In response to post, stalker D sends barrage of emails; might bear watching – he might be dangerous to himself or others

I am not too sure that this guy should not be watched. You read about warning signs from people who later turn out to be mass shooters and this guy sounds like one.  Of course he may be harmless. He might have too much time on his hands.  He might be writing from a mental institution where he is already safely sequestered from people.

I am referring to D – my personal online stalker.

In a previous post, I related to readers how D – whose name – based on his email  – – is Devin Wright Handy – has taken to emailing me and posting comments on Frank Report [which I now block] offering bizarre and potentially threatening messages.

D says he lives in Las Vegas, had an abusive Lesbian mother, is Jewish, a vegan, is slender and hates fat women, who he says try to rape him.

Following my post, D has doubled down on emails to me. With two clicks on my computer I could block him, but I think D bears watching to see if his vague and ambiguous threats escalate into something more firm.  This man may be planning to harm somebody – himself, maybe others.

Psychologists and experts on mass shooters could probably tell us more about whether the emails I am getting are likely from a harmless babbler of conspiracy theories or if we have a psychopath on our hands.

Of course, I do not believe people should be censored. I am not advocating that every crackpot be investigated for spewing insane or even hateful speech. You be the judge – is D just a sad sack, a fruitcake off his rocker, or is this man subtly saying he is going to take violent action against a hostile world one day – maybe sooner rather than later.

Here are a few of Devlin Wright Handy’s messages to me following my post about him:

Don’t worry Parlato

I replied to D.

Not sure what you want but I doubt I can help you. If you could articulate what it is that might be a good start. I get plenty of emails and do not need incomprehensible ones. So either articulate just what it is you’re trying to accomplish or suppose you find someone else for a pen pal. 


D replied:

I got your SOLID attention.  Thank you.  I will stop poking you as I only did that to see how far you would go. I am still piecing together the overall ‘affect’ of the cult.

In 1997 and 1998 two websites went online that spurred NXIVM into creation. It is UNKNOWN if NXIVM has members inside the Wingmakers and inside the Nibiruan Council movement.
Wingmakers began in 1997.  One year later [Jelaila Starr] was already writing strange books around 1995.  Starr is one of the pets of NIXVM as far as I can tell.
It doesn’t matter if NXIVM falls down because the damage it did extends into other channels which are MORE POPULAR and farther reaching.
Wingmakers had a thread in a forum during 2005 that was all about ‘the new race of perfectly mixed islander children’ and how their skin color would be the global skin color when the ‘mission to discover the Grand Portal was completed’. As far as I can tell, the Grand Portal is an entrance to a building in Turkey.
IDK what you think about Islam but you must form a very opinionated stance against it if you expect to be taken seriously by humans.
If appears that Wingmakers is preparing for a legal windfall concerning the births of religious children by trying cases of Wrongful Life, Conception, and Birth.
Does this make more sense to you?


I did not respond to this email because I decided that it was not worthwhile. At first glance, it doesn’t make sense. Perhaps it does to readers. But D kept sending emails:


A meme from a ‘gay’ group on Facebook

The group is called ‘We Live in A Society.  It is a great place to see how the teens are grappling their confusion over the roles of their genders…  Potato is code for basic white trash.



How does pity work Frank?  I don’t know anyone who enjoys a pitiful handout from those who pity those who are not interested in putting those who pity virgins on pedestals.

Do you understand the disease of the mind that is causing humans to breed children based on PITY and SHAME?
Why were you born Frank?  I see that you are Junior.  There must be something in your Mafia past that drives you forwards into dark territory.  Some sort of animus that keeps you in control of what demons you certainly recognize.
I was born to a lesbian who abused my father for years.  I was born to take down the criminal natalism industry based on tricking humans into producing mindless slaves for speculative investors who rely on 100 year plans.
I certainly will not accomplish my goal in this lifetime so it is only pertinent to leave a record of what needs to be done.

KKKommiefornia Tranny Teacher Union

Those subhumans believe children need them.  All those subhumans do is drug kids and molest their minds STASI-style.


Journalism? No…

Who has to die Frank?

Why do homosexuals want to remove foreskin?  Anal sex.  Arabs are subhumans.  They use anal sex as birth control.  Arabs women are constantly assfucked.
Having no foreskin makes filthy pedophile and rapist cockheads easier to wash with sand and a handful of camel spit.
This is total war Parlato.
Death to the infidel and Death to all that stand in our way.
You are with me or against me.
NiceGuy is proof that I am correct and will succeed.


[No Subject]

Australia is under quarantine.  The entire population of Aussie Anglos is severely diseased at an equal rate of %45 cosanguous births to Muslim.

Why do you think they complain about nuclear weapons and waste but provided most of the uranium?
What about the inbred Navajo?
Guess what Frank.
The subhumans who lie about fucking their relatives are scheduled to be euthanized by time itself.
As their rates of inbreeding rise…my tac goes up and my quality of life is attacked.
It is personal.
But isn’t it always Mr.Singer?

Buffalo is so close to Quebec

[this email only includes a link]

French Subhumans

Remember the murders and riots during the 80s-90s in Quebec?

It’s all about killing the Royals.
So many subhumans have aspirations and ambitions.
I see a ZOG pedophile commented on your report under the moniker “Albanian”.
This is really easy for me Frank.
I just show questionable allegiances ribtips to make sure they realize they are in over their heads.

FAT LADY Parlatos

Fat hideous imposter Jew subhuman WATERY EYED BLONDE WITH NO SOULS.  Birthing human CHATTEL to collect alimony and tax breaks.


Commenter Anonymous

Anonymous is a homosexual man pretending to be a woman.  Russians live tyrannies and Young Trannies.  Ivanka is a fucking moron.

Bad Move Frank

So now you flip the story over to obese subhuman faghags who vote for routine male circumcision? Why are the horses even needing to be rescued?  So that PAUL Allen and the Kentucky Mafia of Alocholic Pedophiles can dispose of their horses?

You know how jockeys are made?  Malnutrition and abduction of sickly kids from immigrant families.
I guess Keith thinks he is Perceval.


Why are Muslims women so fat?  Why are fat women so disgusting and dishonest?

I have had so many fat whore pigs try to rape me for being skinny.  They are worthless eaters and you better get with the program.  FAT people are evil at heart.

Look at the subhuman Suzeranian pig trying to threaten me.  “Better be safe than sorry” it squealed.

What kind of worthless pigslut is too stupid to add an interjecting “to”?
I will tell you.  Some kind of exhippy lesbian pedophile with glasses.  One who gets so mad that she can barely put together a paragraph.  One that should have been aborted back in the 60s.
I will never be taken down by these fucking subhumans.

Nazi Horses

Don’t worry Parlato.  You are not the fish we want.  You are just useful.


The whores of NXIVM and your commenters are fighting to inherit money.  How pathetic they are.  I have more respect for cockroaches.


Russian Gay Twink Porn

NXIVM in a nutshell.

[link to wikipedia article on film “sextette”]


[no subject]


When a problem comes along…you must HOUSE WHIP IT

[links to a YouTube video showing women weighing over 200 pounds dancing.]

Been to Spain lately?

Spain is a shithole.  Unemployment, an ancient culture of pedophilia and male rape.  Filthy carnist midgets who like to wear gold.  Spain had lots to do with the WTC bombing birthday celebration of L Ron Hubbard born on 1911.


Absolute moron and wordpuppet.  Has nothing to say but is Swedish so she just hijacks pedophiles and criminals and paints them as pajama parties papas for pathetic pandering pukes.



The Circle is a pedophile ring based in Germany Australia and the Philippines.  It is also called Neibelung after the One Ring of Ottonian mythology.  The symbol is a yellow ring with a bull head above it.  Various media can be found with this symbol.  The Goldmember from Austin Powers was based on a real person in Sweden.  Google apparently erased the articles from the major papers that broke it.


In what business does throwing money at dumb people and bad ideas work?

Apple.  Apple killed the independent .mp3 player market.  I had four players that were far superior to ITunes products.  They were ruined by faggot Syrian baby Steve Jobs.  His dad is Syrian and hates him.
Apple is garbage.
And now look.  Eggers and his tiny brain are trying to make subhuman drug peddling teachers wealthier than they already are.
Teachers buy lesson plans.
Teachers nowadays are garbage and need to be severely punished for the stupid filth they tell children about the world.
Image result for cocolorum


See the pedophile AKA pirate network?  Coco is also a gorilla.  A rapist gay male.  Coco is also Coco Chanwllw.  Coco is cocaine. I guess kids are just trash to be written into history as toys for faggots.

{Link to Wikipedia article on 826 Valencia, a non-profit organization in San Francisco.]

Nose jobs

The Arian or Norse have always been proMuslim.  They are pathetic people who only attach to the backs of stronger people and will always make deals with enemies.

Don’t you know Parlato?

[link to Wikipedia article on Euphemius who opened the door to the Muslim conquest of Sicily and was ordered to have his nose cut off by the Emperor.]


Following my post on D, a reader sent me a TruthFinder online report based on the email address, mentioned in the post.

It reports that, just as D has said – the email is attached to Devlin Wright Handy.

The report says Handy attended Boulder Outdoor Survival School, in 2003, a school specializing in “Primitive Wilderness Survival Skills,” Bates Technical College, in 2005, Northern Virginia Community College, 2006, and Northern Virginia School Of Therapeutic Massage 2007.

His employment record shows him not lasting long at any job:

Carpenter’s Assistant at Macy’s West Jun. 1, 2002 – Oct. 1, 2004
Financial Aide at American Red Cross Jun. 1, 2003 – Aug. 1, 2003
Kennel Supervisor at Friends Of Homeless Animals Sep. 1, 2005 – Jun. 1, 2006
Machinist at Tacoma Tent & Awning Mar. 1, 2005 – Jul. 1, 2005
Field Technician at Doody Calls Jan. 1, 2007 – Jul. 1, 2007
Temporary Laborer at LaborWorks Aug. 1, 2010 – Nov. 1, 2010
Order Selector at Coastwide Laboratories Nov. 1, 2010 – Sep. 1, 2011
Order Selector at Jibe Staffing Oct. 1, 2011 – Feb. 1, 2012
Order Selector at Belmar Services Aug. 1, 2012 – Nov. 1, 2012
Merchandiser at Color Spot Nurseries Mar. 1, 2013 – May. 1, 2013
Temporary Laborer at Labor Ready Jan. 1, 2013 – Jun. 1, 2013
Order Picker – Machine Operator at Coastwide Laboratories
Maintenance Technician at Town Of Little Elm


As for D, – his emails may be a cry for help. Perhaps he has not yet done anyone any true harm yet and may himself be bruised and abused and seeking either for help or to lash out at someone.

Maybe he is well intended but mixed up.  My advice to D – is seek help at once.


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4 years ago

All I can offer is something you already know – call law enforcement if he actually threatens you.

4 years ago

Perhaps this guy shouldn’t be mentioned again. Whatever the issues, publishing this may feed it and wind this one further up

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Natashka

It makes as much sense as the horsey stories.

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
4 years ago

Please ignore & block this guy and dont give him the attention he is seeking.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Ron Jeremy

Are you the real Ron Jeremy?

Leon Festinger
Leon Festinger
4 years ago

I think your advice to D to seek help immediately is good but won’t be followed and that’s so unfortunate. You said:

You read about warning signs from people who later turn out to be mass shooters and this guy sounds like one. Of course he may be harmless.

And your point is valid. This person could pose a danger to society or is just someone amusing them self. You may never know the answer. The Frank Report could be mentioned on any number of forums frequented by people who are a little off kilter (to put it mildly) and D knows you read these missives being sent so it could be fueling the fire.

4 years ago

Dear D,

Congratulations on doing your research on schizophrenics D !!! “The Grand Portal”, is the first time you used an authentic neologism. Bravo!!! I had to google to learn your usage of Grand Portal was actually a first in the context of your usage. Unfortunately using my screen name again was a direct attempt to draw me into communication. It worked I am mentioning you and your getting attention.

Unfortunately you tipped your hand. A real schizophrenic would not have mentioned me at all or would have mentioned me excessively. At least more than twice. Do not get me wrong D. …. you do have some screws loose, but you are not an actual schizophrenic. D. your just a poor soul looking for attention. I am truly sorry for that… the world can be a lonely place.

I will not be responding to you using my screen name in the future.

Best of luck to you!

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

It’s not a neologism by any means in the context of his usage. Google “grand portal” “wingmakers”. It is part of the lore of that New Age online movement.

I myself actually found this site due to the use of those terms. I doubt it is the case in general, but there is at least one member I am aware of who bases his online existence around that group and who has a fairly narcissistic personality and undue interest in influencing underage girls including a family member of mine, much as this fellow a”D” and his presumable alter ego “baylonian ars fettes” seem to think. Unfortunately both D and his potential alter ego seem to be deeply disturbed and unbalanced.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Doing a google search, maybe his cat is still lost. The address shows the Crestview Garden Apartments:

Animal’s Name: Dinkins (8600)
Lost or Found: Lost When: 04/09/2018
Animal: Cat Breed/Type: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male Age: Young
Primary Color: Black and White Secondary Colors:
City: Lacy-Lakeview County: McLennan
Phone: 2404391553 Email:
Contact: Darrin Reward: yes
Where Lost/Found: 1814 E. Crest Drive
Description: Black and white cat, long tail. White paws and feet. Big ears and eyes. Soft fur.

Please help little Dinkins get home. His bed and food are waiting, and I am sure he is worried.

4 years ago

We better check the animal shelters in Maryland then, since that’s where the 240 area code is for.
Does D’s IP address show he’s near Vegas? If so, then maybe he moved recently?

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Flowers

People often keep their phone numbers when they move. The Las Vegas IP address could be from using a proxy server.

4 years ago

Yes, obviously the area code does not match with the location of the lost pet website, which is a lost & found forum for Texas.
So D lost the cat in Texas, is still using a Maryland phone number, and now claims to live in Nevada.

Who wants to volunteer to call his number and ask him if he ever found his cat? I’m going to guess that number is no longer in service.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Flowers

Frank should call him, as his number is public.

4 years ago

Here is a flickr account attached to the name “Creation Ode” which I believe is reference to a band name. Sort of ties in with the missing cat too as he has pics of a black and white one.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anon

Interesting. Maybe the kitty had a little too much nip, and couldn’t find his way home?
I also searched the phone number he used on the lost pet ad, and that number is connected to someone named Horace Knights, who has several different addresses listed.

I get the feeling that this D might be a sophisticated troll who has taken personal information from various people…or maybe the guy in the pictures needs to start smoking again and mellow out….

4 years ago

Pretty sure you’re just being trolled frank. This guy looks harmless. Obviously not hard to find him thanks to google. D: Franks right, best to get some help if you really have all these thoughts and are obsessively contacting Frank. You’re loved D. Reach out to family or go to a hospital and let them know you are having a mental health issue, they’ll help you. No judgement.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Troll

Yes, Frank. Nothing to worry about, since your name, address, telephone number, etc., are easy to find, while Troll is operating anonymously. Easy for her to say.

4 years ago

Your stalker’s e-mail shows up in a database of password leaks. Bummer for him.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Anonymous

I put in several of my current and past emails, as well as Frank’s, and they all showed up as being leaked. Not sure if that means all of the emails have been compromised or the website is useless.

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