Arthur Graham Says I’m ‘Useless’ and Threatens to ‘Personally Toss Me to the Dawgs’

It is fairly common for me to get emails from perfect strangers who want my advice, help or seek to meet me. Most of them have tales of interest. Some involve Nxivm; others involve other cults. Some are in trouble with the law and are victims of injustice.

I am working on several murder cases right now – and at least two cases [other than Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder] where the death was ruled a suicide yet there is considerable evidence that suicide was not the cause of death.

It might have been murder.

There are some who contact me who merely want to debate. Others offer sincere suggestions and want to help.  And then there are crackpots.

I remember one instance – and I am not sure whether this person was sincere or out to entrap me. It was a woman who set out to meet me. She planned it in advance. She did not say what she wanted but she said it was important. I agreed to meet her. She was coming in from Canada. When we met, she came with someone she introduced as her brother.

She had made the meeting in order to tell me about her internet research into a possible sex trafficking ring that possibly included children.

She wanted to share what she had discovered – and have me take it to the next level.

I heard her out. She had brought a laptop and a camera to show me pictures and screenshots of the evidence she had collected. She showed me a few. Then, she asked me if wanted to keep the laptop and camera so I could take my time reviewing the rest of the screenshots and photos. I said no thanks. I said that’s an expensive computer. And I don’t know when we would meet again.

She said it doesn’t matter. I could keep the computer and the camera. It was more important to follow up on this potential human rights issue.

Maybe it was, but I was not going to take a computer and camera from a stranger. She offered again. She was almost insistent. There was so much at stake if this is a sex trafficking ring. But I repeatedly declined. She pushed the computer toward me and handed me the camera. I pushed them back politely.

I don’t know if there was anything illegal on the camera or computer. But if there was – such as child porn – possession is the benchmark for prosecution.  After declining the gifts of a computer and camera, I never heard from the woman again until last week when I got a Christmas card from her by email.

She may have been sincere. She might have been onto something. As it turned out, I could be of no assistance to her. Not at the cost of taking a laptop and expensive digital camera with pictures stored on it off her hands.


Then there was Devin Handy  He started stalking me by email and posting comments incessantly on Frank Report.

I wrote about him. I get a stalker named ‘D’ – who likes talking about ‘annihilating’ 

In response to post, stalker D sends barrage of emails; might bear watching – he might be dangerous to himself or others

A few weeks later, I got a call from the Texas Rangers. Devin was arrested for stalking someone and the evidence I provided on Frank Report helped the Rangers understand this was a pattern and the lad needed psychiatric help.


Then there was the man who threatened me. I published his name and his threat. He wrote to me again with another threat. This time he said he was sorry and did not mean to threaten me but if I did not take his name off the website, he would commit suicide that very night.


I have had repeated death threats by emails. I publish these.


The other day I started getting emails from someone calling himself Arthur Graham. I would not be sharing his info – for I keep emails confidential. But this person has taken a turn from rudeness toward insanity and stupidity – and it could be construed as a threat.

I publish threats against me.

It began almost incomprehensibly. I am going to redact most of the names Arthur mentions to protect people he is naming who might be totally innocent.

From: Arthur Graham
Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 9:28 PM

Urgent. My name is Arthur Graham resident of Kenai Alaska. Please don’t share this information to the public until I learn more. Most especially at this time please DO NOT contact the law.

Here is a very short version of a long story.

In ’87 I was an eyewitness to a murder of a 12 year old boy. I was 10.

The killer named Y— L— is the wife of a cop. I have experienced endless retaliation from this cop family. They may be members of NXIVM. Cant be sure at this time.

In the 90’s and 00’s I was friends with a now active NXIAN named J– T— R—. He might live in Homer AK. We parted ways because back then he boasted of laying a 14 year old girl named B—, last name unknown. J— described NXIVM more or less as a smart person trouble shooter club. I didn’t care about the smart person club, and this made J— violently angry, however a lot of things made him violently angry.

There is a local woman named D— H— who is at this time sexually stalking me. Her husband is a corrections officer. They are close personal friends with J— R— and Y— L—. L— has long since been out of prison.

In 2014 I was living in Everett Washington. I caught an undercover Snohomish CO Sherrifs Deputy selling illegal narcotics in my apartment building. I proceeded to preform a Street Fighter bonus round on her vehicle and then a male cop soon arrived and I went to jail. Other things happened and I was soon released without charges.

Then I became involved with a woman named A— C—. Her folks are retired cops in Port Orchard. A— was a full blown low level NXIAN. Tried to recruit me and I declined. She had a racket in which she was always on the phone trying to get people in trouble with each other and the law. I left her FAST. I have heard rumors that she survived a gun shot to the chest after she tried to highjack a car.

Only a rumor.

This last part is tricky. I am forming a hypothesis that Alaska Senators Chuck Kopp and Peter Micciche are NXIANS too.
Please contact me.


His email was a little garbled. I wasn’t sure what this guy wanted.  His so-called Nxians were people I never heard of. And I truly doubt that Kopp – who is not a senator but a member of the state house of representatives or Micciche, who is a state senator, are Nxians.  I made a brief reply to Arthur: 

From: Frank Parlato
Date: Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 6:25 PM

Keep me informed as you uncover more info.

He responded:

From: Arthur Graham
Date: Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 11:16 PM

I should like to ask you if I should have significant cause to fear for my safety with these individuals based on the most alarming behavior which I have observed in them.

Also I ask you to please predict for me if I might in the future have unexpected contact with, oh shall we say… more trustworthy members of the Law Enforcement League of Hallways.

I refuse to carry any damnedable camera recorder assed device. Instead I damned well expect The Man to discover the difference between fact and fiction.

As a former coleague of The Judo Hero [Raniere], will you kindly be a little more helpful with me?

I replied:

From: Frank Parlato
Date: Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 10:59 PM

Arthur – I am not qualified to say if you are in danger. You might be. I live in Florida and it is hard for me to judge the extent of danger you face in Alaska.

He replied a little rudely I thought.

From: Arthur Graham
Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 1:59 AM

You are of no use. I am sorry to have added to your burden and will not trouble you again. I will instead await the day of the rope.

Then after telling me I would not hear from him again, I heard from him again.

From: Arthur Graham
Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 8:31 PM

Just saying. Since you did bizness with ol’ vangaurd and since you know all the secrets of NXIVM, desu…..
Instead of LARPING the hero and tossing me your little apple-fritter act, maybe instead you can help out a sorry son of a bitch like me.

The alternative will be that society at large will most assuredly percieve YOU as part of the problem.

And he wrote again

From Arthur Graham
Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 9:31 PM

I worked my heart out from the age of ten so that people like you could have nutritious and life giving food on the table. So you can sing Heart of Oak like you yourself dragged that baby out of the Eldricht Graveyard.

I walked on the arctic ocean so you could fill your tank with Black Gold and go look at the vapid bitches who infest the left coast shoreline.

I washed the ass of elderly cops and elderly mutherfucking Nazi killers, so that their precious beloved could go piss away their life savings.

Now you should best do your part in this uh…Grand Experiment and share with Arthur Graham the very best top-level information so that I might more wisely deal the shitty situation I am in.

And if you dont, then I will see to it personally that Spaceship Earth collectively tosses you to the dawgs.

Maybe I should not have engaged with him, but I replied

From: Frank Parlato
Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 10:37 PM

Are you prepared to pay me for my time ?

He replied

From Arthur Graham

Date: Monday, Dec 30, 11:55 Pm

If money is all you love then money is all you will ever get.

And I replied again

From Frank Parlato

Date Monday Dec 30 11:57

Do you expect me to solve your problems? For free too?


And I replied once more

From Frank Parlato

Date Tuesday Dec 31 12:38 AM

My position is this. You have a problem. You want my help. I did not come to you. If you want help, pay for it. I am not saying I won’t ever do pro bono work, but I don’t care for you attitude, which seems to me like you think I owe you something, which I don’t.

Usually beggars are polite. So if you can’t solve your own problems and you want help, pay for it. You can pay me by PayPal.


And of course he replied

From Arthur Graham

Date Tuesday Dec 31 12:51 AM

Well okay. I suppose I am obligated to share with you that I envision myself committing no illegal act. I have a reputation for chimping
out, but in the past few years have learned the way off of Dick S. Skywalker-Hirsch island.

You will fail at your task. You aint gonna have the sand when the Cult of Hermes is eradicated, and the biggest boy on the block wants whats Lawfully yours.


I don’t think I will reply any more to Arthur. Not that I am mad at the rascal. Maybe he is mentally ill. But this isn’t a nursery and I am not a psychiatrist. And I don’t think Nxivm is out to get him in Alaska.

In the meantime, I have cases to investigate and more stories to write.






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  • Frank, you must know how PARANOID that is for you to refute taking evidence from someone in need of your help to catch a child molester.

    Kinda like when I didn’t want to get naked with Kevin Beals (married with new born babe — 25 yrs. younger than I) Jim Archibald and a record number of near strangers who suddenly found my 50-plus, plus size frame irresistible and — in view of other harassment going on at the time such as “Puto” death threats — and thought just maybe NXIVM, my Ex or something other than natural forces might have had something to do with my photogenic desirability.

    Maybe there’s a medicine you can take for that paranoia, Frank.

    I’ve heard Ayahuasca helps.

  • As a teenager with nearsighted vagueness and fluffy vision, I nearly didn’t recognize my own uncle once, as I came out of a theater to smoke a Parliament. This uncle was a once a witty farmboy, tall & tanned and ravishingly gorgeous to behold…

    But came home from WWII in the South Pacific uncertain about which sexes were better for him in bed. Movie star handsome, his life was a complicated mishmash of catastrophic love affairs.

    He liked to boast about his social connections, so as soon as he saw me trying to be subtle about smoking, he began letting me know that he was just out to make a private call, in a phone booth beside the Calvin theater. Across the street in his private apartment at the Hotel Northampton, Prince Albert, you know, of Monaco, was waiting with bated breath for my devastating uncle to return to him. Even I knew that Albert lived off-campus, but my oh my, this was getting interesting.

    Since my parents took me along, at age four, to get my uncle out of a very, very wealthy married woman’s mansion, stuffed with her husband’s safari taxidermy, along with her indignant husband, I was prepared to hear about Prince Albert and later about Prince Andrew, from my colorful uncle.

    While he spent tremendous unnecessary energy trying to hide his affairs, my uncle knew that I found him quite amusing. So often, he felt safe to regale me with tales of his sexual conquests, only thinly disguised with the old cover story about how high society kept finding him to be irresistible. People loved his charisma, and he managed to avoid very much publicity once, for a George Michael kind of an arrest, sometime during the ’70s when he had begun to look less natural in a university’s men’s room.

    During his retirement years, he left his wife, who was a former Air Force gal who refused to ever learn to operate a car, adrift in a snow-packed New England village, while he wintered in Key West, from October until close to April 15th each year.

    While in Key West, our triple-lived uncle was a docent at a famous Key West museum that Ernest Hemingway’s ghost might not want to be mentioned. Eventually my uncle became rather ancient and his endless tan gave him cancer, so he came home and stayed to watch CBS religiously and to expire.

    The thing is, years and years after Uncle’s death, he has continued to receive interesting holiday cards, very embossed and understated, both from Monaco and London. Only two of us are still alive in our family who know the backstory of our uncle’s collection of holiday cards from his admirers abroad. There are too many eccentrics in the family, anyhow. So why tell tales when there are more than enough tails already, you see.

    Frank, do you know whether or not Toni Natalie could be Arthur Graham? Since her book bombed, perhaps she has too much time on her hands. It is too bad that Arthur didn’t call Ittself Arther Godfrey, which could’ve made a more spiritual pun instead of a cracker pun.

    This is a little disappointing, as certainly you too deserve a more “elite” set of groupies and hangers-on.

    Until you get that more together, lemme play you a hit from 1997 on my Yamaha with the microphone set-up, and I’ll do my Shania Twain impression with “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” Headlines are great but these are only forehead lines, typed with one finger from someone’s crapper.

    Luckily, I see that you wrote this last year.

  • Looks like “Arthur Graham” has something to say but hasn’t gotten around to saying it. An interesting specimen of textual froth. Notice it verges on doggerel yet retains an underlying structure. Classic manufactured drivel with the purpose of confusing and misdirecting. It draws on several themes you see in cult-speak– “insider knowledge,” having a “mission,” going beyond the superficial to a deeper meaning. Wouldn’t doubt if a present or former cult person is the author.

  • The more I think about it, the laptop had a GPS chip to track Frank.

    But that’s not all:

    It would have connected to his IP address, probably automatically, and every confidential communication would have been blown.

    It would have bypassed any firewall.

    For all you know, like a “smart tv” it could have been hacked (like Ring systems, btw) and could have filmed also.

    • And don’t forget the kiddie porn, Fool Me Not.

      If you ask me, John Tigue’s new computer that was donated to him circa December 2011, came fully loaded.

      IDK who gifted it — can’t recall if it was John’s Russian pals or some other friends he introduced me to at the creepy coffee shop — but I remember getting a little chill when John told me about the donated, new computer he was so excited about.

      Hindsight’s 2020 but when it comes to dealing with NXIVM — or the Bronfman’s— don’t look that gift horse in the mouth, just Run-Eerie.

      • Heidi:

        Kiddie porn is certainly a possibility.

        But look up MITM. Talk about frightening. Someone hacks into your router, and takes over your entire computer–and your identity– hence the acronym Monkey in the Middle.

        With MITM, they can plant whatever they want on your computer and you won’t even know. All evidence points to the victim hacked.

        Peace😀 and Happy New Year. I only know what I know from reading FR, but I’m sorry for your troubles. Be strong, chin up.


  • Re Arthur Graham Crackers:

    Arthur appears to be a completely reasonable and sane man, to me. Arthur is simply asking for help.

    Arthur is normal. 🙂 Who of us has not gone full Street Fighter [a video game] on a hapless automobile? Don’t most people have a “reputation for chimping out”; When they don’t receive their afternoon dose of Zyprexa [antipsychotic drug].

    The amazing thing is Arthur and I have had parallel lives. Arthur washed the asses of “elderly mutherfucking Nazi killers”, and I washed the asses of booty-pirates and Holstein dairy cows on my uncle’s farm. Incredible Arthur is involved with the “Enforcement League of Hallways”, and I’m involved with the Justice League of America [superheroes’ home].

    Frank needs to understand that not everything revolves around “black gold” or “money”. We are just denizens on “space ship earth”; and Arthur Graham Crackers is a lost astronaut.

  • Dear Frank,

    I had no idea, you have your own psycho groupies; Too bad none of them are females; As if the Nxivm loonies or the Machiavellian Mexicans were not enough to deal with. Oh, the price of fame.

    Pick up a shotgun and a Ring Video Doorbell™.

    ….Child Sex ring? So someone hired somone to frame you for kiddie porn. Gee-whiz I wonder who has the money and resources to do that?….
    …..From where I’m sitting John Tighe is looking more innocent by the minute.

  • Arthur Graham sounds much more coherent and interesting than Scott Johnson. Perhaps you should grant Arthur the privileged status of “correspondent” and send Scott Johnson to the Dawg House of the Mentally Insane Ambots. Think of it as a New Year’s gift to your readers.

  • Yikes!

    Expect more of that from now on.

    Two points:

    1. You were 100% right not taking the computer. God knows what was on it, or what it was used for;

    2. Obviously, never open an unsolicited photo, video, etc–they can have code embedded;

    3. In Florida, establish an LLC, and put your residence in that, so loons can’t track you.

    • Great advice about the LLC especially. Also put your house and your office under surveillance. Please take care, Frank.

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