NXIVM’s criminal prosecution of Bouchey warrants criminal investigation into Bronfman, lawyers and Raniere

The Feds should take a look at this.

Someone’s liberty is at stake here.

Since 2009, Barbara Bouchey has been under attack by NXIVM and long-standing members, Clare and Sara Bronfman.

They have sued Bouchey 7 times, dragged her into another 6 civil litigations as a witness against others in 4 states before 10 Judges, containing over 800 court filings totaling 13 litigations.

But that is not the crime.

Although this reckless conspiracy to attack her has cost Bouchey, she says, over $600,000 and forced her into bankruptcy.

But the most egregious case – and the one that bears looking into – is the computer trespass criminal case.  Bouchey’s criminal prosecution is clearly based on selective prosecution and an attempt to use a criminal action against her to do what NXIVM has failed to do civilly. Destroy her.

That in itself may not be a crime.

But since there have been no civil litigation wins against Bouchey, it seems evident that NXIVM and the Bronfmans have commenced a new approach, trying instead to bring a criminal case against her where no crime was committed.

I believe it is being done to satisfy the insatiable and criminal bloodlust of the Bronfmans’ owner, and master, Keith Raniere.

(Although he is the Bronfmans’ ruler, he is really, himself, like a dog with furious rabies.)

NXIVM tried to bring this criminal prosecution against Bouchey first with the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office then with the Attorney General for the State of New York. Each of these organizations passed on NXIVM’s allegations based on their concerns over whether a crimes was actually committed.

But the third time was a (wicked) charm.

Bouchey was indicted in March 2015 by a Special Prosecutor, after the Albany County District Attorney recused itself as having a conflict — although no specific reason was given.

The indictment charged Bouchey with one count of computer trespass in contravention of CPL 156.10 sub 2 (an E -felony).

Seagram hieress and NXIVM stooge, Clare Bronfman, was the complaining witness in the case, a stunning bit of foolishness of Bronfman’s part — allowing herself to place herself in the middle of a criminal case over a minor alleged infraction where criminal acts were probably done to get the indictment  – as ordered by her owner, Raniere.

The Bouchey case has many problems:

1. The alleged act complained of took place outside the jurisdiction of Albany County.

2. The Albany District Attorney’s office over-stepped its jurisdiction by allowing the complaining victim to usurp the power of the Saratoga Springs County District Attorney’s office and obtain personal documents of co-defendants (Joseph O”Hara and Toni Natalie-Foley), which poisoned the Grand Jury presentation of Bouchey.

3. The grand jury presentation suborned perjury by allowing New York State Trooper Inv. Roger Kirsopp to testify to non-existent facts.

4. Bouchey’s grand jury presentation was poisoned by allowing illegally obtained evidence from co-defendants O’Hara and Natalie-Foley (who allegedly and unrelatedly logged on to NXIVM computers in 2010) to be considered by the same grand jury hearing Bouchey’s case, which had nothing to do with Bouchey’s single alleged log on in 2014.

5. The Albany District Attorney used illegally obtained evidence by allowing an employee of NXIVM, Kristin Keeffe, in the Albany DA’s office as a plant to spy and use it as a vendetta against Bouchey.

6. The Albany District Attorney applied for a special prosecutor due to a conflict of interest, but the new special prosecutor used the evidence Albany County DA illegally obtained.

7. The conflict was never spelled out to the Court (but it obviously involved the fact that NXIVM was allowed to plant an employee in the Albany County DA’s office- a shocking, sinister, frightening miscarriage of justice.)

8. The current special prosecutor, Holly Trexler, was illegally influenced (possibly financially) and pressured by the complaining witness (Bronfman) to bring a criminal case against Bouchey.

9. Trexler also has a conflict which she has chosen to ignore: she worked in Albany County DA’s office under the direction of NXIVM’s attorney Michael McDermott when he was chief assistant DA for Albany County.

10. The investigation was brought to the Albany County District Attorney’s office and the State Trooper Barracks in Saratoga Springs County of New York.  The Albany County District Attorney’s office should not have been re-investigating a case outside of their jurisdiction, using evidence used by the Saratoga Springs District Attorney, which the Saratoga Springs County DA declined to prosecute on.

11. The fact that the Albany Police Department was not utilized, and instead the jurisdiction of the New York State Trooper Barrack of Saratoga Springs Counties was utilized is a shocking perversion of justice and proof of selective (or perhaps monetary) prosecution!

12. The Albany District Attorney has no jurisdiction over the alleged crimes.

13. Inv. Kirsopp’s investigative report proves that there was no illegality happening in the Saratoga Springs County or Albany County with regard to Bouchey.

14. The Albany County Special Prosecutor was brought in, because of forum shopping and political pressure (and financial incentives?).

15. The law firm of O’Connell and Aronowitz representing NXIVM and the Bronfmans actually picked up co defendant O’Hara’ s computer parts in Brooklyn on behalf of the Saratoga Springs County DA’s Office. This may have caused the Saratoga DA to (wisely) not move forward with its prosecution.

16. Somehow the case was moved to Albany County as if the venue to these alleged crimes magically changed.

17. The Albany DA’s Office was now involved, and suddenly, there was a conflict there too.

If it smells like corruption, walks like corruption, sounds like corruption, behaves like corruption, feels like corruption, tastes like corruption, looks like corruption, talks like corruption, and when you try to speak about it, it reads like corruption – it probably is corruption.

You read it here first: The criminal prosecution of Barbara Bouchey is likely corrupt and bears an independent investigation to determine whether a conspiracy to indict her  – which included perjury and other criminal acts – was undertaken.

A special prosecutor may be needed to investigate the role of the special prosecutor, the Albany DA, NXIVM attorneys, certain NXIVM employees, Clare Bronfman and of course the man behind the curtain, Keith “Mad Dog” Raniere.


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Sam I Am
Sam I Am
7 years ago

Money buys all nowadays. Being a member of a Zionist or named elite also helps. Money is “God” to people nowadays. If you have enough money you can bribe your way to anything: malicious litigation, illegitimate prosecution, civilians in state prosecution offices, state police investigations, FBI investigations, etc.

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