I Get Death Threat from Man Who Also Threatens Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne – I Report It to Police

In an email sent to me yesterday, a man named Arthur C. Graham has threatened the life of Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne, and myself.

The three women were/are members of Nxivm and are actresses. At one time, I was a consultant for Nxivm. Later, once I became convinced Nxivm was a nefarious group, I began publishing stories critical of them, including breaking the story that a subgroup of Nxivm, which included Mack and Clyne, along with the now-incarcerated leader of the group, Keith Alan Raniere, were branding and blackmailing women.

This is not the first time I got death threats since exposing the Nxivm group. I get them fairly regularly. I get crazies and online stalkers, and liars who make up things about me.  I am generally amused by it.

Kristin Kreuk, Nicki Clyne, and Allison Mack perform on stage for Nxivm in 2007. Kreuk left Nxivm sometime before 2017. Mack remained in until she was arrested in 2018 for sex trafficking and Clyne remains in the group.

I also generally dismiss as not a very serious threat anyone who threatens to kill me by email, mail or phone, because I believe anybody who was really planning to kill me would not send me a notice in advance. I think this is likely true in the case of Arthur Graham and I do not believe the actresses are in genuine danger. However, it is always best to err on the side of caution, which is why I am publishing this latest death threat.

I want it on record that Arthur C. Graham, of Kenai, Alaska, has threatened Mack, Clyne, Kreuk, and myself and may be dangerous to himself and/or others.

I also want it easily searchable online because if anyone else gets a threatening email from Graham in the future, [I understand he has sent threatening emails to others in the past] and does an online search, this story will come up as an advisory.

I have confirmed Graham presently lives in Kenai, Alaska. He is believed to be aged 43.  I called a phone number associated with his name twice but there was no answer. And no way to leave a message. I wanted to tell him that his email is a crime in itself [criminal threat] and that if he continues to make these threats, he might be arrested.

Had he answered the phone, I would have also told him that should he travel to meet me in the Niagara Falls, New York area, where I am presently. Were he to do that, I would very likely personally, physically subdue him and take him into custody where he could get the mental health help he needs.

I made a report to the Kenai Police, who confirmed they are aware of him as a potentially dangerous person with mental health issues. He has accused law enforcement officers in Alaska of various crimes in previous emails to me.

Kenai is a coastal Alaskan city, southwest of Anchorage. It sits at the mouth of the Kenai River, which is renowned for its salmon fishing. Its population is 7,778 (2018).

Graham communicates with me by email, using the address, arthurcgraham@gmail.com.

I forwarded Graham’s emails to Kenai police.

Graham first communicated with me in December 2019, asking for my help and accusing various people in Alaska, including law enforcement officers, of crimes. After a series of email exchanges, I determined, and told him, I was unable to help. He replied rudely, turning on me, making vague threats, claiming he would “send me to the dawgs.”

I thought no more about him until yesterday when I got two emails from him. This time his threats were more specific.

The heading for the first one was

“Doom on You”

It came in my inbox at 1:17 pm EST.

It read:
Simple problems have simple solutions. Heres what I got in mind. Imma’ hunt down Nicky Cline and murder her. Imma’ wrap a piano wire ’round her neck and pull real hard. If I do it right, her head should clear her shoulders, real neat. Then Ima kill Kristen Kruek. Imma’ change my name to Count Dracula and shove a rebar up her butthole. Then Imma’ murder Allison Mack. Imma’ murder whichever policeman is guarding her, two taps to his medula. Nobody will ever see Allison Macks face ever again.
Why will nobody see her face again, you might be asking yourself? Thats because Imma’ cut her face off with a mutherfucking
switchblade. Then Imma’ come looking for you Frank Parlato, and Imma’ make you eat Allisons facial tissue, right before I bash yer skull in with my Louisville Slugger, for the simple reason that you are a quisling, money-grubbing, sheister, self-congratulating cock-sucker.
You are fucking D-E-D! For you educated types, D-E-D spealls “dead”.

Because you see, when you were their mutherfucking lawyer, yer fag group SWATTED me, relentlessly. Your fag little club forced me off the grid Frank, and I am going to kill you for it you evil fucking piece of shit.



Before I had a chance to respond, I got this second email from Graham at 2:30 pm.

The subject was:

Ima murder U, Frank

Graham wrote:

I am trying to live an honest goddamned motherfucking existence! I am trying to do honest goddamned motherfucking work and stay in my own goddamned motherfucking lane! But your faggot fucking revenge club ruined my life! For the simple reason that I didnt join yer club in NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY FUCKING EIGHT, ANNO FUCKING DOMINGO!

Imma’ murder you Frank Parlato. On the day that I fucking murder you, I want you to remember that it was that smart mouth of yers wut got you murdered. And Allison Mack is going up to the rape factory, and get raped. Just like she fucking deserves.

I replied to Graham as follows.
Arthur, If I were you, I would not threaten to kill people by email. It is a crime. I have reported this threat to law enforcement.  Arthur, please seek help from a mental health professional.
[To read previous communications I got from Graham see here]
Graham reminds me a little of a one Devin Handy, another person who threatened me, who also used his real name. He started stalking me by email and posting comments incessantly on Frank Report.
A woman he was threatening contacted me after finding my stories online and I was able to give her advice on how to handle the matter.  This led to his arrest by the Texas Rangers, who were able to use my published stories to prove that Handy had a pattern of threatening people. I am happy to report that following his arrest, and temporary incarceration, his case was adjudicated and instead of prison he got court-mandated mental health treatment.
Graham likely needs the same help, for anyone who sends emails threatening to kill another person is clearly a menace, at least to himself.
I leave it to the Kenai police to determine what is best for them to do from a law enforcement standpoint.
In the unlikely event that Graham should venture from Alaska to find me, which is easy enough to do since my phone and address are online, I would expect to subdue him and bring him into custody, where it is hoped he will get the mental health help he clearly needs.

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  • Dear Graham,

    My Uncle [redacted] in Plano Texas, says he wants you to come to Texas to get hog tied(the gay way) and spit-roasted.

    How do you feel about that?

    Graham, do you like games?

    What to play hide the baloney?

  • I forgot to correct you on this “Mack remained in until she was arrested in 2018 for sex trafficking”
    She was arrested for sex trafficking before charges were DROPPED…
    It’s because of this kind of thing that Allison is in danger…you, your rumours and lies.
    You pretty well know the trial and if you are sane, you know that she was clearly not connected to the sex trafficking (but was a victim of the sexual aggressions like the other victims).
    This was displayed in the trial by the mail she wrote…same ways as the other victims, thanking for something she obviously didn’t want or asked for (“fighting with my viscera” says it all).
    Can you stop bringing this outdated and debunked version and stick to the facts?
    She committed 1 crime: Collecting the collaterals
    She didn’t use them for blackmail (she was not accused of it either)
    She didn’t ask for anyone to have sex with anyone (Raniere did, from the mouth of Nicole)
    She didn’t make them work for her (but for 1 service that she paid 3 times to Nicole (in form of services).

    The only crime that sticks the proofs (and she admitted this) is the collection of collaterals.
    Anything else is allegations unproved by the trial or rumours.

    • The sex trafficking of Nichole was a genius way to convict Keith with sex trafficking. It’s definitely one very interesting aspects of this saga.

  • “which included Mack and Clyne, along with the now-incarcerated leader of the group, Keith Alan Raniere, were branding and blackmailing women.”
    Except it’s false…Allison never blackmailed nor branded anyone…we had this talk and you accepted this at one point but you go back to your old lies…
    This is the kind of lies that attracts the kind of person you were threatened by…
    STICK WITH THE TRUTH…it’s less exciting but less dangerous too.

    Have you transmitted the info for the first threat too? Because if he is threatening you, he is also seriously threatening Allison, KK and Nicky…
    Have you filed a complaint (because reporting is one thing but applying a complaint could force an investigation and make sure this guy isn’t threatening anyone anymore)?
    Have you also thought about transmitting this them (because they are the first concerned and while Nicky could be reading, I doubt KK is and I know Allison isn’t (she can’t)?

    But you know, it’s your fault…your relentless attack toward them attracts some unwanted (which at first you found funny until they started to show their madness)…
    And if it was only concerning you, be it, you are a grown-up but you have brought others into this…

    And one of them can’t see it directly as she is off the web.

  • I know this is an extremely serious subject. However, the following quote:

    “You are fucking D-E-D! for you educated types, D-E-D spealls dead”.

    …Is hilarious.

    There is always some amount of comedy in tragedy. If you don’t learn to laugh at sadness you’ll have a long road ahead of you in life.

  • Frank, what 1998 club is this creep referring to? I can kinda understand a person maybe wanting to kill you but why kill the Nxivm women and you? Interesting you are receiving this via Alaska. Could this possibly have any connections to Kristen Snyder?

  • Please don’t get killed Frank. Please don’t kill my friend Arthur. If Frank makes you so mad that you want to kill him, just ignore him and don’t read his articles. Killing is never the right choice. Believe it or not he’s a good man and means no harm, not even to his enimies. I suggest you take his advice and seek help. I will pray for you 🙏.

  • Kristin Kreuk wants the police to be defunded, because the police have to deal with the violent scum of society who happen to be oftentimes black. Therefore, she thinks the police are evil, because blacks are not allowed to be criticised or punished for any of their vast horrible behaviours and crimes. Blacks are 12.8% of the US population but commit 52% of all murders. More blacks kill whites then whites kill blacks. More whites are killed by police then blacks are. George Floyd put a pistol to a pregnant woman’s baby bump stomach while robbing her in her own home. Breonna Taylor was in a relationship with a scumbag black criminal who while the police were trying to arrest him, he fired at them, forcing them to shoot back and Taylor got hit. But these people are portrayed as victims. Kreuk has a link about Taylor on her instagram page, but nothing about NXIVM…

    If this loony did try and kill Kreuk, can you guess who she will phone first? The police!

    • The “defund” movement is not what you imply, and those who support it do not hate police like you claim Kreuk does:

      “The defund movement calls for reducing communities’ reliance on police for a number of services: monitoring the homeless, resolving domestic quarrels, disciplining students, responding to outbursts by people with mental illness, swarming neighborhoods to tamp down violence and responding to minor complaints like someone trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill, the accusation that triggered the police call that ended in Floyd’s death.
      That work, advocates say, could be better done by outreach workers, social workers and community workers trained to de-escalate street feuds. That could be paid for by diverting money from police budgets to municipal programs that deal with underlying causes of crime, including poverty, inadequate housing and poor education.”

      Most police agencies would like to not be “armed social workers” and would welcome some of these changes. This has been tried in some cities with some success.

      And you forgot to mention that Kreuk is a taxpayer funded smell the fart actress…are you losing your edge?

    • For once I agree with Mr/Mrs PeaOnSteve. Nikki and Allison don’t deserve to have their faces eaten by Frank.

    • So funny, it’s not the ones that write childish threatening letters you have to worry about. All that shiela-na-gig stuff will have made sure Nicki’s dance card is marked well in advance. She won’t necessarily know her suitors or when they’ll come to call. Buckle up butter-cups, you’re making, some loyal, or if you prefer, maniacal fans, for surely sure.

  • Does the writing style of the latest murderous announcement remind you of anyone else’s manner of writing? Eh?

    • Not sure who it reminds you of, but I did notice that the writing style of Graham Cracker’s latest emails is quite different than the style of his earlier emails.

      • Flowers,

        That’s because Graham went back to school and received his associates degree at community college. It’s called bettering yourself.

      • The usage of vocabulary and the bombastic tone indicate a personality “type.” I recognize the style of lingo, but it isn’t uncommon or unique. So no, I’m not pretending to name or to identify this person. When we see disgruntled, angry sarcasm escalate into threats to do (graphic) harm, it is smart to identify the person, and it seems that Frank has been handling that.

  • I have to give Art bonus points for creative murder techniques, but now that this is out, Sultan won’t let him get near Kristin Crook(ed). LOL

    • Scott,

      Rebar up Kreuk’s poop-chute is fairly original.

      I have to wonder if a certain “redacted] thought of that too.

      I wonder if the rebar would be with or without lubricant.

        • Most people with a brain wonder/ponder.

          It pays dividends when you figure out an angle in a business situation.

          Like starting a pyramid scheme like Amway.

          You’ve been the reciprocate of wondering….

          Like wondering how to [redacted]


      • Frank, you are protecting Sultan of Six?

        The same guy who threatened to kill you?

        Okey-dokey, it’s your website.

        • I’m trying to make this a forum where commenters are not attacking each other. That includes Sultan of Six. By the way, I am used to people threatening to kill me.

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