The late Gina Hutchinson was a follower of Keith Raniere. He instructed her to hack computers. She later committed suicide at the Buddhist monastery she once hacked, according to her sister, Heidi Hutchinson.

Source: Five women seen entering Gina Hutchinson’s motel room about the time of her disappearance

New, but uncorroborated, information has cropped up concerning Gina Hutchinson whose death was ruled a suicide.

He body was found in Woodstock, NY, on October 11, 2003.

A source tells Frank Report that, prior to Gina’s disappearance, she was staying at a motel in the Albany, NY area – and that five women were spotted entering her motel room shortly before her death. All the women were described as being between the ages of 25- 45, slender, with dark hair.

On or around October 11, 2002, a report of a missing person was filed by the Town of Colonie Police Department.

Who reported Gina Hutchinson missing?

Investigator John Vittale of the Colonie PD contacted Sergeant David Downes of the Woodstock PD to report that ‘family members told Colonie police that Gina Hutchinson was believed to be in Woodstock, NY.

The missing “female could possibly be distraught over the fact that her mother had just died,” Sergeant Downes wrote what presumably he was told by Inv. Vittale.

But Gina’s mother had not “just died”. She had died more than 2 1/2  years earlier.

The report continued, “Family members were concerned that she may harm herself. The concern came as a result of Gina R. Hutchinson sending personal articles and letters to family members that stated if something were to happen to her not worry and that the Buddha would take care of her.”

What the items that Gina purportedly sent, or what the entire content of the letters she wrote is not known.  Police did not say if they had the letters in their possession.

The women who purportedly visited Gina – or at least entered her motel room – may have been the last people who knew Gina who saw her alive.

One of the women may have been the late Pam Cafritz.  The late Miss Cafritz was known widely in the circle of Keith Raniere to be able to mimic anybody’s handwriting

A few hours after police in Woodstock were alerted by Colonie Police, Gina Hutchinson’s body was found on a stream bank near a pond a few hundred feet from the Buddhist Monastery in Woodstock.

Now, nearly 15 year later, there are people in the Clifton Park area who are still haunted by the death of Gina Hutchinson.

Some may know more than they are saying.  Some are saying more than they said at the time.

A source told Frank Report that Keith Raniere was among the first to learn about the death of Gina Hutchinson. He may have learned about it from the police.

He may have known about it before family members.

He may have known about it before police discovered her body, which lay dead for more than two days before being found by police.

They were led to the spot by someone who told police she was likely in Woodstock and distraught because her mother had “just died”.

cafritz a
Pam Cafritz could mimic anybody’s handwriting.
Gina Hutchinson was just 15 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of Keith Raniere.

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  • I’ll repeat what I posted 4 days ago:

    Question #1: How many men have ever had a lover commit suicide?
    Answer #1: Not too many.

    Question #2: How many men have had two lovers commit suicide?
    Answer #2: Damn few!

    Question #3: How many men have had one lover shoot herself in the head with a shotgun – and another paddle herself out into a freezing ocean bay on a stolen kayak and purposely turn it over?
    Answer #3: Just one – Vanguard!


      “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs.”

      Some have said that is not what he meant. What he meant was that people have died for holding his beliefs.

      I don’t know about that. Perhaps his choice of words was intentional, a veiled threat to those interacting with him in the video. Perhaps his subconscious thoughts slipped out due to the stress of the interaction and questioning. Or perhaps he meant exactly what he said.

      There is a big difference between “people have been killed for holding my beliefs” and “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs.”

      And there are multiple instances of people winding up dead that have had more than a superficial interaction with NXIVM, et al.

      Wouldn’t the smartest and most ethical man in the world know the difference?

      Occam’s Razor.

  • Didn’t she allegedly kill herself with a shotgun? Who does that? Especially a woman?

    There is another high profile case where the victim allegedly killed himself with a shotgun that is still doubted and contested to this very day as a suicide. Many people believe it was murder. The person I am referring to: Kurt Cobain.



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