Reader submits cruel artwork of Bronfman/Raniere

This photo-shopped ‘artwork’ was submitted by Mariana Contrares.

While it is cruel, it suggests that the duo who espouse ethics and compassion and spend their time and fortune attacking enemies in unethical and inhumane ways have an entirely hidden and joyful side.

As Keith Raniere observed, “He who has the most joy wins!”

Clare Bronfman uses her inherited wealth to aid Raniere make other people’s lives joyless; together they win through the joy of causing pain through cruel deeds.

Raniere pretends he is a compassionate Buddha which only a few brave ones can understand, as the outside world scoffs and mocks him.

Clare is his sincere and faithful devotee who knows his goodness – like all great goodness – is misunderstood.

The art suggests however that as Raniere is fake, so is Clare Bronfman.

Once alone, they are free to drop the pretense. Having found joy in punishing enemies, deceiving followers and uproariously spending millions without reckoning the value, alone, they are free to inflame their sado-erotic natures.

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