Readers on Rick Ross, Nxivm money laundering, Raniere’s talent, suicide and using Anne Frank for Pea Onyu

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Besides kooks and cranks like D, who are borderline stalkers, I get emails from readers who provide useful information and offer thoughtful suggestions.
Here are few of them.

Rick Ross, deprogramming, and Scientology

Dear Mr. Parlato,

I see that a Scientology OSA person has contacted you in order to discredit Rick Ross.  

A number of years ago, I did my best to make sense out of what happened in and around the CAN case involving Ross, and I (along with a co-author) got it published in SKEPTIC magazine.  Here is the link, and you will want to read pp. 40-42.

As an academic, let me say that the information you are providing is very important-please keep it up. A colleague of mine plans to begin research on Nxium later this year, and she will be making extensive use of your site.


Steve Kent PhD

Department of Sociology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Dr. Kent’s article is well worth reading. 
The next email opens up an intriguing line of investigation. Perhaps some former Nxivm readers may know something about this and might care to comment. Or tell law enforcement.
From F.

Fact, Some NXVIM employees, deposited commission checks in American accounts for Mexican citizens for a fee. Make of it what you will. 


Nxivm has allegedly had manipulative suicides. There are various opinions on this from Keith had nothing to do with the death of Gina Hutchinson and the disappearance of Kristin Snyder – to he had a direct hand in both women’s fates. Here is an email that suggest that the ominous idea of encouraging suicide is for some, and perhaps Raniere, just a game.

Suicide Pattern

Hi Frank..

Mindlist, an online discussion group.. one of the guys who regularly posted on there used the name Reggie Chan. He used to have a website that flaunted, besides lots of nasty sexual hypnotic NLP patterns to do to girls, The Suicide Pattern. Some of the boys on Mindlist also had a project going on “Building The Perfect Girlfriend.”


This next email offers insightful thoughts about Keith Raniere, that perhaps his one true talent and his one true goal – is having sex with women and lamentably girls. 


... I saw the short Vice piece on YouTube about how you took down NXIVM cult and was impressed. You were very cool so smart, and obviously still living the good life, and you won the fight. I also respect the dogged determination it took to follow the story, learn and publicize the truth. 

I am an artist and teacher… Have been following the story but was interested when I saw your part in it.

I have seen a couple of sex cults in my time….  There are other cults not based on sex, like Scientology, but often the sex cults people look like the Nexium people- thin, emaciated, haunted, tired.

I have met some men who seemed to be, for lack of a better word “Don Juans”. It looks like Raniere was that kind of guy. From what I see, that was his talent, and his need, – to control, and trap willing women into his web, like a pimp.  I think the genius was a con job. I bet he engineered those [IQ] tests and results, reports of his genius.

So sad and tawdry in the end. How much can people put up with before they see the light?

I am thankful that there was someone like you around. A smart savvy adult who did not take any shit. Successful in an unusual and interesting way and very cool. I saw the …  look on the Vice girl as you played the piano but even that was pretty good too. I think you are a fellow artist and I think none of those nexium assholes could be.


Here is a question that readers might weigh in on: Is it right to use a photo of Anne Frank for Pea Onyu’s latest submission wherein she claims she was Anne Frank in a previous life?


From G:

Why did you allow a photo of Anne Frank to be used? Didn’t that girl suffer enough?  Don’t sully Ann with this NXIVM scum.

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  • Folks it’s called ” loading the language” using the word collateral instead of blackmail.
    Why not have had them post bond instead? We all know NXIVM is all about the money with sex on the side but only for Keith.

  • I agree about the picture of Anne Frank–she died horribly in a concentration camp, her picture should in no way be associated in a humorous way with a cult or any representatives of.

    Please take the picture down.

  • Does “collateral” in all its forms, explain or excuse why M Hildreth, K Kreuk, G Park etc are keeping quiet?

  • From F.
    Fact, Some NXVIM employees, deposited commission checks in American accounts for Mexican citizens for a fee. Make of it what you will.

    Sounds like a way of money laundering or hiding the source of dirty money.

  • Another interesting article would be one about the use of “collateral” blackmail material in the manipulation of both female and male cult members. According to the latest reports R. Kelly collected “collateral” as well. I previously had know idea that collecting collateral/blackmail material was such a common practice among cult groups.

    • It’s done in Scientology as well. You tell your deepest, darkest secrets, which are recorded, and then they can hold it over you later. Amway and other MLM scams have a “kinder, gentler” version of getting you to tell your upline your dreams (big house, new car, etc.) and how devoted you are to achieving them, then they can make you feel guilty later when you lose your shirt and quit.

    • Blackmail is also a common technique for Pimps to control their sex workers.

      “Pimps will also blackmail the women with humiliating pornography tapes and threaten to tell their friends and family what they do.”
      ABC’s of Human Trafficking: Pimp, Pornography, and Prostituted Person

      As for cult members who do you think collects all that information about the private lives of Scientologists John Travolta and Tom Cruise that ends up in the National Enquirer?
      Other Scientologists.

  • Dr. Kent’s article is worth reading. It is fascinating and chilling how far cultish groups will go to gain credibility and legitimacy within our society.

    • Blackmail and extortion are nothing new, Nice Guy, and neither is using potentially damaging information to scare people into silence. Criminals have been using these tactics for many years, and cults are run by criminals….

      • Good call flowers. It is how the Deep State has operated since their existence. Some of your democrat heroes are about to be implicated in exactly what you have stated.

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