Gina Hutchinson: The Untold Story

MK-10 Gina Hutchinson

By; Heidi Hutchinson 

Heidi Hutchinson

In brief: Gina met Keith when she was 14, he was 22.

He had sex with her, became her mentor, had her quit school to be tutored by him, and claimed she was born to be his “consort” and achieve enlightenment as a Buddhist goddess through him.

Keith charmed our Mom and hung out with our extended family in Clifton Park a lot except for me – I really never liked him and he knew it.

A younger version of Keith Raniere

Gina looked up to Keith like a father or big brother, and was his biggest recruiter and genius promoter through the ’80s – but he completely broke her heart when it finally became obvious he was unfaithful.

Still, Gina stayed on to work for CBI (as a computer programmer) in the ’90s while attending college at SUNY Albany and she remained close friends with several inner-circle harem members who constantly tried to urge her to overcome her jealousy issues and share Keith with them.

An older version of Keith Raniere

I distinctly remember one of the inner-circle members telling me that “Gina doesn’t own Keith’s penis” in 1989-1990 – Gina had brought me to confront them about their proposal that she join the harem. I agreed on the “ownership” issue in the sense that Gina was far too hung-up on Keith and maybe needed to hear that to finally get over him.

Then, however, Keith suddenly became a celibate “renunciate” forsaking sex and all other worldly attachments to draw Gina back among his worshippers and promoters if not as a harem member.

By then, Gina was a Buddhist expert and big admirer of Lamas, Monks, Nuns and Eastern philosophers like Robert Garvin, one of her profs at SUNY. I’m sure Keith was jealous of Gina’s intellectual admirations.

Keith did a lot of experimenting on Gina in the mid-90s – early-00s using horror films, art, street theatre, gaslighting, past life regression, etc.

There’s proof of a lot of it even if some participants may now loathe to admit their role.

They set her up with gay guys, for instance, to take her dirty dancing to work on her fear of intimacy issues, etc. that Keith himself caused by raping her to begin with.

I think after a certain point Keith was more trying to cover his pedophile past, track record by mind-conditioning Gina into an acceptance of it.

He tried to swap out the first past-life reincarnation he bequeathed on Gina — as a Buddhist goddess — which she had gotten a little carried away with – with that of Simone de Beauvoir, even though de Beauvoir and Gina were alive at the same time. [I never realized until last year when someone was promoting de Beauvoir and wreaking other havoc on a fake FB page of “mine” and I did some research, that de Beauvoir was advocating lowering the age of consent in France to 12-year-olds with Jean-Paul Sartre in 1979. The de Beauvoir mind-conditioning was done through the gay guy, Joe, they set her up with and is recounted in her journal.

Simone de Beauvoir

In 1999, Gina was helping form “the new business” to replace CBI when it folded. That became ESP/Executive Success Programs modeled after EST with an extrasensory perception twist.

All the inner circle members were excited about it with Nancy Salzman on board.

Gina told me though that Nancy even thought it was “delusional.”

But she thought Nancy might level it out some.

They tried to recruit me from California and picked my brain online.

Keith already wanted me and my ex to make a movie about him, had a proposal and financial backing, etc.

Eventually, I discovered Gina had put spyware, a key logger, etc. on our home computers for Keith – which had allowed him to obtain “collateral” on us.

They were also stalking me in Albany when I visited.

By about 2001, Gina developed a crush on a Buddhist Lama from KTD Monastery, Tai Situ Rimpoche.

KTD Monastery – Inside View

Keith, btw, often accompanied his renunciate “harem” to Ashrams and monasteries they explored until Keith was actually banned from a monastery for hitting on girls, I believe, even in his avowed renunciation.

This “gangsta Lama” as he calls himself, Tai Situ, could be Keith’s Asian doppelgänger. Seriously. They look alike in everything from facial features to stature. And insofar as narcissistic character similarities, well, Tai Situ managed to get himself banned from the continent of India.

…And, Tai Situ nearly tricked the Dalai Lama into adopting a Chinese pawn as his successor.

Gina and I were actually in Dharmasala, India when the Karmapa escaped Chinese occupied Tibet and crossed the Himalayas to greet the Dalai Lama in 2001.

When Gina returned from India and her other travels by the Summer of 2002 to live with our Aunt in Clifton Park, NY, she again hooked up with Keith and NXIVM (or ESP) as evidenced by her journal, a NXIVM Exploration of Meaning or EM chart dated August 2002, witnesses and financial and other records including phone numbers and handwritings of ESP members.

Gina was found dead of a gunshot wound to her head on the grounds of the KTD Monastery in Woodstock, NY on October 11, 2002. There were two rifles at the “suicide” scene. One was lodged through her skull into the back of her hoodie.

KTD Monastery – Outside View

The next week of mid-October a mutual friend named “Serena” who often visited Keith with Gina for his sermons back in the day, called on Keith and Co. at Flintlock Lane to invite them all to Gina’s funeral.

Keith was in shock and mourning over Gina’s obituary; it was the talk of the town.

But weeks later, Barbara Bouchey reports, she was there when Keith “first heard” the news and saw his grief-stricken, “shocked” reaction.

Barbara Bouchey

Barb says Keith was lamenting that he hadn’t seen or treated Gina in so long — months, if not years — or he might have surely saved her.

I know Keith was lying and that this reaction was staged for Barbara’s benefit.

Serena had already told him about Gina’s death weeks before Barbara witnessed his “first reaction.”

Based on more and more evidence unfolding every day that connects Keith and Gina’s most trusted, closest and loved NXIVM friends directly to her death, I believe that Keith planned and pushed for that outcome.

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  • ‘…lodged through her skull into the back of the hoody.’ I retyped it, so might be off, but is that right? “Through her skull”? How is that possible?

  • Fascinating article! Is there a connection between the Hutchinsons discussed in this article and actor Doug Hutchinson, who was on ABCs “Lost” and other programs? Thank you.

  • When you mention Pam, Karen and Kristen, which Kristen are you speaking of that continually tried to pull your sister back in?

  • My best to you and your family Heidi. I truly hope that some day you will get some form of resolve for what happened to your dear sister and yourself. I also watched your video at Times Union and your interview was quite convincing. So sorry for your loss and hoping you once again gain custody of your son. Peace.

  • “He tried to swap out the first past-life reincarnation he bequeathed on Gina — as a Buddhist goddess — which she had gotten a little carried away with – with that of Simone de Beauvoir, even though de Beauvoir and Gina were alive at the same time. [I never realized until last year when someone was promoting de Beauvoir and wreaking other havoc on a fake FB page of “mine” and I did some research, that de Beauvoir was advocating lowering the age of consent in France to 12-year-olds with Jean-Paul Sartre in 1979. ”

    In this video Stefan Molyneux discusses Simone de Beauoir and how she advocated molesting children.

  • Vanguard seems like a complete dangerous sociopath.

    But there is a piece I don’t get: How did he lure so many in? Talented actresses, huge money, beautiful women, doctors.

    How did so many truly believe this sociopath was, well — a vanguard? Who could control the weather? Police radar?

    HOW does this happen to the otherwise intelligent?

    • “How did he lure so many in? Talented actresses, huge money, beautiful women, doctors.”

      Because they are sociopaths, too.
      These actresses are sociopaths.
      These heiresses are sociopaths.
      Doctors and other professionals are sociopaths.

      • You’re correct shadowstate, most of these people have aspirations themselves of being that cult leader who they find themselves subservient to.

    • The women weren’t that beautiful. Even Kristin Crook(ed) was only beautiful by comparison to the other women, at least in my opinion. I’m sure Sultan would disagree.

    • Look at what is happening across our country. Lost and easily manipulated people are following the lies and conspiracies set forth by our crazy president! Most were started by Alex Jones and were complete made up fabrications! But since they come out of the Emperors New Clothes mouth everyone oof his followers believe. So this is nothing compared to now. One more thing look at all the stars following Scientology’s bullshit.

  • This is such a sad story, and most likely one of the most tragic stories left unresolved. Wishing peace to the Hutchinson family. Thanks for posting this.

  • Sorry , but your parents “dropped the ball” on this. Keith is evil, but who allows a 14 year old go out with a 22 year old ?????

  • Maybe one of the harem ladies killed her. Maybe Keith went mad with jealousy as we saw in the court testimony over the young lady from Mexico. What was good for the goose was not good for the gander. What is with this 2nd gun? Did Gina really need 2 guns? Why would a spiritual seeker like Gina need with a gun anyway? Brutal death on monastery property is mind-boggling. Someone with immense hatred for her, like a jealous lover, seems a likely suspect. Did Keith condition women to kill for him? Did someone prove their love to him by murdering her?

    • I’ve looked at this from all angles including objective ones through the perspective of others. All of your suggestions are within the realm of possibility based on the known facts, Peaches, including Keith’s goal to have an army of girls who worshiped and would kill and/or “suicide” themselves as a sacrifice for him. That’s not extreme for Keith’s omnipotent delusions and lust for superior power at all. (Those Libyan girls Gina & Pam were alleged to have poisoned if not a revolutionary uprising ordered by Vanguard may still be at risk. JK, kinda🙂

  • Even if a 22 year old man tries to ingratiate himself with a family and to fit in as a friend, most reasonable, responsible mothers and fathers wouldn’t want their 14 year old daughter being the object or his “romantic” intentions, when the daughter is still a growing teen and the man is inappropriately too old for her maturity level. This is fairly common knowledge about the parameters we have set for our own American culture, and many strive to be protective of their young and inexperienced teenagers; you don’t decide to “let them out to sea” without your parental love and guidance.

    I can only wish to turn back time and that your intuition and instincts, Heidi, could have prevailed. I am so sorry. A cruel sickening clever man with no conscience is Keith Raniere. It is too late for the best thing that could’ve happened to him: that he might have been stopped in his tracks for sneaking his perversions onto your sister. If only the Ranieres and Epsteins and MAXWELLS would evaporate into some kind of nonexistence. Forevermore.

    Instead Raniere grew his pile of sh*t into Executive Success. This is not meant to blame anybody for Keith’s deceptiveness not being curtailed, nipped in the bud. We do not go around expecting evil to sneak in the window, especially when it works to appear friendly and charming and helpful. So often, somebody like Raniere is the last thing that people expect to encounter. It can be very difficult to deal with evilness if you do not even recognize its disguises.

    What the hell can we do now? Vow to be more equipped to deal with the Keiths who come along later? How to find the balance between courage and caution.

    A young teen is distinctly overburdened and is experiencing inner disturbance, confusion and some pretty tough crossed wires, when the object of affection is not even definable. Heidi mentions how Gina thought of Raniere as a father figure and as kind of an older brother. Yet she was the object as well of his sexual sickness. Add to this that he behaved as if he were her spiritual mentor, some godlike phantasm. How to make Buddha crude, not that the monks really need any extra help, as they sit around repressing their sexuality until it turns rotten and leaks.

    Raniere was really after Gina, who was barely into her teenage years, for sex and dominance. Raniere positioned himself as Gina’s everything and then he kept letting her down. No way she was ready for this at 14, 15, 16. Who is? Also the trauma itself changes how one feels, how one perceives and how one is able to keep growing.

    But those who do not “grow” an operable conscience do not have the inner or outer equipment to be able to give a damn.

    It can too much for a woman or a man to decipher a sickening mentality, especially one concealed by persuasiveness, never mind for Gina. The bastard led her to sacrifice her life. And he seems to have never felt an emotion about it, other than glorying in his “power” over others and pretending to care.

    It is good that I need to move a big bed today and can let some of my own anger about what we make out of life GO into moving a heavy object. Heidi, maybe your Gina will help! Or at least I can dream that she still surrounds Heidi and many of us with her strength and love. She will never really be gone. She has her Heidi. And she now has many more of us, resolutely keeping her in our hearts. Through it all.

    • Sadly it was common practice down south to be married by 15 and having kids. Crazy but true. Of course, it was a while back. My neighbor told me she was from Virginia and married at 15. She had kids really young.

  • I was under the impression Gina met KR in 1984 – so he would have been 23 or 24 depending on what point in the year they met. Not that it makes much difference in the outcome of anything – just trying to keep the timeline straight. He might have said he was 22, but he was born 8/26/1960 so turned 24 in 1984.

    • Thanks for noting that. Timing is not my forte. Part of the problem is that Gina’s birthday is on January 8th (1969) and I really can’t remember the exact date over the ‘84 – ‘85 Holiday season I first met Keith’s ass (literally) sneaking out her bedroom window. That’s why Jim O’dato wrote that Gina was 14 OR 15 in the Albany TU’s February 2011 expose’ on the pedophilia, etc.

      Also, like all narcissists, Keith always lies constantly as you mention to a point where it’s just dizzying. Plus, he looked boyishly younger — closer to Gina’s age group than my own — for a long time. (I still think of him as younger than me though he isn’t.). His youthful appearance was part of how he got away with the pedophilia for so long…IMO, of course.

      • Thanks – just trying to keep track of where his fake monogamous relationship with me falls into all of this. I warned him to stay away from one young girl around the time I was leaving him. Wish I had ripped his nuts off instead. I never witnessed him being inappropriate with any other underage girl, but then again, he was apparently hiding a lot from me. I hope you find closure over what happened to your sister. I can’t offer any insight – I had already left by then.

        And yes, as far as I can tell, KR is an eternal liar. Easiest way to not get dizzy is to assume every thing he says is a lie or a manipulation of the truth.

  • Heidi … so sorry that this happened to your sister and I am glad you have the strength to continue to share this story. The memories are surely agonizing for you, especially since your instincts told you right at the beginning that Raniere was bad news. Please know that many of us out here are praying that this gets resolved and that the truth of this horror will at last be revealed..

  • As always, Heidi’s story has as many holes as Swiss Cheese

    The Tai Situ Rinpoche is not banned from India. In fact, he lives in Northern India.

    Also, he assisted in identifying the Karmapa, who was helped by outside forces to escape China. The Karmapa now lives in Northern India also.


      Heidi is a Swiss name but that’s the only resemblance to “Swiss cheese” when it comes to my sincerity in truth telling.

      As for his Holiness (HA!) Tai Situ Rimpoche, he was banned from India for years. Google it, bro.

      As for “the Karmapa” there are two of them. One may well be a Chinese ploy, the other was recognized by a different lineage of Tibetan Buddhism than that of the Dalai Lama (Kadjupa vs. Gelupga) however the Dalai Lama called it quits on a Gelupga Dalai Lama reincarnate leader in view of the entire controversy that started with the Chinese Government’s kidnapping and replacement of the recognized Panchen Lama with a Chinese-indoctrinated version of the same.

    • Your one (and very lonely) Swiss Cheese hole example is false; Heidi is not lying about the ban. He was banned from entering India in August 1994, and just because the ban was revoked in April of 1998 doesn’t nullify its existence in the first place.

  • I do believe ( my opinion, course) that Vanguard was paving the way for acceptance of pedophilia. Yes, some places the age of consent is too young, and yes, some mothers in Japan do practice incest. But it is illegal here, should be illegal, and we shouldn’t talk about it like it should be accepted. That’s what Vanguard did–discuss it as if to pave the way for acceptance.

    I might add: the age of consent in parts of Mexico is 12. Is this why Vanguard was there? To create a pipeline of kids?

    I do not know the answer, and it’s just opinion, but law enforcement may want to dig deeper.

    I am very, very sorry about your sister.

    I pray you find the truth.


    • Thank you, Fool Me Not. Yep, agree Keith was on a mission to mind-condition masses into accepting (occasional, if “the girl is ready”) child molestation among other brilliant schemes in the incubus service of Moloch as Keith Allen Raniere is — figuratively speaking — not to mention his narcissistic need to empower and enrich himself by catering to the most base, corrupt interests of the foolishly selfish elite who so readily worshipped “Vanguard.”

      Glad to have you among the fool NOTS!

      • Clifton Park was a strange place in the 80s, esp below Grooms Road—closer to the river. I only heard a few years ago how there was a “wrong side of the tracks” thing. Hair-metal types, parties, and wanting to get out of there and stuck. Saratoga *was* in decline. No nascent punk scene really to speak of. Lots of retro hippie, striving spiritual, hard-knock kids.

        Keith was a prog-rock older RPI guy who leached on the kids he saw around him bc he was never anyone, really, it seems, with his 70s hair and fake intellectualism.

        • The Pippino clan, our fam, were the original river heads. Part of it’s actually situated on historic family-owned property. Narcissists like Keith Raniere are soul-less, conscious-less “chameleons” just as you say. I remember comparing Keith trying to pass himself off as a scholarly, renunciate rimpoche (Gina even laughed over it a time or two) circa 1999/2000 to the character of “Jack” in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” More like Chucky trying to be Santa Clause. Gina herself identified with being like the doll in the tower in that movie.

          Keith often tried to make himself the ideal of every one of his, er, consorts — but none so much as Gina for so long, IMO.

  • Heidi, thank you for this information.

    I find this paragraph unclear. What was lodged though her skull?

    “Gina was found dead of a gunshot wound to her head on the grounds of the KTD Monastery in Woodstock, NY on October 11, 2002. There were two rifles at the “suicide” scene. One was lodged through her skull into the back of her hoodie.”

    • Mitch and Dianne (or dianne to be precise for all the hard-core cynics here on FR, lol), thanks for your clarity requests but I’m frankly confused by the police report regarding that notation made therein, as well. I don’t know much about guns really, either.

      The report doesn’t say “through her skull,” no, just that the gun was stuck through the back of the hoodie she was wearing in one part and that “it” was laid over her chest (if I recall rightly) in another part.

      The FACT is that there WERE TWO GUNS at the “suicide” scene. Only one was discharged. BOTH guns were returned to our stepmom who did know a lot about guns (she’s since passed, unfortunately). BOTH were purchased at a local gun shop allegedly subsequently and allegedly by Gina herself on about the same day she died. None of this ever made it into the official police report but Serena, myself, plus my Dad, brothers and stepmom all heard different versions about the two guns directly from the police officers who first discovered her body and described the scene far more accurately than the report filed.

      Mebbe Frank can republish the report. I suck at searching on here but remember seeing it posted in the past.

      • Thanks, Heidi. Either spelling of my name is fine. Also Di is fine, it was good enough for a princess so it’s good enough for me.

        It sounds like the both the police officer’s descriptions and also the report itself was confusing and garbled. Do you think this was on done innocently or on purpose? And very odd to have two guns.

        • Odd to choose a rifle for a suicide. Difficult to do. And with the recoil, even from a small-caliber, I’d expect the firearm a distance from the body (sorry Heidi for being graphic or blunt)

          Suicide by firearm is not the sure thing many think it to be. The mind/body has an involuntary instinct of self-preservation causing flinching or pulling away from or of the firearm. Also, bullets can have strange trajectories. I know of one case where a .38 traveled around the skull and exiting on the same side as the self-delivered shot. Women also usually don’t choose a firearm as a means of suicide. And if they do tend to shoot themselves in the heart.

          I’ll point out that a suicide gunshot to the head is in the high 90 percent range. The energy transfer alone is quite disruptive

          • I believe what the police report means is that the barrel of the rifle was inside her hood, and the other end of the gun was resting on her chest. That would make sense.

            What type of gun was the second one found at the scene?

          • Thanks for that ballistics explanation, Mitch. The only way I could figure one of the guns was on her chest AND lodged in the hoodie was through her skull. If it’s the same gun but you’re saying it may have backfired out of her mouth and wound up in the hoodie anyhow?

            I wish I’d dared to look at the photos but refused to at the time.

            Again, Frank (Parlato) and his “Discovery” crew are, gratefully, investigating all this. I still haven’t peeked at the pics. The cops also mentioned tattoos on her back and I first assumed, imagined she was found face down when, now that you mention, she was more likely blown back. IDK why a gun. They scare the bejesus out of me.

        • It’s possible the police report deliberately left out mention of the 2 guns, IMO. But your guess is good as mine as to why. Maybe just a way to keep it down to a simple suicide, avoid opening a can of worms and reams of paperwork or maybe to protect the gun shop that allegedly sold a second weapon to someone without the first being returned, maybe there’s some rule about that —in the kindest view. The cops said the barrel on the first gun may have been too long for Gina to reach but if that’s what she told the gun shop, if that’s where the cops got that idea, why the heck did the gun shop sell her a second gun with a shorter reach to better accommodate her suicide needs? But, again, I’m speculating. The reason could be far more or far less sinister. Maybe just a mistake. Thanks for asking, for your interest!

          • So, both guns were rifles?
            It seems odd that she would choose a rifle, (unless a rifle was the only gun available to her), but since she purchased them herself, that shouldn’t be the case. She would have been able to choose whatever gun she wanted.

            Is there any other reason why she would have purchased a hunting rifle? Did she have any friends who liked to hunt?

          • Not sure what the rules are now but in those days, rifles and shotguns could definitely be purchased on the spot with no delays or background checks. Pistols, on the other hand, required that the purchaser attend a training course before the purchase could be completed.

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