.

    • Angela,

      Still not sure who got the financial credit for any payments that you made while you were a member and Toni was still in ESP/NXIVM. But it does look like that credit went to Pam after Toni left the organization.

      At the time you were recruited into ESP/NXIVM, Pam was working as a cashier at the retail outlet for Toni’s National Health Network (NHN). Looks like Barbara Jeske and Kristin Keeffe were also working for Toni at that time.

      PS/Will respond further if/as I get more information on this matter.

      • While you’re checking, see if cashier Pam had a last name and what race she was.

        I’ll let Angela speak for herself, but pretty sure she didn’t get anything for “recruiting” (asking him to come to a class with her) Peter.

        Joe, I think you are wasting your time on this angle. Trust me, we all would have called out Toni years ago if there was something here. I don’t know about the lies you are talking about, but Toni had way too much of her own shit going on to help “build” ESP/NXIVM.

  • Joe, would you like to share how Toni is injecting herself into your personal life ? I thought the two of you were on good terms.

  • “Toni lies about lots of things

    So, I decided to start fact-checking many of the things that Toni had told me over the years. And when I find things that turn out to be lies, I’m going to expose those lies – and set the record straight on Toni.

    It’s that simple…”

    Welp, yet you don’t say why you hate so much some of the others actors of this case.
    And if i may, you should also do a fact checking about yourself because HOW MANY LIES YOU FEEDED US?

    Analyze your behavior before others.

  • So know you go after the Nxivm victims !? wow what a great display of humanity you show.

    And talking about double standard!
    So Sarah E. is completly forgiven (by you maybe but i doubt other will) while she did recruit and destroy life for around 20years but Toni who MIGHT have helped a bit during the beginning (when it was not nefarious yet, it couldn’t as without the power , this cult would never had hurt so many people!) , she is a monster!

    She might have lied because contrary to Sarah who willingly recruited, Toni just introduced people together…

    If that’s your definition of recruiting…

    • I don’t believe I’ve ever said that I think Sarah Edmondson should be “completely forgiven”. I believe that anyone who was involved in NXIVM needs to do whatever they can to expose whatever they know about its illegal operations (Sarah has certainly done that). And I believe that anyone who recruited others into the cult should reach back out to those people and apologize for doing so (I don’t know if Sarah’s done that).

      As for me, I have publicly acknowledged that I helped put together the legal/political machine that allowed NXIVM to run roughshod over so many people (I was one of those people). But since I quit working for the cult as a consultant back in January 2005, I have done whatever I could to bring the entire organization down. I’m still doing that.

      • While you never said it, you sure sound like someone who defend her…you are amongst those who consider her as a hero (i should probably search which article it was but you were thanking everyone who helped to bring down the cult).

        She is anything but a hero!

        “As for me, I have publicly acknowledged that I helped put together the legal/political machine that allowed NXIVM to run roughshod over so many people (I was one of those people).”
        And that’s a good thing, i’m not gonna dispute it…

        “But since I quit working for the cult as a consultant back in January 2005, I have done whatever I could to bring the entire organization down. I’m still doing that.”
        Including dragging people without proof into Something they had Nothing to do…like in the big “trial” you were hoping.

        The one you introduced in court because you BELIEVED they were doing something wrong.
        You played the virtue signaler ignoring the fact that you did worst and accused without proof
        I would hardly consider this a good way to “redeem” yourself.

        Here, you jump at Toni Natalie because of a “personal business” problem but once again fail to proof what you accuse her of !
        Excuse me but presenting someone isn’t recruiting.
        Recruiting is what Sarah did!

  • Reading Frank Report is like riding a roller coaster. It’s so disappointing about Toni. As an advid reader it’s refreshing to know you fact check. Good luck with “The Rat” . How beautiful would it be to find that missing link to such an intriguing mystery?

  • Man, this NXIVM shit just brings out a lot of abrasion. Now there is some beef against Toni Natalie.

    To shit stir for shits and giggles and cause a triggering meltdown for the incel alias who likes to worship NXIVM coach and recruiter Kristin Kreuk, it seems this smell the fart actress has increased her price for a picture taken with her from $70.00 to now $85.00! Someone thinks highly of herself.

    Let the triggering commence… 😏🤭

    • How much is she charging for each nxivm question? Is she selling naked photos of her with the smelly hairy midget? Or are they only available in Mexico.

      • Not sure one can agree. She appears to not have an ass or any tits. Even 70 bucks is beyond the pale for a boney ass on your thigh.

  • btw. MKArt’s depiction of Barbie Bouchey makes her look like the cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz. MK needs to edit and stick a paw in the lower right corner. Grrrrrrrr!!!!

  • The more information is shared about Toni, she seems to be nothing but an opportunist and self-serving little slut. Kind of like BB. What say thee, Toni?

    • GirlScloutCookies,

      Rhiannon and Gina Hutchinson seem to be the only two completely innocent victims of Raniere.

        • Additionally, Rhiannon and Gina’s family and friends were most likely deeply affected. I’m sure one could say the this their grief and loss will span generations of those closest to them..

      • I feel like I’ve heard this before…like during the AIDS epidemic when « innocent victims » of the scourge like Kimberly Bergalis and Ryan White were considered more worthy of care and sympathy than other people who acquired HIV from sexual partners or drug use habits.

  • Interesting blog post. So, Keith DID, on occasion, drive himself around town. Clown car. Nonetheless, his incentive to drive himself was to most likely get laid

    Perhaps Keith will get to work on his mommy issues in prison? Or, perhaps Keith could help one of his cellmates work through their pesky mommy issues for a fee!

  • I’m confused. If Toni left early on and cut ties with everyone, how could she know enough about Nxivm/ESP to write a book? It would have to be fabrication (lies), gossip, or stuff she heard from Barbara, Frank, Sarah and others. Stealing stuff from others and calling it your own? Sounds like she was a perfect match for our Vanguard!

    • To Confused – Go read up on it. We don’t know if Toni would have quietly left. Keith wouldn’t let her leave. He tried to sue her into oblivion, he continually tried to get her arrested, he was called a jilted lover by a smart judge, he had his inner circle harass Toni to try to get her to come back, he killed her dog, he tried to get her raped, he may have been involved in her brother’s death, and he was obsessed with her for 15+ years after she dumped him. Toni had no option other than to fight back. She fought partially by learning about NXIVM and talking to anyone who would listen.

      You probably aren’t as confused as you think. More ignorant.

    • Wow, anonymously casting judgment on a book you haven’t even read. Courageous and intelligent!

      Frank, I think your comments section is getting way too highbrow for me.

      • Frank has publicly stated on this website that people should read Toni’s book.

        How magnanimous does Frank have to be for your liking?

        Should he get a “I love Toni” tatoo on his right arm?

          • Welcome on frank’s blog Neil, a kind of place who practices 100% free expression, with all the shit, irrespect and hate who come with it. Im most often very irritated with all the stupid and hateful comments Frank refuses to ban (he even let free some horrible and dirty comments/ insults made ovet his friend Heidi), but after years readind this blog, Im more used to it. There is some people I just don’t read anymore.

  • I’ve been on NXIVM’s hit list for more years than I probably have left in this life [and that’s not to be taken as a “suicidal” notion, btw, just average odds] but I pray I never get on the wrong side of Joe O’Hara! …And that’s a compliment I hasten to add.

    Toni and anyone else who thinks they’ve got Joe fooled ought to know Joe’s the reason NXIVM never won a lawsuit despite all their money, clout, tricks and deceptions.

    Toni once boasted to me years ago that it was she who recruited Nancy Salzman but upon further discussion with her on this critical point, she was fuzzy on the deets.

    Gina told me back in 1997 that it was Keith himself with his pathetic, “magic wand” and Kristin Keefe who hooked Nancy. Nancy already had a lot of cred and executive clients in the Capital District they were after.

    Whaddya say, Toni?

  • Joe O’Hara,

    Thank you for fully explaining your motivations in writing the true stories of Toni Natalie.

    I think your transparency shows you to be genuine.

    I am sure many other readers appreciate the fact that you have been so candid regarding your motivations for writing the Toni articles.

    You had chunk of your life ruined by NXIVM.

    You have every right in the world to set the record straight!

    I wish you the best!

    • Just the other day you asked this gentleman, Mr. OHara, why he had “an axe to grind” re Toni Natalie. As if giving an honest account of experience and having the courage to use and to express some critical thinking were wrong or impolite. But you heard him this time and have had the grace to say so. Good for you, man. Maybe you might be a nice guy after all.

      • Shivani,

        I am a niceguy. I only ridicule assholes or individuals acting like assholes.

        I am no one special, just commentor on the blog. I was drawn to the Raniere saga because I could not get justice in my own.

        I have actually never been happier for a group of victims than I am for the victims of Raniere. Raniere has been brought to justice and the victims have received some level of justice.

        Incidentally, this is actually the first and last blog I have ever commented on.

        The NXIVM saga oddly resonated with me. I cannot fully explain why.

  • Oh Yes. Another great, informative article.

    I especially like Joe’s style of laying out factual details, such as listing the specific people Toni recruited into NXIVM, while then allowing Toni the opportunity to come here and attempt to rebut these facts.

    How can anybody argue about that style of writing?

    He’s not presenting opinions or gossip.

    He’s presenting SPECIFIC facts as he knows them to be true, while allowing Toni the opportunity to rebut them point by point.

    For all the ‘Toni supporters’ (sycophants) who take issue with Joe’s article, please ask yourself why Toni doesn’t write a rebuttal and have Frank publish it for all to read?

    Why won’t she do that?

    Well, my guess is that she can’t credibly rebut these facts.

    FrankReport was created to expose the truth about NXIVM in all of its forms.

    Toni is, in essence, trying to monetize BULLSHIT (i.e., she’s trying to turn horse crap into dollars).

    IMO she’s basically trying to feed us a plate of fresh manure, while calling it caviar & steak.

    I take offense to that. I don’t like eating manure.

    If Toni had chosen to donate half of her book’s sales to the VICTIMS of Consumers Buyline (where she was a top salesperson) then I’d have a LOT more respect for her.

    But she’s not doing that. I doubt she gives a fuck about those victims of Consumers Buyline.

    She and Keith lived for years while benefiting from the money generated by various pyramid scams and, to the best of my knowledge, Toni never PERSONALLY made financial amends with the victims from her own pocket.

    …but if I’m wrong about that, Toni can come here and rebut that claim and set the record straight for us.

    I won’t hold my breath though. 🙂

  • NHN and ESP were a strategic alliance from the beginning of ESP. Most of the early ESP members had come from NHN. The idea was to cross-sell and help each business. And add other strategic alliance businesses over time. Of course, Toni recruited people – most were some of the original 30 or so members of ESP. Remember, at the time, ESP was a simple self-help organization that supposedly would do all these great things. Why would Toni not recruit people?

    Toni left Keith before ESP really got going. Do you seriously think there wouldn’t have been a NXIVM without Toni getting some of her health store clients to take the original 20 modules? She was given the green sash because Keith was trying to placate her and because NHN was where most of the early ESP members came from. But Toni wasn’t the “salesperson” on all of them. Barbara Jeske, Pam, and others did their share.

    Why would Toni deny any of this? Shit didn’t get weird with NXIVM until Toni left. The day she left is when the weirdness started. I know at least one inner circle person who Toni got to quietly leave. And with how vocal she’s been over the years, are your really trying to diminish her role in the takedown? What else could she have done?

    Why was Keith in the woods with Dawn if Toni knew about it and was ok with the encounter? Wouldn’t a bed have been more comfortable?

    • “Shit didn’t get weird with NXIVM until Toni left. ”

      I think shit was weird with NXIVM from the get-go and as long as Raniere succeeded with each level of weirdness, he kept pushing the envelope.
      As time went on, weirder and weirder people were recruited.

    • You just regurgitate the Toni lies so you can profit from other people’s suffering and despair. Regardless of the truth. She’s a liar and you don’t care you want to pocket a payday.

      Chet, you are in for a ruuuddddeee awakening. You want to defend her? Has it occured to you what Toni has told people about YOU? Ask her.

      • I’m not Chet. Tell me one thing I’ve typed that isn’t true? Even Joe can’t say I’m typing lies – because he knows I’m not. We may disagree on interpretation, but I’m spitting facts.

        • It got weird when Raniere’s dad told him he is special and Raniere turned around and teased the little handicap girl, and probably an even earlier story we haven’t heard yet.

    • That’s a good question (point), Nut. Keith, however, was fond of frolicking in the woods with my sister, Gina, on our family’s undeveloped land in Clifton Park — even when there were beds otherwise available.

      It was all part of Gina’s Samayatara “vision quest” aspirations to find shamanic, tantric answers to the deep mysteries of the universe by building fires and taking lessons at the feet her master, while communing in nature.

      To your point, I tend to believe Toni was not, in fact, tolerant of any infidelity to the point where her ego would have her denying any question of it.

      I hope Toni relays the rather comical story of what happened to Scott’s balls when she caught him sexting another in her book. And I hope, I’m pretty sure, she knows all this controversy will only help sell copies.

      Sadly, however, it’s not helping anyone get closer to the truth about her brother or my sister’s or any of the other “suicides.”

    • Nutjob,

      Why was Keith in the woods with Dawn? Why does a dog lick its balls? Because it can.

      You never had sex in a crazy place even though you had a bedroom to go back to?

      Why did Toni Natalie snap a picture of Raniere French kissing Cafritz? If she was monogamous.

      Natalie was married 3 times when she showed up in Saratoga Springs…. Bad life choices? Or lifelong opportunist?

      Nutjob regarding your defense of the original excutive success program that Natalie sold, you make some excellent points.


      Joe O’Hara went bankrupt because of the frivolous lawsuits Keith Raniere filed based off of the computer trespassing.

      I understand why O’Hara is pissed off. If I was lied to about something and that something became the basis for a lawsuit that bankrupted me and ruined my life I would be pissed off to.

      As I mentioned before even if Natalie had been telling the truth, O’Hara still would have gotten into trouble as I understand.

      I actually find your and O’Hara’s arguments both compelling.

      Maybe I should flip a coin? 😉

      I’m sure a number of other readers are following your dialogue as you try to get to the truth.

      • As usual when logic enters the equation of an argument, Nutjob just like Snuffleupagus disappears…..

        Nutjob are you purple?

        • Everyone is telling their own truth. As I said to Frank (and actually also to you) in a post last week that he didn’t print, if Joe comes out and tries to make Toni into a bad person for recruiting some of the first members into ESP, my antenna would go up. It smells of somebody using a fact to push a non-sequitur agenda. If she’s lied to him and he calls her out, it’s one thing. But calling her a major recruiter and one of the main reasons NXIVM was in existence is bullshit. True she recruited her health clients to ESP (a couple dozen maybe?), but bullshit to the dot connecting.

  • Toni has a bottom-feeder attorney. Guy named Neil Glazer. For all his blustering, he has yet to file anything on behalf of Toni (or anyone else) against Keith Raniere.

    Sounds like Toni is trying to get more publicity and $$$ for her book by playing the Victim card and slamming Joe, Frank, and others.

    By saying everyone else is dishonest, Toni is trying to gain credibility to sell her story and the movie rights.

    Guess who is negotiating the movie rights for Toni? Neil Glazer.

    • “Guess who is negotiating the movie rights for Toni? Neil Glazer.”

      If all of the victims make claims against NXIVM and its principals, very little might be left; so, the real pot of gold might be in the book and movie rights.
      If Toni Natalie is trying to intimidate others from making competing, unauthorized movies about NXIVM then she exposes herself as another NXIVM style grifter.

    • I’m not an agent and don’t negotiate movie rights, book rights or anything of the sort. I’m a litigator, and who we sue and when we sue them is something you’ll just have to wait to see like everyone else. Meanwhile, please provide links regarding my “blustering,” and provide cites to cases regarding my “bottom feeding.” If you are going to make statements about somebody, you should probably check your facts and be prepared to back them up. If you are going to disparage somebody, grow a pair and do it under your real name.

      • –If you are going to make statements about somebody, you should probably check your facts and be prepared to back them up.

        You expect far too high a standard from many who post in the comments section here.

        • Neil Glazer,

          The SultanOfSix has addressed you directly……

          This recognition is the equivalent of being addressed by an angel sent by God or being the recipient of a robocall from Prudential Life Insurance.

          The SultanOfSix only addresses other beings he deems worthy.

          Neil you have achieved the highest level of recognition any living being can achieve.

          Sadly this also means you may become the object of the Sultan’s affection.

          Neil make sure you purchase a really good home security system immediately!

        • “You expect far too high a standard from many who post in the comments section here.”

          You can’t bear it whenever anyone critiques and calls out your obsession, Kristin Crook.

          “What does it matter what car I drive?”

          It could help the police identify you when you go on another creepy rescue trip to rescue Kristin Crook from her sex cult. Especially if the bacon (halal?) find night vision goggles, duct tape, an empty bottle for pissing in and binoculars in your trunk. Maybe even the silly hoe herself tied up in the back.

          Are there any other actresses you stalk?

          • –You can’t bear it whenever anyone critiques and calls out your obsession, Kristin Crook.

            You can’t bear the fact that she got away from this clusterfuck. Also, I’m not the one who keeps bringing her up here. You do. I’m reactive. You’re asshole active.

            –It could help the police identify you when you go on another creepy rescue trip to rescue Kristin Crook from her sex cult.

            Still waiting on a just a single atom’s weight of evidence for this. You’ll never find it because it never happened.

            It’s fucking ironic that people who comment here know what car I drive. How would they know that from an alias? I’ve never mentioned it in the comments here. The only way someone could find that out is if they searched for my alias on the Internet. Stalker pot calling the kettle black.

            –Especially if the bacon (halal?) find night vision goggles, duct tape, an empty bottle for pissing in and binoculars in your trunk. Maybe even the silly hoe herself tied up in the back.

            Grow the fuck up.

            –Are there any other actresses you stalk?

            Are there any other actresses you stalk?

        • “You can’t bear the fact that she got away from this clusterfuck”

          Your obsession was still with NXIVM in 2016, a year before the brandings and lied about it! Huge! What a coward and liar!!!

          Which “you” you mad crazy lunatic!?

          “Also, I’m not the one who keeps bringing her up here. You do.”

          Again, “you do”!? 🤭😂. Which “you”?!?

          SultanOfShitsHisPants has his turban in a twist!!!

  • Here’s a question: did those who gathered around Keith Raniere and were involved in NXIVM made into liars, or did they already have a predisposition to lie or were liars just like the master liar himself?

    • I think they were all to varying degrees Narcissists. NXIVM was a vanity cult in many ways. They wanted to become blazingly successful and admired. Every photo was a smiling competition. Every event a talent competition. And Raniere fed their vanity with the idiotic sashes he doled out to those who served him well. But they forget about the ‘be nice’ part of the human experience. It’s actually not so bad to be an ‘ordinary’ kind and honest person, who keeps the the company of other ordinary people. But ordinary, kind, and nice, was not part of the NXIVM curriculum. What use are their sashes now? Every good conman could tell you that appealing to people’s vanity is a useful strategy. In any case, it worked well for Raniere and they loved the idea of being the ‘amazing’ people who would change the world. Lol.

      • In other words, just another arrogant clique like you see with the popular kids in high school or whatever, where non-members should expect to be shunned and not have fair treatment apply to them.

    • That’s an interesting question, H, albeit oversimplified.

      What I’ve observed is that most people will readily lie IF they first truly believe that they are lying for a worthy cause or a “good” reason or maybe only on the orders of some authority in charge of and, therefore, responsible for their actions.

      I don’t believe most “NXIAN’s” were or are inherently much different from anyone else but what may make them more dangerous or susceptible is that the NLP techniques used to mind-condition or “program” them to lie and, IMO, commit other harmful acts of deception run far deeper than your average bear.

      These heinous techniques included being put in a constant state of imbalance and even fear of their lives for some, which touches the most basic, primal human need for survival.

    • The ones I knew prior to Nx were not pants on fire liars. They had their own niches and friends like everyone. No one would have put liar or manipulator in their word clouds.

      • I never meant the ones who weren’t around the big liar himself all that much.

        Although I’m sure it was easier for the actors to be able to do so since their job pretty much necessitates being able to make what is fake look like it is real.

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