Frank Report Obtains Signature That Is Positively Kristin Snyder’s – Compare With Suicide Note Signature

Kristin Snyder

Frank Report has a handwritten note that has been confirmed to contain Kristin Snyder’s signature.

Here it is:


Here is Kristin’s purported suicide note:

Let’s look at the signatures.

Kristin’s signature on the confirmed handwritten note


Kristin’s signature on the purported suicide note.


Here is Kristin’s first name only signature on a Valentine’s Day 2002 card. [She disappeared before the next Valentine’s Day.
Again, here is her confirmed signature.

Her suicide note is printed.

On the purported suicide note, the signature of Kristin Snyder is printed, She seems to have misspelled her first name – seemingly forgetting the “i”, but it may share some of the same upright line as the ‘n’.

Below are two more signatures. It is presumed they are Kristin’s printed signature on sign-in sheets for her first Nxivm intensive in Nov. 2002.


Who wrote the suicide note? We don’t know. But a reader made an interesting point.

It is well known that Pam Cafritz was an expert forger. She forged many of the signatures for Keith Raniere for various purposes.

Keith Raniere and Pam Cafritz.

As the reader pointed out – if Pam Cafritz forged Kristin Snyder’s suicide note – it would be deeply ironic – given that evidence is mounting that Keith had a large hand in Pam’s own demise.



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  • Mr. Frank Parlato,

    I gather you know the right day, month, and year the supply sheds were built.

    A simple phone call or email to the City of Seward will settle everything. The link to the building department is below. I am not an investigative journalist, otherwise I would enquire. Aren’t you just a wee-bit curious?

    • Hi Frank,

      I know you know it was me posting earlier. I was posting under an alias for credibility reasons with other commenters. I wanted to be taken seriously. I post so many comments unrelated to NXIVM, commenters no longer view many of my posts as relevant.

      It has occurred to me, some one as meticulous as yourself has already checked the building office for the permits, and AnonyMaker was right the building was built without a permit.

  • Stepping back to consider, I think this is another example where the big picture has been missed.

    Snyder’s spouse and family quite readily accepted that she had committed suicide, so there is likely not anything blatantly wrong with the note.

    If the note was forged but was good enough to fool people close to Snyder, whoever did it would have had to have been working off of samples of Snyder’s handwriting, meaning that she did in fact sometimes write in print, or a mix of print or script, and that the signatures aren’t blatantly inconsistent with how she signed things at times. Thus we still don’t have enough samples of varieties of Snyder’s handwriting, to be attempting even an amateur comparison.

  • The Millers, if they did not have insurance at the time of the accident, could have been under possible civil and criminal trouble: i.e., heavy Fines & jail time.

    The shed, if it was built after the incident, was in fact built because of the incident.

    I believe the old beat-up kayak’s true seaworthiness is being masked by the Millers to defend against liability.

    How many old unusable Kayaks do they now leave out?

  • Attention Snyder family!!!!

    There is no statute of limitations in the death of your sister!!!!

    Please read page 5 of the compendium on Alaskan Tort Law!!!!!

    I firmly personally believe the Millers are lying regarding the seaworthiness of the Kayak and the date the kayak shed was built.

    Mrs. Snyder, you are an intelligent woman!

    Please read the legal documents I left links to. I researched Alaskan law and it is possible to put in a claim if this “month ” is the date of you discovering that the suicide notes are forgeries.

    I know how much pain you have endured. I do not wish to cause you further pain. Therefore, I made sure to research general commercial business liability in Alaska, and the statute of limitations on Alaskan Tort Law and the Alaskan exceptions to the statute.

    The AnonyMaker character below is wrong!

    Please read the attached linked articles and make your own judgment!!!

    You are an intelligent individual!

    • Mrs. Snyder,

      Please look specifically at the exceptions on page 5 and 6:

      1.”Intentional concealment” of fact.
      2. “Faulty product”

      • Mrs.

        The exact date the shed was built can be found by finding the date the building permit was acquired and then contacting the building contractor or carpenter. An attorney can easily research the information or subpoena it.

        Important Point:
        Mrs. Miller claimed to use the kayak herself frequently. I do not believe this claim.
        Why would Mrs. Miller use an old beat-up kayak in ice-cold [ Alaskan Summer] ocean water?

        A human being in cold Alaskan ocean water even in the summer months can get hypothermia in as little as 10 min.

        Think about how dangerous it is!!!

        We are not talking about lake water!!!!

        Mrs. Miller had plenty of newer kayaks to choose from. Is sentimentality, a gift from
        a friend, really worth risking your life over?

        The Millers are I believe lying about 3 principal things:

        1. The shed construction date to make it seem all kayaks were outside not just the old disrepaired kayaks.
        2. The seaworthiness of the kayak.
        3. Mrs. Miller’s usage of the kayak to validate its seaworthiness.

        • In Frank’s interview Mr. Miller said that he built the shed himself, and in a place like Alaska it’s entirely possible that he did so without a permit. And I don’t see how anyone can challenge what Mrs. Miller remembers now, about what happened almost 2 decades ago.

          And quite possibly the Millers are just telling the truth, regardless of what you may believe after reading a bit about the case.

          I think this all just points to the reality that it would be very hard to make a case at this late date, though I certainly wish that Clifford and the Snyders had sued NXIVM at the time.

    • Unlike other States: Under Alaskan law trespassers are treated the same as customers or clients; And are afforded the same rights as customers or Clients.

      Your sister at the time she took the kayak was a “de facto customer”.

  • To Snyder family,

    Alaskan commercial/business liability law is different than New York State, Massachusetts, and many other states. Below is a link to an Alaskan lawfirm’s explanation of Alaskan liability law:

    Please read the following:

    If the suicide note is proven to be invalid; I believe the Miller’s may have a reason to be disingenuous[worrying about a lawsuit] about the sea worthiness, float-ability, and buoyancy of the kayak Kristin took out[read below attachment]. Why would Mrs. Miller claim she used the old kayak herself, when she had so many other kayaks to choose from? Sentimentality? The kayaks outside were most likely left out and in various states disrepair. Why were the other kayaks locked up? Why leave the “outside” kayaks exposed to the elements all winter. Families businesses are frequent lax.

    A lawsuit is a possibility; If it can be proved or doubt cast on the authorship of the “suicide note”, it may be possible to file some kind of negligence claim using “premise liability” and “reasonable care under the circumstances”; kind of like a quasi-wrongful death scenario. Typically insurance defense lawyers will settle a case even when they believe in their case because of the expense it will cost their client to go to trial ; despite the veracity of facts or evidence in their favor. Typically Tort-Plaintiff attorneys generally do not charge for a consultation. It only takes 10min to call an attorney. My spouse at one time before switching practices was an insurance defense attorney.
    “First, it should be noted that many states had already,
    …established a unitary duty of reasonable care by landowners and had totally abolished the distinction between invitees, licensees, and trespassers. … Today these include Alaska, California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, and New York.  .[17]

    Unlike other states, Alaska courts have simplified premises liabilityclaims. Essentially, the duty of the business is to take “reasonable care under the circumstances” to prevent injuries to customers on its property. A business’ premises includes the parking lot.”

    It’s incredible import to the statute of limitations law; for you to be discovering this information today and not years ago.

    Below is a link to an Alaskan plaintiff law firm’s summary and explanation of Alaskan premise liability for trespassers:
    Duty Owed Trespassers – Premises Liability

    Second link additional explanation:

    • Re The Miller’s being “allegedly” disingenuous:

      The other reason to lie about a taken kayak’s sea worthiness or buoyancy is the bad publicity that would arise.

      Why would Mrs. Miller use an old kayak left out in the elements, when she had quality kayaks locked up in a building or shed, to use?

      • If you go back to Frank’s most recent article about his interview with the Millers, they said that the kayak shed hadn’t yet been built – so apparently all the kayaks were left out for the winter. By the way, my suspicion is that the police report is confused, but not wrong, and the “shed” that was broken in to was where gear like paddles for the kayaks were stored.

        I think you’re jumping to conclusions here, without having adequately taken into consideration what is known about the case.

        • “The 1997 Alaska Tort Reform statute created a ten year statute of repose. This statute establishes that a person may not bring an action for personal injury, death, or property damages unless the action is commenced within “10 years of the earlier of . . . … There are a significant number of exceptions to the statute.”

        • AnonyMaker- You are two steps ahead of me. Did you all ready contact Seward City Hall’s building inspector?
          Seward City Hall Building Department Link below:

          You are one smart son of a bitch! I mean it sincerely.

          My posts may not result in a successful full lawsuit in court; I do believe a partial settlement can be obtained to avoid a lengthy pretrial deposition and subpoena process. The Miller’s I believe are lying about certain details.

    • I’ve previously posted a link indicating that the statute of limitations for civil suits in Alaska has long passed. Have you taken that into consideration, or do you know otherwise?

      And I think threatening the possibility of lawsuits, is likely to discourage those who were there and who know about what happened, from coming forward with the truth. Snyder’s survivor and family probably should have sued at the time, but at this point appeals just to help them achieve closure may be better received.

      • Anonymaker- There are exceptions to the statute of limitations law in every state.

        Look at the exceptions to the law in the compendium I left a link to up above.

        The Snyders can still get their closure; If it can be proved the Millers are lying about one of two facts. A good attorney can flush out the truth in a few depositions of the owners and any employees at the time.

        Subpoenas and depositions have the magical powers to uncover the truth.

      • AnonyMaker,

        There are many exceptions to the statute of limitations rule in Alaska. An actual attorney would have to review the current case law, rulings and judgments by the Alaskan courts. American law is based on English common law. An actual attorney would have to look at LexisNexis. Neither one of us is an attorney.
        Not everything is in the review I posted. I believe it’s worth getting a consult via a telephone call or email to an Alaskan attorney.

        • And I appreciate your eagerness and ideas.

          I wish there were some way to flush out the truth from those who have knowledge of what happened. But it seems very unlikely that Heidi Clifford or Mrs. Snyder would do now what they didn’t do long ago when the time was ripe, including coming up with the financial resources to pursue a case and finding a lawyer willing to take it on. And so I still think that you have to consider that rattling sabers about people being sued is likely to keep them unwilling to talk about whatever they did or know, while there’s very little realistic chance of getting them into depositions to try to force them to tell truth.

  • I do hope that my comment here went through, since often these long (bigmouth ) comments simply disappear into outer space and do not show up, even as “waiting for moderation.” Sometimes these comments appear here long after having been written, and already, I’m light years past the comment itself. There are numerous other subjects, other events that I concentrate upon every day, not only Nxivm/DOS.

    Sometimes the site editors are smart and make some comments, at least of mine, remain permanently invisible. All of this is completely fine with me, as a mere guest who writes comments. It is just a little bit of a funny feeling though, when the words evaporate, rather than being shown as “waiting for moderation.” A typing klutz like I could’ve pressed the wrong button!

    There is a sense of detachment in me about whatever “I produce,” but when someone has been harmed, like Kristin Snyder, I will never be deatched from that feeling of the desire to do right by the person who has been harmed. Some of us have had to be born “fighters,” by sheer necessity. Some of us were arguing like little miniature lawyers at the dock right after potty-training was accomplished and for sure, by age three.

    I mean, look at Frank Parlato and those cottonmouths! It seems that he was after those cottonmouths as soon as he could get to a pond on his own volition. Or is that just a piece of my Legend of Frank Parlato? The legend in my family is that my first word at 8 months old, was “shutup” and that the one whom I wanted to shut up was an incessant misrepresentative of what was true and what was not true. Perhaps the best thing some of our family can say about that individual is that “it” is dead now. Frank is a kindred spirit to me. He would have to swat me away!

  • The major difference is still in that capital “K,” and as it’s the first letter of Kristin’s name and signature, that difference is notable. Not only is the slant off, but so is the way that the K has been formed. Printing versus cursive didn’t change the slant or “confidence” of Kristin’s capital K, but the suicide note K doesn’t even come together; the lines where that K join in Kristin’s known writing and printing are both written and printed with a flow and a swiftness, as one smooth letter. You can see the K in the “suicide” note is composed of lines which do not even meet. That K in the suicidal note is disjointed. And that K is Kristin’s major letter of self-identity, lifelong.

    And here is her K, the very beginning of her first name. She would have used that so, so much, since she first learned to print and to write. It’s HER letter. So why had it turned disjointed, separated into two distinct strokes? That stands out to me.

    Kristin made loops, too in her writing. See the small “g” and “y.” The suicide note looks as though it was composed more slowly than Kristin’s writing overall. Even the first and second paragraphs of the suicide note look different from one another to me. The first paragraph looks more “competently” printed and says nothing that one would consider strange. She could have written that, and the rest could have been tacked on, added by somebody else.

    The second paragraph, where the thoughts expressed veer into emotional instability, might not have been written at the same time as that first paragraph, either. Just my opinion.

    I really do see a different personality and mood in Kristin’s known writing and printing than one can see in the note(s) found in the truck. But it is true that Kristin could have been feeling very, very different than usual, with all of her torment, as reflected in her circumstances and especially from being gaslighted repeatedly, subjected to so much stress, which could be “crazy-making” stuff for her, or for almost anyone.

    I have a sense that Kristin was drugged, not that she was breaking down to such an extent as what is reflected in the contents, after the first sentence, which is simple, saying where she’s been and what she was doing – attending an intensive.

    . I don’t buy the most descriptive sentences about internal and external “organic” sensations at all. But these could reflect an experience of having been drugged. Certainly sensations like she described in the second paragraph could have been induced. But those words also could have been added to produce content indicating a mental collapse.

    In fact, the second paragraph and the tacked on “no need to look for” her or her body could have been written after she was already rendered unconscious or deceased. These are all words of “explanation.” The first sentence and paragraph are just saying what anyone might say, who has been asked to describe their ESP group, a kind of “I was here.” After that sentence, the next paragraph gets very off-center.

    So why nothing about being raped or maybe drugged and especially, feeling pregnant? We know that is what she had been saying, repeatedly, during her final days. We know that is what was stressing Kristin the most.

    Why would there be NO mention of what we know was really on her mind and weighing upon her?

    Maybe it is because whoever wrote those words describing her breakdown was NOT going to say anything like that. That’s the subject that these staffers would choose to leave out and to conceal. So just make Kristin sound “nuts” and do not say a word about how come.

    It looks as though Kristin was drugged, and it wasn’t sufficient, so then she was drugged some more, to get her more disorganized, probably easier to push around and then, finally to shut up, to make Kristin cease and desist, to ultimately silence her, thus eliminating a big problem for those who were and are involved in her disappearance.

    And if course, my own viewpoint is subjective. I have never once thought that Kristin killed herself. So I have tried to work with that “suicide” viewpoint, as if she were suicidal, but that just not what I see from her character.

    I see that she was given no authenticity back to her, when she was struggling so hard to bring out her authentic experiences with Raniere and his devotees, partners in crime. There was nothing noble or positive or honest about ESP recruitment, nor about what was being done to gaslight her or to create separation between her and her partner, bothered emotional and then, physical distance, separation.

    So how about making Kristin seem completely dysfunctional but eliminate her real circumstances, even from her notes left behind and make her sound off the deep end, with symptoms of psychological splittage and weird bodily perception?

    That is what I see as having been being done to Kristin.

  • I don’t think that’s KS’s signature on the sign in sheet.

    We do still need more writing samples.

    Why would nxivm pen a suicide note throwing themselves in the bag?

    As a diversion….but from whom?

    I doubt this was a suicide. In the absence of a body, this is just too strange.

    But I’m not 100% sure nxivm is the culprit.

    • NXIVM isn’t just one person — it attracts some who are scammers in their own right and its curriculum advances, certainly condones, the scammer skill set of individuals taught to or supported in acting in their own interests. In the extreme.

      You can’t say no one in NXIVM would write a note or manufacture evidence making NXIVM responsible for a disappearance when there have been corporate takeover attempts, coupes against Keith or some other rival within NXIVM — from the get-go.

      Keith himself also apparently played “victim” a lot — convincing the Bronfman sisters, for instance, that their Dad, the World Jewish Congress, was out to destroy him with the CIA, and was apparently after the previous AVATAR baby Kris Snyder may have been carrying, etc.

      That’s how they got Clare and Sara to finance their cover-ups and frame-ups, how they kept guilting them for more and more loot — pretending to be persecuted by enemies their Dad was using, etc.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the notes, if forged, was a “red-herring” — made to look “anti-NXIVM” to throw investigators off or manipulate the Bronfman’s into financing their own goon investigation into Kris’ disappearance that it appeared someone was blaming on NXIVM per one of the notes that may have been forged.

  • How soon after Kristin’s disappearance was anyone possibly sent from Albany to deliver a forged suicide note to Alaska? Since the truck was found the very next day, and in a remote area, that’s an awfully tight timeline. Was a staged suicide planned ahead of time, even before Kristin was ejected from class? And if so, who might have brought a forged note to Alaska?

    • I think the murder was planned days before in Albany. At every breakout session, the head coaches would meet and report back to headquarters: i.e., Keith I would think the first time Kristin blurted out about the rape and pregnancy Keith went into attack mode. He had to hold onto the Bronfmans

    • Dianne, I assume you’re referring to the two-note theory that is NXIVM’s conspiracy theory – that some original note disappeared, replaced with the one now that mentions “Nexium” (sic) in an attempt to implicate them.

      I suspect NXIVM’s shoddy theory is a strange extrapolation from the fact that two sheets of notes were reportedly found in Snyder’s truck – the main suicide note, and the additional one that just says not to search for her body. Their theory also claims that Snyder couldn’t have known about the new name for what had been ESP, but that’s been shown to be false – unless the crafty conspirators later added “New Nexium center” (sic) to the sign-in sheet as well. Plus it claims that the kayak had been used as a planter and wasn’t seaworthy, in contradiction to the Millers’ recollection that it was one they personally used. They seem to have just ginned up something that fit with what they wanted to believe – that they were innocent, that their processes weren’t harming people, and that their problems came just because nefarious forces were out to get them.

      And then NXIVM spent upwards of half a million dollars on PIs – much of it apparently thrown at dubious operators without much accountability, in a search for evidence for the part of their theory that Snyder was still alive. There was apparently some evidence that might suggest that which turned up, and at least deserves to be aired; and that part of theory at least merits some examination, though apparently, it’s out of favor because it is NXIVM’s and not one of this group’s.

      I think this shows that even at the highest levels, they could operate like credulous loons. Raniere did manage to get a double-degree from RPI, and was obviously a rather cunning manipulator of people, and yet he spent his life doing stupid things from repeatedly losing large amounts of money to keeping around evidence of pedophilia that is probably going to help get him put away for the rest of his life – and has blamed his problems on conspiracies from Edgar Bronfman to the Illuminate. Nancy Salzman at least managed to get a 2-year degree, but apparently believes in NXIVM’s quack therapies based in part on past lives and Scientology, and seems to have fallen to at least some extent for Raniere’s theories – not to mention essentially sacrificing her daughters to him. And then, of course, the Bronfmans…

  • This is a waste of time. Toni Natalie already covered all this – and more – in her book. Buy her book and stop reading this twaddle.

  • That’s a script signature, while the one on the suicide note is printed – so it’s still an apples-and-oranges comparison. That and the other script signature are on things she wrote in script.

    Snyder’s two sign-ins for the intensive are printed signatures, and at least generally consistent with the one on the suicide note, which she wrote in print.

    • I agree the script and the printed signatures are apples and oranges but who would print their name on a suicide note. Wouldn’t you sign your name as you would on a letter or card to a loved one. It’s telling that the note holds a printed name just like the ones on the sign in. Perhaps the people Frank is looking at had never seen the cursive signature.

    • I agree. She may have printed her name, which is NOT a signature, because of limited space, and the “i” and “n” may have been close together because of limited space as well. These letters were also closely spaced in some of the printed examples of her name.

      It’s a good thing that the evil Cafritz suffered a long, painful death. She earned it.

    • Not true! By comparison, the printed signature on the suicide note is completely different. Kristin had a consistent way of printing her name, nothing like what the suicide note shows.
      (1) Her printed signature on the sign-in sheets has the top of the T sloping from the upper left to the lower right, it is reversed in the suicide note.

      (2) The letter K is very different in the suicide note. Kristin prints her K with the right upper line starting from the slightly right sloping vertical line and going in a straight line. In the suicide note, not only does the upper right line not start at the vertical line but it bends up and to the left.

      (3) Look closely and compare the two sign-in signatures against the suicide note, almost none of the letters match those on the sign-up sheets. It looks very much like someone tried to copy her sign-in printed signature, but did a very bad job of it.

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