I get a stalker named ‘D’ – who likes talking about ‘annihilating’

It’s part of the job. And D is not the first. But one of a long list of people who like to insert themselves into my work or life without offering anything in return.
I sometimes call such people stalkers.  And starting on Jan. 13, I got myself yet another “stalker.”  Someone who calls him/herself ‘D.”
My first email from D [January 13] [whose email address is creationode@gmail.com] had the subject heading: “NXIVM Donor Mystery – 14 years of spying.”
the subject sounded interesting, so I opened the email and D writes, “If you know the people to find the people who can find the information to make these people meet a cold justice, please let them know.  The FBI is slow with tips. https://www.geni.com/people/Countess-Liliana-Teruzzi/4743568579240071580″

This sounded like an invitation to violence. I wrote back, “Don’t know what you are talking about.”

D responded the following day with two words: “Of course.”

I heard nothing more from D [and thought nothing more of D] until today when D sent a two word email:

Jan 18 [6:25 pm]

Thank you.


I did not respond mainly because I was not at my computer.  D sent another email 10 minutes later [6:35] with the subject: “Fwd: Ongoing NXIVM investigation – tip”

It had no message written to me, but a forwarded messages as follows:

From: Nancy Savage <Nancy.Savage@socxfbi.org>
Date: Fri, Jan 18, 2019, 8:41 AM
Subject: RE: Ongoing NXIVM investigation – tip
To: D <creationode@gmail.com>

We do not accept “tips” for the FBI. The best place to place these “tips” is the FBI’s national tip line which is accessible on FBI.gov. These tips are viewed on a national basis by trained professionals.

Best Regards

Nancy Savage

Executive Director

Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI


3717 Fettler Park Drive

Dumfries, VA 22025

From: D [mailto:creationode@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 1:34 PM
To: Nancy Savage <Nancy.Savage@socxfbi.org>
Subject: Ongoing NXIVM investigation – tip

Hello and good afternoon.

My name is Devin Handy.

I currently live in Las Vegas.

I have spent 14 years looking into various cults and patterns as a hobby.

I am concerned that I have found an individual who might be of EXTREME interest to the NXIVM case and national economic security investigations.

I have a bad taste for the Las Vegas FBI office concerning this individual as he is registered as a business owner in Las Vegas but apparently resides in Florida.

I am wondering if you would be able to pass the tip along to appropriate ex-agents who might then use their own connections to enhance the tip.

I do not want to contaminate this tip and am concerned that the local office would be compromised with this information, especially given the recent events in Las Vegas.

If I am mistaken as to your abilities or permissions or character, I apologize and wish you and the foundation well.

If I may leave the tip with your email at this address or whatever other addresses you recommend, I would be greatly relieved.


D. Handy “Zeek”


At 6:45 another email came in from D, which read:

“Another person that needs to be dragged in by their fingernails.”

It included a poster of a female individual.


Five minutes later, I received another with the subject: “Girls By Design.”

There was no content other than a link which has nothing to do with Kristin Kruek or Girls By Design but something about Mattel (Barbie) and MGA Entertainment (Bratz),

Here is the link:

At 7:04, D sent another email with the subject “Geller and Rael”.

D writes, “Maybe you are just a reporter or maybe you have scryed.  Rael is Israel.


D writes, “Apparently the Subhuman who botched all the DNA evidence in Massachusetts is a friend of yours. I guess disallowing my comments makes you feel protected.”

Now it may be a coincidence, but I have been publicly accused of looking like Putin [I never colluded with him however] and my associate editor is Indian – Chitra Selvaraj – so I got the feeling D was perhaps referring to Chitra and myself.

Although I don’t think Indian women are stupid, I have at times wondered about my DNA, though I don’t know who this Subhuman in Massachusetts is who is supposed to be my friend.

D’s mention in the email of me, “disallowing his comments”, made me wonder if D had been commenting on Frank Report. I looked and sure enough D had – about 20 times.  A few had been approved, but most were waiting there for my approval – which is not going to happen.

Each comment – which were found on different stories, had different names. I identified the same IP address and for the most part, the same crazed ramblings. [I do give D credit for coming up with creative monikers].

D’s monikers and comments are in bold:


This site is what can be called a “garden”.  It is used to see who is moving on the Mafia that is connected to the 911 bombing and the insurance packaged taken by the Seagrams Building right before 911.  Parlato is not Parlato.

The need to create digital paper trails engenders the concept of allowing open-format tipping so as to eliminate the typically secure but currently compromised investigative grapevines.  This is how these people are taken down.

We The People vs. Subhuman EU and Co.

7:43 am


Wonder why commenters are so interested in protecting names.  Plastic surgery is a hassle.

5:57 pm


Does Wedgewood China come in Greek patterns?  PettersGroup ripped me off and sold me fake bone.


Adminius the Keel

Most of this is somewhat accurate enough to expose the insane desire of sterile people to breed the world into a caricature of what hedonists thinks makes humans valuable.

Their plan is broken because they are not pure people and cannot grasp the technicalities of human genetics.  Half or more of the people involved are adopted. You can imagine their psychosis is rather debilitating. Check out the Facebook profile of: Babylonian Ars Fettes.


iron maiden

This is such a swell game of rugby. Too bad I have teeth sown on the bottom of my souls.  Is it cheating to speak the language of the locals better than they do?  Looks like Fettes is going to be the Barrabas this time.


House Broom

Legatus the Subhuman.  If that is who you are then I am Rhadamanthus.  Your integrity has been compromised and your sovereignty is voided. Suicide is an option as well as torture.



Anne Frank the Fraud.


smegma machine

[Referring to a certain commenter] You seem like a pederaster.



At what point do children become women?  According to your disease and that of mankind itself, it is when she is broken by a man or a predatory lesbian.


DCS 5000+

[referring to a certain commenter]… want a to learn how to brainwash little boys.  That is why he is ‘kind and KKK’.



Jewish incest and alcoholism. Nothing more than that.



If the defendants hang then the pederasty of Nice Guys will not be as easy to annihilate.  Adults are absurdly transparent.


Lord Stith

They likely want to visit the Dartmouth Dragon Society. That is where the pederasty forms the National Security plans that involve pederaster Freemasons pretending to save women from bad men.



NXIVM is a part of Al Anon.



Sinning in the name of another especially a father is the oldest trick in the book and the reason why pederasty and pedophilia are epigenetic.  Fathers have so much to attone for.

[link to some video]


Water is Vodka is Water

Anonymous is just peddling Al Anon garbage with hopes that Bahia and Muslims will feel entranced by his foul balls.


Beard Beater

Intentional mis-spelling is the sign of the raped and rapists.  It is something that Freemasons and banks do when handling live dead accounts.  NiceGuy is probably Parlato the Desi Lover.

[Note: a Desi is slang for an Asian Indian].


Fag Shovel

Anonymous is a boy molester 



Arizona is pedophile Nazi state.  They kill abortionists. NXIVM hates abortionists.  Anakarika Govinda told me so.

Florence King’s Dildo

The women on here commenting are the real criminals. The mothers of these men must be complete subhumans. Clearly the women commenting on here need to die.  But women are too stupid to die.

I guess mankind will leave them with the Guardian Race to make sure they are always treated like the sexual predators they are.


Normally I do not block commenters, but I am going to block D.  In fact, D is the first commenter I ever blocked.  But I think it only fair that if D really wants to stalk me, do it in person. There D will meet a robust response.

Of course, D might just be some mentally deranged individual or drug addled. If so, I am sorry for this person and I hope D gets help.

Well enough for now. I got a barrage of some 50 plus text messages in a row – about Nazis, gays and the Illuminati – with plenty of pictures. I don’t know if this is D or someone else.  The texts are a little less hostile than D’s comments and emails, but seemingly equally confused.

This is a side of investigative journalism that makes it colorful. You spend so much time chasing down leads and trying to figure out what is really happening. Then you get some zanies, and the occasional threat.

I like to think of it as comic relief.

Image result for scary clown

Image result for scary clown


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  • Sooz likes threatening men and having them feel she will not step on them with her high heels or sweaty pantihose.

    Little does she know.

    Large is her mouth and shriveled is her heart.

    Inside she is vantablack.

    A descent from Aspen would be too much for her to handle so she plays with ‘starseeded’ testicles.

    Mae West would be proud of the damage you losers have done.

  • Agree with the rest of the comment crew – this person is having a mental breakdown of some some sort and likely harmless but agree with Heidi. D might be just trying to connect and share thoughts that he/she thinks they are exposing but better be safe than sorry. Although, you’ve had to prioritize safety for years now from humans a lot more scary. So maybe just add it to the list?

      • Ding ding. You win the chicken dinner. … Believe me toots, this is not a fuckin game these demons are playing.

        • Thanks for the insight, Dennis. And what exactly is your role in the “not a fuckin game”? Other than helping to spread fear of reprisal, that is.

          • Sorry lady….El Chapo works for the good guys. Did Denny send you to spread more of your manure. Denny the storm is coming….this is not a fuckin game.

    • Talk about drama queens, El Chapo. This is an anonymous forum so it’s impossible for anyone to post anything here that has any effect on the NXIVM case. Law enforcement does not deal in anonymous online hearsay, El Chapo, they only deal in facts.

      • You would not know a fact if it hit you in the head. Your drama on here tries to obfuscate what is reality. This is not a fuckin game lady and my sincere advice for you is to keep your nose out of things you are totally clueless about. Your Burke sympathy is easy too see through. Your sympathy with the corrupt Mexican cabal is obvious to those who are aware of what is going on. Parlato would be better served at shutting off your silly drama.

        • Good call Chapo. I really wonder though if the flower girl is as naive as she comes across. Her sympathetic posts towards Burke and the evil democrat party-mexican cabal is certainly a red flag

  • It’s been suggested to me that the name “DEVIN HANDY” might be derived from this:
    Devín Castle (Slovak: hrad Devín [ˈɦrad ˈɟɛʋiːn][1] or Devínsky hrad [ˈɟɛʋiːnski ˈɦrat], 

    I have no idea if that’s true or not. The person who suggested this claims to be plagued by the same stalkers who “love” me so much, (stalkers who told me they read the Frank Report, BTW)
    Apparently, this castle has a special meaning to the individual who suggested this.

      • Come on, is that for me?…I’m serious about this person telling me that, but I have no clue if there is any truth to it.

        I can verify that she has mentioned this Devin Hrad castle numerous times, and i can verify that several key words in these posts have been mentioned by her before, though she certainly would never have written the nonsense in those posts.

        I have no idea if that place means anything to anyone else reading this, but it’s probably just a red herring anyways.

        • Flowers have you ever considered talking to all these people on the internet and swapping stories about being harassed by ‘large groups of people’ is just feeding off each other’s fears or delusions. The other thing to consider is people could be playing along with your story and offering up theories based on the boatloads of personal information you share. Drama feeds some people’s souls.

          • What “boatloads of personal information” would that be, “Have?” That I have a dog and kids , am around 50, and live somewhere near Vancouver, is hardly a boatload of personal information.

            And I also don’t “swap stories” with anyone. That’s your assumption, not the truth. This person I mentioned first contacted me a few years ago, when all this started, and I don’t know what their actual involvement is. However, i do think they are being sincere in their claims of harassment (but i could be wrong, of course.)

          • It has been suggested to me…..Flowers wrote but says she doesn’t swap stories of harassment with others on the internet. Really? You started commenting here with your tale of harassment and I would wager this isn’t the first place you landed looking for a sympathetic audience. How many times have you typed out the exact same phrases detailing your story both here and on different forums? Again, I’d wager they are too numerous to recall. Then, I imagine, you elicit sympathy initially and someone tells you their story. Hmmm, that’s interesting, you think, and, this detail gleaned from another gets added to your story and the snowball keeps growing as it rolls down the hill.

  • Careful with that “Countess” link, Frank. The “wolfPac” posted it in FR comments last week in a discussion on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and why neither NY State nor her Federal District has still not brought any charges against NX. I opened it on a burner device that’s frequently contaminated, anyway, and sure enough instantly picked up yet another virus.

    I know you’re not a big fan of the FBI but these may be real death threats that should be reported whether they act on it or not.

    It’s especially disturbing to me that Chitra is being targeted to at least scare you, when Chitra was offered a plea deal that gave her no prison time in exchange for your head. (Btw, how very sexist of the State that wants to ply voters with a #metoo Presidential candidate who allows, even propagates, such inequities, injustice and hypocrisy.)

    • Frank I had the exact same thought as Heidi screaming – I hope he didn’t click on the links! I’m sure though, as an investigator, you regularly have your devices checked for spyware. Please be on your guard.

  • Are you sure Raniere didn’t go crazy while in jail and somehow got his hands on some internet access?

    I’m sure there are many other commenters who are lamenting that I was not the first to be banned from making comments on the Frank Report. LOL

  • I know. Blame it on the Arizona Mafia. They are responsible for the government shutdown, global warming, and are currently monitoring your computer.


    • It’s also possible the AZ Mafia people, now that they’re under the gun and Burke has been sued, are going to try to “firehose” the Frank Report website with a ton of insane drama, hoping to dilute out the facts and analytical data that has already been collected with so much drama, (the way they see it), it would somehow tend to conceal Burke’s participation on Frank Report so far.

      Typical AZ Mafia conduct. It’s always brute force of one type or another.

      That’s what bullies do. Lacking intellect, bullies start trying to smash and break shit.

      • You are overstating the significance of the comments section. Within a day or two, the comments section is dead and dated. New stories appear, and hardly anybody reading the old stories pays much attention to the comments section. It’s mainly here for entertainment value, not much else.

    • Everything else aside, it’s something else to see DeezNuts invoke the Arizona Mafia, and write “WE ARE WATCHING YOU”, in the same post. If that’s not an admission, I don’t know what is.

  • Cocaine is a Hell of a drug.

    Reads like the ramblings of the Unabomber. Or Ben Szemkus. Definitely indicates schizophrenia.

    • >”Cocaine is a Hell of a drug,” writes the disgraced prosecutor, using one of several Frank Report aliases.

      The counsellor from Arizona has spoken on one of the few topics in which he still may have credibility, based on his own first-hand knowledge. Sad!

  • I believe this person has commented for at least a few days, as I remember seeing weird posts about someone named Fettes before.

    I’m going to guess that D is truly mentally ill and is not being intentionally threatening, but I agree, he should be blocked.

  • Wow ….. I feel kind of honored that your stalker questioned whether or not I am you. I do not think your stalker is a full fledge schizophrenic. I do think the person is an attention junky that drinks to much vodka. I am sorry Frank but I don’t think this nut is a serious nut. Definitely not crazy enough to show up at your front door and be used for target practice.

    • This discussion over whether or not the stalkers on this site that’s been featured in NX defense court filings are really, truly insane, just fakers or drug and alcohol adled creeps or ruthless Mexican cartel backers, or a corrupt defense attorney with conflict of interests and a history of witness tampering, etc. is absurd. This all needs to be reported to authorities and investigators! Please!

  • Welp, with Denny Burke under investigation, who was the man they hoped would save them, and a bunch of ex-Mex buddies either squealing or under indictment in the E.D.N.Y. for different but similar reasons (not just referring to the nxivm case), looks like a certain former President of a certain country is has finally shifted his focus on nxivm out of his proverbial first gear. Wonder which criminal organization they dealt with to deliver this round of insanity, because that’s how they work — almost always through various types of front men, front organizations, puppets and third parties.

    It’s got “their” fingerprints all over it.

    And if you think second gear is crazy, consider what happens when things really start heating up…sigh.

    What a complicated bunch.


    • Yep. Good report and excellent comment. This is not a fuckin game. I believe Parlato knows this regardless of the sometimes mockery he allows here. It is to easy to overlook when you have drama queens posting here ad nauseam (shadowperv, johnson, flowers and other libtard goofs etc) among some others. Peoples’ lives are in danger and not from Raniere and Mack. This is a deadly reality and some of you MFers better hope the fuckin swamp gets drained sooner than later.

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