Mentally Ill Man Who Threatened ‘Ima Murder u Frank’ Accused of Threatening to ‘Hunt’ and ‘Skin’ US Senator

The US Department of Justice has filed a felony complaint against Arther Charles Graham, of Kenai, Alaska, for sending a threatening email to U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

Kenai Alaska

On September 28, Graham emailed Sen. Murkowski that he was facing eviction and would soon be homeless.

He wrote:

… ima’ hunt you down, cut the flesh off your body and wear your skin like clothes.

I’ll live inside of YOU …. I may as well because I ain’t got nowhere else to live.

The bank is taking my parents’ house. When I inherit my mom’s municipal bonds, I’m going to use them as kindling to start my homeless-person campfire, when I inevitably become a homeless person like I was when I was a little boy.

Also, I’m gonna cut off your skin and wear it as clothes. Oops I said that already. Someone call the police….

In his email, Graham provided his name, address, and phone number.

FBI agents visited Graham’s home, where he admitted to sending the email.  Federal agents arrested Graham. He is in custody at the Anchorage Correctional Complex awaiting a bail hearing on Friday.

A public defender, Samuel Eilers Esq., represents him.

If convicted, he faces a maximum five years of prison.

Readers may recall Graham from FR posts in 2019-2020.

Tess Williams for the Anchorage Daily News wrote in her story about Graham,

This isn’t the first time Graham is accused of sending threatening messages. A New York-based journalist said in an interview Wednesday that he reported Graham to the Kenai Police Department after receiving several profane, threatening messages in 2019 and 2020. Court records show no charges were filed related to the threats.

Frank Parlato, known for his coverage of the sex cult NXIVM, published several online posts that included messages he said were sent by Graham. In the posts, Parlato said Graham made baseless accusations about Alaskans he thought were involved in the cult, and then targeted the journalist when he failed to follow up on those accusations.

A Kenai police spokesman would not answer questions about any previous contact with Graham, citing the ongoing FBI investigation.

I published some of Graham’s many emails.

In one email, Graham wrote, 

… Imma’ murder you Frank Parlato. On the day that I fucking murder you, I want you to remember that it was that smart mouth of yers wut got you murdered….

I replied:

Arthur, If I were you, I would not threaten to kill people by email. It is a crime. I have reported this threat to law enforcement.  Arthur, please seek help from a mental health professional.

Graham replied:

The law aint gonna do shit….
I would get off the web if I was you, ya dumb fucking piece of shit. Because u about to be a dead fucking piece of shit.

I replied 

… Please stop threatening people with bodily harm. If you need help I am willing to try to help get you some mental health assistance….
You have made criminal threats (you cannot legally threaten to kill people… That is sheer cowardice Arthur, which is worse than mental illness. Mental illness can often be cured but cowards are rarely cured.

Graham declined to heed my advice.

I doubt he actually intended to harm Sen. Murkowski. Perhaps, since he is her constituent, she will try to get him the mental health help he badly needs.

I hope so.

Here are my previous posts:

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Where do people get such horrible ideas?
Where do people get such horrible ideas?
19 days ago

“… The suspect is the son of Sam Haskell, a former talent agent and the worldwide head of television at William Morris, now known as the William Morris Endeavor Agency, who represented A-list stars including Dolly Parton, George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg and Prince Edward, a brother of King Charles. …”

25 days ago

So scary.

26 days ago


27 days ago

He’s mentally ill. Hope they place him somewhere he can get the help he needs. Clearly he’s had a troubled life and is in need of treatment.

27 days ago

What a psychopath !!!!!!

That is disturbing
That is disturbing
28 days ago

Where your skin? That is sickening. Wonder if he’s been institutionalized before?

Sultan of 68
Sultan of 68
28 days ago

This article reminds me of someone….

A special someone who seeks out unrequited love.

28 days ago


You are magnanimous to a fault.

I have often said over the years the Frank Report readership posses more of a threat to you than Raniere.

It’s still true.

28 days ago
Madness. Stay safe Frank 🙏
Smore death threats ?
Smore death threats ?
28 days ago

I remember the previous threats .
What a dumb loon. Not only is he mentally ill, he’s just plain stupid. Who emails someone a death threat and thinks they’ll get away with it ? graham.

He got busted though. That’s fantastic.

28 days ago
This article reminded me of the flayed St Bartholomew wearing his own skin.

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