Gina Hutchinson’s Death Still Remains a Mystery — Did Raniere Play Any Role in It?

Gina Hutchinson

Gina Hutchinson was 33 years old when her body was found in a rural area in Woodstock, New York, in October 2002. Beside her was a 20 gauge pump-action shotgun tucked under her jacket with the nozzle at the side of her head inside her hoodie.

She was wearing all black. A single shotgun shell was found.  Police and autopsy reports concluded Gina killed herself by sticking the barrel of the shotgun inside her mouth and shooting upwards. She was instantly killed.

If it were a suspicious death, the police and the coroner might have looked for every pellet. A Winchester 20 gauge shotgun shell has 18 pellets inside the shell. The autopsy report says they found “numerous” pellets in Gina’s brain and the scarf she wore;  some were lodged in her hood.

They did not account for all 18.  They did not search the ground around her body to find all the pellets. This would have helped prove that she actually died at the place where her body was found. If some of the pellets went beyond her hood, then some of them should have been recovered on the ground around her.

No effort was made to recover pellets outside the body.  If she was murdered, not finding every pellet in or near her body might have raised a question as to where she died.

There is no record they looked for footprints either to determine if anyone else was at the scene.   It might have indicated if the body was moved or if she was shot or carried to the location.

Image result for 20 gauge shotgun bullet pellets

When a gun goes off, a cloud of fine particles covers the hands of the shooter – leaving antimony on the hands.  Forensic labs examine skin swabs and clothing with an electron microscope to look for gunpowder particles.  If Gina pulled the trigger, a test would have shown it.  That test was not done.

Dr. Walter Dobushak – who did the autopsy – in Ulster County – did not test her hands and fingers to determine if Gina pulled the trigger.

It is rare for women to use guns to commit suicide. When they do, it is usually because they are longtime gun owners.  It is rare for a non-gun-owning woman to buy a gun and use it for suicide like Gina allegedly did.

Her sister says Gina never owned a gun. She was a pacifist, not a hunter.

Gina stayed at Coco’s Motel – a motel near Keith Raniere’s townhome – the night before her body was found in Woodstock.  Police found the motel key in her pocket. Was she planning to come back?  The police report is silent on whether she left possessions in her motel room
Her home was just a few miles away from the motel.  She lived with an elderly aunt. Why did she stay at a motel?
gh 261 lapp
Gina lived at 261 Lapp Road in Clifton Park with her aunt, Mary Ketz.
Then there was a journal found in her car that referred to dreams and mystical things and references made to Raniere.  There are notes about “black poison.”  She refers to “the Keith problem.”
Gina Hutchinson was 14 or 15 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of Keith Raniere



Gina was one of the subjects of the Investigation Discovery documentary the Lost Women of NXIVM.

Heidi Hutchinson shows the “Dream Chart of her late sister Gina Hutchinson.


Gina Hutchinson

According to Heidi, Gina began an intimate relationship with Raniere when she was around 15.  Raniere was 23 at the time.

Heidi Hutchinson


Heidi Hutchinson said [read her account here] “He had sex with her, became her mentor, had her quit school to be tutored by him, and claimed she was born to be his ‘consort’ and achieve enlightenment as a Buddhist goddess through him.”

He molded her life and brought her into his version of polyamory – where he could have many girls/women but they must never be with any man but him. For most of her teens, he had almost complete control of Gina’s life.
When she got a little older, she defied him and went to college. From that point on, she went in and out of his life. She worked at his ill-fated Consumers’ Buyline.  Then she went out of his life to pursue other interests including Buddhism.
A few years after Raniere started NXIVM, Gina reappeared.
A few months later, Gina was found in a gently sloping field and woodland area, close to a pond. Her car was parked on the side of the road about 500 feet from where her body was found.

Was She Encouraged to Suicide?

Heidi wrote that Gina created an “Exploration of Meaning” chart in August 2002, two months before she died.

“I believe some of her writings were done in a quasi-hypnotic, twilight state,” Heidi said, “NXIVM performed ‘abuse regression’ hypnotherapy on Gina and others who were deliberately put into a dissociative state where they became more suggestible.”

One source close to Raniere, who knew Gina, said she observed Raniere discussing with Gina various methods people use to commit suicide. Sometimes, he would send her images of suicide for her to comment on.  He took her to movies with scenes or themes of suicide.

He would sometimes pose the question – “Is suicide always wrong? When could it be the right thing to do?”

According to Heidi, Raniere gave Gina a computer when she worked at Consumers’ Buyline.  Gina told her sister that the computer had images of suicide on it when she got it from him.

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder

Kristen Snyder vanished in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive. About four months after Gina’s body was found, another woman disappeared. Her body was never found, Her death was also ruled a suicide.

Kristin Snyder disappeared shortly after she told students in a NXIVM class that she was pregnant with Raniere’s child.  She was ejected from class and never seen again.

The Rat Was Ahead of Her Time

MK10 ART’s painting of the Rat, asking her to call Frank Parlato

“The Rat” is an anonymous person who made a comment on John Tighe’s Saratoga In Decline blog on October 24, 2010.

The Rat said of Gina and Kristin Snyder: “by the time they read this, I will have gone back to mexico with edgar. i served as their pawn for too long (like jim). i see my responsibiy in the deaths of both kristen’s friend in the monistary [Gina] and ester’s friend in AK [Kristen] . He did not kill, I did for him. I put the idea in thier heads. It was suicide, so it could not be linked to me and keith. But we still encouraged it to happen.”

Keith Raniere at the time he operated Consumers’ Buyline 

Image result for ulster county new york
Ulster County – where Woodstock is – and where Gina’s body was found.

Was a Suicidal Goddess Keith Said

Heidi tells the story of how Keith persuaded Gina that she was a Buddhist goddess reincarnated to be his consort.  It may not be a coincidence that her body was found on the grounds of a Buddhist monastery, with a Buddha medallion in her pocket.

The myth of this goddess was that she would attain nirvana and help others after she died.  She would have to shed her body first in order to attain true godhood.

Image result for shyama tara
gh 3
The pond is about 175 feet by 200 feet.

Gina Had a Boyfriend

Apparently, Gina dated another man. Reportedly when Raniere found out, he punished her.  When she asked how she could atone – he reportedly said she must ascend to the level of the goddess by leaving her body.

Image result for frank report gina hutchinson
Someone called the police to report Gina was missing. It is not clear who this was but the person reportedly claimed Gina was depressed about the recent passing of her mother. Her mother had died two years earlier.

Keith’s Reaction to Gina’s Death

It is reported by three separate witnesses who said they were the ones who first told him at different times about Gina’s death,

Each one who told him said that when they told Keith about Gina’s death, he acted genuinely surprised and grief-stricken.  One of them said, he had a tear in his eye.

He said to another one of them, if only he had been more in Gina’s life, he might have saved her.

He said to all of them he had not seen Gina in years.

Each time he heard the news of her death, he acted surprised and sad.

Maybe he was genuinely surprised – at least the first time he heard it.


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  • Frank
    Why are YOU NOT attempting to reach out to the “rat” any more ? Why is it this investigation with Kris is silent ? What gives with NOT doing any more stories ?
    What is going on ? Ghislaine is boring- why can’t you do completed stories on investigations – YOU go from one thing to another – crazy –
    Why can’t you complete investigations ? Why ?

    • Heidi,

      My heart goes out to you. You know Raniere drove your sister to suicide. I sent you the criminal case of the three students who were hypnotized by a vice principal and later committed suicide.

      The rat is never coming forward. He or she is a coward. This individual could easily and anonymously explain what happened. They could mention something about Gina no one publicly would know about Gina, to corroborate their story.

      Vice Principal, hypnosis, suicide:

      Raniere got 120 years. He murdered your sister. I am sorry but this is the closest to closure you will ever receive. It’s BETTER than anything I got, which is nothing.

      You are a good and strong person. You have a son. I don’t know Gina, but from what you describe, she is the last person who would ever want you to suffer.

      None of what happened is your fault. I blamed myself for something that happened in my own life. You could not have known the outcome the same way I didn’t see what was coming in my own life.

      I wish you well and I hope the 120-year sentence gives you a modicum of closure.

      I’m saying all of this from a well-meaning place. Take care!

      • Thank you, NG. I don’t doubt your heartfelt words. I’m sorry you’ve never obtained any closure on your brother’s passing. Sorry to say, I know what that’s like, myself. It eludes and behooves me, true. Again, thank you and, yeah, let’s give up the ghosts! Your brother would not want you to suffer either, I suspect.

    • “Stop looking at Keith.” – no problem. He’s locked away where few will have to look at him again.

      “He lives to love”… himself and his enormous ego, and that’s about all.

      “Gina was a suicide.” and suicide does not happen on a whim. Those who had a hand in the mental pressure had a hand in her death.

      “I was there when he heard and he wept”… great, big crocodile tears. Just like he would pass out from the blood clot in his brain whenever things stressed him too much. Or he would piss blood because he wasn’t being sexually satisfied often enough and that was so dangerous for his health (and for Rupert). He’s such a good actor, as I’m sure you know, that I’m certain those tears were terribly authentic looking.

  • Raniere’s only skill was convincing gullible people to do stupid things.

    In Mormonism, there is a long tradition of people receiving revelations through dreams.

    Quiet Slumber: Revelation through Dreams
    Ryan Jenkins

    “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction” (Job 33:14–16).

    We Have a “Right to Revelation” through Dreams

    • Hey, Shadow, do you know about the interview on stew peters .tv with Dr. Zandre Botha, a doctor who specializes in bioenergetics, about finding a strange black matter in blood samples from a patient who was vaccinated against COVID-19, then this patient managed to get a vaccine dial and took it to him and he found the same black matter when examining it with higher magnification found some strange very definite circular structures that seemed to be joined by filaments and until now he has not found any other doctor who can recognize the structures but they all agree that they are not biological and although she does not dare to say it, it would seem nanotech. What do you think?

  • Raniere’s only talent was convincing gullible people to do stupid things.

    Gina grew up in the Mormon faith.
    In Mormonism, there is a long history of receiving revelations through dreams.

    Quiet Slumber: Revelation through Dreams
    Ryan Jenkins
    The Lord communicates through dreams. Here Joseph of Egypt is interpreting the dreams of the chief butler and the chief baker.
    “For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction” (Job 33:14–16).

    We Have a “Right to Revelation” through Dreams

    • Yes, thank you for that comment. Keith culled and perverted Mormon or LDS doctrine he regurgitated from Gina, as well. Part of his pattern of usary.

      Gina went on a Mormon mission, assigned to the Texas region. She had a very high rate of new converts but was booted from her mission for going off-script, teaching her own, maybe Keith’s interpretation of scripture. She’s pictured above while on her Mormon mission that she financed herself, btw.

      Saving souls, the world, through compassion, especially, was very important to her.

  • “Remains a mystery”? It was investigated and ruled a suicide. Sure, we can still speculate, but that doesn’t make it a mystery.

    I looked into gunshot residue evidence. Wikipedia: “ Law enforcement investigators test the clothing and skin of people for gunshot residue to determine if they were near a gun when it discharged. Gunshot residue can travel over 3–5 feet (0.9–1.5 meters) from the gun.”

    Since she was shot at close range, testing the body for GSR would’ve proven nothing.

    20 gauge shotguns are less common than the ubiquitous 12 gauge. Lighter and with less recoil, they are a woman’s gun.

    Evidently the shotgun was fired upward, with the muzzle in her mouth. Virtually impossible to murder someone that way.

    Searching the ground for every last pellet? Oh come on.

    No mystery here. It was obviously a suicide and yet the authorities did an investigation anyway to establish that it was indeed suicide.

  • Frank, are you seriously not going to post up our comments from several articles ago? Also I wanted to be entertained by Patriot God and I was waiting to see what ruffle he’d get into with his replies to other people and I wanted to read his posts. You should seriously let this guy post an article, lol! 😂 That would be the most fun that we’ve had in a while here!

    Anyways, can you please post up all the other comments for about 20-30 articles back please? I’ve been waiting for quite a while to see all of them and I keep thinking that you’re going to post them, but you never do. So please post them all.


    • Frank, will you please give me a confirmation that you will post up all comments for about 20-30 articles ago and not give me silent treatment so I can know if you’re going to do it or or not?


  • “Dr. Walter Dobushak – who did the autopsy – in Ulster County – did not test her hands and fingers to determine if Gina pulled the trigger.

    Very interesting.

    I’ve been studying Buddhism for most of my adult life – way longer than I studied Scientology.

    I’ve noticed parallels to the craziest parts of Tibetan Buddhism in DOS’ slave/master relationships (Guru Worship), etc. I’ve asked people who are loyalists whether they are aware of any of these beliefs as coming from Buddhism. None of them I’ve spoken to are aware of these connections.

    The most abused parts of the Buddhist belief system are the no-self doctrine and the rebirth doctrine. It’s a great way to subjugate and control a disciple. An abusive leader can use these to de-value a person’s present life, and maybe even get them to commit suicide. Hubbard did this too. He and Miscavige both have ordered people to “end cycle” on their present lifetimes.

    Like I said: Very interesting.


    • Alanzo-

      Off topic:

      I found an article that’s right up your alley. It actually changed some of my own biases towards cults to tell you the truth; I sincerely mean it.

      I hope you enjoy it and use it in your rigorous and vigorous defense of cults, the exception being cults run by pedophiles and rapists.

      Interacting with “Cults”: By Adam Szubin, Carl J. Jensen, and Rod Gregg

      Abstract/Title from article:
      “Using accurate information and avoiding popular misconceptions can help law enforcement agencies deal with “cults””.

      FYI: Alanzo, I’ll still be sh*ting on you until you change your asshole ways.

      Attention EVERYONE!!!
      The FBI has a quasi-periodical aptly named The Law Enforcement Bulletin.
      It has a great deal of interesting articles pertaining to law enforcement investigations. I encourage everyone to take a gander.

      The official in house FBI magazine:

      FRANK, you’d even be interested in this FBI article amongst many.

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