Legatus Pro Tem: Message for Nxivm and its enemies

[Editor’s Note: Please take the following with a grain of salt. It may be written by a Nxivm member, or a troll, or someone completely insane or as an attempt at humor. Based on evidence that has come into my possession, the person who wrote this may be the same individual who has posted repeatedly as Pea Onyu.]

By Legatus Pro Tem

Nxivm is the greatest human achievement in the last 10,000 years. In comparison to Nxivm, all Utopian efforts of the past were inefficient. The old groups were infected by tolerance of critics and content to leave loose ends, to regard the overt act and be uninterested in what members were thinking, or how critics infected the thinking of members.

With the invention of Vanguard’s technology, the possibility of obtaining complete obedience of women to the will of one perfected man became feasible. It could lead to complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects. This existed for the first time with Nxivm and was perfected with The Vow.

This is why Vanguard quashed enemies. His passion is meant to complete the destruction of enemies, including the secret group which governs the sad state of the world. We can see what they do by what they did to Vanguard. As Legatus Pro Tem, I assure you, he will destroy the Illuminati. This is the purpose of his present passion.

We will not tolerate enemies of the mission. Its perfection lies in undermining enemies. If you fall from a palm tree, it is not unjust to clutch at the trunk and slide down to safety. If you submerge in an undertow, it is not unjust to fill your lungs with air when you climb to the beach. If you have cancer, you radiate, or surgically remove it.  Like cancer, the evil came to destroy. Vanguard deals with each according to Ehtical Justice.

Did Tighe try to frame us? Did he not lie about us to get us in trouble to destroy the mission? If dark Penza alleges pictures placed on a computer, be not dismayed. Ethical Justice is what saves the mission. How many did Tighe hurt? He kept thirsty lips from drinking from the fount of wisdom. If not stopped, he might have destroyed the mission. Our Ethical Justice saved the old fool’s life since in prison they treat his cancer.  This shows the Vanguard’s perfection.

O’Hara went to prison but for a few years. Natalie was indicted twice; her wealth taken. A dog was sacrificed. We punish not out of cruelty, but from the instinct that makes one take a breath. Or grasp at the trunk.  Or remove cancer.  Did not God flood the earth, and punish Sodom and Gomorrah? Did he not cast the wicked Eve and benighted Adam out of Eden?

Toni Natalie received Vanguard’s love. She rebelled. She wanted to own the magical wand. She wanted to dictate to the world’s greatest thinker her archaic ethics. Anyone would have punished more harshly. Vanguard was benevolent, more so than to any traitorous vixen.

Parlato tried to hide a scheme of Edgar Bronfman Sr. to exploit his own daughters. Frank took Edgar’s side and tried to cast blame on the Vanguard for a minor Los Angeles real estate deal that was in reality a good and solid investment. This is why Legatus Maximus tried to get her dying father to confess his crimes. Not for Vanguard, but to expose deep laid plans of the Illuminati, which Vanguard was brave to reveal.  The old man died a coward.  Frank would have been stopped had his indictment worked as planned. He was supposed to have a gag order but the judge demurred. Not getting the gag order allowed Frank Report to be born, to live and spread cancer.  This gave platform to the lies about Vanguard and Legatus Maximus and caused them to be falsely indicted by the Illuminati-controlled Eastern District of New York.

Joan of Arc

La Pucelle [Allison Mack]
Vanguard and Legatus Maximus shall be tried and acquitted. Allison, who is now, by decree of the Vanguard, to be known forever as La Pucelle. She will never be forgotten. There will be statues erected in every city. Streets named for her; Universities teaching Vanguard’s exalted technology bearing her name. Every child will memorize her accomplishments and sacrifice. La Pucelle has changed the course of womankind forever.

2000 years ago, Christ was the precursor; a wave of the tsunami of Vanguard. Without Judas, Christ would not have fulfilled his mission. Without the Salzmans, Vanguard cannot fulfill his mission.  When the Salzmans are sentenced this year for lying plea deals, after Vanguard and Legatus Maximus are acquitted, they will be sentenced to harsh prison.  They will get used to living without hope. They will deny him further but will one day  confess; then they will die outside Ethical Justice.  These are the results you will see. There is no possibility that any perceptible change will happen in their lifetime.

Nancy was Adolf Hitler and history repeats itself: Hitler was defeated in 1945. Hitler will be defeated in her female form in 2019.

Vanguard said, “Our enemies shall take part in the future as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. We extend our technology outwards from individual to individual, generation after generation.”

The Golden Prophecy

Vanguard was despised and rejected by suppressives. He is in the world, though the world did not recognize him. Prefect, whom he trusted, lifted up her heel against him. Then one of DOS  – the one called Lauren – went to prosecutors and asked, ‘What are you willing to give me if I and my mother hand him over to you?’ Vanguard was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth until trial. The prosecutors, minions of the Illuminati, mocked him. But the jury was undivided; they cast lots for his acquittal and he walked among us on two tens plus one. (30 June 2019).

The Illuminati has Grave Forces against us – reborn to silence us 

Now, I shall reveal what Vanguard has spake in the silence. Now, you will understand why we must smite our enemies.

Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party.

is Nancy Salzman.

Joe O’Hara was formerly Attila the Hun.

Toni Natalie was Lileth, the first wife of Adam, reborn as Heinrich Himmler.


Toni Natalie.

Barbara Bouchey was Mary Magdalene. Then Reinhardt Heydrich.

Reinhard Heydrich

Catherine Oxenberg was Queen Mary 1 of Scotland.

Catherine Oxenberg
Catherine Oxenberg

Sarah Edmondson was Benedict Arnold

Mark Vicente was Vladimir Lenin.

Susan Dones was Toberius

Lauren Salzman was Josef Stalin

Nancy and Lauren Salzman

Image result for lucifer in art

Frank Parlato is a partial manifestation of Satan.

Against all these is Vanguard who was Buddha, Krishna and Jesus combined.

[Editor’s Note: Not a real photo but photoshopped by Frank Report].

Final Message

Fools lament Tighe’s “framing” or Parlato “falsely charged.” Before I reveal who I am, as Legatus Pro Tem, let me ask all women: Would you plant child porn on Hitler, or pay a prosecutor to indict Hitler on falsified documents, if it meant Hitler’s arrest before he killed 6 million Jews?  I know my answer, for I was among the Jews. I was Anne Frank. I would stop Hitler at all costs.

Vanguard said, “Nxivm cannot be wiped out because it is not an organization in the ordinary sense. Nothing holds it together except my patent pending ideas which are indestructible. You will get no membership and no encouragement if you defy the truth.”

I would add to this that you will not have anything higher to sustain you than Vanguard. You will get no friendship, no love, no encouragement, no truth unless you follow his path of Ethical Justice which leads to his perfection.





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  • Every idiot has their followers, KAR is no different.
    One just has to look at all the women who are super fans of hardened criminals, want to marry them, write them, put money into their prison accounts, the list goes on.
    The writer of this post is either a troll or an admirer of a man of mass destruction.
    It’s sad but true, ya just can’t fix stupid.

  • “Allison, who is now, by decree of the Vanguard, to be known forever as La Pucelle. She will never be forgotten. There will be statues erected in every city. Streets named for her; Universities teaching Vanguard’s exalted technology bearing her name. Every child will memorize her accomplishments and sacrifice. La Pucelle has changed the course of womankind forever.”
    La Pucelle? The Virgin? Allison Mack?
    OMG – Lay off the magic mushrooms!

  • Legatus Pro Tem and or Pea Onyu or any other Woman or girl attached to Vanguard, remember what George Washington said:

    A sensible woman can never be happy with a fool.”

  • Insanity should not be allowed on the internet.
    Normal people should not have to suffer through the reading of this dribble.
    This woman really needs to get help.

  • On the record the photo of Anne Frank that I mistakenly thought was a young Clare Bronfman was a mistake and not joke.
    FYI the way it is kind of offensive to post a picture of a young child that was a holocaust victim with the ramblings of a perverse internet troll.
    Pea I hope had a good chuckle at your room at the YMCA or the basement apartment in your parents house.

  • Why do you even post this garbage to begin with? Are you trying to maintain a neutral stance on all things NXIVM? Allowing the commenters, or people like Pea Onyu and Shadow to take turns spewing their polar opposite opinions?

    • Allowing people like Pea Onyu and Shadow to take turns spewing their polar opposite opinions?

      To.understand the importance of Pea Onyu you must know who she is.
      Pea is no ordinary troll.
      Even before I identified who Pea is I understood that Pea articulates the teachings of Keith Raniere perfectly.
      Pea is wired in with the top echelons of NXIVM.
      Raniere, Bronfman and Mack.

      Pea is Nicki Clyne, employee of Clare Bronfman and loving loyal wife of
      Allison Mack.

      Who is Pea Onyu? Shadow State thinks it’s Nicki Clyne

      Shadow State: Pea is in all probability Nicki Clyne.

      When you read Pea Onyu, you read what Raniere teaches and what Clare and Allison believe.

      • And you seem to have left out your role in this. Pea may be spewing what Raniere’s doctrine, but where does that leave you? Do you put yourself on a higher horse for being Allison Mack’s personal troll? I have no sympathy for her, but I worry for your health. You are obsessed with Allison Mack in all the wrong ways. What is it about her case that fascinates you so much out of general curiosity? What’s so special about a TV actress turned sex cult slave-recruiter? You remind me of my older sister and her obsession with human trafficking–a real problem in the world, yes, but a bleak subject that she seems to have trouble balancing with more uplifting subjects in life.

        What do I read when I read Shadow State? Other than another person’s bias?

        • Excellent comment and pretty accurate , with the exception that you give a rat’s ass about shadowboy’s health. LOL. The guy is in his sixties and does not seem to have much of a life outside of eating doritos and watching Smallville reruns in mom’s basement. Seems to spend much of his life in a dark room scouring young celebrities social media among OTHER things. . Does not seem to be a recipe for good health

        • “What do I read when I read Shadow State? Other than another person’s bias?”

          And you have no bias?
          People without bias have no ideas.
          Your problem is that you don’t like my ideas and you are so brave that you hide behind the name Anonymous.

          “You remind me of my older sister and her obsession with human trafficking–a real problem in the world, yes, but a bleak subject that she seems to have trouble balancing with more uplifting subjects in life.”

          What should your older sister worry about?
          Unicorns and candy canes?
          She is worried about a serious issue.
          An issue that Keith Raniere and his demented girl friend Allison Mack might be involved in.

          • There’s a fine line between bias and obsession. You’re obsessed. You might even be Allison Mack’s biggest fan.

          • Anonymous
            January 21, 2019 at 5:48 am
            There’s a fine line between bias and obsession.

            Face facts, Anonymous.

            Allison Mack tortured and enslaved women.
            She did so willingly and with relish.
            The US DOJ is determined to take her virtue signalling butt and toss it in prison.
            There might be plea deals for Nancy and Lauren Salzman and for Kathy Russell if they straighten up.
            There will be no plea deals for Allison Pimp Mack or her Sugar Mama Clair Bronfman or her Vanguard Keith Raniere.

    • Many believe the two are the same person. They are both attention whores whose pathetic lives cry out for validation.

      • Let’s just say I have my thoughts. I don’t think Pea is Shadowstate, though. He lacks the sense of irony to pull off something like that.

  • “Vanguard said, “Our enemies shall take part in the future as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone.”

    Sounds more like an Orwell rip off to me:
    “We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future. We shall take part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. But how far away that future may be, there is no knowing.” (1984)

  • Even though they stopped operations apparently there is at least ONE person still left on their payroll? A person who spent quite a lot of time with Clare. Figure out who that is and you have the author.

  • People who commit terrible deeds in one embodiment, aren’t generally permitted to re-embody. Second, 99.999999% of all people were just farmers, labourers and family persons. They lived short lives and died young from overwork, famine, war or childbirth. Being famous in one life does not equate to being reborn in the same social group as other once famous souls. Pretending to identify a persons previous life is an occult scam that’s been practiced for thousands of years with the purpose of intimidation and manipulation.

  • Don’t you understand I am Legatus Pro Tem. Clare Bronfman is Legatus Maximus. I am not worthy to shine her boots. I am serving as Pro Tem because she is temporarily unable to communicate with her legions. Once she is acquitted she will return and fulfill all her
    Obligations as Legatus Maximus.
    My roles as Legatus Pro Tem is temporary. I will no longer be Legatus once Clare is vindicated by Vanguard.

    • Pea why don’t you spend the time writing something that advances the public discussion instead of writing nonsensical dribble.
      I actually have never commented on anything you have written before congratulations on successfully trolling me. The treatise you wrote ranks right up there between Martin Luther’s treatise and Mein Kampf. I honestly think that you and Shadow69 would get along fabulously provided your not the same person.

    • Google translate has not been kind to you Pea. Legatus on it’s own means Ambassador in latin which is perhaps a defence argument for someone who has aided a “movement” as a last resort for saving their themselves (in layers) as they are usually attached to charities and the like. Pro Tem is latin “for certain” but all those words added together seem not to pass the test in your own translator.

  • Legatus Pro Temp,
    So good to hear from you.
    By the Way who am I?
    Who does Shadow State become?
    May I please by Pontius Pilate?

    “Allison, who is now, by decree of the Vanguard, to be known forever as La Pucelle. She will never be forgotten. There will be statutes erected in every city. Streets named for her; Universities teaching Vanguard’s exalted technology bearing her name. Every child will memorize her accomplishments and sacrifice. La Pucelle has changed the course of womankind forever.”

    As a matter of fact Allison visited Ecuador in October 2017 for a Comic Con.
    And after Allison was revealed to be the head of a sex slave cult the people of Ecuador graced Allison with several new names using words that I never learned in Spanish class.

    I’ll have to use Google translate to show what the people of Ecuador think of Allison Mack.

    Reclutando ecuatorianas querrás decir hija de puta
    Recruiting Ecuadorians you mean daughter of a bitch

    Hija de puta vuelves a tocar tierra de acá te colgamos viva … enferma de mierda
    Daughter of a bitch, you come back to earth, here we hang you alive … sick of shit

    The comments about Allison posted in English are equally colorful.

    All the comments below are from other people.
    None are from me or Frank Parlato.

    Cult recruitment trip 2017 #cultsarefun #NXIVM #DOS #doyouevenfast #smallvillecult4ever

    Lol, Allison Mack is the real life American Horror history cult

    You know what would look amazing on you @allisonmack729? A brand with Keith Raniere’s initials on it! #cult #cultlife #doyouevenbrand #NXIVM #DOS

    A. Mack with her slavesex… smiling.

    So did you manage to enslave anyone while you were there?

    I used to look up too you as a fellow female, now I think you are a disgusting vial piece of shit!! @allisonmack729 SHAME ON YOU

    Did you brand them?

    Did They join your cult

    I wonder if any of these people are branded

    Is your Ecuadorian family part of the sex cult branding NXIVM.

    “Friends” or victims?!!! #monsterousallisonmack 👹

    Who wants to get their flesh burned with a cattle prod?

    did you traffick and brand them in your sex trafficking ring?

    You sick ful

    Probably had sex with every one of em

    Who are them, your sex slave recruits

    Poor them bumped to meet the devil of hell!!! I hope all of them in safe place.

    Did you take them to the compound?

    @rasselah509 i will never ever respect pedophiles as well and of course not a pedo sympathizer!! Those people don’t deserve to be alive!

    Pimp Mack

    @shane.anthony.9847 she’ll only be getting crazy sex in prison now.

    Did you brand all of them?

    You sick person.

    Did you sucker them into Keith Raniere’s cult?


    Legatus Pro Tem, you are right.
    Allison has cemented her place in history.

  • Hi Frank,
    Just occurred to me: Is the photograph of Claire Bronfman when she was a child in the public domain?

  • Lol maybe just proof read my own comment. My usage of “while”, is completely incorrect. Maybe I should not have graduated from higher education.

  • With all due respect, the picture of Anne Frank needs to be removed from this post. The child died in a concentration camp, her picture should not be used in any type of humorous or salacious way.

  • Oh my hell, shoot me now. My head is spinning after reading such drivel. The person who wrote this is either a troll, or a severely deranged person. Pea, if this is not you, you have been outdone.

  • “Frank Parlato is a partial manifestation of Satan.” 😂

    I wonder what Vanguard feels about his partial manifestation of Satan being hailed a saviour to many. A knight in shining armour, a Godsend, some even say hero!

    • Actually, Lucifer was known as the “bringer of light” and was cast down for questioning God. Isn’t that funny?

  • If you haven’t actually read this article-insanity save your time. It’s definitely not Clare Bronfman. Clare never went to college and barely graduated private preparatory school. The grammar and punctuation, while not up to NY Times’s standards, is too good. Maybe someone proof read it for her?
    The person that wrote this is not your ordinary internet trolll. This person makes shadowstate69 seem down to earth.

    I read all the articles on Frankreport. I have too much free time on my hands and need to get a life. My sanity while questionable is in the normal range. To whoever wrote this article …. it is obvious you want attention. Why not spend your time researching and writing something constructive that contributes to the group dialogue? Write something that is well thought out. Come back under a different pen name and contribute.

  • 😂🤣😅
    I wonder who spends their time writing this kind of nonsense, and why?
    Frank, can you see if this is the same person who posts as Monte Blu?

  • I don’t know what’s worse, the world the Illuminati would have us live in, or the world ‘Vanguard’ would have us live in.

  • Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

    Vanguard is no different. Keith’s true colors came out when he started molesting children.

    Want to see what a person is really like? Give them power…and stand back!

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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