Will the Real Rat Please Come Forward?

An October 24, 2010 comment on the Saratoga in Decline blog has puzzled people for almost nine years. It may the most famous comment ever posted about Nxivm.
It was posted under the name “The Rat” and all Nxivm followers have heard of the Rat, have read the Rat’s comment [see below] and all [except perhaps one person] have wondered who the Rat is.
No one has identified the Rat, but the comment is so eerily shocking and revealing [consider it was published in 2010 – a year and a half before James Odato’s groundbreaking story In Raniere’s Shadows] that it seems almost certain that the Rat knows what he or she is ratting about.
The Rat says he or she knows what happened to Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.
We know one is missing and one is dead. The Rat seems to know about the statutory rapes – including some we do not know about.
For those readers who have never read the Rat’s amazing post, here it is [with the original misspellings etc.]
the Rat
by the time they read this, I will have gone back to mexico with edgar. i served as their pawn for too long (like jim). i see my responsibiy in the deaths of both kristen’s friend in the monistary and ester’s friend in AK. He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.

At least those who died, had thier lives ended. What will come out in the future will be the young girls (who are now women) who were taken advantage of (how old was Angel, Megan, Michelle, and Rosie). I think if someone looks into Kristen’s friend (who was under age) and those other teenagers that worked for CBI they will see that he is a molester. That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, thier lives are over. When you take advantage of girls who work for you and play video games in an emtpy warehouse after hours (Keith knows what I am talking about) that is sick.

If this isn’t enough, he did it again with the fernandez girls. Thier parents trusted you (Pam) with thier care and you (Keith) molested them. What is worse is what you did to their brother. You made him tape tape it all. Not just what happened with the girls, but also what happen with your girlfriends. No young boy should be exposed to that.

I am praying for the day that one of these victims comes forward…as they are innocent. I am guilty and can’t. Those in the inner circle will know who wrote this because I will be gone by the time they read it. I thought what I was supporting was humanity… I recently realized it was just the preversion of a sick man.

MK10ART’s beautiful painting of the late Gina Hutchinson. How did she die? What happened to her?

Now let me put correct spellings, punctuation, add some last names and explanations in brackets and bold and let’s review the Rat’s comment again:

By the time they [Nxivm] read this, I will have gone back to Mexico with Edgar [Boone?]. I served as their pawn for too long (like Jim) [Del Negro?]. I see my responsibility in the deaths of both Kristin’s friend [Gina Hutchinson] in the [Buddhist] monastery [in Woodstock NY] and Esther [Chiappone Carlson’s] friend in Alaska [Kristin Snyder]. He did not kill, I did [it] for him. I put the idea in their heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and Keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.
[The Rat is claiming that both Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson committed suicide, with help from Keith and the Rat. Gina’s body was found in October 2002. A gun was found beside her. Her death was ruled a suicide. No one knows what happened to Kristin Snyder. Her body was never found. She went missing in February 2003. He vehicle was found in Seward Alaska… The Rat continues…]

At least those who died, had their lives ended. What will come out in the future will be the young girls (who are now women) [it did come out in the future] who were taken advantage of (how old was Angel [Smith], Megan [[Name Redacted] or Mills-Hoffman?], Michelle [Salzman], and Rosie [Chiappone]). I think if someone looks into Kristin’s friend (who was underagee) [Gina Hutchinson was around 14 when Keith first raped her – but this was not known at the time] and those other teenagers that worked for CBI [Consumer’s Buy Line], they will see that he is a [child] molester. That is what bothers me above all. Murder is one thing, their lives are over. When you take advantage of girls who work for you and play video games in an empty warehouse [CBI had a warehouse and Keith entertained teen girls acting like a big brother or father figure- he owned the company] after hours (Keith knows what I am talking about), that is sick. [The Rat is suggesting that Keith used the video games which he was very good at to lure young girls to play and then [statutorily] rape them

If this isn’t enough, he did it again with the Fernandez girls. Their parents trusted you (Pam) [Cafritz] with their care and you (Keith) molested them. What is worse is what you did to their brother. You made him tape tape it all. Not just what happened with the girls, but also what happen with your [Keith’s] girlfriends. [The Rat is saying that the young brother was forced to videotape women and girls having sex with Keith. It is a fact that the young brother was involved with videos and Keith was always taking nude pictures of his women. But who knew this then except someone close to Keith?] No young boy should be exposed to that.

I am praying for the day that one of these victims comes forward… as they are innocent. [Gina M., Rhiannon, and Heidi Hutchinson came forward in February 2012 – but it was not enough to stop Raniere. In 2018, the DOJ found nude pictures of Cami when she was 15 in Raniere’s possession.]

I am guilty and can’t. Those in the inner circle will know who wrote this because I will be gone by the time they read it. [The Rat called the women the “inner circle” – the same term the DOJ used. This might be the first time the term “inner circle” was used in print or online about the women in Raniere’s harem.]

I thought what I was supporting was humanity. [The Nxivm mission] I recently realized it was just the perversion of a sick man.

[Long before the DOJ proved that Nxivm was nothing more than a racketeering enterprise set up to satisfy Keith Raniere’s perversions, his lust for power, sex and money, the Rat called it just like it is: it was faux mission set up to support the perversion of one sick man. Who is the Rat?]


Kristin Snyder has been missing since February 2003. What happened to her? The Rat claims to know.
Dear Rat, whoever you are, please come forward.  My phone number is 716-990-5740. My email is frankparlato@gmail.com.  I protect my sources. Your identity will remain secret.
I want to know more about Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder.
Call anytime, day or night. I will be expecting to hear from you.

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  • The madness started much before DOS. Raniere’s pedophilia was there since the early 80s, before CBI. There was always two sections and his harem: the inner one and the inner-inner harem. The sexual perversity before DOS was only known by the inner-inner harem. That leaves only a very fer names…

  • What about a review of the timeline?

    Did any long term member disappear to Mexico (or elsewhere) in 2010? When did Kristin Keefe leave?

    Who would have all the knowledge required to write the post, whether it was first hand or learned through third parties?

    It sounds like someone wanted to get back at KAR and crew – badly.

    I had always thought it was Karen U., but she did not leave at that time nor anytime until the arrests came down.

    • Keeffe left in 2014 if Im correct, but she planned her escape years before. She became an ennemy of Raniere years before leaving him. She had to play the role of a devotee for a long time before she could speak freely. After she escaped with her son, it is rumoured that Raniere spend tons of $ (Bronfman’s money for sure) for private detectives to find her, planning probably to kill her. We understand why Keeffe is so afraid and why she has to use maximum discretion.

  • Frank – I completely understand why my post was not posted.

    At some point something similar should be posted.

    Everyone has right to know what happened to a loved one.

    And every avenuue and every path should be explored eventually.

    No response had been made thus far so I thought my post was timely.

    Clearly you do not. I respect that.

    You have gotten this far.

    I know exactly what it is like when a loved one dies in an ambiguous death.

    You spend the rest of your life perseverating on it.

    It’s like a knife stuck in your heart and you never heal. When it’s ones’ child or a parent it’s an eternity in purgatory even though you committed no sin.

    Mumms the word.

  • Should this person comes forth, this will surely put the death knell to any NXIVM’S resurrecting the best parts of it.

    The women of NXIVM are despicable.

  • I really hope the “rat” contacts you Frank. Any info on the suicides and missing persons could help bring closure for many. I don’t know that the rat will contact you though, they admit they are guilty of crimes and might be afraid they will end up where Keith is, in federal prison. I sincerely hope for the good of most, the rat will come forward and agree to meet with you. And even though the rat admits to being guilty of crimes, I hope for their sake they are never caught and charged with any crimes. They obviously saw the evil in Keith and the organization and got out. I hope he/she stays free as they have tried to leave and repent.

  • It is heartbreaking to think of the despair and finality of these deaths, Gina’s and Kristin’s, and still so, so many unanswered questions. Incomprehensible cruelty and complete unwillingness to offer any real help, comfort or solutions to either of them. The information available about Kristin Snyder and what damages Raniere and his group leaders handed to her in the name of personal growth is unbearable. Gina was just a girl when he started his evil upon her.

    We have to find the educational ways to spread awareness to people beforehand, as part of a fundamental common knowledge, about the falseness and toxicity of cult/ group/ social/ religious/psychological persuasion and inculcation. How to develop and to use critical thinking. How to at least go off by yourself and to give yourself a chance to be able to think things over.

    Jon Atack, who wrote one of the very best exposés about Hubbard and Scientology, A Piece of Blue Sky in 1990, is putting lots of attention into helping people to be equipped to protect ourselves and our children. We can learn to be capable of flicking this harmfulness away like a pesky horsefly. Before the damage can begin. That is the best time to get away before any of it gets a chance to start grabbing at us.

    If you are interested, Atack also wrote Opening Minds: The Secret World of Manipulation, Undue Influence and Brainwashing, pub. 2016. He has been working on the Opening Minds Foundation, to help ourselves to be able to have the tools to make us “cult” proof BEFORE any of the false advertising and love-bomning techniques have a chance to look appetizing or reasonable.

    • I don’t think so because usually, we used to think that the Rat was someone from the inner circle who was there at the very beginning of CBI. Which leaves only 3 names: K. U., Pam, and K. Keefe. If we had the women who came later during CBL era, we can add Toni and Barbara Jeske. Toni left at the beginning of NXVIM, so how could she know about the Ferandez family? Well, she may have learned if she still had secret informers inside the harem, but it seems very unlikely.

  • I wonder if The Rat is still alive.

    They can make him/her disappear pretty quick in Mexico.

    Rat’s tone also sounded despondent. I wonder if he/she may have felt suicidal as well.

  • I always thought The Rat was Karen U or Kristin Keeffe. I’m assuming Frank would know by now if it was one of them. Maybe The Rat is dead? Maybe The Rat was found out. Could The Rat have caught carpal tunnel or been prescribed milky medication?

    Whoever The Rat is, I’m disappointed that Karen U and Kristin K haven’t provided information on the deaths that has lead to anything currently perceptible.

      • If the Rat is Jeske, he will never speak again. The Rat was someone knowing about Raniere’s pedophilia dating from the begining of CBI or even before (Gina Hutchison was statutory rape in 1984). The story about Raniere playing videogames to lure young girls also is pre CBI, but this strategy may have continued past 1990 in the warehouse. Remember the Harem timeline : Karen U arrived in 1981 ; Pam in 1988 ; Keeffe in 1990 ; Toni in 1992 and Barbara Jeske in 1993. Knowning Vanguard’s dark past with so much details, The Rat should be either Karen or Kristin. The last one was a close friend of Gina.

  • I think the spelling and punctuation mistakes were made intentionally to hide the fact that it was someone who grew up and went to school in the US. And nobody who wants to hide his identity admits or writes that he will go back to Mexico with Edgar [Boone]. These are far too precise details not to be able to draw any conclusions about the person. Edgar [Boone] should know. The person must have been close before or around 1998 and also close to Keith Raniere in order to be considered trustworthy and reliable. And she must at least have been trained in NLP. You have to know the indoctrination a person is exposed to in order to start and reinforce it so that the person does what you want them to do and convince them that is their own, self-chosen decision to commit suicide. The rat is not male, as you might think, and is very likely a woman from the harem or a close confidant of Raniere, and must be close to Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson, or even been friends with them. Without close, personal ties to a person you trust and exploit, you can’t drive anyone into suicide with NLP.

    • You are correct the spelling punctuation marks we’re done by a person trying to hide there real identity

    • You are correct that the person would not have revealed her escape plan publicly like that. Good catch.

      • The Rat tried to hide his identity with a lot of false information. The goal was to create confusion so she couldn’t be identified with certitude.

  • The Rat sure seems to have gotten the Cami/Mariana/Daniela/Fluffy part right. That indicates to me that the Rat is authentic/has real knowledge. The time line seems to fit for it as well.

    • Easy money for washed up never have been celebrities. Kristin Kook wants $85.00 from people with actual jobs to have a photograph taken with her, up from the previous $70.00.

  • Some of the women mentioned would have been in their early 20s by the time CBI was created. Something is not quite adding up.

      • I doubt a person who has admitted to committing crimes is going to come forward, as those who haven’t committed crimes and have never been in NXIVM don’t do it.

        • What would a person who hadn’t committed crimes and had never been in NXIVM have to come forward about? Their shoe size? Their favorite cheesecake?

  • “The Rat says he or she knows what happened to Gina Hutchinson ”
    I’d rather trust what Heidi is saying on the subject but i often see her being critized by some members…
    And of course , instead of protecting her as she is A REAL VICTIM OF NXIVM (contrary to the nutcase who critize her) , you let them do it

    Also, I doubt it’s a good Idea to bother someone that might have finally put Nxivm behind.
    I know it’s a good idea for you as you get your stupid clicks but can’t you think (for a second) about the impact you have (psychologically) on some of the victims who are rejected by your commenters?
    Who’d want to post Under their real name on a website like yours? there is a Reason i keep Anonymous state.
    Seeing how obsessed and scary some posters are, i would fear for my security.

    In a way, you have a cult now, with flying monkeys and yet none of you (neither you nor your monkeys) sees that !
    But you’re becoming a Raniere (you already have the habit to reject the fault on other, to live in lies and the censor those who say the Truth).

    • I think if the Rat knew about crimes and what happened to these women it is important for the Rat to tell. That will be more healing and fairer for the victims and for those who are dead and missing.

      • IMO, the “rat” letter sounds like some type of cruel prank. Did Tighe ever submit this comment/email address to the police? Why couldn’t the police force the server to provide them with information on the address it was sent from?

        • Of course Tighe went to the police with the Rat’s message. In fact, he gave his blog’s password to Rodger Kirsopp for him to access the Rat’s computer ID. The rest is history!

          • Alex is 100% correct on this. John gave Rodger Kirsopp full access to his blog so that Rodger could track down the Rat (John had been able to narrow the IP Address down to a neighborhood but lacked the ability to tie it to a specific location or person). Whether Rodger ever did that is one of those questions that I hope will be answered by a federal investigation into this matter. Another is whether Rodger used his access to John’s computer for any other reason.

          • Would be curious if anyone ever followed up with Rodger Kirsopp recently.

          • KR Claviger
            You must be aware that law enforcement needs to get a warrant to force the server to give them that information….though that info that may not tell them much, depending on where the comment was posted from. But I just wondered if the police had even tried to do that.

            I can’t understand why Tighe’s password was needed by the police- seems kinda fishy – (and I do remember now that this was discussed here in an earlier article).

            I’m still doubtful that this rat poster was authentic though, as it seems to me that if they really wanted to be helpful they could have provided the information to the police anonymously. After all, they were not too scared to post that on a public site, where obviously anyone involved in these crimes would realize their identity.
            So why not just provide the info to police? I cant understand their reasoning for posting it on Tighe’s blog.

          • Alex & everyone:

            John Tighe’s actions of initiating contact with the police bolster the argument John was framed.

            Nothing adds up.

            John Tighe is the first person I have ever heard of only have just one child pornography video on his computer.

          • Huh if Tighe did gave his password, he is an idiot…They Don’t need that to acces the Rat’s ID…

          • I think the Rat’s message was written for the police. But the writer was to afraid to directly go the police. Don t forget that NXVIM was famous for corrupting and blackmailing public officers in Albany County. For years, they were rumouus about the collateral NXVIM posseses over Rodger Kirsopp.

          • The police won’t start an investigation based on a anon public posting.

            If the rat was actually scared of being identified, then why did he/she publicly post on a site that NXIVM insiders probably read regularly? Logically that makes no sense, because these insiders would obviously have been able to identify the rat based on the information provided in their post. It would have been safer to send the info to police anonymously.

            This makes me believe that the rat post was a prank.

          • Regarding John Tighe giving police password:


            John Tighe gave his password in good faith to a police officer, an officer of the law. How is that moronic?

            John may have had a server but he lacked some understanding of various facets of IT, as did the other individuals that got into trouble for using the Toni Natalie supplied login/password info….

            Not to be rude, but the whole group of them lacked technological sophistication. They were like a bunch of 90-year-olds at an assisted living complex in Florida.

          • Alex,
            Neither you nor me can understand the state of mind the rat was in when they wrote that comment. All we can do is speculate on their intent.

            However, i really think that a person who genuinely fears for their life will not post something that will reveal their identity to the people whom they fear.

            Niceguy, yes, IP addresses usually change periodically. I can look at the posts I made a on certain forum and see that my IP was changed several times over the months by my server ( and even though the same email address was used to login to the forum, the IP changed)
            The police obviously didnt need Tighe’s password to find the IP. The question is whether or not the police tried to obtain any information from that IP adddess.

      • Regarding the Rat:

        The rat definitely knew some non-public inside information.

        I still believe that the rat was an insider’s confidant.

        My simple theory is the rat had few glasses of wine and got brave….

        ……And then spent over a decade hiding in the shadows,

        Cult leader Raniere, after all, is not the forgiving type. I can understand why the Rat was scared. I would have been afraid too.

        At the very least, the Rat could make some form of anonymous contact.

        The families of Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder deserve some closure.

        The Rat could simply explain what happened to the women in an email…

        And leave some personal non-public information about each woman so Frank Parlato can ascertain the authenticity of the email.

        I believe the Rat has a conscience.

        Holding back all these years and living in fear must have been difficult.

        The Rat should give the families of the dead women the closure the families deserve.

        Everyone has a right to know how their loved one died and/or disappeared.

        The Rat can now be a healer.

        Help the families and relinquish the guilt and cross that you carry Rat.

        • Niceguy
          Why would police need his password? He should have been able to determine the IP address of the comments posted to his blog, and he could given that info to police. The police would then have to try to get the information from the server to see if they could determine where the comment was posted from.

          Most criminals would not be stupid enough to post incriminating evidence using their own IP address, but yet some have (and some have been caught that way…)

          And as I already said, it doesnt make sense that someone who fears for their life would post this on a public message board. If NXIVM members were keeping tabs on Tighe’s blog, surely they would read it. And surely these inside members would know exactly who wrote this comment, correct?

          What if someone wrote the comment in hopes that Tighe would go to the police about it, since the writer was aware that certain members of the police department were corrupt? So perhaps the comment was part of a set up to frame Tighe.

          • Flowers,

            In a word, no.

            John Tighe needed the help of the police to obtain the “real” IP address and identity of the rat.

            I have attached a link below to a
            Simple article that does an excellent job of explaining everything regarding IP addresses and tracking individual people.

            The article takes 5min to read and you will then have total understanding of how IP addresses work.

            John Tighe technically had a “token” IP address not the “local address” or even a machine MAC address.


          • Flowers – Scroll towards the bottom of the article. That’s the explanation part.

          • You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying, Nice guy. If the rat had used an IP which could be traced, then police would need to obtain the information from the server. A warrant is usually required to force the server to provide this personal information to law enforcement. The rat may have used an IP which could not be traced though.

            The article you posted was mainly about the information that is obtained thru Google analytics regarding blog visitors, and has nothing to do with IP addresses.

            When the rat commented on the blog , they used an email address, and Tighe would have been able to see that address. It would have been up to police to see what info they could determine from that address….why would they require his password to do that?

          • Flowers,

            Who said the Rat used a legitimate email address?
            Or login into an email server anonymously.

            My point about John Tighe is that he freely gave his password. Not that the police needed it.

          • Flowers,

            Most IP addresses used by private citizens are temporary dynamic Ip addresses assigned by your ISP (internet service provider). You usually need law enforcement or the ISP help.
            Tighe may have tracked the person at that time I believe if they were using Comcast.
            But my memory is a little fuzzy when it comes to the year Comcast changed its system.

          • Flowers, you don’t seem to understand the Rat’s mind at the moment she wrote her comment. Her worst fear was not the police, even if there was no guarantee that the police was not on NXVIM’s influence. The Rat’s worst fear was Raniere himself, because she was still part of the harem! Her message tried to alert both the police forces and the nxvim crowd about Raniere’s true evil self she just had discovered and admited.

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